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ZIP+4 Codes are special 4-digit codes appended to 5-digit ZIP Codes that help the USPS to route mail efficiently. When added to mail, the last 4 digits of ZIP …

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Enter a corporate or residential street address, city, and state to see a specific ZIP Code™. … Enter city and state to see all the ZIP Codes™ for that city.

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This is the U.S. territories ZIP code website, which contains 861 ZIP codes, 139 cities, 88 counties, and more than 317020 ZIP+4 codes. Each 9-digit ZIP …

What is My ZIP+4® ? | Four Digits Added to ZIP — Melissa Data › address-experts › what-is-my-zi…

Your ZIP+4 is a basic five-digit code with four digits added as an extra identifier. It helps to identify a geographic segment within the five-digit …

What are ZIP+4 Codes and why should you care? — ProvenWorks › Blog

ZIP+4 Codes help the USPS more effectively sort and distribute mail. ZIP+4 means faster deliveries, reduced misdeliveries and money saved.

ZIP Code — Wikipedia › wiki › ZIP_Code

For postal codes outside the United States, see Postal code. Learn more. This article possibly contains original research.

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Some still refer to ZIP codes as US postal codes. The term ZIP stands for Zone Improvement Plan. The basic 5-digit format was first introduced in 1963 and later …

What is Zip Plus 4 Code?- WinPure Address Verification › blog › zip-plus-4-code

20.12.2018 · What is ZIP Code Plus 4? · The first five digits that point to a specific delivery area or post office · The last for digits that indicate a …

What is zip plus 4? What are the 4 numbers for? — Quora › What-is-zip-plus-4-What-are-the-4-numbers-for

In the 1960s, the United States Postal Service implemented the Zone Improvement Plan … The Plus 4 number relates to an address, not a 5 digit ZIP Code.

How do I find my zip code plus 4? — Quora › How-do-I-find-my-zip-code-plus-4

The “+4” digits represent a street segment, there could be hundreds within your Zip Code. If you go to the USPS website and look up the Zip for your specific . ..

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US Address Lookup by Zip Code – WordPress plugin

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US Address Lookup by Zip Code is an official plugin maintained by the PressTigers team. This plugin lets you look up US Addresses against the Zip Code and populates fields such as:

  • City name
  • State name
  • Country name (which will always be the USA).

The plugin is compatible with Contact Form 7, Ninja Forms, Gravity Forms, and Formidable Forms.


  • Populates US addresses against a Zip Code
  • List down the related addresses
  • Compatible with Contact Form 7, Ninja Forms, Gravity Forms, and Formidable Forms.
  • 1 click easy configuration button
  • Integration control from the admin screen
  • Complete integration guidance with each Form plugin

Please click here for US Address Lookup by Zip Code Demo


  • The source of addresses data is SimpleMaps.
  • Configure database to insert the zip codes into the database
  • Enable integration with Contact Form 7
  • Enable integration with Ninja Forms
  • Enable integration with Gravity Forms
  • Enable integration with Formidable Forms
  • Go to the edit form screen of Contact Form 7 and start adding fields
  • Go to the edit form screen of Ninja Forms and start adding fields
  • Go to the edit form screen of Gravity Forms and start adding fields
  • Go to the edit form screen of Formidable Forms and start adding fields
  • Type any valid US Zip code to get results and click to the right address from the list.

Please follow the installation steps below:

  • Install the plugin by going to the backend of your WP website. Go to Plugins -> Add New -> Search plugins “US Address Lookup by Zip Code”
  • Download & make sure to Activate the plugin before you proceed further.
  • Go to the US Address Lookup by Zip Code from the admin menu.
  • Click the “Configure Database” button to update the database. Note: This process may take a few minutes
  • After you’ve successfully configured, visit the next tab from the screen to enable integration with your plugin.

There are no reviews for this plugin.

“US Address Lookup by Zip Code” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.


  • PressTigers

  • Fix – Fixed the plugin configuration button.
  • Fix – Fixed compatibility issues.
  • Tweak – Changes in the file structure.
  • Initial Release


Issues resolved in last two months:

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How to find and get a US mailing address in the US

A US mailing address is required for many transactions. For example, if a foreigner wants to open a bank account or to receive a Green Card. The postal address is called «Mailing and Permanent address» or simply «Billing address». You can find and receive an American postal address even outside the United States. In this article, we’ll look at three main options for getting a US mailing address, including temporarily leasing an address. nine0003

Why you need a US postal address

Government agencies, as well as most local companies, do not send correspondence to Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan or another country. When processing documents, even online, local data is often requested, which in the future is used to forward letters. It is important to distinguish between 2 situations:

  • Ordinary shipments;
  • Receiver’s signature required;

If a signature is required, it will be difficult without a physically existing recipient. In this case, you will need to find not only the address, but also the person to whom a full-fledged power of attorney is issued, allowing you to pick up letters for you. If it is not there, then after a short period of time, the parcel will be sent back to the sender and the presence of an American address will not help. nine0003

In the usual case, when correspondence is simply thrown into the box, letters can accumulate for months. Then, if the opportunity arises, they can be picked up.

Where to get a US mailing address

You are not the only person who needs this service. Therefore, the business has already organized entire services to provide this, and there are 3 varieties:

  • PO Box;
  • Data processing companies with a US postal address;
  • Dropshipping centers; nine0010

PO Box is the cheapest and easiest option. You rent a mailbox (physical) at the post office. They exist in various sizes and can be rented for a year in advance. The cost starts from $5 per month. No additional service is provided. Correspondence accumulates in the box until the owner comes and picks it up.

Data processing companies are specialized organizations that accept documents for you. At the same time, they provide a service, such as scanning attachments or email notifications of new arrivals. Their services cost from $10 per month + the client pays for additional items, such as scanning or physical forwarding. nine0003

Dropshipping centers — they focus on parcels rather than classic letters. Their main task is to get something for you and then send it to you. They are indispensable when shopping in online stores, because. many do not ship outside the US.

How to start a PO Box in the USA

There are anonymous boxes and personalized ones. In the first case, you will be able to get a US address online via the Internet. To do this, just go to the official US Post website in the PO Boxes section — or .

In the search box, enter the postal code for the region where you need the box. For example, the postal code of New York is 10024. The system will scan the available offers and provide options.

You have to choose the size of the box. There are 5 varieties. The first is XS, suitable only for letters. XL — for letters and parcels. If you rent a PO Box for a long period of time and plan that you will rarely take investments, then it is better to initially rent a cell of a slightly larger size. nine0003

Payment is available via the Internet with a card. Your cell can have not only its number, but also your last name (Last Name) or the name of the organization Business Name. But keep in mind that not all organizations agree to send documents to such addresses. As a rule, this is notified in advance. And if you still have questions, we recommend the following video:

Drop-shipping — forwarding service

If you need your package to be redirected to your homeland, then use dropshipping services. For example, shipito, shipshopamerica and others. All of them work with FedEx, USPS, TNT, DHL and other postal services that do not ship to PO Box addresses, and some sellers do not ship overseas. This option is quite expensive, you should proceed from the following prices:

Weight (kg) Price for 1 kg
Up to 100 $12.6
100-200 $11.2
200-300 $10.4
300+ $10.2

This is not a commercial offer, the information is for guidance only. And as you can see, it’s quite expensive if you plan to receive only one letter. Such services exist for those customers who want to buy something over the Internet in a store that does not work with foreign buyers. nine0003

Is it possible to deliver to the hotel address

You must have seen in the films how the hotel guests are given the correspondence that came during their absence. In practice, hotels in New York and other cities of the country rarely practice such a service. Moreover, it is often impossible to indicate the address of the hotel according to the rules of the company that asks you for the address. Keep this in mind, or arrange in advance with the receptionist or administration. If you bought travel insurance and an insured event occurs, the hospital will ask for an address. In this case, you can specify the actual, without prior arrangements. nine0003

Of course, if you have ordered expensive courier delivery and you are personally in America, then there will be no problems. You will be delivered to a restaurant. We are talking about opening an address in America without a personal presence.

Is it possible to enter the mailing address of friends

Yes, you can enter it. The only thing to be decided is to agree with friends. They must accept your correspondence. This will not work if you have a registered item, and it is given only against signature. But there are no laws restricting the use of someone else’s address as your own. Nobody asks for a lease agreement. nine0003

Remember that when concluding contracts, for example, for banking services, you indicate the Billing Address. In the future, it can be changed, and it works similarly in the case of government agencies. But all this takes time and effort. The easiest option, if you don’t live in the states but need a US address service, is to rent a PO Box. This is optimal, even some locals do this, who do not want to advertise real data or do not want to change them every time in dozens of documents when moving. nine0003


Postcode search » lt-02175

Found companies: 15

nine0067 Vilnius

nine0067 Vilnius

nine0067 Vilnius

Zip code Address City
LT-02175 Šaltkalvių g. 60-67, LT-02175 Vilnius Vilnius
LT-02175 Šaltkalvių g. 60A-245, LT-02175 Vilnius
LT-02175 Šaltkalvių g. 60A-141, LT-02175 Vilnius Vilnius
LT-02175 Šaltkalvių g. 64-60, LT-02175 Vilnius Vilnius
LT-02175 Šaltkalvių g. 58-45, LT-02175 Vilnius Vilnius
LT-02175 Šaltkalvių g. 60-57, LT-02175 Vilnius
LT-02175 Šaltkalvių g. 60-3, LT-02175 Vilnius Vilnius
LT-02175 Šaltkalvių g. 64-11, LT-02175 Vilnius Vilnius
LT-02175 Šaltkalvių g. 60A-98, LT-02175 Vilnius Vilnius
LT-02175 Šaltkalvių g. 64-18, LT-02175 Vilnius
LT-02175 Šaltkalvių g. 60A, Vilnius Vilnius
LT-02175 Šaltkalvių g. 64-75, LT-02175 Vilnius Vilnius
LT-02175 Šaltkalvių g.

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