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  1. Belleza de Cantina
  2. Mi Complice
  3. Flor de Las Flores
  4. Compréndala
  5. El Primer Tonto
  6.» data-sharetext=»No Te Extraño by Los Cardenales de Nuevo León»> No Te Extraño
  7. Para Olvidarme de Ti
  8. Soy
  9. A que no le ppones
  10.» data-sharetext=»Espejo de Cantina by Los Cardenales de Nuevo León»> Espejo de Cantina
  11. Qué Ganas
  12. Toda Una Vida


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    • Amor Añejo acordes
    • Asesino a Sueldo acordes
    • Belleza de cantina acordes
    • Como te llamas paloma acordes
    • Compre una cantina acordes
    • Compréndala acordes
    • Corazón Necio acordes
    • Deténgase Señora acordes
    • El Columpio acordes
    • El primer tonto acordes
    • Es que te quiero acordes
    • Espejo de cantina acordes
    • Fuego contra fuego acordes
    • La Baraja acordes
    • La chica está enojada acordes
    • Mi Amante acordes
    • Mi Complice acordes
    • Necesito Decírtelo acordes
    • No te extraño acordes
    • No te imaginas acordes
    • Nuevamente el amor acordes
    • Otra ocupa tu lugar acordes
    • Para olvidarme de tí acordes
    • Paso a la reina acordes
    • Por las damás acordes
    • Que daría yo acordes
    • Que Lástima acordes
    • Que nadie sepa acordes
    • Que no daría acordes
    • Quiero que sepas acordes
    • Se renta un corazón acordes
    • Si ella supiera acordes
    • Si yo fuera el acordes
    • Soy acordes
    • Soy lo peor acordes
    • Te quiero con locura acordes
    • Te voy a olvidar acordes
    • Vestida de blanco acordes
    • Y le Diré acordes

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    Complejo Los Cardenales, Monte Hermoso – Updated 2022 Prices

    Coronavirus (Covid-19): Assistance and Support

    • Information on the apartments and cost
    • Easens and services
    • Placing conditions
    • Reviews of guests (16)

    Apartments entirely

    Supply for Barbeku

    Washing machine


    Air conditioner

    Private bathroom


    Complejo Los Cardenales is located in Monte Hermoso.

    Air-conditioned accommodation with a private bathroom and a kitchen.

    Guests can relax in the garden.

    Comandante Espora Airport is 82 km away.

    Complejo Los Cardenales has been welcoming guests since Jan 18, 2018 2021.

    Distance in description calculated using © OpenStreetMap

    Read more

    Benefits of this option

    Great Location: Highly rated by recent guests (9.2)

    Select your dates to see availability and prices.

    Type of accommodation


    Apartments with 2 bedrooms

    bedroom 1 ::

    1 large double bed

    bedroom 2 ::

    3 single beds

    Living room:

    1 sofa bed

    Show prices

    Something went wrong. Please try again.

    Nearest beaches

    Landmarks nearby *


    No parking available.


    No Internet access.

    Eat when it suits you

    • Dining table

    • Coffee machine

    • nine0005


    • Plate

    • Kitchenware

    • Electric kettle

    • Kitchen

    • Washing machine

    • Microwave oven

    • Refrigerator


    • Bidet

    • Private bathroom

    • Private bathroom

    • Hair dryer

    Living area

    Here everyone will be together

    • Dining area

    • Sofa

    • Seating area

    Media and technology

    Fun for everyone under one roof

    • Flat screen TV

    • TV

    Amenities in the room

    Extra comfort

    • Socket near the bed

    • Sofa bed

    • Clothes hanger

    • Iron


    • Access ladder to upper floors


    Time to unwind

    • Barbecue accessories

    • Barbecue accessories

    • nine0002 Balcony

    • Garden


    • Air conditioner

    • Non-smoking throughout

    • Heating


    • Burglar alarm

    The staff speaks these languages

    • Spanish

    Accommodation conditions

    Complejo Los Cardenales takes special requests — add in the next step!

    check in

    15:00 – 18:00


    08:00 – 10:00


    Cancellation and prepayment policies vary by apartment.
    Please enter your dates of stay and review the booking conditions for the requested room.

    Beds for children

    Child Policy

    Children cannot be accommodated.

    Crib and extra bed policy

    No extra beds or baby cots available.

    Age limit

    Minimum age to enter: 18 years old

    Cash only

    This property only accepts cash.


    No smoking.


    No parties/events allowed.


    Pets are not allowed.

    Legal information

    This facility is managed by an individual. European Union consumer protection laws may not apply when booking with professional landlords.


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    Synonyms & Antonyms: not found


    El cardenal Bergoglio fue elegido Papa por el conclave.


    Sample sentences:

    My master, Cardinal Fischer, is found guilty and summoned tomorrow.

    Mi amo, el cardenal Fisher, es declarado culpable y llamado mañana.

    Cardinal Bergoglio was elected Pope by the Conclave.
    Priorities may change, Cardinal Borgia.

    Las prioridades pueden cambiar, cardenal Borgia.

    It was Cardinal Lamass?, who had just died horribly in the crowded square in front of the Vatican. nine0598

    Fue la del cardenal Lamass?, que acababa de morir horriblemente en la concurrida plaza fuera del Vaticano.

    Cardinal Mortati knew that there were no words in any language that could add to the mystery of this moment.

    El cardenal Mortati sabía que no había palabras en ningún idioma que pudieran contribuir al misterio de este momento.


    His Eminence the Cardinal is an inveterate loser.

    Su eminencia el cardenal es un doloroso perdedor.

    The cardinal could baptize you like this.

    Cardinal podria bautizarlo así como

    In France itself, Cardinal Richelieu, adviser to the king, is secretly plotting to seize power. nine0598

    Dentro de la propia Francia, el cardenal Richelieu, consejero del rey, trama en secreto la toma del poder.

    After which the orphans of Rome find themselves in poverty, and how many palaces did the cardinal build?

    ¿Después de qué tiempo los huérfanos de Roma se encuentran en la miseria y el cardenal se ha construido él mismo cuántos palacios?


    The money Cardinal buys chips with comes directly from the bank.

    El dinero que Cardinal usó para comprar fichas proviene directamente del banco.

    When anxiety crept in, the cardinal began to seek higher power.

    Cuando la preocupación se deslizó, el cardenal buscó un poder superior.


    Cardinal Ralph smiled.

    El cardenal Ralph sonrio.

    He has heard that your cardinal has reached Southwell, and crowds flock from everywhere to see him. As if it were a triumphal procession.

    Ha oído que su cardenal ha llegado a Southwell y la multitud viene de todas partes para verlo. Como si se tratara de una procesion triunfal.


    When Cardinal Rohan realizes this, he will no longer be a sponsor.

    Cuando el cardenal Rohan se dé cuenta de esto, dejará de ser garante.

    «His Eminence, Monsignor Cardinal de Bourbon.»

    Su eminencia, Monseñor el Cardenal de Borbón.

    The cardinal laughed.

    El cardenal se echo a reir.

    While Cardinal Richelieu encourages his king to lead an army, Olivares has turned our army into a prisoner and puppet of the Palace while he robs the poor and humiliates our nobles.

    Mientras el cardenal Richelieu incita a su rey a dirigir sus ejércitos, Olivares ha convertido al nuestro en prisionero y marioneta de palacio, mientras roba a los pobres y humilla a nuestros nobles.


    Approaching the cameraman through the loggias of Gregory XIII, he wondered if Cardinal Mortati was still panicking.

    Cuando el camarlengo se acercó a través de las Logias de Gregorio XIII, se preguntó si el cardenal Mortati estaba ya en pánico.

    — The big house is full of people right now: the cardinal is here, Dane and Justine are at home, and Luddy and Ann Muller will be arriving the day after tomorrow for Christmas. nine0598

    La casa grande está bastante llena en este momento, con el Cardinal aquí, Dane y Justine en casa, y Luddie y Anne Mueller llegando pasado mañana para Navidad.

    Somehow, even now, prostrated in the shadows on the half-submerged ledge, Cardinal Bagia maintained an air of calm dignity.

    De alguna manera, incluso ahora, postrado en las sombras del saliente semisumergido, el cardenal Baggia conservaba un aire de tranquila dignidad.


    Ralph Raoul, Cardinal de Bricassard shuddered, winked at her and cringed.

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