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The distinguished surname Fajardo has its origins in the north of Spain. It is derived from a Spanish place name near Lugo which is located in the province of Galicia. Thus, the surname Fajardo may simply signify a person who dwelled in or near that community.


Early Origins of the Fajardo family

The surname Fajardo was first found in the province of Galicia in the northwestern tip of the Iberian peninsula. It is believed that the progenitor of the Fajardo family was a Galician named Pedro Anes Galego who was Lord of Santa Marta de Ortigueira and who was the first to bear the surname Fajardo. He lived in the thirteenth century. There is also mention of the name Fajardo being used in connection with Don Fruela I, the King of Leon, as early as 768.


Early History of the Fajardo family

This web page shows only a small excerpt of our Fajardo research. Another 77 words (6 lines of text) covering the years 1139, 1507, 1626, and 1649 are included under the topic Early Fajardo History in all our PDF Extended History products and printed products wherever possible.


Fajardo Spelling Variations

Spelling variations of this family name include: Fajando, Fajarda, Fajarde and others.


Early Notables of the Fajardo family (pre 1700)

Another 46 words (3 lines of text) are included under the topic Early Fajardo Notables in all our PDF Extended History products and printed products wherever possible.

Fajardo Ranking

In the United States, the name Fajardo is the 3,667th most popular surname with an estimated 7,461 people with that name. [1]


Fajardo migration to the United States +

Some of the first settlers of this family name were:

Fajardo Settlers in United States in the 19th Century
  • Lgio Fajardo, aged 30, who landed in New Orleans, La in 1825 [2]
  • Antonio Fajardo, who arrived in Puerto Rico in 1841 [2]
  • Pedro Jose Fajardo, who arrived in Puerto Rico in 1858 [2]
  • Jose Fajardo, who arrived in Puerto Rico in 1858 [2]
  • Yanez Francisco Fajardo, who arrived in Puerto Rico in 1860 [2]
  • . .. (More are available in all our PDF Extended History products and printed products wherever possible.)

Contemporary Notables of the name Fajardo (post 1700) +
  • Jaime Yusept Espinal Fajardo (b. 1984), Dominican-born Puerto Rican freestyle wrestler; in 2012 he became the first Olympic medalist in wrestling for Puerto Rico by winning a silver medal in the 84 KG division
  • Denisse Fajardo García (b. 1964), former Peruvian three-time Olympic volleyball player
  • Sharif Karim Fajardo Blanding (b. 1976), American-born, Puerto Rican professional basketball player
  • Héctor Fajardo Nabaratte (b. 1970), former Mexican Major League Baseball player
  • William Fajardo (b. 1930), Mexican Olympic fencer who competed at the 1960 and 1968 Summer Olympics
  • João Paulo Silva Freitas Fajardo (b. 1978), Portuguese footballer
  • Praxedes Fajardo y Puno (1874-1928), former Red Cross president in the Philippines
  • Carlos Fajardo Fajardo (b. 1957), Colombian poet
  • Denisse Fajardo García (b. 1964), former Peruvian three-time Olympic volleyball player
  • Héctor Fajardo Nabaratte (b. 1970), former Mexican Major League Baseball player

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Citations +
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The Inquisitors and the Jews in the New World, by Seymour B. Liebman. Reports the names of people who appeared before the inquisition in the New Spain

Except for a brief introduction, the entire book is a listing of Inquisition Records in the New World. This is a source for converso names in the New World.


Sangre Judia (Jewish Blood) by Pere Bonnin. Flor de Viento, Barcelona, 2006. A list of 3,500 names used by Jews, or assigned to Jews by the Holy Office (la Santo Oficio) of Spain. The list is a result of a census of Jewish communities of Spain by the Catholic Church and as found in Inquisition records.

Pere Bonnin, a philosopher, journalist and writer from Sa Pobla (Mallorca), a descendant of converted Jews, settles with this work a debt «owed to his ancestors», in his own words. The book, written in a personal and accessible style and based on numerous sources, includes a review of basic Jewish concepts, Jewish history in Spain, and Christian Anti-Semitism. There is also a section that focuses on the reconciliation between the Church and Monarchy and the Jews, which took place in the 20th Century. In this study, Bonnin deals in depth with the issue of surnames of Jewish origin. In the prologue, the author explains the rules he followed in the phonetic transcription of surnames of Hebrew origin that are mentioned in the book. The researcher cites the Jewish origin, sometimes recognized and other times controversial, of historically prominent figures (like Cristobal Colon, Hernan Cortes, Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra and many others) and links between surnames of Jewish origin with some concepts in Judaism.. The book also includes an appendix with more than three thousands surnames «suspected» of being Jewish, because they appear in censuses of the Jewish communities and on the Inquisitorial lists of suspected practitioners of Judaism, as well as in other sources. In the chapter «Una historia de desencuentro», the author elaborates on surnames of Jewish origin of the royalty, nobility, artistocracy, clergy, and also of writers, educators and university teachers during the Inquisition. Special attention is given to the «Chuetas» of Mallorca, the birthplace of the author.


Dicionario Sefaradi De Sobrenomes (Dictionary of Sephardic Surnames), G. Faiguenboim, P. Valadares, A.R. Campagnano, Rio de Janeiro, 2004

A bilingual (Portugese/English)reference book of Sephardic surnames. Includes New Christians, Conversos, Crypto-Jews (Marranos), Italians, Berbers and their history in Spain, Portugal and Italy. Contains over 16,000 surnames presented under 12000 entries, with hundreds of rare photographs, family shields and illustrations.It also contains a 72-page summary of Sephardic history, before and after the expulsion from Spain and Portugal, as well as a 40-page linguistic essay about Sephardic names, including an interesting list of the 250 most frequent Sephardic surnames. The period covered by the dictionary is of 600 years, from the 14th to the 20th century, and the area covered includes Spain and Portugal, France, Italy, Holland, England, Germany, Balkans, Central and Eastern Europe, the former Ottoman Empire, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Iraq, Yemen, Syria, Lebanon, Israel, North America, Central America and the Caribbean, South America and more.

Ruth Reyes, «Sephardic Family Names from Puerto Rico», The Casa Shalom Journal, Volume 10, Published by The Institute for Marrano-Anusim Studies, Gan Yavneh, Israel 2008

This list is compiled from a catalogue the author found on a visit to Puerto Rico in the Museum of San Juan.

The Abarbanel Foundation Website, «Reintegrating the Lost Jews of Spain & Portugal»

List of names of forcibly converted Jews who were tried by the Spanish Inquisition for practicing Judaism in Mexico in the years 1528 — 1815

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Surname Fajardo, History, Meaning, Essence, Translation into English, Declension by cases

Detailed information about the surname Fajardo. History of origin, meaning and essence of the surname, translation and correct spelling. Detailed family history.
Where did the surname Fajardo come from? What is the nationality of the person with this last name? Correct spelling of the surname in English, declension by cases.
You will read more detailed information about the name Fajardo, its meaning and essence online on this page without registering and completely free of charge.


Origin of the surname Fajardo

kind of activity or other features of the descendant) or other names of the genus. In Russian surnames, most often there is a suffix -ev / -ov. This is the most popular ending.
was added if the last consonant was in the stem. The surname Fajardo could have come from the nickname of the father, the name of the grandfather, the family’s profession or trade. Eg
most of the Russian surnames were created in this way. Thus, it became easier to designate families of the same root.

According to Russian tradition, when a woman gets married, she takes her husband’s surname. Also, a woman may not adhere to this rule and remain with her surname, or make it double with the spelling of her maiden name and hyphenated her husband’s surname.
Children are usually given the father’s surname, but if the woman is not married or at the request of the parents, the child can take the mother’s surname. Surname Fajardo in 61% of cases of Slavic origin, the rest 39%
testify to the origin from the languages ​​of the Russian peoples.
In any case, the surname Fajardo came from the nickname, name, field of activity or place of residence of the distant ancestors of a person in the male line.

The history of the surname Fajardo

Surnames appeared in different strata of society at different times. The history of the Fajardo surname is quite long.
For the first time, the name Fajardo was written in the annals of the clergy in the middle of the 18th century.
Often they were formed from the names of churches or parishes, or the name of the father.
Some of the clergy received a surname upon graduation from the seminary, while the best students received the most euphonious surnames that carried a positive meaning,
like, for example, the surname Fajardo. The surname Fajardo was passed down from generation to generation through the line of men (or women).

Fajardo’s surname consists of 7 letters. Such a number of letters indicates that this is a man of the canons. Without a doubt, he accepts the rules inspired during his upbringing and sincerely believes in their correctness, he believes that compliance with such rules is the only way to success. Because of this, such people are often stubborn and intolerant, even if their behavior defies logical explanation. The hidden meaning and meaning of the name Fajardo can be found out after analyzing each of its letters.

The meaning of the name Fajardo

The surname Fajardo is the main element that connects a person with the outside world and the universe.
It indicates the main character traits, determines fate. The surname Fajardo hides the experience that was accumulated by the ancestors and previous generations.
If we turn to numerology, we can talk about the life path of the family, the merits and demerits of a person, family well-being and the character of a person with the surname Fajardo.

The formula for calculating the number of the surname: Fajardo

  • Fajardo. F + A + X + A + R + D + O
  • 4 + 1 + 5 + 1 + 9 + 5 + 7
  • Sum — 32 Next 3 + 2 = 5 These people are constant generators of ideas, make others happy and enjoy it themselves. They are characterized by grouchiness, doubt and discontent. People who are attached to this letter have many life tests throughout their lives.
  • A — this letter is the strongest and brightest letter in the Latin alphabet. The carriers of this letter in their name strive to be leaders, often fight with themselves, love change. Strive to be at the top of comfort spiritually and physically.
  • X — these individuals achieve their goals by their own efforts, have authority, independence, perceive extraneous criticism, depend on human opinion and highly value morality.
  • A — this letter is the strongest and brightest letter in the Latin alphabet. The carriers of this letter in their name strive to be leaders, often fight with themselves, love change. Strive to be at the top of comfort spiritually and physically.
  • R — endowed with self-confidence, courage, can withstand external influences, very enthusiastic individuals. Prone to unjustified risk, these are adventurous individuals who are prone to unrefuted statements. Often take risks to achieve a goal, have the potential and desire to become leaders.
  • D — think over the sequence of actions, starting any work. The main focus is the family. Quite capricious, they find themselves in charity. They have hidden extrasensory abilities, do not want to develop internally, people with this letter make the main emphasis on short-term positive impressions from others or close people.
  • About — personalities associated with this letter may experience strong feelings, strive to know themselves as best as possible. Always in search of their true destiny, they improve themselves and want to improve the world around them. They have a fairly good intuition, they know how to properly manage finances. They tend to change mood from despondency to delight.

In numerology, the surname Fajardo is assigned the number — 5 .
The numerology of the surname Fajardo will help you find out the character and distinctive qualities of a person with such a surname.
You can also learn about fate, success in your personal life and career, decipher the signs of fate and try to predict the future.

People with this surname are characterized by love of freedom and purposefulness, titanic capacity for work, which allows them to reach absolutely any heights. They are surprisingly well able to understand the essence of things and analyze the most intricate and complex situations, desperately struggle with their shortcomings and work on themselves. But sometimes such a person still gives in to doubts that a loved one can dispel. On his life path, the bearer of this surname independently accumulates experience and fills a lot of bumps, quickly learns new things, delves into new projects and brings great benefits to them.

Bearers of this surname from an early age show a desire for battles and struggle. They can attend several sports sections and circles at once, while they succeed in all directions. Over time, some kind of activity becomes the main one and a person achieves perfection in it. Fives from birth are endowed with optimism, which others perceive as frivolity, so you have to defend your viability. Throughout their lives, such people attract attention and accept high demands from others.

Bearers of this surname will not be the best family men. These are devoted friends or just the soul of the company, but often do not get used to the role of the best husband or wife. Family life is in second place for them, they devote their free time to their favorite work or hobby. At the same time, children adore them, since a person with such a surname does not try to seem like an adult. They communicate with the child in the same language, by this they show the child their importance and cause pride. Unfortunately, such individuals are greedy for the opposite sex, this weakness provokes remarriages and long romances. Only a confident and strong partner can keep such a person in the family.

People with this surname will feel better in a creative position, they can be excellent musicians, journalists or fashion designers. There is an opportunity to achieve success in the business sphere, in which case it is better to avoid risky projects. Fives are born psychologists, they can also be worthy psychotherapists, teachers or social workers. Also, fives can take a leadership position, their success will depend on a properly composed team of partners.

The distinctive features of such people are optimism, cheerful disposition and openness. They are also extremely generous, devoted to their friends and loyal to partners. Despite the fact that they are pursuing profit, betrayal or a trick on the part of the fives is definitely not worth waiting for, this is out of the question.

In Russian, this surname is written like this: Fajardo
If we try to translate this surname into English (make a transliteration), then we will get — faxardo

Flashy names of elite fashion houses were created just for you. Your task has always been to look neat and excellent, by this you confirm your status and weight, belonging to certain circles of society. Only thanks to the prestigious pieces of the wardrobe you feel at your place and can easily find a common language with others, show friendliness and maintain small talk without worrying about appearance.

What motivates you the most is your independent position. Therefore, you always go the way that no one else has gone before. If there is no one ahead, then you will not be guided and corrected by your actions and steps. Therefore, you do not allow anyone to say that you are wrong, and your opinion is wrong. It is almost impossible to lead you astray or make you doubt your own abilities. Any criticism moves you forward and makes you take even more decisive steps. You never throw responsibility for your actions onto other people, you are ready to take all the blame in case of failure. But such an outcome is unlikely because of your determination and ability to act. Therefore, you evoke faith in people and are able to lead them.

Unexpectedness and change are always on your heels, these are the main factors and engines of your development as a person. You are a very sociable person, love to be a part of something creative and make a lot of acquaintances. That is why you always have a lot of friends, friends and good acquaintances, a large number of business connections and contacts. New knowledge and peaks are not easy for you, but that is why a large number of people are drawn to you, you will never get bored. Routine is the worst punishment for you, you value freedom and independence very much, so you will like joint work and communication. Temperament and a tendency to extremes distinguish you from other numbers. Fate brings you an order of magnitude more ups and downs than the rest.

You have sincere feelings, quivering and deep. You put relationships first with your characteristic maximalism and are sensitive to feelings. Love takes possession of you and becomes the meaning of all life if you find a person who will satisfy all your requirements from appearance to inner content. Beware of the desire to dominate along with the inability to show your true feelings, this can sometimes greatly complicate relationships for your soul mate. You are very in love, but at the same time closed and cold, you can shower with compliments, but immediately land and put in place.

Case Case question Name
Nominative Who? Fajardo
Genitive No Who? Fajardo
Dative Glad To whom? Fajardo
Accusative See Whom? Fajardo
Creative Satisfied Whom? Fajardo
Prepositional Who am I thinking about? Fajardo

Do you agree with the correct spelling of the surname Fajardo, its history of origin, its essence and meaning?
Do you know anything else about this surname? If you liked the description and meaning of the surname, or you have an acquaintance with this surname, tell us about their nationality, fate and character.

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