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About — La Estacion


Our Philosophy

Our Nuyorican BBQ mixes traditional BBQ technique with Caribbean Flavors. We cook on open fires of wood smoke and natural charcoal with ingredients sourced from local farms and waters. We blend our own spices and make all dressings and sauces on site. We support the island’s farmers, fishermen and commerce to offer you a unique truly local experience.

the family

La Estacion has been family owned and operated since 2006. (Let us tell you our story of how we got here). (Link to our story).  At La Estacion, Kevin combines his love for Puerto Rico and passion for Barbecue, creating a new style of cuisine, we termed Nuyorican BBQ.  He creates a new version of typical dishes he has come to love through joining Idalia’s family and adopting Puerto Rico as his own. This new interpretation of BBQ and Caribbean cuisine is the culinary story of Kevin Roth and Idalia Garcia’s union, their history and family.

The Dining experience

A unique indoor/outdoor space.  If you don’t notice the vintage signs that decorate the outdoor kitchen, it is easy to forget La Estacion was once an abandoned Esso gas station. The garden atmosphere in our outdoor deck is a space that can be perfect for a large group…yet intimate enough to be romantic. Appropriate for children with its laid back, casual atmosphere and adult enough with its comfortable full bar equipped with fresh fruits and local microbrews on tap. Come have a meal at the bar, BBQ at our quick/self-service tables or a full meal with the grilled options of the day.

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Meet the Owners 



Kevin Roth opened La Estacion in Fajardo, Puerto Rico in 2006 with Idalia Garcia. At La Estacion, he has received attention from Nation’s Restaurant News, The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg News Week, El Nuevo DIa (in Puerto Rico), Primera Hora (in Puerto Rico) as well as the Food Network’s Cooking Channel, PBS and Discovery Channel Travel.  

A graduate of the Culinary Institute of America, in Hyde Park, NY, Kevin Roth received training in the kitchens of San Francisco alongside of Wolfgang Puck and Bradley Ogden, founders of New American cuisine and pioneers in the farm to table movement. This experience led him to develop his own style of comfort food, which is always seasonally inspired and driven by local products.   In NYC, Kevin Roth teamed up with Katy Sparks to open Quilty’s in Soho, and then became the Executive Chef for Coup in the East Village. While in New York, Chef Roth’s cuisine was cited several times in the New York Times, Daily News and the New York Post. Kevin Roth also dabbled in the private chef world and worked for the high profile couple Ellen Barkin and Ronald Perelman before moving on to become the executive Chef at One in the meatpacking district of Manhattan.

Upon moving to Puerto Rico, and building an outdoor kitchen, Chef Roth took what was once a hobby and integrated it into his career. There is nothing sloppy about Kevin’s BBQ, which he has perfected throughout the years through his participation and placements in the KCBS Caribbean BBQ Association Competition, and Memphis in May.  

At La Estacion, Kevin combines his love for Puerto Rico and passion for Barbecue, creating a new style of cuisine, he’s termed Nuyorican BBQ.  His unique point of view is a new interpretation of typical dishes that are now part of Kevin’s story through adopting Idalia’s family and Puerto Rico as his own. At La Estacion, Kevin Roth showcases quality local ingredients, and adapts classic culinary techniques to Puerto Rican comfort food and BBQ.

idalia garcia


Idalia Garcia opened La Estacion in Fajardo, PR in 2006, with Kevin Roth- after years of working in the restaurant industry of NYC. La Estacion’s continued success is fueled by glowing recommendations from major guidebooks, websites and blogs that feature the restaurant as a highlight, a top ten and “a must stop at” in Puerto Rico. This response is due in large part to Idalia’s experience in restaurants and customer service.

Idalia Garcia was born in Norwalk, Ct., to Puerto Rican parents who met in NYC. Idalia was raised in a household where Spanish was spoken and Puerto Rican food was the menu.  Idalia studied psychology at Connecticut College and worked with children and families after graduating.

Upon moving to New York City, Idalia worked as the Education Director for a Head Start Program in Brooklyn- responsible for training new teachers/parents and securing funds through grant proposals she wrote.   It was Idalia Garcia’s need to supplement her own income in the expensive city of New York that lead her to discover an untapped talent and passion in restaurants.  She began working at the Diner of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, pioneers in the farm to table movement in NYC.  Idalia became the restaurant’s manager and participated in Diner’s growth, expanding to Marlow and Sons and Romans and discovering her true calling in the restaurant world.

Upon deciding to share their lives, Kevin Roth and Idalia decided to join forces and open a place of their own. They stumbled upon the opportunity to start a business in Puerto Rico, while here on vacation. (see our story) Idalia helped design the existing restaurant, heads the bar program and is the general manager. La Estacion’s signature drinks were invented by Idalia.  If you ask Kevin he’ll tell you, he cooks while Idalia handles everything else.

La Estacion — Las Croabas

  • «I recommend their New York Steak and their lobster (langosta).»(8 Tips)

    «The grilled lobster (mariscos a la parrilla) is AMAZING and truly a unique dish.»(3 Tips)

    «The mofongo was lovely, as was the papaya salad (ensalada de papaya).»(3 Tips)

    «creamy vanilla ice cream (helado de vainilla)»(2 Tips)

50 Tips y reseñas


  • bueno para ocasiones especiales
  • bueno para citas
  • langosta
  • acogedor
  • auténtico
  • bistec
  • animado
  • comida saludable
  • bueno para grupos
  • parrilla
  • romántico
  • sangría
  • costillas
  • cócteles
  • helado de vainilla
  • camarones
  • churrasco
  • mofongo
  • buen servicio
  • buen valor
  • (15 more)

  • La comida excelente, el mofongo relleno de camarones y pescado rico!! Y el servicio brutal

  • Wow !! Otro Nivel!!

  • Lastima que cuando fui estaban cerrando siendo las 9:30 pm aprox. Cuando decía que estaba abierto hasta las 12:00am

  • Las cheesburger son un buen deal!

  • Riquísimo!!!

  • Ellos Hacen su propio Mantecado!!!

  • Preguntar si tienen especial de Cerdo Ahumado y Tostones de Pana.

  • Lobster, pinchos, cocotazo cocktail, mofongo (!!!)—that’s all we had and everything was amazing. Service was fantastic! Super friendly and knowledgeable. Super local and high quality! A must!

  • The grilled lobster was not just good, but OUTRAGEOUS. The mofongo was lovely, as was the papaya salad. To start, I had the langoustine salad. And the service blew me away. Great vibe. World class.

  • The grilled lobster is AMAZING and truly a unique dish. Mofongo with shrimp and mahi mahi is great as well! The owner is friendly and the overall vibe and ambiance is top notch.

  • Best #BBQ on the east Ribs, Churrasco and Lechon are award winners plus try the new Auto Cafe for espresso and desserts

  • Great ambient! Friendly staff. Daily fresh seafood. The restaurant is actually on a old gas station (estacion). I recommend their New York Steak and their lobster. All the sauces are homemade.

  • Take catch of the day for 2 — red snapper was so good and the cocktails as well! I enjoyed pork sausage as an appetizer as well

  • This place is so good! Great food, none of which are fried in lard; smoked or grilled. They use locally grown everything! Dined for mom’s birthday, they accommodated us so well. Veggie options huge +

  • Recommended! The vibe is great. Ordered the churrasco with Mofongo= amazing. In addition we had as appetizer the shark kabob and it was great! from what i could feel everything is good here!

  • Lobster mofongo is amazing. Red snapper and grilled lobster- so fresh! Dessert def try the turnover empanada- banana stuffed empanada with a scoop of creamy vanilla ice cream and powdered sugar.

  • only place in the area worth eating. the food was amazing & the service was great. i wish we had just eaten here every night. local seafood and produce. al fresco dining in a converted gas «estacion»

  • Best Lechon on the East of the Island @estacionfajardo at La Estacion by Chef Kevin Roth #bbq #pork #ribs #lechon #navidades #vacation #PuertoRico

  • Get the Nuyorican Hot Dog it’s amazing with bacon and Jalapeño in the blend, love the heat in it!

  • Great food and ambiance! Came here twice during our stay! Ask about the fresh fish. The Mofongo Relleno is amazing 🙂

  • Steak Mofongo was excellent. White sangria was better than red. Cash only bar but cc accepted at table. Great service and cute play area for kids.

  • Delicious! Well worth a stop. The mahi-mahi and shrimp mofungo was awesome — don’t let any previous bland and starchy versions of mofungo turn you off from this.

  • The sword fish appetizer was amazing. Everything on the plate was delicious. From the fish to the coleslaw and I don’t like coleslaw. But theirs was spectacular!!

  • The shish Ke babs or pork barbecue on the ap menu are great. 3.50 and a beer makes a ladies dinner. 2 and yum! It’s a feast

  • The Churrasco dish is the best on the east of PR, the locals favorite!

  • I had the grilled red snapper, and it was the freshest fish I’ve ever had. 5 star restaurants can’t compare.

  • Excellent dishes all the way around here and local sourced. Get out of your resort and drive over to this amazing eatery.

  • Perfect for seafood lovers, after a nice beach day visit «La Estacion» for fresh sea food. Family ambiance.

  • Amazing bbq sampling plate. Huge!! Tomato salad. Very fine dining. Laid back outside terrasse. Amazing!

  • Great food and drinks, fresh ingredients, excellent service, and island waste-not ambiance. Ask about the specials.

  • Ask for the ribeye special, or if you’re hungry, try the sirloin. The skirt steak is excellent too. Ask for extra hot sauce, it’s sweet and spicy! Amazing place!

  • Super cozy and nice. House drinks are great. The ambiance amazing. Great for a date.

  • Delicious food and drinks. Bottled Puerto Rican microbrews. Come here after your early-evening bioluminescent bay kayaking….

  • The Tuna appetizer is a must. Very light and delicious with an arugula salad. Cocotazo is a must have!

  • Ribs and potato salad are out of this world! @EstacionFajardo #stillsmoking

  • The lobster mofongo is the bomb. Red snapper is omg perfect. Great service too. Nice to get away from the resort food

  • Try the vegetarian platter! Mix and match any sides like mofongo, tostones, meatless rice and beans, papaya salad and more.

  • Lobster mofango was great amazing veggie options drinks were 7/10 excellent arrapas

  • Learned that it can be so busy here that they leave the phone off the hook. Yes they have vegetarian options!

  • The best restaurant I have eaten in Puerto Rico, their food and service is amazing.

  • The mofongo was tasty, and the whiskey and coconut milk cocktail was interesting.

  • Great choice next to El Conquistador!! Highly recommended

  • Very cool cocktail list. Try anything on the grill. The yuca mofongo is out of this world.

  • A very nice mediocre meal. If you are american you will enjoy. Over priced and nothing authentic even the birds are coming from speakers… Don’t understand the 9,3 rate.

  • Red snapper is fantastic. Hope you’re hungry. If you’re not into fish, the mofongo is crazy good.

  • Best meal I had in Puerto Rico. Stop reading and go there now.

  • The best Brisket ever!!! Awesome!

  • The lobster mofongo is a must. Best I’ve ever had.

  • Excellent sangria and mofongo. Even some good vegetarian options.

  • Try the turn over filled with caramelized banana served with vanilla ice cream sugar powder and cinnamon over it…. Mmmmmm!!

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Valencian Art Nouveau HiSoUR – Hi So You Are

Valencian Art Nouveau, is the historiographical name given to the art and literary movement associated with Art Nouveau in the Valencian Community, Spain.

Its main form of expression was in architecture, but many other arts were involved (painting, sculpture, etc. ), especially design and decorative arts (dyeing, carpentry, wrought iron, ceramic tiles, ceramics, etc.). ), which were especially important, especially in their supporting architecture role. nine0003

Although Art Nouveau was part of a general trend that emerged in Europe at the turn of the 20th century, in the Valencian Community the trend took on its own unique identity in the context of impressive urban and industrial development. This is equivalent to a number of other fin de siècle art movements going by the names Art Nouveau in France and Belgium, Jugendstil in Germany, Sezession in Austria-Hungary, Liberty Style in Italy, and Modern or Glasgow Style in Scotland.

Valencian Moderne has been active in the Valencian Community since about 1899 years (Modernist reform of the Glorieta Park in Alcoy) until 1917. Modernism in the Valencian Community is best known for its architectural expression, especially in the work of the architects Demetrio Ribes Marco and Francisco Mora Berenguer in Valencia or Vicente Pascual Pastor and Timothy Briet Montaud in Alcoy, but were also significant in sculpture and painting. Notable Art Nouveau artists are Fernando Cabrera Canto, Francisco Laporta, Valor, Emilio Sala, Adolfo Morrio and Edmundo Jorda. A notable Art Nouveau sculptor was Lorenzo Ridaura Gosalbez. nine0003

On the other hand, there are several Valencians who are part of the Art Nouveau European Route, an association of local authorities and non-governmental organizations for the international promotion and protection of Art Nouveau heritage. This is the case of Alcoy, Noveldand Sueka.

The architecture of the early 20th century in the Valencian Community strongly influenced European Art Nouveau. Valencian Art Nouveau takes place in different cities or districts, in the context of great industrial, economic and urban development: Alcoy and Valencia, by the number of works, will become the main cities of Valencia, where much more Art Nouveau architectural art has been developed. Novelda, Alicante, Burriana, Castellón de la Plana or Sueca are other cities with important examples of Art Nouveau architecture in Valencia. nine0003

With Valencian local craftsmen all formed in Barcelona or Madrid and contemporaries to Catalan Modernism and Art Nouveau in Madrid, but it took the main part of his career in the Valencian Community, Art Nouveau in Valencia will have a special architectural relevance in different cities of Valencia .

The Mercado Central Market (English: central market) in Valencia, one of the largest in Europe, covers over 8,000 square meters, on two floors, with predominantly Valencian Art Nouveau. Its unusual roof includes original domes and sloped sections at various heights, while the interior appears to be clad in a variety of materials such as iron, wood, ceramics and polychrome tiles. The beauty of this building stands out especially because of the light that enters through the roof at different times and through the colored window panels. nine0003

Estación del Norte (English: North Station) is Valencia’s main train station, located in the city center next to Plaza de Toros de Valencia. In 1987, a good cultural heritage was declared.

The Mercado de Colón (English: Columbus Market) is a public market located in the center of Valencia. The building was designed by the Valencian architect Francisco Mora Berenguer between 1914 and 1916. This is a prime example of the Art Nouveau architecture of Valencia at the beginning of the century. It has been declared a national monument. It impresses with its extraordinary facade and luxurious decor. nine0003

Main buildings of Valencian Modernism
Among the works of Valencian Modernism stand out:

Province of Alicante


Main article: Art Nouveau in Alcoy
Casa del Pavo, by Vicente Pascual Pastor, (1909).
Casa d’Escalo by Vicente Pascual Pastor, (1906-1908).
Circulo Industrial de Alcoy, by Timotet-Briat Monto, (1909-1911).
Casa Laporta, by Timote-Brieta Monto, (1904)
Alcoy Campus from the Technical University of Valencia, by Vicente Pascual Pastor. nine0013 Casa Vilaplana, by Vicente Pascual Pastor, (1906).
Casa Briet by Timoteo Briet Monto, (1910).
Alcoy’s hydroelectronics subsystem, by Timotet-Briat Monto, (1910).
Viaduct Canaleias
Monte de Piedad and Caja de Ajorros de Alcoy
Casa Mataix
Edificio en calle Sant Llorenç 3
Edificio en calle Sant Llorenç 5
Edificio en calle Sant Llorenç 27
Edificio en calle Sant Llorenç 27
Edificio en calle Sant Llorenç 27
Edificio en calle Sant Nicolau 29
Edificio en calle Sant Nicolau 35
Cocheras en plaza Emili Sala 12
Edificio en avenida País Valencià 30
Edificio en calle Capellà Belloch 9
Edificio en calle Sant Josep 26
Edificios en calle Pintor Casanova 16, 18 y 20
Edificios en calle Bartolado 1 5
La Glorieta de Alcoy
Pets allowed Sant Joan 43 y 45
Edificio del Parque de Bomberos
Better service Agres 5
Search hotels by
Fábrica en calle Alcoleja 4
Matadero municipality of Alcoy
Fuente de El Molinar de Alcoy
Alcoy cemetery, pantheons and Art Nouveau sculptures.


Mercado Central de Alicante
Casa Carbonell
Casa del Ascensor
Edificio Torrent
Casa Campos Carrera
Casa de las Brujas

in the Art Nouveau style, by Pedro Cerdan (1900-1904).
Gómez Tortosa Cultural Center
Casa Mira

North Station
Valencia Central Market
Mercado de Colón
Light Fountain of Valencia Exhibition Center
Valencia Exhibition Center Bridge 1909
Edificio de Correos
Palacio de la Exposición de Valencia
Edificio de la Exposición de Valencia
Hospital in San Juaniz001 Dios3
Casa del Punto de Gancho
Edificio Monforte
Edificio Sánchez de León
Casa de los Dragones
Casa Ordeig
Casa Ortega
Edificio Chapa
Edificio Gómez I
Novelda: José Sala Sala and Pedro Cerdan.
Orihuela: Severano Sanchez Balesta.

Castellón (province)
Castellón de la Plana: Dimitrio Ribes Marco, Godofredo Ros de Ursinos and José Gimeno Almela.

Province of Valencia
Alzira: Emilio Ferrer Guisbert
Gandia: Víctor Beltrí
Sueca: Buenaventura Ferrando Castells
Valencia: Francisco Mora Berenguer, Dimitrio Ribes Marco, José Maria Manuel Cortina Perez, Antonio Ferrer, Emicente Trilles, Perecente Trilles Pelegrin Mustiel Cano, Manuel Peris Ferrando, Alexandre Soler, Francesc Guaria i Vial, Enrique Vidma Vidal, Manuel Garcia Sierra, Vicente Rodriguez Martin, Ramon Luchini Callejo, Luis Ferreres Soler, Vicente Sancho Fuster, Carlos Carbonell Panella, Lucas Garcia Cardona, Francisco Almenar Queenza and others

Modernist Painting and Design
In the Valencian Community at the beginning of the 20th century, various artists, illustrators and illustrators would work in a thriving industry in Valencia. They will adopt a new art nouveau style for advertising.

In Valencia, artists and illustrators such as José Benlliure Ortiz and Luis Dubon will create works, advertisements and posters for the Viennese industry.

Another good example is the Alcoy artists who work for the Alcoyan paper companies (Bambú, Papeleras Reunidas, etc.). Such is the case with Alcoyanos Francisco Laporta, Emilio Doblech, Adolfo Morrio, Edmundo Jorda or José Matais Montlor, who produced a prolific spread of modernism in the field of design, engraving or illustration. nine0237 Ignacio Isasi

Ignacio Ysasi Médico Carmen, uncredited

Fernando Rodriguez

Fernando Rodríguez Damian, barman, uncredited

Carlos Robles

Carlos Robles Torturador, uncredited

Jorge Jáorge Republic in Moréno 9023 uncredited
Fernanda Llambías

Juanita, uncredited

Ramón Campos

Ramón Campos idea, showrunner, storyline
1 episode, 2017

Gema R. Neira

Gema R. Neira script and idea, showrunner, story
1 episode, 2017

Teresa Fernández Valdés

Teresa Fernández-Valdés script and showrunner, dialogue, story
1 episode, 2017

Almudenañ Okana 902 , plot

2 episodes, 2017

Maria José Rustarazo

María José Rustarazo script and main writer, plot, dialogues
1 episode, 2017

Flora González Villanueva

Flora González Villanueva dialogues

Ulises Sanz

Ulises Sanz dialogue editor, re-recording director
42 episodes, 2017-2020

Quim Rubi

Quim Rubí post-production sound
24 episodes, 2017-2018

Justin W.

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