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Ibrahima Conté – Syli

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Actualités Archives — Guineefoot

  • Leganés, Espagne : coup dur pour Seydouba Cissé (blessé)

    MADRID – le jeune milieu de terrain guinéen sera absent des pelouses durant plusieurs semaines. Le C.D. Leganés club de deuxième division…

  • Coupe de France : Morgan Guilavogui participe à la belle victoire de Paris FC

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  • Heading health: how to cure flat feet

    March 3, 2015

    Almost 70% of Russians suffer from various degrees of flat feet. And this problem is not so harmless: because of it, young men are recognized as unfit for military service. No less often flat feet worries women. How to avoid flat feet or relieve suffering, you will learn from our conversation.

    What is flat feet?
    Flat feet is a violation of the arch of the foot. The feet flatten and stop «springing» when walking, hence the pain and excessive fatigue. If in the evening the legs are very tired even after a normal load, and when pressing on the middle of the sole, pain occurs — this is the first signs of flat feet. Sometimes the legs swell, but this usually goes away in the morning. At the second stage, flat feet reminds of itself around the clock. Severe pains in the feet and in the shins make it necessary to avoid long walks. Sometimes you even have to change jobs. At the same time, the gait becomes heavy, duck — the rest of the body can barely keep up with the chest, there are problems with shoes. Disfiguring bumps at the base of the thumbs are not only a cosmetic defect. They are constantly chafed with hard-to-find shoes. The foot is deviated outward so much that it is not possible to return it to the physiological position. nine0009 The third stage is an advanced disease. Walking is extremely difficult, the feet are severely deformed and resemble the usual outlines only by their location — below the ankle joints. Patients at this stage are disabled. Only a surgeon can save them.

    What threatens flat feet?
    Normally, the foot is not at all flat, because powerful ligaments and muscles form two arches — longitudinal (along the inner edge of the foot) and transverse (between the bases of the fingers). Such a complex structure is needed not only for support, but also in order to dampen vibrations when walking and save the body from overloads, especially the brain. Normal arches protect against «shaking» no worse than a foreign car, but a flat foot — alas! — copes with this in much the same way as the wheels of a cart. With flat feet, the role of a shock absorber is assumed by the knee and hip joints and the spine, although they are not adapted for solving this problem. Therefore arthrosis, osteochondrosis, scoliosis and postural disorders — common and frequent companions of flat feet.

    How is flat feet formed?
    Flat feet can be congenital, but more often it is an acquired problem. In children, flat feet, as a rule, occur against the background of congenital insufficiency of the connective tissue, while one of the important factors in the development of the disease is improperly selected shoes. For the correct formation of the arch of the foot, constant stimulation is needed. Hard grass, stones or sand make the muscles and ligaments work, but usually we have only flat surfaces under our feet. At home — a carpet, on the street — asphalt through the thick sole of the sneakers, which is wonderfully springy when walking and thus takes on the natural function of the foot. Without load, the feet begin to be lazy, and the arches «sag». The result is flat feet «for the rest of my life»

    According to statistics, more than 65 percent of children acquire flat feet by school age. To avoid this, carefully approach the choice of children’s shoes. And, above all, do not let the kids wear other people’s shoes: a worn-out shoe incorrectly distributes the load on the feet. Children’s shoes should be with a small heel, a hard back and a soft arch support — compensating for the absence of bumps and stones under the feet, it ensures the correct formation of the foot.

    How does flatfoot occur in adults? nine0008
    In adults, static flat feet are more common, which is associated with excessive loads on the legs. What leads to it? First of all, overweight: it lies on the feet with an exorbitant load. The situation is aggravated by standing for a long time, so hairdressers, teachers, salesmen, priests, traffic police officers and surgeons are at greater risk than others. Athletes are also not immune from this disaster: skaters and weightlifters have flat feet — an occupational disease. I must say that women suffer from flat feet four times more often than men. It’s easy to explain. nine0003

    Firstly, weight increases during pregnancy. In addition, women who are expecting a baby produce a special hormone relaxin, which relaxes the ligaments.

    And secondly, it is the legs that have to pay for beauty: in shoes with high heels and pointed toes, we do not rely on the entire foot, but only on the heads of the metatarsal bones. Sooner or later, the foot will cease to resist this violence and will adapt to beautiful shoes: it will become depressingly flat. At the same time, the fingers will not remain in debt either — they are slowly but surely deformed. Therefore, doctors advise saving stilettos for special occasions, and in everyday life give preference to practical, comfortable models with low heels with a hard back. nine0003

    How do you know if you or your child has flat feet?
    For a simple flat foot test, you only need two things — heavy cream and a piece of paper. Lubricate the sole with cream and step on the paper. Stand straight, otherwise the result may be erroneous. Now take a close look at the trail. Normally, there is a recess along the inner edge of the foot (there is no imprint here), which occupies more than half of the foot in the middle. If this notch does not exist at all or it is narrow (half a foot or less) — there is no escape: you need an orthopedist. The characteristic position of your child’s big toes — in different directions outward — also indicates a likely flat foot. Here are some other warning signs:
    The leg seemed to have grown — you have to buy shoes one size larger.
    The foot has become so wide that you no longer fit into your favorite shoes;
    The selection of shoes becomes a test, as most models hurt; on old shoes, heels are worn out on the inside.
    The final diagnosis will be made by an orthopedic doctor on the basis of x-rays or data from a computerized examination of the feet.

    How to cure flat feet? nine0008
    Unfortunately, a radical cure for flat feet is possible only in childhood. In adults, the development of the disease can only be slowed down.

    Here are the main ways

    Leg exercises
    1. With the initial position of the legs apart, the socks «look» inward, make alternating turns of the body to the right and left with the turn of the corresponding foot to the outer edge.
    2. Then walk around on your toes for a few minutes.
    3. Then walk on your heels for the same time. nine0009
    4. Walk a little with your toes curled up.
    5. Then walk around with your fingers up.
    6. Several times a day for 10-15 minutes, walk on the outer edges of the foot, like a «clubfoot bear.»
    7. Try several times to pick up some small object from the floor with your toes: a pencil, a handkerchief, dominoes.
    8. Lie on the floor and twist your feet left and right, forward and backward, bend and unbend your toes.
    9. From childhood, teach your child to read, write and draw, placing the foot on the outer edge. It is even better to combine this passive pose with active gymnastics: during sedentary work and classes, let the baby, as it were, rake imaginary sand into a pile with his soles. If you find yourself on the beach, let the real one rake up the sand. Since it is difficult to keep a pile of sand under your child’s desk, put a round rolling pin there, a hard rubber ball — let him roll these objects along the arches of his feet. nine0003

    Self-massage is best done after therapeutic exercises, with complete relaxation of the muscles. The basic techniques of self-massage are as follows:
    — the shin should be stroked, rubbed with the palms, kneaded, tapped with the ends of the fingers. Massage the lower leg from the ankle joint to the knee joint, mainly the inner surface of the lower leg;
    — the foot should be stroked and rubbed with the back of the bent fingers. The plantar surface of the foot should be massaged from the toes to the heel; for self-massage it is useful to use special rubber mats and massage rollers. nine0003

    Herbal baths
    — Oak bark decoction bath
    — Tincture of immortelle flowers
    — Peppermint infusion
    -Infusion of mint and lime blossom
    Such a bath is good for relieving tired legs.

    When the foot is steamy, massage it again. After such a procedure, both children and adults sleep well: the calming effect of baths is felt through the reflex zones of the sole. This procedure not only relieves fatigue, stress, it is also important for foot hygiene. Contrasting baths are good: after hot — cold and so repeat several times. nine0003

    Wearing an arch support
    Arch support insoles will help protect the spine and internal organs from the constant shaking that flat feet provide them. They return the foot to its normal position and take on the functions of a shock absorber. Sometimes a heel pad is also used (it is needed when developing heel spurs, and also if one leg is slightly shorter than the other). At the slightest sign of deformity of the big toe, an interdigital corrector will help — a small soft spacer made of silicone, which is inserted between the first and second toes, so that the big toe can no longer deviate towards the little finger. nine0009
    orthopedic doctor will help you choose all these simple and such necessary devices. If the disease has gone far, he will advise, medicines to relieve pain, offer physiotherapy.

    How often should the arch support be worn?
    With severe flat feet, constantly. It is even advisable to put them in slippers, since this is the only way to block the disease. For preventive purposes, arch supports should be used no more than 3-4 hours a day, the rest of the time, giving the feet a reasonable load. There is a reason for this: the muscles and ligaments of the foot naturally get used to the support — so much so that they stop working on their own. nine0003

    Capricious flat foot | Ministry of Health of the Chuvash Republic

    Often parents are faced with the fact that a child, after walking a little, asks to be held. Maybe it’s a childish whim. And if not, and the baby is really tired? This is not at all uncommon when the arches of the feet are flattened — our natural natural «springs». In other words, it means flat feet.
    Needless to say, with flat feet it is difficult to count on a perfect gait. The kid walks like a little sailor, legs wide apart, slightly leaning forward, turning his feet, waving his arms strongly …
    What contributes to the development of this disease, because of which they are not even drafted into the army? Who is most likely to suffer from flat feet and how to prevent it? With these questions, «ChN» turned to the doctor of the State Health Institution «Republican Center for Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine» Antonina Tabardak.

    «Springs» let down

    — Parents should be puzzled by the problems of flat feet, — Antonina Mikhailovna said, — if the child quickly gets tired when walking, complains of pain in the calf muscles and in the feet, if after running or jumping he has a headache . The fact is that with this ailment, the feet partially lose their ability to soften the concussions accompanying the movements. As a result, shocks are not extinguished, but are transmitted «up». If the shoes worn by the child have crinkled inner edges, this is also a sign of the disease, like a stooped posture. nine0009 In adults with flat feet, the foot lengthens somewhat, which forces the patient to buy shoes for himself a size larger. It happens that at the base of the toes the leg especially expands, corns and calluses appear, and a “bump” grows on the thumb. Then any shoes seem narrow. Often, a «bump» or bone occurs as a result of the growth of bone tissue against the background of transverse flat feet and arthrosis. The reason is an immoderate love for heels.
    With this diagnosis, the foot stops springing when walking (hence the pain and excessive fatigue), cannot act as a shock absorber — the load is redistributed to the spine, knee and hip joints. This leads to arthrosis, osteochondrosis, herniated discs, sciatica and scoliosis. nine0003

    At risk

    — What contributes to the development of flat feet? the doctor continues. — Hereditary insufficiency of connective tissue, which is transmitted through the generation. Injuries are also to blame — fractures of the ankles, calcaneus, tarsal bones, damage to soft tissues and the supporting arch of the foot. Too wide or too narrow shoes with high heels are equally harmful to the feet. Constant movement with a heavy bag not only «pulls» the arms, but also «flattens» the legs. And in pregnant women, especially at the end of the term, the load on the legs increases — while flat feet can also develop. nine0009 Overweight people suffer from flat feet, as the load on the legs is more than usual. Women suffer from flat feet more often than men. Flat feet can also be an occupational disease — surgeons, cooks, salesmen, hairdressers, all those who «feet feed.» Almost 100% flat feet are observed in figure skaters, hockey players, and skaters. Their feet are constantly compressed in skate shoes. In basketball players and weightlifters, due to increased loads, muscles overwork, and irreversible overstretching of the ligaments of the feet occurs. nine0009 Phlegmatic and melancholy people should be especially wary of flat feet. Lethargy and inactivity of the «soul» contributes to the limitation of movements. Without work, muscles and ligaments weaken, any overstrain can lead to a breakdown.

    Pamper your feet

    Flat feet can be prevented. The ideal is to walk barefoot daily on hard grass, pebbles, sand and earth. But since we are not in Africa, a special set of exercises has been developed for us.
    — Lay an orthopedic rug in the bathroom, — advises Antonina Tabardak, — or better yet, put a box with sea pebbles. Stand on it morning and evening. In the morning and two hours before bedtime, do 50 heel-to-toe rolls. Twice a day for five minutes, grab pencils, balls, plastic cups scattered on the floor with your toes. If there are no varicose veins, massage your legs and feet more often. nine0009 After prolonged exercise, take warm baths with sea salt or pine extract to relieve fatigue and pain. Contrasting foot douches increase muscle tone, improve blood circulation and harden.
    Don’t forget to take your vitamins and minerals. And choose the right shoes: preferably from good leather with a flexible sole, with a low heel, wide toe.
    For those who have already earned flat feet, it is recommended to wear orthopedic corrective insoles so that the foot does not lie flat all day. Such insoles redistribute the load over the entire surface of the foot, and the legs get tired less. nine0009 In order not to bring yourself to «bumps», after each wearing of heels it is advisable to wear a special bandage, which is sold in orthopedic salons. The bandage is attached at night to the deviated thumb and forces it to return to its normal position during sleep. If the «bones» have already appeared, it is better to treat them therapeutically. The doctor will help you choose a treatment regimen.

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