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  • By Chelsea P

    We stayed at the Camelia y Magnolia condos right on this beach for one week. There are swimming zones in the water that are roped off which is nice. Most of the areas of the beach are zoned off for… 

    We stayed at the Camelia y Magnolia condos right on this beach for one week. There are swimming zones in the water that are roped off which is nice. Most of the areas of the beach are zoned off for… 
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  • By ROOT-66-2-L-A

    I like this area of the Bay because there are plenty of water sport activities available in this area! The water is not as deep and the kids are always in the water also the sand is nicier to walk on. 
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  • By dana s

    we stayed at the copacabana so it was right behind our hotel
    it was nice in the morning for a quick swim it crowds up by late morning
    and the vendors were pests
    learn to say quithathe aqui ie (beat….. 
    more»>we stayed at the copacabana so it was right behind our hotel
    it was nice in the morning for a quick swim it crowds up by late morning
    and the vendors were pests
    learn to say quithathe aqui ie (beat….. 
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  • By Bernhard Wentzek

    Nice beach, calm ocean, nice swimming. Umbrellas and chairs available for a price or as perk if you order food and drink…. depending on the location. Beautiful views of Acapulco. Some of the vendors walking around were a bit aggressive, but didn’t diminish our wonderful experience.


  • By Sruthy Alukkal

    Very clean and nice beach for swimming and water sports. Different kinds of water sports are available like Banana ride, jet ski, scuba diving. The waves are little strong. so needs to be careful always, if you’re not a good swimmer.


  • By S S

    Had a great time. Beach was busy with plenty people. Had fun


  • By Raul Arce

    Beautiful and clean beach. Peaceful.


  • By Rajib Chy

    wonderful beach


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Capilla de la Paz (Chapel of Peace)


Duration: 1h 30 min


Specialty Museum

Fuerte De San Diego


Duration: 2 hours


Geologic Formation

La Quebrada


Duration: 1h 30 min

Art Gallery

Galeria Las Brisas


Duration: 2h 30 min

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Playa de Barra Vieja

4. 3

Duration: 6 hours



Playa Pie de la Cuesta


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Playa Condesa


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Barra de Coyuca


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Playas Caleta y Caletilla


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Playa Hornos

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Old Acapulco


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Parque Papagayo


Duration: 4 hours


Religious Site

Catedral Nuestra Senora de la Soledad


Duration: 2h 30 min


Art Gallery

House of Culture


Duration: 2h 30 min

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Water Body

Laguna de Coyuca

Pie de la Cuesta


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Zona Arqueologica de Tehuacalco

Tierra Colorada

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Gift & Specialty Shop

Los Castillo



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Zoologico Zoochilpan

Chilpancingo de los Bravo


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Tour by Van


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Punta Diamante


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Scenic Drive

Avenida Costera Miguel Aleman


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Boat Rental

Acapulco Scuba Center


Duration: 4 hours

Playa Icacos / Puerto Rico / USA // World Beach Guide

Puerto Rico

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Beaches nearby

  • Playa Canalejo (1. 8 mi)
  • Palomino (3 mi)
  • Balneario Seven Seas (3.2 mi)
  • Playa Colorá (3.4 mi)
  • Playa Escondida (3.6 mi)
  • Playa el Convento (4.3 mi)
  • La Pared Beach (8.2 mi)
  • Playa Azul (8.4 mi)
  • Los Machos Beach (8.5 mi)
  • Medio Mundo Beach (8.9 mi)


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Playa Icacos Weather Info

Current weather (Fri Jan 13th 21:00)

26°C / 79°F

Sea temperature


Wind ESE
19 mph / 30 km/h
Rain 0.0mm
Sunrise 11:59
Sunset 23:02
Current Playa Icacos weather

Hourly forecast


Clear sky

26°C / 79°F

19 mph
30 km/h


Clear sky

26°C / 79°F

19 mph
30 km/h


Clear sky

26°C / 79°F

18 mph
29 km/h



26°C / 79°F

16 mph
26 km/h

Week weather forecast

Fri 13th

26°C / 79°F

18 mph
29 km/h

Sat 14th

27°C / 81°F

12 mph
19 km/h

Sun 15th

23°C / 73°F

11 mph
17 km/h

Weather forecast from Yr, delivered by the Norwegian Meteorological Institute and NRK

5 Day Playa Icacos UV Index

A UV Index reading of 3 or more means some precautions should be taken. For more information visit our guide to the UV Index.

Temperature Averages

Average Water Temp

  • Fri 13/01 »

    Surf report for Fri 13/01
      Swell Period Swell direction Wind direction Wind speed
      Swell Wind
    8:00 3ft 9s 16mph
    11:00 3ft 8s 18mph
    14:00 4ft 6s 19mph
    17:00 4ft 6s 17mph
    20:00 4ft 6s 17mph
    Tide times
    High 1:50am (0. 95m)
    Low 7:42am (0.39m)
    High 1:28pm (1.06m)
    Low 8:10pm (0.04m)
    First light 06:33
    Sunrise 06:57
    Sunset 18:04
    Dark 18:28
  • Sat 14/01 »

    Surf report for Sat 14/01
      Swell Period Swell direction Wind direction Wind speed
      Swell Wind
    5:00 4ft 6s 15mph
    8:00 3ft 6s 13mph
    11:00 3ft 6s 13mph
    14:00 3ft 7s 13mph
    17:00 3ft 7s 11mph
    20:00 3ft 7s 9mph
    Tide times
    High 2:55am (1. 09m)
    Low 8:59am (0.48m)
    High 2:05pm (0.96m)
    Low 8:47pm (-0.07m)
    First light 06:33
    Sunrise 06:57
    Sunset 18:05
    Dark 18:28
  • Sun 15/01 »

    Surf report for Sun 15/01
      Swell Period Swell direction Wind direction Wind speed
      Swell Wind
    5:00 2ft 8s 6mph
    8:00 2ft 8s 5mph
    11:00 2ft 10s 5mph
    14:00 2ft 9s 10mph
    17:00 3ft 9s 14mph
    20:00 3ft 8s 17mph
    Tide times
    High 4:00am (1. 25m)
    Low 10:22am (0.53m)
    High 2:50pm (0.87m)
    Low 9:30pm (-0.19m)
    First light 06:34
    Sunrise 06:57
    Sunset 18:06
    Dark 18:29
  • Mon 16/01 »

    Surf report for Mon 16/01
      Swell Period Swell direction Wind direction Wind speed
      Swell Wind
    5:00 6ft 9s 20mph
    8:00 6ft 9s 20mph
    11:00 6ft 9s 19mph
    14:00 6ft 9s 17mph
    17:00 6ft 9s 17mph
    20:00 5ft 9s 18mph
    Tide times
    High 5:04am (1. 42m)
    Low 11:41am (0.52m)
    High 3:42pm (0.79m)
    Low 10:21pm (-0.31m)
    First light 06:34
    Sunrise 06:57
    Sunset 18:06
    Dark 18:30
  • Tue 17/01 »

    Surf report for Tue 17/01
      Swell Period Swell direction Wind direction Wind speed
      Swell Wind
    5:00 5ft 9s 18mph
    8:00 5ft 8s 17mph
    11:00 5ft 8s 18mph
    14:00 5ft 8s 17mph
    17:00 5ft 9s 18mph
    20:00 5ft 10s 20mph
    Tide times
    High 6:05am (1. 59m)
    Low 12:50pm (0.49m)
    High 4:42pm (0.76m)
    Low 11:16pm (-0.42m)
    First light 06:34
    Sunrise 06:57
    Sunset 18:07
    Dark 18:30
  • Wed 18/01 »

    Surf report for Wed 18/01
      Swell Period Swell direction Wind direction Wind speed
      Swell Wind
    5:00 5ft 10s 17mph
    8:00 5ft 10s 17mph
    11:00 5ft 10s 16mph
    14:00 5ft 10s 15mph
    17:00 5ft 10s 16mph
    20:00 5ft 10s 17mph
    Tide times
    High 7:03am (1. 73m)
    Low 1:48pm (0.45m)
    High 5:44pm (0.76m)
    First light 06:34
    Sunrise 06:57
    Sunset 18:08
    Dark 18:31
  • Thu 19/01 »

    Surf report for Thu 19/01
      Swell Period Swell direction Wind direction Wind speed
      Swell Wind
    5:00 5ft 9s 18mph
    8:00 5ft 9s 19mph
    11:00 5ft 9s 19mph
    14:00 5ft 9s 17mph
    17:00 4ft 9s 17mph
    20:00 4ft 9s 18mph
    Tide times
    Low 12:14am (-0. 51m)
    High 7:58am (1.82m)
    Low 2:39pm (0.40m)
    High 6:47pm (0.80m)
    First light 06:34
    Sunrise 06:57
    Sunset 18:08
    Dark 18:31

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Varadero beaches in Cuba — guide with photos

The magical combination of fine and powdery sand with soft blue warm waters has earned Varadero the title of Cuba’s second top tourist destination after Havana.

Varadero is known as a tourist resort town with over twenty kilometers of white sandy beaches. Located in the province of Matanzas, 134 km. from Havana, on the Atlantic coast.

The first tourists visited Varadero in the 1870s. The official founding date of Varadero is December 15, 1887. nine0007

In the late 1920s, despite clear signs of economic collapse, Americans began to actively develop the territory of this famous resort. In 1926, the manufacturer Irenee Dupont de Nemur founded the Peña de Hicacos SA company, which bought out almost the entire Hicacos peninsula at 4 centavos per square meter, and was later responsible for selling land for family residences on the Hicacos peninsula. After the infrastructure was created in this territory, the price of land increased several times. Dupont divided the territory into separate plots and began to sell it to American industrialists and politicians for 120 pesos per meter. It seems that it was Dupont who gave the «start» in the race to settle Varadero. For many years it was considered an exclusively elite resort. Dupont also invested a lot of money in the construction of the Villa Xanada / Villa Dupont, which today is considered one of the most visited objects in Varadero. nine0007

The first hotel named «Varadero» was built in 1915, later it was renamed the Nautico Club.

In 1931, the Kawama Hotel was built, followed by many others.

Varadero today has several Cuban and foreign hotel chains, such as Gran Caribe, Gaviota, Cubanacán SA, Barceló, Blue Diamond, Roc, Iberostar, Be Live, Meliá… You can choose any accommodation option to suit your taste and budget, from five-star hotels working on an all-inclusive basis, to rooms in apart-hotels at very modest prices. nine0007

The resort is famous for its restaurants specializing in Creole and international cuisine, its many shops, bars and eateries, as well as its dive centers with branches in hotels. And, of course, the beaches! With its wonderful white beaches!

Varadero Beach is one of the most beautiful in the world, with stunning white sand and crystal clear coastal waters. It is recognized by UNESCO as one of the cleanest beaches in the world. The beaches are protected from the elements by the largest coral reef in the Caribbean. The second name of Varadero is Playa Azul — the azure beach. nine0007

Tourists should take into account that there is a very calm sea with a gentle bottom near the coast, which is very important when choosing a place for families with children. The absence of strong currents and the exceptional clarity of the water are attractive for those who like to go scuba diving or snorkelling.

Intoxicating seascapes filled with beautiful coral formations and home to many exotic fish attract diving enthusiasts. There are more than 20 diving centers in Varadero. nine0003

The absence of strong currents and the exceptional clarity of the water are attractive for those who like to go scuba diving or snorkelling. The resort is one of the best places in Cuba for scuba diving, with many islands of coral located on a gently descending platform of the shelf. The cave «Ojo del Megano» / Ojo del Megano deserved special popularity, from Spanish. «Eye of Megano» /, whose diameter is 70 meters, as well as the marine park «Cayo Pedra del Norte» / Cayo Pedra del Norte /, at the bottom of which lie a missile boat, a transport aircraft and a frigate with deck guns. Moreover, all this wealth was flooded on purpose. nine0007

It is in Varadero that the largest hotel infrastructure in the country is concentrated.

Now there are more than 60 hotels of various levels of comfort in Varadero. Almost all of them have their own access to the beach. There are many types of water sports to choose from.

But in addition to the extraordinary beaches, which have all the conditions for practicing sea sports, they are universally recognized convenient places for playing golf, parachuting and other sports. nine0003


Pictograms have been discovered in the caves of Cueva de Ambrosio and Cueva de los Musulmanes, which prove that the area was inhabited by aborigines in pre-Columbian times. The Varadero Museum presents the skeleton of one of the natives, the burial of which is dated 500 years BC in the territory of the “Muslim Cave”. Studies have shown that the remains belong to a man between the ages of 25 and 35, who died from diseases brought to the area by the conquerors of the island. Also here were found the remains of the prehistoric animal Mealunus-rodes, which is considered the ancestor of the Hutia and previously served as food for the natives. nine0003

Villa Xanadu / La Mansíon Xanadu

Villa Xanadu / Mansíon Xanadu/ or Villa
du Pont, and now the clubhouse of the Varadero Golf Club, was
built 8.5 km from Varadero on the Hicacos Peninsula.

In 1926
manufacturer Irenee Dupont de Nemours / Irenee Dupont de Nemur / bought
almost the entire Hicacos peninsula north of Varadero, paying 4
centavos per square meter. During the First World War DuPont
made his fortune trading dynamite and then trading
lighters, fountain pens and nylon stockings. nine0003

After the
the territory bought by the American multimillionaire was created
infrastructure, the price of land has increased several times. dupont divided the land
on separate plots and began to sell it to American industrialists and
politicians are already 120 pesos per meter.

In 1929, the magnate began
construction of his villa and invested a total of 1.3 million dollars.
The furniture alone cost him more than $200,000.
The precious woods used in the construction were
imported from Santiago de Cuba. Italian masons invited
Dupont, they mixed goat’s milk into the cement in order to give it
special soft sheen. The four-story building of the villa even had an elevator. nine0007

the lower floor housed a large dining room, several living rooms, a tea room
room, office and library. The bathrooms had comfortable armchairs.
allowing his daughters to perform cosmetic procedures with maximum
comfort. One of the daughters of the magnate played the organ, and the loving father did not
regretted 110 thousand dollars for the purchase of an instrument — the largest
organ throughout South America. On the second floor of the villa was the bedroom of Mr.
DuPont. Looking out the window, and without getting out of bed, an American
the oligarch could enjoy the magnificent seascape. In the car park
DuPont had seven cars. Yes, Irene Dupont knew how to live beautifully! Life
a rich American was provided by 76 people: servants, gardeners, cooks,
cattleman and guards. Personal protection was entrusted to a whole detachment
private police. nine0003

In September 1933 Irene Dupont de Nemours donated
40 thousand pesos to those affected by the terrible cyclone. Thanks to this
donation, the millionaire earned a reputation as an altruist, and in 1935
American was awarded the national order «Orden Carlos Manuel de
Cespedes». In wealth and health, Mr. DuPont lived in the tropics until 1957.
year, but in the summer of 1957, the magnate slipped on the stairs in his villa and
broke a leg. He was transported to the United States of America and is more
never returned to Varadero. And at 1959th «Barbudos» led by
Fidel Castro simply nationalized the estate, deciding to give everything
former palaces of the rich to children. And in the royal mansions of Dupont was opened
the most common school. True, over time it was redesigned under
restaurant. December 12, 1963 the new «people’s» restaurant «Las Americas»
was inaugurated. The ceremony was attended by
visit to Varadero, Valentina Tereshkova. According to the mystic
circumstances on the same day, December 12, 1963, the former owner
Villa Irene Dupont de Nemours died in the USA at the age of 85. nine0003 Opened in 1963, the restaurant is open to this day, from 10.00 to 23.00.

Dupont’s former estate is referred to as «Xanadu Mansion» Golf Course Club
house. The project of the playing field (3.5 km strip) was developed
architect Le Furbeom, president of the Canadian company Golf Design
Services LTD (GDS). Che Guevara once played on this field (photo
the legendary revolutionary with a hockey stick adorns one of the halls
golf club).

Varadero also has an International Parachute Center and Golf Club
Varadero is the first club in Cuba to have a professional pitch for 18
holes that offer 72 strokes. nine0007

El Parque Josone

Josone Park is located in the heart of Varadero and occupies about 9 hectares of land. It is full of colorful 1940 gardens, and a stately neoclassical mansion occupies a special place. By visiting the mansion, you have a very good chance of becoming a witness of the holiday — the locals love to celebrate the 15th anniversary of their daughters here.

In the 1930s, the head of the Arechavala de Cárdenas company /producer of Arechevala rum/ Jose Fermin Iturrios Michelena and his wife Onelia Mendez purchased a plot around the local lagoon for the anniversary of their silver wedding. They named the family home by combining the first three letters of their names Jos é and One lia. As a result, the name Josone was born. nine0007

Josone was supposed to become a symbol of eternal love and loyalty to José and Onelia!

Construction on the territory lasted for three years. First of all, a house was built, which now houses the Dante restaurant. The neoclassical mansion was built later. It now houses the Retiro Josone restaurant. By visiting the mansion, you have a very good chance of becoming a witness of the holiday — the locals love to celebrate the 15th anniversary of their daughters here.

Until 1963, the residence was privately owned and entirely owned by the José Fermin family, and in 19In 64, the park was handed over to the revolutionary government. Heads of many states walked in the shade of its trees! Josone Park also remembers the meeting of the new government of Cuba with the world’s first cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin.

In 1989 the park ceased to be a closed space and since then not only tourists but also locals like to visit it.

You can walk, ride a bike or ride horses in the park, as well as rent a boat and swim on the lake. nine0003

Address: Avenida 4ta, Varadero

Ambrosio Cave / La Cueva de Ambrosio

Of great interest is the karst cave of Ambrosio /Cuahueva de Ambrosio/, located in the National Park Reserva Ecoserva. Many pre-Columbian drawings were discovered there in 1961. The cave extends over 300 meters with 5 interconnected galleries and contains a total of 72 aboriginal rock paintings representing the Taino culture. nine0007

Believed to be over 2000 years old, this is one of the largest collections of Indian pictograms in the Caribbean. It is believed that in ancient times the cave served as a dwelling for the Indians, and later as a refuge for runaway slaves from the plantations during the colonial period.

Today the cave is home to hundreds of small fruit bats. These harmless and gentle creatures fly all over the cave and hang from the ceiling.

Address: Autopista Sur, Varadero

Church of Saint Elvira / Iglesia Santa Elvira

Saint Elvira / Iglesia Santa Elvira / was built in Varadero in 1938
year. Above the pulpit there is an inscription in three languages, which
says: «We believe in love.» If you want to get into the service, know
that the Church of Iglesia de Santa Elvira is open on Sundays from 10.30
morning. The service is in Spanish. The church is located near
from the Central Park of Varadero. nine0007

Address: Avenida 1ra, Varadero, Cuba

Barracuda Diving Center / El Centro de Buceo Barracuda

Four excellent diving centers offer diving enthusiasts a unique opportunity to enjoy magnificent sea views. Among others, El Centro de Buceo Barracuda stands out, which specializes not only in diving /by the way, there are also courses for beginners/, but also with pleasure will delight you with grilled seafood dishes. El Centro de Buceo Barracuda is one of the most popular restaurants in Varadero. nine0007

Address: Avenida Las Americas, Varadero

Varahicacos Ecological Reserve / Reserva Ecológica Varahicacos

Varahicacos Ecological Reserve is located near Ambrosio Cave, at the end of the Hicacos Peninsula. A visit to the reserve will not leave indifferent lovers of ornithology, because 62 species of birds have been identified on its territory, including the American oystercatcher (Oystercatcher Haematopus palliatus) and the plover (Charadrius alexandrius — the species is endangered in the United States and Canada). nine0007

You will also be able to see different types of reptiles, which are mostly indigenous to the peninsula.

All kinds of colorful fish, bivalve mollusks, crustaceans, turtles and marine mammals live in the clear water of the protected area.

El Patriarca Cactus

The Patriarch Cactus is a giant tree cactus /over 20 pounds tall/. It is believed to be over 500 years old and considered the oldest in Cuba and the only living witness to the arrival of Christopher Columbus. The cactus grows in the Varaiikos Ecological Reserve, near the Ocean Varadero El Patriarca. nine0003
Hours: 9:00 am to 9:00 pm, daily

Address: Punta Hicacos, Varadero

Dolphinarium / Delfinario

Visit the Dolphinarium located in the Punta Hicacos Natural Park /Parque Natural/Punta Hicacos. The show runs four times a day. For photo and video filming, a separate fee is taken

Address: Laguna los Tainos, Carretera Las Morlas Km 12½

Amphitheater / Anfiteatro

In the amphitheater, located at the entrance to the city of Varadero, various events are already taking place today much less often. Although at 19In the 70s-1980s, it was here that the «International Festival of Varadero» was held. Schedule of concerts and exhibitions you can find on the spot.

Address: Vía Blanca y Carretera de Cárdenas, Varadero.

Al Capone’s House / La Casa de Al

This beautiful 1920 mansion now houses a restaurant considered one of the best restaurants in Varadero. Getting to it is easy, because a double-decker tourist bus plying around Varadero stops next to the restaurant. nine0007

According to legend, the gangster Al Capone was the owner of this beach house in the late 20s of the last century, although the sign installed at the entrance to the restaurant serves as a refutation. The only thing that can be stated with certainty is that Al Capone did visit the Island more than once. The restaurant offers a variety of paella options and seafood dishes.

Address: Avenida Kawama, Varadero

Amusement Park «Centro Todo En Uno»

«Centro Todo En Uno» — an amusement park with a small shopping center. The park has a restaurant La Carretera, a pizzeria, a bowling alley, several eateries, a children’s playground, pool tables and several attractions.

This popular recreational complex of Varadero is mostly visited by Cubans.

Address: Autopista Sur esquina de Calle 54, Varadero

Central Park / Parque Central

Central Park is a small urban park next to a large open-air craft market, visiting which you can buy souvenirs and handicrafts. nine0007

The park has a sculpture in honor of the national hero José Martí and the «Monument to the Martyrs»

Opening hours: from 10. 00 to 22.00
Address: Avenida 1 entre Calles 44 y 46


Hicacos Commercial Center

Commercial Center Hicacos

In the Hicacos Shopping Center you can find many shops and boutiques, as well as the very popular ice cream parlor «Coppellia» /on the second floor/

Previously, the so-called «Park of 8000 lockers» /Parque de las 8000 Taquillas/ was located in this area, which was built in 1960 year. Such an unusual name was given to it by the locals and it was due to the fact that visitors could leave their belongings on the lower level, as well as rent bathing accessories.

Avenida 1ra, Varadero

Plaza América / Centro de Convenciones y Centro Comercial Plaza América

Plaza America combines a large shopping center (lower floor) and a convention center (upper floor). The modern shopping center with an area of ​​2500 square meters has several boutiques, music and book stores, a cigar salon, several restaurants and bars, a supermarket, a pharmacy, an optics store, medical services, car rentals, a bank, a post office. The conference center has several halls for national and international congresses. nine0007

Opening hours: from 10:00 to 20:30, daily
Address: Autopista Sur, Km 11, Varadero

La Comparsita

The difference between La Comparsita and other nightclubs in Varadero is that
the fact that the dance floor is located in the open air and dance here
not only tourists come, but also locals. Open bar included
entry cost.

Light snacks, a variety of concerts and shows, and Cuban nights are available. nine0007

La Comparsita is located in close proximity to cultural and tourist attractions.

Opening hours: Tuesday to Saturday from 10:30 pm to 3:00 am

Address: Calle 60 y Calle 3, Varadero, Matanzas

Roma House / Casa del Ron

House in Roma

Varadero was opened on December 22, 2001. During the visit, you can not only get acquainted with the history and learn the secrets of making the famous Cuban drink, but also see a model of a rum factory from the early 20th century. nine0007

At Casa del Ron you can buy any kind of rum you like.

Address: Avenida 1 esquina de Calle 63, Varadero

House of Cigars / Casa del Habano

Acclaimed as one of the best tobacco shops, this tobacco shop offers a wide range of handmade tobacco products and cigars at a very reasonable price. You can also watch how cigars are made.

Casa del Habano has a smoking lounge and bar upstairs.

Address: Avenida 1 esquina de Calle 63, Varadero

House of Tobacco and Coffee / Casa del Tabaco y del Café

Casa del Tabaco y del Café is a large shop where you can buy coffee, cigars, rum and some groceries. It has a coffee and cigar tasting room and a terrace overlooking the ocean.

Address: Avenida Playa esquina de Calle 31

Varadero Art Gallery / Galeria de Arte Varadero

In this gallery you can find real treasures! It sells jewelry, paintings and other relics. Each item has an export permit. nine0007

Opening hours: 09.00 — 19.00
Address: Avenida 1 entre Calles 59 y 60, Varadero

Workshop and shop Taller y Tienda de Ceramica Artistica / Taller y Tienda de Ceramica Artistica

9000 next door , this shop showcases and sells fine art ceramics and works by local artists. You can not only buy original works, but also watch the potters at work. nine0007

Opening hours: from 09.00 to 19.00
Address: Avenida 1 entre Calles 59 y 60, Varadero

La Casa

This place is a branch of a famous shop in Havana where you can buy books and CDs Arts

Address: Avenida 1 esquina de Calle 59, Varadero

Crafts Fair Epoch / Feria Artesanal La Epoca

A very large open-air market with many stalls, located near the central park. You can buy sculptures, paintings, masks, clothes, jewelry, ceramics, postcards, books, leather goods here at a very reasonable price. nine0007

Avenida 1 esquina de Calle 47, Varadero

ARTex / Tienda de artesanía y música ARTex

The shop is located in the center of Varadero opposite the Acuazul Hotel. ARTex offers an excellent selection of CDs and cassettes. Here you can find both recordings of old Cuban musicians and the hottest new ones. The store also sells T-shirts, books, musical instruments.
Opening hours: from 09.00 to 21.00

Address: Avenida 1 esquina de Calle 12, Varadero

Centro Comercial Caiman

In this store you can buy almost everything, including various Cuban handicrafts.
Opening hours: from 09.00 to 20.00

Address: Avenida 1 esquina de Calle 62, Varadero

Kawama Sport shop

This shop sells sneakers, diving equipment and beachwear. nine0007

Opening hours: from 09.00 to 20.00
Address: Calle 63 entre Avenidas 1 y 2, Varadero

Supermarket El Encanto / El Encanto supermercado

appliances, electronics, liquor.

Address: Avenida 1 esquina de Calle 36, Varadero

Los Corales Market / Bazar Los Corales

In this small market in the center of Varadero you can buy books, clothes, souvenirs…

Address: Avenida 1 esquina de Calle 35, Varadero

Bazar Cuba

Here you can buy clothes, jewelry, crafts, books and souvenirs.

Address: Avenida 1 esquina de Calle 60, Varadero

Hanoi Library / Libreria Hanoi

This bookstore offers a large selection of novels and children’s books in Spanish. There is also literature in English and, on a rare occasion, in some other languages ​​

Opening hours: 09. 00 to 21.00
Avenida 1 esquina de Calle 44, Varadero

El Patio del Artesano Craft Market

Large open-air arts and crafts market.

Address: Calle 63 entre Avenidas 1 y 2

Flower shop / Floristeria Ave del Paraiso

In this shop you can buy fresh flowers and arrangements for any occasion

Address: Avenida 1 esquina, Calle esquina Varadero

Tobacco House of the Caribbean / Casa Del Tabaco Caribe

Small tobacco shop offers handmade cigars and other tobacco products

: Avenida 1 Esquina 1 Esquina 27, Varadero


0 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000

One price shop

Address: Avenida 1 esquina de Calle 28, Varadero

What else to see in Varadero

The Varadero Museum is housed in a beach house built in the 1920s
designed by Leopold Arbroy. Design with circular balconies and wooden
verandas. The museum has a lot of interesting exhibitions.
The museum is located next to Josone Park, in the center of Varadero, opposite the Mercure Cuatro Palmas.

Opening hours: Tuesday-Saturday from 10.00 to 17.00

Address: Calle 57 y Playa, Varadero

Varadero Sugar Factory . Visitors come here on a real
locomotive. Cane plantations located at the entrance are also
part of the exposition. At the end of the tour — guarapo tasting,
made right there on the basis of sugar cane with the addition

The town of Cardenas, where the steam locomotives leave, is less than 20 kilometers from Varadero.

Address: José Smith Comas, Provincia de Matanzas

Cayo Piedras del Norte Marine Park is the only park of its kind in Cuba, suitable for both snorkeling and diving, which is located approximately 8 nautical miles northeast of Varadero and extends over an area of ​​2 square nautical miles, has a depth of 15 to 30 meters. Cayo Piedras del Norte was artificially created in the 1990s. Among its attractions are a rocket launcher, a 102-meter frigate, an An-24 passenger plane and a sunken tugboat

Address: Faro Cayo Piedra del Norte

Varadero Golf Club is an 18-hole golf course of the highest international standards.

Address: Xanadu Mansion, Dupont de Nemurs, Carretera Las Americas KM 8 ½, Autopista Sur, Varadero, Matanzas

where it is tasty to eat in the varadero:

9000 9000 9000 9000
Restaurant La Casa de Al occupies a mansion that he liked to visit
Chicago mobster Al Capone. The main dish is paella. Also enjoy
popular meat and seafood dishes. nine0007

• Waco`s Club — one
of the best restaurants in Varadero. Excellent menu and excellent service.
Specialization — seafood and Mediterranean cuisine.

Varadero 60 is a popular restaurant with tourists. Specializes in Caribbean cuisine. Large portions.

• La Casa Del Chef is a family home restaurant with soulful cuisine and excellent service.

• Paladar Nonna Tina — Italian pizza and pasta restaurant. Greater choice, there are unusual pizza options. nine0007

Barracuda is a popular restaurant in Varadero. Located on the coast
ocean, and from the veranda offers a magnificent view of the ocean. Some
tables are placed under palm trees, right on the sand, so if you wish
you can even go down to the water.

Varadero, Cuba — holidays, beaches, hotels, photos, videos

Video: Varadero


  • Highlights
  • History of Varadero 905 80170007

    Varadero has a rich leisure program — from here you can go on excursions to Havana and other cities of Cuba, catamaran trips to the shores of nearby Caribbean islands, diving, horseback riding, rafting, jeep safari are popular. Tourists are not left indifferent to exotic dishes of tropical cuisine, strong flavored Cuban coffee, unusual sweets and juicy fruits that they may have never tried before, and, of course, tasting the famous Cuban rum. nine0007

    Today, investors are investing hundreds of millions of dollars in a promising resort. New generation hotel projects are being implemented here, offering world-class comfort to tourists. In mid-February 2019, a huge luxury hotel Melia Internacional de Varadero opened on the coast of the resort, which has no equal in Cuba. This complex has 946 rooms, 13 restaurants, six swimming pools. In 2020, the construction of several more hotels and entertainment centers with water attractions will be completed on the coast. nine0007

    The history of Varadero

    The narrow peninsula of Hicacos, resembling a long sandy spit, was marked by Spanish navigators on charts of the Caribbean coast in 1555. To repair ships, sailors set up a convenient repair base here — a dry dock, where the bottoms of caravels and galleons battered by storms were cleaned of adhering shells and pitched the outer skin of sailboats. In Spanish, this building is called Varadero. Over time, the name spread to the entire south coast. nine0007

    But the history of Varadero does not begin at all with the times of colonization, it goes back to much more ancient times. Caves have been discovered on the peninsula, the walls of which are dotted with ancient drawings of the natives. Some of them scientists identify as a solar calendar. One of the burials found in the cave of Ambrosio dates back to about 500 BC. e. Indisputable evidence confirms that already at that time there was a busy shipping between the islands of the Caribbean Sea and the coast of Mesoamerica. The cultural layers in the soil told archaeologists that the sites of the indigenous people were replaced here for centuries. Since the 16th century, the caves have served as a haven for runaway slaves and Caribbean pirates. nine0007

    Initially, the peninsula was covered with dense mangrove forests and palm trees. The Spanish colonists cut down almost all the vegetation, sending the trunks to the kilns to produce charcoal. The vacant territories were occupied by sugar cane and coffee plantations.

    The conquerors pushed the local population deep into the island, and soon discovered deposits of rock salt, which were used by the Indians. In 1587, the conquistadors laid an industrial mine. The company supplied salt to most of the Spanish Royal Navy in the colonies of the Caribbean and Latin America. The abundant deposit was exhausted only after 400 years, the salt mine was closed at 1961

    The official founding date of the city of Varadero is December 5, 1887, when ten wealthy families from the neighboring village of Cardenas received permission to build a holiday fazenda on the sea coast, between the current 42nd and 48th streets of the resort. Locals were the first tourists to come here to have fun and spend the weekend on the beach. Varadero still belongs to the municipality of the city of Cardenas.

    The first hotel on the coast was built in 1915. It was called «Club Nautico» and was intended for participants and guests of the newly established regatta, which has since become a traditional sports festival in the city. Business people who arrived in this remote province of Cuba from Spain and the United States on trade business also stopped here. nine0007

    In the 1920s, the deserted beaches of Varadero attracted the attention of an American millionaire, the owner of a chemical corporation, DuPont. He purchased 180 hectares of land here at 4 cents per square meter. By 1931, at the top of San Bernardino Cliff, the highest point of the peninsula, a luxurious three-story Du Pont mansion had grown with many rooms, terraces and a solid wine cellar. In the decoration of the palace, named by the owner «Xanadu» (Xanadu), Italian marble, mahogany, cedar were used. The «chip» of this residence was an extensive golf course. To this day, the most popular golf club in Cuba is located here. The millionaire laid the foundations for the infrastructure of Varadero — they laid a road and water supply here, built a power plant. nine0007

    By the end of the 1930s, other rich people built their mansions in the neighborhood of the Du Ponts. Built in 1938, the residence of the Spanish multimillionaire José Itturioz, the owner of rum factories, is located in Josone Park, on the shores of a picturesque coral lagoon. Nearby is the resort’s International Diving Center.

    By the beginning of the 1950s, Varadero had grown from a quiet provincial town to a booming popular resort. A construction boom began here, hoteliers competed in the construction of luxury hotels. With the victory of the revolution led by Fidel Castro, the entire tourist infrastructure of the resort was nationalized. nine0007

    In the 1960s and 1980s, the city of Varadero gained fame as the cultural center of Cuban music. Artists and guests from different countries came to music festivals.

    By the beginning of the 1990s, the Cuban communists revised and softened their policy regarding foreign investment in the republic’s economy. Dozens of new hotels have been erected in Varadero, marked on signs with four or five stars. But the flow of tourists is increasing, Varadero International Airport is approaching the performance of the country’s main air gate in Havana in terms of congestion. The resort brings to the state budget of Cuba up to 40% of foreign exchange earnings. nine0007

    Geography and climate

    The Hicacos Peninsula, where Varadero is located, juts out into the Caribbean Sea for 30 km, of which 22 km of the southern coast is a long sandy beach. The peninsula itself is a narrow spit with a width of 700 to 1200 meters. Even on a large-scale map of Cuba, this formation looks like a thin thread stretching straight to American Florida.

    The relief of the sea coast outlines many shallow lagoons and hills, chains of islands and coral reefs stretch along the coast. Local waters are extremely rich in marine flora and fauna. The underwater landscapes off the coast of Varadero are some of the most spectacular on the planet. These places are popular with diving enthusiasts. nine0007

    The northeastern tip of the peninsula, known as Punta Hicacos, is the closest point in Cuba to US territory. Here, in a comfortable natural bay, Varadero Marina is located. In the second half of the last century, thousands of locals who tried to leave communist Cuba often sailed from here at night, hoping to cross the Strait of Florida and reach the shores of the United States.

    Complicated relations between the two states affected the status of the Hicacos Peninsula: for the last half century it has been a special territory of the Republic of Cuba, for residents of neighboring provinces, entry here is strictly limited, but strict rules do not apply to foreign tourists. nine0007

    A significant part of the Hicacos Peninsula is occupied by ecological reserves that protect natural landscapes, vegetation and karst caves. The closest natural park to Varadero, Varaikakos, is located to the east of the city and has beaches and caves open to the public.

    The climate in the resort is tropical. There are two climatic seasons — dry and wet. From the point of view of tour operators, the calendar year is divided into high and low seasons, which is reflected in prices in hotels and restaurants. nine0007

    From November to April the weather in Varadero is dry and hot. The air warms up to +28…+30 °C. These are the best months to visit the resort, but prices jump by 30-40%. The peak of the high season falls on mid-December — early January, when tens of thousands of tourists flock here to celebrate Christmas and New Year.

    Tropical downpours with thunderstorms are frequent from May to October, a strong northeast wind blows. Daytime air temperature drops slightly and fluctuates around +25 °C. At night, the thermometers drop to +19…+20 °С.

    The water temperature off the coast of Varadero in December-May is +25…+26 °С, and from June to November the Caribbean Sea warms up to +27…+30 °С.

    Beaches of Varadero

    The entire coast of the resort is a 22-kilometer beach with amazingly soft white sand. The beaches of the hotels are well equipped, everywhere you can find everything you need for water activities. Entrance to the beaches of Varadero is free, you only need to pay for sun loungers and umbrellas, it will cost $ 5-7. But in almost all hotels with beaches, the use of these items is included in the room price. nine0007

    Certain areas have their own names and are different from others. 15 km from Varadero is Coral Beach, the best snorkeling and diving beach in Cuba, it is also one of the most famous beaches in the world. Here, under the clear waters of the Caribbean Sea, a vast ridge of reefs stretches, where divers admire corals of the most bizarre forms. The underwater world is inhabited by 50 species of tropical fish. Another well-known beach with interesting diving locations is called Playa Coral. nine0007

    In numerous diving centers for $ 360 you can take a course and get an international certificate. A subscription for four dives costs $160.

    In the open sea, on coral reefs three miles north of Playa las Calaveras beach, in 1990 a wreck park was created for scuba divers — Parque Marino Cayo Piedras del Norte. Several old ships were sunk near the reefs, among them a decommissioned 100-meter destroyer, a tugboat, a yacht, and an AN-24 aircraft lie at the bottom. nine0007

    An extraordinary bath awaits travelers in the Cave of Saturno, located in a park near Varadero International Airport, 16 km from the center of the resort. The cave is half filled with clear water. The depth of the underground reservoir is 22 m. The entrance fee is $5. Here you can rent equipment for snorkeling or diving, swim among the submerged stalactites and stalagmites. The water temperature is +21…+22 °C. The cave has a snack bar serving light snacks and beer.

    From the bus stop, the path to the cave lies along a steep mountain path trodden through thorny bushes, so it is recommended to wear comfortable shoes. During the day there are many tourists, and to avoid the crowds of bathers, try to arrive in the morning, the cave is open for visits from 09:00. Please note that there are no changing cabins or toilets here. It is better for ladies to wear swimwear at the hotel. A taxi ride from the resort center will cost $25.

    All the beaches of Varadero have the best waste collection and sand cleaning service in Cuba, equipped with the most modern recycling technology. In addition, foreign tourists do not sin with uncleanliness. nine0007

    In autumn, small but stinging jellyfish, known as “Portuguese boats”, appear off the coast of Varadero. Swimming in their company is not recommended, it is better to drive a few kilometers and look for another beach. The surf throws jellyfish onto the coastal sand. You should not touch them, otherwise a rash will instantly appear on your hands and burns will form.

    Active holidays

    There are many opportunities for active and educational holidays in Varadero — fishing, sailing boat trips, jeep safari, hiking in caves, horseback riding, diving, excursions to the capital of Cuba — Havana. nine0007

    Cruise to Cayo Blanco

    On a catamaran under a turquoise sail, you can go on a one-day group cruise to the island of Cayo Blanco. On board the ship — free cocktails, juices, beer.

    You will sail through the waves of the Caribbean Sea to the island, famous for its white coral sand. Masks and fins are provided by the guide (rental included in the tour). Here, unlike the clean and deserted sandy bottom of the beaches of Varadero, there is something to see underwater, you just have to swim up to the picturesque coral reefs inhabited by bizarre marine life. nine0007

    The cruise program includes a visit to a ranch located on platforms in the open sea, where you can play with dolphins and even swim in the company of these good-natured sea creatures. In the meantime, Cuban chefs prepare a delicious dinner for tourists with a signature dish of Caribbean lobsters.

    The cost of this trip is $170, the duration is 9 hours 30 minutes. Transfer from the hotel to the marina and back is provided.


    A short boat trip to the sea ranch, where you can swim with dolphins and take nice photos, will also be interesting. This informative and tireless journey is preferred by tourists who come to relax with children. On board the boat you will find an open bar with free soft drinks. The tour takes 4 hours and costs $138. nine0007

    Crocodile farm tour

    You can travel by bus to the southern coast of Cuba, to the green Zapata Peninsula. Here you will get the opportunity to get off the beaten tourist paths and get acquainted with the life of ordinary Cubans, take a walk in the rainforest. Agave plantations stretch in the neighborhood. Long sharp leaves of this plant with very strong fibers are used for the production of ship rigging and ropes, bags for transporting coffee, corn and other agricultural products. nine0007

    After visiting a crocodile farm where you can take a photo with a small lizard in your arms, you will be taken to a village tavern serving traditional Cuban seafood dishes. Here you will also have the opportunity to taste crocodile stew with spicy sauce.

    The tour lasts 11 hours and costs $90.

    A trip to Havana

    A trip from Varadero to Havana full of impressions will be remembered for a long time. The capital of Cuba is one of the oldest cities in the New World; the Spanish conquistadors founded it in 1515. nine0007

    Along the way, an excursion is planned to the seaside fortress of Castillo del Moro, which once protected the port of Santiago de Cuba from attacks by pirate ships, and today turned into a museum.

    Then the tour bus will slowly drive through the busy streets and squares of the Cuban capital, where you can still meet the rumbling engines of American cars brought here before the 1959 revolution. The guide will tell you in detail about the architectural ensemble of Old Havana, which is listed as a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site. The city quarters are built up with old colonial buildings, among them genuine pearls stand out — the National Capitol, the Bolshoi Theater, the Havana Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception. Modern buildings have been erected on Freedom Square. nine0007

    The tour program includes lunch at a restaurant. After your meal, pop into Ernest Hemingway’s favorite bar for a taste of 1950s Cuba.

    Travelers are given free time to visit the market and shopping centers. The trip is designed for 12 hours, the cost of the tour is $113.

    Jeep safari

    The trail of off-road vehicles runs along the northern coast of the Hicacos Peninsula, through rocky plateaus, sandbars, palm groves, small villages and ranches. Autotourists visit the cave of Saturno, ride horses in the Yumuri valley. Cars then head to a coral beach where snorkeling equipment is offered. The trip lasts 11 hours and costs $122. nine0007

    Journey to the Vinales Valley

    Early in the morning at 07:30 a retro taxi will be waiting for you at the hotel entrance. The car delivers passengers to the picturesque Vinales Valley. Good horses await riders here, and a cavalcade of travelers sets off to inspect coffee and tobacco plantations. For tourists who are afraid to climb into the saddle, a hike or a trip by car is offered. During the tour you will learn how the famous Cuban cigars are made, if you wish, you will be treated to tobacco. Be sure to purchase a couple of packs of excellent coffee beans directly from the plantation, which have been grown in Cuba for over 250 years. nine0007

    At the Finca el Paraiso tavern, weary travelers are treated to a welcome glass of rum, a hearty lunch and a musical performance. After rest, the journey will continue on a river boat, which sails up to a cave with ancient drawings. The tour ends at the observation deck, where tourists admire the sunset over the ocean.

    Cost of the trip — $156, duration — 12 hours.


    In all corners of Varadero — in clubs, hotels and parks — concerts are held daily on stages in the open air. In June, the Varadero International Festival takes place, where performers from many countries perform, including many world stars. In August, the grandiose Matanzas Festival begins, artists arrange performances and fun shows on the streets. nine0007

    Musical entertainment peaks at the annual Varadero International Carnival. Colorful processions of musicians and dancers fill the streets of the resort in January.


    Tourists take traditional Cuban souvenirs from Varadero, which have long become recognizable markers of the country. The list of memorable purchases is headed by Cuban cigars in wooden boxes and cane rum aged in barrels for 5-7 years.

    In the center of Varadero, not far from the prominent building of the Arenas Blancas Hotel, right next to the spa bus stop, is the House of Roma (Casa del Ron). At the entrance you will be met by a funny faun hugging a barrel. This brand store is different from the many resort markets selling strong alcohol. Before buying, you can try any of the rum brands on display for free, and after tasting, buy exactly what you like. One of the hostesses of the establishment speaks Russian. Your check will be knocked out on a ringing retro cash machine from the early 20th century. The interiors are decorated with an exhibition of Spanish fans, a model of a city with a railway station, and antique crockery. nine0007

    One of the best brands of Cuban rum is Legendario. There are several varieties of it. Dark «Ron Legendario Elixir de Cuba» with a strength of 34 ° for its mild taste and sweet orange aftertaste is called women’s rum. A 0.7 liter bottle will cost $6.5. The classic pirate drink «Legendario Anejo» is stronger — 40°. In its taste notes of tobacco, raisins, vanilla, citruses are felt. The cost of a bottle is $7.

    Not bad and light rum «Havana Club», but it makes no sense to take it home, it is sold everywhere in Russia. But if you want to make a gift to American friends — take it. Cuban rum has not been sold in the US for almost 60 years. nine0007

    In the bar on the ground floor of the House of Roma, try excellent coffee with chocolate liqueur. It also sells good quality sweets and coffee beans in gift boxes. The most popular brand is Café Pilon, the cost of beans is $14.45 per kg.

    Cigars are sold everywhere in Varadero, but you’ll find the best selection at the Cigar House, located across the street from the House of Roma. There are very good prices here. If in a boutique of a five-star hotel a box of good Romeo Y Julieta cigars (25 pieces) costs $120, then in this store a purchase will cost $75. Cigars are also sold by the piece. nine0007

    For culinary delights, buy a bag of coarse brown cane sugar and a set of Latin American spices from the market.

    Cuisine of Varadero

    In Varadero, tourists love to spend time in traditional Cuban restaurants and bars. One of the resort’s most popular bars is Mi Casa Beatles. Visitors will certainly take pictures with the installation of the legendary Liverpool Four. There are daily live music concerts with arrangements of songs by The Beatles and other popular bands of the 60s of the last century. Performances begin at 22:00. Entrance to concerts is free, only drinks and snacks are paid, but musicians often send a hat to the hands of the audience, where you can put a dollar. nine0007

    The popular bar La Gruta del Vino is located in a natural cave. There is a good list of Argentinean and European wines, appetizers to match. They serve classic cocktails with Cuban rum — mojito and daiquiri ($ 4-5). If you fancy a beer, opt for the best local beers — Bucanero and Cristal. In the evenings, live music sounds under the illuminated vaults of the cave.

    The average check for lunch in resort cafes is $10-15 per person, you can order a lobster for $7, a pizza for $5. Guarina tops the top ten ice creams in Cuba, and we recommend trying it on the beach. Lunch at an inexpensive restaurant with Cuban cuisine will cost $ 35, and in a chic establishment you will be billed for 70-9$0.

    There are more expensive restaurants, they have their own history associated with some famous name. For example, the former villa of the famous American gangster Al Capone now houses the La Casa De Al restaurant. It is in the top ten in the resort. According to legend, there was an underground casino here, and during Prohibition in the United States, a Chicago mobster kept hefty stocks of Cuban alcohol in the basements and smuggled them into the state of Florida. On the lawn in front of the restaurant is the gangster’s car, in which he drove around Varadero. Lunch here will cost about $150-160 for two. There is a menu in Russian. nine0007

    Where to stay

    The resort has international hotel chains, you can stay in villas, bungalows. Dupont’s status villa «Xanadu», which has become the hallmark of Varadero, is famous for the luxurious organization of wedding ceremonies and the provision of royal suites for the honeymoon. An organ operates in the living room with a fireplace, its music accompanies the celebrations. The millionaire’s manor has been converted into a glamorous 9-room hotel with antique furniture and marble bathrooms. There is a chic restaurant here, and on the veranda overlooking the sea there is a panoramic bar. A pier for pleasure yachts is built on the beach. The cost of a double room — from 190 to 250 $ per day. For breakfast in the living room, a rich buffet is available for $ 15 per person. The cost of lunch is $35. Dinner is ordered individually, the cost of a meal is from $55 to $70. In the bar, you can order any drinks in unlimited quantities, paying $ 10 for the first hour of visiting and $ 8 for the second. You can play golf for $60. Rooms here are booked a year in advance.

    Guests at the nearby Melia Las Americas 5* also have access to the golf course. The hotel is intended only for guests over 18 years old. The hotel has a swimming pool, a spa center and a fitness room, a restaurant and a lobby bar, parking. The choice of guests — rooms of 11 categories in several buildings and bungalows with verandas and private pools on the lagoon. The cost of living — from 290 $ per day. Breakfast included. This hotel is the organizer of the most prestigious sporting events in Cuba. Golfers compete for the Melia Las Americas Cup in May, and the Melia Cuba prize is played in October.

    The Iberostar Varadero 5* hotel, located on the first beach line, offers a wonderful family vacation. It offers an All Inclusive package, five restaurants and five themed bars, a cigar lounge, swimming pools, tennis courts. For children, there is a vast park on the coast, equipped with rides, games, water slides, and cheerful animators entertain the kids. In the evenings, a Cuban orchestra performs. The cost of living is from $ 318 per day. Breakfast included. nine0007

    In the shade of a lush tropical park at the sea’s edge, the buildings of the Iberostar Tainos 4*+ hotel are designed for families and water sports enthusiasts. Buildings under green and red tiled roofs are built in the style of Latin American haciendas and Caribbean bungalows. There are four restaurants, five bars and a beach grill bar. On the territory there are swimming pools for children and adults, a Spa & Wellness center, a gym with exercise equipment. The Star Camp is equipped for children from 4 to 7 years old. There is an All Inclusive package. The cost of living will be a minimum of $ 231 per room. nine0007

    Royalton Hicacos Varadero Resort & Spa 4*+ is built away from the noisy center of the resort. The cost of daily living is from $ 264.

    The resort also has budget hotels with swimming pools, fitness centers, restaurants and bars. Among them, we will name the Be Live Experience Turquesa 3 * + hotel, the cost of living here starts from $ 134. Even cheaper rooms are offered at the Muthu Playa Varadero 3 * hotel — from $ 116 per day.

    You will not find cheap hostels or guest houses in Varadero. nine0007


    Varadero hotels stretch along the entire length of the coast of the Hicacos Peninsula for 23 km. Open-top double-decker buses run from 08:00 to 20:00 in the resort — Bus turístico. Their route starts at the Hotel Villa Tortugas, they follow to the Hotel Melia Marina Varadero. Here, at the harbor with yacht parking, the peninsula ends. The trip from end to end lasts approximately two hours, as the bus stops at each hotel, picking up passengers, and calls in to the beaches. There are stops at large shops, near the market. The ticket price is $5 and is valid for the whole day. You can buy a ticket in the lobby of any hotel or from the driver (bring small bills). You can ride as long as you like, get off at a place you like, have a bite to eat at a bar or swim, take a walk in the park, and then continue on the next bus, presenting the previously purchased ticket to the driver. The interval of movement is 20 minutes. nine0007

    Air conditioning in the salon on the ground floor. Many tourists simply ride, viewing the resort from the height of the second tier of the open salon. Some buses have an awning over the seats on the second floor, while others do not have an awning. Experienced travelers are advised to look ahead in order to deviate from the palm leaves that grow along the road in time, and they also recommend grabbing a protective cream — during a leisurely trip on the “upper deck”, you can quietly get sunburned in the tropical sun, especially on the first day of arrival. nine0007

    There are two types of taxis in Varadero: cars of the state company Cubacar and battered rattlets of private carriers. For a couple of dollars, you can ask a private owner to take a photo of you driving an exotic 1957 Cadillac convertible. Cars are parked near the hotels, they can be stopped on the street.

    The longest trip around the resort will cost $20-25. It is enough to pay $5-7 for a trip around the center of Varadero. Taxi drivers do not turn on counters in salons. If you are going to a remote beach or a park where you plan to spend several hours, agree with the driver on the place and time of the meeting for the return trip, he will pick you up and take you to the hotel. You need to negotiate the cost before the trip. Do not settle for the first price offered, it is always too high. It is worth haggling a little, and the driver will reduce the amount. If you are traveling with a group, make sure that the price is the total price of the trip and not the cost per person. nine0007

    A ride around the resort in a horse-drawn cabriolet will cost $20 per passenger.

    Bicycle rental is available in hotels, the cost is $3-5 per hour. Renting a scooter costs $35 per day. Leaving a two-wheeled vehicle unattended should not be, it can change ownership very quickly.

    It is offered to rent a small car for $70-100 per day, depending on the season. For a business class car, you will have to pay from $ 170 per day.

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