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Reptilian Features
Bat-like Wings

Vampires or Culebras, as they are typically called, are a semi-reptilian race of immortal and feral creatures that feed on blood. In the series, they are people given the condition from the bite of another culebra.


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Vampires are somehow related or descended from the Aztec snake gods, particularly a goddess.

Culebras originated from Xibalba, the first realm, where they were nothing more than slaves to the demons.

The Nine Lords of the night were faithful men and women who worshiped the serpent god (Amaru) and came from the first realm. The oldest of the Nine Lords (Amancio Malvado) sacrificed a woman into the pit transforming her into the ‘mistress of the night’ (culebra) and the harbinger of the next realm.


According to Professor Tanner (a.k.a Sex Machine) these vampires look more like snakes than bats and have a reptilian form. These vampires are from Mesoamerican, Mayan or Aztec regions, unlike other vampires in the world, due to their appearance of reptiles (in other regions, vampires looks like rats or bats). These vampires have monstrous faces, cone-shaped fangs that fold up against the gums, flaked skin, vertical pupils, red/orange/yellowish glowing eyes (though Professor Tanner demonstrated having light blue eyes when transformed) and claws. Some vampires that were large in their human form become horned and burly. Some vampires have hardened scales while others have flaked skin like other snakes.

The blood of the living is the main component of a vampire’s diet whether from the source, from a cup or container, or from the flesh of humans, which vampires make into a raw delicacy. It is undetermined when vampires need to feed, how long they can go without feeding (as Carlos was trapped in the labyrinth for months presumably without a source for blood) and what ill affects it has on them if fail to feed, while it is known that they will lose themselves to their animal instincts and behavior due to their bloodlust. They can also consume human food, as seen when Sex Machine is eating a bowl of Frito pie, and when Richie Gecko is seen eating a steak/potato/vegetable dinner, but it’s uncertain whether they gain sustenance from it, or simply do it to pass as human.

Despite their monstrous traits, they still retain many human traits that allow them to further the illusion that they are normal humans, such as sweating and breathing. As such, they still need to sleep, which they do during the day time. Vampires even produce waste, as seen when a vampire urinated on Gonzalez and still grow hair like humans do, as seen when Carlos was shown to have grown a full beard and shaggy long hair after spending months in the labyrinth.


As far as we know, vampires were originally living humans until they were converted (also called being turned or sired) by another vampire. However it is possible that two vampires could produce a vampire in the typical way of human reproduction. A vampire who is responsible for a new vampire’s creation is called a sire. A new vampire is a fledgling or progeny. This creates a bloodline from sire to progeny, similar to a familial bond as the sire’s blood forever flows in the progeny’s veins.

In the series, vampires have a snake-like venom that is injected from their fangs into the human they turn and it gives the victim frightful and painful hallucinations, as well as giving them an agonizing fever and sickness, before they overcome their ailments and emerge completely transformed. When they are transformed, they change into their reptilian form and will mostly be feral if aroused by blood and will transform when blood is shed, while some of them are not as feral.

Powers & Abilities[]

Vampirism makes its victims immortal and gives them many supernatural powers.

  • Immortality — Vampires do not age beyond the point when they were turned, and are capable of living an indefinite lifespan. With certain exceptions and restrictions, vampires are essentially invulnerable to most conventional forms of fatality, they do not decay, and are immune to all earthly diseases and sickness.
  • Accelerated Healing — Vampires heal from physical wounds much faster than humans without any lingering side effects of such injuries. As such, they are naturally more resilient to injuries and seem to not require medical attention when they are injured, while feeding may allow them to heal and recover faster. In addition, chronic illnesses, such as poor vision, are immediately corrected. For example, Richie was shot in the hand and had a large hole that caused him immense pain if too much pressure was applied to it. Upon transformation, the large wound healed rapidly and his vision was heightened, no longer requiring him to wear glasses. Culebras are shown to heal from gunshot wounds,stab wounds. Richie was even able to heal from being set on fire by Seth. Santánico was able to regenerate half of her skull being set on fire and even regenerated an eye. It is even stated by Tanner that he even regrew his penis after turning into a culebra.
  • Superhuman Strength — Vampires can strike, grab, restrain or dismember their prey with inhuman strength. With their strength, they are capable of easily defeating grown men, and sometimes other vampires, fairly quickly in direct physical combat, though burly vampires are a bit harder to kill, much like a large human. A vampire’s strength increases with age; the 1,000 year old Santánico was able to eviscerate humans much bigger than her with ease, swing her hands through a person and maul them in one strike, and throw them with one hand across a room. Also, Carlos casually overpowered and killed two humans with his fangs and pushed Gonzalez through the air, although Santánico’s age makes her vastly stronger than him. While vampires are stronger than humans, it is possible for humans, especially trained fighters to defeat them. Vampires that are centuries old can exert the force of a moving vehicle, regardless of their size or appearance, while younger vampires have greater strength than humans, they are vastly weaker than older vampires and can be more easily slain. Their are some instances where young vampires have defeated older ones, if they are less feral than the older ones and know how to fight without going into feral hazes and becoming blood crazed. Scott in the series, killed a group of vampires in a minute with his fangs and mauled them to death with ease.
  • Superhuman Senses — Vampires, usually when thirsting for blood, will experience states of heightened sensory sensitivity. In this state they can hear the heartbeat of another person, and see with greater saturation, allowing them to see the blood pumping through a being’s veins. Vampires are also able to smell blood, and become aroused when it is shed in their presence. Vampires can identify others by scent, as well as the taste of their blood. When turned into a culebra, defects such as incorrective eyesight are repaired and their vision is heightened.
  • Telepathy — Santánico Pandemonium was able to communicate with Richard Gecko by the use of telepathy, as well as hypnotize, entrance and see, feel and know what others know just by being in their presence. Carlos already knew Kyle’s name and everything Kyle knew and experienced after being in his presence, though it may have also been caused when he fed on Kyle. A vampire that so much as touches a human will instantly know everything that human knows. Culebras are also able to see, hear and even feel the past of the blood they’ve consumed. With obsidian, they can share memories with others. When feeding on humans or even Xibalbans, the culebra can access the special or unique traits. An example of this, Richard Gecko acquired the Demon Jaguar tracking and combat skills by drinking the female warrior’s blood.
  • Illusion Casting — Santánico Pandemonium was able to appear only in the sight of Richard Gecko and causing to see feel and know things that other knew by her telepathic guidance. Her telepathic/empathic ability to feel, see, and know what Richie knew allowed her to follow him. Other culebra use this by consuming the souls of a person. This is a form of illusion casting as they are projecting an image of that person.
  • Shapeshifting — Vampires can shape-shift into a reptilian form that is stronger and far more feral than their human form or their regular vampire form. It causes them to mentally degenerate into mindless animals that can be killed easier as they are not as smart in a fight and are more blood crazed, though when partially transformed, they are simply more aggressive and can speak, while other are more like hungry zombies and even hunt in hoards or packs. They either have flaked or scaly skin with sometimes hardened scales and horns. It can allow a younger vampire to overcome and kill a group of other vampires and slaughter them in a minute if they are able to control themselves when transformed. The oldest of vampires are more adept in this and Scott was the only young vampire. They can also change into their victims, while this may be a form of telepathy or illusion casting, since their clothes change along with them. Carlos changed only his clothes and he saw himself as himself but with the officers clothes, while his reflection and everyone else saw and heard him as the officer. They can also partial shift their eyes or project their fangs.
  • Flight — Santánico was the only vampire to demonstrate having wings. While in a fight and not wanting her enemies to escape, her wings grew out of her back and lifted her quickly into the air.
  • Wall-Crawling — Vampires are capable of scaling on surfaces opposite to the ground and on walls, possibly with their claws. They retreated the first time they fought the humans and crawled onto the walls like insects and into wholes in the walls and ceilings, leaving the remaining humans trapped in the bar lobby.
  • Special Abilities — Richie stated that some Culebras can have a special ability, such as Santánico growing a pair of bat-like wings, Carlos able to crush someone like a boa constrictor and Amancio growing two extra pairs of appendages that look similar to a praying mantis. A vampire was able to spit venom into the faces of Santánico Pandemonium and Richie Gecko, sedating them both, which Amancio Malvado again used on Santánico.


If vampires are killed, they and anything they wear turns to desert-like dust with no trace that it was ever a creature. As of season 2, vampires are incinerated into embers when they are killed, along with at least most of what they are wearing at the time, while some accessories, like glasses, are left behind.

  • Sunlight — Direct, strong sunlight burns their skin and, if fully immersed in it, they will die and turn to dust along with what they wear. The touch of direct sunlight will either cause their skin to burn in smoke or be set ablaze. Only direct sunlight can harm a vampire, while one that remains in shade or shadows will remain unaffected by the sun. However, if a vampire has recently fed, it is able to walk in sunlight temporarily.
  • Decapitation— Cutting off a vampire’s head will not directly kill a vampire, but seems to simulate a state similar to death. It’s presumed that if the head is reattached to the body, it will regenerate.
  • Heart Destruction— Damaging or destroying their heart, the organ of blood and the source of their strength, usually by means of stabbing it, kills them and turns them and whatever they were into nothing but dust.
  • Culebra Venom — It appears that snake venom or maybe actual culebra venom incapacitate vampires, as demonstrated when Carlos poisoned the goblets of the councilors to the Nine Lords of the Night by having snakes spew venom into the goblets. Minutes after the counselors consumed the poisoned blood from the goblets, they choked and couldn’t move and were paralyzed, allowing Carlos to kill several of them while they sat helpless at the dinner table. A vampire was able to sedate both Santánico Pandemonium and Richie Gecko by spitting venom in their faces, which Amancio Malvado also used this on Santánico later on.
  • Xibalban Weapons— A fatal injury, like slashed throat, from a weapon of Xibalba is capable of killing both demons and culebras.


Vampire Description Status
Cihuacoatl Cihuacoatl is the oldest known vampire shown and is the mother of Quixtla, and the grandmother of Santánico. She is stabbed in the stomach by Santánico, with bats flying out of her. Deceased
Quixtla Quixtla was the former queen/priestess of the vampires and the mother of Santánico. She was the daughter of Cihuacoatl and the former lover of The Hangman. She is later killed by direct sunlight by her former lover, who opened the door to let it in. Deceased
Razor Charlie Razor Charlie is the bartender at the Titty Twister and the twin brother of Razor Eddie. He was killed by Sex Machine by being staked with a pool stick. Deceased
Razor Eddie Razor Eddie is the twin brother of Razor Charlie and a bartender at the Titty Twister. He later helps Victor and watches as he bites Luther. Undead
Big Emilio Emilio is a bouncer and touches Seth, earning Seth’s irk. He is shot at by the brothers, where it is revealed the employees are vampires. His heart is extracted by Frost, which is then stabbed with a pencil by Sex Machine, killing Emilio. Deceased
Chet Pussy Chet was the doorman to the Titty Twister and is killed by Kate Fuller when she shoves her cross necklace in his mouth, turning him into a gooey mess. Deceased
Victor He was a friend of Razor Eddie and as he was in bat form, he came across Luther. After Eddie comes with Luther, both Eddie and Victor attack him, with Victor biting Luther, turning him into a vampire. Undead
The Hangman He was the father of Santánico and the former lover of Quixtla. He was turned by Santánico, but he managed to have some remnants of humanity and let Johnny Madrid and Ambrose Bierce go, while the sun killed Quixtla. Undead
The Titty Twister House Band They were the house band and participated in the feeding frenzy. After most of the vampires were killed, they were looked at by the human group, and says «Fuck you everybody! Good night!», exploding in dozens of body parts. All Deceased
Richard Gecko Richie is the younger brother of Seth and is the one who broke him out. After receiving a wound in his hand, he and Seth hold the Fullers hostage. They take them across the border and he is bitten by Santánico Pandemonium, turning him into a vampire. He is then staked by Seth. Deceased
Sex Machine He was a biker and is one of the few who survived the frenzy until he was turned by an unknown vampire. He turns Jacob and Frost into vampires, and is at first decapitated, but turns into a rat-like creature. He is shot with a crossbow and killed by Kate. Deceased
Jacob Fuller He was the father of Kate and Scott and a former pastor. His wife was killed in a car accident and he lost his faith. He is turned into a vampire by Sex Machine and is killed by Scott after he was promised to be killed when he turned. Deceased
Frost Frost is a Vietnam veteran and is one of the few who survived the frenzy, before being bitten by Sex Machine. He is staked through the stomach and killed by Jacob. Deceased
Mary Newlie Mary was an evangelist and the wife of John. She finds out he was after her money and is turned into a vampire by Ezra. She is staked through the stomach by John. Deceased
Ray Bob He was a security guard and wasn’t the brightest out of the group. He is turned into a vampire by Luther and is indirectly killed by Buck from the sunlight. Deceased
Luther Heggs Luther is a criminal and friend of Buck, Ray Bob, C.W. and Jesus. He escapes from law enforcement and wants to make a heist. He is killed by Buck. Deceased
Jesus Jesus is an associate of Buck, Luther, Ray Bob and C.W. He is turned into a vampire by Luther and is killed by Buck Bowers. Deceased
C.W. Niles C.W. is an associate of Buck Bowers, Luther Heggs, Ray Bob and Jesus. He is turned into a vampire by Luther and is killed by Otis Lawson. Deceased
Catherine Reece Catherine is an outlaw who wanted to become Johnny’s apprentice. She is eventually bitten by the vampires. Undead
Lupe Lupe was a woman who ran into Jesus and had sex with him. While taking a shower, she is attacked and bitten by Luther Heggs. She is decapitated by Jesus. Deceased
Ezra Traylor He is a businessman who was turned by an unknown female vampire. He becomes close to Quixtla and is staked by Johnny during the frenzy. Deceased
John Newlie John is the husband of Mary Newlie, who only married her for money. They arrive at the Titty Twister and he is bitten by Joaquin. He tells Johnny to kill him before he turns and he does. Deceased
Nano Nano was a friend of Razor Charlie’s and ate Johnny’s horse. He is decapitated by The Hangman. Deceased
Joaquin He was a former associate of Johnny’s and is eventually turned into a vampire. He is staked by Johnny. Deceased
Clarence Wilson Clarence was the vampire master in the video game. He is eventually killed by Seth. Deceased


Culebra Description Status
Amancio Malvado Amancio is the leader of the Nine Lords and the elder brother of Celestino, Emilio, Venganza and five unnamed siblings. He was responsible for Santánico turning into a culebra. He is eventually killed by her when she kills his snake. Deceased
Celestino Oculto Celestino is one of the Nine Lords and is a brother to five unnamed siblings, Venganza, Emilio and Amancio. He was the Lord who contributed to stories of various people. He was also the one who watched over the Santa Sangre and gave it sacrifices. He is killed by Amancio, who proceeded to pull out his snake. Deceased
Venganza Verdugo Venganza is one of the Nine Lords and a sister to Amancio, Celestino, Emilio and five unnamed siblings. She is the only remaining Lord until she kills herself. Deceased
Emilio Emilio is one of the Nine Lords and a brother to Amancio, Celestino, Venganza and five unnamed siblings. He was killed by Brasa. Deceased
Five Unnamed Lords They are the lords of the night and are the only five siblings not named. All are them are killed by Brasa. All Deceased
Santánico Pandemonium Kisa, formerly known as Santánico, was turned by Amancio and became the main attraction at the Titty Twister, luring victims there. After being set free, she gets her vengeance against Amancio by killing him and leaves, deciding to lead her own life. After her girlfriend, Manola, is killed by Amaru, she rejoins the fight and after Amaru’s defeat, she leads the culebras. Undead
Carlos Madrigal Carlos was a former conquistador who was turned by Santánico and became her lover. He lures the Fullers, Geckos, Aiden and Freddie Gonzalez to the Twister to bring them to their fates. He is then put in the labyrinth and it is thought that he conquered it, but he later reveals that he sold his soul to Xibalba. Undead
Richard Gecko Richie is the younger brother of Seth and the son of Ray Gecko. He is turned into a culebra by Santánico and he joins her into helping her get her vengeance against the ones who made her who she is. He becomes partners with Seth once again and they go up against the demons of Xibalba. After Amaru’s defeat, he, Seth and Kate become partners. Undead
Aiden Tanner Aiden is a professor and was turned into a culebra in the labyrinth after being stabbed by Freddie. He eventually gets trapped in Xibalba after becoming controlled by Amaru. Undead (trapped in Xibalba)
Scott Fuller Formerly known as JianJun, Scott is the adoptive son of Jennifer and Jacob, and the younger adoptive brother of Kate. He is turned into a culebra by Carlos and becomes involved in a band after sending Amaru back to Xibalba. Undead
Narciso Menendez Narciso was one of the lieutenants to the Nine Lords and was originally part of Pancho Villa’s gang before being turned by Carlos. He is decapitated by Carlos years later. Deceased
Ximena Vasconcelos Ximena is Venganza’s lieutenant and became Freddie’s lover. She is killed by Freddie when he was under Amaru’s control. Deceased
Burt Ilhicamina, currently known as Burt, was a Xibalban demon hunter and was the former lover of Ximena. He is killed when Amaru extracts his heart. Deceased
Jacob Fuller Jacob was the father of Kate and Scott. He was the husband of Jennifer and a preacher who lost his path after Jennifer’s death. He is turned into a culebra by Scott and is mercy killed by Kate. Deceased
The Regulator The Regulator was an ancient warrior and was summoned by Amancio from his statue form. He is eventually killed by the Geckos and Eddie. Deceased
Maia Maia was the girlfriend of Carlos and a member of Culebros. She escapes after Carlos is cut into separate body parts. Undead
Paloma Gutierrez Paloma was an innocent girl who was taken by Santánico and Richie, and forced to help them with their plan. She eventually is saved by the Geckos, but she goes to Amancio thinking she could become what Santánico is. Santánico fights and then kills her. Deceased
Alice Alice was a waitress at Jacknife’s and worked for Amancio. She is killed by Seth after going into a frenzy. Deceased
Cristobal Cristobal formerly worked for Amancio until his death. He became under the control of Calavera and his head is shot off. Deceased
Alonzo Alonzo was one of the culebras who was associated with Venganza. He is eventually killed when his head is shot off. Deceased
Rianne Rianne was the girlfriend of Cannonball and is killed by Kate. Deceased
Cannonball Cannonball was the boyfriend of Rianne and was turned by Santánico. He is killed. Deceased
Doc Doc was a customer to the Twister and is turned into a culebra. He is killed. Deceased
Fanglorious There are two unnamed bandmates (one female, one male) who, besides Scott, are still alive. 1 Deceased (Tommy), 3 Undead
The Arbiter He is the right hand man to Amancio and has the ability to create a few extra arms. He is a torturer and is eventually torn apart by the other culebras imprisoned. Deceased
Colt Colt worked for Winchester and Balthazar Ambrose. He is eventually killed. Deceased
Florinda Florinda was one of the Geckos’ assistants and she was being controlled by Calavera. Her skull is crushed by him, killing her in the process. Deceased
Culebra She was a stripper and is eventually killed. Deceased
Rafa Infante Rafa was a young culebra and had a soft spot for Kate. He sacrifices himself so she and Seth could escape from The Regulator. Deceased
Kalinda Kalinda is one of the Geckos assistants and because they wanted to be careful of Calavera’s scheme, Seth shoots her. Undead
Chet Pussy Chet was the doorman to the Twister and after making a pass at Kate, he is beaten up by the the Geckos. He comes for vengeance against Seth and is killed. Deceased
The Titty Twister House Band They are the house band and their true nature is shown during the frenzy. They are eventually killed. All Deceased
Winchester Greely He was the owner of the Greely Warehouse and was usually late with his tribute. After escaping from the Arbiter, he flees Jacknife Jed’s and leaves Seth behind. Undead
Tucker Tucker was a henchman of Carlos who kills himself after being touched by Richie’s ability. Deceased
The Driver He came to pick up Amancio and Santanico to take them to El Rey. He eventually leaves when the two didn’t come on time. Undead
Karina Karina was a worker at the Titty Twister. She is eventually killed by Kate. Deceased
Tommy Tommy was the guitarist of Fanglorious and was turned by Scott. He turns on Scott, but is staked by Scott. Deceased
Chloe Chloe was a culebra who was kidnapped by El Caporal, but is eventually saved by Aiden and Freddie. Undead
Mary Jo Mary Jo was a college student who was turned by Aiden, but was killed by El Caporal. Deceased
Razor Charlie Charlie was the bartender at the Titty Twister and is killed by both Seth and Richard. Deceased
Machado Machado was an ally to the Geckos and tried to help defeat Amaru. He is shot dead by a zombie gunslinger. Deceased
Ramon Ramon was a henchman of Carlos. He was killed by Freddie Gonzalez. Deceased
Consiglieres They were the counselors to the Nine Lords, but they were poisoned and killed by Carlos Madrigal and Santánico. All Deceased
Ulises Ulises was a henchman of Carlos. He was killed by Freddie Gonzalez. Deceased


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World ▶ Greater Antilles ▶ United States ▶ Puerto Rico ▶ Spanish Virgins ▶ Culebra


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Culebra is a popular weekend tourist destination for Mainland Puerto Ricans, Americans and residents of Vieques. Because of the «arid» nature of the island there is no run-off from rivers or streams resulting in very clear waters around the archipelago.

Culebra has many beautiful beaches including Flamenco Beach (Playa Flamenco). The beach extends for a mile of white coral sand and is framed beautifully by arid tree-covered hills. The beach is also protected by the Department of Natural and Environmental Resources as a Marine Wildlife Reserve.

Great sailing in the Spanish Virgin Islands. Winds mostly from the E and NE at a steady 10+ knots. Watch for reefs and fish pots, mosquitoes, and sun burn. People are generally friendly, but remember this is a third world area in State’s clothing. Always start a conversation with asking how the person is doing, in Spanish if possible: «Buenos dias. Como estas?» Then ask your question.


See Puerto Rico.

Flamenco Beach, Culebra, Spanish Virgin Islands


See Puerto Rico.


Most popular is from Fajadro on «The Big Island» less than 20 miles to the W. Other approaches are from Vieques to the SSW and St. Thomas from the NNE. All are likewise less than 20 nm away.

See also Puerto Rico.


  • Vieques Lies SSW less than 9 miles (to Green Beach). Also populated and economically depressed. Secure your dingy well.
  • Cayo de Luis Pena Lies W of Dewey (approx. 19*20.0N, 65*20.00W) less than 1 nm. Unpopulated, protected nature preserve. Wonderful snorkeling and swimming.
  • Cayo Norte Lies off N shore. Uninhabited.
  • Isla de Culebrita Lies (approx. 18*19N, 65*13.6W) just NE of the entrance to Ensenada Honda. Protected anchorage at approx. 18*19.2N, 65*13.8W in Bahia de Tortuga. «Washing machine» pool on NE corner of the bay hidden in the rocks. CAREFUL: when the surf’s up it’s UP! Also an abandoned light house tops the island and is well worth the hike: what a view! But, spray on mucho repellant or suffer the itches later. Wonderful snorkeling and swimming.
  • St. Croix Lies SE approx. 40 nm — Part of the U.S. Virgin Islands
  • St. Thomas Lies NE approx 18 mn — Part of the U.S. Virgin Islands


From the W (Fajardo and Vieques) there generally are two approaches: straight into Dewey on the W shore (ferry dock side) 18*17.90N, 65*18.65W, or from the E into Ensenada Honda (lighted and marked entrance at 18*17.33N, 65*16,35W). There is a connecting canal with a very low, immovable bridge between E and W, as it were, Dewey.


Call Customs and Boarder Patrol if you are coming in from other than «The Big Island» or Vieques.

For entrance details see United States.


  • Dewey Only «port»
  • Cayo de Luis Pena Lies W of Dewey (approx. 19*20.0N, 65*20.00W). Unpopulated, protected nature preserve. Wonderful snorkeling and swimming.
  • Bahia Melones Lies just N of of the ferry dock. Wonderful snorkeling and swimming.
  • Bahia Tamarindo Lies just N of of the Melones. Wonderful snorkeling and swimming.
  • Bahia de Flamenco Lies on the N side of the island (18*20.0N, 65*19.0W) Most beautiful beach on Culebra; wonderful swimming. Can hike out of the parking lot over the W hill to Tamarindo.
  • Playa Zoni Lies NE shore across from Cayo Norte. Great swim. Snorkeling???

Marinas & Yacht Clubs



  • Dewey on either side, although the Ensenada Honda side is most popular.
  • Dakity just inside the entrance to Ensenada Honda and just behind the reef has mooring balls, good breezes and light insect infestations. But, it can a long, wet ride to town.
  • Bahia Cabras on the E shore about 1/3 in. This is the «waiting room» for the mangroves.



4/6/2018: The dinghy dock restaurant sells water again (after last seasons hurricanes): N18°18.1422′ W65°17. 9576′


Give details on electricity outlets for any ports that provides them. If there are no electricity outlets enter «N/A (Not Available)».

If you have the GPS coordinates of the electricity outlet area. Please provide them along with any applicable telephone numbers etc. If you do not have the GPS coordinates, remove the «|lat=» & «|lon=» entries,

Port1/wiki/Culebra#.3Cspan_style.3D.22color:magenta_.22.3EPort1.3C.2Fspan.3Eelectricity Port1 [[Culebra#Port1|Port1]] DD.ddd, DD.dddPort1; electricity outlet location etc, tel. +XX XXXX XXXXX.

Port2/wiki/Culebra#.3Cspan_style.3D.22color:magenta_.22.3EPort2.3C.2Fspan.3Eelectricity Port2 [[Culebra#Port2|Port2]] DD.ddd, DD.dddPort2; electricity outlet location etc, tel. +XX XXXX XXXXX.






04/06/2018: Excellent Laundraumat with several new washers and dryers in the Sorano appartment complex on the north side of Ensenada Honda.

Dinghy access via a simple boat launch: N18°18.5672′ W65°17.8066′

Then walk 170m NE on main road to N18°18.5926′ W65°17.7146′


Many blue large bins in town.

Recycling center

accepting used oil:
N18°18.4726′ W65°17.0090′

Access via dingy to dock at:
N18°18.3684′ W65°16.9894′



Two fuel station in town, both have diesel and gasoline:

Easy dinghy access to TOTAL station in the middle of the Dewey Canal / Lagina de Lobina: N18°18.0681′ W65°18.0465′

The other station is by the ferry dock on the West end of the Dewey Canal, access by dinghy more difficult, better at high tide.

Cooking gas

Give details on cooking gas (Camping Gaz, butane, propane, etc) suppliers. If there are no suppliers in the island just enter «None».

Suplier1/wiki/Culebra#.3Cspan_style.3D.22color:magenta_.22.3ESuplier1.3C.2Fspan.3Ecooking Suplier1 [[Culebra#Suplier1|Suplier1]] DD. ddd, DD.dddSuplier1; gas supplier location etc, tel. +XX XXXX XXXXX.

Suplier2/wiki/Culebra#.3Cspan_style.3D.22color:magenta_.22.3ESuplier2.3C.2Fspan.3Ecooking Suplier2 [[Culebra#Suplier2|Suplier2]] DD.ddd, DD.dddSuplier2; gas supplier location etc, tel. +XX XXXX XXXXX.


In Dewey there are two hardware stores, one downtown just off the S side of the connecting canal having limited marine stores.



List repair services. If no or limited repair services are available on the island write «None» or «Limited».

If repairs are included in every port pages, the following line is appropriate, otherwise remove it.
Also see each Port.

If repairs are specific ports or by individual mechanics provide specific information as follows:

Yard or Mechanic’s name/wiki/Culebra#.3Cspan_style.3D.22color:magenta_.22.3EYard_or_Mechanic.27s_name.3C.2Fspan.3Eservice Yard or Mechanic’s name [[Culebra#Yard or Mechanic’s name|Yard or Mechanic’s name]] DD. ddd, DD.dddYard or Mechanic’s name; description, location, tel. ++XX XXXX XXXXX, Email: [email protected].


Are any internet or WiFi connections available in the island? If so where?

Mobile connectivity

Is there mobile telephone signal such as G4, G3, GPRS in the island? How strong is the signal? Are there any blind spots?

Vehicle Rentals

Are cars, motorbikes, and bicycles available for rent? If so give the name, location, tel number of the rental outlets.

Rental establishment/wiki/Culebra#.3Cspan_style.3D.22color:magenta_.22.3ERental_establishment.3C.2Fspan.3Ecar Rental establishment [[Culebra#Rental establishment|Rental establishment]] DD.ddd, DD.dddRental establishment; description, location, tel. +XX XXXX XXXXX, Email: [email protected].


Give the names and locations of supermarkets, grocery stores, bakeries, etc..

Store name1/wiki/Culebra#.3Cspan_style.3D.22color:magenta_. 22.3EStore_name1.3C.2Fspan.3Eprovisions Store name1 [[Culebra#Store name1|Store name1]] DD.ddd, DD.dddStore name1; description, location, tel. +XX XXXX XXXXX.

Store name2/wiki/Culebra#.3Cspan_style.3D.22color:magenta_.22.3EStore_name2.3C.2Fspan.3Eprovisions Store name2 [[Culebra#Store name2|Store name2]] DD.ddd, DD.dddStore name2; description, location, tel. +XX XXXX XXXXX.


List transportation (local and/or international.)

Eating out

Give the name of recommended restaurant, tavernas, pastry stores, etc.)

  • Location1
Name/wiki/Culebra#.27.27.3Cspan_style.3D.22color:magenta_.22.3EName.3C.2Fspan.3E.27.27eatingout Name [[Culebra#Name|Name]] DD.ddd, DD.dddName; description, tel. +XX XXXX XXXXX.
  • Location2
Name/wiki/Culebra#.27.27.3Cspan_style.3D.22color:magenta_.22.3EName. 3C.2Fspan.3E.27.27eatingout Name [[Culebra#Name|Name]] DD.ddd, DD.dddName; description, tel. +XX XXXX XXXXX.



Give a short history of the island.)

Places to Visit

List places of interest, tours, etc.


Contact details of «Cruiser’s Friends» that can be contacted for local information or assistance.


List links to discussion threads on partnering forums. (see link for requirements)


  • Culebra at the Wikipedia
  • Culebra at the Wikivoyage


  • Puerto Rico Tourism Company’s Puerto Rico Travel Planner: Explore Beyond the Shore
  • Kathy Parsons, Spanish for Cruisers
  • Stephen J. Pavlidis, A Cruising Guide to Puerto Rico


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Modern Robinson shared the story of survival on a deserted island: without tools, clothes, medicines and provisions

Read Ukrainian

The traveler spent more than a year on the deserted part of Culebra Island (Puerto Rico) in wild conditions

Evgenia Frusevich

Famous travel blogger Chad Zuber decided to test his endurance. For a whole year he lived on an uninhabited part of the island in the Caribbean. The man managed to build a dwelling out of nothing and even made wine from improvised means.

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The only thing he took with him from his past life was a water filter and a GoPro with a smartphone to talk about his adventure on YouTube. It is reported by Medialeaks.

Blogger Chad Zuber started video diary of his YouTube adventures a few years ago, during which time he managed to visit Brazil, Mexico, Alaska and the Puerto Rican island of Culebra.

Chad is fond of tourism in the wild, so no guides and excursions, only survival and only hardcore. In each of the countries, the blogger found a dangerous place and was left alone with nature.

Judging by the videos of the blogger, he spent more than a year on the deserted part of Culebra Island (Puerto Rico) in the wild.

He did not take with him warm clothes, food, medicines, tools or provisions. The first months he lived under an awning, while preparing for the construction of the house.

Almost like Robinson Crusoe, only he kept a diary the old fashioned way, instead of uploading videos to a YouTube channel.

The first task that the traveler faced was to organize a roof over his head.

The island has clay soil, from which the blogger made original bricks. Then he found a flat area, filled it with clay and began laying out the walls.

The entire construction process fit in an hour-long video, but even such a small house had to spend more than one day. Four months of work — and you have your own housing.

The man ate vegetables and fruits, cacti and eggs of local birds. He also hunted for food.

He made a primitive bow with arrows and a fishing rod. By the way, he cooked the caught fish according to an exquisite recipe: he coated it with clay and baked it in an oven that he built himself.

The only thing is that the blogger passed the water through a special disinfecting filter that he brought with him.

To wash himself, a man dug bulbous plants, kneaded them into a pulp, added water and thus obtained a soapy solution.

He also made dishes himself and built his own bed.

The guy did not forget about regular physical education. He cast pancakes for the barbell from clay, and instead of a neck, he had an ordinary stick. There are savages in the impromptu gym and dumbbells — also made of clay.

A year of being alone, even if you’re an athlete, can make you miss drinking alcohol, and Chad didn’t miss the opportunity to experiment with making strong drink.

He placed sour berries in an empty gourd, added wild honey and water. Three weeks later, the tasting began.

«The drink turned out to be stronger than I expected, and quite tasty. I got a little drunk on it, felt very relaxed and wanted to sleep, but I don’t know how many degrees there were. I will experiment further, — the blogger told his subscribers» .

A question that worried many: if a guy lives without the benefits of civilization, how does he make a video? Solar battery and GoPro. He also had a phone with him, from which he conducted live broadcasts for subscribers and shared videos on his channel.

According to Chad’s latest Instagram posts, he is currently traveling through the American Mojave Desert. If a catastrophe occurs on the planet, this guy will definitely not disappear.

Recall how Edgley Ross swim around the UK and broke 4 world records.

As the Znayu portal reported, these seriously ill people decided to live to the fullest until the last moment. They have a lot to learn.

Also «Znayu» wrote the story of Lewis Gordon Pugh, making incredible swims to save nature.

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Siera de la Culebra

The Siera de la Culebra , Portuguese: Sera da Coroa , e Planina Ridge in Castile and León, northwestern Spain, and northeastern Portugal. It is located 7 km south of Puebla de Sanabria in the commune of Alista, Sanabria and La Carballeda (Province of Zamora), both Vinhais and Braganza communities in the Region of Braganza. Nai-temporal mu point e 1243 meters (4078 feet) of the temple of Peña Mira, located in the vicinity of Flechas, in the framework of the Figueruela de Ariba communal term; others important varhove sa Minho Cuevo 1211 meters (3.973 feet) and La Pedrisona 1.054 meters (3.458 feet). [1]

Siera de la Culebra is a 95-kilometer right Planinskaya line in the middle of the highlands, forming a natural border with the Portuguese region on Tras os Montes to the west. You will bow the mu sa of the forest, from time to time devastation from the highland fire. The crossroads on the top of the chesto sa cover from the ground the prezimata and ima strangely glaring the rocks of the quartzite izliza on tyah.

In the midst of Spain and Portugal, some of the sources of the Siera de la Culebra, Castro River, Tera, Tuela, Sabor and Maçãs (Manzanas) deserve to be commended. Maciço de Montesinho , Siera de la Gamoneda (Portuguese: Serra de Marabón ) and Siera del Marabón (Portuguese: Serra de Marabón ) are part of the Siera de la Culebra system. Other subranges are the Siera de las Cavernas, the Siera de los Cantadores and the Siera de las Carbas, located from the Spanish country.

One important feature is the rock on Trita, separating the three ancient Iberian kingdoms in the Sera de Marabon subregion. [3]

Natural reserves

From the Portuguese country of the Siera de la Culebra verigata zonate, it is included in the Natural Park of Montesinho.

The Reserve de Casa de la Ciera de la Culebra National Reserve of the Mountains of Spain. It’s contradictory, take your protection to the reserve, for yes they can and can shoot from sportiness, I’ll cut a cape for a dachshund from a little bit of a euro. Tozi the process of protecting yourself on the basis, to help and pay all the expenses for the reserve, and for the sake of starting the protection on the video of the cato cyalo. [4] They roam on the bank, permitting fishing every year in Spain, it is strictly controlled, as a rule, kato targt se conducting prez Villardeciervos, but many times shooting is illegal. [5]

In the Siera de la Culebra reserve, it is possible to observe in any case, even if it is attracted to the station beyond the island, it is known locally, kato Muladar , and they will tell about the remains of a dead horse and a magaret.

In the Siera de la Culebra reserve there is a healthy population from the main species of the beach on the Waltzite — sorn, red elen and gligan. The presence is on a dead body, tribute on a waltzite, attracting grandiose predators like a white-headed leshoyad.

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