On the east: grammar — I grew up IN the east coast vs ON the east coast

grammar — I grew up IN the east coast vs ON the east coast


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I cannot understand why there is «in» in the sentence «I grew up in the east coast…» — why it is not «on»?
Google search provides results for both with quite high number of hits.

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According to the Oxford American dictionary:

Coast — The part of the land near the sea; the edge of the land.

This suggests that one grows up on the coast, rather than in the coast, since the latter would indicate being raised inside a piece of land. Usage statistics also support this conclusion, as «on the east/west coast» is significantly more popular than «in the east/west coast,» according to Google Ngrams.

It really depends on common usage around the headword. All of these are common usage:

I live in the east.

I live on the east coast.

I live in the east coast city of XXX.

I live on the outskirts of the east coast city of XXX.

I live in the suburbs of the east coast city of XXX.

We tend to use on for lines or borders between areas (hence on the border).

Note: I have a house on Lake Como (it’s not actually on the lake; it’s on the line around it).


This is an interesting question. I wouldn’t say that I live on America when I live in America. However, I would say that I live in New York, vs. on New York. I stood in the Empire State Building has as clear and as different a a meaning as saying that I stood on the Empire State Building. In the former I could have been on the 26th floor and in the latter it is clear that I stood on the roof.

Does size or location matter more? I would say that I live on Planet Earth, in North American, in New York, on Hazel Street, in a house, and am sitting in a chair. But you could say you sat on a chair as well. It would seem that the word, in, has a lived-in, actionable sense, whereas, «on» seems more passive as well as dwelling on the surface. I worked on a farm, and fell in the pigsty. In the case of chair, the chair I sit in at my desk where I write, I would say I sat my butt in the chair and wrote for two hours, vs. I sat my butt on the chair and wrote for two hours.

This is more of an exercise in logic than anything.


You live in the desert. You live in the mountains. But, you live on the prairie. You live on the (east, west) coast. We were looking for instances where the «vaguely defined regions» didn’t apply to using «in.»

It’s completely straightforward.

«West coast» does not literally refer to the strip of beach — it means places like nevada, sacremento, fresno, etc. It’s one of the (vaguely defined) «regions» in the US .. like «the south» or «midwest» or ‘bible belt» and so on.

The fact that: if you take a phrase, which has grown to have a common meaning, literally, then it is confusing, funny or whatever: so what?

If you asked «Do people who live on the bible belt live on a strip of leather??» the question would probably just be closed!


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Good subject, but missing something …

Certainly a good subject and a touchy one. We have several movies treating this subject, the environment, the corruption. When I left the cine I asked me the question : Could this be true and yes, certainly. And that its all about, if you leave the cine and keep on thinking about the subject and discuss it with others. I didn’t knew that much about Brit Marling and this film awakened my interest. Good acting and she has many opportunities to go as actress, writer or director. The movie is a must see, but … it is not that much of a thriller, the action scenes are rather short and don’t ask that much of attention and that is what it is meant to be, because the movie target is to show us how Brit Marling integrates in the East, her feelings, her changes in ideas. But also in the emotional part I find this movie rather general. It seems that they don’t want to go a bit in depth on the subject, keep it simple for the spectator, the client. Keep it mainstream. So, it is not an action movie, but either enters in difficult matters. The subject is although unique and a must see. The end of the movie. Seems that it was time to finish and so they did, a bit in a rush.



  • kriddirk
  • Jul 19, 2013


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Alina wasn’t going anywhere and wasn’t going to. If the shutter moves tomorrow, then her house, and the field, and the plum garden will cover for sure, they are now the closest to the disembodied horror of bubbles, but this does not matter. She was already covered when at night the mill and uncle Methodius burned down in a single flash, stubbornly not wanting to leave the dangerous hill. Now Alina was left completely alone. As long as there are at least two people in the family, this is a family, and a lonely person is a complete misunderstanding. A hand with one finger is worse than just a stump because it hurts more. nine0003

Alina’s parents died three years ago when the passage to the west was closed. The hermitage does not like water, and for many years there was a free path along the very shore of the lake. They thought that it would remain so forever, the umbilical cord connecting the doomed village with the rest of the country. They thought in case of misfortune to run by the lake. But it didn’t come true. For forty years the retreat accumulated strength, and then at once swallowed the lake and the last road to its own. Father and mother had just gone to the mainland to buy something at the fair and visit their older daughters, who had been given away to the villages on the other side of the retreat. And the good would have cut them off there, not allowing them to return, otherwise they would have killed them on the way back. Some hundred steps did not have time to reach. The sisters, I suppose, hope that the father and mother have come to the house in time and bring it alive. And she would have hoped that her parents had stayed away and were now hanging around with relatives, but she went to look at the road: were they coming? — and saw everything as it is. nine0003

Lightnings cannot be seen in the sunlight, and lightning seems to be just a haze in which trees, birds, people and even stones melt and burn, if they fall in an inconvenient place.

Alina was standing on a hillock, waving her handkerchief as she approached, when the air trembled, dozens of whirlwinds walked along the lake surface, and a lone pine tree, crooked near the shore, flared up with a candle and fell, split from top to bottom. The father got up, whipped the colt, hoping to get away, but a blue flame flared up from under the very horse’s hooves, and only the cart wheel rolled for a long time, swaying along the deserted road. Alina ran, tearing her chest with a cry that she herself did not hear in the deadly silence, and so she probably would have gone under the cloister, but she stumbled out of the blue, fell, jumped up, immediately fell again onto the dead road, and again … and then on stone fingers closed around the wrist. Uncle Methodius also went out to see if his sister and her husband were returning. The miller, even though he was lame, knew how to knock a bullock off his feet with a sorcerous squint. So I caught up with the foolish girl, dragged her home. The bruises on Alina’s arm disappeared for a month. nine0003

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Lights are walking in the near edge, and in the distance everything is dead. Soon the same peace will come here.

The darkness beyond the horizon smiled with an instant flash of lightning. You can see this almost every night: an animal, or even a person, got lost in the night and, not understanding where it had drifted, touched the bedspread. I’ll shut it all the same when I’m swallowing oncoming people, it’s just that at night the blue flame is easy to see, and during the day, go, no one will distinguish it.

The second flash, brighter than the first, shot up from behind the window, and then it shone from everywhere, no longer blue, but a blinding white fire, which you cannot see even at the moment when the shutter envelops new lands. nine0003

A scream came from the village, the tocsin of a wooden beater. There, as if in a fire, half-dressed people jump out of their houses, grab anything from what was not taken away, run away, cursing themselves that they returned for a single night under the doomed roofs.

Alina sat motionless, staring blankly into the luminous distance. She did not immediately realize that something unprecedented was going on there: the riot of light beyond the horizon was not only intensifying, but approaching slowly and steadily, like a pedestrian who had nowhere to hurry, but also there was no reason to stop. And now, not lightning, but inverted lightning shot into the night skies. And immediately it shone where it had always been dark in Alina’s memory, because the western ridge had gone into seclusion more than a hundred years ago. But now the fiery knife, cutting the shutter into two unequal parts, has reached gentle peaks and slowly began to descend into the valley. The next bubble swirled greedily in a cascade of lightning, shone, and, being unable to devour the prey, burst, illuminating the world with a cold flame. nine0003

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Founder, publisher: Federal State Budgetary Institution of Science Institute of Oriental Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences (FGBUN IOS RAS).

Materials published in the journal are indexed in the RSCI.


SARABEV Alexey Viktorovich Ph.D. (Institute of Oriental Studies RAS, Moscow)


ALIKBEROV Alikber Kalabekovich, Doctor of History, Director of the Institute of Oriental Studies RAS (Moscow,) VOLODIN Andrey Gennadievich. Doctor of History, Professor (IMEMO RAS, Moscow)

GAVRILOV Sergey Anatolyevich, Chairman of the Committee for the Development of Civil Society, Issues of Public and Religious Associations of the State Duma of the Russian Federation PhD, Professor (Institute of Oriental Studies, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow)

KOBZEV Artem Igorevich Doctor of Philosophy. (Institute of Oriental Studies RAS, Moscow)

NAUMKIN Vitaly Vyacheslavovich Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Scientific Supervisor of the Institute of Oriental Studies RAS (Moscow),

ORLOV Vladimir Viktorovich, Doctor of History, Professor (Institute of Oriental Studies RAS M.

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