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This country house is known as “El Cortijo” to locals. The locals also consider this grand country house as «El Castillo de Barranquitas» (Rivera, 2014). This house is located in Barranquitas, Puerto Rico; It was built between 1938 and 1939 by the Puerto Rican architect Rafael Carmoega Morales. It belonged to the Lozana Fabián couple at first, and after changing owners several times, it was acquired by the Flores Rivera family in 2010. The Flores Rivera couple registered “El Cortijo” in the National Register of Historic Places in 2018. This residence is currently a private property but the public can visit this historic place once a month. On the third Sunday of each month, the current owners carry out a Catholic service and anyone who wishes to participate can enter the residence. If there are new members in the religious activities, the hosts typically take them on a tour of the interior of the country house to see the works of art and learn about the history of the residence.


The historic country house and its current owners.

«El Cortijo» surrounded by nature.

Panoramic view of the historic country house.

Backstory and Context

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This historic country house with beautiful architecture is located in Barranquitas and known to townsfolk as “El Cortijo”. The house is located in one of the central towns of Puerto Rico, were its landscape and gardens add a unique feature to the country house. This grand country house has served as a home to several families. The first owners of this house were Secundino Lozana and Josefina Fabián, a couple who stayed in this house for six years. This couple feature in the ghostly legend that locals tell about the spirit of a man who walks around the house. Additionally, the country house has unique architecture; Although the architect who built it was Puerto Rican, the construction was similar to Spanish architecture because the owners asked for it to be that way.

The country house has had nine different owners. The first owners appear in a ghostly legend that has been told for generations. It all started when the Lozana Fabián family moved from Spain to Puerto Rico and with them, they brought their butler, Armando (Rivera, 2008). Secundino Lozana was a businessman and his wife, Josefina Fabián, was the daughter of a well-known businessman named Rafael Fabián. Armando had previously worked for Secundino Lozana’s father, so he had been working with the family for many years. Legend has it that Armando, who was an elderly man, was fired by Secundino Lozana. Armando was left homeless and without work, and this infuriated him. Therefore, he swore that he would return and take revenge on the entire family. According to legend, the house is guarded by Armando’s ghost, and he drives away anyone who tries to enter it. Some people have seen the butler and describe him as a very tall and skinny, but also strong old man with silver hair. In fact, this ghostly activity is said to be one of the reasons why the house has had many owners. The current owners are the Flores Rivera family, who made «El Cortijo» a national historical site and have remained in the house since 2010 to the present (Cosme, 2017).

The architecture of «El Cortijo» highlights its Spanish colonial structure and gardens. The Lozana Fabián couple ordered that the country house be built in 1938. According to the United States Department of the Interior (2018), the person responsible for the architecture of the house was Rafael Carmoega Morales, a well-known Puerto Rican architect who participated in the construction of Puerto Rico’s Capitol building complex and the tower of the University of Puerto Rico in Río Piedras. «El Cortijo» was built with reinforced concrete material and terracotta tiles. The paths and stairs outside the house are made from brick, and the garden walls are covered with flagstones. This country house has three main structures: the two-story family residence with a tower that increases its elevation by two additional floors; a garage with space for two cars and service rooms in its basement; and a one-story cabin intended for a gardener. In the gardens, there are some paths that cross from one side to the other and connect the recreation spaces throughout the exterior. All the architectural details, designed by the architect Carmoega, create a Spanish colonial style throughout the buildings and its gardens.

One of the supposed reasons why the Lozana Fabian couple decided to build in Barranquitas is because of the tranquility of its natural environment. The country house is located on the PR-162 state highway, Km. 18.5 in Barranquitas, Puerto Rico. This municipality is located in the center of the island and its vegetation plays an important role in making the country house a unique rural destination. The historic country house has extensive lands, and many trees have been planted in its cultivated gardens. The vegetation surrounding «El Cortijo» give the house a natural atmosphere, and the location of the house in the mountains permits its current residents to benefit from the cool breeze at night in addition to the colonial luxury with which the exterior was designed.

In summary, «El Cortijo» is important for the history of Barranquitas. Although Barranquitas is a municipality that people do not usually visit, this country house is a destination for people interested in the colonial and architectural history of Puerto Rico. The location of this grand country house highlights its natural environment, and, with an appointment to enter the house, visitors may see and learn about its unique architectual history and its ghostly legend. Although many have expressed an interest in purchasing the property, few have lived in it for an extensive period. Currently, those who reside in the spacious structure, built by Carmoega Morales, are the Flores Rivera couple and their two children. This Spanish colonial Renaissance-style building and its extensive gardens seem to be a historical wonder that fills the locals with pride (Rivera, 2014).


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Additional Information

  • Know the whole history of «El Cortijo»

Historia – El Cortijo

El Cortijo fue construido en el 1939 como la casa de veraneo del matrimonio Lozana Fabián. Está ubicado en un solar de 3 cuerdas de terreno en Barranquitas, Puerto Rico. Fue diseñado por el arquitecto Rafael Carmoega Morales en el estilo resurgimiento colonial español.

Foto de El Cortijo circa 1939 con sus dueños originales Secundino Lozana Cepa y Josefina Fabián Finlay.
Foto cortesía de José Hiram Flores

El Cortijo muestra características similares a los cortijos de España en su ubicación y forma.

Foto aérea de El Cortijo cortesía de Rafael Colón RosadoVista desde el ficus a la fachada principal. Foto: Rafael Marrero

Carretera PR-162, Km. 18.5, barrio Pueblo, Barranquitas, Puerto Rico

El Cortijo en relación al casco urbano de Barranquitas

Fuente: USGS Orthophoto 2009-2010 / Junta de Planificación de Puerto RicoSecundino Lozana Cepa y Josefina Fabián Finlay frente a El Cortijo, circa 1938
Foto cortesía de José Hiram Flores

  • Don Secundino Lozana Cepa (1900-1967)– asturiano de Villamayor, que se dedicaba a la administración de centrales azucareras en Puerto Rico.
  • Doña Josefina Fabián Finlay (1905-1983)– hija de Don Rafael Fabián y Fabián, destacado hombre de negocios , asturiano de Villamayor. Visionario, benefactor y líder de varias organizaciones cívicas como la Casa de España, la Sociedad de Auxilio Mutuo, entre otras.
  • Fueron los dueños del El Cortijo por seis años, de 1938 a 1944.

Secundino Lozana Cepa
Foto cortesía del Dr. Julio Rojo GaztambideJosefina Fabián Finlay
Foto cortesía del Dr. Julio Rojo GaztambideJosefina Fabián y Secundino Lozana. El matrimonio gustaba de viajar mucho a España y Nueva York, donde también tenían propiedades.
Foto cortesía del Dr. Julio Rojo GaztambideRafael Fabián y Fabián
Foto cortesía de José A. Longo Marina

  • Padre de Josefina Fabián Finlay.
  • Asturiano de Villamayor, llega en 1875 a Puerto Rico a sus 14 años.
  • Comenzó trabajando en una tienda de tejidos.
  • En 1887 da origen a la compañía R. Fabián and Co.
  • En 1894 forma parte de los socios fundadores del Banco Territorial y Agrícola, en 1906 pasa a ser su presidente.
  • En 1900 organiza la primera corporación azucarera del país, la Compañía Azucarera del Toa.
  • En 1906 fue fundador de la Compañía de Teléfonos que estableció servicio en San Juan, Mayagüez, Cabo Rojo y Añasco.
  • Presidente de la Sociedad Cultural Española de Puerto Rico.
  • Fue un gran benefactor, ayudó a la construcción de la Basílica de Santa María la Real de Covadonga y un lavadero en Villamayor.
  • Aportó ayuda económica a estudiantes prometedores de la Universidad de Puerto Rico.
  • Donó terrenos para construcción del parque Colón en Aguadilla, Puerto Rico.

Fuente: Periódico Libertad año VIII, edición Extraordinaria Número 372, 5 de septiembre de 1925. Disponible en línea en el Archivo Digital Nacional de Puerto Rico.

Josefina Fabián Finlay y su padre Rafael Fabián y Fabián. Al fondo se encuentra la Basílica de Santa María la Real de Covadonga.
Foto cortesía del Dr. Julio Rojo GaztambideEdificio Lozana Fabián, Calle Fortaleza #250, Viejo San Juan, Puerto Rico
Foto: Rafael Marrero


Residencia en la Central Constancia, Toa Baja, Puerto Rico
Foto: Rosamil CosmeApartamento en el Waldorf Astoria, Nueva York, EE. UU.
Foto: Waldorf Astoria

Residencias en Asturias que le pertenecen o le pertenecían a algún familiar cercano.

Residencia de Rafael Fabián y Fabián en Asturias
Foto: José A. Longo MarinaChalet Emilio Lozana en Asturias
Foto: José A. Longo MarinaPalacio de Cutre en Asturias
Foto: Palacio de Cutre

Algunos eventos importantes que estaban ocurriendo a nivel mundial y local cuando se construyó El Cortijo:

  • 1929 a 1939: La Gran Depresión
  • 1936 a 1939: Guerra Civil Española
  • 1937: Masacre de Ponce
  • 1938: Fundación del Partido Popular Democrático
  • 1938: Construcción de El Cortijo
  • 1939 a 1945: Segunda Guerra Mundial
  • Abril de 1944: Secundino Lozana vende El Cortijo a la Clínica Dr. M. Juliá Inc.

Vista del pueblo de Barranquitas. Al centro se distingue la iglesia San Antonio de Padua.
Fuente: Archivo de la Fotografía del Archivo General de Puerto RicoVista de la iglesia San Antonio de Padua y la plaza de Barranquitas.
Fuente: Archivo de la Fotografía del Archivo General de Puerto Rico

Dueños  Años Tiempo
Secundino Lozana Cepa y Josefina Fabián 1938-1944  6 años
Clínica Dr. M. Juliá Inc. 1944-1947  3 años
Jorge Manrique Valldejuli Pelegrina 1947-1951  3 años
Guillermo González  Hernández y Jaqueline Borgos 1951-1968  18 años
Fernando López Prado y Dora Simonpietri 1968-1971  3 años
Pedro Colón Burgos y Carmen Aponte de Colón* 1971-1977 6 años
José Matos Ocasio y Emérita Salgado 1977-1984 7 años
Rafael Colón Rosado 1984-2010 26 años
José Hiram Flores y Sheila Rivera 2010 al presente (2017) 7 años

*También conocida como Carmín Aponte.

Fuente: Registro de la Propiedad de Puerto Rico, Sección de Barranquitas


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section: 90 000 m 2 9000

A wonderful manor located total. 50 minutes from Seville. It has its own direct access to Finca from the road. It is guarded by security guards and is ideal for a livestock farm or for tourism or rural recreation.

He has all the permits to build a single-family home with all taxes paid. It also comes with its own well with motor, irrigation pants, garden fenced with treated wood, light.

The design of the house is carried out by a prestigious studio specialized in cortijo and finca restoration.

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450 m 2 , Plot: 160,000 m 2 , 4 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, Pool, Gardens

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House in El Pedroso 90 El Pedroso


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Zahara de los Atunes,


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Avenida Cabo de Palanta, Nº 6, Nº 6
Zahara de los Atunes,

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This 4-star Hotel El Cortijo De Zahara is located 4.7 km from Bologna Beach. It offers free Wi-Fi throughout and on-site parking.


The hotel is located 4.8 km from Baelo Claudia. The city center is 4 km from the hotel. The sandy beach is a 10-minute walk from the hotel. Urbanizacion Atlanterra and Playa del Bunker are nearby..


Rooms feature a sofa, mini-fridge and personal safe, as well as elegant furnishings. Guests will enjoy panoramic sea views. They have terracotta floors.


Breakfast is served every morning in the café. The garden restaurant serves vegetarian diet meals. Guests can relax and enjoy a drink at the terrace bar. Vambu Restaurante and Hoyo 19 are within a 7-minute walk and offer a wide range of dining options.

Leisure and business

In addition, free access to massages and spa therapy. Guests can also relax in the sauna. Guests can enjoy windsurfing, ping-pong and diving, as well as a wellness centre, beauty treatments and a plunge pool.


Free Wi-Fi is available throughout the hotel.


Free private parking is available on site.

The hotel staff speaks English, German, Spanish.

Year of reconstruction: 2009.
Number of rooms: 20.

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Most Popular Amenities


On-site parking

Luggage storage

24-hour service

24-hour reception

24-hour security

Food/ Drinks

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Coffee Shop


Paid airport transfer

Gym / Fitness


Swimming pool

Seasonal outdoor pool

Seasonal indoor pool

Small deep pool

Heated pool

Rooftop pool

Infinity pool

  • Wi-Fi
  • Parking lot
  • Luggage storage
  • 24 hour service
  • Food/ Drinks
  • Transfer
  • Gym / Fitness
  • Pool

Sports & Fitness

  • Gym
  • Windsurfing
  • Diving
  • Horse riding
  • Cycling
  • Yoga class


  • Paid airport transfer
  • Room service
  • Housekeeping
  • Car rental
  • Bicycle rental
  • Laundry
  • Dry cleaning
  • Guide services/ Ticketing


  • Continental breakfast
  • Restaurant
  • Bar / Lounge
  • Dinner
  • Free breakfast
  • Buffet


  • Meeting/Banquet Rooms
  • Fax/Photocopying

For children

  • Children’s menu
  • Children’s pool
  • Kids Club


  • Infinity pool
  • Rooftop pool
  • Small deep pool
  • Outdoor seasonal pool
  • Seasonal indoor pool
  • Heated swimming pool
  • Beach access
  • Chaise lounges
  • Sun deck
  • Garden
  • Lounge / Cinema
  • Spa and wellness center
  • Jacuzzi
  • Pedicure
  • Manicure
  • Waxing
  • Body peeling
  • Facials
  • Treatment room
  • Wraps
  • Back massage
  • Full body massage
  • Foot massage
  • Public bath
  • Pool with a view
  • Make-up services

View from room

  • Sea view
  • Garden view

Amenities in the room

  • Air conditioning in the room
  • Heating
  • Safe in room
  • Minibar
  • Soundproof rooms
  • Rest area
  • Terrace
  • Balcony
  • Ironing accessories


  • Hair dryer
  • Free toiletries


  • Flat screen TV
  • Cable/Satellite TV
  • Telephone

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Important information

Check-infrom 15:00-23:59FREECheck-outuntil 12:00FREE

Extra bedsThere are no cots available in a room.

Pets Pets are not allowed.

License Number H/CA/00400

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Rooms and Accessibility

Standard Double Room

  • City view

  • Air conditioner

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Superior double room

  • City view

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Premium Junior Suite

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    2 guests

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    Sea view

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Room details

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Avenida Cabo De Plata, Nº 6,
Zahara de los Atunes,

  • Famous places of the city
  • Nearby
  • Restaurants


Playa del Bunker

740 m

Urb. Atlanterra F

Torre del Cabo de la Plata

930 m

Urb. Atlanterra G

Cueva de las Orcas

610 m

Cabo de la Plata

930 m




Faro de Camarinal


Mirador Camarinal

2. 2

Parking area

Parking Faro Camarinal




Historical site

Archaeological site of Baelo Claudia




Piedra de Escalera


Mirador Cueva del Moro


Dunas De Bolonia


C\u002F Doctores Sanchez Rodriguez

Castillo de las Almadrabas


Mercado de Abastos



Iglesia de Nuestra Senora Del Carmen




Fabrica de Salazon




Tumba Anthropomorphica








Cine de Verano





Ensenada de Bolonia


Urbanizacion Atlanterra

280 m


Chiringuito Breeza

660 m


Restaurante la Sal

2 .



La Sal



Vizio Passione Italiana



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Location 8.04

Number 8.0


Power 7,0004

Frequently asked questions

near which airport is El Cortijo de Zahara The Senses ?

El Cortijo De Zahara The Senses Collection is located 105 km from Jerez de la Frontera Airport. 9Will 0004

El Cortijo De Zahara The Senses Collection Zahara de los Atunes provide me with an airport transfer?

Yes, one of the El Cortijo De Zahara The Senses Collection Zahara de los Atunes services is an airport shuttle service. Please notify the hotel representatives of the need for this service.

What are the cancellation policies for El Cortijo De Zahara The Senses Collection?

El Cortijo De Zahara The Senses Collection free cancellation.

Is El Cortijo De Zahara The Senses Collection Zahara de los Atunes far from the city center?

The distance between El Cortijo De Zahara The Senses Collection Zahara de los Atunes and the city center is 4 km.

Do the staff at El Cortijo De Zahara The Senses Collection speak any foreign languages?

Yes, the staff at El Cortijo De Zahara The Senses Collection speak German, Spanish and English.

Are there restaurants near El Cortijo De Zahara The Senses Collection Zahara de los Atunes?

Popular eateries in the area include Hoyo 19 and La Sal. It is a 10 minute walk from El Cortijo De Zahara The Senses Collection Zahara de los Atunes.

How much does it cost to stay at El Cortijo De Zahara The Senses Collection?

A room in El Cortijo De Zahara The Senses Collection costs from 173€.

What rooms does El Cortijo De Zahara The Senses Collection consist of?

El Cortijo De Zahara The Senses Collection offers you the choice of Junior Suite, Superior Queen Room and Premium Junior Suite.

Are you able to exercise at El Cortijo De Zahara The Senses Collection?

Yes, guests of El Cortijo De Zahara The Senses Collection can enjoy windsurfing, diving and horseback riding.


Avenida Cabo De Plata, Nº 6,
Zahara de los Atunes,

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Important information

Check-in from 15:00-23:59 FREE0004

Extra bedsThere are no cribs available in this room.

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