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Flamenco, among the top 25 beaches!

Flamenco beach among the best beaches in the world and the Caribbean.



Spending time on the water in Culebra is a must!  The energy of this island is derived from the sea. Exploring the coastline and the water are a very special way to discover the true energy of paradise. You will find white-sand beaches, coral beaches, cays, shallow and deep coral reefs and many rocky points surrounding Culebra.

Flamenco Beach

Among the Top Ten most beautiful beaches in the world, with white sands and calm waters.

Carlos Rosario Beach

One of the best snorkeling spots in Culebra. Pleasant sandy beach surrounded by corals. A 20-minute hike from Flamenco Beach. There are some snorkeling and scuba excursions available.

Resaca Beach

Perfect for hiking, but not recommended for swimming. The trail is very steepand rocky.

Brava Beach

The largest waves in Culebra. A 35 minute hike crossing a natural forest.

Zoni Beach

A great view of the Atlantic Ocean, Cayo Norte, Culebrita and St. Thomas. Perfect for picnicking and reading a book.

Culebrita Cay

Fantasy Island with six beaches and a Light House. Tortuga Beach is the favorite. Access with private boat or water taxi.

Soldados Point Beach

Beautiful coral reefs. Great for snorkeling and scuba diving.

Melones Beach

As part of the Marine Reserve area, features an abundance of marine cactus and two great snorkeling spots.

Tamarindo Beach

Perfect for a secluded picnic, swim, or snorkeling. Is part of the Marine Reserve of Melones Beach.

Luis Peña Cay

Part of the US Fish and Wildlife Refuge. Perfect for snorkeling. Access with private boat or water taxi.

Dakiti Reef

Beautiful reef near Fulladoza and Ensenada Honda Bay. Perfect for kayaking. Access with private boat, water taxi or our kayaks.

Playa Carlos Rosario, Culebra

The Best Beaches in Puerto Rico for Getting Away From It All —

This rugged sweep of white sand bookended by forested headlands on the northwest coast of Culebra is well worth the 20-minute hike to reach it along a dirt path that winds from the parking lot at Flamenco Beach. After walking along the forested fringes of the Reserva Natural de Culebra, you’ll arrive at Playa Carlos Rosario and its prime snorkeling waters, where clouds of reef fish often school in the shallows. If you prefer to arrive by boat, it’s easy enough to find captains offering their services back in Culebra’s main town, Culebra Pueblo (Dewey) for about $50 to $60 per person for boats with at least four passengers. The trip takes about 20 minutes.

Download Culebra Island Map

A World of Activities

Some guests prefer lazy days sleeping in. Others opt for a jam-packed itinerary of fun-under-sun activities. Should you choose the latter, consult our front desk staff to make arrangements for any of the following activities, or before your arrival, contact us thru

  • Snorkeling and Scuba Diving —
  • Water Taxi to Culebrita and/or Luis Peña 
  • Kayaking and swimming w/Turtles —
  • Reef Picnic at any of the marvelous beaches 
  • Turtle watching 
  • Bicycle Trips 
  • Take a look at the Red Mangroves area in your way to Zoni Beach
  • Visit Culebra Island Museum
  • Jeep or Golf Cart Rental —,,

The Village of Dewey

Culebra has only one town, Dewey, where the daily ferries arrive and depart from the east of the “big island” of Puerto Rico. The town is basically one main street that crosses a bridge, turns a corner and ends at the ferry landing.

Dewey has several gift shops, grocers, hardware store, a half-dozen or so eateries and bars, and an ice cream place. Also in town you’ll find a dive shop, two gas stations, a bank w/ATM, the U.S. Post Office, and the Regional PR Tourism Company.


The Culebra Museum

Feature old maps and photographs of Culebra, Taino artifacts, traditional canoes made from the zinc plant, and Navy artifacts. It’s located at the site of the first settlement in Culebra, in a 1905-era stone building that once stored ammunitions for the Navy. (Located off Road 250 toward Playa Brava, 787-405- 3768 or 787-742-3832, Thurs.–Sun. 10 a.m.–3 p.m.)

Air Transportation

  • From the San Juan International Airport Luis Muñoz Marín in Puerto Rico, you can make a connection (with previous reservation) from there or take the 15-minute taxi ride to Regional Isla Grande Airport Fernando Luis Ribas Dominicci.
  • From Isla Grande Airport, you can fly to Culebra on one of the many scheduled commuter flights. We suggest that you contact the airline and make reservations in advance. The trip lasts only 30 minutes. 25 pounds of baggage is allowed per passenger.
  • There are also flights from Ceiba (Jose Aponte de la Torre Airport) (Taxi or car rental is recommended to get to Ceiba). The Ceiba flights are only 15 minutes.

We highly suggest to take airline flights to visit Culebra Island.
Regional Airlines Information

  • Vieques Air Link — Reservations: Tel. 1-888-901-9247 / 1-787-741-8331
  • Air Flamenco — Reservations: Tel. 1-787-724-1818
  • Cape Air Reservations: Tel. 1-800-CAPE-AIR

Maritime Transportation

There are daily ferries service from Fajardo (located approximately 40 miles southeast of San Juan). This ferry is part of the Puerto Rico Ports Authority and you should call in advance to buy tickets. The ferry is a one and a half-hour ride. Please be at the Fajardo Ferry Station at least one hour before departure to avoid long lines. (Taxi or car rental is recommended to get to Fajardo).

  • Ferry Station at Fajardo: (787) 863-0705
  • Ferry Station at Culebra: (787) 742-3161

Ground Transportation

Getting around Culebra is simple. Public transportation (vans) is inexpensive and routes cover most of the Island. If you prefer to go your own way and to have more flexibility, we recommend renting all-terrain vehicles at Carlos Jeep and Jerry’s Jeep, our trusted vehicle rental services. Another efficient way to get around is by golf cart.

  • Carlos Jeep – Tel. 1-787-742-3514 —
  • Jerry’s Jeep – Tel. 1-787-742-0526 —
  • Avis Car Rental 1-787-742-3000 —

Zoni Beach | Culebra Island

Located in Culebra Puerto Rico, Zoni Beach is a beautiful place to visit, and should be on every beach lover’s travel bucket list. 

With its white sands, clear blue water, and peaceful atmosphere, Zoni beach is a paradise. It stretches on for 1.6 kilometers along the North-western coast of Puerto Rico and the view just gets better and better the further you go.

Zoni Beach is a great place to get away from life and create plenty of memories to look back on, and you can set up your own activities very easily to really make the most of your time there.

So, here are the top 5 things that you must do when visiting Zoni Beach in Culebra.

Go Snorkeling And Enjoy The Underwater World

What better way to make the most of the sublime waters of Zoni Beach than to try snorkeling?

The sea stretches on as far as the eye can see and the water is warm and perfectly clear, so you’ll have plenty of space to enjoy snorkeling for as long as you like. There are not many rocks either, so you don’t have to worry about potential injuries in the water.

There are signs requesting that visitors do not disturb sea turtle nests, so do be aware of that, but otherwise, you will have free reign of the ocean and observing everything in it.

The clear waters are perfect for watching sea life and experiencing the tropical environment to its fullest. Snorkeling is a great activity to do with friends or as a family as well, so you can take a whole day to enjoy the aquatic splendors of Zoni Beach.

Walk Along The Zoni Beach And Take In The Scenery

If you are someone who appreciates beautiful scenery then you should definitely consider going for a walk along the shore to admire the entire expanse of the landscape.

When you walk to the south side of the beach, you can admire the palm trees and take a break in the shade. At the very end of the beach are some beautiful rock formations, so bring your beach shoes to climb a little higher and get the best view of the beach.

Unlike Flamenco Beach, Zoni Beach is much more secluded and quieter, especially the right side of the beach, so your stroll will be nothing but harmonious.

Zoni Beach is a great way to escape from the hustle and bustle of Puerto Rico for a day and spend some time relaxing, and a walk along the shore to further admire the landscape will not feel physically exerting at all.

Make The Most Of Your Time On Zoni Beach With A Picnic

As mentioned before, the sand and the view are both spectacular, so it is the perfect spot for a picnic.

As Zoni Beach has no amenities, like the majority of the beaches in Culebra, it is a good idea to bring your own, and bringing a picnic allows you to spend plenty of time having lunch or dinner in a tropical paradise.

There are plenty of stores you can visit to buy a great variety of foods, so stock up in advance and don’t be afraid to try something new!

Make sure that your picnic also includes plenty of fluids because you don’t want to risk becoming dehydrated under the sun.

Having extra sun lotion and hats is also a great idea to keep you as protected as possible. You could also choose to have your picnic under the shade of a palm tree. And after you’ve eaten, you could sunbathe for a bit before cooling off in the water.

Plan Some Fun Activities To Create Fond Memories

The huge expanse of Zoni Beach and its lack of crowds means that there is plenty of space for you to set up your own activities. You could bring kites and fly them over the beach, or play any number of racket or ball games.

And if you are visiting alone then you can enjoy a lighter activity, like reading, watching boats come in and out, or taking photographs. Choosing the beach for family fun or fun with friends is always rewarding though because you can participate in more activities.

The ocean is also great for some activities, such as having swimming races or going out in a kayak to explore more of the beach.

No matter what you choose to do, you’ll enjoy the beach to the max, but having fun activities to do with your loved ones will ensure you make memories to look back on fondly.

Relax On Zoni Beach While You Watch The Sun Set

We all agree that sunsets are beautiful, but watching the sun slowly go down on the white sand and clear waters of Zoni Beach is particularly glorious.

It also makes for some fantastic photo opportunities that you don’t get during the day when the sun is glaring. You can recline in the coolness of the evening and relax before heading back into the busier society beyond the beach.

If you are someone who truly appreciates natural beauty then you won’t get anything better than this tranquil, sublime moment on Zoni Beach.

You may feel tired out by the heat or a busy day of fun activities with your friends, so taking a moment to focus purely on rest and relaxation will definitely benefit you. And the night does not have to stop at the sunset either because you can participate in Culebra’s nightlife after leaving the beach.

Other Attractions Besides Zoni Beach On Culebra Island

Though Zoni Beach is breath-taking, there is also a lot more that you can do in Culebra.

As mentioned before, Flamenco Beach is another great day trip if you want to spend time relaxing by the water and basking in the seemingly endless sunshine. It is the most popular beach on Culebra Island and has also been recognized as one of the best beaches in the world, so it is definitely worth seeing and experiencing.

#1 Take In Some History

If you are a fan of history then it will interest you to know that Culebra actually served as a U.S. Naval base until 1975, and you can still go and see some of the base’s remains nowadays. You can find these remains along the shore of the town.

An iconic war tank is actually located on Flamenco Beach, so you can always combine two activities into one. These historical remains are great for photos and will allow you to reflect on the island’s past.

You can reflect further by visiting Culebra’s history museum, the Museo Histórico de Culebra. The exhibits are housed inside a previous Naval munition warehouse and some teach about the military’s control over the island.

#2 Get Involved With Nature

For nature lovers, Culebra is a paradise beyond its stunning landscape.

More than 20% of the island is actually preserved as a Natural Wildlife Refuge and has been for over a century. That is why you are warned not to disturb sea turtle nests: sea turtles are an endangered species that are protected on the island, as are some seabirds.

If you want to fully immerse yourself then you can take a water taxi from Culebra to a small, uninhabited island called Culebrita. This island is a part of the National Wildlife Refuge and has six remote beaches in total.

#3 Explore The Great Outdoors

And on the topic of nature, some of Culebra’s best sightseeing moments are outside. You can rent a jeep and spend the day driving about the island to take in all the sights, or you can patrol Culebra on foot.

Besides Zoni and Flamenco, other great beaches to visit include Carlos Rosario Beach, Playa Melones, Resaca Beach, and Brava Beach. You can’t get tired of beaches when they are all so beautiful. You can even go diving in the sea by booking a day with one of Culebra’s several scuba tour agencies.

#4 Try Out Hiking

With so many green hills, you can’t beat going for a hike across Culebra and taking in some views from the best vantage point on the island. So long as you avoid disturbing any nature reserves, feel free to explore as much of the landscape as possible.

With its total of ten beaches all surrounded by greenery and blue water, you can find many hidden gems to sightsee around the island. And if you feel yourself getting too hot then absolutely head into the closest indoor establishment to get a drink and escape the sun for a bit.

#5 Sample Some Tasty Cuisine

There is no need to worry about where you will eat, either, because Culebra has some great offerings. If you want to experience seafood on your trip to the island then try El Eden because it has so many dishes for you to enjoy and all their seafood products are fresh.

Another popular choice is Dinghy Dock, which is aptly named because you can find it down by the ferry canal. While you savor their fabulous Puerto Rican cuisine, you can watch the boats on the water and smell the sea air due to the open-air dining.

Our last recommendation is Restaurant Caracoles. This eatery is also down by the ferry port, so it is a great place to experience your first fresh meal in Culebra after getting off the boat.

Travel Tips When Visiting Zoni Beach

Though travel is starting to slowly open back up as COVID-19 restrictions ease, it is in your best interest to ensure that travel abroad is permitted both in your own country and in Puerto Rico. Proof of vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test is currently also required.

You want to be able to enjoy your trip to the fullest without worrying about potentially violating any restrictions, so make sure you have the green light to travel and then make the most of experiencing such a fantastic culture!

How To Reach The Island

The easiest way to reach Culebra from mainland Puerto Rico is by plane, and the island’s public-use airport is the Benjamin Rivera Noriega Airport. Your flight will most likely leave from an airport in Puerto Rico’s capital city, San Juan, such as San Juan Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport.

However, if you would prefer not to fly or just want to take in more of Culebra’s beauty as you approach it then you can take a ferry from Fajardo. This is an incredibly affordable option because one-way tickets cost, at this moment in time, just $2.25 per adult. Children aged between 3 and 11 travel for even less, with tickets costing just $1.00 per person. Infants aged 0-2 cost absolutely nothing.

Where To Stay In Culebra

After you arrive safely on the island, you’ll want to be sure that you have somewhere nice to stay. Fortunately, Culebra has plenty of options that you can easily book online prior to traveling.

Some great options include The Breeze USVI, Casa de Tortuga, Sea Gate Hotel, and Hix Island House. All these accommodations are high quality and have fantastic reviews, so you’ll be able to enjoy the island and also have somewhere clean and comfortable to spend your nights.


With so much to do and so much natural beauty to bask in, a trip to Culebra can’t be recommended enough, and especially a trip to Zoni Beach while you are there.

The majority of us choose hot, tropical locations for trips so that we can enjoy unforgettable beaches, and though it may just be sea, sand, and the horizon, Zoni Beach is one of the loveliest sights to see in Culebra.

You can spend almost all of your trip exploring and experiencing the island, but making time for an idyllic, relaxing beach day is also absolutely essential.

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90,000 rating of the twenty of the most instagram beaches of the world


  1. Beach in the Gulf of Fig trees, Cyprus
  2. Vaikiki, Hawaii
  3. Navagio, Greece
  4. Flamenbra, Kulerebra, Puerto Rica
  5. 9000 , Antigua
  6. Reynisfjara Black Beach, Iceland
  7. Varadero Beach, Cuba
  8. Eagle Beach, Aruba
  9. Grace Club, Turks and Caicos Archipelago
  10. 0005 Fantasyland Beach, Bali

  11. Playa Paraiso, Mexico
  12. Ao Nang Beach, Thailand Krabi Province
  13. Pink Sands Beach, Bahamas Harbor
  14. Bournmouth Beach, the United Kingdom
  15. Valunov Beach, South Africa
  16. Bavaro Beach, Dominican Republic
  17. Coconut Beach Kayo, Cuba
  18. Horshu-Bay, Bermuda
  19. ,0005 Lancay-Beach, Hawaii
  20. Waitheyven-Bich.
  21. Finally
  22. Children’s beach photos
  23. Group and family photos
  24. Couple beach photos for Instagram
  25. Various single photos
  26. Just photos of beaches photo. The cooler the background, the more likes, comments, reposts. Follower feedback is what comes to the fore for tourists. And the theme of Instagram beaches is more popular today than ever. nine0003

    Those of you who have ever traveled with an Instagramm blogger know how long it takes to take one good photo. Everything needs to be taken into account: pose, lighting, details, background. For people who are not connected with social networks, all this seems like real torture. But, it must be admitted that such a passion for finding unusual places helps the tourism industry to develop.

    It is impossible to decide which beaches are the most beautiful if you live in one place and do not travel. You can search for information on the Internet and stumble upon a couple — three of the same type of places that are recognized by some leading publications or experts. There is a much easier way — it’s Instagram! nine0003

    Using hashtags and geolocations, you can find a bunch of photos from all over the world! Thanks to the magic of social networks, we can visit the family beaches of Bali, the quiet harbors of Greece, the blue lagoons of Brazil.

    Together with, let’s visit virtually the 20 best Instaplages in the world.


    Fig Tree Bay Beach, Cyprus

    One of the brightest and most famous beaches in the world, Fig Tree Bay Beach is a stretch of pure golden sand in the resort town of Protaras. The name was not given by chance, because the beach is located near a vast date grove, which is over 300 years old! Throughout the summer, the beach is almost never empty. Coming to local resorts, be prepared for an unprecedented influx of visitors, including those with children. nine0003


    Waikiki, Hawaii

    In the big and vibrant city of Honolulu you will find the world famous Waikiki Beach. The «pearl» of the beach is its warm golden sand. There are also ideal conditions for surfing and diving, so don’t forget your gear! But a trip to this beach can be more exciting than the relaxation zone itself. While walking from the city to the coast, you will see lush greenery, canyons, river bends, many birds. This spectacle is not to be missed! nine0003


    Beach (Navagio) Navagio, Greece

    The best beach in Greece is considered to be Navagio, or Smuggler’s Bay. It is located on one of the tiny islands of the southwestern coast of the country. Its former name, Agios Georgios, is now practically not used on maps and signs. The place owes its new name to a smuggling boat that was wrecked in 1983. Now the rusting ship is the main attraction, as well as the main photo location of the beach. Here, snow-white sand and crystal clear turquoise water create a picturesque picture and an atmosphere of relaxation. nine0003


    Flamenco Beach, Culebra, Puerto Rico

    Culebra is Puerto Rico’s last pristine gem, where the pristine beaches are still deserted. Most of the people you will see here are locals who got out on a hot afternoon to the water. Flamenco is located on dark green hills, on a part of the island without hotels, coffee shops or restaurants. Desert-like Caribbean island Flamenco will suit you if you ignore boats, catamaran cruises, noisy night parties. There is only solitude and tranquility in harmony with wild nature. The locals may find you annoying and disruptive, so don’t expect the warmest welcome. But believe me, the local beauty is worth any inconvenience! nine0003

    See also: Largest seas of the world: map view + photo.


    Galey Bay Beach, Antigua

    On an island where the beach season lasts 365 days a year, we will find Galey Bay Beach. its northern side is most loved by tourists and locals. Here, every meter of territory is turquoise water and white sand, as in your most exciting Caribbean fantasies. No matter how much time you spend here, you will never get enough! But you will make a lot of photos for your profile! nine0003

    Transportation runs smoothly from the hotels to the beach, local cafes and bars are well-styled and offer a wide variety of dishes.


    Reynisfjara Black Beach, Iceland

    This unusual beach is located near the village of Vik, the southernmost and wettest point of the country. The authoritative American magazine Islands Magazine recognized Reynisfjara as the most unusual beach in terms of beauty. People come here not for a tan, but for unusual photos in locations that are familiar to many from the Game of Thrones series. This is why the basalt piles of this place are gaining so many Instagram views in the world. nine0003

    Here the wild Atlantic waves crash against the shore under an eerie gray sky. A dark, but insanely atmospheric place. A real natural wonder!


    Varadero Beach, Cuba

    Varadero is the best easily accessible beach in Cuba. This peninsula of white sand and tropical foliage lies about two hours from Havana, with 21 kilometers of uninterrupted coastline flowing straight into the Caribbean Sea. Varadeo is the beach tourism center of Cuba, so if you are looking for a quiet escape and seclusion from the crowd, then you are clearly not here. There are many young people who come here at the height of the swimming season to start a little holiday romance. Diving, outdoor games on the sand and in the sea, night parties make this piece of land attractive for young adventurers! nine0003


    Eagle Beach, Aruba

    Opposite a number of luxury hotels lies the famous Eagle Beach. On all posters and travel packages of Aruba you will see a photo of this corner. Eagle Beach is considered the most “photographed” place here — it is a strip of white sand with trees growing in a row. These photos most often hit the top of photo ratings. Here you will also see the Dividend tree, the main task of any tourist is to take a selfie with it! However, after your duty to the followers is done, watch the sunset — it’s amazing here! nine0003

    See also: 26 incredibly beautiful remote islands of the world.


    Grace Bay Club, Turks and Caicos Archipelago

    find nowhere else in the world. Quiet, serene atmosphere and cozy hotels attract thousands of tourists from all over the world.

    The best way to experience its beauty is at Coral Gardens, where diving equipment is provided. There is no better holiday than diving into the colorful world of marine life. nine0003


    Dreamland Beach, Bali

    About 20 years ago, the name of this beach seemed much more appropriate to its content. When unusual limestone cliffs covered with ferns and palm trees sprouted into pure powdery sand and clear water. Nature, untouched by the hand of man, beckoned with its primordial beauty.

    Now the infrastructure of the area has stepped far forward, and the «Fairytale Land» has acquired a new look. Fashionable hotels surprise not only with the beauty of architectural solutions, but also with prices. Resting here is not a cheap pleasure, but a memorable one! nine0003


    Playa Paraiso, Mexico

    Away from the famous ruins in Tulum, you will find this beach, which is considered among many others to be the best in Mexico. This is a gem of the Riviera Maya — a soft strip of sand along the Caribbean Sea. You feel more like on a paradise island than on the mainland. A reef offshore is one of the best places to dive and get to know the inhabitants of coastal waters.

    For tourists, 5 huge hotels of the Iberostar chain with their own kitchen, golf courses and water parks have been built here. nine0003


    Ao Nang Beach, Thailand Krabi province

    Local beaches and limestone cliffs are a favorite place for photographers and travel bloggers. Ao Nang Beach is considered the most suitable for a European holiday with comfort and luxury. The conditions here are simply excellent — the climate allows you to visit the beach all year round, the scenery is like a postcard, luxury hotels, boutiques and restaurants line the main streets. The main activities here are diving and boat trips. nine0003

    Read also: TOP 15 safest countries for tourism and travel.


    Pink Sands Beach, Bahamas Harbor

    If you’ve been on a cruise, your vision of the Bahamas probably includes one of straw markets, crowded resorts and overpriced fruit drinks. But do not rush to draw conclusions! A deeper exploration of the island will help you find one of the most beautiful places in the world. Five kilometers of sand of an unusual pink hue. This color is due to the abundance of tiny particles of shells of Foraminifera microorganisms. Unusual photos without filters and photoshop guarantees you! nine0003


    Bournemouth Beach, United Kingdom

    A quick look at photos of this beach on the south coast of England suggests that it is somewhere in the sun-drenched Mediterranean.

    The microclimate of the beach makes it completely different from foggy rainy Britain. The islands close to the country have the best beach resort in Bournemouth.

    Eleven kilometers of golden beach is set among steep cliffs with several long fishing piers, the venerable Santa Monica on the English Channel. Although it is not as warm here as, for example, in Southern California, it is still just as picturesque. nine0003


    Boulder Beach, South Africa

    Boulder Beach is the most «photographed without people» as the main models here are a flock of African penguins that inhabit the sunny Cape Town coast. It’s a strange combination — soft blue ocean and white sand, a very tempting Caribbean paradise, until a delightful group of penguins arrive. But these birds seem to be stuck here after taking the wrong migration route and deciding that Cape Town’s year-round warm weather would be better than Antarctica’s distant, cold sun all year round. This is not a beach for swimming and enjoying cocktails, but for exploring wildlife. nine0003


    Bavaro Beach, Dominican Republic

    The explosion of tourism that has transformed the Dominican Republic over the past two decades has begun in Bavaro, the country’s first bright spot to explore the world of all-inclusive luxury on a grand scale.

    The abundance of hotels, restaurants and nightclubs and water parks is what attracts visitors from all over the world.


    Cayo Coconut Beach, Cuba

    Cuba has been showing up a bit more in internet searches as a tourist destination over the past few years. However, you would never know about this serene beach on the northern coast of the island, if not for the passion of travelers for photos. A 26-kilometer road, along which wild flamingos live peacefully, will lead you to a remote reef, where deserted beaches with white sand and coconut trees are still practically untouched by civilization. Secluded rest, mild climate and dozens of locations for the most vivid photos! nine0003


    Many people think of Bermuda as a wardrobe item rather than beautiful islands. Here we come across a beautiful crescent-shaped pink sandy beach, fringed by rock formations, located near the port in Hamilton. Trade in amazing handmade jewelry, dishes, and antiques is booming in local markets. Picturesque landscapes follow each other from lagoons with clear water to jungle-like thickets. nine0003


    Lanikai Beach, Hawaii

    During the peak of the beach season, tourists flock to Waikiki Beach, completely forgetting about other places in Hawaii. So, the little-known Lanikai Beach is in no way inferior in beauty to its more famous competitor. Called the «Sky Sea» it is a much more isolated place where palm trees fringe the sandy shore. Tours to this resort are quite expensive, but the impressions received here are worth the money and time spent. And despite the high cost and remoteness, this is one of the most Instagrammable beaches in the world. nine0003


    Whitehaven Beach, Australia

    Unexpectedly, the beach, located at the far end of the national park, on the farthest inhabited continent, became the first in this list. But the only surprising thing is that this beach on the Great Barrier Reef, where the sand is 98 percent pure silicon, is one of the whitest in the world. Whitehaven’s location in the Whitsunday Islands National Park means it’s not lined with hotels, shops, restaurants and souvenir shops like other resorts on our list. So photos from the beach will be as clean and minimalistic as the place itself! nine0003

    In conclusion

    So we saw a list of the most Instagrammable beaches in the world. If you have something to add on this topic, TheBiggest editors will gladly read your comments on the article.

    And below we decided to post some more beautiful photos taken by various photographers on the beaches. Some of them you can take as ideas for a beach photo.

    Baby beach photos

    Group and family photos

    PARENT PEOPLE PHOTOS for Instagram

    Various single photos

    Simply photographs of the beaches

    on this all! Thank you for your attention.

    10 best beaches in the world | Publications


    At the beginning of 2016, travel service TripAdvisor ranked the best beaches in the world based on the preferences of travelers. We offer you to admire them once again and remember the brightest moments of the inexorably passing summer. nine0003

    Baia do Sancho — Fernando de Noronha, Brazil

    — Providenciales, Turks and Caicos

    Grace Bay

    Repeatedly acclaimed for its beauty in the Caribbean Island of Providence, this beach on the island of Providence turquoise clear water, white sand, palm trees and silence. An ideal place for a relaxing holiday and diving.

    Fernando de Noronha, Brazil

    Baia do Sancho

    The beach is surrounded by rocks and therefore almost deserted. Here, no one will definitely interfere with relaxing and enjoying a well-deserved rest. Connoisseurs of the beauty of the underwater world should take a mask with them. When swimming, you can meet sea turtles and spot dolphins in the distance.

    — Cayo Largo, Cuba

    Playa Paraiso

    You don’t have to know how to swim to soak up the warm sea water: it’s pretty shallow here. The sand is especially striking for vacationers — fine and white, like flour. At the same time, it slightly heats up in the sun and gives the water a bewitching azure color. nine0347

    — Praslin, Seychelles

    Anse Lazio

    The beach is located in a bay, there are no sun loungers and large buildings on it. Vacationers enjoy pristine nature and a riot of colors.

    — Los Roques National Park, Venezuela

    Cayo de Agua

    One of the cleanest in the area, the beach is famous for its long sandy spit cutting into the sea. There are exotic birds in the area.

    — Culebra, Puerto Rico

    Flamenco Beach

    White coral sand beach surrounded by green hills is a marine reserve. The sea here is calm and surprisingly beautiful — the water in the coastal zone has at least four shades of blue.

    — Formentera, Spain

    Playa de Ses Illetes

    This lively beach is located on the smallest and quietest of the Balearic Islands.

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