Code postal united state: Postal Codes United States

Code postal de États-Unis, Liste des codes postaux en États-Unis, ZIP codes, Latitude Longitude États-Unis

Code postal de États-Unis, Liste des codes postaux en États-Unis, ZIP codes, Latitude Longitude États-Unis —

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Trouver des informations sur les codes postaux de la États-Unis

Le États-Unis est un pays situé principalement en Amérique du Nord et centrale, La capitale est Washington. Le numéro est 840 et l’indicatif est 1. Le nom du système postal dans le pays est ZIP code, Vous pouvez trouver le code postal de chaque région sur notre site web. Nous fournissons des codes postaux pour 63 régions dans le États-Unis Nous fournissons également une carte correspondante sur laquelle vous pouvez visualiser des informations sur la région.




American Samoa



















Marshall Islands






Minor Outlying Islands






New Hampshire

New Jersey

New Mexico

New York

North Carolina

North Dakota

Northern Mariana Islands






Puerto Rico

Rhode Island

South Carolina

South Dakota



U. S. Armed Forces — Americas

U.S. Armed Forces — Europe

U.S. Armed Forces — Pacific



Virgin Islands



Washington, D. C.

West Virginia



Drapeau national





L’abréviation du pays pour États-Unis est US(deux lettres), le code à trois lettres est USA.



Indicatif téléphonique+1

Indicatif téléphonique

Le code numérique actuel officiellement attribué selon la norme ISO 3166-1 est 840, le code de numérotation est +1.

  1. Fuseau horaire
  2. America/Adak
  3. America/Anchorage
  4. America/Boise
  5. America/Chicago
  6. America/Denver
  7. America/Detroit
  8. America/Indiana/Indianapolis
  9. America/Indiana/Knox
  10. America/Indiana/Marengo
  11. America/Indiana/Petersburg
  12. America/Indiana/Tell_City
  13. America/Indiana/Vevay
  14. America/Indiana/Vincennes
  15. America/Indiana/Winamac
  16. America/Juneau
  17. America/Kentucky/Louisville
  18. America/Kentucky/Monticello
  19. America/Los_Angeles
  20. America/Menominee
  21. America/Metlakatla
  22. America/New_York
  23. America/Nome
  24. America/North_Dakota/Beulah
  25. America/North_Dakota/Center
  26. America/North_Dakota/New_Salem
  27. America/Phoenix
  28. America/Sitka
  29. America/Yakutat
  30. Pacific/Honolulu
  1. UTC/GMT
  2. UTC-10
  3. UTC-5
  4. UTC-6
  5. UTC-7
  6. UTC-8
  7. UTC-9

State Abbreviations and State Postal Codes

  1. / United States
  2. / Postal Information
  3. / State Abbreviations and State Postal Codes


Updated April 2, 2021 | Factmonster Staff

Learn the state abbreviations and postal codes. This table is a handy tool for students, business people, and letter-writers alike. Hang it next to your desk, and you’ll never again confuse the postal code AL for Alaska instead of Alabama! 

State/District Abbreviation Postal Code
Alabama Ala. AL
Alaska Alaska AK
Arizona Ariz. AZ
Arkansas Ark. AR
California Calif. CA
Colorado Colo. CO
Connecticut Conn. CT
Delaware Del. DE
District of Columbia D.C. DC
Florida Fla. FL
Georgia Ga. GA
Hawaii Hawaii HI
Idaho Idaho ID
Illinois Ill. IL
Indiana Ind. IN
Iowa Iowa IA
Kansas Kans. KS
Kentucky Ky. KY
Louisiana La. LA
Maine Maine ME
Maryland Md. MD
Massachusetts Mass. MA
Michigan Mich. MI
Minnesota Minn. MN
Mississippi Miss. MS
Missouri Mo. MO
Montana Mont. MT
Nebraska Nebr. NE
Nevada Nev. NV
New Hampshire N. H. NH
New Jersey N.J. NJ
New Mexico N.M. NM
New York N.Y. NY
North Carolina N.C. NC
North Dakota N.D. ND
Ohio Ohio OH
Oklahoma Okla. OK
Oregon Ore. OR
Pennsylvania Pa. PA
Rhode Island R.I. RI
South Carolina S.C. SC
South Dakota S.D. SD
Tennessee Tenn. TN
Texas Tex. TX
Utah Utah UT
Vermont Vt. VT
Virginia Va. VA
Washington Wash. WA
West Virginia W.Va. WV
Wisconsin Wis. WI
Wyoming Wyo. WY


Territory/Associate Abbreviation Postal Code
American Samoa   AS
Guam Guam GU
Marshall Islands   MH
Micronesia   FM
Northern Mariana Islands   MP
Palau   PW
Puerto Rico P. R. PR
Virgin Islands   VI


Postal Workers Bitten by Dogs, <br/>by District

Postal Information

Postal Workers Bitten by Dogs, by District

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Father Frost’s address for letters

Father Frost’s address is the place where postal items for the main winter wizard arrive: postcards, letters, parcels, parcels. Most of Father Frost’s colleagues in Russia and abroad have a postal address for letters, which receives messages from children and adults. As a rule, these are the official mails of winter wizards in various countries of the world. The postal addresses of Father Frost in Veliky Ustyug, Santa Claus in Lapland and Alaska, the French Per Noel in Libourne and other donating wizards are well known.

Address of Santa Claus in Veliky Ustyug

There are many objects in the city related to the fairy tale character. Maybe that’s why the address of the beloved Grandfather is often indicated inaccurately. For example, in the column «Where» they write «Santa Claus’s House». Of course, in this case, the message will be delivered to its destination. But the winter magician loves that his addressees by correspondence sign the envelopes correctly.

Letters in Father Frost’s homeland come only to one place, namely: to the magician’s post office. Here they are sorted, read and processed.

Please write the correct address on the envelope:

162390, Vologda region, Veliky Ustyug, Oktyabrsky lane, 1A, Father Frost’s Post Office, Father Frost.

Father Frost’s address in Moscow and St. Petersburg

Today almost every shopping center on New Year’s Eve opens its magician’s residence and mailboxes for letters. We will give you the most authoritative in both capitals:

A) 109472, Moscow, Kuzminsky forest, Grandfather Frost.

B) St. Petersburg, Shuvalovka, «Russian Village», St. Petersburg Highway, 111

Addresses of Russian magic-givers

In recent years, a large number of national and regional Santa Clauses have settled in the vastness of our country. Below are the addresses of Grandfather Frost’s colleagues in a fabulous profession in some regions of Russia.

∗ Kysh Babay

422035, Republic of Tatarstan, Arsky district, Yana Kyrlay village.

∗ Tol Babay

427070, Udmurt Republic, Sharkansky district, Sharkan village, st. Svobody, d.9.

∗ Ural Moroz

642002, Sverdlovsk region, Sysert district, pos. Aramil, st. Park Skazov, 1.

188541, Leningrad region, Sosnovy Bor, Geroev avenue, 78, Moroz Dobrodeevich

∗ Lapland Father Frost

184506, Murmansk region, Monchegorsk, Lapland Reserve, Zeleny lane, 8.

∗ Father Frost from Sevastopol

299023, Republic of Crimea, Sevastopol, Pobedy Ave., Ecopark «Lukomorye».

∗ Baikal Father Frost

665904, Irkutsk region, Slyudyanka

∗ Kostroma Snegurochka

156000, Kostroma, st. Simanovskogo, 11.

∗ Arkhangelsk Snowman

163020, Arkhangelsk, Nikolsky Ave., 29, Solombala-Art Cultural Center, Snowman Post Office.

∗ Metelitsa Maiden

612961, Kirov region, Vyatskiye Polyany, st. Lenina, 31.

∗ Mother Winter

165780, Arkhangelsk region, Lensky district, Yarensk, st.

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