The temperature in puerto rico: Weather for San Juan, Puerto Rico

June Weather in Puerto Rico: Temperature, Rain Averages

The tables below give the normal June temperatures and rainfall for cities and popular vacation spots in Puerto Rico. There’s also information here on hurricanes, plus this month’s average humidity and ocean temperature.

The temperature and rain measurements are averages based on weather data collected from 1991 to 2020 for the US National Centers for Environmental Information.

One site, Pico Del Este, is much cooler than others on the list. That’s because it’s a high mountain peak, at 3448 feet (1050 metres) elevation, in the El Yunque Caribbean National Forest.


Average June temperatures in Puerto Rico
High °F Low °F Place High °C Low °C
87 74 Aguirre 31 23
81 68 Aibonito 27 20
90 70 Caguas 32 21
88 77 Ceiba 31 25
86 73 Dorado 30 23
89 77 Guayama 32 25
86 72 Isabela 30 22
88 72 Juncos 31 22
90 76 La Parguera 32 25
91 70 Lajas 33 21
89 76 Levittown 31 24
87 72 Manati 31 22
80 67 Maricao 27 19
90 71 Mayagüez 32 22
92 73 Mona Island 33 23
70 63 Pico Del Este 21 17
91 69 Ponce 33 21
89 77 San Juan 32 25

Ocean Temperature at San Juan, Puerto Rico averages 82 degrees
Fahrenheit (28 degrees Celsius) in June.


Average total precipitation in June. Days are when it rains at least 0.01 inches (0.25 millimetres).
Days Place Inches Milli­metres
11 Aguirre 2.9 74
11 Aibonito 3.1 80
17 Caguas 3.8 97
15 Ceiba 3.9 99
12 Dorado 4.4 110
17 Guayama 4.6 116
14 Isabela 5.6 141
15 Juncos 5.2 133
La Parguera 2.5 65
6 Lajas 2.2 56
Levittown 5.3 134
11 Manati 3.4 87
Maricao 6. 5 166
12 Mayagüez 5.2 131
9 Mona Island 2.5 64
8 Ponce 2.2 55
15 San Juan 4.7 118

Relative Humidity at San Juan, Puerto Rico in June averages
76 percent in the morning and 65 percent in the afternoon.

Hurricanes and Tropical Storms

Although the Atlantic hurricane season has begun, no hurricanes or major tropical storms are expected to come near Puerto Rico in June.

Water temperature in Puerto Rico now and throughout the year

Central America

Puerto Rico

La Parguera, Puerto Rico | © Rafael Rodríguez-Cáceres

Current water temperature on the Puerto Rico coast. Forecast of changes in water temperature. Historical data.

Water temperature in Puerto Rico today


26. 4°C





Most popular locations in Puerto Rico over the past week

  • San Juan
  • Vieques
  • Culebra
  • Rincon
  • Ponce
  • Carolina
  • La Parguera
  • Aguadilla

Conditions of sea water on beaches in Puerto Rico

Now in all beaches in Puerto Rico, the water is very warm and comfortable for swimming.

The water temperature in Puerto Rico tends to decrease, its value has decreased both over the last 10 days and over the month.

Playa Fortuna, Puerto Rico | © Jorge Moran

Today the warmest water in Puerto Rico is recorded in Mayaguez. Its value in this location is 27.6°C. And the coldest one is in Emajagua, its value 26.4°C.

The trend can be seen on the graph. It shows the change in average sea surface temperature over the past two months.

For the two most popular locations for swimming in Puerto Rico, the graphs of changes in the average water temperature throughout the year are as follows:

San Juan, Puerto Rico

Vieques, Puerto Rico

We process, analyze and store data for every beach and city in Puerto Rico. Below is a table with current weather data and trends in some places of the country.

City Water Air
San Juan 27.1°C 24.5°C
Vieques 27.0°C 24.0°C
Culebra 26.5°C 24.0°C
Aguadilla 26.9°C 23.6°C
Rincon 27.2°C 23.6°C
Ponce 27.3°C 24.5°C
La Parguera 27.4°C 23.6°C
Carolina 27.1°C 24.5°C
Cabo Rojo 27.0°C 23.6°C
Isabela 27.1°C 23.6°C
Mar Chiquita Beach 27.5°C 22.5°C
Boqueron 27. 3°C 23.6°C
La Playa 27.4°C 23.6°C
Mayaguez 27.6°C 23.6°C
Arecibo 27.4°C 22.5°C

Climate in Puerto Rico

San Juan, Puerto Rico | ©

Puerto Rico is located in Central America. The country is washed by the Caribbean Sea. Puerto Rico — has a fairly long coastline. To determine the temperature of the water in it, we track 35 settlements and resorts.

Tropical trade wind, warm and very even. The average monthly temperature during the year varies slightly — from + 22-24 C in the winter to + 28-29 C in the summer. Daily changes in temperature are also weak, but in the mountainous areas it can be cool at night. The temperature in the southern regions is usually somewhat warmer than in the north, and in the central mountainous municipalities it is always noticeably cooler than on the coast. Precipitation falls from 800 to 2500 mm per year, and their distribution is rather uneven — the areas around El Yunke peak receive up to 2000 mm of rain per year, while the southwestern regions do not exceed 850 mm. Hurricanes are so common in Puerto Rico that the English word «hurricane» itself is believed to be derived from the name of the god of evil in Taino mythology — Huracan.Powerful atmospheric vortices roll over the territory of the country from May to November. The weather during this period is quite hot, very humid and windy (the wind speed on the periphery of a typhoon can reach 150 km134h).

Puerto Rico: regions

Jobos, Puerto Rico | © Douglas Rossino

Puerto Rico: oceans and seas

We monitor the following oceans and seas that wash the country. Just go to the page for a specific reservoir and see the temperature in all settlements on the coast.

  • The Caribbean

Puerto Rico Atlantic Ocean Water Temperature Today

Spain > Canary Islands

Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico, Spain | © www.

The most detailed information about water temperature in Puerto Rico in Atlantic Ocean (Canary Islands, Spain). Forecast of changes in water temperature for the next 10 days. Statistical data by months for the last years. Information about neighboring resorts. Weather forecast for Puerto Rico for a week. nine0004

Analysis and forecast

The water temperature today is slightly higher than the average on this day in recent years. Its value has grown both in the last 20 days and in the last week. Exactly one year ago on this day, the water temperature in this place was 20°C. The range of water temperatures in Puerto Rico in December is from 19 to 23 degrees.

According to our forecast, in the next few days the temperature of sea water in Puerto Rico will decrease slightly and will reach 21.3°C in 10 days. nine0005

Table of water temperature values ​​in Puerto RIKO
day FACTION* Average ** Forecast ***


DEC 21


Dec 18 21. 4 ° C
Dec 19 21.4 ° C 20.5 ° C
Dec 20 21.9 ° C 21.0 ° C
21.3.3 ° C 9.5 ° ° C 9.2 nine0028

DEC 22 21.5 ° C 20.8 ° C
Dec 23 22.0 ° C 20.8 ° C
DEC 24 ° C 9.S.
Dec 25 22.1°C 20.8°C
Dec 26 20.5°C 21.8°C
Dec 27 20.5°C 21.8°C
Dec 28 20.3°C 21.6°C
Dec 29 20.3°C 21.6°C
Dec 30 20.8 ° C 22.1 ° C
Dec 31 20.021

21. 3

* Actual — Actual water temperature
** Average — Average water temperature on this day in past years
*** Forecast — Our forecast water temperature

Actual water temperatures close to the shore can vary by several degrees compared to the indicated values. This can be noticeable after heavy rain or after long periods of strong winds. Some downwinds cause cold deep waters to replace surface waters that have been heated by the sun. nine0005

To develop a forecast, we use our own mathematical model, which takes into account the current change in water temperature, historical data and main weather trends, wind strength and direction, air temperature in each specific region. We also consider data for other resorts in Spain.

Puerto del Rosario, Spain | © Ubaldo Carrai

Puerto Rico annual average water temperature chart

Puerto Rico water temperature monthly chart

Puerto Rico is located in the northern hemisphere, at a latitude of 27 degrees. Comfortable bathing water temperature is set here in January, usually at the beginning of the month. There are 250 bathing days in Puerto Rico during the year. In general, the swimming season ends in December. The average annual water temperature on the coast in Puerto Rico is 21.3°C, according to the seasons: in winter 20.1°C, in spring 19.7°C, in summer 22.2°C, in autumn 23.3°C. The minimum water temperature (18.3°C) in Puerto Rico is in March, the maximum (24.5°C) in September. nine0005

You can find out detailed data on how the water temperature in Puerto Rico changes in each specific month:

  • January
  • February

  • May
  • July

  • 9020 August Suns
  • October
  • November
  • December

Puerto Rico: general information and map

Original name

Puerto Rico de Gran Canaria






Canary Islands


Atlantic Ocean

23:08 9000 50



Day length

10 hours 23 minutes

Neighboring towns and resorts

* Water temperature at this location today
** Straight-line distance in kilometers

La Caleta, Spain | © Maria Car Salvador Cabral

The warmest sea temperature in Spain today was recorded in Adeje and measured 22. 8°C. The lowest point is in Verdicio, where water temperature is 13.8°C today. The average water temperature in the country today is 16.6°C.

Data for seawater temperature in Puerto Rico and neighboring cities and resorts collected from various sources, using buoys, uses satellite map of temperatures provided by the NOAA. nine0005

To provide a more accurate representation of temperatures, we use data from various local services in each specific region of the world.

The nearest airport in a straight line is located 35 kilometers away. This is Gran Canaria Airport (LPA). We do not have information as to whether it is active and what flights it accepts or sends.

Puerto Rico weather forecast

Weather forecast shown in local time in Puerto Rico





feels like 20.8°C, Cloudy (partly cloudy: 11-25%)
Humidity: 53%, Cloudy: 22%



feels like 19. 3°C, Cloudy (Cloudy: 85-100%)
Humidity: 53%, Cloudy: 100%



C, Cloudy (Cloudy: 85-100%)
Humidity: 56%, Cloudy: 100%




feels like 19.7°C, Cloudy (overcast: 85-100%)
Humidity: 58%, clouds: 89%



like 21.2°C, Cloudy (Scattered Clouds: 25-50%)
Humidity: 51%, Clouds: 45% partly cloudy: 11-25%)
humidity: 51%, clouds: 23%




Feels like 20.1°C, Cloudy (scattered clouds: 25-50%)
Humidity: 58%, Clouds: 50%



, Clear (clear sky)
humidity: 63%, clouds: 0%
humidity: 64%, clouds: 0%




feels like 18.6°C, Clear (clear sky)
humidity: 65%, clouds: 0%


18. 3°C


feels like 18.0°C, Rain (light rain)
humidity: 69%, clouds: 2%


18.5 ° C


is felt as 18.1 ° C, rain (light rain)
Humidity: 68%, clouds: 27%


19.7 ° C

19km/ h

feels like 19.4°C, Rain (light rain)
humidity: 65%, clouds: 56%


19.4 ° C


is felt as 19.1 ° C, rain (light rain)
Mummy: 66%, clouds: 62%


18.2 ° C


Feels like 18.0°C, Rain (light rain)
Humidity: 70%, Clouds: 34%




Feels like 17.8°C, Clear (clear sky) 9018 humidity: 65%, clouds: 8%

27 Dec


0406 15km/h

feels like 18.4°C, Clear (clear sky)
humidity: 61%, clouds: 10%


19. 5°C

Cloudy (partly cloudy: 11-25%)
Humidity: 55% Clouds: 20%


humidity: 62%, clouds: 26%



.3°C, Cloudy (Cloudy: 85-100%)
Humidity: 56%, Cloudy: 88%



: 85-100%)
humidity: 45%, clouds: 94%




feels like 20.1°C, Rain (light rain)
, humidity: 51% clouds: 99%




feels like 20.5°C, Rain (light rain)
humidity: 61%, clouds: 97%




feels like 19.3°C, Rain (light rain)
humidity: 52%, clouds: 9002% 9002 28 d? Kaka


19.4 ° C


It feels like 18. 8 ° C, rain (light rain)
Military WITHER: 54%, clouds: 100%







feels like 19.5°C, Cloudy (Cloudy: 85-100%)
Humidity: 55%, Clouds: 89%

20.7 ° C


is felt as 20.2 ° C, rain (light rain)
Humidity: 50%, clouds: 80%


22.2 ° C


as 21.8°C, Rain (light rain)
humidity: 50%, clouds: 86%




feels like 22.0°C, Cloudy (scattered clouds: 25-50%)
Humidity: 50%, clouds: 35%




feels like 21.0°C, cloudy (Cloudy: 85-100%)
Humidity: 66%, Clouds: 97%

Dec 29


21.2 ° C


It feels like 20. 9 ° C, rain (light rain)
Humidity: 58%, clouds: 98%


20.6 ° C


like 20.4°C, Rain (light rain)
Humidity: 63%, Clouds: 89% %)
humidity: 62%, clouds: 94%0002 feels like 20.6°C, Cloudy (Cloudy: 85-100%)
Humidity: 60%, Cloudy: 99% (light rain)
humidity: 63%, clouds: 98%




feels like 18.5°C, Rain (light rain)
humidity: 73%, clouds: 93%

Langre, Spain | © Ivan Raposo

Geneva will try to protect the homeless from the cold

Information from Switzerland in 10 languages ​​


Quality of life

These days in the French and German-speaking regions, the temperature dropped well below zero. © Keystone / Michael Buholzer

Sub-zero temperatures hit much of Switzerland this weekend. In Geneva, authorities have put in place a «cold weather» emergency plan to provide shelter for those who sleep outside.

This content was published on December 14, 2022 — 07:00
December 14, 2022 — 07:00


In the German- and French-speaking regions of the country, the temperature dropped well below zero. So, in a place called La Brevigne in the northwest of the country, which is also called «Swiss Siberia», the temperature dropped to -21.8 ° Celsius, which has so far become a record figure. Frost was recorded at night this weekend in Coppigen in the canton of Bern (-15.4°C), in the city of La Chaux-de-Fonds in the canton of Neuchâtel (-13°C) and in Zurich airport (-8.6°C). C). nine0005

  • «Moving Ice» — sculptures carved with an electric saw from the ice of Lake Thayer (Lac des Taillères). Tomas Wüthrich

  • Meteorological station of the organization «Meteo Schweiz». Tomas Wüthrich

  • Skating on the ice of Lake Thayer (Lac des Taillères). Tomas Wüthrich

  • The village of La Brévine in the evening. The village is located at an altitude of 1043 meters in the spurs of the Neuchâtel Jura. Tomas Wüthrich

  • A mannequin in front of the Alaska antique shop. The name of the shop is not accidental, because Alaska is also one of the coldest regions of the world, along with Siberia. Tomas Wüthrich

  • The next stop is Journée du Froid. This is a village holiday in honor of the 25th anniversary of the record frosts of 1987. Tomas Wüthrich

  • A TV team in front of the legendary thermometer, the scale of which can reach minus 50 degrees Celsius. Tomas Wüthrich

  • Morning. Frost minus 20 degrees. Tomas Wüthrich

  • Frost and sun, and minus 20… Tomas Wüthrich

  • Local cuisine is quite heavy and dense (left). As a finishing touch to the Fête du Froid, guests are invited to taste fondue (right). Tomas Wüthrich

  • In the morning at minus 20. Tomas Wüthrich

  • Claude Chédel and Ivan König on their trio of horses — it’s not an easy way through virgin snow. .. Tomas Wüthrich

  • The disco ball is reminiscent of the Frost Festival (left). Claude Chédel (right) was fond of Russia in his youth. Tomas Wüthrich

  • Evening mood at minus 14 degrees and wind. Tomas Wüthrich

    Even in the south of the country in the canton of Ticino, although the mercury column remained above zero (+5.1 ° C in Lugano), it was still quite cold there. In view of such low temperatures, the Geneva authorities have decided to put in place a special plan to help the homeless for at least three nights, starting on Sunday, December 11th. In particular, the city’s social services have increased the number of employees who provide assistance to those who sleep on the street without a roof over their heads. nine0005

    Purpose — to provide the homeless with blankets and hot drinks, directing them, if possible, to shelters. The total number of places for the homeless in emergency shelters has now reached 638 in Geneva.

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