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The ZIP Code Turns 50 Today; Here Are 9 That Stand Out : The Two-Way The U.S. Postal Service began using the five-digit ZIP code in 1963. In recognition of the anniversary, we’ve examined the list of more than 40,000 ZIP codes and highlighted a few that deserve extra attention.


Each black dot represents the geometric center of a ZIP code.

Matt Stiles/U.S. Census Bureau

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Matt Stiles/U.S. Census Bureau

Each black dot represents the geometric center of a ZIP code.

Matt Stiles/U.S. Census Bureau

Today marks the 50th anniversary of the Zone Improvement Plan, the network of ZIP codes we use for everything from mail delivery to credit card security.

The U.S. Postal Service began using the five-digit codes on July 1, 1963, hoping they would improve the efficiency and speed of mail sorting. Since then, the codes have assumed a role in the identities of many Americans, helping to define where they live or work.

In recognition of the anniversary (and because we are geeky), we’ve examined the list of more than 40,000 ZIP codes. Here are nine worth noting, based on data compiled by the U.S. Census Bureau and Esri, a leading geographic software company:

The One With The Most Businesses: 10001 (map)

This New York City ZIP code includes the Chelsea neighborhood in Manhattan and, according to the Census Bureau, contains more businesses than any other in the U. S.: 7,227. Those businesses employ more than 136,000 people. The national average number of businesses in a ZIP code, by contrast, is 188.

The Coolest — In The 1990s: 90210 (map)

This ZIP code covers posh Beverly Hills, Calif., and was also the title of a popular teen TV drama series in the 1990s. Brenda and Brandon Walsh moving to «Beverly Hills, 90209» just doesn’t have the same ring to it.

The Most Spacious: 89049 (map)

This rural area in Tonopah, Nev., has the largest ZIP code in the lower 48 states. At 10,000 square miles, it’s a little larger than the state of Maryland. The area experienced a boom in the early part of the 20th century after silver was discovered there. It sits about halfway between Las Vegas and Reno, Nev.

The Most Populous: 79936 (map)

The population in this El Paso ZIP code exceeds 114,000, according to the Census Bureau’s «zip code tabulation area» database, which contains population and demographic statistics. That’s more than any other ZIP code. In many cities, ZIP codes cover small areas. But El Paso’s includes large, residential neighborhoods on the city’s east side. Next on the most-populous list is 60629 in Chicago.

The Tiniest: 11109 (map)

A two-block area across the East River from Manhattan, this ZIP code in Long Island City is among the smallest in the country — at a tenth of one square mile. It boasts 1,400 people in that area, though, pushing its residents-per-square mile rate to the top of the list, according to Esri.

Among The Most Diverse: 95834 (map)

This North Sacramento, Calif., ZIP code is among the most diverse in the country, Business Insider reported last year. Race and ethnic groups are more evenly distributed here than in most places, meaning residents are more likely to encounter people who are different. The population broke down along these lines: Asian, 20.4 percent; black, 15.8 percent; Hispanic, 27.4 percent; white, 29.2 percent; and multiracial, 5.2 percent. See other diverse counties here.

Among The Least Diverse: 38639 (map) & 02562 (map)

The population in 38639 (Jonestown, Miss.) is 99 percent black. The reverse is true in 02562 (Sagamore Beach, Mass.), where 99 percent of the population is white.

The One With The Big Spenders: 89109 (map)

Residents and political action committees in this Las Vegas ZIP code spent more money in the latest election cycle than they did anywhere else — $96 million, according to the Center for Responsive Politics, a nonpartisan watchdog group. The 89109 ZIP includes many of the city’s marquee casinos, and it’s likely that much of the campaign funds came from one source: Casino executive Sheldon Adelson. Perhaps the biggest donor in American politics, he vowed last year to spend as much as $100 million to defeat President Obama.

This is by no means a comprehensive list of interesting ZIP codes. Tell us about yours in the comments. You can also download some of the data used in this post here.

UPDATE: Esri added its own interesting and useful take on these ZIP codes on Tuesday. Check it out.

Matt Stiles is data editor on NPR News Applications team. Follow him on Twitter at @stiles.

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Valid Cities/Zip Codes for nosey signups

Valid Cities/Zip Codes for nosey signups

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Valid US Cities and
Zip Codes

While this is by no means
a *complete* listing, it will serve as a handy reference when some nosey
website demands a valid US city and ZIP code before they’ll give
you your password. Pick out your favourite state, and make yourself up
a street address!


State City ZIP Code(s) — only
1st consecutive codes listed

Alabama (AL) Huntsville 35801 thru 35816
Alaska (AK) Anchorage 99501 thru 99524
Arizona (AZ) Phoenix 85001 thru 85055
Arkansas (AR) Little Rock 72201 thru 72217
California (CA) Sacramento 

Los Angeles

Beverly Hills
94203 thru 94209

90001 thru 90089

90209 thru 90213
Colorado (CO) Denver

Littleton (this place has
gotten WAY too much airplay!)
80201 thru 80239

80120 thru 80128
Conneticut (CT) Hartford 06101 thru 06112
Deleware (DE) Dover 19901 thru 19905
District of Columbia (DC) Washington 20001 thru 20020
Florida (FL) Pensacola


32501 thru 32509

33124 thru 33190

32801 thru 32837
Georgia (GA) Atlanta 30301 thru 30381
Hawaii (HI) Honolulu 96801 thru 96830
Idaho (ID) Montpelier 83254
Illinois (IL) Chicago

60601 thru 60641

62701 thru 62709
Indiana (IN) Indianapolis 46201 thru 46209
Iowa (IA) Davenport

Des Moines
52801 thru 52809

50301 thru 50323
Kansas (KS) Wichita 67201 thru 67221
Kentucky (KY) Hazard 41701- 41702
Lousiana (LA) New Orleans 70112 thru 70119
Maine (ME) Freeport 04032 thru 04034
Maryland (MD) Baltimore 21201 thru 21237
Massachusetts (MA) Boston 02101 thru 02137
Michigan (MI) Coldwater


49734 — 49735
Minnesota (MN) Duluth 55801 thru 55808
Mississippo (MS) Biloxi 39530 thru 39535
Missouri (MO) St. Louis 63101 thru 63141
Montana (MT) Laurel 59044
Nebraska (NE) Hastings 68901 — 68902
Nevada (NV) Reno 89501 thru 89513
New Hampshire (NH) Ashland 03217
New Jersey (NJ) Livingston 07039
New Mexico (NM) Santa Fe 87500 thru 87506
New York (NY) New York 10001 thru 10048
North Carolina (NC) Oxford 27565
North Dakota (ND) Walhalla 58282
Ohio (OH) Cleveland 44101 thru 44179
Oklahoma (OK) Tulsa 74101 thru 74110
Oregon (OR) Portland 97201 thru 97225
Pennsylvania (PA) Pittsburgh 15201 thru 15244
Rhode Island (RI) Newport 02840 — 02841
South Carolina (SC) Camden 29020
South Dakota (SD) Aberdeen 57401 — 57402
Tennessee (TN) Nashville 37201 thru 37222
Texas (TX) Austin 78701 thru 78705
Utah (UT) Logan 84321 thru 84323
Vermont (VT) Killington 05751
Virginia (VA) Altavista 24517
Washington (WA) Bellevue (yes, like the
mental institution 🙂
98004 thru 98009
West Virginia (WV) Beaver 25813
Wisconsin (WI) Milwaukee 53201 thru 53228
Wyoming (WY) Pinedale 82941

Not listed? Search for it

For ZIP+4 codes, look them
up here.


Note: feel free to print
this list or save a copy to your hard drive.

most expensive postcodes — Article


upper limit-leaders’>

It doesn’t take a real estate agent to know that New York and California are two notoriously expensive places to live. However, these unimaginably high property values ​​don’t just apply to mansions in Beverly Hills or office buildings in midtown Manhattan.

Every year, PropertyShark collects real estate price data across the country to determine which zip codes are truly the most expensive, and this year several zip codes in California and New York have reignited again. Instead of analyzing asking prices, PropertyShark looked at the average selling prices in each area, which more accurately reflects how much people are actually willing to pay for each property based on supply and demand.

Tops the Atherton 94027 list in the Gulf of California for the third year in a row, home to Silicon Valley venture capitalists, sports figures such as Golden State Warriors star Steph Curry, and more. The median selling price of a property is $7,050,000, and luxury housing in the region is definitely not just Curry’s neighbors — neighboring zip codes that also made the top 20 include 94301 and 94306 Palo Alto, 94022 and 94022 Los Altos. 94024 and a number of others.

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South of the Bay, Los Angeles and Orange County zip codes also feature impressively on the list. Santa Monica in Los Angeles (90402) and Beverly Hills (of course 90210) came in third and fourth, respectively, with an average selling price of just over $4 million, while Newport Beach and Corona del Mar of Orange County also made it into the first twenty.

Overall, California scored a staggering 16 out of the top 20, with New York in second with four spots. Surprisingly, New York’s most expensive zip code is not located in the very center of the Big Apple, but to the east, in the village of Sagaponack on Long Island, not surprisingly, in the Hamptons.

The top 20 (actually the top 22 due to two ties) also has a zip code in Boston and one in Medina, Washington, which borders Lake Washington.

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Scroll down to see how much each zip code costs and learn more about the PropertyShark study here.

  1. Atherton, CA (94027) // $7,050,000
  2. Sagaponack, New York (11962) // $4,300,000
  3. Santa Monica, CA (90402) // $4,154,000
  4. Beverly Hills

  5. , California (90210) // $4,080,000
  6. New York, New York (10007) // 3 9$00,000
  7. Boston, Massachusetts (02199) // $3,669,000
  8. Palo Alto, California (94301) // $3,522,000
  9. New York, New York (10013) // $3,515,000
  10. Los Altos, California (94022) // $3,450,000
  11. Ross, California (94957) // $3,350,000
  12. Portola Valley, California (94028) // $3,300,000
  13. Medina, Washington ( 98039) // $3,200,000
  14. Los Altos, California (94024) // $3,150,000
  15. Newport Beach, CA (92661) // $3,140,000.
  16. Newport Beach, CA (92662) // $2,900,000.
  17. Corona del Mar, CA (92625) and Stinson Beach, CA (94970) // $2,800,000
  18. Palo Alto, CA (94306) // $2,751,000
  19. New York, NY York (10282) // $2,660,000
  20. Los Gatos, California (95030) and Burlingame, California (94010) // $2,630,000
  21. Santa Barbara, CA (93108) // $2,620,000

[h/t PropertyShark]

Top 10 US Zip Code Search Sites

The Postman Still Rings the Doorbell. And, of course, long-distance calls have become longer. Area codes and postal codes ensure that calls connect correctly and our regular mail is delivered efficiently.

Postcodes (Zoning Improvement Plan) began as a way to efficiently sort and deliver large volumes of mail. Different countries have different addressing systems and their own versions of postcodes.

The United States calls it ZIP (or more accurately ZIP+4), many other countries have names such as zip codes, zip codes or PINs. What is common is the uniqueness of the alphanumeric combinations for mail sorting.

Phones use area codes similar to the numbering system. Area codes are part of a telephone number that connects to specific telephone exchanges in specific areas. But for us it is directly related to the cost of the call.

When it comes to city codes and postal codes, the diary of the year or the always useful search engine is called. This list of ten contributors is an attempt to shorten that process by making it bookmarkable. We primarily look at the zip code and area code information for the United States on the following zip code lookup and area code lookup sites.

United States Postal Service

USPS is the de facto zip code lookup site if you want to find zip code information. After all, they were the first ones to do it. You can click on any of the four tabs to search by address, by city, by company, or find all cities covered by the same zip code.

ZIPMaps has a Google Map based interface that shows the boundaries of each zip code. A zip code finder search can pinpoint any of the 41,533 zip code locations indexed by it. You can enter a zip code or address (this can be just a city and state, a state, or a partial address) to get the general area on the map. You can also click on a location on the map to get the corresponding zip code. You will also receive area codes for location.

ZIP codes by radius can be used to search for ZIP codes by radius miles.

You have several associated zip code lookup services. You can do a simple postcode search; find the distance between two postcodes; search for several postal codes at the same time; perform a radius search around a postal code; and find all postcodes associated with a particular city.

The area code lookup utility also helps you find all cities within the area code you enter. You will get a list of cities, states and zip codes. is a simple free zip code lookup tool that gives you a location and a Google map view. You can also find the zip code if you know the city or state. Then there’s a US map-based search that lets you click on a state and then go to a city. Other free zip code tools include a distance finder between two zip codes and another that finds all zip codes in that proximity.

This free zip code search includes many useful search tools and conveniently puts them all on one page. It’s basically an interface that gets information from other databases. In general, search tools include: zip code, area code, city, country, time zones, and zip code maps and surrounding zip codes.

The site has a free zip code and area code, as well as several other tools located in the sidebar. The service is actually a combination of free and business offerings. What makes this site different is the detailed information it provides, taken from census data.

BrainyZip [no longer available]

BrainyZip gives you two lists to work with «» State Survey or Zip Survey . You can also use the custom Google search box as a shortcut. As a result, you will get an idea about the demographic, social, economic and housing situation in the area indicated in the postal code.

The telco’s website has a simple tool to look up US area codes. You will also get local time information next to the location information.

Two drop-down lists allow you to select the country you are calling from and the country you are calling to. This is a very fast way to get international dialing codes for any country in the world. You can also take the help of the reverse lookup tool where you select the country calling code and then «˜reverse it» to find the corresponding country.

Address Doctor is a dedicated site that provides check services worldwide. Among its many paid services, it has a nice free zip code lookup tool that helps you look up zip code information for 246 countries and territories around the world. Another useful tool for writing your addresses in accordance with regulations is address formats.

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