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Beaches & Watersports | Things to do in Puerto Rico

If you had to pick just one activity to enjoy on Puerto Rico’s crystal-clear waters, what would it be?

Don’t worry – the good news is there’s no need to choose! Between kayaking, snorkeling, scuba diving, surfing, stand-up paddleboarding, and simply lounging on our world-class beaches, this Island has it all. Explore this section to find ideas for things to do on the water during your trip to Puerto Rico.

Search the Puerto Rico Watersports Directory

Make new friends as you kayak your way through Culebra»s waters. 

Stand-up paddleboarding on clear, calm waters in Rincón.

Have a magical night at Vieques’ bioluminescent bay.  

Surfers await the perfect wave at Domes Beach in Rincón.

A dive instructor jumps into the ocean at Crash Boat Beach.  

There’s a whole other world to see beneath the water in Puerto Rico.

A surfer catches a wave in Puerto Rico.

Dare to explore the Island’s marine life?

Book a private charter boat and discover Culebra’s hidden beaches.

A former railroad tunnel leads to stunning Guajataca Beach in Isabela.

Puerto Rico’s Beaches

Thanks to our warm, tropical climate, Puerto Rico’s beaches are ready to welcome you at any time of the year. Beaches here are never off-limits, and each one has something unique to offer, depending on the type of experience you want to have during your visit.

From picture-perfect views to sailing adventures, Puerto Rico’s stunning beaches include sandy stretches perfect for lounging in the shade, catching a wave, paddling a kayak, or exploring underwater on a scuba diving or snorkeling adventure. Come find out why the Island’s beaches are consistently named among the best in the world!

Discover Puerto Rico’s Best Beaches

La Parguera is a paradise for watersports including snorkeling, kiteboarding, and scuba diving.

Watersports in Puerto Rico

Whether you’re looking to catch some waves and surf all day near the west coast towns of Rincón and Aguadilla or do some serious scuba diving in Isla de Mona or Isla Culebrita, watersports in Puerto Rico are a fun experience. Boat your way through the passages of La Parguera or the incredible blue sights of Punta Arenas in Vieques and be enchanted by Puerto Rico’s Caribbean waters. If you’re planning to stay in San Juan, you can always stand-up paddleboard in the Condado Lagoon for amazing views of the city.

Best spots for snorkeling on the Island

Puerto Rico’s hundreds of miles of coastline make it the perfect place to scuba dive, paddleboard, surf, and even boat through our island’s tropical waters.

Exploring Puerto Rico’s Bioluminescent Bays

There are only five bioluminescent bays in the entire world, and Puerto Rico is lucky enough to have three of them.

A variety of boats line a harbor at sunset.

Boats, Catamarans & Yachts

Miles of coastline and year-round winds; Puerto Rico is a boater’s dream.

Take a Kayaking trip in La Parguera. 


One of the best ways to explore the Island’s beaches, mangroves, and lagoons

Relax under the shinning sun at La Poza del Obispo in Arecibo. 

Best Beaches for Relaxing in Puerto Rico

Let the soft waves of the Caribbean wash your worries away.

Where to Surf in Puerto Rico

Whether you’re an aspiring surfer or a pro, Puerto Rico has some of the best surfing in the Caribbean.

A dive instructor jumps into the ocean at Crash Boat Beach.  

Scuba Diving: From Novice to Advanced

Puerto Rico has hundreds of miles of shoreline and dozens of islets and cays, where you can enjoy everything from drift dives to easy shore dives.

Puerto Rico’s clear, turquoise waters offer breathtaking snorkeling adventures.  

Snorkeling Destinations Around Puerto Rico

Explore keys, reefs, and mangrove coves around the Island.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy your day!

Puerto Rico’s Top LGBTQ-Friendly Beaches

Beach, please. Find a spot in the sun at one of these LGBTQ-friendly locales.

Best Beaches for Families

You can find safety and fun in the same place.

Puerto Rico Beach Playlist

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Tips and recommendations for traveling to Puerto Rico / Travel.Ru / Countries / Puerto Rico

Standard of living

Puerto Rico has a fairly high standard of living compared to most other Caribbean islands, but it is still significantly lower than even in the poorest US states. Unemployment is quite high, so many Puerto Ricans try to find work in the United States, while the rest are most often engaged in various types of temporary earnings.


The security situation here is rather ambiguous. On the one hand, the overall level of violent crime here is quite low, and the areas frequented by tourists are quite safe and are under the protection of special police units. However, the poor areas of most large cities are noticeably criminalized and pose a certain danger to foreign tourists.

Jewelry, expensive photo and video equipment, as well as the thickness of a wallet should not be openly displayed. Crowded areas should be avoided, as such places usually have a huge number of pickpockets. It is also not recommended to exchange money on the streets — the risk of facing fraud or outright robbery is extremely high. You should avoid visiting deserted shores alone and especially at night.

If you ask a Puerto Rican for directions to a certain place, the most common response is «follow me.» In most cases, such an escort has sincere intentions to take the tourist to the place he needs, but it should be borne in mind that in some cases this way you can get to the wrong place at all, or even be robbed. You should be especially careful with such guides at night and it is highly undesirable for women and individual travelers. When traveling by car, you should park in well-lit areas and take all valuables from the car with you.


Nudism in public places is prohibited in Puerto Rico.


Mains voltage is 110 V, 60 Hz (some hotels provide 220 V). Plugs are usually American style with two flat pins.

Units of measurement

The system of measures and weights is metric, but in many retail outlets in tourist areas, elements of the imperial measurement system are often used along with it.


A service charge of 10-15% is added to most bills at upscale hotels and restaurants, so tipping is not required. However, in most mid-level establishments, tips are not included in the bills, in which case you can leave them to the attendants within 10% (directly in the hands when calculating), in bars and street restaurants you can limit yourself to 5%. Porters, conductors and taxi drivers expect a tip of 1-5 gourdes.

Price level

Puerto Rico is one of the cheapest countries in the Caribbean. Rest in luxury hotels and resorts will cost around $250 per day, while you can find many good places for $100-200 per day. Small boarding houses and private hotels quite allow you to manage the amount in the range of $50-70 per day, while traveling by public transport and dining in small cafes can save another $20-30 per day. Of the more than 12,000 hotel rooms in the country, more than 50% are located in and around San Juan. Therefore, the government subsidizes the development of a network of small hotels with reasonable prices and levels of service, which are usually referred to as «Paradores-Puertoriquenos» (Paradores Puertorriquenos), they can be found throughout the island. From May to November, prices are reduced by 20-30%.

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    Rafael Hernandez Airport

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Puerto Rico Island

Now the island is a very popular place for American tourists. A lot of people come here on cruise ships. Of course, mainly for the sake of a beach holiday… Continue reading →

September 2014

Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is not a very popular destination for Russian tourism, most of our compatriots will not be very interested here — there are few beaches here, strict laws, and even a US visa is needed. Read more →


Caribbean Cruise on Celebrity Millennium

The cruise route was chosen according to the principle — as few days as possible at sea. In our opinion, the most interesting were the Eastern and Southern Caribbean, 11 nights on the Celebrity ship Millennium, only 2 days at sea. Departure and return from / to San Juan (Puerto Rico). Read more →

December 2010

  • Rospotrebnadzor: Russians bring dengue fever from tropical countries

  • Puerto Rico is waiting for pizza and beer lovers

  • Tour on historic train 9 has been revived in Puerto Rico0005

  • The Caribbean is waiting for Russian tourists

  • Puerto Rico saves natural attractions

  • Caribbean resorts attract more and more tourists from Russia

  • A salsa museum is being created in Puerto Rico

  • Puerto Rico will host a gastronomic festival

  • Cheap hotels in the Caribbean named

  • First Ritz-Carlton hotel in Puerto Rico to open 12/12/12

Peculiarities of holidays in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is quite a beautiful and original country, visiting which will be very interesting, even for tourists with great experience and rich travel experience. And this applies not only to nature, culture, sights, but everything that can be seen here. Judge for yourself. An island state in the Caribbean, next to the Dominican Republic, but administered by the United States, using US dollars in circulation and in fact almost being its fifty-first state. By the way, a few years ago there was a referendum on this subject, in which most of the country’s population spoke in favor of joining the United States as a new state. However, no final decision has yet been made on this matter. This close relationship plays a significant role in the development of Puerto Rico, although the per capita income is significantly lower than the US average. Nevertheless, these are very good figures when compared with neighboring states. And the tourism industry brings a considerable share of the profits to the state treasury. About four million tourists visit Puerto Rico annually, mostly from the United States. But I think that this figure could be much higher if there were no visa regime. And if you take into account the fact that to visit this country, you need to apply for a US entry visa, which is not so easy to open, then this can be called the biggest problem and an obstacle to, even more, mass tourism. For this reason, many of our compatriots and citizens of the CIS republics choose the neighboring Dominican Republic, Cuba and other Caribbean countries, which do not require a visa to visit.

But if you don’t get overwhelmed by this question, the rest of the rest will be very interesting. There are no such slums that can be seen everywhere, for example, in Panama or, even more so, in Haiti. The infrastructure and hotel business are well developed and there is no difficulty in choosing any option, both in terms of comfort and price category. The country is famous for its beautiful beaches. Whole novels can be written about nature itself. Several nature reserves and national parks have been established on the island, some of them under the auspices of the United Nations. Puerto Rico can be called a pantry and a godsend for speleologists. In the northeast of the island there are Cave National Park in which more than two hundred caves have been discovered. This park, in terms of speleology, is considered one of the best in the world, as well as the underground river Kamai (by the way, it is also one of the largest in the world). And there are plenty of such natural beauties.

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