Sea trek precio: Sea-Trek in Cozumel. If You Can Walk & Breathe You Can Sea-Trek Underwater.

Sea-Trek in Cozumel. If You Can Walk & Breathe You Can Sea-Trek Underwater.

Discover an UNDERWATER World

We include a variety of amenities

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Discover an UNDERWATER World

We include a variety of amenities

Reserve Now

Discover an UNDERWATER World

We include a variety of amenities

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Discover an UNDERWATER World

We include a variety of amenities

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Discover an UNDERWATER World

We include a variety of amenities

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Discover an UNDERWATER World

We include a variety of amenities

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Discover an UNDERWATER World

We include a variety of amenities

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Sea Trek is Cozumel’s MUST DO Activity

No exprerience needed — Underwater Adventure for all ages 4 and up

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Enjoy a Lovely Underwater Tour

Complimentary Snorkeling — Showers — Lockers

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For travelers to Cozumel and the Riviera Maya, Sea Trek and SNUBA experiences are a MUST DO. Fun for all ages, solo travelers or the entire family. No prior experience required.








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SEA TREK in Cozumel — FAQ

SEA TREK in Cozumel — FAQ

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We all love travel, but getting from point A to point B isn’t always all that clear.

Why should I book with Isla Cozumel Day Pass?

Honesty and friendly english-speaking customer service. Best price guarantee. Highest knowledge of the island. In fact, we know the island so well that we publish the annual Cozumel Visitors Guide, a hard cover coffee style book found in every guest room of top 22 hotels on the island.

Can I book when I get there?

We do not recommend making reservations after you have arrived in Cozumel. Here are a few reasons:

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Yes. In order to confirm your reservation on these highly popular tours, it must be prepaid. Our activities require us to plan ahaed and determine overall capacity ahead of time in order to deliver the best possible service.

What happens after I make a reservation and payment?

Typically within a couple of hours, we will reply with your confirmation voucher. We ask that you carefully read the information on your voucher:

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It’s important that you let us know of any inaccuracy of the voucher as soon as possible.

What if I am arriving by cruise ship?

You will take a short taxi ride to your activity’s meeting point. Taxi sadans in Cozumel accommodate up to four passengers. If there are more than four in your group, you can take two taxis or a van. Taxis are not expensive in Cozumel.
If your ship is delayed, don’t worry we will be aware of the ship’s schedule; just go directly to the meeting point upon arrival.
If your ship misses the port alltogether, you will receive a full refund.

How do I take the ferry to Cozumel from the mainland (Playa del Carmen, Cancun, Riviera Maya or Tulum)?

Most hotels in Playa del Carmen are within walking distance of the ferry pier. If you are not already in Playa del Carmen, a taxi ride is the best way to get to the ferry pier in Playa del Carmen. Ask your concierge to arrange the taxi service.
In the mornings, ferries depart from Playa del Carmen every hour and during high season every half-hour. You should take the ferry at least one hour before your scheduled Sea Trek activity in downtown Cozumel and two hours before your scheduled Sea Trek activity inside Chankanaab Park.

What if it’s raining?

Unless Sea Trek is cancelled by the local authorities due to inclement weather conditions, Sea Trek is all-weather and will go ahead as planned. If your Sea Trek is cancelled, you will receive a full refund.

Do you offer group discounts for tours in Cozumel?

Yes, group discounts start with parties of ten or greater. Let us know before you book so we may better accommodate your group and discount.

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MILITARY LITERATURE —[Military history] — Combat annals of the Russian fleet

Section I.

The most important events of the IX XVII centuries

The Eastern Slavs the ancestors of the modern Russian, Ukrainian and Belarusian peoples occupied the East European Plain from ancient times and had cultural and trade ties with Byzantium, the peoples of the Caucasus, with the Western Slavs, with the peoples of the Baltic the ancestors of the Estonians, Latvians and Lithuanians.

Sailing along the waterways contributed to the development of maritime skills among the Eastern Slavs. Their numerous sea voyages are known in the IV IX centuries. In 600 they made a campaign in Italy; in 615 they penetrated into Byzantium; in 623 they reached Fr. Crete; in 626 they besieged Constantinople; in 642 they went to the shores of southern Italy; in 676 they had combat clashes with Byzantine ships. Also known is the Russian campaign in the Aegean Sea in 813. At the beginning of the 9th century. the waterway «from the Varangians to the Greeks» acquired great importance. (Baltic Sea Neva Lake Ladoga Volkhov Lake Ilmen Lovat dragged to the upper reaches of the Western Dvina Western Dvina dragged to the upper reaches of the Dnieper Dnieper Black Sea). The same waterways connected the Baltic Sea with the Caspian and White Seas.

From the middle of the 9th c. Russian chronicles tell about the systematic campaigns of Russians to the Black and Caspian Seas, and later to the Baltic and White Seas.

Russian campaigns on the Black Sea in the IX XII centuries.


Russian sea campaign on 200 boats along the Dnieper River and the Black Sea to Byzantium. Having raided its Black Sea coast, the Russian fleet penetrated the Bosporus on June 18 and began the siege of the capital of Byzantium, Constantinople. Having landed on the coast near Constantinople, the Russians captured rich booty, returned to the ships and went to the Dnieper {5}.


Sea campaign of Grand Duke Oleg from Kyiv to Byzantium. A large number of rooks and a large army took part in the campaign (annals give implausible figures of 2,000 rooks and 80,000 soldiers mounted on them, not counting the cavalry that followed the shore). Passing from the Dnieper along the shores of the Black Sea to the Bosporus and besieging Constantinople from the sea and from land, Oleg forced him to surrender and made peace, according to which the Greeks paid the winners a rich tribute {6}. [8]


September 2nd. As a result of the victorious campaign against Byzantium in 907, Oleg concludes the first written trade agreement with the Greeks. The treaty provided the Russians with unhindered navigation on the Black Sea and through the straits, and also granted the right to maritime trade along the entire coast of the Black Sea {7}.


Participation of Russian ships (according to Greek chronographs) in the campaign of the Greek fleet to Italy. Russian ships with their personnel were in the Greek service as a mercenary military force {8}.


The campaign of the Kyiv prince Igor with a large number of boats from the Dnieper across the Black Sea to Byzantium. In a collision with the Greek fleet sent to meet, most of Igor’s boats were destroyed by «Greek fire». With the surviving ships, Igor headed to the shores of Asia Minor, where, having landed on the shore, he devastated Bithynia, but, overtaken by the exiled Greek troops, he was forced to retreat north to the Cimmerian Bosporus (Kerch Strait). After an unsuccessful battle with the Greek fleet, Igor with the surviving ships broke into the Sea of ​​\u200b\u200bAzov and from there returned by land to Kyiv {9}.


Prince Igor’s second naval campaign against Byzantium. The ships with the ground troops planted on them advanced along the coast, the cavalry walked along the coast. The Greek emperor Roman, warned of the imminent danger, sent ambassadors to meet the Russians at the mouth of the Danube with an offer of peace and tribute. Having accepted rich gifts from the Greeks and concluded with them in the same year an agreement on trade, alliance and mutual assistance, Igor returned to Kyiv {10}.


Participation of 9 large Russian ships with a squad of 600 people. (according to Greek chronographs) in the expedition of the Greek fleet to the island of Crete {11}.


Campaign of Kyiv Prince Svyatoslav to Bulgaria. Coming out with a significant fleet and with troops planted on it from the mouth of the Dnieper to the mouth of the Danube, Svyatoslav penetrated the Sulinsky arm into the river and, having risen upstream, in a short time captured 80 settlements. Having received news of the Pecheneg raid on Kyiv, Svyatoslav hastily returned to defend it. [9]


The second campaign of Svyatoslav in Bulgaria. Having defeated and driven off the Pechenegs, Svyatoslav, with a 10,000-strong army planted on 250 ships, undertook a campaign on the Danube. Having landed troops at Dorostol (Silistria) and soon occupied Philippopolis,. Svyatoslav crossed the Balkans and, having occupied Macedonia and Thrace, threatened Constantinople. A large Greek army under the command of the Byzantine emperor John Tzimisces forced Svyatoslav to retreat and besieged him in the fortress of Dorostol, and the Greek fleet of 300 ships, entering the Danube, cut off the exit of Russian ships to the sea. In need of food, Svyatoslav undertook a bold expedition from the fortress of Dorostol, sending a detachment of 2000 soldiers put on ships at night to get bread in the Danube villages. Having successfully completed the task, this detachment made a series of attacks on separate Greek detachments on the way back to Dorostol. After stubborn resistance due to the exhaustion of all food supplies, Svyatoslav agreed to peace (972) and, abandoning the intention to take possession of Bulgaria, had to return to Kyiv. On the way back, when bypassing the Dnieper rapids, Svyatoslav was suddenly attacked by the Pechenegs and was killed in battle (973) {13}.


Departure by Kyiv prince Vladimir of a select detachment of Russian troops along the Dnieper and the Black Sea to Constantinople to assist the Byzantine emperor Vasily II against the rebel commander Varda Foka, who threatened the capital. With the assistance of the Russian troops, Foka was defeated, and the Russian detachment returned to their homeland {14}.


In view of the failure of the Byzantine emperor Basil II to fulfill his contractual obligations for providing assistance against Varda Foki, Prince Vladimir of Kiev, with troops planted on ships, undertook a sea voyage from the mouth of the Dnieper to the 1Crimea against Tauric Chersonesos (Korsun). The besieged city, after a short resistance, was occupied, and Vasily II was forced to comply with Vladimir’s demands. The legend about the baptism of Vladimir in Chersonese {15} is connected with this campaign.


According to Byzantine historians, a detachment of Russian ships with a crew of 800 soldiers under the command of Chrysohir, having arrived in Constantinople allegedly with the aim of entering the Greek service, broke through the straits into the Archipelago, and defeated a detachment of Greek ships stationed near the Dardanelles. Caught then by the Greek fleet near the island of Lemnos, Chrysohir was defeated, captured and executed {16}.


The last naval campaign of the Kyiv princes against Byzantium. Russian ships with a large princely retinue planted on them, led by the son of the Kyiv prince Yaroslav the Wise Vladimir, set off along the Dnieper and the Black Sea to Constantinople. The purpose of the campaign was to force the Byzantine emperor to comply with contractual obligations [10] with regard to the unhindered trade of Russian merchants in Greek cities by force of arms. When approaching the Bosphorus, the Russian fleet was attacked by a detachment of enemy ships that used «Greek fire». After a short but heated battle, the Russian ships with losses were forced to retreat to the open sea. Here they were overtaken by the storm and scattered. To save the remaining ships and people, Yaroslav sent a new detachment of ships from Kyiv. During the reverse movement of the Russian detachment, the Greeks undertook a pursuit. Vladimir stopped and accepted the fight. Having won a complete victory, the Russians with booty and prisoners returned to Kyiv {17}.


Annalistic news about the use by the Kiev prince Izyaslav Mstislavich during the war with the Rostov-Suzdal prince Yuri Dolgoruky of a special design of boats, covered with a deck that protected the rowers from arrows and served as a platform for the soldiers fighting. These boats had, in addition to the stern steering oar, the same oar on the bow, which allowed the ship to change direction without resorting to turns in narrow river fairways, among shallows, etc. for in them the rowers row invisibly, it’s easy to see the oars, but you can’t see the man, the boat is covered with boards, the fighters are standing up in armor and shooting, and the feeder is 2 best, one at the stern, and the other at the bow, and maybe even a hoot there go the fuck, not turning the boats”) {18}.

[Special] Sea voyage — News

[Special] Sea voyage — News — War Thunder

Sea trip

February 18, 2019


Pilots and tankers have already proven themselves in the winter adventures of War Thunder. Now sailors go on a «Sea Campaign», in which Navy pilots and commanders of warships will be able to win premium vehicles and other prizes by completing tasks in joint naval battles. Good luck!

Collect «Insignia» and get premium vehicles and other valuable prizes.

Prizes for «Insignia»

PBM-3 «MARINER» (Premium II Rank USA)

Premium flying boat with a defensive armament of five 12.7mm M2 Brownings and a bomb load of up to eight 1000-pounders will do an excellent job of destroying ships and capturing important points.


The destroyer is armed with five 130 mm B-13 cannons and launchers for 533 mm torpedoes, and is also protected by powerful air defense. Thanks to its premium status, it will help you explore the USSR fleet faster.

  • For 2 Badges — Player icon.
  • For 3 «Badges» — One of the decals in the «Nose Drawings» category.
  • For 4 «Insignia» — Flying boat PBM-3 «Mariner» (Premium, II Rank, USA).
  • For 5 «Insignia» — One of the decals in the «Nose Drawings» category.
  • For 7 «Badges» — One of the decals in the «Nose Drawings» category.
  • For 8 «Insignia» — Coupon for the leader «Leningrad» (Premium, III Rank, USSR).
  • For 9 «Insignia» — One of the decals in the «Nose Drawings» category.

Player Icon

Decals from the category «Nose Drawings»

How to get «Insignia»

To get «Insignia» you need to complete any 3 tasks out of 5 available. Tasks remain the same throughout the promotion and are updated every 2 days at 14:00 Moscow time.

You can purchase Badges of Distinction with Golden Eagles without completing tasks at all. You can do this from the menu Nickname → Achievements → Sea trip → Insignia.

Objectives for obtaining «Marks of Distinction»

  • Cause 25,000 damage while driving a ship (in total, you can earn it over several battles).
  • Win 10 victories in naval battles with an activity of 50% or more while flying an aircraft or a ship.
  • Capture 15 points in naval battles while flying an aircraft or a ship.
  • Destroy 5 enemies with a torpedo in naval battles while flying an aircraft or a ship.
  • Destroy 5 destroyers or cruisers in naval battles while controlling an aircraft or a ship.

Participation conditions and rules

  • Tasks are completed in Naval arcade and realistic battles on aircraft or ships of ranks 2-4, unless otherwise specified. Check the exact conditions for completing achievements in the game client.
  • Tasks are updated every 2 days at 14:00 Moscow time.
  • Badge of Distinction obtained when Achievement turns gold.
  • You can purchase the missing Badges in the Achievements window until March 14th.
  • All promotional prizes are issued to the account immediately after the conditions are met.

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