Aeropuerto luis muñoz marin puerto rico: SJU Official – Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport Puerto Rico

Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport (SJU)

  • «JetBlue wing was recently designed with beautiful architecture!»(13 Tips)

    «New Jet Blue terminal is great!!!»(8 Tips)

    «Get the Don Q Gran Añejo at the Duty Free Shops, Good price.»(9 Tips)

    «Several nice duty-free shops inside Concourse B with liquor»(11 Tips)

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  • Rent a car; they’re like $18 / day. This will allow you to go to the rain forest, see the bioluminescence bay, go to the caves, explore the island, etc. Taxi to Old San Juan is $25. (as of Sep 2013)

    Upvoted Sep 26

  • Elite travel card holders can skip all the lines except the USDA line. Have bags inspected then skip the self check-in and head for the business counter. You can get to your ate in 15 min flat.

    Upvoted Sep 19

  • It has definitely changed with the new administration! Everything is great! Lots of good places to est and to shop! Love it!!!

    Upvoted 2 weeks ago

  • if you’re traveling to the continental US, don’t forget to go through the screening process by the department of agriculture!

    Upvoted 2 weeks ago

  • Airport requires additional USDA scans of luggage before checking it in or going through security. For departures there is plenty of duty free shopping to take advantage of.

  • Old San Juan Eats! Try, Baru (150 Calle San Sebastian, Old San Juan 787-977-7107) it has great tapas the beef, chicken and shrimp are awesome – so is the risotto! Don’t miss this place!

  • Plan for serious traffic on the way to the airport. The 15-min. drive from the Condado area can take up to an hour. Thankfully, security screening is fairly speedy and terminals aren’t too far apart.

  • First time visit? Try something local! DonQ rum ( has been native to the island for over a century & mixes well! Get it a try – your hotel will have it for sure!

  • Stop at Panaderia Espana on the way to the airport and pick up any of their incredible sandwiches or delicious pastries. They aren’t cheap, but so much better than the airport food!

  • The Market Shop in Concourse B (don’t remember the name) has the cutest cultural gifts! But get to the gate in time for shopping, because the line is ALWAYS longer than necessary.

  • Tons of duty shop for some cheap booze. Be aware there is not a single outlet in the entire C concourse, but at least you get an amazingly airy and bright waiting area

  • You’ve got to hit the duty free shops here. Great prices especially on liqour! 🙂

  • For those of you unaware, all checked bags need to go to USDA first to be scanned. Once your bag gets a sticker, you can proceed to your airline counter.

  • The new VIP Lounge- Terminal C- not equivalent to the Virgin Airlines Lounge by most means. But there are ample plugs, & even a snoozing room. $27 if you are not a VIP Member. Open bar!

  • One of.the best airports for flight times most of them arrive early and lees hassel than others of the same size 5 stars….

  • Carols in the first Duty Free on the left when heading to Gate 39 Delta is awesome. Does a great job and recommends great buys for your home bar

  • Small but confortable airport. Nice Duty Free Shops. They could take better care of the restrooms of the old terminal because they’re quite let go…(since JetBlue has another one which is brand new)

  • USDA agriculture check first, before you can get your boarding pass. Jet Blue terminal security (term A) the only one open for 1am flights. Long walk to Delta gates after that, take the club cart ride

  • GREAT EATS & DRINKS! Try Pirilo Pizza Rustica (Fortaleza St. & Tanca St. #201-2, San Juan, 787-721-3322) has amazing pizza & a MUST HAVE Almond Sangria drink– fantastic!

  • Going to Vieques Island? Fly with VAL – they are great, you get an unbelievable view (everyone gets a window seat with decent room) & unique experience. Get your camera ready!

  • Open, full, spacious, airport filled with natural light and lots of amenities! I love this airport!

  • Gelato in Term A is great, even though the flavored aren’t labeled. The sandwiches in the same shop te also good and reasonably priced. Near Gate A6

  • Don’t forget to give time for clearing USDA inspection before the ticket counter. Lines can get long.

  • Great Taxi service at first level. Up to 7 passenger capacity and space for luggage. The go anywhere in the island. Hôtels zones have fix fares.

  • Sit in the rocking chair and relax before your flight

  • They sell the airplane bottles of rum in the Hudson News before you get on your outbound flight. Duty-free and airplane safe!

  • You’re just a 5 minute cab ride from the beach & pool at the Ritz if you have some time to kill.

    Upvoted 1 week ago

  • Baggage claim is insanely slow, add another 20 minutes once you get there. Make it up with a rental car as most majors are right across the street from baggage claim. Less than a minute walk.

  • This is not a huge airport, only two terminal in one building. Some of the rental car company (Avis, Budget, etc) are just right across from the arrival pick-up in a parking structure.

  • Definitely buy a bottle of liquor from duty free…all US bound flight passengers are eligible for any purchase and the deals are better than the US.

  • When you arrive early or late and need a cab be sure to walk all the way down to your left until you reach a taxi stand. Only in stand is used early and late.

    Upvoted 22 hours ago

  • Theses guys are on caribe time which means leave time to fall behind at security. They’re so nice tho that you’ll forget your late.

  • It is clean and Duty-free is what it is (they all are). However, the cost of food is CRAZY. Buy a sandwich before you get to the airport for your flight. You’ll save a LOT of $$$

  • Get there early. Security line may be long. Got on line in my teens, when I reached the checkpoint, I was married, with two kids.

  • viable food sources are scarce around here (especially after coming off the cruise ship). buy snacks/food before coming!

  • Get here early… you will hv your bags checked prior to getting your boarding passes. TSA Precheck is the way to go.

  • Forget expensive Dominos pizza….go to Church’s Chicken in terminal D (next to Subway) — sandwich AND fries AND bottled drink for $6.99!

  • Brand new and they’re clearly still working out the kinks here. The security set-up makes no sense.

  • Remember your in Puerto Rico and visit the whole island not just viejo San Juan but don’t leave without going there

  • Mango’s Village Bar & Grill — terminal A — ribeye steak. Not cheap, but fabulous!!!

  • If you have a smart phone check in online and you will receive your boarding pass to your phone, make sure you go to agriculture check in for inspection. After that no waiting in lines.

  • Bring a sweater or jacket cus the gates are cold, come early so you can go trough AFD (Agriculture Federal Department) then security, remember 3 Oz. of liquid are permmited for each substance. =D

  • Signage and organization generally lacking here. It’s especially unclear how to get between the terminals and the rental car garage.

  • Flat taxi rates to major destinations. Add $2 gas surcharge and $1 per each bag.

  • There’s ALOT of construction in the terminals. You might have to walk to another terminal to see what’s avail for food (breakfast options are limited)

  • Everything closes down around 6pm, so plan to eat before you get there or after you leave!

  • The connecting flights to the BVI are a plus — but the gates have been under construction like forever. Water leakage. Mold. Not good!

  • The checking process is confusing, I dont know why you have an option to checking online but once you are here you have to do it again at the kiosko.

  • No need to arrange for a taxi ahead of time, plenty available and lines are short!

  • Very good airport. Tons of people go through the airport. They need more seats for the people


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SJU Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport Airport Parking Rates

SJU Airport Parking Rates

  • Long term parking
  • Short term parking

Long term parking

Lot name Price
Parking Garage $26.75 (first day)
$18 per day for subsequent days

Short term parking

Lot name Price
Parking Garage 0 — 15 minutes: FREE
15m — 1 hour: $5
1 — 2 hours: $7. 50
2 — 3 hours: $9.75
3 — 4 hours: $12
4 — 5 hours: $14.25
5 — 24 hours: Add $2.75 per hour up to daily rate
Daily rate: $26.75 (first day), $18 per day after that

On-Site Airport Parking Overview

Key takeaways

  • Oh boy, is the pricing unnecessarily complicated at SJU. Get ready…
  • I’ll try to sum up in simple terms
    • There’s one garage
    • It’s $26.75 for a full first day
    • Then it’s $18 per day after that
    • Short term: First 15 minutes are free, first hour is $5, then it’s roughly $2.75 per hour after that up to the daily max
  • Cell phone lot is free for 45 minutes

General airport info

  • Map & Directions
  • Address & Contact Info

Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport
Av. Aeropuerto
Carolina, Puerto Rico 00979

Get directions | Visit website

Airport parking options at SJU

On-airport lots

has three options for parking (including a cell phone lot and a Frequent Traveler Parking Program) ranging in price from $5 — $27.

Click here to jump to airport lots

3rd party lots

There are no privately owned lots available.

Click here to jump to 3rd party lots


There are hotel options ranging from $1 — $30.

Click here to jump to hotel lots

Hotel lots

Hotel lots allow you to park at nearby hotels and the hotel shuttle takes you to the airport.

Before using hotel lots, I’d recommend you read more about how these lots work on my guide to airport parking, particularly the section on hotel lots here.

    • ParkMe


    Depending on the lot you choose to park at the airport and the duration and the lot you choose, the rate of the parking lot starts from $5 per hour to $26.75 per 24 hours.

    Yes. You can use the cell phone lot at SJU Airport for free. Make sure to not leave the vehicle unattended. You can also park in the main parking area for free for the first 15 minutes.

    Generally, the cheapest parking depends on your needs. You’ll be able to save money if you are planning to park at SJU Airport long-term.

    SJU Airport doesn’t offer its own valet services. However, there are a number of independent companies onsite that offers this service.

    There are no electric charging stations for Electric Vehicles at SJU Airport. However, there are several charging stations nearby SJU Airport.

    Yes. There is the Cell Phone Lot that allows you to park until your passenger arrives and calls to say they are ready for pickup. There is a 45-minute maximum waiting time.

    Yes. There are several parking areas at SJU Airport that are covered. However, you may also check with many offsite parking lots to see your other options.

    Unfortunately, there is no way to check real-time availability of parking spaces at SJU online. However, you may call 787-791-4015 or email [email protected] for more information.

    Booking ahead of time is not available nor necessary at SJU Airport. However, there are several offsite parking spaces options around the airport that allow early booking. Here are some of your options:

    • Estaciona y Vuela
    • SP+ Parking

    Unfortunately, SJU Airport doesn’t offer parking discounts to active military men and veterans.

    Yes. There are marked parking spaces for customers with restricted mobility available in each parking lot near the terminal entrance, subject to availability. Your vehicle must have official disabled license plates or other permits displayed to park in these reserved spaces.

    From San Juan (SJU) (SJU) to Luis Munoz Marin Airport (SJU) (SJU)

    From San Juan to Luis Munoz Marin Airport Schedule


    From San Juan to Luis Munoz Marin Airport Schedule
    Name of transport Sending and arrival time Price
    Jetblue Economy #b65369

    08:30 — 09:07 63″ data-price-fx=»EUR»> € Jetblue economy0021 10:55 — 11:32 € 90.27
    JetBlue Economy #B65371 13:43 — 14:20 € 73.95
    JetBlue Economy #B65373 14 :00 — 14:37 08″ data-price-fx=»EUR»> € 55.08
    JetBlue Economy #B65372 16:33 — 17:10 € 73.95


    • Trains not available

    • Buses not available

    • Ferries not available

    • Aircraft not available

    • Taxis not available

    How to get from San Juan to Luis Muñoz Marin Airport?

    When you want to get from San Juan to Luis Munoz Marin Airport, your choices are limited. For this route, we offer only one option:

    • Airplane

    How far is San Juan from Luis Munoz Marin Airport?

    The overland distance from San Juan to Luis Munoz Marin Airport is 100 miles (160 km).
    Range is 77 miles (123 km).

    How long does it take to get from San Juan to Luis Muñoz Marin Airport?

    The travel time from San Juan to Luis Munoz Marin Airport takes 1 hour in media.

    How much does it cost to get from San Juan to Luis Munoz Marin Airport?

    To get from San Juan to Luis Munoz Marin Airport prepare to shell out. The cost will be EUR 55.08 for your ticket.

    How many trips per day are there from San Juan to Luis Muñoz Marin Airport?

    Useful tips for traveling from San Juan to Luis Munoz Marin Airport

    Although Airplane is the only option we offer for this itinerary, these simple tips and tricks will help improve your travel experience.

    Air travel

    Air travel is the fastest way to get from San Juan to San Juan. And also, almost always — the most expensive, although from time to time you can grab tickets at promotional prices — then the flight will cost plus or minus the same cost as the train or ferry. The average price of air tickets on this route outside sales is EUR 55.00.

    Things to remember when buying a plane ticket:

    Do not forget about the possibility of online check-in. This will save you a couple of hours at the airport. Plus, if places are distributed on a first-come-first-served basis, then their choice during online registration will be much wider.

    Passing through control at the airport takes a lot of time, so arrive early: an hour and a half before departure is usually enough.

    Available airlines on the route:


    How many travelers take flight from San Juan to Luis Munoz Marin Airport?

    So far 585 flight tickets from San Juan to Luis Munoz Marin Airport have been booked through our service. You can check the reviews above.

    San Juan Luis Munoz Marin International Airport

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