Marisqueria jibara san sebastian: Marisquería Jíbara Restaurant — Seafood Restaurant in San Sebastián

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Dirección 42 Calle Padre Feliciano, San Sebastian (Puerto Rico) — Pulse para abrir

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Nos especializamos en mariscos y pescados frescos de la mas alta calidad. Contamos con el primer nivel salón comedor Y el segundo nivel nuestro Bar & tapas

Address calle padre feliciano #42 al lado biblioteca municipal, 00685 2215 San Sebastian, Puerto Rico

Phone Number 9393399531

Seafood Restaurant, Tapas Bar & Restaurant

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GPS Coordinates

18. 33713,-66.99019

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Restaurants in the Basque Country: San Sebastian

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Spain can be enjoyed for hours, it is known in all corners of the world and attracts tourists for a reason with its stunning cities, worthy resorts, significant sights, chic restaurants and all kinds of entertainment. Guests of the country enjoy admiring the sights of Madrid and its creations of Western European art, the eye-pleasing landscapes of Andalusia or the charming Barcelona with its Costa Brava. San Sebastian occupies a special place in this list. nine0003

San Sebastian — like a soaring bird, spreading its wings on the shores of the Bay of Biscay in the «Basque Country» is known, first of all, not only for its endless beaches of Ondaretta and La Concha, along which stretches a picturesque promenade with countless various bars, tapas and restaurants .

According to many authoritative publications, San Sebastian has long become the «Culinary Capital of Europe», the Spaniards themselves call the city only «the gastronomic paradise of Spain». This is because the city’s culinary establishments have reached significant heights — 16 Michelin stars, more than in other European capitals. nine0003

Cuisine of the Basque Country

Famous chefs work in the restaurants of San Sebastian, demonstrating their professionalism not only in Spain, but also far beyond its borders.

The young world star in the restaurant business, chef Dani Garcia, owner of gastronomic establishments in the resort of Marbella and Madrid, does not miss the opportunity to drop by San Sebastian to stroll through the restaurants of the Basque Country, for culinary experiences and new inspirations. nine0003

Ferran Adrià — World famous for the recently closed El Bulli restaurant. The successful Spanish chef, a world-famous star, achieved his popularity with the help of Juan-Marie Arsac, owner and chef of the three-star Michelin restaurant Arzak, also located in San Sebastian.

Juan Arsacs, a short, gray-haired man of 69, achieved great results in cooking, becoming the pioneer of the «new cuisine» of the Basque Country. Juan came up with his own style, based on the standard recipes of the region, with the addition of new cooking techniques and the use of liquid nitrogen. Juan Arsac, without exaggeration, is one of the key persons who influenced the development (Nueva Cocina Vasca) — the «new Basque cuisine». nine0003

From time to time, Ferran and his «rebel» buddies, the local chefs, would get together, exchange creative ideas and cook for each other. One of the first «rebels» to join the society was Pedro Subihanu, owner of another Michelin-starred restaurant in the Basque Country, Akelarre. The motto of which is only forward, and the passion is the invention of new cooking techniques.

Such culinary encounters have attracted the attention of other chefs and today, thirty years after the birth of the «new Basque cuisine», San Sebastian boasts an impressive treasury of gastronomic knowledge that helps him to remain at the top of the culinary Olympus. It is worth noting that Ferran Adria, Arsacs, Subihana and other members of the company were at the head of a new sector — gastronomic tourism, thereby making even France, which occupies one of the first places in the world, nervous. nine0003

Gastronomic paradise

Do you want to have a tasty meal? In San Sebastian, this can be done everywhere. Even at gas stations, you will be treated to delicious potato tortillas and freshly squeezed orange juice.

In any restaurant in the city, the most important thing is the quality and freshness of local products. Greens and vegetables from their gardens, olive oil, local cheese, meat of Iberian pigs, chicken eggs with a pale yolk, all kinds of gifts from the cold waters of the Atlantic Ocean — everything should be as fresh as possible, so to speak, straight from the bush . ..

A variety of dishes for every taste and color in the Basque Country is provided for you, this does not require preliminary preparation and a lot of time for cooking. The local fast food impresses not only with its popularity, but also with its serving – this is not some Big Mac for you, but delicious dishes from professionals.

Most Popular:

  • grilled cod with Provence herbs (taco de bacalao)

  • goose liver cooked in local cider (foie a la plancha)

  • appetizer — pimiento de carne (pintos) from lightly fried peppers stuffed with minced meat, with bechamel sauce.

“They love good food here,” says Andoni Luis Aduriz, owner and chef of Mugaritz, another two-star Michelin-starred restaurant in San Sebastian, housed in a former farmhouse.

On the stairs, above his snow-white kitchen, you can see eulogies from key culinary luminaries, from Charlie Trotter and Heston Blumenthal to Harold McGee and Fergus Henderson. Chef is proud of the famous names that have represented Spain at the world level. nine0003

Every year new establishments open in the city, such as the bar at the Museo San Telmo, for example, but the public does not change their favorite and well-known places. Try, one of the evenings, to look into «Arzak» — one of the expensive restaurants of San Sebastian is always packed, and there are much more locals here than foreigners.

Every season in the Basque Country is special: in winter everyone heads to the hills for cider cellars, for tortillas with salted cod and steaks, in spring everyone goes to the market for baby peas, and on summer weekends the locals prefer to go to the town of Guéthary to taste halibut cooked on the grill. nine0003

In any of the local taverns, you will be delighted with fantastic seafood dishes prepared right in front of you in the open air. You will be able to appreciate the dishes that are created by professionals, with pleasure and from the heart.

Walking along the local streets, one can observe the grills built into the walls of the houses — this is a unique feature that allows you to cook freshly caught fish, fry it with olive oil and sea salt, delighting the client with an excellent dish in the open air. Come to San Sebastian and see for yourself! nine0003

Many will enjoy the lunches of one of the brightest followers of Subihana and Arzak, three-time Michelin star Martin Berasategui.

According to Martin, his success lies in three features of the Bacca cuisine: the freshness and high quality of the ingredients used, the professional craftsmanship and the ease of execution. As Martin says, “There should be a minimum of distractions and the taste should be as natural as possible, with a pronounced aroma.” nine0003

Restaurants with his name offer their guests gastronomic feasts worth more than five hundred euros and sometimes lasting more than three hours! A worthy indicator not only for tourists who want to have a great time and have a tasty meal, but also for professionals in this field.

“And everyone here, they cook very well themselves,” remarks the Frenchman Sylvain Foucault, who recently became one of the local residents of San Sebastian, having moved to the Basque Country in search of a suitable place for his Zapore Jai delicatessen shop, from French Biarritz located just an hour north. nine0003

In terms of culinary traditions, the Basque Country has long left behind the trendsetter of culinary fashion — France, with its restaurants. This is a fertile land — a seething ocean, endless beaches, amazing food and nice people. What else can you dream of!?


Offers from the best restaurants, cafes and bars of San Sebastian



Café con Leche — it is worth noting that the presented espresso with cream, for example, in Old Town coffee, is a real masterpiece that will be appreciated not only by coffee lovers. The secret of amazing taste lies in the careful selection of coffee beans and the degree of roasting. An obligatory accompaniment to coffee should be a carrot cake with whipped cream. nine0003

  • Cava is a Spanish challenge to champagne, only at a cost — much cheaper. A sip of ice-cold sparkling Juve y Camps on the terrace overlooking the sea at La Perla will refresh you in the hot summer heat.

  • Caṅa — ice beer in the summer is also relevant in Spain. Stop by La Espiga as you walk down San Martzial, in the city centre.

  • Cidra — cider is as popular here as wine. A perfect pairing with thinly sliced ​​chorizo, potato tortilla and cheese. Order a light and refreshing glass of cider at the Zelaia family tapas bar. nine0003

  • Whiskey Museum is a famous two-level institution on one of the streets of San Sebastian, which boasts a hospitable bar. At midnight, everyone raises glasses of gin and tonic, the size of a soccer ball.

  • Breakfast at the bar

    • Try freshly baked baguette sandwiches, fluffy omelet with ham slices and strong Café con Leche at Gorriti bar, next to San Sebastian’s central market.


    • Leave no one hungry with a hearty breakfast at Villa Soro Hotel, in the comfortable dining room of an old 19th century mansion.


    Restaurant Akelarre

    Dine in one of the oldest restaurants in San Sebastian, Akelarre, on Monte Igueldo overlooking the sea, discovered over forty years ago by Pedro Subihana himself.

    Soon, the restaurant received three Michelin stars and became a hit with residents and visitors alike. nine0003

    To appreciate the chef’s talents, order the tasting menu, which features truffle-stuffed eggs with fried foie gras or the freshest anchovies, caught just a couple of hours ago in the waters of the Bay of Biscay and cooked in hot sea salt — Sal de Añana.

    According to Subihana: “Anyana salt is the best of the best! It has such an intense taste that you only need a little bit of it, but the aftertaste remains for a long time.” The restaurant map is constantly updated, the only thing that remains unchanged is respect for Basque traditions. nine0003

    FESTIVE Feast

    Arzak Restaurant

    The stylish interiors of the Arzak restaurant have a dinner party atmosphere and fabulous dishes are served. For example, «low tide monkfish» looks like a diorama of a beach dotted with shells.

    Depending on the season, small changes are made to the menu of the restaurant, while scrupulous attention to the smallest details and purity of taste can be felt in each dish.

    Juan Mari once said, “Our work is based on our heritage and our culture. Basque gastronomic culture has its own code of tastes that has been built up over many centuries. That is why, even if we add modern touches to the dish, our tastes are still Basque.” nine0003

    Mugaritz Restaurant

    Since the beginning of his career, Chief of Mugaritz Andoni has chosen to create his dishes with minimal ingredients, focusing on the simplest touches and details.

    One of the chef’s key principles is a little intrigue while waiting for the next dish. So, a frail bespectacled man, more like a botany student, in an instant turned into a culinary guru who earned two Michelin stars for his ability to play with textures and tastes, not to mention liquid nitrogen, and his masterpiece “19Zen set changes» is just a song.

    P.S. one-day gastronomic tour

    For those who come to the culinary capital of the Basque Country for just one night, we recommend the following gastronomic itinerary:

    a plate of delicious risotto with sheep cheese, in one of the many tapas bars in San Sebastian «Borda Berri ”, is one of the few operating as a tapas restaurant. It’s always crowded here. Those who want to drink and chat — “like herrings in a barrel” both during the day and in the evening.

    nine0002 Everyone eats standing up — small hot snacks of duck, beef, cod — all for 3 euros. Two bartenders who take orders, shouting over each other, pass them to the kitchen, while having time to pour glasses for a good hundred visitors.

    Meals are served almost instantly. Chefs from Russia are obliged to visit here in order to have an idea of ​​​​how it is possible and necessary to work. Insanely delicious — price-quality — for all 5 points.

    Further, as they say, follow the white rabbit…

    …just kidding, we’re going for a portion of fried seasonal mushrooms with onions, straight to another wonderful place hidden in the alleyways of San Sebastian called — «Ganbara». The feature of this place is small pintxos on croissants. It is indescribably delicious, however, like the rest of the menu, written in chalk on a blackboard. I recommend to all!

    On the way, be sure to stop for a couple of minutes at Tamboril to get a glimpse of delicious cod croquettes and stuffed peppers. nine0003

    If you are tired of the noise of tourists and the hustle and bustle of the Old City, but still have strength and space in your stomach, a good end to the evening would be to go to the center, cross the main shopping street Avenida Libertad, towards one of the newly opened bars — «Zazpi» , with a beautiful terrace overlooking the waterfront.

    Sophisticated cuisine, coupled with mini portions, will not let you burst from gluttony. I recommend choosing squid in ink sauce and cod pintxos. nine0003

    BURNAL Point will be full gastronomic pleasure …

    +34 665 813 340

    Date of publication: 09/22/2019

    90,000 Michelin restaurants in San Sebastian in 2022

    at the first glance, San Sebastian like any other beach town in Spain. But this coastal paradise in the Basque Country has made its way into the culinary world thanks to innovative local chefs. As of 2021, there are 11 Michelin-starred restaurants in San Sebastian, each with a different specialty. Below you can find more information about the chefs and menus of all these restaurants. nine0223


    Restaurant Kokotxa is located in the old town next to the Basilica of Santa Maria. Its minimalist interior lets the kitchen shine. The colorful dishes are a modern interpretation of traditional Basque recipes with foreign influences, prepared by young chef Dani López. The restaurant has two tasting menus, but most diners choose the «Mercado» menu, which features products brought from the local city market. Main dishes include fresh fish and Txangurro (baked stuffed crab). nine0223

    Stars: One Michelin star

    Price range: €90 for the Mercado menu and €130 for the tasting menu (plus additional drinks)


    Just a few steps from Playa de la Concha is one of the newest restaurants in the Michelin-starred city, Amelia. Located in the Hotel Villa Favorita building, this restaurant stands out for its open kitchen concept. There are only a few tables and a few seats in the bar, which allows for a more intimate setting. Since the restaurant is small, be sure to book a table in advance to ensure your seat is reserved. The restaurant offers a single tasting menu that combines Basque flavors with international influences from Italy, Argentina and Japan. The chef, Paulo Airaudo, is Argentinean and Italian, hence the foreign connections. The dishes change according to the season, but they are always prepared with only fresh ingredients, purchased mainly from small local producers. Guests can spice up their experience at Amelia with a pair of wines featuring organic and biodynamic varieties. nine0223

    Stars: One Michelin star

    Price range: €231 for the tasting menu (plus €88 for a short wine pair or €134 for an Amelia pair)


    Opened in 1970, Akelarregot received its first Michelin star in 1978. Chef Pedro Subihana continued to work on the menu, and since then the restaurant has earned as many as three Michelin stars. Located a few miles west of downtown San Sebastian, Akelarre sits at the foot of Mount Igueldo and offers incredible sea views from its terraces. Even if you are sitting inside, large glass windows allow you to enjoy this natural scenery. The restaurant is famous for its seafood dishes and creatively uses regional ingredients to offer dishes that will engage all your senses. There are two tasting menus — Aranori and Bekarki. For a personalized experience here, you can pre-book a cooking class. Akelarre even offers lodging so you can spend the night here if you like. nine0223

    Stars: Three Michelin Stars

    Price range: €240 for tasting menu (drinks not included)


    Chef Juan Marie Arzak and his daughter Elena run the Arzak restaurant. Juan Mari took a tavern owned by his grandparents and turned it into one of the finest restaurants in San Sebastian. It seems that the passion for food is inherited: in 2012, his daughter received the title of the best female chef in the world. The father-daughter duo helped birth the new Basque cuisine with their innovative dishes. Diners can enjoy a seasonal tasting menu that plays with different textures and unusual combinations. The game is what matters here, as the Arzaks have a test kitchen where they experiment with new recipes and cooking methods. It also has a superb wine cellar that holds over 100,000 bottles of wine. The restaurant received its third Michelin star at 1989 and has held it for three decades, which makes the stakes quite high.

    Stars: Three Michelin Stars

    Price range: €195-€255

    eMe Be Garrote

    Located in a former cider house in the Ibaeta district, eMe Be Garrote welcomes visitors to a unique space that combines Basque and Scandinavian design. Mustache baskets serve as lamps, and giant cider barrels adorn the walls. This is one of the many restaurants run by Chef Martin Berasategui, Spanish culinary king with 12 Michelin stars. At eMe Be Garrote, he revives his Basque roots but gives them a modern touch. Choose from one of the tasting menus or create your own set of dishes. Main dishes include steak tartare, grilled hake with Iberian carpaccio, and for dessert, liquid meringue with vanilla and strawberries. As for wines, the sommelier is always ready to give you recommendations. nine0003

    Stars: One Michelin star

    Price range: €60-€105 (price varies depending on the format of the menu for the regular menu or tasting menu, wine pairing can be included for an additional fee)

    Mirador de Ulía

    As the name suggests, this Michelin-starred restaurant enjoys a privileged location in the middle of Mount Uliya. From its terrace, visitors can enjoy views of Zurriola Beach and, on clear days, further along the coast. The restaurant building was built in 1950s, but the restaurant has been operating here only since 1966. Mirador de Ulía is a peaceful oasis in San Sebastian and its lush gardens are the perfect setting for a special event. The current chef, Rubén Trincade, has created a menu based on Basque traditions but open to foreign influences. You can order from the menu or choose one of the tasting menus. There is even a vegetarian option. Specialties include ocean blue hake and tomato appetizer, but you can always ask for other recommendations. nine0223

    Stars: One Michelin star

    Price range: €65-€120 (price varies depending on menu format a la carte or tasting menu, wine pairing can be included for an additional fee)

    Martin Berasategui

    Chef Martin Berasategui gave his name to this Michelin-starred restaurant in Lasarte Oria. This talented man, who runs the eMe Be Garrote (one star) restaurant and other high-end establishments throughout Spain, achieved the highest award in the field here, receiving his third star in 2001. Even with his growing popularity, Berasategui often oversees the kitchen and occasionally interacts with guests. The restaurant has a dining room with cozy fireplaces and glass windows overlooking the lush landscape of the Gizkupoa region. In summer you can sit on the outdoor terrace. Diners can expect creative dishes with different textures and colorful presentations based on molecular cuisine, which can be ordered from the menu or as part of the tasting menu. Specialties include vegetable heart salad with seafood and charcoal-cooked aniseed seabed langoustine. nine0003

    Stars: Three Michelin Stars

    Price range: €190-€285 (price varies depending on the format of the à la carte menu or tasting menu, wine pairing can be included for an additional fee)


    Get ready to be amazed by the 20-course tasting menu at the Mugaritz Restaurant in Errenteria. Inside the rustic country house hides a contemporary dining room ready to welcome guests. Chef Andoni Luis Aduriz and his team have crafted a menu of amazing creations, mixing textures, flavors and unconventional presentations. This restaurant has been named one of the most adventurous restaurants in the world. Meals are prepared individually and are often adapted to suit the tastes of each guest. In addition to the restaurant, there is a separate room for after-dinner drinks and a garden with a terrace for warm days. nine0003

    Stars: Two Michelin Stars

    Price Range: €242 Tasting Menu


    Alameda is a Michelin-starred restaurant in the picturesque town of Hondarribia, run by the same family for three generations. The Txapartegui brothers took over their grandparents’ business and have since turned this humble tavern into one of San Sebastian’s finest haute cuisine spots. Staying close to their roots, they serve traditional Basque dishes but with updated flavors. Main courses include truffle-stuffed scramble with mushrooms, suckling pig confit from Baztan, and for dessert, spiced chocolate with dark beer and ginger. A wide selection of regional and international wines are offered to accompany the dishes. Out of all the restaurants on this list, this is probably the most affordable option. nine0223

    Stars: One Michelin star

    Price range: €70-€115 (price varies depending on menu format a la carte or tasting menu, wine pairing can be included for an additional fee)


    Chef Ilario Arbelaiz is behind this gourmet restaurant located a few miles from San Sebastian. Another family run establishment, Zuberoa occupies an old country house that is over 600 years old. There is a rustic dining room with exposed stone walls, a terrace and two more private function areas. The dishes combine traditional Basque flavors with modern style. Raw ingredients like octopus and cuttlefish are turned into creative dishes that wow diners with their presentation. However, the atmosphere remains quite calm and the staff is always ready to give you advice. Specialties include fried scallops, steamed hake with peel-peel sauce, and torria (a French toast-like dessert) served with apple and cinnamon ice cream.

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