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Dirección Carrera 143 Km 30. 5, Orocovis (Puerto Rico) — Pulse para abrir

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Tulum — City Guide

Tulum is a trendy Mexican resort on the Caribbean coast, located on the Yucatan Peninsula, near Playa del Carmen (Quintana Roo). The water here pleases with clear azure, in which you just want to dive headlong. The beaches attract with snow-white fine sand, on which you can lie for days. And the surroundings are so beautiful that you don’t want to leave. The ruins of ancient Mayan buildings rise right off the coast. Archaeological monuments here are perfectly preserved and attract many tourists every year. Recreation in this part of the world is striking in its diversity: swimming, diving, bungee rides, walks in the rainforests, night discos, watching the life of exotic animals. Many, having been here, are sure that this is exactly what a corner of paradise looks like. And they are most likely not far from the truth. nine0003

All photos

Tulum Attractions

Paradise, mysterious, unique — all this is about Tulum. Having visited this Mexican resort, you understand why these epithets have already become common nouns. Bright azure sea, comfortable white sand beaches, ancient ruins of Mayan buildings on high cliffs, iguanas and turtles basking on the rocks. All the attributes of a perfect holiday are in this city.

Shel-Kha Park

Koba Ruins

Sak-Aktun Cenotes 9Ol000 is more than 18 thousand people. The majority (about 70%) are mestizos born in marriages of Europeans and representatives of Indian tribes. Approximately 25% are Indians. Europeans make up only 5% of the total population. The language of communication is Spanish. The predominant religion is Catholicism. nine0003

Brief history of Tulum

The exact date of Tulum’s origin is unknown. Scientists call only approximate landmarks — XII-XIII centuries. Such assumptions are based on the fact that the first mention of the area can be found in the records of the conquistador Juan Diaz (1518). The ruins of the city are described in detail in 1843. This was done by travelers John Lloyd Stevens and Frederick Catherwood in the book Moments from a Yucatan Journey.

In ancient times, Tulum was the only seaport for the representatives of civilization, through which the Maya exported cotton, rubber and salt to Guatemala. This fact helped the city avoid the decline that overtook the nearby settlements when the Spanish conquerors landed in the Yucatan (1517). On the contrary, the beginning of the XVI century for Tulum is considered a time of prosperity. Remaining a sea fortress, it became a major trading center on the Caribbean coast. All trade by sea, from the Yucatan to Honduras, was conducted through it. nine0003

Exploration of this area was continued from 1913 to 1924 by the American archaeologist Sylvanus Morley and scientists from the Carnegie Institution. They confirmed that the emergence of the city should be attributed to the year 1200. At the same time, according to their data, Tulum ceased to exist after the 16th century.

Thus, before us is a real ancient city, as if frozen more than 400 years ago. With untouched nature and clean beaches right by the Caribbean Sea. This fact allowed the development of Tulum as a popular resort. Today, a vacation here has all the benefits that one can only dream of. nine0003

Budget of the trip

Before the trip it is necessary to calculate the approximate budget, which will be needed for travel:




Average check in


from $156/night from $157/night Landing — $1.6, 1km — $0.66 $1.02/liter $27 for two

Best time to visit Tulum

December to March is the best time to visit Tulum. The air warms up to + 27-30 ° C, and the sea — up to + 26-27 ° C. In addition, during this period there is almost no rain. In the summer months it will be hotter — the temperature from June to September consistently exceeds + 30 ° C. In the autumn months it gets cooler, but only by 1-2 °C. So, if you are not afraid of the heat, we can say that the beach season here lasts all year round.
Every February, El Camaleon Mayakoba Golf Club hosts the World Tour Mayakoba Golf Classic. At this time, beginners and professionals gather here.

In the spring, in April-May, Tulum gathers lovers of electronic music on the beaches of the coast for a festival of the best performers in this genre.

During the summer months, the main event in the city is the art and culture festival Art with Me. At this time, impressive installations made from natural materials can be seen on the beaches. Night discos and musical performances complete the spectacle.

Do not miss the opportunity to visit the art gallery IK LAB (located near the Azulik Hotel) at any time of the year. Decorated with wood carvings and round designer windows, it is beautiful on its own. Outwardly, the gallery looks like a giant bird’s nest. Exhibitions of contemporary art are held here. nine0003

Useful notes

To get good shots of sights, without crowds of tourists, try to arrive at the place either early in the morning or late in the evening. Usually in the middle of the day, especially in the ruins of the old city, it is very crowded.

Be prepared to travel a lot on foot. To do this, be sure to bring comfortable shoes, a wide hat and sun protection.

Change currency in the city, not at the airport. Here you can make a better deal (meaning the dollar and euro against the Mexican peso). When exchanging, you must present your passport. nine0003

To buy a SIM card from a local operator, you will also need a passport.

It is better to pay in pesos in transport and shops. Almost always the dollar equivalent that you will be called will be overpaid. This is especially true for taxi services.

Large pharmacies have a doctor who can always examine you and prescribe medicines.

Tourist things to do in Tulum

  • See the ancient ruins. The best way to get to them is by bike. The trip takes only 15 minutes. The old city is located 3 km from Tulum Pueblo, on rocks 12 m high. It includes the remains of residential buildings, fortifications, as well as fragments of a five-meter wall that surrounded the city. This is the only city of representatives of the ancient civilization, which is surrounded by a wall. The Maya usually did not build fortifications. The wall in Tulum served as a defense against the raids of the northern nomadic tribes. nine0131
  • Take a tour of El Castillo. It is simultaneously a lighthouse, a fortress and a temple. The construction is dedicated to one of the mythological supreme deities of the Maya — Kukulkan. It stands at the very Caribbean Sea and is perfectly preserved. The Pyramid of Tulum and the Temple of Kukulkan are other names for the attraction. The height of the building is 7.5 m.
  • Get to know the Mayan culture in the Temple of Frescoes. This ancient building is considered the unspoken symbol of Tulum. The paintings on the walls of the temple are scenes from the world of gods, people and the underworld. This is the classic Mayan cosmological system. Here, the images of the goddess of fertility Ish-Chel and the god of rain — Chaak stand out clearly. Despite the fact that the frescoes have faded over time (they were once painted), the images have not lost their charm and, moreover, their historical significance. nine0131
  • See the unique Temple of the Winds. This temple-barometer is built right on the rock. And not by chance. He warns of a hurricane coming. «Weather prediction» occurs due to special holes in the upper part of the structure. As soon as the wind intensifies and passes through them, a characteristic «whistling» is heard. Truly, the Maya are a unique people. Their creations continue to work to this day. In 1995, when Hurricane Roxana hit the coast, the Temple of the Winds “whistled” very loudly.
  • Find out what cenotes are and see the most beautiful of them — Crystal Lake. The reservoir, which appeared as a result of the destruction of rocks, is a characteristic phenomenon for these places. The water in the cenotes is exceptionally pure, and swimming in it is an incomparable pleasure. Crystal is located a few kilometers from Tulum. The object is surrounded by tropical plants and resembles a picture from «paradise scenes». To see the features of the underwater world, tourists are offered to dive into the lake with scuba gear. nine0131
  • Visit the Sian Kaan nature reserve. The name of this unique place, translated from the Mayan language, means «where the sky begins.» Here, on an area of ​​528 thousand hectares, there is a unique collection of flora and fauna — more than 300 species of birds alone. Among them is one of the largest flying birds in the world — the Brazilian yabiru. Tourists in the reserve expect bright entertainment: kayaking along the Mayan canals, excursions in the lagoon, walks in the mangroves and swimming in natural waters.
  • Ride a bungee in Tanka Ecopark. This is just one of the many activities available to park visitors. In addition, here you can go canoeing, swim in Indian lakes and, most interestingly, visit a real Mayan village, get to know the locals and their culture.
  • Look at the nests of sea turtles. The Caribbean coast of Mexico is inhabited by giant rare turtles (loggerhead). An adult individual reaches a length of about 1 m and a mass of up to 200 kg. Their nesting period is May-August. At this time, some beaches even close so as not to disturb the animals. Every evening, after mating at sea, the females crawl ashore, dig holes in the sand and hide their eggs there. Babies are born after 2 months. nine0131
  • Play golf at El Camaleon Mayakoba. Suffice it to say that this is one of the 100 golf courses in the world, which were equipped by Greg Norman himself, nicknamed the Great White Shark (a famous Australian golfer and entrepreneur of the 20th century). The playground measures over 7,000 yards (about 6,500 m) and spans 3 different landscapes: seashore, tropical jungle, and mangroves.
  • Try Mexican food. Her signature dish is fried fish with hot spices. To it, you can order avocado sauce (guacamole) and pureed black beans with cheese. Be sure to try salsa with tortilla chips (a tortilla made from corn or wheat flour). This Mexican gravy made from tomatoes and chili peppers is truly cooked only in Tulum. nine0131

Map Tuluma

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