East coast beach: 19 Best Beaches on the East Coast in 2023

19 Best Beaches on the East Coast in 2023

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While craggy lighthouses and chilly breezes don’t top the list of everyone’s beach vacation must-haves, the Atlantic coast offers an abundance of charm right alongside opportunities to shop, surf, and swim. 

There are thousands of beaches totaling more than 2,000 miles along the East Coast, from the warm southern shorelines to the rocky coasts of the northeast.

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It can be hard to pick which one is right for your visit with so many options. Fortunately, we’ve pinned down some of the most promising opportunities for your next adventure.  This is our list of the 19 best beaches on the East Coast.

1. Tybee Island South Beach – Georgia

John Wijsman/Shutterstock

North Beach is a small but beloved beach on Tybee Island near Savannah, Georgia. The island is separated into several beaches: Mid, South, Back River, and North Beach. Each of these beaches has a bit of a unique atmosphere. 

The waters on North Beach are much calmer than those on South Beach, making it a more peaceful visit. It’s also close to Jaycee Park, where you can bring your kids to swing and play on the slides.

North Beach is also great for shell-hunting. You can find plenty of starfish and oysters scattered over the beach in the morning. The lighthouse and Tybee Post Theater are popular tourist destinations on this East Coast beach. 

2. Myrtle Beach – South Carolina

Kevin Ruck/Shutterstock

Myrtle Beach is one of the most visited tourist destinations in the country, and it continues its upwards ascent as the second-fastest-growing metro area in the United States.

The beach features moderate temperatures and plenty of attractions, including high-rise apartments, hotels, eateries, docks, marinas, and a Ferris wheel. 

The community is home to more than 100 golf courses and is considered the mini-golf capital of the world.  If that isn’t enough for you, it also has a big-cat habitat for lions, tigers, and other large cats.

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3. Miami Beach – Florida


This list couldn’t be complete without Florida’s Miami Beach, home to the largest cruise ship port in the world. The shoreline is massive, at about 2.5 miles of glistening sand, loud music, and partying. 

It’s a national icon for summer culture and beach bums everywhere. This beach is famous for its warm waters, a far cry from the chillier shoreline temperatures found up north.

It’s also stocked with restaurants, vendors, shops, museums, and art galleries. Miami Beach even borders several national parks.

The liveliest place to visit on Miami Beach is South Beach, the city’s glamorous and cosmopolitan cultural center. Penrod Park at South Beach is well-regarded for being a great spot to surf.

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Asbury Park Beach – New Jersey

Sky Cinema/Shutterstock

This mile-long park in Monmouth County is an excellent beach and a great place to spend an afternoon. Asbury Beach is surprisingly large. Most guests will love the boardwalk and the many amenities of the park, including sections reserved for surfing and swimming only. 

It is open from 9:00 a.m to 5:00 p.m on weekdays and from 9:00 a.m to 6:00 p.m on weekends and holidays.

The park has rental properties, hotels, live shows, and music. One of the best places to stay here is the 5th Avenue’s Asbury Hotel, which features a beer garden, rooftop bars, and a sound booth. 

5. Virginia Beach – Virginia

Barbara Sauder/Shutterstock

Virginia Beach is a conveniently placed seashore destination for people who like large crowds, plenty of amenities, and quick access to the city. 

Swimmers, surfers, and party-goers will find this beach a prime social hub, while the more introverted vacationers can enjoy the aquarium, docks, and verdant First Landing State Park.

Visitors can tour the boardwalk and its many hotels as they unwind from a day of swimming or carry the fun late into the evening in the ViBe Creative District, a local hotspot for emerging creatives and young professionals.

6. Cape Cod National Seaside – Massachusetts

Jacob Boomsma/Shutterstock

From golden sand to the cool Atlantic breeze, patrons will have plenty to remember after a trip to one of Cape Cod’s many locales. It’s one of the most popular natural tourist destinations in Massachusetts. 

Consisting of fifteen different towns dotted along 40 miles of coastline, this area of Massachusetts is rich with must-see landscapes, including six swimming beaches registered as official members of the Cape Cod National Shoreline:

  • Head of the Meadow, Truro
  • Race Point and Herring Cove, Provincetown
  • Macaroni Beach, Wellfleet
  • Nauset Light and Coast Guard, Eastham

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Coney Island Beach – New York

Keep Smiling Photography/Shutterstock

No vacation to New York is complete without an afternoon at Coney Island, a community that hosts hundreds of independent vendors, amusements, and restaurants. 

The Coney Island boardwalk arguably makes it one of the most identifiable beaches on the East Coast. It’s full of arcades, bars, concessions, and rides, including the iconic Cyclone coaster.

This beach is more than 3-miles long and hosts 5 million visitors every year. It’s open to surfers, swimmers, and anglers, who will find the waters ripe with bluefish, bass, and herring. 

With fresh seafood available right outside, Coney Island is also a foodie paradise. It’s also widely regarded as the hot dog’s origin as we know it today, though there is some debate whether New York or Michigan holds the title. 

8. Ocean City – New Jersey

Vlad G/Shutterstock

If you’re a fan of large crowds and meeting new people, this East Coast beach should be at the top of your plan.  Ocean City Beach in Maryland is an intimidatingly large beach.

It has a mammoth of a sandbank where a whopping 8 million visitors walk every year. That’s bigger than the population of the state!

Ocean City Beach features a boardwalk lined with bizarre and quirky attractions, like the Ocean Gallery sign exhibit. This shop sells hundreds of unique oil paintings and knickknacks. 

There are ample suites to stay in and eateries to visit in between bouts of surfing, swimming, paddle boarding, and other sports. 

9. Cisco Beach – Massachusetts

Catherine Owen/Shutterstock

Cisco Beach is a small beach in Nantucket, Massachusetts, popular with the surf crowd thanks to its cool, crystal clear waters and waves that can crest up to 5 feet tall.

Cisco Beach doesn’t feature as many amenities as other beaches. This makes it less favorable to families but more popular for students and groups of adults. 

It’s a serene-looking place with a lot of potential, especially during the summer months. Spend your days exploring the nearby Whaling Museum, visiting the Great Point Lighthouse, or simply lounging in the sand.

10. Fire Island – New York

Colin D. Young/Shutterstock

Fire Island is an 8-square-mile barrier island right off the coast of Long Island, New York. It’s a beautiful beach that is home to about 1,000 residents, many of whom reside in or near the town of Ocean Beach. 

Fire Island is unique for its size and atmosphere. Unlike the busy streets of the big city, this park offers visitors a calm, discreet afternoon free of smog, traffic, and stress.   

The whole coastline is quite long but makes excellent use of the space with a cornucopia of natural wonders. Fire Island is home to Robert Moses State Park, an 875-acre preserve where tourists can surf, go angler fishing, and even spot local deer.

Sunken Forest is also popular with outdoor enthusiasts, featuring a short hike through a hidden world of American holly trees nestled between the Atlantic Coast sand dunes.  

11. Hampton Beach – New Hampshire

Wangkun Jia/Shutterstock

Hampton Beach features a long boardwalk, plenty of shops and restaurants, and a seasonal ballroom for hosting parties, shows, and concerts. Visitors praise the beach for its amenities, accessibility, and natural atmosphere. 

Even though the beach can be quite busy, it’s sizable and comfortable, stretching over 1½ miles of pearly white sands. Hampton Beach is open year-round for fishing, camping, swimming, and picnicking.

But one of the best times to visit during the summer, when they host live fireworks shows every Wednesday. Check their calendar often, though, as these shows are put on pause according to when the local Piping Plovers begin nesting. 

12. Brighton Beach – New York


Brighton Beach is a busy beach with some big waves and a popular spot for locals because of its comfortable swimming conditions. The water temperature here is in the mid-60s, just chilly enough to take the edge off a steamy summer day.  

It is connected to the Riegelmann Boardwalk, which allows you to walk from Brighton Beach to Coney Island.

It’s very convenient and makes it easy to make more than one trip on your visit. Many local vendors and businesses visit the boardwalk, and the area is known for its Eastern European food and culture.

13. Old Orchard Beach – Maine

Mircea Costina/Shutterstock

Old Orchard Beach is a classic attraction known for its combination of sun and fun. You can catch huge waves year-round at this East Coast beach, some as tall as 9 feet. 

Families flock to the amusements and kiddy rides like the park’s carousels, roller coasters, and Ferris wheel. One famous example is Palace Playland, a local amusement park that has been around for more than a century. 

The boardwalk and pier are populated with restaurants, shops, and rest areas. Old Orchard Beach also features charming New England-style bed-and-breakfast rentals and plenty of inns, like the Old Orchard Beach Inn and the Rebekah Inn.

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14. Carolina Beach – North Carolina

StacieStauffSmith Photos/Shutterstock

Carolina Beach is a lively beach in New Hanover County that stretches more than six miles. It presents tourists with many sites and eateries, including Squigley’s Ice Cream and Treats and Britt’s Donuts shop. 

Once you’re ready to hit the water, there are plenty of spots for surfing calm waves, like the 475-long Crystal Pier. Visitors can drive four-wheelers around Freeman Park after a day out shopping or swimming.

This East Coast beach even has an aquarium, which fits more than 200 thousand gallons of saltwater. 

It’s a fascinating hodge-podge of animals, with notable exhibits including a rare albino alligator named Luna, a touch pond filled with horseshoe crabs and stingrays, and a family of Asian small-clawed otters that recently welcomed a new litter of pups.

15. Westport Compo Beach – Connecticut

Michael Levine-Clark/Flickr

Westport’s Compo Beach is a small but sweet location in Fairfield County. Daily passes are limited to 100 per day, so it’s ideal if you want to enjoy the coast without dealing with busy crowds.

It’s only about 29 acres large, but this beach is very comfortable and hosts a softball field, a skate park, and basketball courts. It also has a pavilion and concession stands for classic outdoor refreshments. 

The Compo Beach shoreline gives you a good view of the surrounding banks and marina. You are allowed to surf at the beach, but check out some of the online surfing forecasts before making your trip. 

16. Folly Beach – South Carolina


Folly Beach is a 12-square-mile large barrier island that houses 25 restaurants and more than 2500 rooms in vacation rentals. The beachfront is considerably long and wide enough to fit visitors comfortably.

It’s a very accessible beach with ample parking spaces near the coastline. Folly Pier and the local clubs supply beachgoers with drinks and music. Thanks to their iconic salt marshes and swashbuckling, pirate-filled past, history buffs will find Folly Beach a delightful destination.

According to historians, Folly Island was once known as Coffin Land, as pirates headed towards the Charleston harbor would stop along their route to bury departed crewmates.

One exciting thing about Folly Beach is that Civil War cannonballs unearth themselves every few years. Following storms, these 200-year-old cannonballs wash up on the sand. 

17. Long Beach – New York

Joao Paulo V Tinoco/Shutterstock

When it comes to Long Island, Long Beach is the ultimate destination spot for fans of surfing and sand castles. Time Out magazine even named Long Beach the Best East Coast Beach Town of 2022. 

The coast here is more than three miles long and very spacious. The sands here are very pearly and soft, perfect for walking on. There are many cinemas, pubs, and retreats along the boardwalk.

Some areas of the beach are even grassy, making good spots to picnic or lay down. Lifeguards are on duty at Long Beach between 9:00 p.m and 6:00 p.m.


Revere Beach – Massachusetts

Ritu Manoj Jethani/Shutterstock

Revere Beach is a superb beach along the seashore north of Boston. The beach can fit up to 1 million visitors on the weekend, but you can conveniently park for free on Revere Boulevard or reach the beach by the Blue Line subway service. 

The Revere Beach reservation is a historic landmark and is open from dusk until dawn every day. The beach is also remarkable for one of its local species.

Piping Plovers are small, endangered species of bird that occupies a small section of the park. This beach is also the site of the New England Sand Sculpting Festival, which takes place in July every year.

If you’re good enough, you can win thousands in prize money. Some of the artwork you can find on this beach is truly spectacular.

19. Rehoboth Beach – Delaware

Bruce Goerlitz Photo/Shutterstock

Delaware might be a small state, but you can’t beat it for an ocean view sunset. The best beach in Delaware has to be Rehoboth, named after the most visited city in the state.  

The beach is open from 6:00 a.m to 10:00 p.m., which means you have plenty of time to enjoy the retro 1950s nostalgia and classic icons of Americana that this destination is famous for. 

There are also some neat areas around the beach like Funland Amusement Park, Jungle-Jim’s Water Park, and Midway Speedway. 

Things to Consider

Nancy Kennedy/Shutterstock

Before taking your trip, there are some essential things to think about:

  • How much is your trip going to cost? 
  • How far away is one beach on your list from the next? 
  • What amenities and attractions are most important?

Be sure to do your research to get the most bang for your buck, especially if you plan to visit multiple locations on an East Coast road trip. With a little trial and error, you can create a route map that hits many of these day trip dream destinations.

With that in mind, one of the most important things to consider is gas pricing. There can be a heavy commute near some of the larger public beaches.

Keep an eye out for free parking or metros, but keep some quarters in your car just in case the beach you’re visiting has parking meters. Lastly, consider how rowdy you like your beaches.

For example, families may want to avoid Miami Beach in March and April, when the area will be packed to the gills with college-aged tourists seeking their favorite vices.

Frequently Asked Questions

Khairil Azhar Junos/Shutterstock

Here are some FAQs about visiting East Coast beaches:

What states are considered East Coast?

Every state from Maine to Florida is considered to be the East Coast of the United States. This is regardless if it’s in the North or South.

What is the best time to visit these beaches?

Summertime is the warmest time to hit the beach, as well as the best chances for catching big waves.

What beach has the best temperature?

If you like swimming and feeling the warm water on your skin, head to Florida and Georgia. If you like cooler environments, check out some New England beaches.

What is the busiest beach on the East Coast?

Myrtle Beach, Miami Beach, and Nantucket have millions of people who visit them annually. Smaller beaches like Compo and Tybee are calm and less crowded.

Where is the clearest water on the East Coast?

Folly Beach is well-known for its clear waters, where you can see passing sea turtles and dolphins dancing under the waves.

So What’s the Best Beach on the East Coast?


Without a doubt, our favorite entry is Miami Beach. Miami Beach has everything you can want on a beach, from public swimming and surfing to an active nightlife and atmosphere.

It’s warm, sunny, and very popular. It’s all a matter of opinion, but it’s definitely our choice for the best beach on the East Coast.

8 Best East Coast Beach Towns for a Summer Getaway

Photograph: Shutterstock

It’s never too early to start planning your summer sojourn and the best East Coast beach towns offer something special for everyone

Written by

Lauren Dana


Summer is right around the corner, which means it’s time to start planning your next beach vacation. Fortunately, you don’t have to jet off to some faraway destination to enjoy some of the best beaches: In fact, the best stretches of sand may be closer to home than you think.

The East Coast of the United States is teeming with charming beach towns, each with its own distinct flavor and ambiance. From an arty enclave in South Florida to a New York oceanfront oasis that’s still a secret, keep reading for the best East Coast beach towns along the Atlantic.

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Photograph: Shutterstock

1. Long Beach, NY

Just an hour away from the bustling Big Apple lies Long Beach, New York. This suburban beach town is best known for its sandy stretch of shoreline and pristine boardwalk, which was completely reimagined following Hurricane Sandy in 2012. The public beach is ideal for sunbathing and surfing, while the boardwalk is a popular spot for peaceful strolls, bike rides, and scenic jogs. After a day spent in the sun, cool down with a cocktail at one of the many nearby bars, including the aptly named Beach House and The Cabana, which serves up Mexican-American staples such as nachos, tacos, and enchiladas with a side of live music.

Photograph: Shutterstock

2. Bethany Beach, DE

For a sun- and fun-filled getaway away from the crowds, make your way to Bethany Beach. This charming coastal town boasts a laid-back vibe that is ideal for families. Although the bustling boardwalk is rather small (about a half-mile long), it’s dotted with fun gift shops and eateries (don’t miss DB’s Fries!) for folks of all ages. When you’re not lounging on the beach, building sandcastles along the shore, or enjoying a dip in the ocean, check out one of the many nearby mom-and-pop stores, including Bethany Beach Books, Tidepool Toys & Games, Fish Tales, or Blue Room Gallery & Gift Shop. Lastly, for something sweet, make your way over to Sandy Pony Donuts, Kohr Brothers Frozen Custard, Maureen’s Ice Cream and Desserts, or Candy Kitchen.


Photograph: Shutterstock

3. Delray Beach, FL

Delray Beach is often overlooked in favor of larger, nearby cities like Palm Beach or Fort Lauderdale – but don’t let that deter you from visiting. The artsy beachfront enclave is known for its eclectic Pineapple Grove Arts District, which is chock-full of murals and sculptures. Here, you’ll also find Artist’s Alley, where you can check out works from local artists. When it’s time for some R&R, make your way to one of the nearby beaches, which are renowned for their clear-blue waters and sandy shoreline. Delray Beach offers cabanas, chairs, and umbrellas, while Anchor Park and Atlantic Dunes Park are more low-key and tend to fly under the radar. No trip is complete without a stroll down Atlantic Avenue (AKA ‘The Ave’) in Downtown Delray Beach, which offers plenty of shops, restaurants and a thriving nightlife scene.

Photograph: Shutterstock

4. Tybee Island, GA

Tybee Island is both a small city and a barrier island located off the coast of Georgia (about 20 miles from Savannah). The destination, which has been attracting beach lovers since the late 1800s, is best known for its vast stretches of sand. Among the most famous is South Beach, which, as you can tell by the name, is located along the isle’s southern tip. In addition to the photo-worthy pier and pavilion – which offers picnic tables and a snack bar – you’ll also find a bustling neighborhood of the same name. Its main street, Tybrisa Street, is lined with fun-loving establishments, including Wet Willie’s, which serves up all sorts of frozen daiquiris. Meanwhile, Mid Beach is much quieter, North Beach takes up a significant chunk of the island, and Back River Beach is more secluded. 


Photograph: Lauren Spinelli


 Barnegat Light, NJ

Barnegat Light is located on the northern tip of New Jersey’s Long Beach Island. Unlike other Jersey Shore towns such as Margate, Atlantic City, or Seaside Heights, Barnegat Light is quiet and low-key, making it the perfect place for your next family vacation. The tiny town is quite peaceful with wide streets for cycling, pristine beaches for relaxing, plus ample fishing and crabbing opportunities. You can’t leave town without visiting the namesake Barnegat Lighthouse State Park, where hiking, fishing, picnicking, birding opportunities abound.

6. Carolina Beach, NC

This laid-back beach town offers (mostly) crowd-free beaches with soft, golden-sand shorelines. The destination is most famous for its aptly named Carolina Beach Boardwalk, which is decked out in bright-colored buildings to evoke classic seaside fun. Here, travelers will find everything from nostalgia-inducing carnival rides and charming souvenir shops to mouthwatering street food and sweets. The Carolina Beach Arcade is another highlight. Don’t miss your chance to try your hand at surfing, either: Carolina Beach is one of the state’s top surfing spots. Beginners can sign up for lessons through Odysea Surf School or Tony Silvagni Surf School. Carolina Beach offers a slew of events and festivals throughout the year, such as live music, boat festivals, and more.


Photograph: Shutterstock

7. Folly Beach, SC

Folly Beach is about 20 minutes from from Charleston, yet it feels worlds away. The oceanfront city is a haven for outdoor lovers, and popular activities include standup paddleboarding, surfing, kayaking, biking, and much more. It’s also known for its expansive, 24ft-wide pier, which spans over 1,000ft above the water. Here, you’ll find a restaurant and gift and tackle shop. While the main beach is known for its vibrant atmosphere, those craving seclusion can check out the smaller Folly Beach County Park. Be sure to stroll down the city’s main strip, Center Street, which offers an abundance of locally owned shops and southern seafood establishments such as The Washout and Rita’s Seaside Grille. 

8. Charlestown, RI

The Ocean State is renowned for its beautiful beaches and coastal towns. And, while you’ve likely heard of Narragansett and Newport, you won’t want to sleep on Charlestown.  The beach is relatively underdeveloped and incredibly quiet, so you’ll have plenty of room to lounge out. Charlestown Breachway State Beach is another local favorite for its golden-sand shorelines, panoramic Block Island Sound views, and prime fishing opps. Plus, the town itself has plenty of arty flair and character. Don’t miss Fantastic Umbrella Factory, which is comprised of five individual shops housed in a centuries-old farm. Come nighttime, check out the Frosty Drew Observatory & Science Center for awe-inspiring, almost-otherworldly stargazing. For an authentic taste of Charlestown, foodies should plan their visit around the annual Charlestown Seafood Festival in August.

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      Where are the sandy beaches in Crimea — Sutochno.ru

      Photo: Mukhorin Nikolay / Shutterstock

      We have already told you about the best beaches in Crimea — they are mostly pebbly. Meanwhile, there are resorts with a sandy beach on the peninsula. The sand on the beach always pleases: it is pleasant to walk on it, it is comfortable to lie on it, it is more suitable for families with children.

      Sandy beaches in Crimean resorts are located mainly on the western and eastern shores, and if you prefer the second point in the dilemma «stones or sand», then this article is for you. Sutochno.ru presents the best sandy beaches of Crimea: where they are, what kind of sand is there and where to rent housing on the first line. nine0003


      Many people prefer to relax with children in Evpatoria — all thanks to the numerous beaches with sand:

      1. Central beach. Conveniently located on the Gorky embankment, well equipped and popular with tourists. The coating here is sandy, if stones come across, then infrequently. The beach has a full range of amenities and entertainment.

      2. Robinson Beach. Another place suitable for recreation in the Crimea with children. Soft sandy surface without stones, smooth entrance to the Black Sea, inventory rental. nine0003

      3. Solaris and Oasis beaches. Mostly sand, but occasionally small pebbly areas. The beaches have activities for children.

      4. Super Aqua, Cote d’Azur, Rodnichok. Located next door. The surface is fine sand diluted with shell rock. The coast here is long and shallow: you can always find a place for swimming with a child. Equipment rental and rides are also available.

      5. Golden Sands. It is located outside the city, so there are not many vacationers. The sand here is of a golden hue, the entrance to the water is gentle, and there is a small pebble strip between the sand cover and the sea. The amenities are ok. nine0003

      Housing in Evpatoria

      Photo: Popoudina Svetlana / Shutterstock

      Resorts near Evpatoria


      Another popular Crimean resort with a sandy beach. In fact, the entire coast of this village next to Evpatoria is a large beach. The sand here is large, with a golden hue, and there is infrastructure along the entire coast: sheds, cabins, toilets, sun loungers for rent, cafes, attractions.

      There is also a wild area in Zaozerny: you can get there by bus number 119, get off at the Peschanka stop, then walk for about 10 minutes (all locals know the way). Other options are to go to the villages of Molochnoye and Vitino, where there are sandy beaches and clear sea.

      Go to Zaozernoe


      This place is mainly known for salt lakes, including Sasyk-Sivash Lake, but there are also sandy beaches here. To get to them, take the bus to the Poltava stop. From the sanatorium with the same name, you can walk a little towards the children’s camp: there will be a wild beach. There is no entertainment in this place, but there are few tourists. nine0003

      Housing in Saki


      There is a pier here, and on both sides of it there is a sand and pebble beach on the shore of Kalamitsky Bay. The pebbles here are small, and the entrance to the water is quite smooth. The beach has a cafe, sun lounger rentals, playgrounds for children, cabins and showers. Of the entertainment at sea — jet skis, catamarans and «bananas». The most daring can fly over the sea on a hang glider.

      Housing in Novofedorovka


      Another village to the south of Evpatoria, where there are different beaches — sandy or pebbly. Here you can spend an inexpensive vacation on the Black Sea. There are several sand and pebble beaches in Nikolaevka, the most popular of which is Central (also known as Beach No. 9). There is a lot of sand even a couple of meters from the sea, but when entering the water, large and “biting” pebbles can be caught. True, the infrastructure here is not very good: they mostly rest on the shore in the old-fashioned way — without awnings and other devices. nine0003

      Relax in Nikolayevka

      Photo: Andrey_Zakharov / Shutterstock


      A well-known Crimean resort with clean sandy beaches. List of the main places to stay in Feodosia:

      1. Golden Beach. One of the most famous on the entire peninsula: it is known in all the hotels of the Crimea. The main advantages of the beach are golden sand and transparent shallow water. The territory partially belongs to the camp site: the entrance there is paid. There are also free sites — however, without infrastructure. nine0003

      Golden Beach in Crimea includes Sunrise, Scarlet Sails and Beach 117 sections. You can go there freely, sun loungers and other entertainment are paid.

      2. Bounty Beach. There is a golden sandy coast here — however, the water is not as clean as on Zolotoy. But there are many water activities, cafes, restaurants, play areas.

      3. Atlantic, Dynamo, Zhemchuzhny. Good sandy beaches of Crimea for families with children: golden sand, good infrastructure. nine0003

      4. Beaches of Primorsky and Beregovoye settlements. In fact, this is a continuation of the Golden Beach of Feodosia — with fine fine sand, calm and shallow sea. In Primorsky, we will single out the beach «Sandy Balka».

      Go to Feodosiya

      Photo: engineervoshkin / Shutterstock


      Another attractive destination for those who are interested in sandy beaches and recreation in Crimea 2023.

      1. The central beach of Sudak («Brigantine»). nine0014 Tops the list of beaches in the resort as the most popular and comfortable. Entertainment on the «Brigantine» is more than enough, and the coast is covered with quartz sand — it is not only pleasant, but also healing.

      2. Collective farm beach. Sandy, interspersed with shell rock. The Black Sea is shallow here, and on the shore there is everything for a comfortable stay.

      3. Beach resort VVS. Half a kilometer stretch between the two previous beaches. Entrance is free, there is a good infrastructure. nine0003

      4. Mojito Beach. Located near the Genoese fortress. The coating is imported sand from other beaches, the entrance to the sea is through concrete slabs. You can rent sun loungers, ride on water transport.

      5. Cape Meganom beach. Remote about 15 km from Sudak, part of the protected area. This is a sandy beach without any infrastructure, but with a breathtaking landscape. There are conditions for diving.

      6. Green bay. Beach 8 km from Sudak, belongs to the village of Novyi Svet. The length is about 600 meters, the coating is sand and pebble. There is a rental of beach equipment, water rides, cafes and other entertainment. nine0003

      7. Royal beach. Located south of Novyi Svet, on the shores of Golubaya Bay. This is a cozy beach with sand and pebbles and clear water.

      8. Beach of Morskoe settlement (20 km from Sudak). The coast here is filled with black sand, the water is clear, the entrance to it is smooth. The beach is well-maintained: there are sunbeds for rent, cafes and attractions.

      Go to Sudak


      If you are looking for which sandy beaches to relax in the Crimea, then the areas in Koktebel are mostly pebbly, but the seabed here is mostly sand. There are a couple of sandy beaches in the vicinity of Koktebel. One of these is Quiet Bay. In addition to clean water and pleasant sand, it boasts impressive landscapes, because. located in the landscape park. Scenes from famous films were even filmed here: Scarlet Sails, The Man from Boulevard des Capuchins, The 9th Company and others. nine0003

      The quiet bay has clear water and a gentle entrance to the sea, and at the bottom there are small pebbles. You can get to the beach by minibus from the Koktebel bus station. Another option is to stay in the village of Ordzhonikidze, which is also nearby.

      Go to Koktebel

      Photo: Igor Lushchay / Shutterstock

      Kerch and the coast of the Sea of ​​Azov


      1. SunDali beach (Arshintsevo). Popular with both tourists and the Crimeans themselves — the strip stretches for several kilometers, there is a place for everyone.

      2. Smorzhevsky beach («Turtle»). The site is not equipped, but there are few vacationers.

      3. Beaches near the village of Geroevka (about 20 km from the center of Kerch). There are both wild areas and areas of boarding houses. The main advantage is the gentle entry into the water of the Kerch Strait.

      4. Beach «Traps». nine0014 Fine sand, wide coastline, few tourists. There is no entertainment here, this is a wild territory.

      5. Beaches near the village of Naberezhnoye. Sandy areas without infrastructure on the spit between the Kerch Strait and Lake Tobechik. You can drive further — to Cape Takil, Golden Beach near the village of Yakovenkovo ​​and Cape Opuk.

      To the north of Kerch, on the territory of the Karalar reserve, there are General’s beaches. This is the wild coast of the Azov Sea with golden soft sand and shell rock. The total length of the General beaches is about 30 km. Behind them is another large beach strip for 25 km, also known as «Tatarka». This is also a sand-shell area, but the sand there is gray. You can stop for the night in the village of Zolote. nine0003

      You can drive further — to the city of Shchelkino. There, on the territory of the Kazantip Nature Reserve, there are wild sandy beaches interspersed with shells. There is a beach area in Shchelkino itself. There is sand on the coast, there is a good infrastructure and attractions for children.

      Stop in Kerch

      Stop in Shchelkino


      Choosing the Crimean resort towns with sandy beaches, many prefer to rest in Sevastopol. This is a good option, but we also recommend the village of Kachu, which is located about 20 km from the Crimean Hero City. Nearby are also Andreevka and Sandy — there is inexpensive housing. nine0003

      Kachinsky beaches — a continuous sand and pebble strip of the Black Sea coast about 5 km long. The territory is conditionally divided into several sections — wild and landscaped (the latter are mostly located near the hotels).

      The main beach in Kutch is close to the Parus hotel. There is a neat promenade, cafes, restaurants and retail outlets. The beach is small, the coastal strip is narrow, but the entrance to the water is very smooth.

      If you move away from the beach to the north or towards Sevastopol, the coast becomes spacious and sparsely populated. Sand and pebbles remain on the coast, but the beach strip is expanding. Of the wild beaches, we note the area next to the German Beam: it is small, but beautiful. nine0003

      Stop in Kutch

      Photo: Popoudina Svetlana / Shutterstock

      Sandy resorts of Crimea on the west coast

      There is an opinion that it is on the quiet beaches of the west coast that you can spend the best vacation with children in Crimea. There are no large resorts here, but there are cozy villages and an excellent coastline with pristine nature: take at least Cape Tarkhankut, Karadzha Bay and its beautiful beaches with pink sand.

      Here are the most attractive places:

      1. Belyaus Spit. Located between the Black Sea and Lake Donuzlav. Belyaus stretches for about 8 km and is covered with dazzling white sand, like in the Maldives. There are wild beaches with azure water. There is no infrastructure, but in such beautiful places it seems redundant. By the way, on the other side of Lake Donuzlav is the South Spit — there are sand and pebble beaches.

      2. Z-City beach in the village of Popovka. Unlike many other neighboring sites, it is well prepared for a good rest. nine0003

      3. Coastal settlements Olenevka, Chernomorskoe and Mezhvodnoe. If you are attracted by the white sands in the Crimea, then you are here. From the equipped local beaches, we will single out the site near the Blue Lagoon recreation center in Mezhvodnoye and the Crimean Miami beach in Olenevka. Connoisseurs of real freedom will like the wild beaches of Tarkhankut.

      4. Sandy beaches near the settlements of Maryino, Okunevka, Znamenskoye, Mirny, Popovka and Shtormovoe. These are the sandy resorts of Crimea for holidays with children: white sand, silence and comfort. nine0003

      5. Bakalskaya spit. It is located in the north-west of Crimea and juts out into the Karkinit Bay of the Black Sea. There is almost no infrastructure here, but freedom and romance are felt. The Bakalskaya spit is sandy, and on its banks it is rather shallow. The best option for an overnight stay is accommodation in Steregushchy. Also look at offers and prices in the private sector of other villages in the area.

      Relax in Olenevka

      Go to Popovka

      Accommodation in Mezhvodnoe

      Accommodation in Chernomorskoe

      Stop at Shtormovoe

      Popular questions about the beaches of Crimea

      In what areas of Crimea are sandy beaches?

      Crimean resorts with sandy beaches are concentrated on the western and eastern coasts of the Black Sea. There are also sandy areas on the Sea of ​​​​Azov — in the area of ​​\u200b\u200bKerch and Cape Kazantip. In general, many resorts with sandy beaches are suitable for a holiday in 2023.

      Which cities of Crimea have sandy beaches?

      Sand is available in the following cities of Crimea: Feodosiya, Sudak, Yevpatoria, Sevastopol, as well as in small villages adjacent to them. On the beaches of Alushta (Crimea) there are both pebbles and sand — the latter being either slate or mixed with gravel. nine0003

      Where is white sand in Crimea?

      White sandy beaches are located in the villages of Popovka, Mirny, Znamenskoye, Shtormovoye, Okunevka, Olenevka, Mezhvodnoye and Chernomorskoye, as well as on Belyaus — a spit with white sand.

      Where are the mountains and the sandy beach in Crimea?

      There is sand and mountains in Ordzhonikidze, in Sudak and its environs, on Cape Meganom.

      Where is the best sandy beach in Crimea?

      There are many places in Crimea where there are sandy beaches, but it is very difficult to choose the best among them. Tourists leave good reviews about the Golden Beach in Feodosia, «Oasis» and «Cote d’Azur» in Evpatoria, «Uchkuevka» in Sevastopol, «Miami» in Olenevka. nine0003

      Where is the sandy beach in Sevastopol?

      «Uchkuevka», «Solnechny», «Sand», «Aquamarine», «Omega» — these Sevastopol beaches have sand (mostly mixed with pebbles). There is also a nudist beach in Lyubimovka.

      Where are the sandy beaches in Sudak?

      In Sudak itself — Central, Kolkhozny, Mojito. In the vicinity — Green Bay, Cape Meganom, King’s Beach in the Blue Bay.

      best beaches in 2023 on the map, photo

      Why fly to the Dominican Republic? Of course, behind the beaches: beautiful, endless, as from the picture. We will tell you about the best beaches in the Dominican Republic with white sand and the most transparent water, good beaches for children, as well as ideal spots for surfing and snorkeling.

      By the way, is the Dominican Republic open now and how to fly cheaper — all the details are here 😎,
      as well as the TOP of the best hotels in the Dominican Republic 5 stars — a fresh selection

      1. The best beaches in the Dominican Republic for swimming0003 Photo Leonardo Rossatti / Pexels
        • There are beaches popular , where life is in full swing, everyone sunbathes and strolls along the coast, go to restaurants and souvenir shops.
          Secluded beaches are also there — there is only the sea, palm trees and you. They are usually located either in fashionable resort areas, or a little away from the main resorts. Since the Dominican Republic is often chosen as a place for a wedding ceremony or honeymoon, these semi-wild beaches are suitable for capturing your romantic vacation in the Dominican Republic in a photo. nine0283
        • Most of the beaches in the Dominican Republic are covered with surprisingly white, clean and fine sand , which does not get hot even in the heat. Against the background of such sand, sea water acquires a fantastically beautiful azure color.
          There are beaches with yellowish sand , and they are also cool. We will talk about all the best beaches with white sand and sand of other shades below.
        • Love the drive and waves on the beach — there are such beaches in the Dominican Republic, look for a place on the northern or eastern coast of the country, where the Atlantic Ocean is. nine0047 If you prefer to swim in calm waters , then the best choice would be the beaches on the Caribbean coast in the south of the Dominican Republic, where coves abound, securely surrounded by coral reefs.
        • In the Dominican Republic, as elsewhere, there are beaches with different entry into the sea — more than gently sloping and deepening for a long time, which are perfect for swimming children, or those where there is a depth of and you can swim not only in shallow water. nine0283
        • If water activities are not limited to simple swimming for you, there are places in the Dominican Republic that are well suited for snorkeling, diving, surfing and windsurfing .

        And now — details about the best beaches of the Dominican Republic with photos and panoramas. Let’s talk about each beach, its main advantages and features. You will have to decide which resort to choose, and rather fly to rest!

        Dominican beaches on the map

        The best beaches of the Dominican Republic: north, east and south coast0009

        It is most convenient to check the cost of tours to the Dominican Republic for your dates for all tour operators on the website Travelata . We usually book through this agency, it turns out very profitable, especially with the promotional code:

        AFU300Lucky — 300 rubles discount for a tour from 20 thousand
        AFU500Lucky — 500 rubles discount for a tour from 40 thousand rub per tour from 60 thousand

        Beaches of the northern coast of the Dominican Republic

        In the north there are such popular resorts as Puerto Plata and Samana, all of them are washed by the Atlantic Ocean.

        Playa Grande Beach is located in the resort area of ​​Puerto Plata. A typical Dominican beach is long, with fine sand of an interesting yellowish-red color and bright turquoise water. On weekends it can be crowded and noisy — locals come to rest. The beach has amenities such as a cafe with local food (fish and seafood are prepared), sun loungers and umbrellas, showers, rental of equipment for scuba diving and other water activities. There are often waves, undercurrents and even storms, so you need to be on the lookout. You can find small shallows with calm water, where it will be safe with children, but they are few. The landscape is amazing — palm trees, the unusual color of ocean water, rocks. You can arrange a romantic photo session or just sit meditatively and listen to the sound of the surf. nine0003 Photo Aparthotel Costambar / Booking.com

        Playa Dorada is an isolated beach in the Puerto Plata resort, impressing tourists with its clear aquamarine water in contrast with white sand. In fact, this is a complex of several 4-5 * hotels operating on an all-inclusive basis, golf courses and tennis courts. Mostly guests of these hotels relax on the beach, so it is very calm here. Playa Dorada is ideal for a relaxing holiday with the whole family, swimming, walking along the water’s edge, watching sunrise and sunset. The place is also suitable for diving and snorkeling — there is a coral reef nearby. On the beach there is a kitesurfing school for lovers of active pastime. nine0003 Photo Emotions by Hodelpa – Playa Dorada / Booking. com

        Tours to hotels on Playa Dorada beach with departure from Moscow:

        ▪ Be Live Collection Marien 5* – from 135,000 rubles for a tour for 10 nights for two
        ▪ Sunscape Puerto Plata 4* – from 142,000 rubles for a tour for 10 nights for two
        ▪ VH Gran Ventana Beach Resort 4* – from 145,000 rubles for a tour for 10 nights for two
        ▪ Emotions By Hodelpa Playa Dorada 4* – from 149 000 RUB for 10 nights tour for two

        Photo Iberostar Costa Dorada – Playa Dorada / Booking.com

        Sosua Beach in Puerto Plata is located near the airport and is quite popular. Life is in full swing here, there are restaurants, bars, shops and all the conditions for a beach holiday. Along the coast there are groves where you can hide from the sun in the shade of palm trees.

        Photo Casa Marina Beach & Reef All Inclusive / Booking.com

        Tours to hotels near Sosua beach with departure from Moscow:

        Cabarete is a beach for surfers, windsurfers and kitesurfers in the Puerto Plata area. People come here for the atmosphere and party rather than for a relaxed and relaxing holiday. Swimming for your own pleasure is also most likely not going to work — the water is lively and the waves are of course. A cozy area with cafes, restaurants, bars with live music can attract, it will be especially nice to spend an evening there at sunset. On both sides of Cabarette there are many more similar beaches for water activities — Kite Beach, Encuentro. nine0003 Photo Viva Wyndham Tangerine / Booking.com

        Tours to hotels on Cabarete beach with departure from Moscow:

        Playa Grande between Rio San Juan and Cabrera is like a picture in a magazine and not crowded. Soft honey-colored sand, incredible water colors and beautiful waves. The beach is lined with palm trees, there are cafes, as well as toilets, showers and changing rooms that are hidden in the greenery and do not spoil the view. The tides are very pronounced on this beach, check the information before visiting. nine0003

        The beaches of Las Terrenas on the Samana Peninsula . More precisely, there are several beaches near this town: one beach flows into another, the sand is yellowish everywhere, not white. All the beaches near Las Terrenas are somewhat reminiscent of Sri Lanka, only there are fewer waves. We liked Bonita beach the most with fine golden sand and a gentle bottom. It’s a surfer’s paradise, although it’s a paradise for everyone. Beach idyll — walk, sunbathe, swim, catch a wave, enjoy the sunset. There is no bustle of popular beaches with annoying souvenir merchants and barkers. Liked also Koson Beach , which is simply made for long walks along the ocean. The natural beauty of the coast — without unnecessary noise and tourist «tinsel». There is also a cool lookout for palm plantations and several beach restaurants.

        Photo Bahia Principe Grand El Portillo – All Inclusive / Booking.com

        Tours to hotels near Las Terrenas with departure from Moscow:


        Las Galeras is another resort on the Samana Peninsula, smaller than Las Terenas. From this place you can take a boat and swim to the charming beach of Rincon or to 2 beaches closed in the bay: Madama and Fronton. The Las Galeras beach itself is unremarkable, but a 15-minute walk from it there is Playa La Playita — small, semi-wild and secluded, with white sand, a gentle entrance, without wind and currents.

        Photo Grand Paradise Samana All Inclusive / Booking.com

        Tours in hotels near Las Galeras departing from Moscow:

        ▪ Grand Paradise Samana All Inclusive 4 * — from 157,000 rubles for a tour for 10 nights for two

        Playa Rincon beach on the Samana Peninsula is one of the best white sand beaches that we have seen in the Dominican Republic. Imagine — a bay surrounded by mountains, and coconut palms at the very edge, a serene tropical landscape. This semi-wild beach is located a few kilometers from the village of Las Galeras. You can get there on your own by car (some even walk), by taxi or book a transfer at a local travel agency (there are boat trips to several wild beaches near Las Galeras). The infrastructure is modest, there are no hotels, but there are several cafes and even sunbeds (paid). On the right side of Rincon beach, a river flows with amazing turquoise water and mangroves, you can rent a boat. On one side of the beach, the water is calmer and you can go snorkeling. On the north side there are waves, you can surf with pleasure. nine0003 Photo by Einfach-Eve / Pixabay

        Fronton Beach is quite difficult to get to — the best way is by boat from Las Galeras. But this secluded place in the midst of tropical forests and cliffs is worth it — the views here are extraordinary. You can snorkel, but be careful — there are sea urchins and sharp coral fragments at the bottom. Here you can meet the dawn, just remember to bring food and water with you (unless this is included in your tour, there are no shops here).

        Madama Beach is another hard-to-reach beach near Las Galeras. You can get there on foot through the rainforest (an adventurous 40 minute walk) or by boat. On weekdays, there is a chance that you will be alone on the beach.

        The beach on the island of Cayo Levantado with one single five-star hotel is quite popular with tourists. Usually people come here with a guided tour and spend a couple of hours of free time on the public beach. The beach has a sharp slope of the coastline and a rather narrow strip of sand, bordered by tropical vegetation. Island for relaxation! nine0003 Photo Bahia Principe Luxury Cayo Levantado / Booking.com Photo Bahia Principe Luxury Cayo Levantado / Booking.com

        Tours to the hotel in Cayo Levantado with departure from Moscow:

        for a tour for 10 nights for two

        Beaches of the east coast of the Dominican Republic

        In the east of the country, the center of attraction, of course, is Punta Cana and its surroundings, where there are many first-class 4-5 * hotels operating on an all-inclusive basis «. Most of the resort area is washed by the Atlantic Ocean, closer to the south in the Cap Cana area, the influence of the Caribbean Sea is felt. nine0047

        Macau Beach is located just north of Bavaro. Getting to it is quite simple — by taxi, rented car or as part of an excursion. So far, there is only one hotel here (it is new, it began to receive guests in February 2020), so hurry up to enjoy the natural beauty of nature and the majestic Atlantic Ocean. Soft yellowish sand covers the entire beach, the coast is surrounded by mangroves and palm trees. Beach pictures are fascinating, which is why photo shoots and wedding ceremonies are arranged on Macau beach. Such photos from the Dominican Republic will keep warm memories. Wind and waves are often observed here — good conditions for surfing even for beginners. nine0003 Photo Dreams Macao Beach Punta Cana / Booking.com

        Tours to hotels on Macao beach with departure from Moscow and other cities:

        Arena Gorda is one of the best beaches in the Dominican Republic in the Punta Cana area. It has everything for a perfect beach holiday: white, always cool sand, clear water and its incredible shades and modulations, the opportunity to retire just by walking a little to the side along the coastline, palm trees that give a natural shade in any heat. You find yourself not far from civilization, but at the same time you are immersed in the pristine beauty of nature. The Atlantic Ocean, not the sea — that’s why there are waves and wind. nine0003 Photo Bahia Principe Grand Bavaro – All Inclusive / Booking.com

        Tours to hotels on the Arena Gorda beach with departure from Moscow and other cities:

        ▪ Riu Naiboa 4 * — from 203,000 rubles for a tour for 9 nights for two
        ▪ Occidental Caribe 4* – from 206,000 rubles for a tour for 10 nights for two
        ▪ Iberostar Punta Cana 5* – from 212,000 rubles for a tour for 9 nights for two
        ▪ Grand Bahia Principe 5* – from 221,000 rubles for tour for 9 nights for two
        ▪ Riu Republica 5* – from 242,000 rubles for a tour for 9nights for two
        ▪ Riu Bambu 5* — from 241,000 rubles for a tour for 9 nights for two
        ▪ Royalton Bavaro Resort & Spa 5* — from 294,000 rubles for a tour for 9 nights for two
        ▪ Iberostar Grand Hotel Bavaro 5* – from RUB 348,000 for a 9-night tour for two
        ▪ Hard Rock Hotel & Casino 5* – from RUB 331,000 for a 9-night tour for two

        Photo Iberostar Grand Bavaro Hotel / Booking. com

        Playa de Arena Blanca in Punta Cana — beautiful and long with fine light sand, reminiscent of flour. The ocean is a little quieter than Arena Gorda. Although all beaches in the Dominican Republic are public, but this beach is protected, access to it is only for residents of nearby hotels. nine0003 Photo Occidental Punta Cana / Booking.com

        Tours to hotels on the Arena Blanca beach with departure from Moscow and other cities:

        ▪ Punta Cana Princess 5 * — from 222,000 rubles for a tour for 10 nights for two
        ▪ Occidental Punta Cana 5* – from 226,000 rubles for a tour for 9 nights for two
        ▪ Grand Bavaro Princess 5* – from 238,000 rubles for a tour for 10 nights for two
        ▪ Paradisus Punta Cana 5* – from 244,000 rubles for a tour for two 9 nights for two

        Photo by Occidental Punta Cana / Booking.com

        Bavaro Beach is located north of the center of Punta Cana. Here, a clean coast with pearl coral sand, and also a calm Atlantic Ocean — a coral reef protects from waves. The coastline is long, in some areas there are sunbeds belonging to specific hotels, but the beach is public. Bavaro is crowded and noisy, this beach is one of the most popular in the Dominican Republic. Restaurants, souvenir shops, dozens of large hotels, entertainment for adults and children.

        Photo Lopesan Costa Bávaro Resort, Spa & Casino / Booking.com

        Tours to hotels on Bavaro Beach with departure from Moscow and other cities:

        ▪ Lopesan Costa Bavaro 5* – from 228,000 rubles for a 10-night tour for two tour for 10 nights for two
        ▪ Barcelo Bavaro Palace 5* – from 237,000 rubles for a tour for 10 nights for two
        ▪ Melia Caribe Beach Resort 5* – from 236,000 rubles for a tour for 10 nights for two

        Juanillo Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in the region. Several kilometers of white sand dotted with tall palm trees and the turquoise sea. The beach is located at the confluence of the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, so the water is much calmer and the waves are insignificant. There are not many public facilities on the beach, but the natural beauty of this place is preserved. This beach is located in the closed territory of the area for millionaires — Cap Cana. You can come here with a guided tour, it is possible to negotiate with the guards at the entrance to Cap Cana. Photo shoots and wedding ceremonies are held on Juanillo Beach. nine0003

        Caleton Beach belongs to the luxury hotel Eden Rock, so the entrance is paid. The beach is located in a blue lagoon, covered on one side by picturesque rocks. And of course there is the signature Dominican white sand and palm trees. Tranquility is everywhere here — enjoy the surf all alone.

        Photo Eden Roc At Cap Cana / Booking.com Photo Eden Roc At Cap Cana / Booking.com

        Tours to hotels in Cap Cana with departure from Moscow and other cities:

        ▪ Eden Roc At Cap Cana 5* – from 503 000 rub per tour for 9nights for two

        Beaches of the south coast of the Dominican Republic

        In the south of the Dominican Republic there are such popular resorts as Bayahibe, Juan Dolio and Boca Chica, as well as the capital of the country — Santo Domingo. The shores are washed by the calmer Caribbean Sea and are often protected by coral reefs.

        Boca Chica Beach is considered a family resort. There are almost no waves here due to the coral reef, the depth is shallow, the water is always warm, and the beach itself is covered with soft white-golden sand. Boca Chica is one of the most budget resort areas in the Dominican Republic, and on weekends the beach is filled with locals who have come to rest from Santo Domingo, the capital of the Dominican Republic. Noisy, fun and very colorful, some compare Boca Chica with Thai Pattaya. nine0003

        In 2021, local media reported that it was unsafe to swim on the beach in Boca Chica due to sewage flow. So, if you still want to relax in the Caribbean, then choose La Romana and Bayahibe.

        Photo Be Live Experience Hamaca Garden / Booking.com

        Tours to hotels on Boca Chica beach with departure from Moscow and other cities:

        ▪ Be Live Experience Hamaca Garden 4 * — from 128,000 rubles per tour for 10 nights for two
        ▪ Bellevue Dominican Bay 3* – from 140,000 rubles per tour for 10 nights for two

        Guayacanes Beach is located in the area of ​​Juan Dolio. It is a quiet beach in a fishing village with calm seas and fine sand. Yes, it does not stand out for its special beauty, but it is ideal for families with children.

        Photo Coral Costa Caribe All Inclusive, Juan Dolio / Booking.com

        Tours to hotels in Juan Dolio with departure from Moscow and other cities:

        10 nights for two

        Minitas beach is located in the exclusive location of Casa de Campo in the province of La Romana. This is a private area with an entrance fee. Golden sand and palms, palms, palms. The depth in the sea increases gradually, so there are all conditions for children. On the beach there are sun loungers, umbrellas, showers, changing cabins, toilets, entertainment for children and adults, a restaurant and a bar.

        Bayahibe Beach is located south of La Romana in the village of the same name. Coconut grove, fine white sand, calm Caribbean Sea, wide sandbank and measured atmosphere. Walk a little further along the coast, it will be completely deserted there and you can swim with a mask. It is from Bayahibe Beach that boat trips to the islands of Saona and Catalina depart, so it can be busy in the morning and afternoon during departure and return. nine0003 Photo whala!bayahibe / Booking.com

        Dominicus Beach in Bayahibe pleases with the most pleasant white sand and cozy palm groves. This beach was the first to be awarded the Blue Flag for its exceptional cleanliness. There are several large hotels, restaurants and souvenir shops. Dominicus Beach is chosen by families with children — a gentle entrance to the sea and shallow depth, soft waves. On weekends it can be crowded, everyone wants to relax in a pleasant place. The village is located next to the national park and is an attractive place for lovers of eco-tourism. nine0003 Photo Iberostar Selection Hacienda Dominicus / Booking.com

        Tours to hotels near Dominicus beach with departure from Moscow and other cities:

        Royal La Romana 5* — from 235,000 rubles for a tour for 10 nights for two
        ▪ Iberostar Hacienda Dominicus 5* — from 263,000 rubles for a tour for 10 nights for two

        Beaches on Saona Island — business card and main tourist Dominican location. Perfect white sand, clear water, mangroves and rainforest. On the way to Saona, excursion boats stop in a natural pool — a shallow in the middle of the sea, where you can see starfish. nine0003 Photo federicaluison0 / Pixabay

        The beach on the small uninhabited island of Catalina can be visited with a guided tour (boats depart from Bayahibe Beach). The island is surrounded by a coral reef, so it is interesting to snorkel or go diving.

        Beaches without algae in the Dominican Republic

        Algae can be found in the Dominican Republic, and this phenomenon is unpleasant. But since it is impossible to accurately predict either the place of their appearance, or the period and exact date, it is better to just relax and not worry in advance. nine0003

        Here are the beaches where the probability of occurrence of algae is minimal :

        • the beaches of Saona and Catalina islands
        • the beaches on the southern coast of the Caribbean Sea (Bayahibe, Dominicus, Juan Dolio, Boca Chica)
          3 beaches on the northern coast Atlantic Ocean (beaches of the Puerto Plata resort, Rincon beach on the Samana Peninsula)

        Photo by Leonardo Rossatti / Pexels

        In Punta Cana , algae periodically drifts with the current, but thanks to the efforts of the staff of large hotels where most tourists rest, the beaches become clean very quickly .

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