Vieques beaches: My Favorite Beaches on Vieques

5 Of The Best Beaches In Vieques

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5 Of The Best Beaches In Vieques

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Brittni Williams • Sep 12, 2022

Vieques is an island in Puerto Rico known for its warm weather and waters. Tourists flock to the island to soak up the sun at its beaches. And with 40 different beaches in Vieques, there are plenty to choose from.

What is There To Do in Vieques, Puerto Rico?

Vieques is regarded as having the most beautiful beaches, but there is plenty more to see and do. For example, the tropical destination is an ideal place to become one with nature. Featuring rugged hiking trails, bright green flora, and a starlit night sky, Vieques is the perfect spot for nature lovers. And of course, you can’t visit Vieques without kayaking to see the bioluminescent waters at Mosquito Bay.

If you prefer more of a city vibe, Vieques has a lot to do in that arena as well. You can go visit the Museo El Fortin Conde de Mirasol to learn about the history of the last Spanish fort in the U. S. Or foodies will enjoy sampling authentic Puerto Rican mofongo or pastelillos.

What Are the Best Beaches in Vieques, Puerto Rico?

Vieques may be known for many things, but its beaches are certainly at the top of the list. From white sand beaches to private islands, this picturesque island is the perfect home away from home. Plus, tourists can take part in a number of water activities like fishing or paddleboarding. If you’re planning a trip to Puerto Rico, why not visit the beaches in Vieques? To learn which ones are the ultimate island getaway, take a look at our list:

1. Sun Bay Beach

Beauty in your timeline. Sunset at Sun Bay Beach Vieques, Puerto Rico. Courtesy of my dear daughter. ❤️

— Cee T. (@willowrose51) April 5, 2022

Sun Bay Beach is a quiet, secluded beach that makes for a relaxing vacation away from home. Its golden sand, lined with palm trees and tropical plants, is a popular choice for locals and tourists alike.
Not to mention, Sun Bay Beach is the only beach that has a restroom and shower available to the public.

The beach is one of the more visited beaches on the island. Still, you can find plenty of room to sunbathe. And if you work up an appetite after a full day trip at the beach, there are a number of eateries nearby in Esperanza.

2. Playa Caracas

Location: Playa Caracas, Vieques P.R. 🇵🇷🌺🌊

Ig 📸: ricanrafy_21

— rafy🇵🇷 (@rvfyki21) January 6, 2019

Playa Caracas, translated in English as the “red beach,” is a white sand beach in Vieques that many tourists like to frequent. Playa Caracas is a paradise for beach bums because of its warm sand and peaceful waters.

Because the waters at the beach are so calm, the beach is a great destination for families with small children. Parents can watch from underneath the shade of a gazebo as their little ones play in the cool, rippling waters.

Snorkeling is a popular water activity at Playa Caracas. Or you can take a stroll along the long stretch of sand for an early morning exercise.

3. Playa Negra

Let it be known that the first time I saw a black sand beach was in Puerto Rico and I am in awe!
📍Playa Negra, Vieques Island, PR

— Victoria Funké (@stylishtrotter) December 21, 2019

As its name implies, Playa Negra is a black sand beach in Vieques. Volcanic material from islands such as Monte Pirata washes onto the shore to create the beautiful dark sand that captures well in pictures.
As a result, this serene, tropical beach is considered one of the best beaches to visit in Puerto Rico.

Many tourists visit the beach because of its picturesque landscape, which includes clear turquoise waters and golden rock formations. Even better, it’s only a short walk away from the vibrant town of Esperanza.

Playa Negra is a popular beach, but you’ll find its quiet and tranquil vibes to be a relaxing hideaway.

4. Playa La Chiva

Hola Vieques !
Playa La Chiva, V I E Q U E S
Blue Beach Vieques Island Paradise
Ybor. March 16, 2016

— Vieques News (@ViequesNews) March 17, 2016

Playa La Chiva is a beautiful beach known for its clear blue water, lending to its nickname the “Blue Beach.” Its surrounding lush, green vegetation features towering palm trees that are perfect for capturing in pictures.

Playa La Chiva is a great beach for people of all ages to see and explore. Pack a lunch for a nice picnic on the beach. Or enjoy swimming in its warm waters. You can also sit underneath a cabana for a welcome retreat from the hot sun.

Similar to Playa Caracas, snorkeling is one of the more popular water activities at the Playa La Chiva. Its clear waters allow for spectacular views of the colorful marine life.

5. Punta Arenas

Located on the eastern side of Vieques, Punta Arenas is the perfect beach for weary travelers. It’s an ideal destination to rest and rejuvenate with large, colorful coral and foamy white waters.

One of the draws of Punta Arenas is its spectacular views of the main island of Puerto Rico. Beyond that, the public beach is a great place to try snorkeling. The tranquil sea makes for a relaxing meet and greet with the friendly sea turtles and manta rays underwater.

Collect seashells on the sandy shore, or catch sea urchins for a fresh seafood dinner. Whatever you decide, this secret beach is a nice retreat from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

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Best Vieques Beaches | Hachette Book Group

Aside from Mosquito Bay, the main reason to come to Vieques is to enjoy the staggering beauty of its miles of remote, pristine beaches and clear, turquoise waters. Each beach has its own unique characteristics—some are calm and shallow, others have big crashing waves, and still others offer spectacular snorkeling. Several are accessible only from dirt trails, off road or by foot, so bring sturdy shoes. And don’t forget the bug spray.

Vieques features miles of deserted beaches and bright blue water. Photo © Suzanne Van Atten.

Playa Negra is a black-sand beach containing minute particles of lava, a reminder of the island’s volcanic origins millions of years ago. To get there from the malecón in Esperanza, go west on Carretera 996 and turn left on Carretera 201. When you reach the sign for Gallery Galleon, pull off the road and park. Look for the bridge in the road and hike down into the dry creek bed beneath it. Follow the creek bed through a thickly wooded forest to the ocean.

Playa Grande is a long, thin strip of beach that curves around the southwestern tip of the island and is a great spot for walking and hunting for shells. Go when it’s breezy because it can be buggy with sand fleas. It’s located west of Esperanza off Carretera 201.

Green Beach is on Punta Arenas at the farthest most southwestern tip of the island, and it features a shallow reef, making it ideal for snorkeling. Look for “flamingo tongues,” a brightly colored sea snail that lives here. Nearby is Kiani Lagoon, a mangrove bay accessible by a wooden boardwalk that is rich with starfish. Green Beach is best visited early in the day or when it’s breezy because it can be buggy with sand fleas. To access it take Carretera 200 as far west as possible, then follow the dirt road to the end. Look for the ancient ceiba tree with the massive trunk along the way.

Wilderness Refuge beaches are small, remote beaches tucked into the island’s south central coastline, where the U.S. Navy’s Camp Garcia was once located. From the entrance to the Refugio Nacional de Vida Silvestre de Vieques, located on Carretera 997 halfway between Isabel Segunda and Esperanza, there are four main wilderness beaches, and all of them are extraordinary.

Playa Caracas in Vieques. Photo © Suzanne Van Atten.

Each one is a crescent of white, powdery sand, lapped by pale turquoise waters and rimmed with thick, lush vegetation. Measuring their distance from the entrance, they are Playa Caracas/Red Beach (2.4 miles), Playa Pata Prieta (2.7 miles), Bahía de la Chiva/Blue Beach (3 miles), and Playa Plata/Orchid Beach (4.4 miles). Note that the refuge closes at 6:30pm, except May-August when it closes at 7:30pm. No camping, fires, or alcohol are permitted.

Esperanza Beach is a fairly unremarkable beach along Esperanza’s strip of restaurants and guesthouses. But it’s within walking distance if you’re staying in town and offers excellent snorkeling, especially around Cayo Afuera, a tiny islet just offshore.

A note of caution: Although violent crime is uncommon in Vieques, the island has a petty theft problem, which can be avoided if you use caution. Be vigilant around beaches with bushes where culprits may hide. Never take anything of value to the beach, including digital cameras or personal ID. If someone can’t watch your things while you swim, bring a “dry bag,” available at dive shops, to contain a car key and a photocopy of your driver’s license. Don’t leave anything inside your car and be sure to roll all your windows down and open the glove box so it’s apparent nothing is inside.

Balneario Sun Bay

Sun Bay Beach in Vieques. Photo © Mark Franco/123rf.

The island’s best beaches are on the southern coast. The most spectacular is the long white crescent and calm waters of Balneario Sun Bay (Sombé) (Carr. 997, east of Esperanza, 787/741-8198, Wed.-Sun. 8:30am-5pm, $2-5). It’s the only publicly maintained beach in Vieques. Surrounded by a tall cyclone fence, it has plenty of modern, fairly clean facilities, including bathrooms, showers, changing rooms, a snack bar, and guards. Camping (787/741-8198) is permitted for $10 a day; reservations are required. Adding to the charm of the place is the herd of horses that grazes here.

The Balneario Sun Bay complex also encompasses two smaller, more secluded beaches farther eastward along a sandy road. The first one you’ll encounter is Media Luna, a protective cove where the water is shallow. Farther eastward is Navio Beach, which sometimes has large waves and is popular with gay beachgoers.

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Las Croabas, Puerto Rico — tourist attractions, most visited places

Las Croabas is located on is on western part part of Puerto Rica (Fajardo Municipio), 8 kilometers on northeast from Fajardo Municipio. There is a lot to see in the surroundings. On noth (2 kilometers) is Cape San Juan Lighthouse, Reserve Las Cabezas de San Juan (2 km). On west (18 kilometers) is El Unco Nature Reserve. nine0015

We offer you to visit the most interesting attractions that we found around:

  • Cape San Huan Lighthouse
  • Reserve Las Kabuzas de San Huang
  • Reserve El-Unko
  • WIX
  • Mosquito
  • Museum of History, Anthropology and Art
  • Market Square
  • Botanical Garden
  • Ocean Park
  • Theater Centro de Bellas Artes Luis
  • 061188″> Arena «Jose Miguel Agrelot Coliseum»

The most visited places and sights near Las Croabas,
TOP 100 attractions in Las Croabas, Puerto Rico,
with photos and reviews

TOP-100 attractions, Las Croabas, Puerto Rico

Cape San Juan Lighthouse

Cape San Juan Lighthouse — historic lighthouse built on the highest point of Cape San Juan by Manuel C




Nature reserve Las Cabezas de San Juan

Las Cabezas San Juan Nature Reserve is one of the most important areas of the island and is unique in having different



2. 04km

El Unco Nature Reserve

El Unco National Forest, also known as the Caribbean National Forest, is one of the


nine0004 10

18.44 km

Vieques beaches

The beaches of Vieques are some of the best and most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean. The beaches are clear blue, g



nine0004 32.98 km

mosquito bay

Mosquito Bay is the largest wildlife sanctuary in the Caribbean and the most intriguing and inter

3. 49


34.95 km

Culebra Island

Culebra Island, Spanish for «Snake Island». Located in eastern Puerto Rico, not



35.83 km

Museum of History, Anthropology and Art

Museum of History, Anthropology and Art — the first museum in Puerto Rico, which was opened on the basis of



45.07 km

Market Square

Market Square is located in Puerto Rico, San Juan. More precisely, in its old part. Area exists n


nine0004 3

45.28 km

Botanical Garden

The San Juan Botanical Garden is also known as the University of Puerto Rico Botanical Garden. He is about



nine0004 45.4km

ocean park

Ocean Park or Amusement Park Ocean Park — a beautiful beach area in the Santurce area, in the north



45. 76 km

Theater Centro de Bellas Artes Luis

Theater Centro de Bellas Artes Luis — one of the most important centers of the city of San Juan, Puerto Rico, for creative


46.43 km

Arena «Jose Miguel Agrelot Coliseum»

The Jose Miguel agrelot coliseum arena is the world’s largest indoor amusement arena, which spans



46.47 km

FAQ about Las Croabas, Puerto Rico

Nearby 5 attractions.

Here are the most interesting frequently visited places near: Cape San Juan Lighthouse (2 km), Las Cabezas de San Juan Nature Reserve (2. 04 km), El Unco Nature Reserve (18.44 km), Vieques Beaches (32.98 km), Mosquito Bay (34.95 km)

Places on the planet with the most beautiful black sand beaches

Sea, sun, sandy beach – many people’s idea of ​​an ideal vacation. What color is the sand on the imaginary coast? Of course, gold or snow-white. But there are places with gray, pink, orange, red and even green sand. But the most incredible unearthly landscapes can be seen on black beaches.


  • 1 Black sand
  • 2 Iceland
    • 2.1 VIC
    • 2.2 Yekulsaurlone
    • 2.3 Stockksnes
  • 3 Spain, Canar Islands
  • 4 USA
    • 4.1 GAVAI
    • 4.2 California:
    • 9000 9000 9000 9000 5000 , Tahiti

    • 6 Indonesia, Bali
    • 7 Japan
    • 8 Martinique, Caribbean
    • 9 Puerto Rico, Vieques
    • 10 New Zealand
    • 11 Greece, Santorini island
    • 12 Italy, Sicily
    • 13 Georgia
    • 14 Russia, Kamchatka

    Black sand

    Sandy beaches — centuries-old work of the sea, wind, sun. The color of the sand depends on the materials on which the water works.

    Black sand is hardened volcanic lava, shattered into tiny particles by the worker-sea, carried out by the tides countless times on the coast so that today people can admire the results of labor and bask on the dark velvet of the beaches. nine0015

    Note: the black sand gets very hot, so you must wear shoes on the beaches during the hot time of the day — so as not to get burned.

    Black sand is considered curative in diseases of the musculoskeletal system, joints, salt deposits and respiratory organs. You need to “dig in” in the sand no earlier than 4 o’clock in the afternoon, when the sun and sand are no longer so burning. 10-15 minutes is enough time for sand captivity.

    Black sand beaches are found on the coasts of different continents. The story will be about the most picturesque and amazing. nine0015


    The island state attracts travelers with incredible landscapes, play of light, amazing beaches covered with black volcanic sand. Only seasoned walruses can dare to plunge into the waters of the North Atlantic, but everyone gets to enjoy the beauty.

    The most beautiful black beaches in Iceland:


    This beach is recognized as one of the most beautiful in the area, ranked among the most unusual on the planet. Fans of the TV series Game of Thrones could see the ethereal framing of the beach of basalt columns and boulders called «fangs of frost.» nine0015


    A fantastic place called Diamond Beach and even more poetically “ghostly procession of luminous icebergs” is located on the shores of a glacial lagoon in the southeast of the country. Fragments of the glacier, thrown ashore and taken back by the sea, constantly change the picture. The sun’s rays at different times of the day give magical shades to transparent blocks.

    The beach has been a movie set more than once, it is an obligatory object in documentaries and promotional films about Iceland. Jeep and snowmobile tours are organized here. nine0015


    Fantastic black sand dunes constantly changing landscape against the backdrop of the Vestrahorn, a favorite subject for photographers around the world. The sunset or dawn sky reflected in the waters enhances the feeling of unreality.

    Important to know: the beach is private, a small entry fee goes towards maintaining the roads leading to it.

    Spain, Canary Islands

    Few people know that on the paradise islands, where you can relax almost all year round, in addition to picturesque white and golden beaches, there are black beaches that change the usual advertising image of the Canaries beyond recognition. nine0015

    Many black beaches on the island of Tenerife:

    • la Arena: it is preferred by lovers of a relaxing holiday, parents with children, romantic natures;
    • Hardin: a magical place of the island, consisting of three cozy bays, separated by low cliffs with waterfalls and surrounded by tropical trees and flowers. Nearby are «Loro Park» with a huge number of parrots, an aquarium and a collection of orchids;
    • San Marcos: considered one of the coziest beaches of the island: the bay is protected from winds and high waves by rocks; nine0005
    • Las Galletas: a picturesque beach with dark gray sand is a favorite among divers, here you can learn the secrets of deep diving in diving centers.

    Magnificent black-sand beaches can be found on other islands of the archipelago:

    • Lago Verde (Lanzarote Island): located between the sea and the unique Green Lake, fragments of green olivine found on the beach are a wonderful memory of the Spanish islands;
    • Adjuy (Fuerteventura): located in a cozy bay surrounded by rocks, in whose caves, according to legend, the pirates hid their stolen treasures. The steep descent into the water is not safe for families with children. nine0005


    Hawaii, California, Alaska — the coasts of these territories of the United States are decorated with night-colored beaches.


    The black beaches of the island state are united by color, but each has its own zest and features.

    Big Island:

    • Punaluu: famous for its bright contrasting colors — the green of palm trees, the blue of the sea, the white foam of water running on black sand. And on the beach, sea turtles lay their eggs, which can not only be touched, but also approached; nine0005

    Note: it is not safe to be under coconut trees: you can get hit by falling fruits.

    • Kaimu Beach: a beautiful beach surrounded by greenery and flowers, popular with tourists despite the fact that swimming is prohibited due to strong waves;
    • Kehena Beach: often referred to as the beach of dolphins, which often swim ashore in flocks;
    • beach in the Pololu Valley: small and very beautiful, always crowded, although high waves do not allow you to enjoy swimming. nine0005


    • Honokalani: located in the Wainapanapa National Park among pristine nature, picturesque rocks with caves, a rich underwater world that attracts divers;
    • Wayanapanapa: also located in the national park of the same name with unique natural monuments;
    • Oneuli: a secluded, picturesque beach of choice for lovers of a relaxing holiday.


    • Black Sands: Surrounded by beautiful nature and attractive by small pools formed during high tides;
    • Lost Coast: almost 130 km of black sand coastline framed by sheer cliffs. It is chosen by lovers of a serene beach holiday, fearless surfers and conquerors of peaks.


    The beach in Prince William Bay is not conducive to relaxing and swimming. But this reserved corner of the northern region reveals all its beauties to tourists: against the backdrop of green hills, you can see glaciers sliding into the water and drifting along it like diamond blocks. People come here to enjoy nature, wander along the coast, go kayaking and, if they are lucky, see seals, sea otters or other representatives of the fauna. nine0015

    French Polynesia, Tahiti Island

    The Pacific island is known for its magnificent white sand beaches. But no less attractive are dark-colored beaches:

    • Papenu: located in the valley of the same name, surrounded by tropical jungles with waterfalls falling from picturesque cliffs. Surfers love to catch high waves here;
    • Pointe Venus: a great place for a beach holiday and swimming in clear calm water surrounded by greenery, beautiful views. It is believed that Captain James Cook landed here in the 18th century; nine0005
    • Taharuu: beautiful beach surrounded by tropical trees. Here you can sunbathe and swim or surf;
    • Lafayette: a favorite holiday destination for residents of the capital of the island of Papeete, whose residents take a little time to get to the beach.

    Indonesia, Bali island

    Most of the island’s black beaches are not suitable for swimming due to strong waves. Tourists are attracted by stunning photogenic landscapes, especially at sunrise and sunset hours:

    • Lovina: this beach is said to have the finest black sand in Bali, where you can swim, fish from the shore or go out to sea with local fishermen, watch dolphins;
    • Purnama: high waves and strong currents prevent swimming in this paradise. Here you can watch religious ceremonies, meet stunning sunsets and sunrises;
    • Saba: the never-ceasing sea does not let you enjoy swimming, but the fearless aces of surfing conquer the high waves. Horse lovers can take a walk along the coast; nine0005
    • Keramas: another paradise for professional surfers, the waves here reach 2 meters high. Religious ceremonies often take place on the beach;
    • Masketi: another non-swimming beach, but captivating with the beauty of the landscape;
    • Lebach: a peaceful place with beautiful scenery, where people like to come in the evenings to enjoy the coolness and the beauty of the sunset over the sea;
    • Cusamba: one of the most beautiful beaches on the island. Due to the impossibility of hiding from the scorching sun in the shade, it is visited only in the morning and evening hours. nine0005


    Tourists visiting the Land of the Rising Sun think about the resort vacation least of all. And in vain: there are many beautiful beaches on the coast of the island state. Among them are those with black sand:

    • Matsubara: from here, in clear weather, a bewitching view of the famous Mount Fuji with a snowy peak opens. Here you can relax, swim, ride yachts, take a walk through the neighboring pine forest;
    • Ibusuki: This beach is famous for its thermal springs, and vacationers combine business with pleasure — they arrange private baths in the sand with warm healing waters. nine0005

    Martinique, Caribbean Islands

    Anse Ceron beach is recognized by tourists as the most beautiful beach on the Caribbean island of Martinique: fine dark sand, coconut palms and other trees surrounding it, clear transparent sea with incoming waves, Dominica island towering above the sea. The rich underwater world attracts divers here.

    Puerto Rico, Vieques Island

    Playa Negrita is called the black pearl of the island. It is fenced off by steep yellow-brown rocks. Its peculiarity: the mineral magnetite is present in the sand, constantly confirming its name — it changes the compass readings, attracts metal objects and details. The beach has repeatedly become a place for photo shoots and filming commercials. nine0015

    New Zealand

    The islands of this country are called the valley of volcanoes. Naturally, there are many beaches with volcanic black sand:

    • Piha: strong coastal waves do not allow swimming far from the coast. But high waves attract avid surfers. Various international competitions in this sport are held here. The beach, surrounded by green hills, is decorated with placers of purple shells brought by the sea;
    • Karekare: an unusually beautiful beach framed by hills covered with green forests, in the midst of which the beautiful waterfall Karekare Falls is hidden, seals and fur seals are not afraid of people on the shore. He became popular after the release of the Oscar-winning historical film The Piano by New Zealand director Jane Campion; nine0005
    • Murivai: The 60-kilometer beach attracts not only lovers of a serene beach holiday and swimming in warm sea waters. There are all conditions for practicing various sports: hang gliding, kite surfing, horseback riding. Fishermen will not leave its surroundings without a good catch. The rocks were chosen for nesting bird colonies, which can be viewed from observation platforms.

    Greece, Santorini island

    Santorini island is famous for its cozy white and golden sandy and pebbly beaches. But there are also unusual black beaches here:

    • Perissa: 7-kilometer beach with a gentle entrance to the water is equipped with everything you need to carefree spend the whole day here: sunbeds, umbrellas, bars, restaurants, you can order food and drinks to the beach at specially equipped tables. Beach volleyball and football, diving are popular here. Popular artists often perform at evening and night discos;
    • Perivolos: next to Pericca, but less popular due to the steep depth. Therefore, there is expanse for outdoor activities: volleyball, football, parachuting, riding bananas or jet skis; nine0005
    • Kamari: beautiful, clean, comfortable, safe — no wonder it was awarded the Blue Flag. Here you can relax with children, for whom a town with various attractions was built. The attraction of the beach is the Meso Vouno salt block protruding from the sea;
    • Monolithos: the most popular for families. There is a gentle entrance to the water, a playground. Nearby is the airport of the island, and watching the takeoff and landing of aircraft is one of the entertainments of vacationers;
    • nine0003 Vlychada: a beautiful uncrowded beach, bordered by unusual sheer cliffs, on which the sculptor-wind carved bizarre ornaments and figures.

    Italy, Sicily

    Sicily and the surrounding small islands, thanks to the volcano Etna, are rich in black beaches:

    • Spiaggia Sabbie Nere (Vulcano Island): famous for thermal waters flowing from a source over the sand to the sea. The beach resembles numerous baths with healing water;
    • nine0003 Aci Trezza (Province of Catania): A few cliffs jutting out of the water add to the landscape. Diving and snorkeling enthusiasts gather here. Many tourists come specifically for the holidays and festivals often held on the beach during the holiday season;

    • Aci Castello: a beautiful beach surrounded by palms and other trees, with the necessary infrastructure, a gentle entrance to the water, for which parents and children love it. And divers prefer it for the incredibly beautiful underwater world. nine0005


    Ureki beach, located in the village of the same name, 50 km from Batumi, is a picturesque place surrounded by a pine forest. Black sand is recognized as unique — it contains a large amount of the mineral magnetite (as on Playa Negrita beach in Puerto Rico).

    The healing properties of magnetic sand have been studied and used for many diseases in the sanatorium «Kolchis», built next to the beach.

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