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Autoridad de Acueductos y Alcantarillados de Puerto Rico (AAA Puerto Rico)

Company Profile

Get all the information about Autoridad de Acueductos y Alcantarillados de Puerto Rico (AAA Puerto Rico), a company operating mainly in the Water & Waste sector. Connect with its key contacts, projects, shareholders, related news and more. The company has operations in Puerto Rico, which include Federal Government. Write to us at [email protected] or call us at +56 (2) 29410300 to schedule a demonstration of our platform.

Federal Government


Puerto Rico Aqueduct and Sewer Authority (PRASA) is a government agency created in 1945 to own, operate and develop the island’s water and sewerage systems. The unit is in charge of supplying potable water to more than 1.2 million users, across a service area of over 3,500 square miles. It provides 97% of the consumers with water services, using eight dams (Carraízo, La Plata, Cidra, Toa Vaca, Dos Bocas, Cerrillos, Fajardo and Naguabo) and 118 water treatment plants that produce 570Mgd (millions of gallons per day), and have a combined capacity of 650Mgd. The agency also provides 59% of these clients with sewer services, through 52 wastewater treatment plants and a 20,000 miles pipeline network. PRASA is based in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

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Key contacts

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  • Position: Marketing manager
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  • Position: COO (Chief Operating Officer)
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Get critical information about thousands of Water & Waste projects in Latin America: what stages they’re in, capex, related companies, contacts and more.

Get critical information about thousands of Water & Waste companies in Latin America: their projects, contacts, shareholders, related news and more.

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Schedule of AA groups of St. Petersburg and Leningrad Region — Alcoholics Anonymous of the North-West

0004 19:30

villages and villages of the Leningrad Region that do not have their own groups АА

«5th Line»
st. Metro station Vasileostrovskaya
5th line of Vasilyevsky Island, 32, intercom 78.
address on the map
+7(911)170-37-73 ) 15:00(o)
st. m. Vasileostrovskaya, Admiralteyskaya, Sportivnaya
2nd line of Vasilyevsky Island, 3, Novikova Center, first floor, small hall. nine0005 address on the map +7(921)581-73-31 Dmitry 19:00(o) 19:00(o)
st. m. Lenina Square
Piskarevsky prospect, 25, center. entrance (Fitness House), 4th floor by elevator, pom. 5 B.
address on the map
+7(911)97-11-000 Vitaly,
+7(952)371-85-52 :00
st. m. Chkalovskaya
st. Kolpinskaya, 27.
Address on the map
+7 (921) 303-35-29 19000 19:30 19:30 19000 19:30 1 19:30 19000 19:30:30 (o) 19:30
st. m. Komendantsky prospect
st. Ilyushina 1, building 2, apt. 60
address on the map
+7(921)764-37-33 20:30 20:30
«Big Break»
st. metro station Baltiyskaya
peremenaa. rf
st. Tsiolkovsky, 13-15D, entrance from the courtyard, first door on the left, 2nd floor. 2nd and last Friday Month — speaker. Slave. coll. 1st Friday Month, 20.00.
address on the map
+7(812)602-74-23 19:30(o) 19:30(o) 19:30(o) 19:00(o)

Pushkin, st. Leontyevskaya, 35 (temple of the icon “Joy of All Who Sorrow”). Temporarily not working! nine0006

+7(904)633-37-63 19:30(o) 19:30(o)
st. m. Kirovsky Zavod
st. Marshal Govorova, 6/5, Rehabilitation Center of the Kirovsky district
Temporarily closed!
+7(921)319-66-81 Larisa 18:30 18:30 18:30(o) 18:30 18:30

st. m. Ladozhskaya
st. Lenskaya, 17, building 4
address on the map
+7(905)261-58-31 Konstantin,
+7(930)104-76-54 Ivan
st. m. Kupchino
Kupchinskaya St., 32, building 1 (entrance from Oleko Dundich St., next to the Bakery sign).
address on the map
+7(981)855-18-97 15:30 21:15 12:00(o) (o) 12
st. m. Bypass channel
st. Rasstannaya, 20A, Center for Social Protection of the Family (1st floor, creative workshop), entrance from Dnepropetrovsk st. Thursday is tradition day. ENTRANCE TO THE BUILDING IN A MASK! Not open on public holidays and pre-holiday days!
address on the map
+7(981)855-18-97 18:30 18:30 18:30
st. metro station Lomonosovskaya
st. Cymbalina, 38, City center of social. programs.
address on the map
+7(906)273-20-40 Olga,
+7(921)932-12-30 Yura
19:30 19:30(o) 19:30
Kolpino, st. Mashinostroiteley, 10 (in the utility house at the polyclinic No. 95). +7(921)935-28-32 19:00 19:00 18:00(o)
st. metro station Leninsky prospect
Tramway pr., 12, room 2, 5th floor to the left, office 33, call button. Saturday — speaker, work. coll. – 1st Saturday of Month, 18.00. nine0012
Art. m. Grazhdansky prospect
Grazhdansky pr, 105 (Center for Social Protection). Not open on public holidays and pre-holiday days!
Temporarily out of service!
+7(911)016-00-35 Andrey
Krasnoe Selo
Krasnoe Selo
Lenin Ave., 77 (Mostotryada building, entrance from the yard from the side of the fire department, basement).
Call in advance!
address on map
+7(901)374-53-40 Eugene
19:30(o) 19:30(o) 19:30(o) 19:30(o) 19:30(o) 19:30(o) 19:30(o)
Kronstadt, st. Vosstaniya, 17 (People’s Office).
address on the map
+7(952)353-87-97 Anton 18:30
st. m. Dybenko street, Kudrovo
st. Tsentralnaya, 54, building 1.
address on the map
+7(965)086-98-44 Olga 20:30(o) 20:30(o) 20:30(o) ) 20:30(o) 19:00(o)
st. m. Parnas
st. Mikhail Dudin, 15, building 1, room. 402 (passage through the barrier to the right, 4th floor).
address on the map
+7(921)938-15-05 Alexander 19:00 19:00 19:00 19:00 19:00 11:00
st. m. Pl. Vosstaniya
st. Mirgorodskaya 1, Enlightenment Center of the Feodorovsky Cathedral, Far living room (2nd floor) +7(906)246-56-93 Marina 13:15
st. m. Sennaya Square
st. B. Podyacheskaya, 34, in the yard, “Azaria”, com. 3.
address on map
Art. m. Pl. Muzhestva
2nd Murinsky pr 19 (Center for Social Services).
address on the map
+7(905)287-29-06 Mikhail,
+7(904)638-63-51 19:00
19:00 19:00(o) 19:00
st. m. Vasileostrovskaya
emb. Leith. Schmidt 39, house. Church of Anastasia the Solver, small. meals. (2nd floor)
address on the map
st. Metro station Novocherkasskaya
Perevozny lane, 15, drug office Krasnogvard. district, pom. 4. 1st Wednesday of the month — speaker. Not open on public holidays!
address on the map
+7(911)153-33-94 Dasha,
+7(952)399-68-12 Marina
18:30(o) 18:30(o) 18:30(o)
«On Zverinskaya»
st. m. Gorkovskaya, Sportivnaya
st. Zverinskaya, 42, office. Entrance under the arch, iron porch. There is a separate children’s room.
Call in advance!
address on the map
+7(961)807-77-71 20:00(o)
«Na Shkolnaya»
st. m. Staraya Derevnya, Chernaya Rechka
Serebryakov per., 11, Interdistrict drug dispensary No. 1, 2nd floor, office. 37, intercom (if the door is locked, call the center’s trust number 714-42-10).
address on the map
+7(950)021-32-95 Konstantin,
+7(911)273-41-60 Nadezhda :00(o)
Our way
st. metro station Vasileostrovskaya
13th line of Vasilyevsky island, 2 (entrance from the yard, blue door). nine0005 address on the map +7(812)967-46-77 12:00
19:30 2006 2000
20:30 (O)
13:00 9000 13:00
st. m. Bolsheviks
Far East pr., 8, bldg. 1. Does not work according to the state. holidays! nine0005 address on the map +7(952)226-65-48 Elena,
+7(921)871-09-74 Vyacheslav
18:45(o) (o) 16:15(o)
New Life
Art. m. Grazhdansky prospect
st. Kirishskaya, 2A, 8th floor, office 804. The entrance to the building is next to the sign «Stoves, fireplaces», behind the entrance to the right — an elevator. +7(991)678-62-20 Olga,
+7(965)784-87-77 Ekaterina
17:00(o) 17:00(o) 2:00(o) 11:00(o)
New Look
st. m. Glory Avenue
Glory Avenue, 4 (2nd floor). There is no meeting on the first Tuesday of the month!
address on the map
+7(906)274-94-48 19:00 19:00 19:30(o)
st. metro Ozerki, Polytechnic
st. Santiago de Cuba, refectory at the chapel of Fyodor Ushakov, opposite building 10 behind a blue fence. 07 January no meetings
address on the map
+7(921)886-99-78 Mikhail 11:00(o)
st. m. Proletarskaya
st. Shelgunova, 17, office 203 (Center for social assistance). Temporarily not working!
address on the map
+7(921)909-13-76 Irina 19:00 18:00
Art. m. Pl. Vosstaniya
st. Zhukovsky, 18, shelter of St. Mother Teresa (2nd courtyard). nine0005 Temporarily out of service! +7(921)393-33-33 Mikhail 19:00(o) 19:00 15:00(o)
st. m. Specific
st. Akkuratova, 12, room. 9. 2nd and last. Wednesday m-tsa — speaker.
address on the map
+7(921)389-73-69 19:30(o) 19:30(o) 19:30(o) (o) 19
«Father Martin»
st. m. Zvenigorodskaya
st. Pravdy, 16, apt. 20, intercom 20V (front door to the right of the arch). Speaker’s — Saturday, 18.30.
Address on the map
+7 (981) 705-55-91 Vadim 19000 19:00 1 19000 19:00


19000 1 18:30 (O)
st. Metro station Ladozhskaya
Energetikov Ave., 30, building 5 (in the library). Does not work according to the state. holidays!
address on the map
+7(950)002-08-13 Elena 18:45 18:45
st. m. Parnas
st. Mikhail Dudin, 15, building 1, room. 402 (passage through the barrier to the right, 4th floor).
Address on the map
+7 (952) 364-60-35 Asya 20:15
20:15 20:15
20:15 20:15:15:15:15
20:15(o) 20:15(o)
Art. m. st. Dybenko, Lomonosovskaya
per. Chelieva, 10 B
On the territory of the Metochion of the Holy Trinity Alexander Svirsky Monastery.
address on the map
+7(981)017-43-00 19:00(o) 19:00(o) 19:00(o) 18:30(o)

19:00(o) 19:00(o) 19:00(o)
Rule 62
Art. metro Obvodny Canal, Pushkinskaya
emb. Bypass Canal, 66, second courtyard, second door on the right. nine0005 address on the map +7(916)430-19-36 21:30(o) 21:30(o) 21:30(o) 21:30(o) 21:30(o) 21:30(o)

21:30(o) 21:30(o)
st. m. Bolsheviks
st. Kollontai, 7, k. 2 (Family Assistance Center). Does not work according to the state. holidays!
address on the map
+7(905)235-64-40 Denis,
+7(952)226-65-48 Lena0006

st. m. Pl. Alexander Nevsky
Alexander Nevsky Lavra, Metropolitan building, 1st floor, office. 78.
address on the map
st. Metro station Ladozhskaya
Industrialny pr., 35, building 1. The last Saturday of the month is an open meeting.
from 01.01 to 08.01 no meetings
address on the map
+7(911)184-11-78 Roman 18:30 18:30 17:30 17:30
st. m. Rybatskoe
st. Ustinova, 3 (library). Does not work according to the state. holidays! +7(900)642-04-09 18:45 16:00(o)
Art. metro station Leninsky Prospekt
Narodnogo Opolcheniya Ave., 22, complex “New Russian Village”, a wooden house behind the temple. nine0005 Temporarily closed from 10.10.2022 +7(981)113-06-70 Maxim 19:00 13:30
st. m. Prospekt Veteranov, railway. Art. Sergiev
Ter. Sergiev, Lenin Ave., 22, room. 63 (Temple of St. Andrew of Crete, to the left of the church shop)
address on the map
+7(906)242-08-18 Ruslan 19:30(o) 19:30(o) 19: 30(o) nine0022

st. m. Obvodny Canal
st. Borovaya, 112 b. 2nd and 4th Saturday of the Month — speaker’s.
address on the map
+7(952)260-47-99 Alexey 20:00(o) 20:00(o) 19:00(o)


terr. Slavyanka, pos. Shushary
Slavyanka, st. Izborskaya, 2, bld.0012

«Sunny Side of Nevsky Prospekt»
st. m. Nevsky prospect
st. Malaya Konyushennaya, 5. Rab. coll. last Saturday month, 17:00.
Address on the map:
+7 (812) 962-33-52 12:00

20000 :00

19:00(0) 20:30(o) 18:30(o)
st. m. Nevsky prospect
st. Bolshaya Konyushennaya, 4-6-8 (in the courtyard), the code on the gate is “1847#”.
address on the map
+7(812)920-05-37 20:15(o)
20: 15(0)
«Steel beam»
st. metro station Moskovskaya
st. Varshavskaya, 122, entrance to the basement between entrances 1 and 2, room 16, intercom 8.
address on the map
+7(950)048-67-85 see below o) 19:00(o) 19:00(o) 19:00(o) 19:00(o)
«Steel beam»
st. m. Elektrosila
st. Sevastyanova, 1, assembly hall of the social center (you need an identity document to enter!). nine0005 COLLECTION for Beginners and Beginners in AA.
address on the map
+7(950)048-67-85 19:00
st. Obukhovo metro station

av. Ninth of January, near the house 8 V (night shelter of the charitable society «Nochlezhka»). 15.00-15.30, 16.30-17.00 tea drinking. +7(981)981-73-70 Evgenia,
+7(953)173-82-50 Evgeniy
st. Church, 30 (semi-basement). Slave. coll. 1st Tuesday of Month, 20.15.
Address on the map
+7 (931) 539-63-58 20:30 1 20000 9:30



Art. Metro station Novocherkasskaya
Novocherkassky pr., 11, building 1 (entrance to housing estate). Open meeting. — last. sunday m-tsa.
address on map
+7(930)104-76-54 Ivan,
+7(921)754-62-54 Svetlana
20:00 20:00 20:00 90:00 20:00 00 18:00 18:00
«At the Road»
Oranienbaum highway, 11 (Diveev cellar). +7(911)927-05-01 Gulya 15:00(o)
«At the Lake»
At the church of Peter and Paul in the Sunday school. nine0005 address on the map +7(905)255-75-61,
20:00 20:00 20:00 200004 20:00 18:00(o) 16:15(o)
st. m. Rybatskoe
pos. Ust-Izhora, Shlisselburg highway, 44 (green house opposite the temple).
address on the map
+7(911)293-92-08 Natalia, +7(951)650-42-44 Dmitry,
+7(951)684-55-76 Svetlana
19:00(o) nine0006

Pushkin, Akademichesky pr., 34 (Feodorovsky Sovereign Cathedral).
address on the map
+7(921)922-02-78 16:00(o)
st. m. Lenin Square
st. Komsomol, 10 A (entrance from Mikhailova street). 1st and 3rd Thursday speaker, work. coll. — Last Monday m-tsa.
address on the map
+7 (911)211-24-25 19:00(o) 19:00 19:00(o) 19:00 12:00

st. m. Avtovo, Leninsky prospect
st. Marshal Zakharov, 13, entrance 3, ground floor, intercom 222 (call). Speakers — 2nd and last Sunday. m-tsa.
address on the map
+7(927)877-60-70 Irina,
+7(911)795-28-45 Dmitry
19:30 19:00 19:00(o) 19:00 19:00 19:00(o)
Juno and Avos
st. m. Avtovo, Leninsky prospect
st. Marshal Zakharov, 13, entrance 3, ground floor, intercom 222 (call).
address on the map
AA groups in medical institutions
m. Vasileostrovskaya
4-line of Vasilyevsky island, 25, HDD.
Temporarily out of service!
19:00 19:00
Gatchinsky district of Leningrad Region
s. Nikolskoe, psychiatric hospital named after Kashchenko, 4th branch. 1st and 3rd Saturday of Month — meeting. +7(953)154-24-48 Sergey 15:00
st. m. Grazhdansky prospect
Svetlanovsky pr., 58, k. 3 (Narsk rehab center No. 4, 2nd floor) Closed on holidays and pre-holiday days!
address on the map
+7(921)657-55-65 Leonid 18:30(o) 18:30(o)
st. m.
Temporarily out of service!
+7(911)247-20-36 Alexander 19:00 11:00(o)
Specialized groups AA
ZOOM group
Access to the meeting via the button on the website: https://aa-online. ru/gruppa +7(931)977-52-53 Sergey,
+7 (906)252-10-09 Elena
21: 00(0)
21:00(0) 21:00(o)
Exit Yes (BBSS)
Art. m. Sadovaya
st. B. Podyacheskaya, 34 (in the premises of «Azaria»). Slave. coll. last sunday 19:30 18:45 18:00
«Main Purpose»
Art. m. Sadovaya
st. Kazanskaya, 52/24 (corner of Voznesensky pr.) in the premises of the Cornerstone Church
address on the map
+7(921)939-11-39 Alena 21:00
st. m. Pl. Lenina
st. Arsenalnaya, 9 (psychiatric hospital, by appointment)
Second Saturday open. assembled.
14:00 14:00 14:00
Love (BBSS)
Art. m. Sennaya
st. Kazanskaya, 52 (white glass door). Meetings for anyone interested in the 12 step program. +7(952)393-33-69 Sergey 17:30(o)
«Petrograd side» (BBSS)
st. m. Chkalovskaya
st. Kolpinskaya, 27, Cabinet of drug prevention. disorders, small hall. Slave. coll. 1st tuesday m-tsa, 20:15. +7(953)341-35-95 Alexandra 19:00
Friday (BBSS)
st. metro station Vasileostrovskaya
2nd line of Vasilyevsky island, 3. Info office of V. Novikova. Slave. coll. last Friday m-tsa, 21:15. nine0006

+7(952)352-35-39 Gennady 20:00
«Decision» (AA group for women)
Art. m. Bolshevikov
23 Udarnikov Ave., entrance to the entrance of a residential building, to the right of the Pyaterochka. Open meetings — last. Saturday m-tsa. Call ahead!
address on the map
+7(981)967-62-46 20:00 18:00
Step by Step (BBSS)
Art. metro station Leninsky prospect
Tramway pr., 12, room 2, 5th floor to the left, office 33, call button.
address on the map
+7(911)772-07-03 Alexey 21:00(o)
Leningrad region
«24 hours»
Kommunar, Gatchina district
st. Middle, 2 B, 2nd floor, staircase on the left. Meetings on Sundays by prior arrangement, be sure to call! +7(911)144-04-00,
19:30 19:30 19:30 19:30
«Second Life»
Berngardovka, st. Upper, 6 (green porch in the courtyard). Slave. coll. 1st Monday month.a, 20.00.
address on the map
+7(967)5725072 19:00 19:00 19:00 18:00(06)
settlement Vyritsa
st. Povassara, 28 (10-15 min walk from the railway station Vyritsa). +7(981)129-44-85 Svetlana,
+7(981)981-04-50 Andrey,
19:00(o) 2:30(o)
«Day after day»
st. Karl Marx, 10, entrance from the courtyard, in the basement.
Call in advance!
17:00 18:00 17:00 18:30 18:00 11:00
«Road to Life»
Rakhya village, Vsevolozhsk district
Oktyabrskoye sh., 3/2 (MKU Rakhinsky House of Culture).
address on the map
+7(967)572-50-72, +7(911)149-35-12 12:15(o)
Sosnovy Bor
st. Molodyozhnaya, 66 (entrance from the end, immediately behind the store «Dixie» orange door). nine0006

«Prince’s Hill»
pos. Ropsha, Lomonosovskiy district
Krasnoselskoye shosse, 45 (refectory of the Church of Peter and Paul). +7(901)374-53-40 Evgeny,
Road of Life, 3-storey building to the right of building 22 (on the steps in the middle, to the second floor and to the left). Slave. coll. 1st Tuesday of Month, 20.30. nine0006

+7(911)027-67-43 Olesya
19:30 20:00
Murino, st. m. Devyatkino
st. Oboronnaya, 2, bldg. 2, entrance 2, 1st floor, intercom “777”; sunday — speaker.
Temporarily out of service!
+7(905)234-75-57 Vlad 20:00(o)
Lomonosovsky district, Orzhitskoye rural settlement
Zaborodye, House of industriousness at the church of Fyodor Stratilat. +7(901)374-53-40 Eugene,
+7(952)376-74-44 Aleksandr
Microdistrict 4, 10 (from the end of the house where the Orthopedic Salon is). +7(911)841-70-82 Julia 12:00(o)
House of Hope on Gora
Lomonosovsky district, Perekulya village, 16. +7(921)388-51-01
Our Choice
Orthodox Church of Elijah the Prophet (library). +7(911)221-74-91
32 Geroev Ave., Entrance 5 (Family Support Center), intercom “1”. nine0006

«At the Temple»
Group at the Assumption Church. +7(906)256-32-32 Alexander 15:00(o)
st. Kirov, 75 (DK, library, office space). +7(953)379-25-13 Zoya 16:30 16:30 16:30(o)
Lodeynopolsky district
Staraya Sloboda village, monastery of St. Alexander Svirsky (meetings by appointment). +7(921)898-31-26 Andrey 19:30 19:30
st. Molodtsova, 1, building 3 (MFC building), 3rd floor, office. 305, intercom “305”. Friday — speaker, 3rd Sunday. m-tsa — an open meeting. nine0005 Does not work according to the state. holidays +7(953)371-37-87 20:00 20:00 20:00 20:00
64, Lenin Ave. (Church of the Kazan Icon of the Mother of God).
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+7(906)267-96-97 Angelina,
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ATOM RPG General discussions

I will express my subjective opinion about the game.

The first game in many years that I downloaded in the free GOG (1,073) version for fear of running into a hack when buying. It’s worth starting with the fact that I don’t understand why the game has such system requirements. She not only looks worse than some new Jagged Alliance: Back in Action, but even the old Silent Storm: Sentinels or Dungeon Orderlies. System requirements are just cosmic, but more on that later. nine0005 Even at the beginning of training at the training camp, I began to notice that there are no familiar mechanics, such as changing the position of the character or walking speed, i.e. the character walks in one position throughout the game, not counting the overload — what is it? Oh well. .. I’m not even going to criticize the interface, because it’s terribly strange. The funniest part started when it came to target shooting. Maybe I’m so stupid that I don’t understand something or I’ve made up my mind with the level of complexity, but I shot at targets with a pistol in a dense 5 minutes !!! With this, the percentage of hit probability was at zero or up to 17% with an aimed shot, although I set the skill of shooting from a pistol to 40 points. Well, okay, I thought, and went to the machine gun … The same story with the machine gun, when I hit the target 10 times and the percentage of the probability of hitting was displayed somehow incorrectly. With a sniper rifle, I certainly could not get anywhere, however, like a grenade))). Moreover, there was a joke with a grenade, when, when aiming the throw zone, the probability showed 0% and each throw was at your feet. It’s outrageous!!! I don’t want to talk about craft either, because at the beginning it looks, to put it mildly, incomprehensible. nine0005 The game even at the beginning pushed me to score on it, but curiosity somehow overpowered me and I decided to look further. Well, actually, the game further amused even more. The design of the levels is «vyrviglaz» and absolutely does not differ in any originality. Rather, each level evokes a feeling of comparison with some kind of Dungeon Orderlies, in which the design was many times better. I’m not talking about Silent Storm: Sentinels, which in comparison with this is simply a masterpiece with multi-level graphics, design, effects and gameplay. Single-level ATOM locations cause despondency due to the lack of any tactics, although the variability of the character’s actions kills all tactics in the bud. Actually, what am I talking about, but to the fact that the game has neither destructibility, nor multi-leveling, nor any cool effects, beautiful graphics or variable animation. There is nothing in the game that could attract attention!!! nine0005 A stupid map of the world, where the locations do not differ in the originality of the quests, which is basically tolerable, because it is the same everywhere, but the dialogues here also have no artistic value. not interesting. Any fight makes you want to leave the game, because there is no balance at all. A character with a 68% chance of hitting with a knife constantly misses while standing with his nose in front of the enemy. Needless to say, firearms, which are generally unplayable in the game. What is this percentage of hitting at a distance of 1-2 cells from a rifle in 20%?))). It’s impossible!!! nine0005 I found some kind of gas station, where there is a bunch of bottles of gasoline. He stole them behind the back of the NPS and sold them to those who guard this gas station. The locations are practically empty and there is nothing to do but to ruthlessly carry all the chests and collect rubbish in order to sell it for a penny and buy better things, and this will take, I suppose, the main share of the game — is this hardcore?
Why so many rave reviews on Steam??? These people have played Silent Storm: Sentinels, Dungeon Orderlies, E5 Crew, 7.62, or the less-than-perfect Westerland 2, but it was still fun and playable by comparison. nine0005 The developers did not convey the spirit of some kind of apocalypse, absolutely. Was it really difficult for them to play the same Stalker for inspiration? Their testing lasted more than a year, if I’m not mistaken, so what did they do then? — rhetorical questions. Although it is worth paying tribute, I did not notice any obvious bugs or crashes.
I consider it blasphemous to release such a game in 2019 when there are games from 10 years ago that look like masterpieces against this background.
I understand if the game really had the work of an artist ie. locations would be detailed and beautiful. Well, or the combat was cool, albeit with bugs in other game mechanics. On kraynyak interface and plot. But I didn’t see anything! Correct me if I’m wrong. nine2056

Of course, I’ll take a look for the sake of interest, since I haven’t played games according to the rules for a long time, but this is «fantastic»))). Something I can hardly believe that the game will open after this and I will want to buy it, as I bought several times those projects that I liked, i.

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