Orocovis: Things to Do in Orocovis

Things to Do in Orocovis

Tap into your adventurous side when you explore the many attractions inside Toro Verde. 

The heart of Puerto Rico is a paradise for adventure lovers.

An ideal destination for adrenaline lovers, Orocovis is located in the geographical center of Puerto Rico. Whether you go from San Juan or drive up from Ponce in the south, expect the drive to be about an hour and a half.

Also known as the heart of Puerto Rico, Orocovis is home to the extraordinary Toro Verde Nature Adventure Park, where you will experience one of the longest ziplines in the world — known as The Monster — in a safe, family-friendly environment. Lovers of the outdoors also flock to Orocovis for camping.

The temperature is cooler in the mountain villages and the air always seem fresh. Enjoy both with a walk to see the iconic Doña Juana Waterfall and the Mirador Villalba Orocovis shoot amazing vacation photos.

Here are some of the popular things to do in Orocovis:

A women flies down a zipline at Toro Verde Adventure Park.

Ziplining at Toro Verde

Toro Verde Nature Adventure Park is an eco-park where you can enjoy hours of entertainment and adrenaline by riding ziplines that criss-cross the Central Mountain Range of Puerto Rico. You will find a spectacular panoramic views, and the longest zipline in America, called The Monster.

There are several packages to choose from based on your appetite for adventure. Advance reservations are strongly recommended as the park is very popular, especially on weekends.

Doña Juana Waterfall cascading into the water below.

Doña Juana Waterfall

This beautiful waterfall is accessible from the road and relatively easy to find. It is a good spot to take photos and cool off with a dip in the freshwater pool below. Keep in mind that this is a natural location, not a developed tourist attraction, so there are no bathrooms or changing areas. You should pack out whatever you bring with you in order to help protect this beautiful place. The Chorro de Doña Juana, as it is known among locals, is located in a region that is part of the Toro Negro State Forest.


If you are adventurous and in search of more extreme experiences in nature, like rappelling in waterfalls, then you’ll love a canyon expedition in Orocovis. The company Canyoning PR offers guided training and tours for people with different levels of expertise and knowledge. Please note that canyoning activity involves facing serious heights, strenuous hikes, traversing through slippery and rough terrain, all of which requires excellent physical condition and coordination throughout.

Puerto Rico is filled with places to enjoy the breathtaking views, such as this one at Miradero Villalba Orocovis. 

Miradero Villalba Orocovis

Puerto Rico measures approximately 100 miles by 35 and in this precise place you can observe both the north coast and the Atlantic Ocean, and the south coast and the Caribbean Sea. There are gazebos where you have a picnics and enjoy the incredible views. It is also a good stop to take a break and before continuing on to your next adventure.

Experience camping in a rainforest at Toro Negro State Forest.

This reserve is one of the 21 public forests that belong to the government of Puerto Rico. Toro Negro is a rainforest that receives about 110 inches of precipitation per year and whose average temperature is around 65 degrees Fahrenheit. This forest is comprised of 8,000 acres of land and is home to Cerro Punta which, with an elevation of 1,338 meters, is the highest peak on the island. Toro Negro has nine rivers and two lakes where you can fish, kayak, or boat. You can also walk along its paths, bathe in natural pools, and enjoy its recreational areas that are very popular among those who enjoy camping. Campers will find a site with gazebos, barbecues, bathrooms, and parking.

For camping, you must make a reservation through Amigos del Bosque Toro Negro Inc.  by calling 787-349-3375 or 787-612-1598. Available spaces are limited.

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Central Mountains

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Orocovis – Travel guide at Wikivoyage

Orocovis is a mountain town and municipality of Puerto Rico along the island’s Cordillera Central region. It is home to a state forest offering hiking, swimming and birdwatching opportunities, and it is famous for its traditional food.


Orocovis is in the Cordillera Central, and isolated: so deep in the mountain range, there may not be cell phone signal in some areas.

  • San Juan: Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport
  • Aguadilla: Rafael Hernández Airport
  • Ponce: Mercedita Airport

By car[edit]

Driving into Orocovis can be challenging.

By bus[edit]

Some people prefer to visit Orocovis by way of tour bus. The term chinchorreo roughly translates to bar-hopping. Chinchorreo in Puerto Rico refers to the activity of visiting restaurants along a ‘gastronomic route’. A chinchorreo bus can be booked from San Juan and the tour could include stops in bars and restaurants in Morovis and Orocovis located on PR-143 and PR-155.

18°13′37″N 66°23′28″W

Map of Orocovis

Get around[edit]

Driving in Orocovis is not for the faint of heart. PR-143 is in the Cordillera Central and the narrow roads feature hairpin turns, steep inclines, and sheer cliff drops. Drivers are sharing the road with trucks, locals and tour buses. The road is called the Panoramic Route (La Ruta Panorámica) because it is scenic and beautiful.

The highways into Orocovis are PR-143 (also known as the Panoramic Route), and PR-155 from Morovis which is on Orocovis’ northern border. PR-156 connects Orocovis with Barranquitas on Orocovis’ eastern border. PR-157 connects Orocovis and Ciales on Orocovis southern and western borders. PR-149 connects Orocovis with its southern neighbor, Villalba.

  • 18.22515-66.3917561 Orocovis Pueblo (downtown Orocovis). See the historic Roman Catholic church, Spanish-style recreational plaza, and the municipal buildings surrounded by streets and shops.
    You can drive around the pueblo or park your car and walk around the square and into the plaza. The Spanish law, which regulated life in Puerto Rico in the early 19th century, stated the plaza’s purpose was for celebrations and festivities.
    (updated Apr 2022)
  • 18.23112-66.390852 Museo Orocoveño Celestino Avilés Melendez, PR-155, +1 787-867-2718. Santo Art, the art of handcrafting carved wooden saints and other religious statues out of wood is alive and well in Orocovis and showcased in the Museo Orocoveño Celestino Avilés Melendez. (updated Mar 2022)
  • 18.15783-66.517363 Ruta Panorámica (Panoramic Route), PR-143. The Panoramic Route is PR-143 in Orocovis and offers breathtaking, mountain views. Whether you want to drive yourself or go on a bus tour, it is worth seeing. (updated Mar 2022)
  • 18.17743-66.450474 Mirador Villalba-Orocovis (Villalba-Orocovis Lookout), PR-143 on the border of Villalba and Orocovis. On clear days the view is spectacular because you can see the Atlantic Ocean on the North Coast and the Caribbean Sea on the South Coast. (updated Mar 2022)

Doña Juana Waterfall is on PR-149

  • 18.1737-66.492281 Toro Negro State Forest (Bosque Estatal de Toro Negro), Carr. 143 Km. 32.7 Barrio Ala de la Piedra (If coming from San Juan it is about 109 kilometers away, if you take PR-22 West, then PR-149 in Manatí, through Ciales to Toro Negro, for a trip that is at least two hours and fifteen minutes long. The roads are steep, narrow and crooked as they go through the Cordillera Central, the mountain range that cuts through Puerto Rico. Toro Negro is about 60 kilometers from Morovis downtown via PR-155 until PR-143 for 1 hr and 30 minutes. The road is very curvy, narrow and steep and can be difficult.), +1 787-867-3040, +1 787-349-3375. Toro Verde is a popular large park where you can ride one of the longest zip lines in the world. There is a waterfall, many rivers for fishing, or kayaking and there are hiking trails and camping areas. There is an observation tower at the forest which is more than 3500 feet above sea level. (updated Mar 2022)
  • 18.18297-66.511832 Chorro de Doña Juana (Doña Juana Waterfall), PR-149 (the road is very curvy and can be difficult for non-locals), +1 787-867-5000. This waterfall also called Salto de Doña Juana has a natural pool for swimming. There is very little parking at the area but it is a nice place to take photos. (updated Mar 2022)

The Monster is an extremely long zipline, one of the longest ziplines in the world. There are 8 smaller ziplines at Torro Verde. Some companies you can contact to ride the ziplines are:

  • 18.25671-66.390213 Zipline Tours PR, +1 787-244-0099, [email protected] The Monster is one of the longest ziplines in the world, at 2.5 kilometers long. The tour can last up to an hour and a half. (updated Mar 2022)
  • 18.25671-66.390214 Toro Verde PR (Zipline Tours), +1 787-867-7100. There are different zip lines. The Monster is one of the longest ziplines in the world, at 2.5 kilometers long. The tour can last up to an hour and a half. $89. (updated Mar 2022)
  • 18. 16729-66.501551 Las Cabañas Doña Juana, PR-143 Km 30.7, +1 787-612-1598. This restaurant offers pork chops, ribs, chicken, rice and beans and other typical Puerto Rican dishes and desserts and mountain views. (updated Mar 2022)
  • Chinchorreo bus, +1 787-998-5466. Chinchorreo roughly translates to bar-hopping in Puerto Rico. Groups take tour buses into Orocovis / Morovis and stop at bars and restaurants to drink and eat and spend the day in La Montaña (the mountain). $30 on an bus with A/C, $25 on a bus without A/C. (updated Mar 2022)

As Airbnb becomes more and more popular in Puerto Rico, visitors may be able to find accomodations via Airbnb in Orocovis.

Go next[edit]

  • Ponce
  • Morovis
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