Puerto rico snorkeling: Snorkeling in Puerto Rico

Snorkeling in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico’s clear, turquoise waters offer breathtaking snorkeling adventures. 

Explore beaches, cays, and mangrove coves to see where sea turtles, tropical fish, and colorful reefs await you just below the surface.

The archipelago of Puerto Rico offers wonderful places to snorkel in calm waters with a diversity of marine life. Some reefs are easy to swim to from shore, while others are just a short boat ride away – the perfect excuse for a day of sailing and snorkeling!

If you don’t have a team, don’t worry. Dive shops, equipment rental facilities, and charter boats are widely available throughout the Island.

Fajardo’s crystal-clear waters are perfect for snorkeling. 


The best way to explore the cays near Fajardo on the east coast of Puerto Rico is on a catamaran! These day trips include snorkel gear and a light lunch, as well as alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. During the morning and early afternoon, you will sail to several atolls, reefs, and islands where you can enjoy swimming among tropical fish, then rest on the sandy beaches of Icacos or Culebrita. Numerous operators offer day sailings from Fajardo, including East Island Excursions, Salty Dog Catamaran, Spread Eagle II Catamaran, and Aqua Adventures, among others.

Take a Daytrip to Icacos Island

Visitors relax in the clear water in La Parguera.

La Parguera

Part of the town of Lajas in the south of the Island, La Parguera Nature Reserve is perfect for diving in the turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea. This area is known for having small mangrove-laden coves with shallow peaceful channels, as well as a bioluminescent bay. Operators include West Divers and Paradise Scuba, both of which offer daytime and sunset snorkeling in the bioluminescent bay, reefs, and coves around La Parguera.

6 Days of Underwater Adventure in La Parguera

There’s a whole other world to see beneath the water in Puerto Rico.


On the west coast of the Island is the surf town of Rincón. You can snorkel right off of Steps Beach in the Tres Palmas Marine Reserve. For a guided snorkeling tour, book Rincón Diving and Snorkeling’s Rincón Snorkeling Adventure, which leaves directly from the shore. For the more advanced, Taíno Divers offers diving and snorkeling excursions to Desecheo Island, where dolphins, sharks, and even humpback whales can often be spotted.

El Escambrón Beach offers clear-blue water and snorkeling right in San Juan.

San Juan

A popular snorkeling destination in San Juan is Escambrón Beach, right next to the Caribe Hilton Hotel. This beach has several rock formations that protect it from the strong waves of the Atlantic Ocean. Also, since the beach is frequented by snorkelers and divers, the fish that live around the shore are used to people and you can get up close. Scuba Dogs offers equipment rentals and snorkeling and diving tours and is located right on the beach. Aqua Adventures also offers snorkeling excursions at this beach, including equipment rental.

La Esperanza Beach is a great place to snorkel in Vieques. 


The island municipality of Vieques is largely undeveloped. Pristine beaches are home to coral reef forests where fish, turtles, rays, and nurse sharks are easy to spot. Some of the best beaches to visit include Blue Beach and the small island of Isla Chiva, Esperanza Beach, Mosquito Bay, Pata Prieta Beach, and many others.

Some operators offer snorkel tours from Vieques and Fajardo, including Black Beard Sports, Pure Adventure, Isla Nena Scuba, Abe’s Snorkeling & Biobay, Melaya’s Tours, Bieque Eco Trips, and Fin Time Adventures.

Waves crash along Zoni Beach in Culebra. 


The shores and cays around the island of Culebra are some of the best snorkeling spots in Puerto Rico. Tamarindo, Flamenco, and Carlos Rosario beaches, as well as Luis Peña and Culebrita cays are all surrounded by coral reefs teeming with fish, sea turtles, and rays just offshore. For snorkel gear and tours, visit Culebra Snorkeling and Dive Center, Culebra Divers, or Culebra Island Adventures.

Departing from Fajardo, you can also take a snorkel tour to Culebra through Pure Adventure, SS Tobias Snorkel & Beach Tour, or Culebra Island Kayak and Snorkeling Adventure, or rent a private boat with Culebra VIP & East.

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Fun Top Rated Snorkeling Tour to Icacos

Puerto Rico is blessed to still have beaches with healthy coral reefs.   The main island offers good snorkeling spots, but in case you didn’t know Puerto Rico possesses offshore islands with some of the best snorkeling beaches in the Caribbean.

Whether you’re an advanced snorkeler or beginner traveling with children, there’s a snorkeling beach for you in Puerto Rico.   Glide over crystal clear waters from shallow to deeper water with excellent visibility.  When most reefs are dying across the Caribbean, Puerto Rico is still blessed with healthy coral reefs with colorful and abundant sea life.

Note: If you wish to get acquainted, we created a full-size and easy-to-use interactive map of Snorkeling in Puerto Rico

Overview – Snorkeling in Puerto Rico Travel Guide

  • San Juan
  • Culebra
  • Vieques
  • Fajardo
  • Aguadilla
  • Rincon
  • Lajas
  • Guanica
  • Caja de Muertos
  • Isla de Mona / Mona Island

Map of Best Snorkeling Destinations & Beaches

+ Enjoy our Beaches & Protect our Reefs

Puerto Rico welcomes you to enjoy its coral reefs, when you visit, help us keep them healthy for future generations.  Please follow these very important guidelines.  It takes many years for coral to grow, a simple touch or scrape can damage them and put them at risk.

  • Never step, kneel on, or stand on any part of the reefs.
  • Never take, move or take away from the reef, alive or dead.  However, if you see trash, remove it carefully.  Each part of the reef contributes to its health.
  • Before getting in the water, put your face down into the water and look for a place that’s sandy to walk in. Try to walk carefully, in a way that doesn’t disturb the sand or bottom.
  • Do not feed fish.
  • Swim horizontally.
  • Wear a floatation device if you’re not a good swimmer.
  • Be careful when you kick with your fins, you may create too much movement in the water or kick the coral by accident.

Bring your own snorkeling gear and get ready for some fun and memorable experiences under the sea.  Following we are listing the best snorkeling beaches around the island of Puerto Rico.

Note: All the beaches mentioned on this snorkeling guide do not have lifeguards, you use the beaches at your own risk.  Never go snorkeling alone, practice safety first.

+ See Video — How to Protect Puerto Rico’s Reef

San Juan – Capital of Puerto Rico

We’ll start off with San Juan, the most visited tourist destination in Puerto Rico.  If you’re staying in San Juan for a long weekend, you’ll be glad to learn that you don’t have to drive far to have a great snorkeling experience.  Right on one of the beaches of the city, one can enjoy a world-class snorkeling experience.

Best Snorkeling Spots in San Juan, Puerto Rico

At Balneario El Escambron, the most beautiful beach in San Juan, you can swim in calm protected water where you can swim with sea turtles and schools of a variety of tropical colorful fish.   San Juan is proud that its beautiful beach of Escambron and a local hard-working friendly tour guide won #21 spot at the coveted TripAdvisor’s Traveler’s ChoiceTop Overall Experiences in the World“ & #4 “Top Overall Experiences in the Caribbean“. See tour “Learn to Snorkel with Fish & Turtles“.

Playita del Condado is another nice beach for doing a little snorkeling in San Juan.  From late spring until late fall, the water is more shallow and calm, allowing families with children to take them along.  Snorkeling spots are easily accessible from the beach.

+ See Video of Sea Life at Escambron Beach — San Juan, Puerto Rico

Top Rated Escambron Beach Tours — San Juan

Culebra – Island off the East Coast of Puerto Rico

Best Snorkeling Destination in Puerto Rico

The offshore island of Culebra has been on lists of the “best snorkeling islands in the world”.   Between the Navy possessing parts of the island for decades, low development and protection laws, it has helped preserve the coral reefs in great condition.  Both the main island of Culebra, Culebrita, and the offshore cays will give you weeks worth of excellent snorkeling experiences on the clearest waters Puerto Rico possesses.  Culebra is a world-class destination, this tiny island is home to Flamenco Beach, one of the top beaches in the world; and some of the healthiest coral reefs left in the Caribbean.  Culebra offers beaches with shallow waters great for smaller children to snorkel and join the magical experience.

Best Snorkeling Beaches in Culebra

Carlos Rosario is the best snorkeling beach in Culebra, among others are Tamarindo Grande Beach, popular for sea turtles; Flamenco Beach, Melones Beach, and Punta de Soldado Beach.  If you’re traveling with children, Punta Soldado is among the best snorkeling beaches in Culebra, also a great diving site, a great beach for beginners to intermediate snorkelers, the waters are typically calm. This beach is very quiet, it is a bit of a hike but worth the effort and you won’t find tour groups, you’ll have it most likely to yourself.  The landscape is rugged and that’s why we love it; cliffs line the shore, the sand is a mix of ivory sand, covered with tiny polished black and white pebbles.  At one end, there is no sand, the shore is covered with bleached dead coral contrasting with black boulders and the blue shades of the sea.  We hate to include this beach here because we really enjoy having this “secret” beach to ourselves when we go to Culebra.

See Video 📹

+ Culebra Island, Puerto Rico

Top Rated Snorkeling Tours to Culebra

Vieques – Island off the East Coast of Puerto Rico

Second Best Snorkeling Destination in Puerto Rico

Best Snorkeling Beaches in Vieques, Puerto Rico

There are no rivers flowing into the waters of Vieques, so the waters are very clear and the visibility is great even on a cloudy day.  One of the best snorkeling beaches in Vieques is Bahia de la Chiva (also known as Blue Beach) right off the rocky point of Punta Conejo.  You’ll see a nice variety of fish, coral, spotted eagle rays and hawksbill turtles, and more.   Other popular beaches for snorkeling are Mosquito Bay Pier (see the video on page) Punta Arenas (Green Beach)Pata Prieta, and Gringo Beach among others.

Fajardo, Puerto Rico

Fajardo is the most popular place in Puerto Rico, although it is the best snorkeling destination because of its proximity to San Juan and the number of tours available for visitors to book.

Icacos Cay – The Most Popular & Accessible Snorkeling Offshore Trip for Tourists staying in the San Juan / Metro Area

Icacos Cay is among the most popular tourist natural attractions in Puerto Rico and for good reason… a secluded island without development, where the only thing surrounding you is the most beautiful water in endless tones of aquamarine and emerald greens accentuated by the soft light ivory, almost white sand.    On the way to Icacos Cay, the tour guides will stop at reefs teeming with colorful fish both adults and children will enjoy the experience.  Once on the island, you can walk towards the rocky side of the beach to enjoy snorkeling at Icacos.

There are a number of 5-star snorkeling tours from private charters to fun catamarans that leave from the marinas in Fajardo, most offering pick-up service in major hotel areas such as San Juan, and Rio Grande.  We’ll get the following video created by a traveler like you to show you the beauty of the island.

+ Cayo Icacos, Puerto Rico

Top Rated Snorkeling Tours to Icacos Cay

Aguadilla, Puerto Rico

Best beaches to go snorkeling in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico

Crash Boat Beach 

Seeing the photo of that old pier may not seem like the paradisial place to snorkel, but right underneath you’ll soon be transported to one of the best snorkeling spots that’s easy to access with teeming with colorful fish and coral on an artificial reef.    This is a very family-friendly beach where the kids can also snorkel safely (with parental supervision of course).   Even toddlers can enjoy snorkeling at Crash Boat, the north side of the pier nearest to the beach have some shallow spots for the little ones to perhaps being to learn the magic of snorkeling.   During the winter months the water gets rough and becomes a popular spot for surfing, but from late spring til late fall, is almost always a great time to go snorkeling at Crash Boat.   The water is very clear and at a nice temperature at a balmy 82 degrees.  The pier at Crash Boat is also a very popular spot for scuba divers looking for a fun and easy dive.

Playa Peña Blanca

Playa Peña Blanca is also a great beach to go snorkeling where you’ll often spot beautiful sea turtles in crystal clear waters.   Playa Peña Blanca is only accessible during the summer months.

See videos below of snorkeling in Crash Boat Beach & Playa Peña Blanca in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico

Top Rated Snorkeling Tours in Aguadilla

Rincon, Puerto Rico

Best Snorkeling Beaches in Rincon, Puerto Rico

During the summer months when the surf is down and the water is calmer, head to The Tres Palmas Marine Reserve (Steps Beach), one of the top snorkeling spots on the west coast of the island.  The beach offers easy access to the marine reserve where you can float above one of the largest Elk Horn Coral gardens in the Caribbean. Explore a reef with beautiful rocks, live coral, sea turtles, gorgeous schools of Blue Tang, colorful Angelfish, and more.  Please Note: Do not attempt to snorkel in the winter, the waters are actually known worldwide for surfing in the winter months. The best time to snorkel at Steps is during the month of July.

+  Steps Beach / Tres Palmas Reserve – Rincon, Puerto Rico

Top Rated Tours to Steps Beach, Rincon, Puerto Rico

Lajas, Puerto Rico

La Parguera Nature Reserve

La Parguera Nature Reserve is a group of mangrove islands, coral reefs, natural pools, salt marshes, and small cays offering clear waters with underwater playgrounds where you may encounter dolphins, turtles, barracudas, manatees, and much more.  You can book a water taxi or tour when you get there, you’ll find various staff offering you a tour or boat ride to the offshore keys.

The popular mangrove cays are Caracoles and Mata La Gata, they’re right next to each other you can visit both on the same morning.  Tour guides will take you to other snorkeling sites in La Parguera.  The fishing village has a variety of restaurants where you can enjoy eating fresh fish and traditional Puerto Rican fritters after a day of snorkeling, swimming, and exploring.

See Video of Snorkeling at La Parguera, Lajas, Puerto Rico

+ Caracoles Island, Lajas, Puerto Rico

Top Rated Snorkeling Tours in Lajas & Nearby

Guanica, Puerto Rico

Gilligan’s Island / Cayo Aurora

Gilligan’s Island officially named Cayo Aurora in the town of Guanica makes it one of our top snorkeling spots for being kid-friendly.   Gilligan’s Island is like a giant clear pool with clear shallow waters perfect for children to snorkel.  Your children can sit in 2 feet of water and have schools of tiny fish circle their feet. We have not seen a variety of fish, not much coral, but we’ve often seen many barracudas and schools of fish.  Our son loves to snorkel here because the surrounding mangroves give him a sense of “safety” in the water. There are mangrove channels with easy access to additional snorkeling spots.

+ Gilligan’s Island  — Guanica, Puerto Rico

Top Rated Tours to Gilligan’s Island & Guanica Activities

Caja de Muertos Island, Puerto Rico

Head to Ponce and make reservations for a fun catamaran cruise to Caja de Muertos.  Once you’re on the island offers scenic vistas, and hiking trails leading to sweeping vistas and lighthouse ruins.

 + Caja de Muertos Island — Puerto Rico

Top Rated Tours — Offshore Islands & Keys on the South Coast

Isla de Mona (Mona Island), Puerto Rico

Mona Island often called “The Galapagos of the Caribbean”, a nature reserve uninhabited by humans but home to iguanas, healthy coral reefs with the riches underwater world. Getting here is a fun expedition not for the faint of heart, you may face pretty high waves on the way there, you must book a charter boat to get you there. Once you get there, you can snorkel crystal waters, swim with turtles, and most likely be the only ones there.

 + Mona Island, Puerto Rico 

Tours Visitors Love in Puerto Rico

Snorkeling excursions in Mogan | Boat trip and snorkeling Gran Canaria

Snorkeling excursions in Mogan | Boat trip and snorkeling Gran Canaria | Puerto de Mogan

Book your tour right now!


49IGIC including

Children under 12

IGIC including

To book

Morning excursion

  • Mondays, Fridays and Sundays
  • Transfer from the hotel to the port (see the schedule in the table below; schedules differ on Fridays).
  • At 09:30 the yacht leaves the port.
  • Navigation along the coast in a northerly direction. After an hour, stop for approximately 40 minutes at a spot ideal for snorkelling. Snacks (papas arrugadas, mojo) are served during the stop. The yacht has an open area where you can sunbathe.
  • Return to the port at 12:30.
  • From 12:30 to 16:30 visiting Puerto de Mogán.
  • At 16:30 transfer to the hotel. You can stay in Puerto de Mogán, in which case the return transfer to the hotel must be arranged by the guests themselves.

Afternoon excursion

  • Transfer from the hotel to the port (see the schedule in the table below).
  • From 09:00 to 13:00 visiting Puerto de Mogán.
  • At 13:00 the yacht leaves the port.
  • Navigation along the coast in a northerly direction. After an hour, stop for approximately 40 minutes at a spot ideal for snorkelling. Snacks are served during the stop (papas arrugadas, mojo). The yacht has an open area where you can sunbathe.
  • Return to the port at 16:30.
  • At 16:30 transfer to the hotel. You can stay in Puerto de Mogán, in which case the return transfer to the hotel must be arranged by the guests themselves.

Pickup times from hotels

Hotel transfer schedule
Area Morning After lunch
Monday & Sunday Friday
Playa de San Agustin 08:00 07:30
Playa del Ingles 07:50 08:20
Maspalomas 08:30 08:00
Meloneras 08:40 08:10
Puerto Rico 08:30 09:00
Taurito 09:20 08:50
Puerto de Mogán 09:30 09:00


  • Transfers from and to hotels
  • Food and drinks: water, coca-cola, fanta, sprite, sangria papas arrugadas, mojo rojo and mojo verde snacks (Madalenas, cokies fruits (apples, bananas, oranges)
  • Snorkeling equipment: mask, snorkel and fins

Not included

  • Drinks in cans
  • Beer

Additional information

  • Maximum vessel capacity: 30 people
  • Tours are held on Mondays, Fridays and Sundays 2 times a day, morning and afternoon.
  • Due to the large market in Puerto de Mogán on Fridays, hotel pickup times differ from other days and are 30 minutes earlier.
  • The ship’s crew speaks English and Spanish.
  • For groups of more than 10 people, we can provide animation in French, Polish and other languages ​​(upon request). Please contact us in advance.

Hotel Villa Montana Beach Resort, Puerto Rico — Yandex Travel

Hotel Villa Montana Beach Resort, Puerto Rico-Yandex Traveling Puerto Rico

Aguadilla, 4466 KM 1.9 Interior, Barrio Bajuras See on the map

250 m to the sea 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 and check-out

There were no offers for these dates for 2 guests. Please try to change the dates or choose another hotel.

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Facilities and services

Swimming pool

Air conditioning in the number



  • Internet access: in numbers

Services and amenities

  • Drying
  • Service 9009
  • PREASE AND ONLY check-in/out
  • Butler
  • Safe
  • Luggage room
  • Safe type: in room
  • Safe type: at reception
  • Equipment for the kitchen: kettle
  • Equipment for the kitchen: microwave
  • Equipment for the kitchen: dishwasher
  • Rent: machines
  • Hire: bicycle
  • Circus-service
  • Cleaning frequency: daily


  • Non-smoking rooms
  • Refrigerator
  • Hair dryer
  • Kitchen/kitchenette in room
  • Tea/coffee in rooms
  • TV in room
  • Infrastructure

    • Lift
    • Parking type: Free
    • Garden

    General information about the hotel

    • Violescence for people with disabilities
    • Riding time: 16:00
    • departure: 12:00 p.

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