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10 Key Things to Know About Renting a Car in Puerto Rico

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Renting a car in Puerto Rico is a great way to quickly move around the U.S. territory’s capital city of San Juan or explore the astounding wildlife, waterfalls and beaches beyond the city. Here are some special considerations you should keep in mind.

Essential Tips for Renting a Car in Puerto Rico

Book from home.

Don’t wait until you get off the plane to rent a vehicle. It will be cheaper to book your car before leaving home.

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You can use your U.S. license.

Remember, Puerto Rico is part of the U.S. and you don’t even need a passport to fly there. You can drive with your state-issued license without worry.

Check your insurance coverage.

Renters are liable for third-party damages, so double check that your personal auto policy or credit card coverage extends to Puerto Rico.

Be careful about parking in Old San Juan.

San Juan’s lack of efficient public transportation and its relatively expensive taxis make the city a great place to have your own wheels, but note that the Viejo San Juan (Old San Juan) neighborhood is a tricky place to drive because of its tiny, congested streets. Save the hassle of finding a space (and potential landing a ticket) by parking in a garage and then exploring on foot.

You’ll pay in U.S. currency.

Again, Puerto Rico is part of the U.S. and uses the dollar. Therefore, there’s no need to worry about Dynamic Currency Conversion when using a credit card to pay for your rental.

Know how electronic tolls work.

Puerto Rico uses an electronic tolling system on certain roads called AutoExpreso, which is similar to E-Z Pass in the mainland U.S. Travelers have reported that buying your own transponder to avoid paying the car rental company’s fee is not an option, and that some toll booths might not have a cash option for payment. Consequently, you should accept the transponder fee if you plan to drive extensively around the main island.

Distance and speed is measured in kilometers, not miles.

One notable difference between Puerto Rico and the U.S. is that driving speeds are measured in kilometers instead of miles. The signs will also be in Spanish, so it’s best to familiarize yourself with some basic vocabulary before you go.

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Plan trips to neighboring islands carefully.

While it is technically possible to transport cars in a cargo ferry to the neighboring islands of Culebra and Vieques, several travel websites warn that rental car companies generally prohibit this in their rental agreements. Trying it anyway is risky because trucks have priority over cars when competing for space on the boat, and you may not be able to return as planned. Therefore, it’s best to plan a trip to the islands at the beginning or end of your vacation and rent a car there if you need one.

Inspect the car carefully before driving it off the lot.

Make sure to protect yourself from potential false damage claims by carefully look over your car before taking it for a spin. Document every nick, scratch or dent. Your smartphone will come in handy for taking photos of any imperfections to ensure you won’t have to pay for them later.

Check out local options as well as international chains.

Big-name U.S. car companies such as Enterprise and Avis have a presence in Puerto Rico, but it’s also worth checking out some local chains such as Charlie Car Rental and Target Rent-A-Car to compare prices.


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Tips for Driving Your Rental Car in Puerto Rico

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    Driving License Requirements in Puerto Rico

    The driving license requirements in Puerto Rico state that you must have a full driving license that is valid in your country of residence in order to operate a vehicle.

    Puerto Rico Driving Age Restrictions

    To rent a car in Puerto Rico you need to be at least 25 years old and have held your driver’s license for over a year.

    Driving Distances

    • San Juan to Aguadilla — 82.6 miles (1 hour 40 minutes)

    • Manati to Mayaguez — 69 miles (1 hour 30 minutes)

    • Rio Grande to Ceiba — 18 miles (30 minutes)

    Road Rules and Refueling Stations

    • General Puerto Rico driving information, laws rules and regulations:

    • Driving in Puerto Rico is on the right hand side of the road, similar to the United States of which it is a territory, be sure to remember this when driving a rental car in San Juan.

    • Seat belts when driving a vehicle rental in Puerto Rico are mandatory and must be worn at all times while inside the vehicle.

    • Children under 12 require a child seat that must be placed in the back

    • The use of a mobile phone while driving is prohibited, with the exception of a hands-free system.

    • Drivers are to carry at all times while driving, a valid driver’s license, registration documents and insurance documents in the event of an accident or being requested by the local law enforcement.

    • Many of the Puerto Rico gas stations are open 24 hours a day, offering both full and self-service. Keep in mind that gas is sold by the liter.

    Tolls in Puerto Rico

    Puerto Rico has three toll roads. These are relatively cheap and usually far less congested than other roads, making them a practical alternative for driving around with a rental car in Rio Grande.

    Parking Information

    Parking in Old San Juan is pretty much non-existent, except for the parking lot La Puntilla, which charges a fixed daily rate. Why not check the Puerto Rico parking information with your hotel before your arrival?

    One-way Car Rental

    Domestic one-way rental cars within Puerto Rico is possible. Some restrictions and charges do apply. International one-way rental cars are not permitted.

    When you book a rental vehicle it’s important to take a look at the above Puerto Rico driving information, rules and regulations about driving your rental car, in order to ensure you have the safest possible journey.

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    Other car rental companies in Puerto Rico

    Popular car models from AVIS in Puerto Rico


    Fiat 500

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    Citroen C1

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    Opel Astra Estate

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    You can always count on our help if something goes wrong. This makes Bookingautos.com a reliable and caring car booking service.

    AVIS — Puerto Rico offers rental of economy cars, compact cars, SUVs, convertibles and electric vehicles. Large companies can rent a passenger minibus, and a family with children can rent a minivan. nine0003

    What you need to know about AVIS

    AVIS helps travelers not only relax in comfort, but also plan their budget wisely. AVIS offers nice bonuses. With the AVIS loyalty card, additional options are available, a free car category upgrade and a rental discount.

    In some cases, the company is willing to provide services without a credit card. This will allow debit card holders to rent cars too.

    When ordering a rental in AVIS (Puerto Rico), a discount of up to 30% is provided. nine0013

    The discount is valid when ordering a car for 5 days or more, and its application is possible for cars of the categories Standard, Business, 4×4 and Minivan.

    • Booking Audi A4 at least 3 weeks prior to receipt, gives a discount up to 25% .
    • Renting a car BMW 7 Series for 7 days will save you 20% .
    • If you book VW Tiguan for 3 days with pickup in Puerto Rico, the discount will be 15% .

    AVIS approaches clients individually. Everyone has the opportunity to receive additional services for free, or at a reduced price. These services include the possibility of unlimited mileage. The «Additional Driver» service is also available, when the rental company allows several drivers to drive the car at no additional charge.

    Monthly car prices with AVIS in Puerto Rico



    AVIS Car Rental — Aguadilla — Airport [BQN], Puerto Rico — TREWL.com

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    AVIS Car Rental — Aguadilla — Airport [BQN]

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    This list shows cars provided by AVIS in Aguadilla — Airport [BQN], Puerto Rico. Cars from AVIS
    circled in orange. The list also shows cars from other suppliers and in neighboring locations, so that
    you could choose the option that suits you best for the price or other parameters.

    AVIS rental cars in Aguadilla — Airport [BQN] and other relevant cars

    Suzuki Aerio


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    Chevrolet Malibu


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