How far is puerto rico: Distance from Puerto Rico to United States

How Far Is Puerto Rico From Florida?

The distance between Florida and Puerto Rico is a straight line distance, so the actual travel distance may vary, but Puerto Rico is 2,655 miles or 2,307 nautical miles away from Florida.

What Is The Best Way To Go To Puerto Rico?

Puerto Rico is the Commonwealth of the United States of America in the Caribbean. In San Juan, Puerto Rico’s capital, there are still 500-year-old Spanish forts. Additionally, white sand beaches and blue waters are major attractions for sun-craving visitors during the winter months. Puerto Rico is easily accessible from most of the continental United States and does not require a passport for U.S. citizens. The island is a convenient tropical vacation destination for Americans.

You Can Reach Puerto Rico Via Two Options


The main commercial airport in San Juan is the Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport. There are shuttle buses that run between the airport and hotels and rental car locations.


Several cruise lines visit Puerto Rico as part of their regular itineraries, including Carnival Cruises, Holland America Line, Celebrity Cruises, and Princess Cruises.

How to Go To Puerto Rico By Flight

The following are seven ways to travel from Florida to Puerto Rico by plane:

  1. Fly from Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International (FLL) to San Juan (SJU). It takes 5 hours 11 minutes.
  2. Fly from Orlando (MCO) to San Juan (SJU). It takes 5 hours 29 minutes.
  3. Fly from Miami (MIA) to San Juan (SJU). It takes 5 hours 11 minutes.
  4. Fly from Tampa (TPA) to San Juan (SJU). It takes 5 hours 42 minutes.
  5. Fly from Orlando (MCO) to Ponce (PSE). It takes 5 hours 36 minutes.
  6. Fly from Jacksonville (JAX) to San Juan (SJU). It takes 6 hours 7 minutes.
  7. Fly Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International to Aguadilla. It takes 5 hours 11 minutes.

How to Go To Puerto Rico By Cruise

Several cruise lines travel from Florida to Puerto Rico, generally to the capital, San Juan. Cruises are easy vacations since you don’t have to unpack every time you arrive at a new destination or repack when you leave. Puerto Rico cruises are perfect for people who want to save energy by riding the world’s longest zipline at Puerto Rico’s Toro Verde Adventure Park. here are some cruises that you might want to consider.

1. Celebrity Cruises

Several luxury cruise lines offer cruises with a Puerto Rico port of call, including Celebrity, which operates many four, five, and seven-night cruises. These cruises depart both from Miami and Fort Lauderdale. As an example, Celebrity Equinox offers round-trip cruises from Miami to Puerto Rico, St. Thomas, and St. Kitts, which include several relaxing days at sea. In addition, Celebrity Summit is based in San Juan.

2. Carnival

Cruise line Carnival bills itself as “The World’s Most Popular Cruise Line.” There are several round-trip cruises from Florida that stop in Puerto Rico. Onboard as well as ashore, the Carnival strives to make sure that passengers have a good time. A Carnival Glory cruise departs from Miami, a Carnival Conquest cruise departs from Fort Lauderdale, and a Carnival Sunshine cruise departs from Port Canaveral. They are generally seven and eight days long.

3. Royal Caribbean

The Royal Caribbean line offers several Puerto Rico tours as well. There is a seven-night roundtrip cruise from Florida on The Allure of the Seas that stops in St. Maarten and Haiti. Additionally, Royal Caribbean offers one-way cruises to San Juan from Fort Lauderdale and Miami that last from five to seven nights. Some packages include a hotel stay in Puerto Rico, such as a stay at the Caribe Hilton between San Juan and Condado at the end of the cruise. Four Royal Caribbean cruises dock in Puerto Rico: Jewel of the Seas, Allure of the Seas, Adventure of the Seas, and Freedom of the Seas.

Tips for Visiting Puerto Rico

When you plan to visit Puerto Rico, keep in mind the following tips.

  1. You must pack according to the climate. The climate in Puerto Rico is tropical, and even during the winter months, it can be hot and humid. Pack appropriate clothing for the heat. Those traveling from northern climates may not be prepared for the high intensity of the sun, so make sure to put on plenty of sunscreens and wear a hat to protect your skin. Last but not least, bring your swimsuit; the waters surrounding the island are warm all year round.
  2. Choose to fly to Puerto Rico, as we discussed, the major travel hub for the Caribbean, San Juan welcomes numerous flights a day from all over the mainland United States. There are also frequent flights from Europe, South America, and Canada. There are other international airports in Puerto Rico, including Aguadilla on the northwestern corner of the island and Ponce in the south, which are frequented by United States flights.
  3. You can also take a ferry. Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic offers ferry service to Mayaguez on the west coast of Puerto Rico a few times a week. A sleeping berth is available for an additional fee and the trip takes between 11 and 12 hours. Ferries are also available from the Virgin Islands to Puerto Rico’s east coast, but these are less frequent than those from the Dominican Republic.
  4. Take a cruise to San Juan. San Juan is the Caribbean’s second busiest cruise port of call after Miami. There are hundreds of cruise ships that stop or originate here. Many cruises departing from Miami stop for a day or two in Puerto Rico. There are a few cruises that terminate in San Juan, from where passengers fly home. Cruise day-trippers can visit historical attractions and trendy restaurants in San Juan due to the port’s location in the city’s old section.


Now that you know how far is Puerto Rico from Florida and how to reach there, why not take a vacation and have a great time? May you have a happy and fun time there!

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Distance between Usa and Puerto Rico is 2507 KM / 1557.8 miles

Usa is located in usa at the longitude of -77.04 and latitude of 38.9. Puerto Rico is located in Puerto_Rico at the longitude of -66.13 and latitude of 18.44 .

Distance between Usa and Puerto Rico

The total straight line distance between Usa and Puerto Rico is 2507 KM (kilometers) and 84. 48 meters. The miles based distance from Usa to Puerto Rico is 1557.8 miles. This is a straight line distance and so most of the time the actual travel distance between Usa and Puerto Rico may be higher or vary due to curvature of the road .

Time Difference between Usa and Puerto Rico

Usa universal time is -5.136 Coordinated Universal Time(UTC) and Puerto Rico universal time is -4.4086666666667 UTC. The time difference between Usa and Puerto Rico is -0.72733333333333 decimal hours. Note: Usa and Puerto Rico time calculation is based on UTC time of the particular city. It may vary from country standard time , local time etc.

Usa To Puerto Rico travel time

Usa is located around 2507 KM away from Puerto Rico so if you travel at the consistent speed of 50 KM per hour you can reach Puerto Rico in 50.14 hours. Your Puerto Rico travel time may vary due to your bus speed, train speed or depending upon the vehicle you use.

Usa To Puerto Rico road map

Puerto Rico is located nearly north side to Usa. The given north direction from Usa is only approximate. The given google map shows the direction in which the blue color line indicates road connectivity to Puerto Rico . In the travel map towards Puerto Rico you may find en route hotels, tourist spots, picnic spots, petrol pumps and various religious places. The given google map is not comfortable to view all the places as per your expectation then to view street maps, local places see our detailed map here.

Usa To Puerto Rico driving direction

The following diriving direction guides you to reach Puerto Rico from Usa. Our straight line distance may vary from google distance.

Travel Distance from Usa

The onward journey distance may vary from downward distance due to one way traffic road. This website gives the travel information and distance for all the cities in the globe. For example if you have any queries like what is the distance between Usa and Puerto Rico ? and How far is Usa from Puerto Rico?. Driving distance between Usa and Puerto Rico. Usa to Puerto Rico distance by road. Distance between Usa and Puerto Rico is 2507 KM / 1557.8 miles. It will answer those queires aslo. Some popular travel routes and their links are given here :-

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Travelers and visitors are welcome to write more travel information about Usa and Puerto Rico.

  • It can be your previous travel experience between Usa and Puerto Rico.
  • Available transport routes to reach Puerto Rico like train routes, bus routes, air routes and cruise routes.
  • Tourist places or any other important places on the routes between Usa and Puerto Rico.
  • Hotels, restaurant information on the way to Puerto Rico.
  • Photos related to Usa and Puerto Rico or en route.
  • Travel queries and other relavent information related to this page.

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West Puerto Rico — Frankazoid’s Travel

In the remaining couple of days I decided to take a ride to the west of the island in order to have a little more idea than San Juan can give.

In addition to the endless number of beaches for sunbathing, kiting and surfing, I was offered to see another waterfall (very incredible beauty, according to the locals) with the funny name Gozalandia, an observatory with the largest reflector in the world and a dry forest, which, unlike from El Yunque it does not rain daily. All this more or less fit into the circular route, and I went.

Helped me a lot (and more than once) my new iPad mini, which is used instead of a navigator and fits very well into the dashboard, standing on the steering column.

The first on the way was the Arecibo observatory — a radio telescope with a diameter of almost 305 meters. For more than 50 years, many scientists of the world have been using it, and the queue to get there stretches for several months. Some of the discoveries that are absolutely useless for me personally can be seen here 🙂 By the way, this observatory has been featured in a couple of films, including one with James Bond.

For 10 bucks, you can study outer space on cardboard examples, watch a movie, and even go to a fast food site and enjoy the one and only view that will fit entirely into a fisheye. For general education, you can read information plates.

In addition to the need for special slippers, the serving staff must not weigh more than 60 kg.

30 kg piece of rope.

Looks like a parachute from a Bond movie.

After standing under the drizzle for 10 minutes, I got bored and moved on, towards the waterfall. Along the way, I also tried to look into the caves, but they were closed because of the rain. For some reason, the cow on the road reminded me of Austria, where there are a lot of them, but they are much prettier there.

The rain intensified near the waterfall, and in all the descriptions it was said that the path to it is dangerous and difficult, and in the rain it is completely impassable, and even far away. I did not check the information, postponed it for the next day.

On the other hand, the weather was nicer on the coast, although it was getting dark. Real estate, I believe, is not very expensive.

Absolutely harmless word — carpentry workshop 🙂

The ocean amused surfers. Such a dubious party sits in cool water, in the half hour that I spent there, people tried to get up (and even then not all) on the boards 3 times. There are no waves, but everyone is stubbornly waiting.

He looks like “Oh, where did I go?”

Well, at least the sunset is beautiful, though I expected more, again, based on the stories of the inhabitants of the San Juan hostel. By the end of the trip, it seemed that this was their furthest (and possibly only) trip from their hometown in the states, so they admire everything in a row.

In the morning the weather improved and despite the closed highway, I still got to the waterfall. It turned out to go 5 minutes along the asphalt road (or you could call in, the parking lot was $5), and then go down the ladder 20 meters. The only thing is that a stream flows on the last flight of stairs, but there is a rope there on purpose, and there were no difficulties with the inlet. By the way, they also take a bribe from pedestrians — $ 1, but I never found anyone to pay it.

The waterfall is pretty, and if there are not many people here, then it’s great to spend time in the heat. There are several ropes to climb higher into the waterfall, and even go over the water wall, but for some reason I did not succeed. I even filmed this shame on video (I thought I’d climb up nicely and jump out of the stream), but, of course, I won’t post it.

The same rope ladder.

It was boring for one, and I arrived early in the morning and it was still cool, so after swimming a couple of times I went further. In addition, I had a flight scheduled for that day, and I still had to get to the dry forest, and then return the car at the airport.

The road to the park was not memorable, highway and highway (toll). In the forest itself, in the gatehouse, a talkative uncle came across, who for about 40 minutes painted for me what beautiful birds I would find if I went to the left, gorgeous flowers, if straight, and illegal immigrants from different Caribbean islands, if I went to the right. I chose the birds, but I did not meet any, however, I had a little time. But it was pleasant to walk through the sunny forest.

And met some butterflies.

Bees (or wasps?) and caterpillars.

And finally looked from the observation deck into the valley with some kind of industrial background.

I want to say that I liked Puerto Rico, you can come here a couple more times, explore the wet and dry forests, learn how to surf (but this is after I learn how to kite) and just have a good rest. Thanks everyone and good luck! 🙂

Features of independent rest in Puerto Rico.

I must say that the majority of tourists, not only among our compatriots, but also all those who come here, make their trips on their own. First of all, from the fact that our travel companies do not organize mass tours in this direction, and those small companies that offer holidays in Puerto Rico sell far from cheap tours. I specifically rummaged through the Internet and looked at what is offered in this regard. For some firms, a ten-day stay in one of the hotels in this country, with a flight and a standard hotel program, starts from five thousand dollars. Comparing the prices for flights, accommodation in this hotel, food and other expenses, it turns out that for the money they ask for a tour, you can go around and see all the most interesting places in this country, stopping for several days in each of them. True, there were also companies that offer a trip from more than a thousand dollars, but this is quite a standard vacation, in an ordinary hotel, on the seashore. Apparently for this reason, tourists go to Puerto Rico on their own. I must tell you that independent travel is much more interesting and the point is not at all whether it is cheaper or more expensive. As they say, the process itself and the buzz received from such a trip are important. I agree that with young children, this type of recreation can create some difficulties, but with the right approach and organization, it is quite possible to do this, maybe not with such a wide view of the sights, but still for your pleasure.

The first thing that people who want to travel to Puerto Rico on their own face is getting a visa to visit the country. And since it is formally under the control of the United States and lives according to American laws (in fact, it is considered its fifty-first state), you need to open a visa to enter the US consulate. Intermediary firms that help with visa issues sometimes ask simply fabulous amounts for their services, which immediately discourages you from going to Puerto Rico on your own, and going to the neighboring Dominican Republic or another Caribbean state for which a visa is not required. But I can reassure you that there is nothing difficult with obtaining a visa, having collected the necessary documents on your own, and you can read more about this in the article «Visa to Puerto Rico. How much does it cost and how to get it?»

Next, regarding air tickets. With this, too, there is no particular difficulty. Search, booking and purchase can be carried out on one of the websites of airlines or those that sell flights to any destination. There are many of them, and the offers are very different, both along the route and prices. For example, I can cite one of these sites , where, with early booking, you can find tickets on the route Moscow — San Juan — Moscow, from six hundred dollars per person. I’ll warn you right away that there are no direct flights from Moscow to Puerto Rico and all flights are carried out with transfers (mainly the USA). The total flight time takes from fifteen hours. I note that this site is not the only one and is given only as an example.

Now a little about real estate that can be used for living, for a holiday period. The main thing here is to immediately decide whether you will stay in one place, or travel around the country, visiting and stopping in different parts of it. If you are going to choose only one resort, then take a look at what interests you more. Puerto Rico is quite an interesting country and lovers of beach holidays, water sports, eco-tourism and even shopping (from neighboring island states) come here. So that also plays an important role. For example, surfers prefer to stay in region Porta del Sol , on the west coast of the island. Here is the beach Maria’s Beach , which is the center of this sport, although there are many similar beaches in the area besides it.

Those who prefer solitude and a relaxing holiday choose the island of Culebra or Vieques. By the way, many snorkelers and divers come to the latter to admire the underwater world in the area of ​​beaches Playa Esperanza or Blue Beach . Although Culebra is also quite popular in this regard and is also known for its beautiful beach Flamenco Beach with emerald water.

So, back to the question of real estate. In addition to hotels of various levels, guest houses, villas and other things, there are many private properties that are in great demand among independent travelers. First of all, this is from the low cost of living. You can also look at any of the options on the Internet, where many sites offer various options, with the possibility of booking. I will not list their names now, you just need to type this topic into a search engine and quite a lot of information will be displayed. You can also read on the review forums of tourists who have visited Puerto Rico. There they often expose the addresses and contact information of the places where they stayed. It makes no sense to paint prices, since they depend on your choice, both the object itself and the area where you decide to stay. I can just say that it is quite possible to find apartments for fifty dollars a day, and more or less decent hotels from one hundred dollars, a double room (per day).

And just a few words about prices in Puerto Rico. Car rental depends on the brand and class. The average price per day will be around 60-70 dollars. The cost of gasoline, at the moment, is about seventy cents per liter. Such a low cost of gasoline affects the fact that local residents, like tourists, prefer personal transport to public transport. Many take a taxi, which costs about one and a half dollars per kilometer.

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