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Dorado Beach, Puerto Rico

Dorado Beach’s four Inspirato accommodations offer full access to the amenities of Dorado Beach Resort, home to a private golden beach, three golf courses, high-end spa, and more. The standalone estate, La Vivelisse, comes with a private pool and two golf carts to make it easy to explore Dorado Beach Resort and select amenities at Ritz-Carlton Reserve.

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Culture in the Caribbean

A different Caribbean experience awaits you in Puerto Rico, where striking remnants of a rich and storied past coexist beside elegant new developments. After Laurance Rockefeller acquired Dorado Beach resort in the 1950s, it became a haven for JFK, Elizabeth Taylor and other celebrities, who treated Dorado as their private escape. And yet, just beyond its gates, the conquistador legacy is evident in the 16th-century fortress El Morro and colonial buildings with bright pastel facades. With championship golf, exciting kids’ activities and perfect Caribbean beaches, Dorado Beach combines the island’s rich history and celebrity past with world-class luxury.

  • Suggested Airport


  • Daily Non-stop Flights

    More than 200

  • Passports

    Not needed!

  • Average Temperature

    82° F

  • Ponce Carnival

    Late February/early March

Map of Dorado Beach

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A Long Weekend at Puerto Rico’s Dorado Beach

Just Back From…a long weekend in Puerto Rico with the social set.

Flight Plan: Puerto Rico is an easy journey from New York, plenty of direct flights to San Juan and just 4 hours in the air. Not so bad, and actually a welcome relaxing few hours in flight after work. I was met at the airport around midnight by the suited chauffeur from my hotel, which was an easy 40 minute drive from the airport.


Where I Stayed: Dorado Beach, a Ritz Carlton Reserve. It’s one of their top notch best, so I knew this would be no high-rise touristy beach hotel. «In the world as it is today, we need places of quiet beauty where people can get away, unwind, restore their spirits and energies,» said Laurance S. Rockefeller. He founded the Dorado Beach Resort in 1958 and given the state of the world today, his words are more profound than ever.

Courtesy Ritz Carlton Dorado Beach

The entire 14000-acre property is largely recognized as the first eco-luxury resort in the Caribbean, and it has that air of easy elegance paired with modernist design. It nestles effortlessly into the nature of the surrounding geography and honors the land’s natural beauty and sweeping coastline. The property also comes with a powerful history; so many iconic names have stayed there–from Amelia Earhart to President Eisenhower, Ava Gardner, JFK and Joan Crawford. Even now, superstars and powerful figures regularly visit, and feel assured they’ll be undisturbed and be able to vacation in privacy.

Courtesy Ritz Carlton Dorado Beach

My recent stay made it easy to understand why and how this property lures a certain kind of guest. It’s a ‘pampering to the max’ kind of place–but not so much that it feels stuffy and old school. There is too much fun to be had with a slew of mouthwatering cocktails and the heaven of having a wide selection of fine places to eat–from a sweet drop-in, cafe-style store with gourmet eats, to high-end, chic dining spots and a couple of eclectic cuisine experiences in between. Your every dining whim is satisfied here; if you have a longer stay, try them all.

Courtesy Ritz Carlton Dorado Beach

Courtesy Ritz Carlton Dorado Beach

Tour Group: My weekend was, in essence, a celebration of Dorado–but also a social gathering. The group was made up of friends of Ariana Rockefeller, the descendant grand-niece of the property’s founder. She had gathered her friends to celebrate the unveiling of her latest design collaboration, a line of signature designed accessories exclusively for Dorado Beach. The group included Coco Rocha, Malin Ackerman, Jack Donelly, Alex Lundqvist, Genevieve Gorder, Daniel Benedict, Andrew Saffir, Sophie Summer and Rob Thomas to name a few.

At dinner with Ariana (middle) and Coco (right).


Best Daytime Activity: «Sea, sand, sun and serenity» was Laurence Rockefeller’s vision for Dorado Beach–which brings me to the spa. I have been lucky in my career to experience a variety of different hotel spa moments, but but this one, in all honesty, ranks very highly.

The Dorado’s spa is housed in an old working Hacienda, which is nearly 100 years old. Outside the main building is a 90-year old El Cupey tree, which looms outside like a beautiful but strange living prop from a Harry Potter movie. Walking past its immense curling branches, you walk through gigantic old Spanish doors and are swept into the entryway to the spa. Upon entry, you’ll walk through the most incredible apothecary entrance with sky-high rafters piled high with fragrant herbs and dried plants.


Courtesy Ritz Carlton Dorado Beach

Your first glimpse beyond the exquisitely styled entryway is of a serene infinity pool, and you immediately sense the calm as you take in the fragrant essences in the air. Spa Botanico is an award-winning, 5-acre sanctuary built on an old fruit plantation that blends Puerto Rican ingredients and soothing, indigenous traditions from the original inhabitants of the island, the Taino people. The whole spa experience is designed to impart a holistic sense of well being, and I for one can testify that it certainly does.

After being personally greeted by my therapist, Meri Anne, I was led through a spectacular field of miniature pineapples to one of their beautifully designed pavilions–you can choose an indoor or outdoor experience or even a treetop location.

Courtesy Ritz Carlton Dorado Beach

I had a wonderful deep tissue massage called the ‘Mano Santas,’ using local oils and herbs. The preparation oils are all made by the therapists themselves at the spa, using local plants. Everything is prepared on-site, and it’s quite special to experience the integration of nature in the treatments which take place entirely outdoors within a lush, tropical and very private setting. There are actually two dedicated garden settings–one for men and another for women.

Post massage, I headed for a dip in the ladies-only plunge pool area. I took a super hot bubbling spa pool, followed by an ice pool plunge and felt fully invigorated. Surrounded by lush tropical vegetation and birdsong, I could happily have stayed in that inner sanctum all day. But there was too much fun to be had with the fun group who were there with me for the weekend.

Courtesy Ritz Carlton Dorado Beach


Best Thing I Ate: We spent our first evening dining on the sand toasting Ariana at a beautifully twinkling long candlelit table. Good conversation and lots of stories and secrets were shared. The whole escape culminated with a gourmet extravaganza at Dorado’s signature restaurant, Mi Casa, which is run by famed chef Jose Andres. With a number of chic restaurants in the U.S., he is a big name in culinary circles, renowned for introducing Americans to both avant-garde and traditional Spanish cooking. After local rum and many, many courses of what is possibly the best food I have ever eaten in the Caribbean, I retired to my glorious room to dream of another Dorado visit. Such a magical, special place…

Courtesy Ritz Carlton Dorado Beach

Island Style: Ariana’s collection is made up of beautiful totes and clutches, the perfect accessories for vacation travel and beyond. The line is inspired by her beloved equestrian endeavors, with horse-bit details cleverly designed in waxed canvas, and pieces featuring a luxe gold Python trim. It’s a look which fits perfectly with the new season, where gold is high on the color charts. The bags will all be available exclusively at Dorado, and are a rather fitting homage to her great uncle’s vision for the property’s beauty and nature.

Ariana with one of her new bags created exclusively for Dorado Beach.

Courtesy BFA

Why Puerto Rico? I love the Caribbean and over the years have travelled to most of the Islands. Yet one of the closet to the U.S. coastline had escaped my travels. I had never experienced the beauty and hospitality of Puerto Rico. After a month of Fashion Shows and Awards Season, when the opportunity comes along to head to the sun for R&R and celebrations it took no time to agree to head down to Puerto Rico to one of its most prestigious and historic hotels for celebrations and social fun with good friends.

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differences between the Costa Brava and Costa Dorada resorts

Many tourists choose a holiday in Spain deciding between the resorts of Costa Brava and Costa Dorada. The resorts have an important advantage — they are close to Barcelona, ​​as well as affordability. However, the resorts of the Costa Brava and the Costa Dorada have many differences that tip the scales in one direction or another. When choosing a holiday destination, many factors are taken into account: climate, price, entertainment, popularity. And here it is important to understand what is the difference between such wonderful resorts that offer completely different holidays. What are we going to do now. nine0003

Resorts can be generally described as follows:

Costa Brava

  • Depth to the seabed
  • Large selection of excursions
  • Coarse sand beach
  • Budget hotels
  • The road to Barcelona takes 1 hour.
  • Mostly tourists with children.

Costa Dorada

  • Calm sea with gentle slope
  • Fine sand on the beach
  • Large selection of entertainment activities
  • It takes 2 hours to get to Barcelona
  • Mostly young people have a rest.

What is the difference between Costa Brava and Costa Dorada

Initially, I would like to note that the resorts are located on different sides of Barcelona and have a fairly large territory.


Costa Brava — has the coolest temperature in the country. Fans of hot weather will be able to enjoy the hot sun during the period June-October. Although even at this time the maximum air temperature reaches 26 degrees. Basically, precipitation begins at the end of the holiday season — in October.

Costa Dorada is surrounded by mountains. Seasonal activity starts in March and lasts until October. The resort is not characterized by precipitation. The maximum air temperature reaches 35 degrees. nine0003


Costa Brava is known for such resort towns as Lloret de Mar (mainly for youth recreation with a large number of entertainment facilities), Tossa de Mar (a city with fewer establishments, mainly for families), Blanes ( a city with a great history and incredible beauty of architecture).

Costa Dorada is famous for Salou, which is home to the well-known amusement park PortAventura. The city of Sitges, which is compared with the city of St. Tropez. The high prices here are due to the proximity to Barcelona. For tourists who plan to constantly be on the beach, Cambrils is suitable. And for vacationers who love excursions and numerous attractions, Tarragona is worth choosing. nine0003


The Costa Brava beach is characterized by the following criteria: almost immediately near the shore, the depth of the sea begins, coarse sand, a beach line with coves and cliffs.

The Costa Dorada beach has a gentle entrance to the sea, fine sand and a straight beach line.

Due to the fact that the beaches are urban, the entrance to them is free, but umbrellas and sun loungers are for payment.


Both resorts have a rich excursion program. Significant places in the Costa Brava are: the Dali Museum, the Tossa de Mar castle, the Villa Vella fortress, the ruins of the San Juan castle, and the church of Santa Maria. nine0003

For Costa Dorada — mysterious prehistoric caves, Mount Montserrat, Poblet Monastery, Iberian villages.


Costa Brava is known for water parks, a zoo, a large number of excursions, there are places for golfing, a variety of cafes and bars, as well as for lovers of active water recreation there are activities such as windsurfing, rafting, excursions cycling programs.

Costa Dorada is the Aventura Park, active nightlife, Costa Caribe water park and shops for shopping. nine0003


The Costa Brava resort is characterized by the predominance of Mediterranean cuisine — fish, meat, vegetables. However, we advise you to definitely try paella, a dish for all occasions according to different recipes.

Costa Dorada is fried toast, tomatoes, treats with olive oil. They also cook vegetables, pasta, mushrooms seasoning dishes with local sauces.


The Costa Brava is characterized by small, family-run shops, where special attention is paid to the quality of the products sold.

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