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Uncover Shocking ‘Teen Beach Movie’ Behind-the-Scenes Secrets

Jul 19, 2022 3:27 pm

Shelby Stivale

Fan-favorite Disney Channel Original Movie Teen Beach Movie premiered on July 19, 2013. Starring Ross Lynch, Maia Mitchell, Chrissie Fit, John DeLuca, Grace Phipps, Garrett Clayton, Jordan Fisher and more, the flick followed the story of Brady (played by Ross) and Mack (played by Maia) who find themselves transported into a 1960s musical movie titled Wet Side Story. Following its success, the film’s sequel — Teen Beach 2 — premiered years later, on June 26, 2015.

When reflecting on his time on the film’s set, Garrett (who played Tanner in the flicks) gushed over working alongside Ross.

“He is one of the kindest people. It was just always so easy working together,” the actor said during an April 2020 appearance on the “Christy’s Kitchen Throwback” YouTube show. “A lot of times we would just like sit and hang out until the next shot, which, you know, most of the time you would go and hang out in your trailer alone or take a nap because you’re exhausted or something.”

Garrett isn’t the only one who has epic memories of the movie. J-14 chatted exclusively with one of the Teen Beach Movie backup dancers Britt Stewart in November 2020, and she had nothing but amazing things to say about the film.

“Specifically for Teen Beach Movie, all of us were pinching ourselves while in production because we filmed in Puerto Rico,” she recalled. “The whole time, it really didn’t feel like work. It was just so much fun because we were all there together. It had a very similar vibe to High School Musical as well. We all have maintained friends. We really built this family while we were there in Puerto Rico.”

While it’s been years since the movie premiered, fans are still able to stream both films via Disney+. Over the years, the cast has even revealed a ton of hidden behind-the-scenes secrets that fans probably didn’t know about the films, and J-14 uncovered them all! Looking for some seriously juicy, unknown facts about the musical movies? Not to worry because, from kisses that never happened to how the stars kept their costumes in tact while dancing around, we have you totally covered. Scroll through our gallery uncover some socking behind-the-scenes secrets about Teen Beach Movie

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Disney Channel/Francisco Roman

Tanner and Lela’s Kiss

While chatting with Kim Possible actress Christy Carlson Romano for a YouTube video, Garrett revealed the real reason why his his character, Tanner, never kissed costar Grace’s character, Lela, in either one of the films.

“The man who used to be in charge of Disney Channel movies told us we were supposed to kiss, but ‘you save that for the third one’,” Garrett explained. “I think it wasn’t until after the second one everyone realized, they went to our world and we went to theirs, there’s no third movie. Because it doesn’t make sense.”

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Disney Channel/Francisco Roman

Sewing the Clothes

In order to ensure that the actor’s clothes stayed one while they were dancing around during musical numbers, Garrett told J-14 back in 2014 that, “They actually sew my shirt to the pants so that the shirt doesn’t ride up.”

He also had to change his shirt multiple times because he was sweating so much!

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Disney Channel/Bob D’Amico

R5 Wrote ‘On My Own’

Die-hard fans will remember that Ross and his siblings used to sing in the musical group, R5. Well, as it turned out, they actually wrote the song “On My Own,” which was featured in the second film!

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Disney Channel/Francisco Roman

Filming Locations

Well, technically they did, but according to Jordan, “We’re actually filming on an iguana farm. It’s kind of crazy, we’ll just be walking and be bombarded by iguanas. They’re all over the place.”

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Disney Channel/Francisco Roman

Coming Up With Lines

Yep, a lot of the character’s lines we’re written in the scripts. During the Teen Beach 2 premiere, stars like Piper Curda and Kent Boyd revealed that a lot of what they said was either improv or ad-libbed. Way to go, guys!

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Disney Channel/Francisco Roman

Going to School

While filming the movie, Ross wasn’t 18 yet, so according to him, he was “the only one” who had to do schoolwork while they were on set.

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Disney Channel/Francisco Roman

Maia Mitchell’s Wig

It might be hard to believe but the series’ leading lady actually wore a wig for both movies!
“This is not my hair [it’s a wig]. Mine is actually pretty short,” she dished to J-14.


Disney Channel / Director: Jeffrey Hornaday

Teen Beach Movie is a film within a film, in which two contemporary kids (Ross Lynch and Maia Mitchell) are sucked through a wormhole into a Frankie and Annette-style beach musical set in 1962. Here in the 1962 period is the «cast» of the film within the film preparing to dance among a few of the more than 100 custom surfboards we had made.

Rival gangs of surfers and bikers compete for control of Big Momma’s snack shack. We built this Polynesian-inspired beach hut on a gorgeous cove in eastern Puerto Rico.

A shot of Big Momma’s exterior from the opposing angle.

A detail shot of Big Momma’s exterior.

Big Moma’s interior. This stage set was built, painted, and dressed in nine days. It is in the same studio space as the lighthouse/weather machine (see following pictures). There is only one space large enough to accommodate both sets (one at a time) in Puerto Rico, so the lighthouse had to be demolished, and this set built-in that compressed time. Because of the nature of photographing choreography, sets for dance are seen from top to bottom. So we had to create Big Momma’s interior as an enclosed space. With no time to take ceiling pieces in and out for lighting, we had to design practical lighting solutions into the actual set.

A detail of the dining area and stage in Big Momma’s interior with the house band called, naturally, The Momma’s Boys.

Another detail shot of Big Momma’s interior, showing the multiple levels and the bright, Polynesian sea-scape murals we created to bring a sense of light and air into the space.

A detail shot of the kooky lava lunch counter and kitchen/pass-through in Big Momma’s interior.

A detail shot of the booths and tropical murals in Big Momma’s interior.

The surfers and the bikers square-off West Side Story-style in Big Momma’s Snack Shack.

Big Momma (LaVon Fisher-Wilson) welcomes the gang to her beach-side Snack Shack

Brady (Ross Lynch) jams out “Cruisin’ for a Bruisin’ ” In Big Momma’s Snack Shack.

Part of the plot of the movie within the movie in Teen Beach Movie revolves around an eccentric developer (Steve Valentine) and a mad scientist (Kevin Chamberlin) who are conspiring to destroy the beach and Big Mommas. I built this abandoned lighthouse set to house their dastardly weather machine, seen here, ready to send its evil ray out to ruin the weather and eliminate the waves. VFX extended the lighthouse to its full, interior height, as our studio space was just 25 feet tall.

A detail shot of the mad scientist’s (Kevin Chamberlin) weather control machine. It was built with moving parts that spin in opposite directions, a telescoping center, etc.

A detail shot of the mad scientist’s (Kevin Chamberlin) control unit for his weather machine. 

A detail shot of the massive «power towers» that feed the weather control machine in the mad scientist’s (Kevin Chamberlin) spooky old lighthouse. As is often the case in designing for choreography, a designer must anticipate dancers using every surface and toe-hold in a set as a platform or springboard. We went to great expense to make these huge «electrical» towers completely climbable for the cast. VFX added crackling arcs of electricity from the copper balls atop the towers to the lightning-bolt receivers on the machine.

An outside view of the lighthouse set nearing completion helps illustrate its volume and shape.

The dastardly land-developer Les Camembert (Steve Valentine) and mad-scientist Dr. Fusion (Kevin Chamberlin) conspire to dominate the world in front of their weather control machine.

The beginning and end scenes in Teen Beach Movie take place on the same beach as the 1962 period scenes but in modern times. This is Big Poppa’s (Barry Bostwick) surf shop, a home, and workshop he shares with his granddaughter McKenzie (Maia Mitchell). After the 1962 portion of the shooting schedule was complete, we had just six days to tear down Big Momma’s exterior and build this interior/exterior house, complete with dressing and greens before the company returned to complete shooting.

A detail shot of Big Poppa’s (Barry Bostwick) surf shop. We built this interior/exterior set right at the high-tide line on a cove in eastern Puerto Rico. This way our kids could run out the front door, grab their boards and jump right into the surf. 

An interior shot of the breezy, open kitchen and dining room in Big Poppa’s surf shop/house.  

A reverse shot showing the casual living room in Big Poppa’s surf shop/house. 

The workshop in Big Poppa’s (Barry Bostwick) surf shop. 

A detail shot of the workbench in the workshop of Big Poppa’s (Barry Bostwick) surf shop.

McKenzie’s (Maia Mitchell) bedroom in Big Poppa’s surf shop/house. 

Biker girl Lela’s (Grace Phipps) over the top, early 1960’s bedroom. This was the setting of one half of the musical number «Like Me». 

The folding screen becomes a stage in the song “Like Me”.





























Shyamalan Beach | Colta.


Shyamalan Beach | Colta.ru

July 23, 2021Movie


text: Alexander Pasyugin

© Universal Pictures

«Time» is Shyamalan’s most chamber film so far, shot in almost the same scenery: a deserted beach among the rocks. Heroes are the most ordinary family, father-mother-daughter-son. They come to a respectable sanatorium, and then, in the company of several other vacationers, they go to swim on a secluded beach. You can get to the place only through a crevice — but it is impossible to return: some unknown force does not let the bathers back. It is impossible to swim away from the beach, it is impossible to climb the rocks, this is a mysterious trap where time rushes at a terrible speed and all human life flies by in one day. The unfortunate tourists are doomed to die of old age by the next morning (unless, of course, they kill each other in hysterics first). And so that they — and we — definitely do not get bored, the authors (the film is based on the French comic strip «Sand Castle») throw the corpse of a young woman ashore — and the public is invited to guess for the entire film whether it is a MacGuffin or Laura Palmer. nine0003

Shyamalan often says in interviews that he was always attracted not by exotic horror films with monsters from other worlds, but by something ordinary, simple, easily recognizable, but capable of seeming truly creepy at an unexpected glance. The starting idea of ​​»Vremya» is also very common, even sentimental: children always grow up too fast — here they are still babies, but before you have time to look back, they are already getting divorced and dividing property. Old age comes imperceptibly, but causes the strongest fear — before death. To enhance the effect, Shyamalan specifically selected very different types of characters: different nations, different genders, ages, social status — the viewer recognizes himself in someone. nine0003

Heroes rush along the beach, quarrel, fight (the most spectacular scenes of the film are connected with this, because the wounds instantly heal, and the scars become less and less noticeable — the years fly by), die a natural death or a violent death, but the main question is how to be with Time, can it be defeated? If in Destination there was evil fate, which in the end still overtook the victims, then one of the primary physical categories becomes the enemy of the characters. Time is inexorable, it will still win one day, but we must fight to ensure that the allotted time is longer than a few hours. In general, the conflict of the plot is a thirst for life against transience. nine0003

© Universal Pictures

All elements of the film are subject to this high-concept. The actors — Gael Garcia Bernal, Vicki Crips, Alex Wolfe and others — work «transparently», giving out the usual realistic standard of the game, but without performing any feats like those we saw in «Split». The picture is consistently sunny: sea, waves, beach. Southern beauties become sinister in many respects thanks to the director’s work with sound. Shyamalan sat in the studio for several months (which he reported on his Instagram with pleasure) and created an audio space from which it is impossible to get out … not even for the heroes, but for the viewer. One in which there is never silence. At any point in the hall, the sound of water is constantly heard. It either intensifies, then weakens, then it sounds like a whisper, then it turns into the roar of a storm. nine0003

Another important part of the original sound design is the voices of the characters. We hear how the voice of children breaks, how teenage and youthful inflections are replaced by adult confidence. The heroes who are trapped in time while still young are aging, their voices are weakening, we feel how the vitality is rapidly leaving their bodies. But this is in the original — in the Russian box office these nuances are trampled on by merciless dubbing: in the Russian tradition — to increase the volume of voices, turning the rest of the sound into an optional appendage. nine0003

The ocean in «Time» is a full-fledged participant in the events, and possibly their cause. Water crawls over the sand, beats against the rocks — but some of the sounds that the ocean makes are absolutely impossible to identify. This produces a completely paranoid effect, which is enhanced by voyeuristic angles. Is someone or something following the characters? Why do they age — is it a virus, an illusion, purgatory? The sound of “Vremya” constantly pushes on a false trail with oversaturation of noise, and every time when it seems that everything is finally clear, the sound master key is found, the next move of the water element beats rhythmically the beginning of a new chapter. The calm is replaced by a storm, and it is clear that it is no longer possible to delay. nine0003

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Teen Beach Movie

Teen Beach Movie or Teen Beach Movie (video) and Teen Beach 1 (TV) in Quebec is an American television compilation of a Disney Channel original film directed by Jeffrey Hornaday and distributed in 2013 on the Disney Channel.

This is followed by a second installment, Teen Beach 2 , still directed by Jeffrey Hornaday and released in 2015.


  • 1 Summary
  • 2 Technical data
  • 3 Distribution
  • 4 Original soundtrack

    • 4.1 Songs
  • 5 jokes
  • 6 Notes and references

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Brady and Mac are two surfers in love with each other. Brady is a fan of the musical Wet Side Story (a surfer-biker version of the famous West Side Story ). Mac thinks this musical is stupid. After the death of Mac’s mother, a young girl must return home with her aunt to resume her studies. But she wants to surf one last time; and our two heroes will find themselves swept away by a wave in another dimension: in a musical. However, without doing it on purpose, the film’s two protagonists, Lela and Tanner, fall in love with the wrong person: Lela for Brady and Tanner for Mac. So they try to bring them together, remake the film and thus return home in the future.


  • Original French title: Teen Beach Movie
  • Name of Quebec: Teen movie on the beach (video) ; Teen Beach 1 (TV)
  • Director: Geoffrey Hornaday
  • Screenplay: Vince Marcello and Mark Landry
  • Art Direction: Wing Li
  • Sets: Vera Mills
  • Costumes: Ruth E. Carter
  • Photo: Mark Irvine

  • Editing: David Finfer
  • Music: David Lawrence
  • Choreography: Geoffrey Hornaday
  • Manufactured by: Robert F. Phillips
  • Film company: Rainforest Productions and Disney Channel
  • Distribution Company:
    • US: Disney Channel (TV) ; The Walt Disney Company (Worldwide)
    • France: Disney Channel France (TV) ; The Walt Disney Company, France (worldwide)
  • Language: English
  • Duration: 95 minutes
  • Budget: 8 000 000 $
  • First broadcast dates:
    • US / Canada :
    • Quebec:
    • France :


  • Ross Lynch ( VFB : Maxim Donney ) : Brady
  • Maya Mitchell ( VFB : Nancy Philippot ) : Mackenzie «Mac»
  • Grace Phipps ( VFB : Maya Baran ) : Lela
  • Garret Clayton ( VFB : Christoph Espel) : Tanner
  • John DeLuca ( VFB : Anthony Lo Presti ) : Butchi
  • Chrissy Fit ( VFB : Delphine Chauvier ) : Chichi
  • Barry Bostwick: Big Poppa
  • Suzanne Cryer — Antoinette Fox
  • Steve Valentine ( VFB : Michelangelo Marchese ) : Lester Buckingham (Les Camembert en VO)
  • Kevin Chamberlain ( VFB : Michelle Hinderix ) : D r Fusion
  • Jordan Fisher ( VFB : Karim Barras) : Seacat
  • Molly Gray ( VFB : Laetitia Lienart) : Giggles
  • Kent Boyd ( VFB : Emmanuel Deconinck ) : Rascal
  • Jessica Lee Keller ( VFB : Elizabeth Ginand ) : Struts
  • William T. Loftis ( VFB : Olivier Premel) : Lugnat
  • LaVon Fisher-Wilson ( VFB : Aya Casasa ) : Big Mama

Original Soundtrack

Soundtrack released . The album became the fourth best-selling soundtrack in the US in 2013, selling 407,000 copies in a year. The album peaked at number three on the Billboard 200 chart.


nine0476 2:25

1. Oxygen Maya Mitchell 3:01
2. Surf Crazy Garrett Clayton, Keely Hawks and the cast of Teen Beach 3:02
3. Cruisin’ for the bruise Ross Lynch, Jason Evigan ( out ) and Grace Phipps 3:15
4. Falling in love with me Grace Phipps 3:12
5. Destined to be Ross Lynch, Garrett Clayton, Maia Mitchell and Grace Phipps 3:45
6. Like me Ross Lynch, Garrett Clayton, Maia Mitchell and Grace Phipps 3:18
7. Must be ( 1 refurbishment ) Garrett Clayton, Grace Phipps 1:40
8. Can’t stop singing Maya Mitchell and Ross Lynch
9. Must be ( recovery 2 E ) Ross Lynch, Maya Mitchell 0:34
10. Catch the wave Ross Lynch, Maia Mitchell and the cast of Teen Beach 3:01
11. The coolest cats in town Spencer Lee, Jason Evigan and Grace Phipps 2:45
12. Crazy Surf Final «Actors of the movie» Beach on the beach » 2:31
13. Cruisin’ for the bruise (karaoke) 3:15
14. I fall in love with you (karaoke) 3:12
15. Catch the wave (karaoke) 2:58


  • This film pays homage to five films: High School Musical , Grease , West Side Story , Back to the Future , and Bingo on the Beach .
  • At the end of the movie, we see a photo of Justin Bieber on the surfer’s mobile phone.
  • Surfers’ favorite replica is Cowabunga. nine0238

  • The songs Like Me and Cruisin’ for a Bruisin’ are homages to the songs Summer Nights and Greased Lightnin from the movie Grease.
  • Near the end of Fallin’ for Ya , when we see Tanner talking to Mac, we can still hear Grace Phipps’ voice, but since she’s talking to Brady, she doesn’t sing anymore, which means the scene is from Lela and Brady comes after Mac.

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