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Puerto Rico’s Culture: Folklore

The Taíno tribe-people, the Spaniards, and the black slaves imported
from Africa all contributed to the folklore heritage of Puerto Rico. The
Taíno passed their legends down orally; they were first recorded by the
Spanish colonialists. Some of the Taíno language was preserved by writers
who used Taíno words to describe the alien aspects
of their new surroundings, including casabe (a kind of bread) and
bohío (a native thatched hut).

As for the tribe’s mythology, Fray Damian López de Haro
(1581-1648) and Juan de Castellanos (1522-1607) both recorded some of the
more frequently recited Taíno folk tales. Today, Puerto Rico
anthropologists, writers, and artists are once again examining Taíno folk
culture to better understand their «roots».

Near Caguas North
Toll Plaza

Many of these legends are ghost tales about demons who roam the
island after dark, pursuing food or people or else protecting gold and
loot that pirates long ago stashed away for safekeeping. Much of the
island’s folklore also dealt with the forces of nature that would descend
in the form of a «big blow» (hurricane), decimating local crops and
settlements. Recently some Puerto Rican writers have made serious attempts
to collect this body of written folk tales. Cayetano Coll y Toste
(1850-1930), for example, published his literary classic Leyendas y
tradiciones puertorriqueñas
between 1924 and 1925.

Among many of the African customs and beliefs Santería played and
still play an important role in Puerto Rican Folklore. The practice of
Santería dates to the fifteenth century when its earliest practitioners —
members of the Yoruba people of West Africa — were brought to Puerto Rico as
slaves. Not allowed to practice their traditional religion, the Santería
priests, called Santeros, hid their rituals under the guise of Roman Catholic
figures. To find more about Santería and its rituals you should visit a
Botnica, a specialized shops that retail a variety of articles such as
figurines of plastic, wood, wax and porcelain, pictures of saints, rosary beads,
candles, dried herbs, amulets, prayer books, and other religious pieces, mixing
Christian, African and Caribbean motifs.

One of the most prominent Puerto Rican figures is «el jíbaro»
(hillbilly), a country person from the mountainous interior, is an idealized
folk hero, common in island literature and the arts. The jíbaro
continues to fascinate artists of various disciplines, and the term is used on
a daily basis as a sign of affection, but occasionally as an insult.

Local Holidays


In Puerto Rico, as in most of Latin American countries, Christmas traditions have
their roots in Catholicism. Due to the influence of other cultures (such as U.S.),
some traditions have evolved and changed through time.

Puerto Rico’s Christmas season is long, starting right
after Thanksgiving day and officially lasting until Three Kings Day on January
6. Yet, this can extend until «Las Octavitas», eight days after Epiphany.
Homes are decorated with lights and poinsettias, Christmas trees and scenes of the
Nativity, also known as «nacimientos» or «pesebres» are very popular. The season
combines delicious food, great music and festive merry-making. Typical dishes
are roast pork, seasoned rice with pigeon peas, fried plantains, cooked green
bananas, cooked yam and «pasteles», made of mashed plantains or yucca, filled
with meat and other vegetables, wrapped in the leaves of the banana tree. The
favorite desserts are «arroz con dulce» (rice cooked with spices, raisins,
sugar, milk, and coconut milk) and «tembleque» (a custard made with cornstarch,
sugar, and coconut milk). The most famous drinks are rum and
«coquito» prepared with coconut milk and rum (Puerto Rico’s counterpart to
the American eggnog). Other Christmas foods include Spanish «turrón» (a hard
white nougat with almonds), Spanish apple cider, nuts, and assorted candies.

Friends often form «parrandas», «asaltos» or «trullas», a more
joyful group than typical North American Christmas carolers. Lively music is sung
usually to bongo, guitar, guiro and other musical instruments accompaniment as the
group goes to visit homes of unsuspecting friend’s, eats and drinks, and then moves
on to the home of another friend. The cycle repeats itself, usually until next
day. Christmas Eve is a more solemn occasion spent at home with family.

On December 24th, a Catholic mass is celebrated at midnight, called
«Misa de Gallo«, celebrates the birth of Jesus. On this day, commonly
known as «Nochebuena«, many families organize a special dinner or party
to celebrate.

On December 25th, Puerto Ricans celebrates Jesus’ birthday. Santa Claus
brings gifts to the children who had been good during the year. This
tradition originated in the U.S., but since the 1940’s has become part of
Puerto Rico’s Holiday traditions.

On December 28th, marks the day of the Holy Innocents. Catholics
commemorate the mass slaying of male children by Herod in Bethlehem following
the birth of Christ, as it is told in the Gospel.

On December 31, people celebrate the end of the year with relatives and
friends. The major event occurs at midnight, when everybody greets and hug
each other and wishes good luck and happiness to everyone. Some traditions
includes: a) eating 12 grapes, one for every time the clock rings its bells
to tell time. It is believed to bring good luck to those who can eat all 12
grapes before the clock stops ringing the bells b) throw out a bucket of
water by the balcony or window, it is believed to scare away bad luck.

On January 5th, the feast of Epiphany’s Eve, children place water and
grass under their beds for the three wise men’s
(or the Three Kings, as they are better known locally) camels, and in
return, the Three King’s brings presents, which they leave under the bed,
after the camels eat the grass. Children wake up early on January 6 («Dia de
Reyes») to check out what Baltazar, Melchor, and Gaspar left them. Epiphany
commemorates the day in which the three wise men arrived bearing gifts for the
Christ child. On this day, the Governor’s Mansion in the capital of San Juan is
opened to large crowds of wellwishers who are treated to toys,
refreshments, and musical entertainment.

During this season the San Jose Church in San Juan, features an animated
Nativity scene — birth of Christ. In addition, on January 6, the Governor’s
Mansion in San Juan opens its facilities to large crowds to well wishers who
are treated to toys, refreshments, and musical entertainment.

Town Festivals

Each town celebrates an annual festival to honor its patron saint. The
festivities usually last as week and features dances, food, parades and
religious processions. There are also other holidays, sometimes called
carnivals, that have been adopted from Catholic or pagan traditions. Special
folk festivals, usually featuring an important product to the
region, also take place, such as Yauco’s «Festival Nacional del Café».

Traditions and Special Events


Throughout history there have been interesting similarities in the
wedding traditions all around the world,
but there are also some differences in the way they get married and
celebrate such event. One unique characteristic of a Puerto Rican wedding is
the bridal doll. A bridal doll, in a dress identical to the
brides’ gown, is usually placed on the head or center table with
souvenirs attached to its dress.
During the reception, the bride and groom will walk to each
person and thank him or her for their presence at the nuptials.
Each person is then pinned with a souvenir, some people in return
pins dollars into the doll’s dress.


The quinceañera tradition started centuries ago with the indigenous
people as an important social ritual to commemorate the transition from
adolescence to womanhood. At that time, fifteen year old girls were taken from
their families to prepare for womanhood by learning about the history and
traditions of her people. The return of the girl to the community was cause for
a great celebration because of her new found knowledge and understanding of
what womanhood entailed.

Today, this celebration often includes a religious ceremony at
church, more often practiced in the Catholic Church, although other
religions have similar services to celebrate the young woman’s coming of age,
followed by a party.

The girl on her special day wears an extravagant white or pastel ball gown,
similar in style to a modern day wedding gown. During the festivities,
males take turns dancing with the girl and as customary, the first
dance is a waltz danced with her father. Dinner is often included as
part of the night’s festivities and the cutting of the multi-tiered cake.


The Guayabera — Traditional dress for men on the island.
Shaped rather like a jacket or an extended shirt, this is worn as the
outer garment over an undershirt or T-shirt. Most are made of cotton and
are worn during the day, but there is a more formal version for evening
wear, made with pineapple fiber. The guayabera is usually
embellished with patterned embroidery, running in stripes down the

Dominoes — Played in just about every bar throughout the
Caribbean. The pieces are usually laid on the playing board with a grand
flourish and loud slap.

Azabache BraceletsMal de ojo, or evil eye, is believed to
result of excessive admiration or envious looks by others. Having newborn
babies wear an azabache (a gold bracelet or necklace with a black or red coral
charm in the form of a fist), is believed to protect them from the evil eye.

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Ejemplos de las transferencias: shooter schiftowe

Sinónimos & Antonimos: no encontrado





Preliminated for tosy standard, cabled for pin 2 and 3 varia.

Antes de la introducción de este estándar, el cableado de los pines 2 y 3 variaba.

Romano — British brocade braid with jet pintow , intended in a tin ark in Roman York. nine0266

Pieza de pelo romano-británica con horquillas azabache encontrada en un ataúd de plomo en la York romana.

Formiraneto ponyakoga can and all feel kato ushchane for sirbezh, iztrpvane, shiftove and needle, parene or dori bolka.

Hormigueo veces puede experimentarse como sensaciones de picazón, hormigueo, hormigueo, ardor g, o incluso dolor.


The tool can be folded and re-glued without tools using the locking system , similar to the basin, used in earlier projects in HK.

El arma se puede desmontar y volver a montar sin herramientas mediante un sistema de pasadores transversales similar al utilizado en los diseños anteriores de HK.


Visokiyat, vertically strung in good order grand beshe cut down cato grandiose edge set, with scoreboard and bridge above the key and adjust shift tove under the tie.

El piano de cola alto y verticalmente colgado estaba dispuesto como un gran conjunto de punta, con la caja de resonancia y los puentes sobre las teclas y clavijas de afinación debajo de ellas.

Tozi svetski schepsel, which is still understood to be in the region, and the dimensions are and the distances are equal to the Europlug, but the lip is insulating the coupling.

Este enchufe soviético, que todavía se usa a veces en la región, tiene dimensions de clavija y espaciamiento igual al Europlug, pero carece de las mangas aislantes.

Some audiophile expressions, such as amplifiers, continue and provide point-to-point connections, which use the terminal pintove , often in a lot of small quantities.

Algunos equipos para audiofilos, como los amplificadores, continúan estando conectados punto a punto usando clavijas terminales, a menudo en cantidades muy pequeñas.

Pin to the boards on the USS Constitution and many other ships sailing in the direction from lignum vitae.

Los pasadores de seguridad y los cerrojos a bordo del USS Constitution y muchos otros veleros estaban hechos de lignum vitae.

Without inductor plug-in for charging Buton for Verizon Branding houses.

Sin pines de carga inductivos Botón de inicio Marca de Verizon.

Devices for communicating with light through a set from the entrance and exit schiftove .

Los dispositivos se comunican con el mundo a través de un conjunto de pines de entrada y salida.

Early chips from type 11 and 12 are also linear and neutral pin without pin with arm, which presents a risk of impact if partially closed in close contact.

Los enchufes de tipo 11 y 12 anteriores tenían clavijas de línea y neutrales sin clavijas con manguito, que presentan un peligro de descarga cuando se insertan parcialmente en enchufes no empotrados.

9 bjlt, win from the loss of the pallets, the trembling is limited from the immovable wall, and not from the pin or spike.

9 El ángulo atravesado por la palanca de la paleta debe estar limitado por muros bancarios fijos y no pasadores o tachuelas.


Traditionally Danish contacts with the switch for prevention at the final cut on the pin under the stress at the connection / disconnection at the tongs.

Tradicionalmente, todos los enchufes daneses estaban equipados con un interruptor para evitar tocar las clavijas activas al conectar / desconectar el enchufe.

Molex connector e terminator for interconnection at switch and contacts from two parts.

conector Molex es el termino vernáculo para una interconexion de clavija y enchufe de dos piezas.

Right-handed metal wrapping, flashing shifter , acting as a screen for the electrical shifter and iron attractor for the magnet in the laptop.

La cubierta metálica rectangular que rodea los pines actúa como blindaje para los pines eléctricos y un atractor ferroso para el imán del portatil.

30-pin SIPP modules are compatible with 30-pin SIMM modules, explaining the protection of some SIPP modules in the SIMM modules with pintove , top connector.

Los módulos SIPP de 30 pines eran compatibles con los módulos SIMM de 30 pines, lo que explica por qué algunos módulos SIPP eran de hecho módulos SIMM con pines soldados a los conectores.


Mechanic alarm clocks and kitchen timers use a slightly precise shape on a lost, somewhat vertical metal shifter sa replacement for jewelry from a pallet.

Los despertadores mecánicos y los temporizadores de cocina utilizan una forma menos precisa de la palanca en la que los pasadores metálicos verticales se sustituyen por las joyas de paleta.

Thomas is out of surgery for premahvane at schiftow in lavata si pinka, cogato quarterbeckt Payt’n Maning signed with the Broncos pres season 2012.

Thomas venía de una cirugía para quitarse los alfileres del dedo meñique izquierdo cuando el mariscal de campo Peyton Manning firmó con los Broncos durante la temporada baja de 2012.

Adafruit V2 motor shield using I²C, low digital I/O shiftove , splintered off on all engines directly.

El protector de motor Adafruit V2 usa I²C, requiriendo mucho menos pines de E / S digitales que conectar cada motor directamente.

Known for the collection of dry-mounted insects and insect labels schiftow and for many species of specimens, it will probably remain such in the foreseeable future. nine0266

El formato más conocido para la recolección de insectos es el montaje en seco y el etiquetado en alfileres, y para muchos tipos de muestras es probable que esto siga siendo así en el futuro previsible.

Shot with shiftove , also known as thermal cauterization, its treatment on wounding on cracking on the end through burning, freezing or dousing with kisselin or irritating chemicals. nine0266

El disparo de alfileres, también conocido como termocauterio, es el tratamiento de una lesión en la pierna de un caballo, al quemarlo, congelarlo o rociarlo con productos químicos ácidos o cáusticos.

Split and contact from type I from different pages and mat different length on pin .

Los enchufes y enchufes de tipo I de diferentes paises tienen diferentes longitudes de clavija.


Task on the player and destroy the sting as much as possible from the RPG operator, shoot on the position on the defender.

La tarea del jugador es destruir la mayor cantidad posible de operadores de juegos de rol que disparan contra las posiciones de los defensores.

Izlizaiki from the estate on Khark, those amirat are still very good schiftove and sa hvanati vbv time off, leave Gabe and Jim in kapan in minaloto.

Al salir de la mansión Hark, encuentran más alfileres de clase y quedan atrapados en un cambio temporal, dejando a Gabe y Jim atrapados en el pasado.

Clutch on the housings on the clutch / lowering on the ground with a shackle on the springate on the sheet instead of pumping pintove , available in other designs.

El conjunto de la carcasa de agarre / gatillo se mantiene en su lugar con un clip de resorte de hoja bastante frágil en lugar de los pasadores cautivos utilizados en otros diseños.

Pletchet behind the tares sabers were used to crawl behind the cardboard charter and cutting pintove for a long time, the Romans actively razed and watched the tares. nine0266

Las plumas de erizo se usaron para cartulina y alfileres de disección mucho después de que los romanos criaran y criaran erizos activamente.

Traditionally, boats use a variant of the term, greenpoint, but they describe water in a sporty way, using a boat is a natural defense, i.e. without using pre-installed bolt or pin . nine0266

Los escaladores tradicionales a veces usan una variante del término, greenpoint, para describir la conducción de una escalada deportiva usando solo protección natural, es decir, sin usar pernos o pasadores colocados previamente.

Switch off pintove sa — sack for changing the cable, splitting it to the connector, tying up the computer, so it’s more common to use the connector for fixing the country on the interface. nine0266

clavijas dobladas son más fáciles de reemplazar en un cable que en un conector conectado a una computadora, por lo que fue común utilizar conectores para el lado fijo de una interfaz.

Throw back the heavy weight shooting bolts, burning out all bones.

Su cuerpo envió dolores y molestias punzantes, quemando todos los huesos.


The cavalry is on the pt, encumbered with the pinching of the scissors and the top of the head is fully welded for shackle .

La caballería está en camino, armada con tijeras dentadas y un cojín de alfiler completamente cargado.

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Meihan Debelo naravno Jet premog (2 niti/veliko) 6 mm krog izgubijo kamen kroglice Za nakit DIY, zaradi česar popust / Biseri & nakit, izdelava \ www.


Fine ali Moda 58 : Moda
Blagovna Znamka : Mei Han Xing
Postavka Vrsta : Biseri
Material : Poldragi Kamen
Postavka Obliko : Krog-briljantno-oblike
Kovina Tip : NOBEN
Velikost : 6mm
barve : Naravni
Številka Modela : PG1182
Element Teža : 12g
Količina : Približno 60 kroglic/sklop
Zunanji Premer : 6mm


  • Opis
  • Mnenja in ocene
  • nine0241 Brezplačna dostava naravne 6 mm Jet nemoteno krog svoboden kroglice kamen 100%, novega Proizvoda Material: Jet o Velikosti: 6 mm Luknja o: 1 mm Količina: Približno 60 kos/sklop Teža:Cca 12 g/sklop Barva:Naravna

    Smo have4mm,6mm,8mm,10mm ,12mm in druga oblika te kroglice. Prosimo, da si ogledate našo spletno trgovino.hvala!

    Dobrodošli v naši trgovini!

    *Mešana naročila, dobrodošli!OEM naročila dobrodošli!

    *Da lahko mix vse izdelke iz naše trgovine togethe.Veliki popust za velike debelo red! nine0240

    .Naročil je več kot 150 USD, bomo ga pošljete po EMS ali DHL brezplačno.


    *Vsa naročila so poslana v roku 3-7 days.

    *Smo ladje vse naše artikle worldwild z EMS, DHL, FedEX, Kitajska Pošti ali Hong Kong Post. Pred naročilom vas prosimo, obrnite na nas, da potrdite vašo pošiljko način. ,intraja 7-12 days by EMS/DHL/FedEX.

    *Bomo poslali vaš reč na vaši registrirani naslov, ki kaže, v,zato prosimo, da preverite, ali je pravilna. dobite svoje parceli obicajno. nine0240

    *Bomo poslati predmet, kot «darilo», in ne nosimo carin ali davkov.

    *Včasih bi bilo več, ker je slabo vreme, izguba časa v carinjenje. Zato prosim, počakajte potrpežljivo, če ne prejmete vaš element na čas.

    Lahko, da ena več izdelki za nas,prosimo, da jih postavite v košarico skupaj,in zahteva od nas, da se združijo prevoz.Vedno smo poslali brezplačno presenečenje darilo za vaš paket.

    About us

    Prestyle-gem — online trgovina kroglice in nakit shranjujte v Guangzhou,Kitajska,je poklicni trgovec z biseri,jewely in dodatki potrebščine za več tisoče visoko kakovostnih izdelkov vse na veleprodajnih cen.Tukaj lahko dobite najširši izbor poldragi gemstone izdelka.Smo lahko tudi po meri kroglice glede na vašo željo ali načrt.


    Lahko zahtevate vračilo ali zamenjavo, če smo:

    -Narobe elemente poslal; -predmet, ki je količina težave;

    -Postavka je demaged v tranzitu, in tako naprej; -ne Bomo povracilo ladijskega stroškov.

    Vrne mora izdati kupcu v 15days na datum dostave. Celotno vračilo bodo imeli če so stvari vrnile v prvotno stanje.

    Povratne informacije:

    Pozitivne povratne informacije je zelo cenjeno in bomo naredili enako v zameno. Če ste nezadovoljni zaradi katerega koli razloga, prosimo, obrnite na nas, preden zapustijo povratnih informacij,smo bo z veseljem slove problem.100% zadovoljstvo gotovljestvo! nine0240

    Oznake: motor jet, premog za, natur kamna, žogo kamna, črna azurite, jet ski, han mei, noge natur kamna, biseri nerednih, noge buda.

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100 kozarcev/lot 6 mm/8 mm/10 mm Mešani Okrogle Steklene Kroglice Snow Krekirana Quartz Crystal Kroglice Distančnik Kroglice Za DIY Nakit, Izdelava

100 kozarcev/lot 6 mm/8 mm/10 mm Mešani Okrogle Steklene Kroglice Sneg Krekirana Quartz Crystal Kroglice Distančnik Kroglice Za DIY Nakit, Izdelava
1).Material:Kristalno kroglice
2).Barve:Mešane Barve
4). Diod:100 kozarcev/veliko
5)Opomba:Ob naročilu več kot $150usd, Brezplačna dostava preko DHL, EMS, UPS, FEDEX, in tako



Led Luči Avtomobila Pepelnik S pokrovom Ustvarjalno Osebnost Zajema Multi-funkcijo Avto Notranjost avtomobila pribor za kia rio 3 4 5 k3 k5



2020 Nove Ženske Priložnostne brez naramnic Bustier Obreži Zgoraj Cloud Print Mode Strapless Bustier Zelene in Bele Ulične Dekle Tshirts

2020 Nove Ženske Priložnostne brez naramnic Bustier Obreži Zgoraj Cloud Print Mode Strapless Bustier Zelene in Bele Ulične Dekle Tshirts
Tkanine Vrsto 85% POLIESTER, 15% BOMBAŽ Modela Informacije Teža 55 Višina 1.77 Prsi 85 Pasu 62 Hip 90 dolžina izdelek je 22 cm za vsako velikost 1. Narejen je iz visoko kakovostnih materialov,trajne

€16. 52


2020 Nove Luksuzne Golf Čevlji Moški Dihanje Očesa Golf Superge Človek Čipke Telovadnici Superge za Mens Gume Proti Drsenju Golf Čevlji Moški

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3.Če niste prepričani o velikosti, prosimo, kontaktirajte z nami. nine0240



10 CM dolgo GPS Beidou vgrajeni keramični aktivna antena U. FL priključek IPEX avtomobilsko navigacijo 18*18*5 mm

Dobrodošli v naši trgovini—BIG’K GPS/GSM MODUL STROKOVNO CO,.LTD
GPS Beidou vgrajeni keramični aktivna antena U. FL priključek IPEX avtomobilsko navigacijo 18*18*5 mm Skladu dolžina: 10 cm 2.Priporočamo Izdelki
Placilo:Mi lahko sprejme placilo za Depozitni
1. Mi lahko ladja z vsega sveta. Predmeti, ki bodo dobavljeni v roku 1-3 delovnih dni po tem, ko smo



Poklic Brezžično Baterije Pero Rotacijski Kartuše Tatoo Pralni Pero Stalno Ličila Pralni Tatoo Rotacijski Pero z LED Zaslon

Strokovno Brezžično Baterije Močan motor Tattoo Pero Rotacijski Kartuše Tatoo Pralni Pero Tatoo Komplet z LED Zaslon za Tetovažo
Opis izdelka: ime Proizvoda: EM158 brezžično baterije svinčnik Barva: črna, rdeča, temno siva, zlata Body material: letalstva-razred aluminum Motor motor: uvožene votlih pokal motorja Nazivna napetost: 12V Nazivna moč: 10W Igle0240



Fant dekle Zimske jakne volne dolg plašč za dekleta Teens jesensko jakno toplo vrhnja oblačila Otrok dekleta kariran windbreaker 4T-14T

€20. 96


3.5 mm Jack Žično Glavo Slušalke Hrupa Preklic Stereo Slušalke z Mikrofonom 2M Kabel za PS3 / PS4 PC Gaming Slušalke

Lep design, udobno wear in uporabite priročno.
Jasno in stereo zvoka z nastavljivo glasnost.
Izdelani za udobje in dolge ure igranja.
Združljiv za PS3 in za PS4.
To je tako lahka in kompaktna, da boste komaj opazili, ste jo nosi.
Hrup preklic načrt za zmanjšanje zunanjega vmešavanja.
Nastavljiv naglavni



Neodim magnet 25×9 kosov

Neodim magnet, 25x2mm
Visina mm.
Blagovne znamke magnet-N42
Antikorozijski premazi-NI ali nicuni
Weight-7, 45 g.

€15. 81


Hišni Ljubljenčki Šapa Čistilo Pokal Prenosni Pes, Mačka Stopala Pranje Mehki Silikonski Pet Stopala Pranje Orodje Mucek, Psiček Umazano Šapa Hitro Čiščenje Skodelic



Andoer ABS& Kovinski DV Kamere, Baterija Gori Moč Ploščo za BlackMagic BMCC 4K BMPCC Fotoaparat napajalnik za Sony BP-U60/U30

Baterija Gori Ploščo za BlackMagic BMCC 4K BMPCC Fotoaparat, napajalnik Za Sony BP-U60/U30.
BMCC nastavek za Sony BP-U60/BP-U30 vrsto baterij.
Z DC5.5 2.1 tapnite moč.
Z 1/4 -20 moški navoj za BMCC fotoaparat.
Vključeni BMCC, da BMPCC kabel, lahko dela na BMPCC fotoaparat.
Dolžina kabla: 34 cm; BMCC, da BMPCC kabel dolžina:



KANCOOL 2020 Sweatpants Ženske Vrečasta Sivo Športne Hlače Joggers Ženske Širok Noge Prevelik Ulične Visoka Vitka Hlače Ženske

Značilnosti:Ženske priložnostne svoboden bombaža in platna tiskano široko noge hlače,lepo postavitev modela.
Najboljši Material: Mehko ki je zračen in udoben zelo dobra elastičnost. Dovolj trpežne za vaše vsakdanje obrabe. Elegantna in udobno, ne morete iti narobe s temi neverjetno lepe hlače! Lahek



12 Hitrost Močno Rabbit Vibrator, Klitoris Stimulator G-spot Massager, Sex Igrače Za Ženske Ženski Masturbator Sex Shop

64427 Nov Izdelek
Lastnosti: Visoko kakovostnega silikona z 12 vibracije način kombinacije Nepremočljiva design, enostavno upravljanje: Material: Silikon Barva: Rose, Rdeča, Vijolična, Črna Napajanje: 2 x AAA Baterije( Niso Vključene ) Način: 12 Vibracijsko frekvenco
Zasebnost Zagotovljena: Vaša zasebnost je zelo pomembno za nas.Privzeto ime



Beaufox 613 Blondinka Človeških Las Snope Z Zaprtjem Perujski Telo Val 3 Snope Z Zaprtjem Remy 613 Lase Razširitve

1. Blagovna Znamka: Beaufox Lase 2.Lase Votek: Pralni Dvojno Tkanje 3.Tekstura Las: Perujski Telo Val Človeških Las Z Zaprtjem 4.Barva Las: Blond 613 Barvno 5.Lase Dolžina: 8-26 Palca V Parka, Na Voljo 6 .Lase Teža: 100 g/Snop, zaprtje: 30-60 g 7.Material: 100% Človeških Las, Lahko Pobarvani, Beljeni, Zvit 9.Življenjska doba: traja več kot 12 mesecev 10. Čas dostave: Express Dostava



2020 Novih Zimskih Gum Pletene Obleke Ženske Barvno ujemanje Čipke-up Pulover Obleko Modne Slim za Delo Urada Vestidos

Velikost Grafikona
1 palec = 2.54CM, 1CM = 0.39 palčni velikosti ima lahko 1-3CM napake priročnik measuremt
Predstavitev Modela in Izdelkov
Opis modela je osnovne informacije in velikost on/ona nosi. nine0240

€18. 67


Strokovno Srčkan Kliničnih Akustično Srčno-pljučnega Krvnega Tlaka, Stetoskop Kardiologiji Medicinska Estetoscopio za Zdravnike, medicinske Sestre

Strokovno Akustično Srčkan Srčno-pljučnega Krvnega Tlaka, Stetoskop Kardiologiji Medicinska Estetoscopio za Zdravnike, medicinske Sestre:
— Uporablja se za poslušanje človeškega srca, pljuč in drugih organov utrip zvoka spremeniti,
— Srčno-žilne vidike, uporabite, če želite poslušati srčni utrip, srčni zvok, krvnih žil hrupa, itd..
— nine0240



(Nov Komplet)14 Kosov LED osvetlitvijo trakovi Zamenjava za 40-Palčni TV samsung UA40F5000A D2GE-400SCA-R3 D2GE-400SCB-R3 2013SVS40F

Mnoge TV modeli uporabo različnih sklopov LED trakovi.Prosimo, da se ujemajo z trakovi, prikazano na fotografiji, na izvirnike na vašem , da me. najlepša hvala Velikost (Dolžina): 832mm(L+R) Število LED kroglice: 13 na trak (L+R) Vsako LED Žarnica Napetost:



25 trdnega aluminija zvonovi nanizani lesa osnove z vrvice, trajna in stabilna.
Nežno pometanje prst ali palico skozi visi palice za izdelavo prijeten zvok.
Heavy duty stojalo stojalo, izdelani iz kovin, platiranih s nastavljiva višina: 75-120 cm (2.5-3.9ft).
Svež svetlo zvok, enostaven za namestitev in prenosni.
Idealen za otroke, ki’



145 cm/150 cm Napihljivi Kick Boks Vreča Udarec Usposabljanje Mešalniku Telo Izgradnjo Telovadnice Boks Cilj Napada Sandbag Fitnes Oprema

145 cm/150 cm Napihljivi Kick Boks Vreča Udarec Usposabljanje Mešalniku Telo Izgradnjo Telovadnice Boks Cilj Napada Sandbag Fitnes Oprema
Funkcije: Ta cilj je izdelana iz kakovostnih PVC materiala, lahek in vzdržljiv, dno je odebeljena design, bolj nosljivih in primerna za notranjo in zunanjo uporabo . Ima dva predala, spodnji eden je za vodo ali peska za povečanje teže, da je



Kakovost Pozimi Pari spanja dna moških in žensk zgostitev flanela čiste barve Preprost moški sleepwear hlače, ženske hlače, pižame

Velikost Tabele (Enota cm) ŽENSKE Primerna višina/CM, Primerna teža/kg Oblačila dolžina Hlače dolžina ramenski Stegna Prsi Rokav dolžina pasu Hip M ŽENSKE 50-68 — 94 — — — — 68-88 108 L ŽENSKE 68-72 — 96 — — — — 70-100 110 XL ŽENSKE 72-82 — 98 — — — — 74-110 112 MOŠKI Primerna višina/CM, Primerna teža/kg Oblačila dolžina Hlače dolžina ramenski Stegna Prsi Rokav dolžina



NOOLIM Nordijska Ocean Vzorec Ura Sodobno Minimalistično Ustvarjalne Ura Dnevna Soba Dekoracijo Izklop zvoka Namizja Masivnega Lesa Ura

Postavka Informacije Material: Les Barva:Kot slika Velikost:8 inch Diameter22cm Paket vključuje: 1 x uro Opomba: Zaradi razlike med različnimi monitorji, slika morda ne odraža dejanskih barvo predmeta. Prosimo, dovolite 1-2 cm odklon obstaja zaradi različnih meritev.



Henna Tatoo Steklenico Henna Šoba Aplikator Za Risanje Nalepk Steklenico Z Tesnilni Pokrov,Uporabite Za Črno Kano Tatoo Prilepi Barvo Telesa

4 Šobe so različnih velikosti, od Velikih do Majhnih
Notranji premer: 0.41mm-1.20mm
Nastavite E:2 Steklenici(30 ml)+vse 16 Šob(različnih velikosti)+2 Iglo Nos Caps+2 Ravno Caps+2 Plug Kape
2Needle Nos Caps+2Flat Caps+2 Plug Caps
2 Steklenici(30 ml)+vse 16 Šob(različnih velikosti)+2 Iglo Nos Caps+2 Ravno Caps+2 Plug Kape



LED Grow Light Okvir iz Aluminija Heatsink hladilnega telesa Radiator Rastlin Raste Lučka Okvir za CREE CXB3590 DRŽAVLJAN LED Čipov

Vroce Blago
$3. 98 $4.98
$69.84 $bilo 87.3
$4.98 $7.12
$89.98 $112.48
$119.33 $161.25
$39.59 $65.98
Vroce Blago
$139.03 $201.5
$12.96 $16.2
$4.98 $6.23
$197.31 $209.9
$14.90 $18.63
$66.35 $bilo 87.3
LED Grow Light Okvir iz Aluminija Heatsink hladilnega telesa Radiator Rastlin



Prenosni Mannual strani-tlak pitne vode razpršilnik Izmenljive Cevi Vakuumski Dejanje steklenica za vodo črpalka Kuhinjsko Pipo Orodja

Lastnosti: 100% popolnoma nova in visoke kakovosti.Ni enostavno, da slabo, majhen, enostaven za uporabo, enostaven za prevoz Varno in higienično, mogoče uporabiti z različnimi standard čisto vodo vedra Inovativnih vakuumske delovanje za enostavno črpanje Imajo razstavljeno cev za enostavno čiščenje. Kompaktna velikost, lahki in prenosni, da vas oskrbe zelo enostaven način, da pijte


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