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Palomino Island is a private island owned by Alberto Bachman Glauser, who is from the Fuertes Family. This small island (1.1km long and 525m wide) is rented to El Conquistador Resort, which is aWaldorf Astoria Resort. The resort has five distinct villages, a private beach and a golf course. This island is an idyllic spot for snorkeling, swimming and enjoying other beach activities. You can charter here aboard your private luxury vessel or take a ferry from El Con’s Marina. If you are planning to come to Palomino Island during your Puerto Rico vacation, here is how you can enjoy your trip:

Things to know about Palomino Island

  • Palomino Island is located to the east of Puerto Rico. It is close to the coast of Las Croabas, Fajardo.
  • It is one of the three private islands located near Puerto Rico. The other two private islands are Isla de Ramos and Isla de Lobos.
  • Isla Palominito was once a small island located 2000 feet away from Palomino Island, but it submerged due to erosion. It was used as a backdrop in the movie Pirates of the Caribbean.
  • You will find plenty of seagrass and coral reefs as well as a rocky coastline in Palomino Island.
  • The El Conquistador Resort has rented the eastern side of Palomino Island for its guests.

Things to do in Palomino Island

  • Coqui Water Park: The 2.4-acre water park has a number of water slides and water activities for all ages. With a wonderful seaside location, you can enjoy Torre de Yocahu Tower, El Gigante Dormido slide, tube slides and an infinity-edge pool, among others.
  • Seven Seas Beach in Fajardo: It is a small, crescent beach with shower and bathroom facilities. It features a restaurant that opens only on weekends. While walking on the beach, you may find sea cucumbers and conches.
  • Swimming: Palomino is a pristine island with soft sands and beautiful rock formations. The water is calm and the weather is great for most of the year. You can enjoy swimming in the transparent waters surrounding Palomino Island and snorkelling with the plentiful marine life.
  • Snorkeling and Diving: The reefs surrounding the Island of Palomino are home to tons of marine life. Don’t miss the opportunity to explore the rich underwater life. Cordillera Natural Reserve located close to Palomino Island features many cays and keys that are full of marine creatures and is another very popular snorkelling spot.
  • Kayaking: Don’t forget to bring kayaks aboard your charter when travelling to Palomino Island. Kayaking is the best way to explore all four sides of the island. In the evening, kayak to the middle of the bay and enjoy the sunset in a serene atmosphere.
  • Explore Laguna Grande: This is a tropical bioluminescent lagoon that must be visited at night. You can complete your day trip to Palomino Island and visit this lagoon before returning to Puerto Rico. Take your kayak to this lagoon to experience the bioluminescence emitted by millions of dinoflagellates.
  • Other Activities: The beaches of Palomino Island offer ample rooms for sunbathing, relaxing, horseback riding, volleyball and a wealth of beach activities.

Hotels Near Palomino Island

There is only one resort at Palomino Island and it is El Conquistador Resort. It is a luxurious hotel with all the modern amenities that you need for a wonderful vacation. It contains a water park, large pool, golf course, delicious restaurant and features numerous water activities. Other hotels near Palomino Island are Sueños del Mar Vacation Rentals, The Fajardo Inn, East Island Waterfront Suites and vacation homes in Parque Nacional Balneario Seven Seas.

Nearby Attractions

Las Croabas is a small fishing community that you can explore after your Palomino trip. It contains Las Cabezas de San Juan Nature Reserve which has 10 islands, coral reefs and a variety of marine life. Enjoy night kayaking on the waters in Las Croabas Lagoon to experience bioluminescent planktons floating on the water. Hike and explore the El Yunque National Rain Forest and take in the scenery along the way. Snorkel the reef system surrounding Las Croabas for an ultimate experience.

Enjoy an unmatched vacation experience on the beautiful island of Palomino. Charter a luxury vessel from Yachts Puerto Rico Charters for a perfect balance of relaxation, activities and unforgettable experiences. With our private charters, you can enjoy a luxurious trip to Palomino Island and nearby destinations. Our crewed charters will allow you to experience Puerto Rico at your own pace. When chartering with us, you will receive a trained skipper, personal chef and crew at your service. From sailing charters, catamarans to superyachts, experience Palomino and other islands near Puerto Rico in the most unique way. If you have any questions about our luxury yacht charters or you want to book one of our vessels, please contact us at +1 (702) 816-6667.

Weather Forecast Isla Palominos — United States (Puerto Rico) : free 15 day weather forecasts

Weather Forecast Isla Palominos — United States (Puerto Rico) : free 15 day weather forecasts — La Chaîne Météo

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United States (Puerto Rico)

Time / Hour

Today’s Forecast

Today in Isla Palominos, warning:reduced visibility early in the day.

Temperatures will vary between 21 and 26°C.

The reliability of the situation is good.


Feels Like 24°


Gust 10 km/h

Clear periods, but with a risk of mist forming.
No risk of rain

This morning

Feels Like 24°

10 km/h

Gust 20 km/h

Sunny periods, but with a risk of mist forming.
No risk of rain

This afternoon

Feels Like 33°

10 km/h

Gust 20 km/h

Sunny periods and passing clouds, sometimes heavy.

Risk of showers at the end of the afternoon.
Risk of rain

35 %

This evening

Feels Like 24°

10 km/h

Gust 15 km/h

Unsettled weather turning fully overcast.
Gradually fading light showers.
Risk of rain

50 %


Feels Like 24°


Gust 15 km/h

Overcast sky becoming unsettled.
Risk of showers at the start of the night.
Risk of rain

35 %

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Palomino Island — 30 Hints (-ok)

30 Hints and reviews


  • ISLA
  • Tomar Sol
  • Centro Turístico
  • Transborda 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000
    • Loved the hidden cove, so quiet and relaxing. This clothing optional spot it’s nice, even met some cool new friends there. It is lonely for the most part and there are no facilities so be prepared. nine0003

    • Great place to spend the day when staying at the El Conquistador. Great swimming and sunbathing. Lots of fun activities. Awesome drinks that waiters will bring to your beach chair.

    • Amazingly clear water and white sandy beach with restaurants and bars. If you visit Miami take a boat to Hollywood and eat the best burger ever at Le Tub — cash only! Enjoy the view and the locals

    • //

    • They have a roped off section for swimming which has a lot less rocks and coral.

    • While the property is amazing, the food is great, the water in areas is filled with coral & rocks. Start good water shoes…then enjoy

    • Rent a kayak and go out to the smaller island! You won’t regret it.

    • For a more peaceful area of ​​the beach head east straight across the island from the dock. This avoids the loud bass from the rafted party boats right off the beach on the west side. nine0003

    • Love the ride at the Ferry almost as much as I enjoyed Palomino Island. beautiful island! Pretty neat!

    • Paradise! My favorite place in Puerto Rico!

    • The pitchers of bloody marys are particularly clutch.

    • If u rent one of the inter tubes, given how far out the water stays shallow, u can reach new depths. (0nly works if u r with your bff).

    • Beach closer to the pier is less rocky. nine0003

    • The least populated parts of the island are the most interesting. Snorkel away from the crowds. Kayak around the island.

    • If you checked it here, kudos. Now put your phone down find a beach chair and do you.

    • The beach is amazing!!!

    • Bio-luminescent tour is awesome! Go when there is no moon!

    • Trying to bring your chair in the water, so relaxing!

    • 100-acre private island resort. Take the catamaran from Marina Village. Horseback riding, Snorkeling, Water sports and white sand beach. nine0003

    • Bella isla para ir un dia de playa

    • The huge iguanas!!

    • Go on a hike and look for the Naturist Reserve 😉

    • Take a catamaran.

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