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El Yunque National Forest — News & Events

Release Date: Mar 8, 2021


Carolyn Krupp

The Forest Service wants to inform both on-island residents and off-island visitors that El Yunque National Forest will continue to manage the main recreation areas along Road 191 using a reservation system.  El Yunque is experiencing high visitation during  the traditionally busy spring and summer seasons. Capacity is limited so visitors will need to use an online reservation system to reserve an entry ticket in advance of a visit. Reservations are available through Recreation.gov or the Recreation.gov mobile app.

Keenan Adams, the Forest Supervisor says “Please help us spread the word.  If you want to come to El Yunque’ s main recreation area, you need to get a reservation in advanced.  Unfortunately, some days we must turn around 400 vehicles without a reservation.   You can visit other parts of El Yunque without a reservation, however you have to plan ahead if you want to visit the 191 Recreation area.  Please follow us on Facebook at US Forest Service El Yunque National Forest so you can stay informed.”  

This reservation system minimizes contact between Forest staff and visitors and limits crowding during the pandemic. The Recreation.gov processing fee is $2 per reservation. Visitors must display a printed or digital ticket to enter the 191 Recreation Area. The tickets are issued per vehicle and the person named on the ticket must be present at time of entry. A reservation can accommodate two vehicles. 

Reservations can be made up to 30 days in advance. For last minute reservation, a limited number of reservations will be released 24 hours in advanced. Reservations can be made for morning or afternoon and are only for the main Road 191 recreation corridor. Other El Yunque areas, such as Puente Roto and Angelito trail do not require a reservation. The reservation ticket is only for public use and does not apply to authorized commercial operations. Reservations for weekends fill up quickly with more availability during weekdays. 

The reservation system was implemented in July 2020 to safely open El Yunque according to health and safety guidelines. this past Visitors are asked to follow guidelines for wearing masks, social distancing, reducing crowding, trash management and parking when visiting the Forest.

Most trails and recreation areas in the Forest’s main recreation corridor are open. Repairs continue to restore access to El Portal Visitor Center, trails to La Mina Falls and the Palo Colorado picnic area which were heavily impacted by hurricanes Irma and Maria. 

More information on the reservation system, maps, and guidelines for safe outdoor recreation can be found at the Forest website www.fs.usda.gov/elyunque , Facebook and [email protected], Recreation.gov. or the Recreation. gov mobile app. 


Alerts & Warnings

  • El Yunque is partially open after Hurrican Fiona

  • El Yunque reabre parcialmente tras el huracán Fiona

  • Cierre debido a tormenta tropical / Closure due to tropical storm

  • Partial closure for emergency work on PR-186

  • Cierre parcial por trabajos de emergencia en la PR-186

  • Bisley Road/Trail closed for construction works

  • Carretera/Vereda Bisley cerradas por trabajos de construcción

  • Rd 9938 Repairs — Closed to Vehicles / Pedestrian Access to Mt. Britton Trail

  • Reparaciones en Rd 9938 — Cerrado a vehículos / Acceso peatonal a Mt Britton

  • Main Recreation Area Open by Reservation

  • Principal Área Recreativa Abierta Por Reservación

  • COVID-19

  • Un tramo de la vereda El Yunque permanecerá cerrado al público por reparaciones

  • A section of El Yunque Trail to El Yunque Peak Closed for Repairs

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What’s It Like Living in Juncos, PR?

by Southern Self Storage

As small as it is, Juncos, PR is a rather large business hub. There are several large manufacturing plants here, including Becton Dickinson Caribe and Medtronic. If you plan on moving, you might be wondering what it’s like to live here in Juncos, PR. The weather, for example, as well as the people, amenities, and restaurants. The cost of living in Juncos, PR, is probably a question you have as well. (That’s especially true if you’re moving here with your family.)

Estimated reading time: 7 minutes

MOVING TIP: Before you arrive, reserve a storage unit in Juncos, PR. Many things can happen during an overseas move, even if Puerto Rico is technically part of the United States. To ensure you have a safe, secure place to store your stuff when it arrives, you need to think ahead!

The Weather Living in Juncos, PR is Mostly Amazing

The thing about Juncos, PR, is that the weather is practically perfect from November to April. The rest of the year? Well, let’s just say that, if you like sunshine, you’ll get plenty of it here. Sure, from May through October, the heat can be a bit stifling. Still, there’s lots of cloud cover during the peak months of heat to keep things cool-ish.

To put it another way, the temperature in Juncos rarely drops below 70 degrees Fahrenheit the entire year. For example, when cities like New York, Chicago, and even Miami are cold in December, Juncos is balmy and warm. Surprisingly, June is the cloudiest month of the year in Juncos. The clearest? January, which, not surprisingly, is when many tourists from the US mainland start to arrive. As for snow, there’s not a single soul in Juncos that has ever seen the white stuff. (At least not while living here on the island.)

Juncos, PR is Close to the Beautiful Puerto Rican Coast

One of the best things about living in Juncos, PR, is that it’s only 40 minutes from the coast. And what a coast it is! Puerto Rico is well-known for having some of the best beaches in the world. Gorgeous sand, majestic palm trees, and plenty of local bars make day trips to the coast an absolute necessity. We’re also close to Puerto Rico’s capital, San Juan, with its culture, history, and entertainment.

There’s Tons of Nature for Adults to Explore in Juncos, PR

Living in Juncos, PR means adults have their choice of several. Most are geared towards those folks who wish to explore, hike, bike, and get fresh air. Some offer incredible views as well and are well worth multiple trips. Most of the parks are accessible on your own but taking a tour is recommended, at least your first time. Many parks are also near the coast, making them a great way to hit the best of Puerto Rico’s beaches. The most attractive of the parks in and around Juncos, PR include:

  • El Yunque National Forest. When you go, it’s a must that you hike up to El Yunque Peak for the breathtaking view! (We recommend taking one of the many tours given by local guides. You’ll see and experience much more.)
  • Parque Luis Munoz Rivera
  • Parque Forestal La Marquesa. Take a gondola ride to the top for incredible views and beautiful birds and butterflies.
  • Parque Santiago Iglesias Pantin
  • Parque Pasivo Las Croabas

There’s Not a Ton of Activities for Children to Do in Juncos

There’s no way to sugarcoat the fact that Juncos, Puerto Rico, isn’t exactly a paradise for kids. Yes, there are some interesting and even exciting things to do here, but again not much for the little ones. For example, there are very few playgrounds and parks and not a lot of green spaces that are kid-friendly to play. There are a few, though, including:

  • Parque del Valenciano – a sports complex with baseball fields, a running track and pool.
  • Plaza de Recreo de Juncos – a city plaza with fountains which hosts occasional events.
  • Parque Luis Munoz Marin – a large park and playground with picknick tables and events.

Living in Juncos, PR Means Very Affordable Housing

It’s not often that the word “very” can be placed before “affordable” regarding housing costs. In Juncos, PR, however, it’s an apt description, as the cost of housing is very affordable. How affordable? The median home price here is an incredible $98,200! That’s less than half of the national average of $217,500, making Juncos genuinely affordable, at least for homes. The median rent here s ridiculously low, too, in comparison to the US mainland. It’s $420 compared to the national average of $1062, less than half! (That might be one of the main reasons many young folks and retirees live in Juncos.)

Juncos Has Some Property Crime

One of the few drawbacks of living in Juncos is that there’s a crime problem here. Property crime is the highest, with theft and burglaries a common occurrence. Violent crime is low, however, and most of the better neighborhoods are gated and safe. Many people rent a storage unit in Juncos, PR, to store their most valuable items.

Storage Units in Juncos, Puerto Rico

Find a Unit Online

Living in Juncos, PR is an Adventure

There’s no denying that Juncos has a lot to offer.

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