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El Churry opening 1st restaurant in SJ, adding 4th food truck – News is My Business

El Churry restaurant will open in Cupey in April.

El Churrasco Deli Inc., operator of the wildly popular “El Churry” food trucks, is getting ready to open its first sit-down restaurant in the Cupey sector of San Juan in early April, company executives told News is my Business Wednesday.

The 1,200 square-foot restaurant will feature the company’s signature home-made chicken and skirt steak, or churrasco, sandwiches and burgers, as well as new menu items that are still being determined. The casual dining eatery will have seating capacity for 60, Francisco Rivera, one of the company’s co-founders, said.

“We decided to open a restaurant because we found that setting it up will cost us less than buying another truck, plus its daytime operating hours will complement the business we do through the trucks, which operate at night,” said Rivera, noting the company expects to invest about $60,000 to retrofit the location on San Claudio Avenue formerly occupied by a sandwich shop.

The restaurant will open Monday to Saturday, from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. It will generate at least eight new jobs, which will be added to the 24 that El Churrasco Deli Inc. already has on its payroll.

El Churrasco Deli Inc. got its start in February 1998 when Rivera and lifelong friend José Nogueras each put up $500 to fill a niche they thought was not being served: feeding the hungry late-night crowd looking for a meal. Initially, the business was run out of a hot dog cart near the Inter American University in Cupey that soon evolved into a full-fledged food truck, Rivera said.

At present, the business runs three food trucks at fixed locations: at the Inter American University parking lot in Cupey, on Roosevelt Avenue in Hato Rey and on Isla Verde Avenue in Carolina.

El Churry employee Andrew Benítez prepares one of the food truck’s signature skirt steak and chicken sandwiches.

It was that latter truck that was featured and seen by millions of viewers of the Travel Channel’s “Man vs. Food” show in June 2010. During the taping, host Adam Richman — who was not shy about expressing his appreciation for the hearty, gut-busting sandwiches — predicted business would double as a result of the exposure, Rivera said.

“Honestly, when I got the call that the show wanted to include us, I thought it was a hoax. That day, Adam told us we would see our business double. We didn’t, but still, being on that show helped us a lot,” Rivera said. “I’m still getting calls about reruns of the show being aired. We’re still so grateful that happened.”

While the business has had its ups and downs, as have most island restaurants during the protracted economic downturn, Rivera said the company’s goal is to reach $2.5 million in sales this year.

That goal will also be fueled by the acquisition of a fourth truck, which Rivera said would likely be rolled out to Caguas later this year. Also on the horizon is establishing presence in Mayagüez, whether through a fifth meals-on-wheels operation or a sit-down restaurant.

Aside from making its sandwiches out of fresh chicken, meat and produce every day, El Churrasco Deli Inc. also makes its own sweet bread at its 3,000 square-foot warehouse in San Juan.

El Churry food truck parked on Isla Verde Avenue caters to the late-night crowd.

Food truck industry gaining ground
For Rivera, the momentum that the food truck industry has been gaining in recent months has to do with a growing awareness by consumers that “there is good food to be had” at these rolling restaurants.

While there are no statistics to show just how many food trucks there are on the island — they have been around for decades — it is evident that the operations are getting fancier not just in their outward appearance, but as it relates to the mobile cuisine options they offer.

“It’s gotten to a point now where if your food truck is not wrapped in colorful designs, then it’s not good,” he said. “We did that. Way back then, we set the standard for what food trucks had to do to be successful.

Early last month, dozens of trucks came together for the island’s first Puerto Rico Street Food Fest gathering in Hato Rey, an event Rivera said was not organized as well as it could have been, but “showed just how strong we are as a movement.”

“I never expected it to be as full as it was. I didn’t go to the event to make money, which we did, but rather to take part in it,” he said. “We know there’s another one being planned, but I’m not sure we’ll go because it’s a great sacrifice. I can’t really afford to pull one of our trucks out from its permanent location, especially on a busy Saturday.”

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El Churry — Levittown, Toa Baja: Ver menú, reseñas y verificar los precios

El Churry — Levittown, Toa Baja: Ver menú, reseñas y verificar los precios

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La Moore-restaurant on pioneer

Cold appetizers


Hot Dishes


Cold appetizers

Meat Preparation 720-00

9000 9000 19000 9000 9000 9000 9000 smoked pork belly, boiled pork, chicken roll stuffed with paprika, beef tongue, horseradish and mustard


Chef-salted salmon, cold-cooked butterfish fillet with Tartar sauce

Rulets from herring 260-00

with warm potatoes, black bread toasts, quail

eggs and pickled onions

pickled cucumbers, cherry tomatoes and mushrooms 250-00

Fresh vegetables 290-00 290-00

Cherry tomatoes, fresh cucumber, paprika, radishes with salad leaves and greens

olives, olives 260-00


El Greco salad 350-00

of fresh vegetables with oil tapenado and an oil-based sauce with a fragrant basil

Salad with beef grill 430-00

with fresh champignons and tomatoes, on a pillow made of a salad of


salad with a Uwgkeeper HOT SMOKED AND CHERRY 420-00

With lettuce, Parmesan and Italian dressing



with salad leaves, fresh carrots and a dike in a lavash basket with a sesame dressing

salad with baked salmon and shrimp 480-00

with fresh vegetables, home chips and green herbs with green grass

salad COOB 380-00

Author’s variation of an American classic: lettuce, cherry tomatoes, fried bacon and chicken fillet, cheese, egg and honey-mustard dressing


with cancerous neck, quail eggs and capers,


with red caviar

Salad with a Pashot egg and bacon chips 350-00

with salad leaves, arugula, cherry tomatoes and spicy oil

Salad with hot smoking salmon 480-00

with potatoes, fresh cucumber, dill and red caviar

Caesar salad 370-00

Caesar salad with tiger shrimp 450-00 nine0020

Tar-taten 280-00

with baked pumpkin and cheese bunks with carrots and beetle under a light marinade with lemon training

eggplant baked 380-00

with young cheese, tomato cream and Sweet Sweet Comple Garlic »

Greeks with stews from chicken giblets 380-00

Cocot with white mushrooms 330-00

Conquillion, stuffed
Bolognase sauce 390-00

In the manner of Lazanya

spaghetti with karakatitsa ink 630-00

with mussels of kiwi, tiger shrimp, seafood and fresh tomatoes

Carbonate spagletti 350-00

9000 9000



With smoked paprika watercolor, balsamic cream and croutons



is served with a rissoly cake with chicken and walnut

Village soup with lentils 350-00

beef, bacon and vegetables

seafood soup 380 TUSCAN FISH SOUP «CACHUCCO» 420-00

With tiger prawns, seafood, kiwi mussels, cod, tomatoes and herbs of Provence served with focaccia


Buzhenina stuffed in a barbecue sauce 570-00

with vegetable ratit

pork medallions in Becoon 590-00

with vegetables baked with a basin, is served with pomegranate sauce

fles of beve PORTO 690-00

Served with fried potatoes


With green salad and bread chips


languid with prunes and potato nokki

Duck «confini» 650-00

with celery mashed potatoes and pears

Kurahlyk from chickens 410-00

with a green salad, fried tomatoes, cucumber Grill and sauce

Shank from pork 510-00

with a green salad, fried tomatoes, grill corn and sauce


Aydakho 150-00

with garlic and greens

potatoes FRI 150-00
Potatoes baked 210-00

with white fungi and onion chips

Colored cabbage 150-00

9000 9000

vegetables prepared GRILLED 240-00

Paprika, eggplant, baby squash, tomatoes


Cauliflower, broccoli, green beans and carrots


From four types of freshly baked bread with aromatic butter



Restaurant STRONG ALCOHOL Menu


Cold snacks

Scallop crudo with artichokes

cold appetizer served with truffle oil


990 R
Plateau de pinchos

assorted mini snacks in Basque style

480 R
Terrine from the liver

(homemade duck pate with berry sauce)

590 R
Marbled beef tartare

(beef, red onion, ali oli, dehydrated cherries)

690 R
Jamon Serrano Reserve
nine0002 dry-cured ham from white breed of pigs

990 R
Plate of Spanish sausages

(salchichon, chorizo, lomo)

890 R
jamón iberico
nine0002 24 months aged

1950 R 50g
Jamon 5J

36 months old

3950 R 50g
cheese plate
nine0002 farm goat and sheep cheese served with marmalade and walnuts

1170 R
Olives, olives and guindiyas

pickled guindia peppers, olives and olives

590 R


Ensalada de tomate

juicy pink tomatoes with sweet onions and fragrant olive oil

650 R
Tuna salad

lightly fried fresh tuna with lettuce, piquillo peppers

990 R
Goat cheese salad

Lettuce, farm cheese, orange dressing and walnuts

710 R
Salad with seafood and avocado

salad with squid, shrimp, vongole and avocado

990 R
Grilled beef salad

beef tenderloin, lettuce, eggplant, piquillo peppers

850 R
nine0002 classic salad with tomatoes, tuna and egg

560 R

Hot snacks

Scallops with jamon

Galician ham scallops; served in a shell

1250 R

Shrimp al ajillo

Peeled prawns fried in olive oil with garlic, served in a clay dish

690 R
Octopus in Galician

Moroccan octopus with potatoes and paprika

1490 R
Empanadas with lamb

traditional spanish pies

510 R
Empanadas with chorizo ​​and goat cheese
nine0002 traditional spanish pies

510 R

to choose from: with jamon, cheese and spinach or cod

490 R
Tortilla with cod
nine0002 traditional ciderria dish with cod and leeks

540 R
Chistorra sausages

Navara-style spanish pork sausages fried in cazuela

490 R
Camembert from the oven

farm camembert from the Kaluga region, served in a clay plate
with croutons

840 R


Ahoblanco cream soup

cream soup with almonds and shrimps

540 R
Caldo gallego

traditional soup from Galicia with beans, smoked meats and cabbage

540 R
nine0002 Biscay fisherman’s tomato soup with seafood

930 R

Vegetable dishes

Potatoes from the oven 320 R
Porcini mushrooms with potatoes from the oven

served in cazuela

650 R
Baked vegetables escalivada

Catalan dish of vegetables from the oven

480 R
Piquillo confit peppers
nine0002 oven baked sweet red peppers from Lodosa

860 R
Grilled vegetables with romesco sauce

zucchini, peppers, leeks, cherry tomatoes and eggplant

490 R
Asparagus from the oven

fresh asparagus with olive oil and fleur de sal

650 R

Meat from the oven

Milk pig from the oven

pig from a farm in the Ryazan region, the average weight of a dish per person is from 250 g, served with potatoes

590 R 100g
Milk lamb from the oven

lamb from a farm in the Moscow region, the average weight of a dish per person is from 250 g, served with potatoes

810 R 100g
Milk goat from the oven

goat from a farm in the Moscow region, the average weight of a dish per person is from 250 g, served with potatoes

750 R 100 g
bull cariller

ox cheek in Rioja wine with cauliflower and fennel puree

1260 R
Rioja rabbit

farm rabbit from the Moscow region, baked with vegetables in the oven according to the Riojan recipe

1050 R
Duck leg confit
nine0002 farm duck leg from Tula region, served with apples

990 R

Meat on a hot plate

Duck breast a la piedra

duck breast roasted on a red-hot earthenware plate

nine00 Р
Marble beef a la piedra

beef tenderloin from Voronezh, fried on a red-hot clay plate

1690 R

Grilled meat

Steak on the bone Chuleton
nine0002 rib-eye steak marbled beef from Voronezh with 100% grain-fed, weight from 700 g

890 R 100g

grilled lamb ribs

1250 R
Steak Solomillo

juicy Voronezh marbled beef tenderloin with piquillo peppers

1860 R

Fish and Seafood

Bacalao in Biscay

Murmansk cod with vegetable pisto, fried egg and potato chips

810 R
Grilled langoustines

large Argentine prawns cooked on alder wood

990 R
Tuna steak in sherry sauce
nine0002 tuna steak with artichokes, peas

1290 R

Chef’s suggestion


Piquillo peppers with anchovies

served on bread with delicate goat cheese

850 R
Porcini mushrooms a la plancha

porcini mushrooms fried in olive oil with yolk

750 R
Sesina beef

marbled beef jerky

950 R


hearty bean soup recipe from Asturias

590 R
Pumpkin soup

seasonal jamon cream soup

490 R
Tuna tartare with poached egg

hot appetizer with tartare, poached egg and french fries

690 R
Ensaladilla Rusa

Spanish version of Olivier salad: with homemade tuna mayonnaise mousse

650 R
Ensalada de langoustines

tempura shrimp, lettuce with spicy dressing

790 R
Kalamares en su tinta
nine0002 squid in ink sauce with sweet peas

790 R
Arros with cocotchas de bacalao and vongole

rice with cod cheeks in salsa verde

840 R

wild Atlantic pink dorado served with olive oil sauce

1400 R
frutos del mar frying pan

Argentine langoustines, squid, vongole shells, cod tongues, tuna and cod in tomato sauce

1360 R


320 R

Tarta de queso

Basque cheese pie recipe

490 R
Roasted pear with ice cream

caramelized pear with almonds

420 R
chocolate fondant

classic dessert with melting chocolate

470 R
Tarta de manzana

apple pie with vanilla ice cream scoop

390 R
Crema catalana

delicate creme brulee according to the Catalan recipe

450 R
vanilla ice cream
cheese ice cream 360 R
Lemon lime sorbet 390 R


apple St.

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