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Borinquen Beach Inn

Our goal is to provide you with a pleasant stay at a very affordable price while also being located in the center of Isla Verde’s nightlife, the best of Puerto Rico.

  • San Juan

Coral by the Sea

Coral by the Sea is committed to provide to our guests a pleasant experience through personalized customer service and hospitality that meets and exceeds our guest’s expectations.

  • San Juan

Rio Grande Plantation Eco Resort

The resort is set on forty acres containing recreation, banquet, meeting and lodging facilities. It has become the island favorite of both locals and visitors to Puerto Rico alike. A

  • Rio Grande

Vistamar Parador

  • Quebradillas

Costa Dorada Beach Resort

Costa Dorada is a place of tropical charm surrounded by coconut palm trees and lush caribbean vegetation. Our facilities overlook the breathtaking coastal scenery of Puerto Rico’s north coast with its blue waters and golden sandy beachs. We offer you all the comforts of a resort plus the personal touch and warmth of a smaller inn.
. ..

  • Isabela

Ocean Front Hotel

Ocean Front Hotel is located on Jobos Beach, a true surfer’s paradise. Guests can enjoy breath-taking sunsets, surfing, water sports, beach volleyball and much more.

  • Isabela

Villas del Mar Hau Parador

This hotel is located on a splendid , unspoiled sandy beach (Playa Montones) and sheltered by Casuarinas pine trees in Isabela Puerto Rico. …

  • Isabela

El Buen Café Parador

Only parador on the Arecibo-Hatillo area.

  • Hatillo

Posada El Palomar

Posada El Palomar offers 20 rooms and suites, with full service and A/C, pool, jacuzzi, area for outdoor games, and more.

Hotel Villa del Rey

As a family owned hospitality we provide excelent options for both the business traveler, family oriented groups , couples or simply season vacationing. We provide our guests with the proper accomodation for their unique needs. We offer
single, double or suite rooms fully furnished.

  • San Germán

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Inter News Service San Juan, PR / 22 de febrero de 2022 – La Asociación de Paradores y Pequeñas Hospederías Puertorriqueñas aseguró estar lista para recibir a los miles de visitantes que normalmente llegan hasta sus hospederías para las vacaciones de primavera y la Semana Santa, la antesala para la temporada alta de verano. Durante …

Asociación de Paradores y Pequeñas Hospederías Puertorriqueñas esperan miles de visitantes para Semana Santa Leer más »

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Inter News Service Cabo Rojo, PR / 28 de diciembre de 2021 – La Asociación de Dueños de Paradores y Turismo de Puerto Rico expresó su optimismo con el nivel de actividad turística proyectada para el año 2022, apoyado en las estrategias de promoción y mercadeo de la Compañía de Turismo y Discover Puerto Rico. …

Dueños de paradores se muestran optimistas ante proyecciones para el año 2022 Leer más »

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Periódico El Sol de Puerto Rico Cabo Rojo, PR / 15 de septiembre de 2021 – La Asociación de Dueños de Paradores y Turismo de Puerto Rico anunció hoy su nuevo Equipo de Liderato, el cual se distingue por contar con jóvenes empresarios con un arsenal de talentos y experiencias en el campo del turismo, la hospitalidad y el …

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Spain’s top 6 paradors | Robb Report

Paradores are public luxury hotels, usually located in restored palaces, castles or monasteries in the most interesting places west of the Pyrenees. This story was started by King Alphonse XIII, and today there are more than a hundred paradors. Editors’ Choice — six most interesting hotels

Parador Hostal Dos Reis Catolicos, Galicia

The Parador in Santiago de Compostela is considered one of the oldest hotels in the world — it has been hosting guests for over six hundred years — and one of the most luxurious. The dream of the pilgrims who walked across Europe along the path of St. James, the «Shelter of the Catholic Monarchs» forms a single ensemble with the Cathedral of Santiago. Inside, there are galleries around green courtyards, grand drawing rooms, a delightful Galician restaurant, and museum-style rooms. Room 123 once housed the archives of the Royal Hospital, the Cardinal Suite 329decorated with precious pieces of furniture of the 17th century, and from the windows of the 301st, «Royal» suite, the square in front of the cathedral is as clear as the palm of your hand.

Parador de Leon (Hostal de San Marcos), Castilla y León

Back in XII, there was a monastery in Leon for pilgrims on the way to Santiago de Compostela. In the 16th century, a hotel was built in its place, which today is one of the greatest monuments of Renaissance architecture in Spain. The hundred-meter facade of the building with reliefs of religious themes is executed in the filigree plateresco style, the cloisters invite you to take a walk in the coolness on a hot day, the living rooms are decorated with Flemish paintings and the best examples of church wooden carvings. The on-site restaurant serves historic frog legs, pea roast and stocked game. nine0003

Parador de Alcalá de Henares, Castile

The town of Alcala de Henares near Madrid is the birthplace of Cervantes. He is also famous for the university founded at the end of the 15th century. The local parador stands on the site of a 17th-century Dominican college and an even older inn where schoolchildren lived and dined. Its rooms, in contrast to the Renaissance splendor of architecture, are decorated in a minimalist style, and the spa (an infrequent option in ancient paradors) meets the latest science of relaxation. But the true «heart» of the parador, the old tavern, does not change the tradition one iota. Here, dishes are still prepared for which the studiouses of the Golden Age were ready to sell their souls, for example, the famous Alcala sweet pie. nine0003

Parador de Cardona, Catalonia

An exemplary military fortress on a hill in the foothills of the Pyrenees was built in the 9th century by the founder of the Catalan state, Wilfred the Hairy. For eleven centuries, the fortress has acquired legends and, as usual, acquired its own ghost. The ghost — during her lifetime a young Christian virgin who fell in love with a Moor and was walled up by her father in a high tower as a punishment — quite officially lives in room 712. Usually it is not rented out, it stands closed, and voices, steps and other sounds are regularly heard from behind the door otherworldly origin. By the way, the tower from the legend survived (however, it lost half of its height during the Pyrenean Wars at the beginning of the 19th century). Now it is the architectural dominant of the hotel and the town of Cardona. nine0003

Parador de Cangas de Onís, Asturias

Near the town of Cangas de Onis, the ancient capital of the Asturian kingdom, near the town of Covadonga, a battle led by Don Pelayo in 718 began the Reconquista — the reconquest of the Iberian Peninsula from the Moors who captured it. The first church was erected here by King Alfonso I the Catholic, son-in-law of Pelayo, and several centuries later, the monastery of San Pedro de Villanueva grew up around the Romanesque temple. Today, the monastery has become an elegant country-style parador. Its guests stroll through the enchanted garden on the banks of the Sella river, take spa treatments in vaulted monastery cells and feast on hearty Asturian dishes washed down with sour northern cider and snacking on fragrant local cheeses for lunch. nine0003

Parador de Granada, Andalusia

The rulers of the Emirate of Granada took refuge to the last in their Alhambra, until the fortress was surrendered to the Spanish monarchs Isabella and Ferdinand. One of the Moorish palaces of the Alhambra was rebuilt by the Catholic rulers into a monastery. In this holy place they, in their turn, were laid to rest. The royal crypt, by the way, has survived to this day (the tombs of the monarchs have been moved to the Cathedral of Granada). In 1927, the thoroughly restored building became a hostel for artists, and two decades later — a parador. Living in a museum of this magnitude (and the parador is actually declared a museum) is worth a lot; in addition, guests can wander around part of the territory of the Alhambra in those hours when the watchman has already driven the last tourists out of «eden». nine0003

Photo: Photo: press archives


Victoria Meleshko

90 years of the Paradores system in Spain: unique hotels in historic buildings.

Spain in Russian

At the beginning of the 20th century, Spain lived in a state of political instability. However, the government, headed by José Canales, decided to create the first tourist structure in Spain to raise the image of the country in the world. Benigno de la Vega Inclan, a connoisseur of Spanish culture, altruist and philanthropist, was entrusted to implement the project. Marquis appointed at 1911 to the post of Royal Commissioner for Tourism, applied an original method to complete the task.

Palaces in the service of tourists

According to the plan of the initiators, hotel places were created in natural oases, historically and artistically valuable buildings, architectural monuments, monasteries and palaces were restored and reconstructed to organize hotels. The innovative concept also included the construction of road «albergues» (hostels) for motorists traveling in Spain. Seventeen years of work — and 9On October 1928, King Alfonso XIII opened the Gredos Tourism Parador in the province of Ávila, the pioneer hotel of the Paradores de España chain.

Then there was the Civil War, the dictatorial regime, the economic crisis. But the ideas of the creators of the project continued to live and develop, making Spain one of the leaders in tourism in the world. In 1991, the Paradores de Turismo de España system was reformed into a joint-stock company, with the Spanish state as the sole shareholder.

nine0039 The Paradores system is the standard of the hotel industry, the comfort of living here is combined with the beauty of landscapes and cuisine of the highest level. One of the main advantages of high-class hotels are affordable prices. The objectives of the work of the paradores are as follows:

  • preserve and restore the priceless heritage of the country, using historically and architecturally significant buildings for tourism;

  • nine0053

    create a model for the Spanish hotel industry;

  • to shape the brand of Spain in the international arena;

  • maintain respect for nature;

  • develop and promote regional gastronomy; nine0003

  • support Spanish cultural traditions;

  • to enable the tourist to enjoy the view of valuable buildings and living in them.

Currently, Paradores consists of 97 hotels in Spain and Portugal, provides 1.3 thousand rooms per day and 2.2 thousand beds; 4000 people work in the system. Nine establishments are located in places declared World Heritage of Humanity, more than half — in buildings considered historical monuments, in national parks and other unique natural places in Spain. nine0003

All information about the hotel chain and accommodation offers can be found on the Paradores website.

Top 10 Paradores Hotels 2018

According to the data of Paradores, 10 hotels were the best in 2018, according to travelers.

Parador de Corias 4*, Asturias

An exciting atmosphere embraces the traveler as soon as they enter the hotel. Housed in the building of an old monastery, the hotel is a real museum. The basement contains historical artifacts from the original 11th-century building. For its monumentality and style, the building is called the Asturian Escorial. The beauty of Asturias fascinates: mountain landscapes and the Narcea River give an unforgettable experience. Nearby are the historic cities of Gijon and Oviedo. The local cuisine is amazing. Although Corias is one of the largest Spanish paradores, an oasis of peace and tranquility has been created here. Tourists who lived in the hotel call it «unsurpassed and fantastic.» nine0003

Address: Monasterio de Corias, s/n, 33816 Corias, Cangas del Narcea, Asturias.

Parador de Cangas de Onís 4*, Asturias

The Parador de Cangas de Onís is located on the banks of the Sella river, surrounded by the Picos de Europa mountain peaks, in a place of extraordinary beauty. The hotel is housed in the ancient monastery of San Pedro de Villanueva, where the rooms are decorated with stone and wood, and elegant traditional decor is done in warm colors. In the restaurant you will find an excellent selection of local products such as Asturian meats, fish and cheeses famous for their sustainability. nine0003

Address: Villanueva de Cangas, s/n 33550 Cangas de Onís, Asturias.

Parador de Granada 4*, Andalusia

Imagine the unthinkable: you can spend an unforgettable night in the Alhambra, surrounded by gardens and fountains that are alive with memories of the past. It is possible to be a chic gentleman in the Parador de Granada, a former monastery built by order of the Catholic kings in the 15th century, where a truly fabulous interior has been created. Guests are offered Andalusian cuisine: specialty cold gazpacho soup, Granada beans and piononos de Santa Fe cream cakes. nine0003

Address: Real de la Alhambra, s/n, 18009 Granada, Andalucia.

Parador de Santo Estevo 4*, Galicia

Among the greenery of the trees, where the rivers Minho and Sil meet, in the Galician land of Ribeira Sacra, with its beautiful nature, the monastery of Santo Estevo of the 6th-7th centuries hides. Transformed into a wonderful Parador, it offers visitors amazing views, a peaceful atmosphere, an exclusive spa and unrivaled Galician cuisine. nine0003

Address: Monasterio de Santo Estevo, s/n, 32162 Nogueira de Ramuín, Ourense, Galicia.

Parador de Santillana Gil Blas 4*, Cantabria

The hotel is located in the old family house of Barreda-Bracho, in the central square of Santillana del Mar. The city, a national monument of Spain, stands in the way of the pilgrims to Santiago de Compostela. The hotel is located in the very center of the city of the 8th century, surrounded by houses with hydrangeas on the balconies and historical buildings. Amazing Cantabrian cuisine complements the experience of visiting local museums (for example, the Museum of Torture) and ancient streets. 15 kilometers away is the city of Comillas, where the great Antonio Gaudi created the architectural masterpiece Capriccio (in Spanish — caprice). nine0003

Address: Plaza Ramón Pelayo, 11, 39330 Santillana del Mar, Cantabria.

Parador Hostal Dos Reis Católicos 5 GL, Galicia

At the end of the famous Camino de Santiago (Way of Saint James) pilgrimage route is the oldest hotel in the world. It is located in the center of the amazingly beautiful Spanish city of Santiago de Compostela, one of the most visited cities in the world. From its windows you can see the famous cathedral of the city — the dream of pilgrims and the symbol of Santiago. The hotel has the status of a museum. There are magnificent rooms and a sumptuous dining room serving Galician-style meat and fish dishes, caramelized crêpes with apple and cream fillings. The prefix to the 5-star hotel category GL (gran lujo — the highest quality) speaks for itself. nine0003

Address: Praza do Obradoiro, 1, 15705 Santiago de Compostela, A Coruña, Galicia.

Parador de León 5*, Castile and León

Hostal de San Marcos — one of the most remarkable monumental hotels of the Old World, next to the bridge over the river Bernesga, in the vicinity of the magnificent city of Leon. The construction of the building began in the 16th century. Interesting hiking trails pass through the city, including the famous Way of St. James. nine0003

The hotel is like a museum with majestic halls, spacious and elegant rooms, a library and an excellent restaurant serving specially selected dishes. The province of Castile and León is famous for meat delicacies: back in the 4th century BC. e. Seneca in his «Treatise on Agriculture» described how dry-cured beef «sesina» is made here. Leon is home to a masterpiece of the Gothic style: the Cathedral of Santa Maria de la Regla.

nine0039 Address: Plaza de San Marcos, 7, 24001 León, Castilla y Leon.

Parador de Cádiz 4*, Andalusia

Cadiz is considered the most ancient city in Western Europe. On its territory, a harmonious combination of baroque palaces, colonial era buildings and modern architecture has been created. These include the Parador de Cádiz, opened in 2012. It will enchant design lovers: stone, wood, glass, marble and steel were used to create the style. The modern masterpiece of architecture offers a wonderful view of the bay from any point of the hotel: terraces, bright rooms, pool and spa center. TripAdvisor users called it «a corner of paradise» and praised its «incredible views». nine0003

Address: Avda. Duque de Nájera, 9, 11002 Cádiz, Andalucia.

Parador de Villafranca del Bierzo 4*, Castile and León

Vilafranca del Bierzo is a city of churches, monasteries and magnificent old buildings, located between the ancient cities of Lugo and León. It is surrounded by mountains, where cherries, fig trees, chestnuts and poplars grow, in some places there are gardens and orchards. At the entrance to this city, the Hotel Parador awaits you, which has become a landmark for tourism in all quality criteria. Vilafranca del Bierzo is a wonderful place on the way to Santiago de Compostela. It is worth making a stop here and be sure to get to know him. nine0003

Address: Avda. Calvo Sotelo, 28, 24500 Villafranca del Bierzo, Leon.

Parador de Oropesa, Castile-La Mancha

The Parador Museo de Oropesa is housed in a beautiful building filled with history. Legends hover among the halls, columns and covered galleries, in the grandiose patio and the mysterious donjon tower. Once there was a family estate of the Alvarez de Toledo family, counts de Oropesa. During the years of the castle’s life, soldiers, priests and aristocrats found shelter within its walls. In April, the Oropesa festival takes place: dressing up and becoming a participant, you can feel like a medieval king. The restaurant of the castle Marmitia Restaurant Parador de Oropesa offers its guests wonderful cuisine: partridge, wild boar, foie gras, cheeses, local wine. Nearby is Toledo — a city-museum, the birthplace of the great El Greco, where you can see the artist’s masterpieces. And it’s not far from the parador to Madrid. nine0003

Address: Plaza Palacio, 1, 45560 Oropesa, Toledo.

90th anniversary of the Paradores system in Spain

During its operation, the excellent hotels of Paradores de España have provided travelers with comfort, confirmed by the mark of excellence «marca España». “The future of Paradores is hopeful and bright. A forward program has been launched, the system is constantly improving. Evolution will ensure our success,” says Angeles Alarcó Canosa, President of the Paradores Board of Directors.

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