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Boricua’s system of instruction is based on a fundamental humanistic principle of educating the whole person to become a self-motivated, independent, life-long learner.


The mission and goals of the College are rooted in three principles of institutional identity. More details.


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Boricua College campuses are located in three boroughs of New York City. More details.


Boricua’s system of instruction is based on a fundamental humanistic principle of educating the whole person to become a self-motivated, independent, life-long learner.

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Message from

Dr. Victor G. Alicea
President of Boricua College

“Our students, faculty, alumni, administrators, and staff stand out for their commitment to academic excellence, entrepreneurial spirit, diversity, vibrancy, and innovation.

We are redefining what it means to be a college in the 21st century: pioneering in modern teaching models, encouraging research, and providing a more creative learning environment.

We welcome you to participate in the endless opportunities at Boricua College, a place where anyone with a desire to learn can feel at home.”

— Victor G. Alicea

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Boricua | Encyclopedia.



The ethnic expression Boricua describes someone or something native to Boriken, Borique, Boriquén, Borinquén, Boriquí, or Boriquer—all variations of the Arawak name for the island that Christopher Columbus claimed for Spain in 1493 during his “discovery” of the Americas. While the Iberians later christened it Puerto Rico (Rich Port) in the mistaken belief that it was a veritable gold mine, in 1552 the chronicler Francisco López de Gómara referred to it as “San Juan del Boriqua.” Maintaining that the aboriginal population had died out, Spanish colonial authorities made only sporadic use of either Borinquen or Boricua during the next two centuries. Their tallies rarely took into account the undercounting of Tainos by colonists seeking to dodge taxes and import “sturdier” African captives, nor of Tainos who fled into the interior or were reclassified as mestizos. Although some 2,000 “indios” still existed in Puerto Rico at the start of the nineteenth century, Boricuas had undergone a significant ethnogenetic transformation since 1493 as a result of miscegenation with poor, persecuted whites and enslaved Africans who also fled to the mountainous interior.

Over time, a pluricultural population of rural mulatto-mestizo peasants known as jíbaros emerged in Spanish colonial Puerto Rico. Characterized by a conscious rejection of Roman Catholic orthodoxy, forced labor, and Iberian cultural hegemony, they dwelled on the periphery of their colonial overseers where they evoked, celebrated, and perpetuated the original pre-Columbian names for the island and its aboriginal people. The jíbaros embraced a libertarian ethos that appealed to anticolonial and antislav-ery causes. For instance, an independence conspiracy led by the German general Ducoudray Holstein in the early 1820s called for the establishment of a República Boricua. An 1853 novel by ardent abolitionist and pro-independence militant Ramón Emeterio Betances was titled, Les Deux Indiens. Episode de la Conquéte de Borinquen. Even the national anthem of Puerto Rico, “La Borinqueña,” a danza penned in the 1860s, retained the Antillean appellation. A vast number of modern-day rural barrios, neighborhoods, roads, urban communities, streets, and avenues across the island are called Borinquen. Countless literary, artistic, and musical productions make use of Borinquen and/or Boricua instead of their Spanish counterparts.

Puerto Rican separatists operating in the United States starting in the late 1860s, among them Betances, laid the groundwork for the first Hispanic Caribbean enclaves in New York. By the early 1890s, Francisco Gonzalez Marín y Shaw, Inocencia Martínez Santaella, Sotero Figueroa Fernández, Bernardo Vega, Arturo Alfonso Schomburg, and Eugenio María de Hostos became prominent members of the embryonic Boricua colonia. Fittingly, the asylees congregated at the New York clubs Borinquen and Dos Antillas. Other Boricuas joined them following the 1898 Cuban-Spanish-American War, their numbers swelling slowly but perceptively after the passage of the 1917 Jones Act that conferred U.S. citizenship on Puerto Ricans. The pre-World War II (1939–1945) writings of Schomburg (1874-1938) and William Carlos Williams (1888–1963), whose mother was born in Mayagüez and father in England but raised in the Dominican Republic, spoke to a number of Antillean diasporan concerns such as race, identity, and colonialism. Significantly, Schomburg self-identified as “afroborin-queño” and named one of his U.S.-born children after the Taino cacique (chief or political leader) Guarionex, who led the 1511 uprising against the Spanish colonizers. The expansion of the New York’s Boricua community in the post-1950s eventually led to the founding of the Museo del Barrio (1969), Taller Boricua (1970), and Boricua College (1974). There, local Boricua artists, musicians, poets, educators, and community activists further fashioned a Nuyorican (stateside Puerto Rican) expressive culture built largely but not exclusively on Puerto Rico’s suppressed Taino and African heritage. Today, the Boricua identity has become a vehicle of cultural affirmation and cultural nationalism as diasporic Puerto Ricans continue to forge a place for themselves in the United States.

SEE ALSO Blackness; Colonialism; Harlem; Identity; Immigrants, New York City; Nuyoricans; Race; Taino; War of 1898

Alvarez Nazario, Manuel. 1977. El influjo indígena en el español de Puerto Rico. Río Piedras, Puerto Rico: Editorial de la Universidad de Puerto Rico.

Aparicio, Frances R. 2004. U.S. Latino Expressive Cultures. In The Columbia History of Latinos in the United States since 1960, ed. David G. Gutierrez, 355–390. New York: Columbia University Press.

Sánchez González, Lisa. 2001. Boricua Literature: A Literary History of the Puerto Rican Diaspora. New York: New York University Press.

Toledo, Josefina. 2000. Ramón Emeterio Betances en la génesis de los clubes Borinquen y Mercedes Varona. In Pasión por la libertad. Río Piedras, eds. Félix Ojeda Reyes and Paul Estrade. San Juan, Puerto Rico: Editorial de la Universidad de Puerto Rico/Instituto de Estudios del Caribe.

Jorge L. Chinea

Boricua College — New York | Cost | Receipt

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Boricua College
or Boricua College

higher education institution in the United States.
Boricua College was established in 1974. The university has an urban campus located in New York.


Admission and tuition fees.
The selection committee makes a choice, taking into account the academic performance of the applicant.
After providing all the documents required by the university, more than half (70 percent) of applicants successfully enter the university. But it should be borne in mind that when entering Boricua College, the percentage of applicants can vary significantly depending on the popularity of the course chosen for study.
The academic year in this educational institution is divided into semesters.
The cost of studying at the university is about 10,000 USD per year.
In addition, studying for a master’s degree at Boricua College will also be quite difficult to save money, since the cost of education is 10,000 USD per year.
In addition, students can cover part of the costs if they receive financial support from the educational institution.

On the official website of the university ( you can find more detailed information about the cost of programs depending on the field of study.

University staff.
Boricua College is a small educational institution with about 600 students studying at the same time.

The educational institution is represented on Linkedin social networks.

University infrastructure.
The infrastructure of the educational institution includes its own library.

An important advantage when choosing this university may be that Boricua College has a good sports infrastructure.


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