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Shopping for the perfect western dress for women

Stylish, fashionable, and definitely statement-making, womens western wear is everybody’s wardrobe favourite. And why wouldn’t it be? The versatility and varieties available in western wear, especially ladies western wear, is mind-boggling. From skirts to tops, western dress for women, to tunics and jackets, denims and trousers, the options are endless. Western wear forms the maximum chunk of our daily wardrobes, and shopping western wear for women online or at stores, is the most fun activity ever! Girl gangs love making a day out of it. All of us have heard of shopping trips and taking a day off to go shopping. It is fun, it entertaining, and is a fantastic way to unwind. 

Womens western wear essentials

If someone was building a western wear wardrobe from scratch, what would be the building blocks? For a womens western wear wardrobe, it is important to have a selection of womens shirts and tops. Now, in ladies western wear, tops can be of various kinds. Shirts are, of course, an option. Then you have t-shirts, and tunics, and long shirts which can also work as an open layer, shackets which can work as a solo top or a layer. Secondly, when shopping for western wear for womens, invest in good dresses for every occasion. A must-buy is an LBD – the Little Black Dress. But, wait. A black western dress for women is the most versatile outfit, and doesn’t need anything else to go with it. It also, doesn’t have to necessarily be little, you know? Along with a black dress, choose dresses of different lengths, different fabrics and cuts that flatter you, and different necklines. There are a vast range of options in western wear for ladies at Westside, and you will fall in love with everything you come across. After dresses, add layers. Jackets, both light and heavy, in a variety of fabrics like cotton or denim, and even leather, are versatile ladies western wear garments, and can easily become a part of any ensemble.  

Winter western wear for ladies

Aren’t we all in love with our winter wardrobes? In western wear for womens, there are so many options for colder weathers. From jackets to knitwear to hoodies, at Westside, whether you are checking out western wear for women online on the website or in the store, you will be wowed by the options. Knitted western wear for ladies definitely are must-buys. Warm and snug jumpers, turtlenecks, knitted cardigans and sweaters, whatever you are in the mood for, is available. Jackets form a large chuck of western wear for womens, and whether you want to play it semi-formal or go full-on biker chick, name the occasion and Westside’s got an option for you. 

Womens western wear at Westside

The wide range of options in western wear for ladies at Westide will surely make you very happy. If you cannot visit a store, shop western wear for women online on the website, and add beautiful outfits to your western wear wardrobe.  

Women Ethnic Wear | Buy Ethnic Wear for Women Online


Shop festive-ready Indian ethnic wear for women online

It’s commonly said that Indian women look the prettiest in Indian ethnic wear. There’s a different allure, an unmatched sensuality in women ethnic wear that can make every woman look dazzling and gorgeous. In India, every region has its own style of ladies ethnic wear. Up north, you will find ethnic wear women in kaftan styles, or pherans, with beautiful embroidery around the neckline, while the western regions celebrate full-outfit needle work of various kinds on ladies ethnic wear, along with a variety of block prints. Central India celebrates the Anarkali with its heavily-pleated body, often decked with embroidery, worn with churidars or wide-hemmed pants called “Shararas”.

Indian textiles and ethnic wear women inspo from Bollywood 

Indian ethnic wear for women truly has a vast range to choose from. Look at the amount of kurti inspirations generations of women have taken from Bollywood? From Rani Mukerji in Bunty Aur Babli to Kareena Kapoor Khan in Jab We Met, their ethnic wear outfits were emulated by women around the country. And can we just take a moment to discuss the treasure trove that is this country’s fabrics? From soft cottons to rich silks, indigenous and regional weaves like tussar and kotki, chanderi and ikkat, to decadent muslins and cotton-silk blends, no country can boast of a wider selection of fabrics and textiles, which makes India’s ethnic wear such a rich combination of tradition, art, history, heritage, and artisanship.

What to keep in mind when shopping women ethnic wear  

The beauty of the country’s ethnic wear also lies in the fact that different women ethnic wear suit different occasions. Ethnic wear women range from minimalistic, casual silhouettes, to heavily-ornate ladies ethnic wear that can dazzle any festivity or personal celebration. Every occasion demands a different look, so shopping for women ethnic wear can be quite the task. Luckily, Westside is the perfect destination when shopping on-ground or for ethnic wear for women online, with multiple ethnic wear women brands to choose from. Westside has a wide range of Ethnic dress, Ethnic suits. You can pair those outfits with matching leggings or churidars, salwar or pants and carry a dupatta or a shawl over your outfit.

And no, it’s not difficult shopping ethnic wear online – just a few clicks and you are all set! You can choose from luxurious kurtas and kurta sets that are ornate, but also sophisticated, and will make you dazzle like the star you are. If you want lighter, more casual, more everyday options, like tops or t-shirts and shirts or tunics Westside’s got you covered. 

Westside is the best destination for ethnic wear for women online

At Westside, there are traditional fits, unique fusion silhouettes that are stylish, comfortable, and most importantly, versatile. Curvier women don’t need to fret either. All sizes are catered to, and these gorgeous designs will make you fall in love with your body, will make you want to flaunt it, and infuse confidence and elegance to be the goddess you truly are. All these options, and so much more are available in stores and in Westside’s ethnic wear online selections. Shopping ethnic wear online need not be a difficult chore. You can comfortably scroll through so many styles and varieties on your phone, and can shop in a jiffy. While earlier it might have been unimaginable to select and shop ethnic wear for women online, today, it’s a dream come true for busy professionals who want to look fabulous.

Why is the west side of the house considered to be hotter?

We often hear that the west side of the house is much hotter than the east side. That the «sun spit» into the western windows is much more active, and so on. Moreover, I myself clearly feel that in the western room after dinner it is hotter than in the eastern room before dinner. =)

But since the time when I studied the principles of solar architecture, I remembered that at astronomical noon (a bit different from the hour) the sun is at its zenith strictly in the south. Therefore, it has the same trajectory at both sunrise and sunset. That is, physics clearly states that in the afternoon in the west exactly the same amount of solar energy arrives as before lunch in the east.

How do you think this can be?

Some time ago I realized the reason.

The amount of solar energy coming to both the eastern side of the house and the western side is exactly the same. But due to the fact that in the morning the earth cooled down, the air (more importantly) cooled down after the night, the amount of heat from direct solar heating seems to be much more bearable.

And in the afternoon, when the air is already hot, the same amount of solar energy is perceived in a completely different way — we are already hot from delta T (a reference to the previous article about MF glass), and then there is direct heating.

Moreover, the re-emission of surrounding objects — fences, other houses, trees — also works to enhance the effect. I would also note that the surface of the earth, on the contrary, does not make a large contribution to overheating, since in the first half of the day it is in the shade and is not heated by the sun (although it is heated by hot air).

What does this understanding give us?

If we build a house on the ground on the principles of solar architecture, then from the point of view of comfort (we are not talking about the views from the window now), it is more profitable to have more glazing in the east than in the west (there is no talk about the southern edge either). That is, we will receive an equivalent amount of solar energy with less perceived discomfort.


If we have a very sunny winter like in Vladivostok. And the frost on the street is such that in the morning and in the evening the minus is the same. And an apartment on a high floor with no surrounding houses. Then, with the windows closed, the amount of solar radiation through the eastern window will be exactly the same as through the western one. But in autumn, summer or spring, when the influence of air on sensations is high, then the eastern room will seem cooler.

I remembered the second important question. Also based on feelings and habits.

Why do residents of the southern regions so often choose to make living room windows on the north side of the house? Because from the sun there is much less direct heating of the northern facade, ground, terrace than on the south, for example, side.

But if we compare the situations — a hot summer in Sochi, a living room with windows to the north and a living room with windows to the south, west or east, but the facade is completely closed from direct heat, for example, by a terrace roof or an awning, etc. Then the difference in the perceived temperature will be determined neither by the street temperature (it is the same around the whole house), nor by direct heating through the glazing or facade (we eliminated it by measures such as awnings, awnings or roof overhangs). The difference will be only in the re-emission of surrounding objects.

And here the most critical point will be the protection against re-radiation of the sun protection element itself.

So, for example, some people make canopies from polycarbonate or bare profiled sheet, which heats up in the sun to 100-150 degrees and becomes a hellish battery for those who are nearby. And no breeze will save, because the radiation is direct, from object to object.

That’s why all sun protection solutions must be thought through . Even roofing canopies and terraces can be made from a profiled sheet, eliminating direct heating.

In conclusion of these reflections, I will repeat the thesis once again:

You can protect your home, your living room from direct heat with the help of solar protection elements. But let the sun in, for example, on a short sunny winter day into the living room , where the windows to the north are practically impossible, will have to spend life in the dusk. =)

In addition, competent ventilation will help control the temperature and comfort in the house — I recommend reading my article about it How to make ventilation in a private house.

Moscow. Western side of Sadovnichesky Island


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Only in Russian


Download the tour to your phone:

All points of the tour

  1. Tour Information
  2. Tour information

    On this tour we will go for a walk around the western part of Sadovnichiy Island.
    We will walk along Raushskaya and Kosmodamianskaya embankments, and then along Sadovnicheskaya street we will reach the Krasnokholmsky bridge.


  3. one

    Raushskaya embankment

  4. 2

    Hotel «Russia»

  5. 3

    HPP-1 im. Smidovich

  6. four

    Military Academy of Missile Forces

  7. 5

    The building of the former tea company «Pyotr Botkin and Sons»

  8. 6

    Church of St. Nicholas in Zayaitsky

  9. 7

    18th century priest’s house

  10. eight

    Big Ustyinsky bridge

  11. 9

    Moscow University of Design and Technology

  12. ten

    Skyscraper on Kotelnicheskaya

  13. eleven


  14. 12

    Kosmodamianskaya embankment

  1. Tour information

    On this tour we will go for a walk around the western part of Sadovnichiy Island.
    We will walk along Raushskaya and Kosmodamianskaya embankments, and then along Sadovnicheskaya street we will reach the Krasnokholmsky bridge.



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