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Things To Do In Culebra — Your Complete Travel Guide

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Last Updated on December 18, 2021

Home to Flamenco Beach, one of the best beaches in the world, and amazing snorkeling, it’s no wonder why Culebra is one of the most beautiful islands in Puerto Rico. From where to eat and the best things to do in Culebra, we have the ultimate Culebra travel guide waiting for you below!

In this article we share the best advice on where to eat and the best things to do in Culebra. Whether your spending just one day on Culebra or have a few days to spare, this slow-paced Puerto Rican island will give you the tropical getaway fix you’ve been fiending for..

There are lots of exciting things to do in Culebra but it is always a good idea to research all the exciting things to do when you visit the white sand beaches of this small island, or anywhere for that matter.

Proper planning will help you budget more effectively so you can fit as many activities and adventures in your holiday as you can.

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Visiting Culebra – Planning Tips

Ok, so first things first, you’re probably wondering how to get to Culebra, Puerto Rico, right? Well, we have a complete guide on the best ways to get to this tropical island paradise. Be sure to check that out so you know what transportation option is best for you.

Moving on….

So, there are a few things we want to call out about Culebra before we jump into our “what do on Culebra” list.

  • How Big Is Culebra | About 7mi (11km) long and 2mi (3km) wide
  • Culebra Bombing | Yes, bombing. The US Navy used the island of Culebra as gunnery and bombing practice site. Not all bombs have been accounted for so when snorkeling or hiking, please use caution.
  • Culebra ATM | There is one ATM on the island. Located by the ferry terminal, Banco Popular, is where you can get some cash.
  • Culebra Grocery Store | Colmado Carniceria Milka is a great spot to grab a few essentials, just expect minimal selection.
  • Culebra Gas Station | If you decide to rent a jeep, you may need to top off. Total Villa Pesquera and Dakiti Gas Station are your options.

If you’re looking to venture off of Culebra island, check out our full Puerto Rico itinerary!

How Many Days Do You Need In Culebra?

A day trip to Culebra is possible if you want to see the highlights, like snorkeling and Flamenco Beach.

However, if you want to get a feel for the best Culebra has to offer, we recommend spending at least 2-3 full days on the island.

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Spend a Day at The Famous Flamenco Beach

Ok, first up on our list of things to do in Culebra is Flamenco Beach. Ranked among the top beaches in the world, Flamenco Beach is an absolute must-see when visiting Culebra.

Located about 3 miles from the Culebra Ferry terminal, Flamenco Beach is about a 10 minute jeep-ride away.

Spend your day tanning on its soft white sandy beaches, swim in the crystal clear waters and take a walk down the beach to the abandoned, painted military tanks.

Flamenco Beach Good To Know’s

  • Flamenco Beach Admission: $2 per person + parking ($5 per jeep, $4 per golf cart)
  • Beach Rentals: If you need some beach chairs and umbrellas, you can rent these from a few vendors located right next to the parking lot and just before the main entrance of the beach. Beach chairs and umbrellas are $5 each.
  • Flamenco Beach Food: There a a few food kiosks located right next to the main beach entrance. We promise, you won’t go hungry or thirsty.
  • Lockers & Storage: There are lockers you can rent if you are needing to store items that can’t get wet or sandy. The locker fee is $5 for a small locker and $10 for a large one. (It’s ideal to avoid leaving anything important in your rented jeep or golf cart. )
  • Flamenco Beach Snorkeling: Home to some amazing snorkeling, you can rent a mask and snorkel at one of the kiosks at the main beach entrance for $15.

NOTE: A few no-no’s for Flamenco Beach are no glass bottles, no animals (like dogs or horses) and no bonfires or grilling on the beach.

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Flamenco Beach Camping

Located just behind the beach you’ll find a camping area where visitors can pitch a tent for the night. The fee is $30 per night/per two person tent.

The campsite offers basic amenities like drinking water, showers and bathrooms making it a lodging option for those wanting to get up close and personal with the flora and fauna of Flamenco Beach.

If you’re looking for an accommodation right on Flamenco Beach that’s not a campsite, book your stay at Casona 1D for the perfect beach getaway.

Don’t Miss Happy Hour at Dinghy Dock

If an open air beach bar offering up amazing views of the bay filled with sail boats sounds good to you, then Dinghy Dock is your spot. With happy hour specials on food, beer and booze, an ice cold beer at Dinghy Dock is a must when visiting Culebra.

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Book a Scuba Diving Trip

Culebra is home to some of the best scuba diving in Puerto Rico and with two dive shops located on the island, booking a two-tank dive is a no brainer.

If you’re looking to book a scuba diving trip, Aquatic Adventures or Culebra Divers are who you should call. Both shops offer two-tanks dives for around $120 and that includes lunch.

Or, you can check out Sea Ventures Pro Dive Center for more details on their 2 tank dive options to Culebra.

Whichever company you go with, Scuba Diving is not a bad way to spend a day, if you ask us!

Swim With Sea Turtles at Tamarindo Beach

The second most popular beach on Culebra is Tamarindo beach. Why you ask? Well, because of its sea turtle population.

Located about a 10 minute jeep-ride away from the Culebra Ferry Terminal and 6 minute jeep-ride away from Flamenco Beach, Tamarindo beach is snorkeling paradise.

A part of Cayo Luis Peña Nature Reserve, Tamarindo Beach is no where near as developed as Flamenco Beach but that’s also part of its charm.

You’ll find no rental or food kiosks here. Meaning, whatever you need for your day here, you must bring those items with you. But, the natural beauty of the spot makes it worth it.

NOTE: Tamarindo beach is a safe haven for sea turtles so PLEASE do not touch them or feed them and please pick up your trash.

Grab a Coffee at Blac Flamingo Coffee

A little sleepy from all that island sun? Well it sounds like you need some fuel. Make a pitstop at Blac Flamingo Coffee for a little pick-me-up.

From expertly made lattes and espressos to artisan breakfast options, Blac Flamingo Coffee is a quaint coffee shop that has an amazing hipster vibe.

A perfect way to start the day if you ask us.

Visit Culebrita Island

Isla Culebrita is a small island off the east coast of Culebra. This island is uninhabited and you can reach it by taking a water taxi since it is very close to Culebra. The tiny island is part of the nature reserve so it is also a wildlife refuge for wild animals.

On this island, you can go and visit the Culebrita Lighthouse, one of the oldest lighthouses in the Caribbean. The island also offers beautiful sandy beaches to walk and lots of beautiful scenery to explore.

Just be sure to clean up any trash to keep your trip environmentally friendly.

Rent a Jeep and Explore The Island

If you’re looking for the best way to explore and get around the island of Culebra, we definetly recommend renting something with four-wheels. For us, that was a jeep!

There are two jeep rental agencies on the island, Carlos Jeep Rental and Jerry’s Jeep Rental. Costing anywhere from $50 – $75 a day, a jeep is a great way to see the island and beach hop.

If renting a Jeep is be a little too pricy, both locations offer Golf Cart rentals as well for around $40 a day.

While renting a car is the easiest way to explore the island, a car is not 100% necessary. If you want a more active way to explore Culebra, consider renting a mountain bike. Give Dick & Cathie Bike Rental a call (787) 742-0062.

Visit Cayo Luis Pena

This is another small uninhabited island off the west coast of the island. You can take a water taxi to the island and enjoy nature walks, snorkeling, and swimming. No visitors are allowed to stay overnight since the island is a wildlife refuge but it is still a terrific spot to spend your day if you love peace and quiet.

There any many exotic species native to here as well, so wildlife lovers will absolutely be at home.

Book a Culebra Tour or Rental

If you’re looking for some extra fun in the sun, consider booking a Jet Ski for a few hours.

If you want something a little more chill, some paddle boarding or a fishing trip might be more your speed. Or perhaps you just want to cruise the beautiful waters of the Caribbean with a boat tour. If that’s the case, give Gammy’s Water Tour a call.

Regardless of what you do, just be sure you get plenty of beach time in. Culebra is an island after all 🙂

Visit the Other Beaches

Flamenco beach is one of the most popular beaches on the island but there are many other beaches to visit and explore. Each of these beaches offers something unique in terms of clean water, natural beauty, and tranquility. Some of the best beaches to explore include Zoni Beach, Melones Beach, Playa Tamarindo Grande Beach, Playa Sardinas Beach, Playa Resaca beach and many others.

Some of these beaches like the Melones Beach or the Tamarino Grande Beach are considered hidden gems because they are not as populated and they do look completely different from the normal white sand beaches such as Zoni beach.

If you have the time, each beach is totally worth checking out.

Check out the History Museum

It is always good to learn about a location’s history. The Museo Historico de Culebra is an ideal spot to visit if you want to know more about this island. This museum isn’t particularly large but it does offer quite a few interesting things to see.

Here you can learn about how the island used to be the site of Camp Roosevelt.

Where to Eat In Culebra?

Looking for a few Culebra restaurants to check out to get your fill of tasty food? Well, we have a list of some popular places to grab a meal just below.

  • For Beach Bar Food and Good Vibes: Dinghy Dock
  • Fresh Seafood & Caribbean Eats: El Eden
  • For a Taco Fix: Zaco’s Tacos
  • Organic, wholesome fare: Vibra Verde
  • For a Burger: Tiki’s Grill
  • Coffee and Breakfast: Blac Flamingo Coffee
  • For a Slice: Heather’s Pizzeria

Culebra Nightlife & Bars

Culebra, Pureto Rico isn’t known for its nighttime adventures. The nights here are mostly peaceful with not too many things to do. If you’re looking for a night out on the island, we definitely suggest a beer (or four) at Dinghy Dock. Offering live music and great views of the bay, let’s just say we spent many blissful hours here.

If you want a few other places to check out to get your nightly libations on, Mamacitas Guest House, The Spot, and El Batey are a few other great bars on Culebra.

Is Culebra Safe to Visit?

With the island being so small, crime is not a real issue on Culebra. You’ll want to use caution when driving as some of the island roads are bumpy and not well maintained though.

All in all, there was never a point when we felt unsafe. Just use common sense with keeping valuables out of site and locked away and you shouldn’t have a problem.

The most dangerous part about visiting Culebra is probably the snorkeling. Even though the waters are clear and shallow, you still need to practice caution to stay safe. The rocks can be pretty sharp and there are also predators (keeping a respectful distance will also keep you safe).

When traveling to any new place, its always a good idea to make sure you have proper insurance to protect yourself if something happens. We have travel insurance through World Nomads and we will say, it has come in handy a time or two.

Where to Stay on Culebra

  • The Luxury Inclined:  The Seabourne Hotel offers private balconies and bay views, making this hotel perfect for relaxing. With an easy to access dock and signature rum cocktails, a few days at Seabourne will have you feeling right.
  • The Budget Conscious: Hotel Kokomo is located in the center of town close to the ferry terminal, restaurants and bars. Offering private rooms with AC, Kokomo is a great place to call home for a few days.
  • Something in Between: Mamacitas Guest House is situated along a water way. With an onsite restaurant and bar, Mamacita’s is a great location on Culebra.

For more accommodation choices and places to stay on Culebra, you can check the latest place and prices here to secure an unforgettable Puerto Rican accommodation.


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For more travel tips, guides and awesome travel shots, be sure to poke around our site, follow us on Instagram @wanderingstus, Pinterest and on Facebook. Oh and if you have any questions, let us know in the comment section. We’re happy to answer. Or, just leave us a positive note!

Happy Travels,

– Lauren & Jesse Stuart (The Stüs)

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Things to Do in Culebra, Puerto Rico — Spanish and Go


Jim Fricker II

Culebra, also known as La Isla Chiquita (The Little Island), is located 17 miles east of the Puerto Rican mainland and is home to fewer than 2000 residents. Formerly part of the Spanish Virgin Islands, it’s home to a variety of wildlife including deer, sea turtles, coral, and of course its namesake, snakes.

Exploring this island has been on our bucket list since we visited its neighbor, Vieques to see the incredible bioluminescent bay there. 

So when the opportunity to visit Culebra came up, we jumped on it to show you just how much you can fit in your itinerary within 24 hours on this incredible island.

Part 1 of our 24 hour adventure in Culebra, Puerto Rico.

Part 2 of our 24 hour adventure in Culebra, Puerto Rico.

Table of Contents

    How to Get to Culebra

    If you don’t own a boat, there are two main options for getting to Culebra; by ferry or by plane. We’ll help you weigh your options.

    Getting to Culebra, Puerto Rico By Ferry 

    The ferry service from Ceiba is mainly intended to serve residents of Culebra trying to get to the main island of Puerto Rico. So, there’s no guarantee that there’ll be room for tourists. We’ve heard from other visitors who arrived at the ferry dock two or three hours before departure and still had to wait for the next one because the ferry they intended to board was full.

    You can purchase tickets online for $1 to $2.25 per trip through the Autoridad de Transporte Marítimo (ATM) website.

    Getting to Culebra, Puerto Rico By Air

    Flying is more reliable, but it limits the number of things you can bring with you.  

    We decided to fly to Culebra from the Luis Muños Marin airport (SJU) in San Juan, Puerto Rico. We got lucky and ended up on an empty plane (it was just us two plus the pilot!). All flights to Culebra are on board small passenger planes that seat about 10 people. 

    The airline we used was Cape Air. The round flight goes for around $180 USD and they currently have 3 scheduled flights every day at the time of writing this article. 

    Where to Stay in Culebra, Puerto Rico

    Culebra is fairly small so you can book a place in town and still have enough time to enjoy the beach every day of your stay. These are a few options. 

    Camping in Culebra

    Flamenco beach offers a place for people to set up their tents. When we visited, the campgrounds were closed due to remodeling and the COVID-19 pandemic so we didn’t get to see much of the area. We did notice some closed kiosks, wooden benches, and bbq pits.

    They charge $30 USD per tent per night (max 6 people per tent), plus another fee of $2 USD per person per day.  

    During non-pandemic times, the kiosks sell drinks and some food like pizza and other fast food items.

    Hotels in Culebra 

    There are many hotel options in Culebra. It’s best to start your search by figuring out which area you want to be in, your budget, and amenities. 

    Villas at Flamenco Beach 

    If your main priority is spending the most time soaking up the sun and enjoying one of the world’s most beautiful beaches, then the following villas are for you.

    Currently, there are only two places where you can stay the night at Flamenco Beach. One of them, Villa Flamenco, books up fast and closes from October 1st to November 15th, so check dates and availability with plenty of time in advance. The average cost here is between $135 and $180 USD depending on the type of room and the number of people staying with you.

    The other villa on Flamenco Beach is Culebra Beach Villas. This option is a bit more pricey since most of what they offer are small apartments with fully equipped kitchens and other amenities like bbq grills and some private areas. This option also requires a minimum of two nights per stay.

    Airbnb in Culebra, Puerto Rico

    We chose to stay at D’Ocean Guest House on Airbnb since most other accommodation options were simply not available at the time of our trip. 

    The guest house was basic but it was just what we needed. For $120 USD a night, we got a small room with a/c and a bathroom. The location is excellent for easy access to food and getting around the island. 

    We were able to walk there from the airport at our arrival and we were within walking distance to many restaurants and other places of interest in Culebra.

    What to Do in Culebra, Puerto Rico

    Culebra is for those who are looking for a tranquil getaway. Here are some of the things we recommend doing on the island.


    Keep reading to find out more about the best beach for snorkeling in Culebra, Tamarindo Beach!


    No matter where you are in Culebra, you can’t help but notice the peacefulness that comes with knowing that you’re on a charming, secluded little island in the middle of the Caribbean sea.

    Admire the Fauna

    We have never seen so many different species of wild animals in such a small place and just over 24 hours. We saw pigs roaming around the island, chickens everywhere we went, deer by Flamenco beach, a variety of birds, peacocks, and many sea creatures from manta rays, to turtles, and even a shark.

    Enjoy the Beach

    This is the main reason people visit Culebra, to enjoy some of the most beautiful beaches of Puerto Rico. Keep reading for our review of Culebra’s top beaches: Flamenco, Zoni, and Tamarindo.

    Learn More About Culebra

    We also recommend visiting the Museo Historico de Culebra “El Polvorin” where you can find out about the military occupation of the island by the U.S. Navy and Culebra’s indigenous inhabitants, the Taino.

    Visit the National Wildlife Refuge 

    Accessible only by water taxi or private boat, this is the place to be for bird watching and experiencing nature at its finest.

    Getting Around Culebra (Renting a Car in Culebra)

    Before getting to Culebra we thought we may not need to rent any kind of transportation because we both enjoy walking around when we’re exploring a new place. Also, when you look at Culebra’s map you can get the impression that since it is such a small island, you’ll be fine with a 40-minute walk to the beach from the airport. Given that the weather can be unpredictable, and walking in the sun intense, we recommend you consider renting a vehicle.

    Golf Cart

    We’re glad we decided to rent a golf cart when the whole island pretty much shut down at 6 pm and we were struggling to find a place to eat. It also rained on our way to the restaurant and all of the streets were very dark. 

    We rented our golf cart from Jerry’s Jeep Rental. It’s located across the street right outside the airport. We paid $70 USD for one full day with the cart (despite the website quoting $38) and we don’t regret our decision. If you know you’ll be doing some more intense exploring, consider renting a sturdier vehicle since golf carts are not meant to be used on dirt roads. We used our cart mainly to drive around town and on paved streets on our way to the beach.


    As you probably guessed, Jerry’s Jeep Rental also rents… jeeps! We like to travel on a budget, but a jeep might be the option for you if you need to transport more people, want to go off-roading, or appreciate the extra protection from the elements a larger vehicle offers. At the time of writing, Jerry’s website is quoting $64.48/day for a jeep rental, but in our experience, this may be considerably more when booking at their office.

    Where to Eat in Culebra (Restaurants)

    Unfortunately, many of the restaurants we wanted to visit were not open during our stay in Culebra in October of 2020. 

    We recommend that you bring your favorite snacks or food staples if you have a specific diet. There are a few grocery stores and small markets in town where you can find the essentials for cooking if you’re staying in a place with a kitchen.

    Restaurants We Tried in Culebra


    This bakery seemed to be the breakfast spot of choice by the locals when we were there. It’s also the place that opens the earliest at 5:30 am. They offer the most typical Puerto Rican breakfast staples like sandwiches, eggs, pancakes, wraps, pastries, coffee, bottled brinks, etc. 

    Caracoles Restaurant 

    We had a beer each, a veggie pizza, and a side of veggies here for dinner. The food we had here was good. The restaurant has a bar where you can get some mixed drinks. They also serve some desserts and Puerto Rican foods like mofongo, churrasco, and tostones.

    Come y Vete 

    We stopped here simply because we were hungry and didn’t want to stand in line at Pandeli. This wasn’t our favorite (or healthiest) meal during our time in Culebra. We each had a small pizza pastelillo or empanadilla and some coffee. 

    Moncho’s BBQ

    We got take out food from here after calling and going to over 5 other places which were all closed. We were surprised about finding many veggie options here. We had rice, beans, veggies, and mashed yuca. All in a big take out plate for less than $10 USD. We paid $10.17 for two large vegetarian plates of food, including yucca, arroz congri (Cuban-style rice and beans), and steamed vegetables. Check out their Facebook page here.

    More Restaurants in Culebra, Puerto Rico 

    Zaco’s Tacos

    Zaco’s Tacos was recommended to us by a few people when we were planning our trip. It was closed when we visited but we heard great things. Mexican / Latin Food.

    Heather’s Pizza 

    We missed this place by only a few minutes, they were not taking any more orders when we arrived. We heard they have the best pizza in town and the long line of people waiting for their orders outside was a good indicator of this. Italian / American Food

    Dinghy Dock 

    Their Crab cakes and Grilled Tuna are many people’s favorite items from their menu. Their full bar is what attracts many people to this place, too. American / Caribbean Food

    Vibra Verde 

    This is the restaurant/coffee shop we were looking forward to visiting the most. One of the very few places that offer vegan food on the island. Unfortunately, it was closed during our stay.

    Culebra Coffee 

    Another one of the restaurants we wanted to try for healthier food options such as smoothies and fruit bowls.

    Top Beaches to Visit in Culebra, Puerto Rico

    Flamenco Beach

    Located on the north-west side of the island, flamenco beach is often regarded as one of the world’s most beautiful beaches. And even though this beach is quite famous in Puerto Rico, it has to be one of the Caribbean’s best-kept secrets. Flamenco is a paradise of white sand and turquoise waters which has remained unadulterated by mass tourism.

    You can’t leave Culebra without spending at least a few hours here just relaxing, taking long walks to explore the area, and taking in the beauty of the place.


    If you’re into snorkeling and wildlife, you have to visit Playa Tamarindo. This is also a good place to see the sunset on clear days. Tamarindo’s best qualities are its calm waters and diverse marine life. Bring your snorkeling gear and get lost in a world of colorful fish, coral, sea turtles, manta/sting rays, and if you get lucky (or unlucky), sharks!

    Zoni Beach

    This beach is just as beautiful as Flamenco with its white sand and different shades of blue water, but much quieter due to its location on the northeast side of the island. You need some kind of transportation to get there, and in return, you’ll get to experience Culebra’s nature at its best. During the spring, Zoni is the nesting home for different species of sea turtles, be on the lookout for nesting sites and try not to walk over them or play around them. 

    Be extra careful if you decide to go for a swim here since the water is deeper. When we visited (in November) it was very windy and we saw bigger waves than in Flamenco.

    How Much Money Do You Need in Culebra?

    How Much We Spent During Our 24-hour Stay in Culebra

    • D’ Ocean Guest House Airbnb: $121. 12/night

    • 24-hour Jeep Rental from Jerry’s Jeep Rental: $70.02

    • Pandeli (Lunch): $10 

    • Caracoles Restaurant & Bar (Dinner): $30.50

    • Come y Vete (Breakfast): $5

    • Moncho’s BBQ (Lunch): $10.17

    • Uber to airport: $11.38

    • Uber from airport: $21.05

    TOTAL = $279.24 (not including flights)

    Packing Tips for Culebra, Puerto Rico 

    The vibe in Culebra is pretty laid back, I honestly don’t remember seeing anyone wearing pants there. When you’re packing for your trip to Culebra just make sure you grab your beach essentials and the rest of the clothing you need is definitely whatever makes you feel most comfortable. Here are some suggestions: 

    All Good Mineral Sun Care Set — SPF Lip Balm, Sunscreen Lotion & Butter Stick, & Face/Nose/Ear Sunstick — Water Resistant & Coral Reef Safe (Unscented)

    All Good

    • Water shoes for snorkeling

    • Sandals and comfy walking shoes

    • Swimsuit(s). You may want to bring a couple in case one is not dry enough to wear the next day.

    • Shorts

    • Breathable T-shirts

    • Light long-sleeved shirt

    • Sunscreen

    • Sunglasses

    • A hat

    • Cards, a small game board, a book, a ball, etc. 

    • A portable charger power bank for your phone.

    • A beach towel (in case your accommodation doesn’t provide them)

    We loved every minute of our short stay on the beautiful island of Culebra. We hope you fall in love with this gem of a place like we did. <3

    Culebra Resorts

    Check the conditions of your booking

    For bookings made from April 6, 2020, we recommend that you evaluate the risk associated with coronavirus (COVID-19) and the measures taken by the authorities to combat it. If you select a non-refundable rate, you will not be able to receive a refund if your booking is cancelled. Your cancellation request will be processed by the hotel in accordance with your rate conditions and consumer protection laws. If in doubt, we recommend booking a free cancellation option. If your plans change, you can cancel your booking without penalty during the free cancellation period. 9Ol000

    Price range (per night)
    • USD 50 — USD 100


    • USD 100 — USD 150


    • USD 150 — USD 200


    • USD 200+


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    Options for accommodation
    • [6]
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    • Culebra Flamenco Beach


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    Hotel services
    • WiFi


    • Rooms/services for the disabled


    • Express check-in/out


    • Pets allowed


    • Transfer from airport


    • 24 hour reception


    • Adults Only


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    Room amenities
    • Free Wi-Fi in the room


    • Soundproof rooms


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    For bookings made after April 6, 2020, we recommend assessing the risk associated with coronavirus (COVID-1) measures taken by the authorities to combat it. If you select a non-refundable rate, you will not be able to receive a refund if your booking is cancelled. Your cancellation request will be processed by the hotel in accordance with your rate conditions and consumer protection laws. If in doubt, we recommend booking a free cancellation option. If your plans change, you can cancel your booking without penalty during the free cancellation period.

    30 results

    • Palmetto Guesthouse

      From 114 US$

      128 Manuel Vasquez Street, Barrio Flamenco, Culebra, Puerto Rico (To the map)

      It is located 3ado.3 km. The center of Culebra is 2 km away.Playa Tamarindo Grande is also nearby.
      From 114 US$

    • Hotel Kokomo

      From US$ 80

      Pedro Marquez # 6, Culebra, Puerto Rico (To the map)

      Culebra center is 3 km away, while Luis Pena Island is 3.3 km away. Guests can easily…

      Go to hotel

      price per night

      From 80 US$

    • Island Charm Culebra

      From 218 US$

      Calle 1 Lot C-7 Barrio La Romana Attn: Box 667, Culebra, Puerto Rico (To the map)

      Very close to Mermaids Chair and Bright Paddle. The center of Culebra is 2 km away. The…
      From 218 US$

    • Club Seabourne

      From 201 US$

      Fulladosa Bay, Ensenada Honda, Culebra, Puerto Rico (To the map)

      Guests can visit Playa Melones in Culebra, which is 2.6 km from the hotel. This hotel is also located 2.3…
      From 201 US$

    • Naniqui — Adults Only — Parking Golf Car Only

      From 95 US$

      Carretera 250, Numero 189, Cule Rico, Honda on the map

      This Culebra hotel is 1 km from the city centre. Playa Flamenco and Tamarindo Beach…

      Go to hotel

      price per night

      From 95 US $

    • Ulala Culebra

      from 151 US $

      Noel Feliciano Street Lot B — KM 2.4 Road 250, Kulebra, Puerto Rica (Hotel on the Hot This villa is located 3. 1 km from Tamarindo Beach and Flamenco Beach. The distance to the center of Culebra is…

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      price for 1 night

      From 151 US$

    • Casa Robinson

      From 113 US$

      H-10 Bo. La Romana, Culebra, Puerto Rico (To the map)

      Playa Flamenco is 3.2 km away, while Culebra National Wildlife Refuge is just 1.2 km away.

      Go to hotel

      price per night

      From 113 US$

    • Oceania Villas

      From US$ 250

      13 Punta Aloe 251, Culebra, Puerto Rico (To the map)

      The hotel is located 3 km from the center of Culebra and next to Cayo Luis Peña. Guests can easily drive to…

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      price per night

      From 250 US$

    • El Navegante De Culebra

      From 130 US$

      Pedro Marquez Street 254, Culebra, Puerto Rico (To the map)

      The center of Culebra is 1 kilometer from the hotel and Tamarindo Beach is a couple of minutes’ drive away. A few…

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      price per night

      From 130 US$

    • Posada La Hamaca

      From 114 US$

      Calle Castelar #68, Culebra, Puerto Rico (To the map)

      Many of Culebra’s sights, including Olablu, are about 5 minutes away.
      From 114 US$

    • Villa Ensenada Honda

      From 243 US$

      Calle 250, Villa C-2, La Romana, Culebra, Puerto Rico 903 km from the Museum of History. The city center is approximately 2 km away. The 3-star Villa Ensenada…

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      price per night

      From 243 US$

    • Sea Breeze Hotel

      From 135 US$

      Carr. 250 Km, 1.8, Culebra, Puerto Rico (To the map)

      Close proximity to the ferry pier, you can quickly reach the Museo Historico De Culebra «El…
      From 135 US $

    • Mamacitas Guest House

      from 127 US $

      Calle Castelar #64, Kulerto Rica (hotel on the map)

      it is located at a distance . The ferry pier is next to the hotel…
      From 127 US$

    • Culebra Island Villas

      From 155 US$

      Culebra, Culebra, Puerto Rico (To the map)

      Cayo del Agua is 7 km from the apartment, and Tamarindo Beach is 3.4 km. The center is 3 km from the apartment.
      From 155 US$

    • Country Family

      From 125 US$

      Cll. Juaquin Parrilla #68, Culebra, Puerto Rico (To the map)

      The apartment is a 15-minute walk from Snorkeling in culebra. And in 15 minutes walk there is Culebrita…

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      price for 1 night

      From 125 US $

    • Villa Bahia Vista

      dated 195 US $

      120 Jesus Ortiz St, Kulibra, Puero Ricnet (Hotel on the Card)

      Plya Tamand as the Museum of History is 2.3 km away. To be…

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      price per night

      From 195 US$

    • Culebra Ocean Front Marbella

      From 300 US$

      Puerto Rico 250, Culebra, Puerto Rico is located 9002 km from the center of Culebra (Hotel on the map) 9002 km in close proximity to the Museum of History. To Playa Tamarindo…

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      price for 1 night

      From 300 US $

    • Costa Bonita Private Villa 604

      from 144 US $

      CARRETER, KM 1.8, KULEBRA, PUERETO-RICO 9000 9000 HECTOR HECTOR 9000 9000 9000 2 HECTOR km. The Spot is 2.7 km away.There is a…

      From 144 US$

    • Casa Mango Down

      From 200 US$

      185 Calle Jesus Maria Ortiz, Culebra, Puerto Rico (To the map)

      You can walk to Flamenco Beach in 30 minutes.

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