La marquesa puerto rico: Go For a Walk in La Marquesa Forest Park

Zip Line Adventure at Parque La Marquesa in Guaynabo

As mentioned in me previous post, we had family visiting from the mainland and took in Canopy Tour’s Zip-line traverse on the grounds of the ‘Parque Forestal La Marquesa’ in Guaynabo. This is a very nice park and worth a visit even if you don’t do the Zip-line thing.

Note that this is a very funky 11 minutes 30 seconds of pure fun.

Since I had not done this before, I was not sure on how to rig for it. What’s more, I had not done any prep for my new Sony HDR-AS10 ‘ActionCam’ so I shot this from my Sony NEX-7, instead. I had never used the NEX-7 for video either, but at least I was familiar with the camera. To add insult to injury, I could not hold the camera in my hands since you need both hands free to steady yourself when running down the Zip-line.

This meant I had to strap the camera to my waist via another camera strap at the very last minute.

This accounts for much of the video being shot at a silly angle with a waist level view, but I think it adds to the ‘crude’ look of the finished product.

I used a Sigma AF 10-20mm zoom at the 10mm focal length and set focus to infinity. I forgot the masking tape I usually use to lock the lens down so it kept creeping off the mark requiring me to reset often.

Also worth mentioning, once we got into the shadow side of the mountain, it became relatively dark. Because I had strapped the camera to my waist, I could not see to reset the ISO to 400 or 800 to deal with the reduction in available light.

I ordered the headband clip for the little HDR-AS10 so I’ll be better prepared, next time. With this, I could strap it to my arm for a better perspective.

Please know that my remark about mosquitos was regarding Alaska and NOT Puerto Rico. We have mosquitos here, but nothing like Alaska in the summer.

The background score ‘Ritmo de Amor’ was courtesy of Los Macuanos and was downloaded from the Free Music Archive. A great music resource.

My only complaint is that there was a fair amount of walking to get down to the first launch platform and then at the end, we had to trudge uphill to get back to the original staging area. I cut a lot of video from this part of the trek. I was beat by the time we stepped off the last Zip-line, but then I’m out of shape and that’s due to my ankle condition.

Both paths could use some ‘dressing’, but there were good ropes or railing to hang onto so it was not too bad. Sturdy walking shoes or boots would be a good idea.

Forget the flip-flops.

Cost was typical for this kind of venue. Reservations are a good idea because they are very busy on the weekends or holidays. We were there on a Thursday afternoon so traffic was light. Allow plenty of time for this if you are in a large group.

The Canopy Tour’s Website has more specifics and you can get your tickets online too. I score a small commission for the sale, but it does not affect the ticket price.

In the end, It still rates 5 Skulls on me Scurvy Blog.. ARRG!

A special thanx goes out to Manuel and his crew, we felt very safe the entire time. Would I do it again? HECK YEA!!! It was awesome!

Copyright © 2009~2020 Robert Westmoreland —, Comm Rights Reserved, CC3, ShareAlike

Visit La Marquesa Forest Park on your trip to Guaynabo or Puerto Rico

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Tours to La Marquesa Forest Park

80 €
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Hike to a Hidden Puerto Rican Waterfall Adventure

Duration: 6 to 8 hours

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  • By ramon131313»>Visit La Marquesa park was a great experience for my family and my grandkids. You can move to the top of the mountain using a cableway, is an amazing momment. At the top you can see a bir area with… 

    Visit La Marquesa park was a great experience for my family and my grandkids. You can move to the top of the mountain using a cableway, is an amazing momment. At the top you can see a bir area with… 
    more »

  • By Mimibelle

    This place has apparently been closed for some time, possibly due to the hurricane, but as we didn’t know for sure we decided to try driving there. The signage is terrible, and the road gets. .. 

    This place has apparently been closed for some time, possibly due to the hurricane, but as we didn’t know for sure we decided to try driving there. The signage is terrible, and the road gets… 
    more »

  • By 3nity

    Family fun. Well kept: clean and pretty
    The lift’s cabins can get pretty hot during the day. Best to take the lift after 3pm. 

    Family fun. Well kept: clean and pretty
    The lift’s cabins can get pretty hot during the day. Best to take the lift after 3pm. 
    more »

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Chapter 2 The Imposter — Captain Blood’s Good Luck

Chapter 2 The Imposter — Captain Blood’s Good Luck — Rafael Sabatini

It was incredible to believe that the news of Captain Blood’s capture of the Spanish flagship in San Domingo had already reached Puerto Rico, so it was undeniably Spanish the origin of the «Maria Gloriosa» was to be, at least for some time, a reliable credential. Having made an inspection in the rich wardrobe of the Marquis Riconete, Blood came out dressed in a suit of purple taffeta, purple silk stockings and a magnificent baldric of the same color, embroidered with silver. A wide black hat with a scarlet feather cast a shadow over his weathered aristocratic features, framed by curls of a black wig. nine0005

Tall, slender, lean, leaning on a gold-headed cane, Blood stood before the governor-general of Puerto Rico, Don Sebastian Méndez, and gave him explanations in impeccable Castilian.

Most Spaniards called Blood don Pedro Sangre, giving a literal translation of his name[125] often characterizing him as El Diabolo Encarnado[126]. Combining both names, Blood boldly introduced himself as Don Pedro Encarnado, envoy of the Admiral of the Spanish Navy in the Caribbean, Marquis Riconete, who was unable to come ashore in person, being bedridden with an attack of gout. His Excellency the Admiral heard from the captain of a Dutch ship in Saint-Croix about an attack by vile pirates on two Spanish ships coming from Cartagena, who had taken refuge here in San Juan. They saw these ships in the harbor, but the marquis wished to receive more accurate information about what had happened. nine0005

Don Sebastian reacted to the news with great enthusiasm. He was a tall, stout, yellow-faced man with a small black mustache over thick, African-like lips, and many chins that were bluish from shaving.

The Governor-General received Don Pedro with all the ceremonies befitting a representative of his royal majesty, and with the cordiality with which one Castilian nobleman greets another. He introduced his guest to his graceful, shy, and still young wife, and treated him to dinner, which was served in a cool patio under the shade of grape trellises and served by Negro slaves in liveries under the direction of a prim Spanish majordomo. nine0005

At the table, the excitement aroused in Don Sebastian by his guest’s questions flared up with renewed vigor. It was true that ships loaded with valuables had been attacked by filibusters, the same hidos de puta[127] that had recently turned Cartagena into hell. The governor-general filled his tale with revolting details, in no way caring about the feelings of Doña Leocadia, who trembled and crossed herself incessantly during this terrible narration.

Blood’s shock at learning that such abominations were attributed to him and his men was soon superseded by the interest aroused by the news that two hundred thousand pounds worth of silver was stored on board these ships, not to mention almost the same amount of pepper and spices. nine0005

— Can you imagine what a treasure could fall into the hands of that devil Blood! Thank God that the galleons managed not only to escape from Cartagena, but also to escape from further persecution!

— Are you sure this is the work of Captain Blood? the guest inquired.

— There is no doubt about that. Who else would dare to do that? Just let me catch him and I swear I’ll skin him and make myself a pair of boots!

— Sebastian, my love! Doña Leocadia shuddered. How can you say such terrible things! nine0005

“Just let me catch him!” Don Sebastian repeated fiercely.

«Captain Blood may be much closer than you think,» Don Pedro smiled kindly. “Therefore, there is nothing impossible in your desire.

— I pray to God that it be so. And the Governor-General twirled his moustache smugly.

After dinner, the guest bowed ceremoniously, citing the need to present a report to the admiral. However, the next morning Don Pedro reappeared, and as soon as the boat that brought him ashore returned, the white flagship weighed anchor and began to raise the sails. Driven by a fresh breeze that slightly rippled the purple expanse of the sea lit by the sun, the galleon moved slowly east, along the peninsula on which San Juan was located. nine0005

Blood spent yesterday evening studying calligraphy, using the admiral’s writing bag containing the seal of the marquis and sheets of parchment topped with the Spanish coat of arms. The result of this activity was an impressive document, which Blood placed before Don Sebastian, giving him the appropriate explanations.

— Your belief that Captain Blood is in these waters led the admiral to hunt for him. His Excellency has ordered me to remain here in his absence. nine0005

The Governor-General carefully examined the parchment, adorned with a red seal bearing the coat of arms of the Marquis of Riconete. The message ordered Don Sebastian to transfer to Don Pedro Encarnado command of all the armed forces of San Juan de Puerto Rico, Fort Santo Antonio and its garrison.

It was hardly to be expected that Don Sebastian would meekly obey this order. After reading the letter, he frowned and pouted his thick lips.

«I don’t understand,» the governor said. “Colonel Vargas, commander of the fort under my command, is an experienced and knowledgeable officer. Besides,” he bristled suddenly, “I thought it was my job to appoint officers as Governor General of Puerto Rico. nine0005

But Captain Blood was in no mood to quarrel.

— I must confess, Don Sebastian, if I were you — only this is between us — I would feel the same way. But you need to have patience. After all, the admiral is driven by concern for the safety of ships with valuables.

— But I suppose it’s up to me to keep them safe in San Juan. Am I not the king’s representative in Puerto Rico? Let the admiral do as he pleases at sea, but on land…

Captain Blood interrupted him by placing a familiar hand on his shoulder. nine0005

«My dear Don Sebastian,» he spoke, lowering his voice confidentially. “Don’t you know the quirks of royal favorites!

«Royal…» Don Sebastian suppressed his irritation with difficulty. “I have never heard that the Marquis of Riconete is a royal favourite.

— His Majesty’s favorite. It is, of course, between us. Hence all his arrogance. It must be confessed that he abuses the king’s affections. You know how dizzy royal favor is. Blood paused and sighed. “It is very unpleasant for me to be a tool in this attack on your rights. But I am as helpless as you, my friend. nine0005

This monologue made it clear to the governor-general that further bickering would do no good.

Having dealt with the indignation caused by the encroachment on his authority, Don Sebastian yielded to the insistence of Captain Blood, consoling himself with the thought that he at least shifted all responsibility for subsequent events onto the Admiral’s shoulders.

On this day, as on the next two, Peter Blood had to exert all his tact in settling administrative matters with the governor-general and with Colonel Vargas, who was indignant at the attempt on his office. But, seeing that the new commandant was not going to interfere in his military activities, the colonel partially resigned himself to his presence. Moreover, having carefully examined the weapons, garrison and ammunition of the fort, Don Pedro spoke highly of its combat effectiveness and generously noted that all the actions of the colonel deserve all praise. nine0005

Don Pedro landed to take command on the first Friday of June. On Sunday morning, a young officer on an exhausted, lathered horse burst into the courtyard of the governor-general’s mansion. He brought Don Sebastian, who was having breakfast with his wife and the temporary commandant, the disturbing news that some well-armed, apparently pirate ship, without a flag, had attacked San Patricko, located fifty miles from San Juan. He began to bombard the village, though without harming it, not daring to enter the range of the fort’s guns. Unfortunately, the fort is running out of ammunition and there are not enough men to prevent the landing. nine0005

Don Sebastian’s astonishment was so great that it even overcame his anxiety.

— What the hell did the pirates want in San Patrick? After all, there is nothing there but sugarcane and corn.

«I think I can answer that question,» said Captain Blood. “San Patricko is the back door to San Juan, to the value ships.

— Back door?

— Well, yes. The pirates did not dare to make a direct attack on the well-armed fort of Santo Antonio; they hope to get here by land from San Patricko and attack you from the rear. nine0005

Don Pedro’s strategic talent made a deep impression on the governor-general.

— By all saints, you are right! Don Sebastian got up from the table, declaring that he would immediately give the necessary orders, dismissed the officer to rest and refresh himself, and sent a courier to the fort to call for Colonel Vargas.

Walking up and down the long room, shielded from the rays of the sun by curtains, he thanked his holy patron for the fact that thanks to his, the governor’s foresight, the fort was perfectly armed and they were able to send gunpowder and shots to San Patricko to keep those damned pirates at bay. nine0005

Doña Leocadia, who was looking at her husband, looked timidly at the new commandant as he spoke, taking advantage of Don Sebastian’s respite.

— It may very well be a mistake, señor, to take ammunition from Santo Antonio. We may need them ourselves. After all, it is possible that the pirates will change their plans, realizing that the landing in San Patricko is not as easy as they expected. Or it may even turn out to be a feint, undertaken in order to divert part of your armed forces from here. “Blood knew that the latter assumption was true, since it was consistent with his instructions. nine0005

Don Sebastian stared blankly at him, stroking his bluish jaw with his ringed hand.

— It is very possible. God help me! And the headless governor-general relied entirely on the ingenuity of the calm and resourceful new commandant, whose arrival so offended him at first. Don Pedro immediately took command.

— I noticed a lot of ammunition on the ships with valuables. There they are completely useless, and more than enough to help San Patricko. We will take from there not only gunpowder and cannonballs, but also cannons and immediately send them to San Patricko. nine0005

— Do you intend to disarm the valuable galleons? said Don Sebastian.

— And what is the need to keep them armed here in the harbor? A fort is enough for protection. And Blood took action. — Arrange, please, about the oxen and mules needed to transport ammunition. Now as for the people. You have two hundred and thirty men in Santo Antonio and one hundred and twenty aboard the valuable galleons. And how many soldiers are in Fort San Patricko?

— Forty to fifty people. nine0005

— Oh my God! But if the pirates intend to land, then there should be at least four hundred — five hundred people there. This means that Fort San Patricko needs not only weapons, but also people. Colonel Vargas would have to be sent there with one hundred and fifty soldiers from Santo Antonio and fifty men from the ships.

— And leave San Juan defenseless? — Horrified Don Sebastian, unable to restrain himself, added: — You are crazy!

But on the face of Captain Blood there was an expression of complete self-confidence. nine0005

— Not at all. We are left with a fort with a hundred cannons, half of which are of considerable power. A hundred people are more than enough to serve them. And lest you think that I am pushing you into a risk that I do not intend to share with you, I myself remain here and will command the garrison.

The coming Vargas, like Don Sebastian, was horrified by the impending weakening of the defensive power of San Juan. Looking with disdain at the envoy of the admiral, the colonel did not hide the fact that he considered him ignorant in the art of war. But the new commandant quickly knocked him down. nine0005

— If you tell me that we can resist the landing of pirates in San Patricko with less than three hundred people, then you have not yet fully mastered your own profession. And be that as it may,” he added, standing up and thus making it clear that the discussion was over, “now I have the honor to command here, and all responsibility lies with me.

Colonel Vargas bowed dryly, biting his lip, and the governor-general once again offered up a silent prayer of thanks to heaven for having the admiral’s parchment, allowing him to shift all responsibility for the possible consequences of this adventure onto Don Pedro. nine0005

Despite the church bells calling the faithful to mass, and the approaching midday heat, a detachment under the command of Colonel Vargas set out from San Juan, as the matter could not be delayed. The Colonel rode at the head of the column, followed by a long train of mules laden with ammunition and bullock teams pulling cannons along the road that led across the rolling plain to San Patricko.

Who was the Marquis de Campo? Discover 9 Street By Street Characters0001

May 20 of 2022 — 09: 10

revised edition

This is the street where everything happens, the heart of Dénia. But have you ever wondered who is the character that gives him the name? We analyze why José Campo Pérez he deserved that the main artery of Dénia did him justice.

What he did for Dénia

The Marquis de Campo was the one who brought the train to Dénia On March 30, 1884, the Marquis de Campo was present at the opening of the Denia-Gandia-Carcashent railway. A few years earlier, in 1852, José Campo founded the Sociedad de Ferrocarriles del Grau a Xàtiva, the first Valencian railway. He had the funding and advice of the Royal Valencian Economic Society of the Friends of the Country, of which he was a partner, and with the participation of the bourgeois class in his projects. The train was one of the factors that made a decisive contribution to one of the greatest periods of economic development in Denia, which coincided with the peak moments of the raisins. nine0005

But let’s start from the beginning.

The versatility of the Marquis de Campo

José Campo Pérez was born in Valencia in 1814 into a prosperous family, especially from his father, Gabriel Campo Arpa: the paternal family was a family of Aragonese merchants who made a fortune in trade with America. José Campo had many faces: he was a cunning businessman, merchant, publisher, forwarder and politician, and also a symbol of the Valencian bourgeoisie.

He always belonged in politics conservative party and became Mayor of Valencia just 29 years old.

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