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Post a job to hire Pizza Makers in Vega Baja, Puerto Rico

Frequently Asked Questions about hiring in
Vega Baja

What is the best way to find and hire in Vega Baja near me?

Online job boards are the best place to find qualified Vega Baja applicants. Employers posting their Vega Baja jobs on Indeed get about 11 applications from that board on average.

Which job boards should I post on to find Vega Baja applicants?

You should post to multiple job boards at once. The most successful job postings for Vega Baja are on Indeed – but on average, employers post to 10 boards at the same time, using tools like Workstream. Publishing to multiple job boards at once helps you get your first applicant in 20 hours on average, which is shorter than the average for Vega Baja positions.

What’s the best way to communicate with applicants looking for a role in Vega Baja?

SMS has 93% open rates which is higher than phone call or Email. Text to hire today!

Is it OK to text Vega Baja job applicants?

Hourly paid workers are actually more engaged when texting about jobs. We have found that text messages are 190% better than email at getting an applicant’s response. Have a look at Workstream, which automates the process of texting and uses a phone number specifically assigned to your job post so you don’t have to use your personal phone.

Can I use a different phone number to engage Vega Baja applicants via text message?

Yes, tools such as Workstream provide custom phone numbers that allow employers to engage with applicants through their tool without having to use a personal or business cell phone.

Try out Workstream to hire in Vega Baja for

your business

A revolutionary hiring process for Hourly positions

A revolutionary hiring process for Hourly positions Hiring hourly staff in Vega Baja can be a tough job. Workstream can help accelerate the process by letting you post on job boards like Indeed within seconds.

1-Click Job Posting

No more tedious copy and pasting. We integrate with all the top job boards. All applicants funnel into one intuitive dashboard.

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We provide templates for everything from job postings to offer letters. Send links to docs and tax forms via text message so new hires sign digital copies.

0012 We are diligently working on updating the description of what your disturbance is. We ask again for the reason for the lack of hands.

Set in Vega Baja, 37 km from Museum of Art of Puerto Rico and 43 km from Fort San Felipe del Morro, Contryside Near Lagoon, river, beach 2BR 2BA SLEEP 14 offers accommodation with free WiFi, air conditioning, a garden and barbecue facilities. Boasing free private parking, the apartment is in an area where guests can engage in activities such as hiking, windsurfing and fishing.

The apartment has 1 bedroom, a flat-screen TV, an equipped kitchen, a washing machine and 2 bathrooms with a shower.

The apartment offers a terrace. A car rental service is available at Contryside Near Lagoon, river, beach 2BR 2BA SLEEP 14.

Tortuguero Lagoon Natural Reserve is 10 km from the accommodation, while Golf Range is 14 km from the property.

Contryside Near Lagoon, river, beach 2BR 2BA SLEEP 14 — accepts guests for 1 night 2021

Catering and accommodation

Check out the meals of other guests to learn more about the accommodation

  • Do you have anything available for a longterm rental(one year)?

    We do have a few Props that can do long term
    any budget in mind so We could give you the right department

    Date: 16 Aug 2021

  • esta disponible hasta el 22? se ha visto afectado por el apagón?

    we have available and e have power 9is this real ?

    yes our home is located in beautiful vega baja puerto rico

    if you are asking if this is real and visit the property, yes
    the price might be an error if its less than 200 a night

    Date: 22 Aug 2021

Nearby *


Free private car park located on the territory of the hotel (early reservation is not required).

  • Parking lot


Wireless access to the Internet is available throughout the hotel free of charge.

Wait if you get tempted

  • Cleaning Tools

  • Kitchen

  • Cleaning machine

Room bath

  • Toilet paper

  • Bath or shower

  • Vlasna bath room

  • Vlasna bath room

  • Toilet

  • Hair dryer

  • Shower


There is enough space for everyone

  • Sofa

  • Vitalnya/m’yaki kutok

  • Working style

Media and technologies

Rozvagi for skin care in one go

  • Flat screen TV

Clarity in the room

Additional comfort

  • Sofa-lizhko

  • Plitkov/marmur pіdloga

  • Okremy entry

  • Fan

  • Praska


Pets can be accommodated with prior request. You can apply for an additional fee.

Open air

Make yourself comfortable and enjoy the idyllic

  • Picnic bowl

  • Garden furniture

  • Barbecue

  • Terrace

  • Garden

Sport and rehabilitation

  • Verkhova ezda
    Position of the territory of the disturbance

  • Diving
    Position of the territory of the disturbance

  • Pishi walks
    Position of the territory of the disturbance

  • Windsurfing
    Position of the territory of the disturbance

  • Fishing
    Position of the territory of the disturbance


  • Car rental

Registration desk

  • Individual check-in / check-out

  • Express check-in/check-in

  • Air conditioner

  • Smoke-free throughout the hotel and in the rooms

  • Searing

  • Family numbers

  • Numbers for non-smokers


  • Fire extinguishers

  • Video alert for calls

  • Dimu sensors

  • Burglar alarm

  • Tsіlodobova protection

Mova splkuvannya

  • English

  • Spanish

Return respect

Contryside Near Lagoon, river, beach 2BR 2BA SLEEP 14 Special thanks! Give them to the stepping kroc.


16:00 — 23:30

Registration online

00:00 — 11:00

Skasuvannya /

The rules for prepayment and cancellation of reservations can be changed depending on the type of apartment.
Be kind, enter the date of your call and learn about the rules for booking the number you need.

Insurance outpost, what is turning

Before the hour of arrival, it is necessary to pay an insurance outpost in the amount of USD 200. The price is close to 192.19EUR. Payment is due via PayPal. You will deduct the deposited amount within 7 days. After the re-verification, I will prevent you from turning the outpost in full obyazі bank order.

Children are the same

Rules for the accommodation of children

Allowed accommodation for children of any age.

Whose mad children at the age of 18 are respected as grown-ups.

To ask for exact prices and information about the availability of the city, for hours, please indicate the number of children in your group and current age.

Regulations on supplementary lying and child lying

A child is lying (on demand)

US$35 per child per night

Dodatkove lіzhko (on request)

US$35 per person per night

Supplemental services are not automatically included in the total cost of living and are due to be paid in the local area.

1 child bed and 3 additional beds available on request.

All the children of the lizhechka and the dodatkovі lizhka hope for the presence.

Without vіkovy obmezheniya

Not a lot of space for check-in

The scammers accept the latest credit cards

Contryside Near Lagoon, river, beach 2BR 2BA SLEEP 14 accepts assigned credit cards and reserves the right to redeem the cost on your card prior to your arrival.


Kuriti fenced.

What is the Academy of Gastronomy of the Autonomy of Valencia?

It is made up of a group of people who are passionate about gastronomy, especially the cuisine of the regions of Valencia, Alicante and Castellón. We operate on a non-profit basis and pursue 4 goals:

  1. To explore, develop and enjoy the cuisine, products and gastronomic initiatives of the Autonomy of Valencia,
  2. To care for the preservation of traditions and promote them, ensuring sustainable development and modernization,
  3. To popularize and disseminate culinary techniques and innovations, as well as the work of professionals and institutions related to gastronomy,
  4. To make known in the Autonomy of Valencia, Spain and abroad the most significant characteristics and aspects of local gastronomy.

How many people are included in the Academy, and what requirements do you need to meet to become a member?

At present we are 40 people, including founders and participants who joined the Academy with a mandatory guarantee of 3 people. A group of 15 people make up the current Board of Directors, in which I, as president, are supported by two regional vice presidents, a secretary, treasurer, culinary director, oenologist, as well as other members of the Academy working for the result of a common cause.

It is not necessary to have an education in gastronomy or oenology to become a member. A lot of experience is required as not a specialist, but a consumer of the sector. In addition, a love for gastronomy and a strong interest in its promotion is a prerequisite.

Being a connoisseur of local gastronomy means being knowledgeable gourmet and visiting a lot of local restaurants?

That’s a good question. The inhabitants of Alicante, like the inhabitants of Valencia or Castellón, enjoy the local gastronomy not only in restaurants, but also at home, and this is the advantage of the gastronomy of these regions. Rice dishes, paellas, stews and soups, sausages, salt-cured delicacies, meats, seafood and mountains — in the Autonomy of Valencia there is such a variety of products that one can only envy.

The Mediterranean diet is considered one of the best in the world, if not the best!

What do you think are the main components of gastronomy?

According to Iranian chef Samina Nosrat, there are four of them: salt, fat, acid and heat, which combine to create the perfect dish.

I like to add generosity and love to them. Generosity is manifested when choosing a product, and love is a feeling with which a dish should be prepared and thanks to which a miracle is performed in front of the guest. These are peculiar musical notes with the right chords, balance and harmony in their splendor. This is how the perfect dish is achieved. We also shouldn’t forget about the actor presenting the dish and telling its story, and about the dining room of the restaurant. It may be the best food in the world, but if it or the guest is mistreated, the magic ends before the tasting even begins. Finally, a good meal should always be paired with a good wine, in which the role of a sommelier is extremely important.

Do you think that local restaurants primarily offer wine from the Autonomy of Valencia or, as a rule, red wine from the terroirs of Rioja, Ribera and white from Rueda?

The priority of local wines is still on the agenda. Every day more and more wines from our region appear in restaurants, but there are still many establishments where they are not represented. Just one of our goals is that all restaurants have a selection of wines from local terroirs: Utiel Requena, Alicante and Valencia. The progress that local wineries have made over the past 20 years is undoubtedly the reason for their presence on all wine lists. But by no means do we want to say that by doing so we want to exclude the well-known wines of such wine regions as Rioja, Ribera del Duero or any other Spanish terroirs.

Are we local food experts?

I think so, and as time goes on we discover more and more, developing the Mediterranean diet in parallel. Our seafood is extraordinary, as are our vegetables and fruits, and we should not forget about the gifts of the mountains. We produce rice, we have excellent almonds, we are world famous for our turrone, cured delicacies, mohama and caviar… Red shrimp from Dénia are generally the stars of this list of natural gifts. Don’t forget about the artichokes produced by Benicarlo and Vega-Baja, earthen almonds (chuf), horchata and eel.

The more sugar, the sweeter: the more restaurants you visit, the more dishes you try and the more you learn, the richer your consumer experience.

What are the specialties of the Autonomy of Valencia?

Without a doubt, paella and rice dishes take first place. Paella is the most international Spanish dish, which even has its own WhatsApp icon and, along with pizza and sushi, is one of the three most famous dishes in the world.

However, our gastronomy is much more than paella and rice dishes. Here the Academy has where to make efforts and what to say. In our region, there is also a huge variety of soup and stews under the common name «olleta».

Other dishes not so well known outside of Spain, but no less traditional and of high quality: pericana, borreta, titaina, esgarraet, mini pizzas, figatels, tombet… , farton, arnandi, sweet potato and anise pies, panquemao, etc.

What has changed in the restaurant business and our habits in the post-COVID era?

We are all used to the menu that can be read on a smartphone by pointing the camera at a QR code. In general, technological progress makes it possible to give dynamics to the composition of dishes that are offered every day. Now that we have begun to follow this path, we should not abandon it, since its possibilities are almost limitless: updating ingredients, photographs, nutritional compositions, dish variations, possible side dishes and other information that will gradually appear as a result of the discoveries and innovations of restaurateurs .

On the other hand, the problem of too close tables has disappeared. Restaurant terraces have become more popular and used more efficiently. All this despite the fact that this sector has been hit hard.

How can the Academy of Gastronomy of the Autonomy of Valencia help young chefs?

Our task is to discover the talent of those who are just starting their journey, visit their establishment, try their dishes, support and criticize constructively. In short, we must promote them and help them succeed.

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