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Where to Stay in Aguadilla (Best Places & Areas for 2022)

Aguadilla offers some of the top attractions in the west of Puerto Rico, but finding where to stay in Aguadilla will depend on what you’ll be doing in the city.

I’m a Puerto Rico local that visits Aguadilla frequently, so I know the advantages and disadvantages of staying in different areas there. To help you out, I’ve put together this guide to everything you need to know about staying in Aguadilla. 

We’ll break down all the best neighborhoods to stay in Aguadilla, but first, let’s start with the best places to stay.  Oh, and if you’re looking for stuff to do, be sure to bookmark my guide to what to do in Aguadilla.

Table of Contents

  • Best Places to Stay in Aguadilla
  • 4 Best Neighborhoods & Areas to Stay in Aguadilla
    • Borinquen
    • Maleza Baja
    • Aguadilla Pueblo
    • Ceiba Baja
  • Tips for Staying in Aguadilla
    • Stay Close to the Beach
    • Visit During the Summer
    • Or Visit During Winter for Fewer Crowds
    • Rent a Car
    • Know Your Spanish
    • Look for the Extra Amenities
    • Try Rental Apartments

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Best Places to Stay in Aguadilla

Just looking for a quick answer on the best places to stay in Aguadilla? Here are my top picks: 

  • 🌟 Best Overall Hotel – Courtyard by Marriot Aguadilla
  • 🍸 Best Luxury Hotel – Villa Montaña Beach Resort
  • 👪 Best for Families – Courtyard by Marriot Aguadilla
  • 💻 Best for Business – Courtyard by Marriot Aguadilla
  • ⛵ Best Near Crash Boat – Parador El Faro
  • 🛏️ Best Budget – Parador El Faro

Ok, let’s dive into the best areas and neighborhoods in Aguadilla: 

4 Best Neighborhoods & Areas to Stay in Aguadilla

Aguadilla is a city on the west side of Puerto Rico with pristine beaches and spectacular sunsets that invite couples to a romantic getaway. The city also offers fun family-friendly experiences like bowling, horseback riding, and boat tours. Aguadilla is divided into 16 different neighborhoods as you can see on this map. Let’s look at some of the best places to stay for your vacation.


👉 Best Area For Beach Lovers | Best Borinquen Hotels: Parador El Faro

Borinquen is one of the best neighborhoods in Aguadilla for beach lovers. Located on the coast of Aguadilla, Borinquen features three of the most popular beaches in the city (actually, some of the best beaches in all of Puerto Rico): Crash Boat Beach, La Ruina Beach, and Peña Blanca Beach. 

Surfers and other water sports lovers will also love this area for easy access to the water. 

Pros of Staying in Borinquen:
  • Close to the beach
  • Lots of restaurants
  • Close to the airport
Cons of Staying in Borinquen:
  • Crowded beaches during the high season
  • Hotels can be pricey

📚 Borinquen Mini Guide 📚
Best Area to Stay for Beach Lovers
Google Map

  • Best HotelsParador El Faro
  • 🏠 ApartmentsBrowse Top Rentals in Borinquen
  • 🍽️ Where to Eat – Desecheo ($$), Arepas To Go ($$), El Padrino’s Pizza & Restaurant ($)
  • 🍸 Where to Drink – Set the Bar, Rompeolas Bar & Grill
  • 🎟️ Top Attractions – Crash Boat Beach, Punta Borinquen Lighthouse Ruins, Borinquen Beach

👉 Need ideas for what to do on your trip? Don’t miss the best activities in Aguadilla.

Maleza Baja

👉 Best Area For Transportation  | Best Maleza Baja Hotels: Courtyard by Marriot Aguadilla • Punta Borinquen Resort

Maleza Baja is one of the best places to stay in Aguadilla if you want to stay close to the airport but still be next to the coast. Besides having one of the few airports in Puerto Rico that receives flights from the United States, Maleza Baja is home to Survival Beach, a bowling center, and a skating park, car rental locations, and some of the best Aguadilla hotels.

The Courtyard by Marriott Aguadilla in this area features a kids’ waterpark and a casino, and is a good place to stay in Aguadilla for families.

Pros of Staying in Maleza Baja:
  • Close to the beach
  • Close to the airport and car rentals
  • Variety of Aguadilla hotels and rental apartments
Cons of Staying in Maleza Baja:
  • Few restaurants and bars
  • Isolated from other main attractions

📚 Maleza Baja Mini Guide 📚
Best Area to Stay for Transportation
Google Map

  • Best HotelsCourtyard by Marriot Aguadilla • Punta Borinquen Resort
  • 🏠 ApartmentsBrowse Top Rentals in Maleza Baja
  • 🍽️ Where to Eat – Malo es Na’ ($$), El Sión ($), Levain Artisan Breads & Bakery ($$)
  • 🍸 Where to Drink – 300 Lounge, Jetblast Bar and Grill
  • 🎟️ Top Attractions – Survival Beach, Punta Borinquen Lighthouse Ruins, Punta Borinquen Golf Club 

👉 Traveling around Puerto Rico? Read my list of the top things you can do in Puerto Rico here.

Aguadilla Pueblo

Aguadilla Pueblo seen from above

👉 Best Area For Walking | 🏠  Best Aguadilla Pueblo Apartment Rentals: Casita Paraiso • Mediterranean Oceanfront Condominium • Luxury Condo 

Every city’s town center in Puerto Rico is full of charm, vibrant colors, restaurants, and small shops, and Aguadilla’s city center is no exception. Aguadilla Pueblo is a top place to explore attractions within walking distance like Rompeolas Beach.

Although most popular hotels in Aguadilla are in Punta Borinquen, you will find great apartment rentals and hostels like Medusas Hostel within the center of the city.

Pros of Staying in Aguadilla Pueblo:
  • Lots of restaurants and bars
  • Beach within walking distance
  • Walkable area
  • Close to Aguada
Cons of Staying in Aguadilla Pueblo:
  • Far from the main beaches
  • There aren’t any top-rated hotels in the area

📚 Aguadilla Pueblo Mini Guide 📚
Best Area to Stay for Walking
Google Map

  • 🏠 ApartmentsBrowse Top Rentals in Aguadilla Pueblo
  • 🍽️ Where to Eat – Peña Blanca ($$), Sal De Mar Restaurant & Rooftop Bar ($$), Donostia Food & Wine ($$-$$$)
  • 🍸 Where to Drink – Timber & Blues, El Varadero’s Pub
  • 🎟️ Top Attractions – El Parterre, Rompeolas Beach, Casas de Colores Pintalto

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Ceiba Baja

Main avenue through Ceiba Baja

👉 Best Area For City Hopping | 🏠  Best Ceiba Baja Apartment Rentals: Large Pool Home Huge Yard •  Aguadillas Vestparadis

If you’re planning to visit Isabela, Moca, and Aguadilla, Ceiba Baja is a great location to stay. Located in the south, this neighborhood is the principal entrance to Aguadilla through the main #2 street and it’s surrounded by Moca and Isabela, which means you can easily visit these two cities.

Even if they are a few minutes away from the beach, apartment rentals in the area go as low as $79 per night.

Pros of Staying in Ceiba Baja:
  • Close to other cities too
  • Cheaper apartment rentals
  • Close to the main avenue
Con of Staying in Ceiba Baja:
  • Far from the beach

📚 Ceiba Baja Mini Guide 📚
Best Area to Stay for City Hopping
Google Map

  • 🏠 ApartmentsBrowse Top Rentals in Ceiba Baja
  • 🍽️ Where to Eat – Bebo’s Pinchos ($), Pizzeria Pellot ($$), Rincón del Viajero ($$)
  • 🍸 Where to Drink – Mambo’s Bar & Lounge, Bar 2, El Varadero’s Pub
  • 🎟️ Top Attractions – Taíno Mini Golf, Crash Boat Beach, Survival Beach

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Tips for Staying in Aguadilla

Stay Close to the Beach

Aguadilla’s main attractions are the beautiful beaches that adorn the coast of the city. If you’re a beach lover visiting Aguadilla, you should pick a place to stay that’s close to the beach so you can either spend the day bathing in the sun, swimming, or doing watersports. 

Visit During the Summer

Although the summer is the high season for the locals, it’s definitely the best season for calmer tides. The beaches of the west aren’t always safe for swimming during winter. See my full guide to the best months to visit Puerto Rico for more information.

Or Visit During Winter for Fewer Crowds

If you’re a surfer, choose to visit in the winter instead. Beaches like Punta Borinquen and Survival Beach are some of the locals’ favorite spots for surfing. During these months, popular beaches like Crash Boat Beach are also less crowded.

Rent a Car

During your visit to Aguadilla, you’ll need to rent a car to move around freely. There is public transportation in Aguadilla, but schedules are irregular and the Guagua Pública drivers don’t speak English. You can use Discover Cars to find a great deal on your rental car.

👉 Local Tip: Renting a car is your best way to move around Puerto Rico, so you should rent it with time to get a great deal. Don’t miss my complete guides on how to rent a car and how to drive in Puerto Rico to get around like a local. 

Know Your Spanish

Even if Aguadilla is one of the most tourist-friendly cities of Puerto Rico, you won’t find as many English speakers as in San Juan. If you’re planning on staying in the city for a few days, a few Spanish phrases will come in handy to ask for directions and recommendations. 

Check out more of my top tips for visiting Puerto Rico like a pro!

Look for the Extra Amenities

If you want to save during your stay, you should search for the best hotel deals and extra amenities. Most hotels in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico offer spacious rooms, free wifi, laundry facilities, an outdoor pool, and breakfast for the same price per night. You can use the filters on your booking platform to find them.

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Try Rental Apartments

There aren’t as many options of hotels in Aguadilla as there are in San Juan, which is why you should consider apartment rentals for staying in the city.

You will find apartments not only on the coast but also in the interior of the city, both luxurious and simple, so you can choose the one that fits best your taste. You can use search VRBO’s Aguadilla page to find great apartment rentals.


Thanks for reading my guide to the best areas to stay in Aguadilla. Whether you want to go surfing, swimming, or horseback riding, here are some of the top activities to do in Aguadilla or check out all of my Puerto Rico travel guides here (they’re all free!).

Have fun choosing hotels in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico!

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Best of Aguadilla Puerto Rico

Aguadilla is a coastal municipality right at the northwest point of the island attracting tourists in the winter for its surfing beaches, scenic sunsets, and nearby points of interest on the west coast.  Many locals and surfers in the know will argue that Aguadilla rivals the more known surfing town of Rincon.  Aguadilla hosted the ISA World Championship in 1988. Aguadilla’s gorgeous coastline can be easily missed by the distractions of congested Route 2.  

In order to find the enchantment of Aguadilla, one must wander through the narrow residential roads leading up to the coastline where beach lovers will find miles of beaches, with some secret spots worth being featured on a Pirates of the Caribbean scene.

Aguadilla is home to the Rafael Hernandez Airport, an international airport welcoming visitors seeking a beach vacation on the laid-back towns of the west coast, offering cheap daily flights to and from Orlando and NYC area airports.   The airport is on the site of what used to be the U.S. military’s Ramey Air Force Base. Aguadilla is the most commercialized municipality in the northwest region with many local businesses, factories, a shopping mall, and one of the only two ice skating rings in the Caribbean.   Aguadilla feels like many of the traditional towns across the island, at the center is a small square where government offices and many local shops are located.

The Beaches of Aguadilla, Puerto Rico

The beaches are certainly the main attraction in Aguadilla.  Some beaches are known for their calm clear water, some known worldwide for their world-class surfing rivaling neighboring towns of Rincon and Isabela. You won’t find resorts and hotels dotted along the shoreline.  Decades ago the US government decided to build their Army base along Aguadilla’s gorgeous coastline, ironically keeping the coastline natural and uncrowded.

To enjoy the beaches of Aguadilla, a car rental is a must, once off the busy highway, visitors will be immersed in an authentic non-touristy town with gems to explore at the end of residential streets and bumpy dirt roads.   Those that seek a more adventurous beach experience will enjoy the most scenic and most breathtaking spots by taking a 20-minute hike to Survival.  For those that prefer a more cultural scene, there are various beaches popular among locals offering the best conditions for swimming where you’ll find great local food, live music at beachfront locations.

+ Best Beaches in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico

Top Rated Snorkeling Tours in Aguadilla

Punta Borinquen Golf & Country Club

With 18 holes with beautiful ocean views in each one, you’ll want to take your time in this challenging course, often referred to as the best value in Puerto Rico.  The best time to play is in the morning, but if you’re a sunset lover, the afternoon is a magnificent time to play.   The course is very open, no view is blocked, but the wind gusts make the course very challenging.  Punta Borinquen Golf Course offers a driving range and practice green with reasonable fees.    The best time to play is during the morning, it rarely gets crowded, the atmosphere is very relaxed.  The airport is next door, you’ll have planes flying over making it even more interesting during the game. Interesting facts: The course opened in 1940, built for the military of the Fort Ramey Base.  President Dwight D. Eisenhower played at this course. The course was designed by Fred Garbin.

  • Address: Golf Rd, Aguadilla, Puerto Rico 00603
  • Phone: +1 787-890-2987
  • For Hours, events, and more info: Visit their Facebook Page

Plaza de Recreo

Just like all municipalities in Puerto Rico, the town has the traditional square (plaza), where locals gather to chat with friends, attend cultural events, and simply relax and take a break from shopping on the small shops surrounding the plaza.   Across the plaza is the Catholic church and Alcaldia (Mayor’s Office).  Puerto Rican history buffs visit Plaza de Recreo to see the statue of Rafael Hernandez (1892-1965), born in Aguadilla, famous composer of “La Isla Preciosa“.

Tours Visitors Love in Puerto Rico

Hotels Aguadilla (Puerto Rico) — prices for booking hotels in Aguadilla, book a hotel room online.

Hotels Aguadilla (Puerto Rico) — prices for booking hotels in Aguadilla, book a hotel room online.

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  • Courtyard by Marriott

Aguadilla, Puerto Rhica 9000. temperature28ºC

Min. temperature21ºC


Rainy days18

Sunshine per day11

Water temperature28ºC


Comfty apartment 8 minute walk from beach

dated 7820 ₽

on cardcalle bonaire, 3. 8 km from the center

Price per day

Wi-Fi (free)

Parking (free)

Internet access at

10 Explifically

Cozy Apartment Whath 8 minute walk to beach

from 7669 ₽

On the mapCalle Bonaire, barrio Borinquen, sector Playuela, 4.1 km from the center

Price per day

Wi-Fi (free)

Parking (free) Internet access

3 hotel


Casita Paraiso

dated 3134 ₽

on the cardcalle la Pocita casa #3, 0.9 km from the center

Price per day

Wi-Fi (free)

Parking (free)

Paid Parking Paid Pay


Modern apartment within 8 minute walk to beach

from 3612 ₽

On the map Borinquen, 4 km from the center

Price per day

Wi-Fi (free)

  • 0003

    Internet access in the hotel

    9. 7Excellent


    Modern Suite #1 Pasavento

    from 3131 ₽

    On the mapCarr. 107 Km 4.0 Bo. Borinquen Edificio PasaVento, 5.9 km from the center

    Price per day

    Wi -Fi (free)

    Parking (free)



    Modern Suite Suite #0 — Best Location 3029 ₽

    On the mapAvenida Doctor Pedro Albizu Campos Edificio Pasavento, 5.6 km from center

    Price per day

    Wi-Fi (free)

    Parking (free)

    Paid parking

    9.7 Excessively

    Lovely Apartment 8 Minute Walk to the Beach

    dated 3612 ₽

    on cardcalle Bonair on cardcalle Bonair. , 4 km from the center

    Price per day

    Wi-Fi (free)

    Parking (free)

    Internet access in the hotel

    9. 4Excellent


    Modern Suite #2 Pasavento0003

    from 3217 ₽

    On the mapAvenida Doctor Pedro Albizu Campos Km 4.0 Bo. Borinquen, 5.6 km from the center

    Price per day

    Wi-Fi (free)

    Parking (free)

    Paid parking


    Silver Shell

    dated 6188 ₽

    on Carterute 110, 9.8 km from the center

    Price per day

    Wi-Fi (free)

    Parking (free)

    Designated smoking areas

    9 Excessively

    Great Spot to Start Exploring Westside Beaches

    from 2810 ₽

    on the cardcalle bonaire, Barrio Borinquen, 4.1 km from the center

    Price per day

    Wi-Fi (free) 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 Internet access at the hotel

    8. 7Excellent

    Holiday home

    Tropical Getaway

    from 2781 ₽

    On the map2270 Calle Dr Carlos Lugo, 9.8 km from the center

    Price per day

    Wi-Fi (free)

    Parking (free)

    Paid parking

    8.6 Excellent


    Punta Borinquen Resort

    dated 4329 ₽

    on the cards

    on the cards

    per day

    Wi-Fi (free)

    Parking (free)

    Paid parking

    8.5Very good

    Holiday home

    Tropical house


    from 100 360011 on Kartroute 110 Barriada San Antonio, 9.7 km from the center

    Price per day

    Wi-Fi (free)

    Parking (free)

    Semeded for smoking

    8. 4 Very well

    House for vacation

    Crash Boat 2

    from 5023 ₽

    On the map7031 Ave Jose de Jesus Esteves, Road 461, 4.3 km from center

    Price per day

    Wi-Fi (free)

    Parking (paid)

  • 0003

    8.7 Excessively


    Courtyard Aguadilla

    Paid parking

    8.4 Hoooly good

    Labadie Apartment

    dated 4507 ₽

    on the CardHC8 BOX 44507, 7.7 km from the center

    Price per day

    Wi-Fi (free)

    Parking (free) Parking (free) Parkovka (free) Parking0003

    only for adults

    8.3 very good


    Brisas de Borinquen

    from 2546 ₽

    on the card 30 Calle Borinquen Aguadilla, 2.3 km from the center

    per day

    Wi (free )

    Parking (free)

    Paid parking

    7. 9Good, 0.9 km from the center

    Price per day

    Wi-Fi (free)

    Parking (free)

    Paid parking

    7.7 Superch

    Medusa Hostel

    dated 3204 ₽

    on card11 Calle Progreso , 0.1 km from the center

    Price per day

    Wi-Fi (free)

    Parking (free)

    Paid parking


    Casa de Playa (Beach House) Aguadilla

    from 35003


    On the mapCamino Agustin Stall 4 / 1, 1.1 km from center

    Price per day

    Wi-Fi (free)

    Beach access (front line)

    Designated smoking areas

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  • FAQs about hotels in Aguadilla

    What are the best hotels to stay in Aguadilla?

    Hotels by type
    in Aguadilla

    • Hotels in Puerto Rico

    Holidays in Aguadilla in 2022

    Aguadilla is a very popular city among tourists from all over the world. It attracts millions of people every year. On our site you can choose Aguadilla hotels from more than 40 for different types of tourism. In our extensive hotel database, every traveler will be able to choose something for themselves, such as apart hotels, business hotels, boutique hotels and many other hotels in Aguadilla.

    The best accommodation options in Aguadilla in 2022 according to our customers are Comfty apartment 8 minute walk from beach, Cozy apartment with 8 minute walk to beach, Casita Paraiso.

    On average, hotel rooms in Aguadilla start at ₽2545 per room per night.

    Aguadilla hotel reservations in 2022

    For a convenient search, all hotels have a detailed description of all services, recent photos of rooms and reviews.

    With our hotel booking service you can choose a room in Aguadilla hotels for your dream trip!

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    Aguadilla, Puerto Rico-Statistics 2023

    I present you the most complete, extensive and universal statistical information at the place of Aguadilla, Puerto-Rico


    What country is Aguadilla in?

    Aguadilla is located in Puerto Rico

    What is the population of Aguadilla ?

    Currently living in Aguadilla 14344 people

    How many men are there in Aguadilla ?

    As of today, 6795 men live in Aguadilla

    How many women are there in Aguadilla?

    As of today, 7548 women live in Aguadilla

    What is the average age of an Aguadilla resident?

    The median age for a person living in Aguadilla today is 44 years

    How many babies are there in Aguadilla ?

    Today there are 470 babies in Aguadilla. Of these girls — 227 , boys — 240 . By infants we mean small children under 4 years old

    How many small children are there in Aguadilla ?

    As of today, there are 583 small children in Aguadilla. Of these, boys — 299 and girls 282 . These are children from 5 to 9 years old.

    How many children are there in Aguadilla?

    Today, 905 children live in Aguadilla. Of these, boys — 465 and girls — 439 . These are children from 10 to 14 years old.0003

    How many teenagers are there in Aguadilla?

    Today, 1034 teenagers live in Aguadilla. These are people from 14 to 19 years old. Of these, girls — 495 , boys — 538 .

    How many centenarians are there in Aguadilla?

    Today in Aguadilla 8 centenarians. These are people over 100 years old.

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