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Escambrón beach

Located on the northern coast of Puerto Rico within the city of San Juan, the capital of the state. It is considered one of the best beaches on the island due to its convenient location, picturesque surroundings and a homely coral reef that protects the water area from strong storms and currents. In 2007, it was awarded the honorary Blue Flag, which guarantees excellent quality of sea water and a high level of beach service.


Beach description

Escambrón is a real corner of the tropical paradise, harmoniously adjacent to a large noisy metropolis. The coastline is quite wide and long, covered with soft golden sand and surrounded by exotic coconut palms. The sea is shallow and warm, with a comfortable gradual entry into the water. There is a coral reef in a few hundred meters from the coast, which serves as a natural barrier to strong waves, treacherous currents, and dangerous marine life. Therefore, on Escambrón you can feel completely safe, in addition, the beach is under the supervision of lifeguards from 8 am to 6 pm. Places for swimming are marked with green flags, after dark it is forbidden to be in the water.

At Escambrón you can rent sun loungers and umbrellas, as well as use showers, toilets and changing cabins. Those who wish to sit on their own towels can easily find a comfortable place in the shade of palm trees or snuggly on a grassy lawn in the eastern part of the beach. Fans of picnics on the seashore can bring food and drinks with them, most importantly, do not light a fire and leave trash behind.

A variety of water rides, rental of sports equipment and other beach activities are available to visitors. You can perfectly swim with a mask and do underwater photography — coastal waters are literally teeming with various representatives of marine fauna in the lagoon. In order not to injure your feet on a sharp reef, you need to take care of special shoes, do not forget about sunscreens. Escambrón is an ideal option for families with young children. The beach is part of the Park of the third millennium (Parque del Tercer Milenio) and is surrounded by a green area with picturesque lawns and shady palm alleys. It offers visitors numerous restaurants, bars and cafes, as well as an amusement park, a stadium and a variety of children’s playgrounds.

The most convenient part of the beach for snorkeling is the eastern one, in the area of the ancient fortification Bateria del Escambrón. The reef comes closest to the shore here, and you can go down to it from a special pier. There is the scuba diving center Try Scuba Diving neeaby, which organizes exciting tours for both beginners and experienced divers. The western part of Escambrón is convenient for surfing — here the reef is as far from the coast as possible and does not prevent the formation of waves. There are a surf school, rental of boards and necessary equipment, as well as a small sporting goods store right on the shore.

When is the best time to go?

Puerto Rico is warm year-round, but from May to November, hurricanes often fly along the coast. One of them only a short time ago literally swept off the pier, which appeared before the camera the famous Despacito, and made it a history. Also during this period is characterized by the increased humidity and a lot of rainfall. The most favorable period is the time from December to April. Puerto Rico is recommended for a tourist holiday in these months.

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In the area of the beach you can find a huge number of various bars, restaurants and cafes for every taste and budget. The most expensive and pompous establishments are located close to the Old Town and the lively shopping area of Condado, there are also expensive chain hotels and luxury villas.

One of the most attractive accommodation options in the immediate vicinity of the beach is a four-star hotel Caribe Hilton, located on the first line a few hundred meters away from the beach. On its vast picturesque territory, there is a magnificent garden with blooming flower beds and fanciful lawns, an outdoor saltwater pool, nine restaurants, a tennis court, sports and playgrounds, a spa and a fitness center. Modern comfortable rooms are equipped with balconies with sea views, there is a private exit to the beach, where you can use umbrellas and sun loungers for free.

There are the remains of the ancient fort San Gerónimo de Boquerón just a few dozen meters away from the hotel , within walking distance of an amusement park with restaurants, bars and nightclubs.

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Of course, the main pearl of San Juan is the Old Town, which, despite numerous wars, pirate raids and other upheavals, has been perfectly preserved to this day. It is in close proximity to the beach of Escambrón, which was once its main harbor. The fortress wall surrounds the city from the north, and the forts of San Cristobal and Fuerte San Felipe del Moro, which are included in the UNESCO World Heritage List, also rise there.

The Old Town is a real open-air museum and the main historical value of Puerto Rico. You can fully experience the spirit of colonial Spain, its unique flavor and charm while walking along its narrow cobbled streets and admiring the ancient buildings dating to the 16th-17th centuries. When walking around the Old Town, you should definitely visit one of the many restaurants in the central square and try the local cuisine, which in an amazing way combines the culinary traditions of the Taino Indians, oriental spices and classic European motifs.

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Escambron Beach in San Juan, Puerto Rico

Balneario El Escambron or Escambron Beach is located in Old San Juan and within biking or possibly walking distance from Condado, Escambron Beach features sunbathing, swimming and reasonable snorkeling and scuba diving. The family-friendly beach is named after a small fortification called Bateria del Escambron and offers plenty to do. Escambron beach is divided into three smaller beaches that compose the entire area.

Escambron beach is a tropical paradise

The first beach, Playa 8, is found as you approach the cooling palm tree shade and the turquoise waters. You’ll notice this beach is protected by a coral wall that keeps the strong surf from coming in, creating a giant natural pool where you can swim, do a little snorkeling and also play. From here, you have a great vantage point to see the National Historic Site from a different point of view. You will also have views of the Capitol Building in Old San Juan.

To the east lies a small beach, Playa 9, but loved by families with small children for its shallow and very clear waters. Bring your snorkeling gear as the area is replete with fish to observe. Typically this beach is the most quiet with less crowds. From this beach you can enjoy sweeping views of the Condado and Ocean Park shores.

Playa 10 lies outside the grounds of Balneario El Escambron and accessed from the east end of the Dos Hermanos Bridge on Ashford Drive, right next to the Condado Plaza Hotel you can enjoy this small popular beach. La Playita del Condado is known for it’s calm waters, easy access and outdoor gymnasium. You can also enjoy snorkeling and swimming in this beach’s shallow waters.

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