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Old School Puerto Rican Names

How do you even pronounce that?

After looking at the censuses from the 19th and early 20th centuries while developing my large Puerto Rican family tree, it is obvious that many of the older names have not survived the turn of this century. Many older Spanish first names have no English equivalent (which I listed on another page) as they are derived from Greek and Latin and very old world such as Telésforo, Hipólito, and Eluteria. A great many of them are derived from Christian terms as Catholicism had a tight hold on naming practices for centuries. However, as times change, so do naming practices. In the mid to late 1900’s, many Puerto Rican children began to be given more typical American-English derived names.  The 21st century has seen a influx of original, hybrid names that are unique to the children who have them. Long gone are the days of being named for the holy nativity. While the religious names have fallen out of favor, the natural-world names such as Luna and Sol are still as popular as ever.  

The etymology of names is interesting in and of itself but if you look closer, names give genealogists insight into the population living in a particular town. 

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  • Alma — soul
  • Alondra — lark
  • Altagracia — high grace​​
  • Arcadia — region offering peace and contentment <Greek>
  • Ascensión/ Asunción — assumption Feast of Assumption’ on August 15       
  • Belen — Bethlehem​                        ​
  • Braulia -​ gleaming <via German>
  • Caridad — charity​
  • Clotilde — from Chlotichilda <French via Germanic>; fame battle 
  • Concepción — conception​
  • Consolación — consolation​
  • Covadonga ​- cavern of the lady
  • Dalia — tree branch <Hebrew>
  • Eduviges/ Eduvijes — fighting woman <Germanic>
  • Elodia -​ foreign riches <Greek via French> from Alodia
  • Emperatriz — empress
  • ​Ercilia/ Ersila — delicate <Greek>
  • Esperanza — hope​​
  • ​Eulalia — sweetly speaking <Greek>
  • Guadalupe — river of the wolf; <via Arabic>
  • Hortensia — hydrangea
  • Idalis — industrious one <via German>
  • Isolina — from Isola; island <via Latin>
  • Jacinta — hyacinth
  • Leticia — joy, gladness <Latin>           ​
  • Lourdes — craggy slope <Basque>​
  • Mercedes — gracious gifts/ benefits
  • Natividad — Nativity
  • Oriana — dawn <Latin>
  • Pacificación — pacification/ maintaining peace
  • Paloma — dove: a Christian symbol of the Holy Spirit
  • Pascuala — related to Easter*
  • Remedios — remedy from ‘Nuestra Señora de los Remedios’ used in reference to the Virgin Mary
  • Reyna/Reina — queen
  • Robustiana — well-built woman <Latin>
  • Rocío — dewdrops
  • Rosalva — white rose <Italian>
  • Rosario — rosary
  • Salomé — peace <Hebrew>​​


  • Argeo — king of Argus <Greek>
  • Aristides — ancient Greek statesman known as «the Just»
  • Atanacio — ​from Athanasius <vis Greek>; immortal               
  • Belisario -​ swordsman <Greek>
  • Benigno — kind, wellborn <Latin>
  • Buenaventura — good luck <Latin>
  • Canuto — Knut
  • Cirilo — Cyril
  • Dionisio — Spanish form of Greek god, Dionysos 
  • Eligio — elected
  • Emerito — Emeritus <Latin>; by merit​
  • Euclides — renowned or glorious <Greek>
  • Eulogio — reasonable <Greek>
  • Fermín — 3rd-century bishop St. Fermin beloved in Navarre​ <Basque>   
  • Fidel — faithful
  • Gumersindo — man’s path <Germanic>​
  • Hipólito — Hippolytus <Greek>; mythological son of Theseus and Amazon
  • ​Isabelino — literally translated to Elizabethan (relating to Elizabeth)​
  • ​Librado 
  • Meliton — honey <Greek>
  • Monserrate — notched mountain <via Latin>
  • Pio — from Pius; pious, dutiful
  • Praxedes — practitioner
  • Refugio — refuge
  • Remigio — remedy <via Latin>
  • Renato — born again <via Latin>
  • Reposo — repose/rest
  • ​Salvador — savior
  • Sandalio — true wolf <via German> 9th-century Spanish saint
  • Santos — saints​
  • Secundino — second <via Latin>
  • Severiano — from Severianus <Latin>; stern
  • Simplicio -​ a Catholic bishop of Zaragoza at the end of the sixth century.
  • Telésforo — bearing fruit <Galician from Greek>; Telesphoros — St.  Telesphorus was a 2nd-century pope and martyr
  • Tiburcio — from Tiburtius <Latin>; meaning ‘of Tibur’ a city in Italy now Tivoli
  • Toribio — from Turibius <Latin>

Damas Y Caballeros

  • Agripino/a — wild horse <via Roman from Greek>; m. Agrippa
  • Anacleta/o — invoked <Latin via Greek> Anakletos
  • Aniceto/a — unconquerable <via Greek>
  • Anselmo/a — protection of God from Ansehelm <Germanic>
  • Balbino/a — stammerer <via Latin> f. Balbus
  • Baudilia/o — 3rd Century Saint Baudelius <Latin>        ​
  • Bernabe/Bernabela — child of prophecy <Hebrew>
  • Cayetano/a — from St. Gaetano  <Italian>
  • Candelaria/o — purification
  • Cándida/o — white <via Latin>
  • Ceferino/a — the west wind; <via Portuguese via Latin via Greek>; m.  Zephyros
  • Celestino/a — heavenly
  • Consuela/o — consolation
  • Cruz/Crucita — cross​​
  • Dolores — sorrows
  • Eleuterio/a — from Eleutherius <Greek>; free
  • Encarnación — ​​incarnation
  • Eusebio — revered <Greek>
  • Eustaquia/o — well-built <Greek>​
  • Fortunata/o — fortunate
  • Hermenegildo/a — complete sacrifice <via German>
  • Inocencio/a — innocence​​​
  • Porfirio/a — purple (one dressed in) <via Greek> 
  • Primitivo/a — first formed; St Primitivus a 3rd Century Spanish martyr
  • Quintin/a — fifth
  • Renato/a — born again <via Latin>
  • Serafin/a — fiery ones <via Polish>; Seraphinus
  • Socorro — succour, help, relief​

“Los puertorriqueños estaban acostumbrados a transitar de isla en isla y de continente en continente como aves cuya condición natural era tránsito.”  ― Rosario Ferré, The House on the Lagoon

Top 107 Puerto Rican Names That You’ll Love

It can be tough deciding on a name for your baby, especially because there is so much choice now.

We at Kidadl want to make this easier for you. We have compiled a list of the top 106 Puerto Rican baby names for you. There are traditional Puerto Rican names, boy names, girl names, and unisex names.  We have featured some really popular names in Puerto Rico, and some really unique ones so there’s something for everyone. Whether these names have their origins in Spanish culture, Greek history, Hebrew origin, or Italian, they are significant on this small Caribbean island and we hope they inspire you.

Puerto Rico is one of the most densely populated islands and is known for its abundance in natural resources, like gold. Puerto Rican baby names are rich in history and significance, so there is lots to be inspired by.

Some of these baby names have origins in Puerto Rico, while some have biblical origins and Latin origins, so there’s a variety of meanings that are significant. From spirituality, to nature associations and desired qualities. Looking for a middle name to match? Check out our baby name blogs from other parts of the world, for Greek names and Thai names.  

Girls Names

Puerto Rican girl names are beautiful, with origins deriving from many places in the world, reflecting how diverse Puerto Rico is. These islander names are a great option for a unique name for your baby. Puerto Rico has a reputation for great cuisine, culture, music and its hospitable people. Why not choose a perfect Rican baby name for your girl? Check out this list of the best Rican baby names for a girl here.

1) Abril (Spanish origin) this, funnily enough, means ‘April’.

2) Acindina (Puerto Rican origin) this means ‘safe’, often shortened to Dina.

3) Adelaida (Puerto Rican origin) this means ‘noble’.

4) Alanis (Spanish, Greek origin) this name means ‘open’, ‘open space’, ‘square’, for a girl who is open-minded and compassionate.

5) Alondra (Spanish origin) this name means ‘lark’, a type of songbird.

6) Antonella (Spanish Caribbean origin) this is a widely popular Puerto Rican baby name that means ‘firstborn’.

7) Amaia (Spanish origin) this name means ‘high place or end’, originating from the Spanish mountain and village Amaya.

8) Beatriz (Spanish origin) popular name for girls, this means ‘brings joy’.

9) Benita (Puerto Rican origin) this name means ‘blessed’.

10) Carleigha (Spanish origin) this means ‘little’, a popular name in Puerto Rico.

11) Clarita (Spanish origin) this means ‘clear’ and ‘bright’.

12) Dukine (Spanish origin) meaning ‘sweet’, this is perfect for a sweet little baby girl.  

13) Genevalisse (French origin) this name means ‘Juniper tree’, and can be shortened to Gene.

14) Hailey (English origin) meaning ‘meadow of hay’.

15) Idoya (Basque and Spanish origin) meaning ‘pond’.

16) Ivelisse (Spanish origin) this name means ‘life’, often shortened to Eva, Iva.

17) Jaslene (Persian origin) variation of the name Jasmine and Yasmine, meaning ‘gift from God’.

18) Karelma (German origin) this word means ‘free’.

19) Lluvia (Spanish origin) this means ‘rain’, for a beautiful girl born during the rainy season.

20) Luisa (Latin origin) this means ‘fame’.

21) Maitea (Spanish origin) meaning ‘love’.

22) Melosa (Greek origin) meaning ‘honey’, and ‘sweet’.

23) Nalda (Spanish origin) meaning ‘strong’.

24) Neva (Latin origin) meaning ‘snow’.

25) Ora (Latin origin) meaning ‘prayer

26) Osita (Puerto Rican origin) meaning ‘divinely strong’.

27) Teofila (Greek origin) this means ‘loved by God’, or ‘God’s friend’, can be shortened to Fila.

28) Tierra (Spanish origin) meaning ‘earth’, or ‘land’.

29) Tonia (Spanish origin) meaning ‘invaluable’, a variation of the name Antonia.

30) Ursulina (Latin origin) meaning ‘little bear’.

31) Valeria (Latin origin) this mean ‘strong’, ‘healthy’, from the ancient Roman name, Valerius.

32) Valentina (Latin origin) this means ‘strong’, a popular name in Puerto Rico.

33) Xantina (Puerto Rican origin), this means ‘little saint’.

34) Yaelis (Hebrew origin) meaning ‘strength of God’.

35) Yara (Brazilian origin) this means ‘water lady’.

36) Yuliana (Slavic origin) variation of the name Juliana, meaning ‘youthful’.

37) Zita (Italian, Greek origin) meaning ‘young girl’ in Italian, or ‘seeker’ in Greek.

38) Zurina (Spanish origin) meaning ‘white’, ‘heavenly’.

Boys Names

Puerto Ricans have some of the most beautiful names, from popular and unique names, to names associated with strength, power and kindness. We think these are great options for your baby boy. It’s important to choose the perfect name for your baby boy, so he can grow up to be inspired by it and also make you proud. These Puerto Rican baby names are imbued with a rich and vibrant history, of powerful, kind and loving boys. Check out these baby names for boys that Puerto Ricans love.

39) Alano (Latin origin) this name means ‘handsome’.

40) Benigno (Latin origin) this means ‘kind’ and ‘friendly’.

41) Bonifacio (Latin origin) meaning ‘good’ and ‘destiny’, for a boy found to be doing good deeds.

42) Braulio (Spanish origin) meaning ‘shining’.

43) Dario (Greek, Persian origin) this means ‘mighty’, ‘rich’.

44) Eufrasio (Greek origin) this means ‘cheerful’, ‘gracious’ and ‘kind’.

45) Felix (Latin origin) this means ‘happy’ or ‘lucky’.

46) Frasco (Spanish origin) this means ‘free’, an inquisitive child who loves to explore.

47) Garcia (Spanish origin), this means ‘brave’, or in Basque, ‘bear.

48) Guillermo (Norman French origin) meaning ‘determined guardian’.

49) Hernan (German origin) this means ‘soldier’, ‘leader’.

50) Hilario (Spanish origin) meaning ‘cheerful’, for a joyous child.

51) Hugo (Germanic origin) this means an ‘intelligent person’, someone who is impactful, and aware of their environment.

52) Ignado (Spanish origin) this means ‘fire’.

53) Jadzia (Caribbean Spanish origin) this means ‘gem’, ‘precious’.

54) Javier (Spanish origin) meaning ‘bright’ in Puerto Rico, and ‘new house’ in Spain.

55) Jorge (Puerto Rican origin) this means ‘earth worker’, a variation of the name George.

56) Katia (Slavic origin), this means ‘pure’, and could be used as a unisex name.

57) Kevin (Irish origin) this means ‘gentle’, and ‘kind’.

58) Leandro (Latin origin) this means ‘brave’, and ‘lion’.

59) Lucio (Italian origin) this means ‘bringer of light’.

60) Luis (Spanish origin) this means ‘famous warrior’.

61) Macerio (Puerto Rican origin) meaning ‘one who is blessed’.

62) Mateo (Hebrew origin) this means ‘gift of God’.

63) Neron (Spanish origin) meaning ‘sea’, and ‘strong’, like formidable waves.

64) Nicholas (Greek origin) meaning ‘victorious’, a leader typically.

65) Osvaldo (Spanish origin) meaning ‘divine power’.

66) Pablo (Spanish origin) meaning ‘small’, ‘little’.

67) Pitin (Puerto Rican origin) this means ‘happy’ and ‘fortunate’.

68) Ramon (Spanish origin) meaning ‘wise’, ‘protector of humankind’, often very fortunate.

69) Rio (Spanish origin) this means ‘river’, a short and lovely name for a boy.

70) Roberto (Italian origin) meaning ‘shining fame’, a glow like no other.

71) Rolan (Germanic origin) meaning ‘famous in the land’, a child of great expectations.

72) Sebastian (Greek origin) this means ‘venerable’.

73) Servando (Spanish origin) meaning ‘to serve’, a loyal child.

74) Teyo (Spanish origin) meaning ‘God’.

75) Venturo (Spanish origin) this means ‘good luck’ and ‘good fortune’, for a blessed child.

76) Vicente (Latin origin) meaning ‘conquering’.

77) Vidan (Spanish origin) this means ‘life’.

78) Ximen (Hebrew origin) meaning ‘obedient son’.

Powerful Puerto Rican Baby Names

These names have their origins and meanings associated with power, as we all want our children to grow up feeling empowered, confident and ready to take on the world. These names, both for girls and for boys, have their origins in many different places, representing in this country. Check out these powerful names for some inspiration.

79) Asianah (Spanish origin) this means ‘smart’, ‘strong’, and ‘bright’, this daughter is sure to make the family proud.

80) Edelira (Spanish origin) this means ‘noble heritage’, a regal and beautiful name.

81) Jadzia (Puerto Rican origin) this name is a gem, meaning ‘war battle’, often shortened to Zia.

82) Kemena (Spanish origin) this means ‘strong’.

83) Ramona (Spanish origin) meaning ‘protecting hands’, or ‘wise defender’.

84) Vittoria (Italian origin) meaning ‘victorious’ in everything they do.

85) Xiomara (Spanish origin) meaning ‘battle ready’, and ‘famous warrior’.

86) Adolfo (Germanic origin) meaning ‘noble wolf’, a variation of the name Adolf.

87) Armando (Spanish, Portuguese origin) meaning  ‘soldier’.

88) Cleto (Italian origin) this means a person chosen to fight all the odds in our society, a ‘truthteller’, strong and confident.

89) Kemen (Basque origin) meaning ‘courage’, for a son of strength.

90) Tristan (Welsh origin) meaning ‘bold knight’, and ‘great fighter’.

91) Xalvador (Spanish origin) this name is a variation of the name Salvador, meaning ‘saviour’.

Traditional Puerto Rican Baby Names

Here are some traditional Puerto Rican baby names that are popular and traditional, they have a vibrant history on this Caribbean island, an important way to represent culture and family. Although this country is small, it has a host of names for its beautiful people. Check out these classic baby names to add to your list of potential names!

92) Adriana (Spanish origin) this means ‘of the Adriatic’, and ‘dark’, featured in Shakespeare’s play The Comedy of Errors.

93) Annalisse (Puerto Rican origin) this name means ‘devoted to God’.

94) Camila (Latin origin) inspired by Roman mythology, Camila was a huntress who ran so fast over fields she didn’t even touch the grass.

95) Constanza (Latin origin) meaning ‘constant’, this adds a flair to the name, deriving from Constantine, Constance.

96) Floramaria (Spanish origin) meaning ‘flower of Mary’, this name has religious connections, and is a stunning name.

97) Isabella (Spanish origin) this means ‘pledged to God’.

98) Simona (Hebrew origin) this means ‘God is heard’.

99) Carlos (Spanish origin) this means ‘free man’ and ‘warrior’.

100) Christian (Latin and Greek origin) this means ‘a follower of the Almighty’.

101) Cordero (Spanish origin) this means ‘lamb’, and has been increasingly popular in both Puerto Rico and  North America.

102) Donatello (Italian origin) meaning ‘gift’ or ‘given by God’.

103) Fidele (Latin origin) meaning ‘faithful’, someone of good values.

104) John (Hebrew origin) this means ‘God is gracious’.

105) Neftali (Hebrew origin) a variation of the biblical name Naphtali, Jacob’s son, this is rarely used but a beautiful name.

106) Salvador (Spanish, Portuguese origin) meaning ‘saviour’.

107) Santiago (Spanish origin) meaning ‘saint’, from Saint James, a popular and stunning name.

Beautiful Hispanic Name Ideas for Baby

Whether you choose a Hispanic name out of respect for your cultural traditions or you just love the Spanish language, there are many beautiful and powerful names for girls and boys. Latin American names can often be pronounced differently in Spain and Latin American countries, so keep that in mind when choosing a name.

Gender neutral Hispanic baby names

Spanish culture is not known for its gender-neutral names, but there are several options that suit both boys and girls.

  • El (ai-lai): protect
  • Amets (ai-maiT): dream ): laurel grove
  • Reyes (ray-ez): kings
  • Trinidad (Tree-nee-dahd): holy trinity
  • Zorion (Z-or-ee-un): happiness

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Names for Hispanic Boys

Hispanic Boy Names tend to end in vowels «a» or «o», and have an exotic sound. These name variations are great for both first names and middle names for boys.

The most popular names for boys in Spain

Popular names in Spain have been inspired by Biblical names for a long time, but today the trendy names are more international. The best boy names in Spain as of 2017, many of them are pronounced the same in Spanish as they are in English.

  • Adrian (a-dri-an): sea
  • Alejandro (a-lai-hon-dro): protector of man
  • Alvaro (ahl-vah-roh): elven army
  • Antonio: priceless0014
  • Francisco (frahn-see-coh): free man
  • Hugo (oo-ho): mind
  • Javier (ha-wee-air): new home
  • Joseph (kho-SEH): Jehovah increases
  • Juan (HVAN): Yahweh, merciful
  • Julien (hu-li-en): fluffy bearded
  • Lucas: from Lukaniya
  • Manuel (ma-NWEHL): God is with us
  • Mark: male
  • Markel: male
  • Martin (mahr-tin): male
  • Mateo (mah-tay-oh): gift of Yahweh
  • Pablo: modest

Best boy names in South America

Boy names that are popular and common in Hispanic South America. countries such as Colombia are also considered Hispanic to be Peru, Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, and Paraguay. These names are reminiscent of traditional Spanish names but have a cool and modern sound.

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  • Alonso: noble
  • Andres (on cart): manly
  • Bautista (from Bow-TEE): Baptist
  • Benicio (bay-girl-si-o): blessed
  • Bruno: Armor
  • Camilo (cah-mee-loh): unknown
  • Carlos: man
  • Diego (di-ai-go): learning
  • Facundo (fa-KOON-do): eloquent
  • Felipe (feh-LEE-peh): friend of horses
  • Gaspar: treasurer
  • Geronimo (kheh-RO-nee-mo): sacred name
  • Joaquin (kho-a-KEEN): Yahweh sets
  • Lorenzo (lo-REHN-tho): from Laurentum
  • Maximilian (mak-sm-mi-LA-no): the greatest
  • Salvador (sal-ba-DHOR): savior ): saint
  • Thiago (tee-a-go): supplanting
  • Vincente (veen-chen-teh): conquering

The best names for boys in Central America and the Caribbean

In the Spanish-speaking countries of Central America and the Caribbean have their own preferences for Latin American names. These boy names are popular and common in countries such as Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, Dominican Republic and Mexico. nine0003

  • Alley (ah-LE-hah): protect
  • Angel (an-hel): messenger
  • Emiliano (eh-mi-LA-no): rival
  • Fabian (fah-bee-ehn): beans
  • Gael (g-eye-el): my father is joy
  • Hector (ector): hold
  • Jesus (hay-zoos): Yahweh is salvation
  • Jorge (KHOR-kheh): farmer
  • Julian (hu- li-en): fluffy bearded
  • Luis (LWEES): famous battle
  • Miguel (mi-GHEHL): who is like God? nine0014
  • Ricardo (ree-KAR-dho): brave strength
  • Riel (ree-el): God is my strength
  • Sebastian (sei-bas-tee-an): from Sebastia
  • Yadiel (YAH-di-el ): Thank God

Strong and Beautiful Basque Names for Boys

Basque culture includes a region in northern Spain, close to the border with France, and provides many opportunities for strong names for boys. If you live outside of this region, these unique baby names can give your little one a sense of originality. nine0003

  • Aitor (eye-tor): good fathers
  • Argi (a-r-e): light
  • Arkaitz (ar-k-eye-tz): rock
  • Basajaun (bah-SAH-hown) : lord of the forests
  • Eder (ai-d-air): handsome
  • Garaile (ga-rai-ye): winner
  • Egon (ee-gohn): ascension
  • Kemen (kai-min): courage
  • Sendoa (sz-oo-sen): strong
  • Zuzen (sz-oo-sen): Simple

Medieval Spanish names for boys

History is a great place to look for Hispanic male names, such as medieval Spanish names. You won’t hear these nicknames often anymore, but they still sound as powerful as ever.

  • Didak (di-dah-kus): Diego’s variant, «learning»
  • Garci: bear
  • Lorenzio (loh-ren-see-oh): from Lorantum, Italy.
  • Nono (noo-noh): ninth
  • Without: saint
  • Serum (superoh): army
  • Velasco (vay-lass-ko): crow
  • Ximeno (hi-mai-no): son

Cool and short Spanish names for boys

If you want to give your little guy a cool Hispanic flair, these short names are fit perfectly. You can also come up with your own cool name by shortening any Hispanic boy’s name.

  • Borja (bohr-hah): Spanish surname, ‘tower’.
  • Cato (cah-tohn): wise
  • Chale (cha-lai): strong
  • Che (CZ): hey
  • Oriol (oo-ree-AWL): golden
  • Pedro (pai-dro): rock
  • Rui (roo-ee): famous power
  • Santos: saints

Unique Spanish baby names for boys

Modern parents are looking for unique names so that their boy can be one of a kind. These Spanish names may sound familiar, but you won’t find many guys using them.

  • Alvarado (ahl-wuh-rah-do): white
  • Bolivar (boh-li-var): coastal mill
  • Devante (dai-wan-thai): unknown
  • Ernesto (ehr-nays-toh): serious
  • Hermenegildo (ehr-men-eh-kheel-doh): total sacrifice
  • Ramiro (ra-MEE-ro): famous council
  • Tercero (tehr-THEH-ro): third ryo): victorious conqueror

Hispanic girl names

Hispanic girl names can be gentle, pretty or strong. As with boys’ names, you’ll find many options for girls that end in «a», but for girls, you’ll find a wider range of names starting with different letters. nine0003

The most popular names for baby girls in Spain

Some of the most popular names for girls in Spain are of Spanish origin, but many of them are popular all over the world. If you’re looking for a name that suits contemporary Spanish culture, these options are for you.

  • Alba: dawn
  • Carmen: garden
  • Daniela (da-NYEH-la): God is my judge
  • Irati (ee-rah-chee): fern field : God and my oath
  • Josefa (kho-SEH-fa): he will add
  • June: youth
  • Lucia (loo-see-ah): light
  • Maria: unknown
  • Martina (mar-TEE-na): male
  • Paula (POW): modest
  • Sophia: wisdom
  • Valeria (ba-LEH-rya): being strong

Best names for little girls in South America

Girl names from Hispanic South American countries such as Peru, Colombia, Argentina and Chile, long and unique. nine0003

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Best names for baby girls in Central America and the Caribbean

Best names for girls in Hispanic Caribbean and Central America are similar to other Latin American names, but have a shorter side.

  • Adriana (adh-RYA-na): from Adria
  • Alanis (ah-lah-nis): unknown
  • Alejandra (a-leh-KHAN-dra): protects men ): lark
  • Amelia (a-MEH-lya): work
  • Ava (ah-wah): breathe
  • Fabiola (fa-BYO-la): beans (ghwa-dha-LOO-peh): valley wolf
  • Camila (KA-mi-la): unknown
  • Mia: unknown
  • Mila (sweet me): merciful
  • Nayelis (n-eye-ye-leh ): I love you
  • Regina (reh-KHEE-na): queen
  • Valentine (wah-len-tin-ah): strong
  • Ximena (khee-MEH-na): I heard

Meaningful Basque names for girls

Basque word names for girls usually have a deep meaning. These precious names have a great story and a great sound.

  • Avene (a-nu-nah): pillar
  • Glory (oko-nc-a): glory
  • Alazne (ai-laz-nai): miracle
  • time
  • Special (bay-rez-ee): special
  • Heart (bee-o-ts): heart
  • Esti (es-tee): sweet, honey
  • Garbi (garden bee): pure
  • Hilargi (high-lar-gee): moon names for girls

    Many Spanish names for girls are long and sound pretty when you say them. While these exotic names may seem unusual, they are not difficult to write or pronounce.

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    • Aldonza (ahl-DON-tha): noble war
    • Belita (be-LIT-a): unknown
    • Blanca (BLANG-ka): white, light
    • Consuelo (con-SVE-lo): consolation
    • Drina (dri-nah): from Hadreya
    • Eliza (eh-LEE-za): my God is an oath
    • Esmeralda (in ehs-meh-RAL colors): emerald
    • Esperanza (ehs-peh-RAN-tha) : hope
    • Juanita (khwa-NEE-ta): God is merciful
    • Latoya (lah-toy-ah): guardian
    • Lourdes (LOR-dhehz): Spanish name for a French city. nine0014
    • Margarita (mar-ga-REE-ta): chamomile flower
    • Ophelia (o-FEH-lya): help
    • Paloma (pa-LO-ma): dove
    • Queen (RAY-na): queen
    • Soledad (so-le-DHAD): retreat
    • Yesenia: South American tree view

    Short Hispanic Names for Girls

    Give your little girl a cute name when you choose a bold, short Hispanic name for her.

    • Ana (a-nah): grace
    • Arlet (ahr-leht): noble army
    • Belen (beh-LEHN): Bethlehem
    • Dulce (DOOL-theh): sweet
    • Light (LOOTH): light
    • Sea: be
    • Pas (WAY): world
    • Pilar (pee-lar): pole
    • Inez (ee-NEHS): chaste

    Unique Hispanic Girls’ Names

    Although not unique, the «a» endings are rare Hispanic names for girls.

    • Worship (a-dho-ra-tion): adoration
    • Araceli (a-ra-THEH-lee): altar of heaven
    • Azahar (az-ar): orange blossom rya): Presentation of the Lord
    • Celia (sei-li-a): heaven
    • Charo (cha-rroh): rosary
    • Empress (ehm-peh-ra-TREETH): empress
    • Florinda (flo-reen-dah ): flower
    • Macarena (ma-ka-REH-na): name of a district in Seville.
    • Marcaria (mah-KAH-ree-ah): blessed
    • Maristela (mah-ri-stay-lah): starfish
    • Milagros (mi-la-gros): miracles
    • Nieves (NYEH-behs): snow
    • Solana (soh-lah-nah): sunshine
    • Triana (tree-a-na): area in Seville
    • Vidella (vee-day-lah): unknown

    About Spanish baby names

    a native speaker of Spanish from Latin America or Latin American origin. Many lists of baby names containing Hispanic or Latino children’s names include names from various Spanish-speaking countries. nine0003

    Hispanic Name Traditions

    Today, people choose any name they like, regardless of their cultural background. However, there are some traditional names that are often chosen in Hispanic culture, especially surnames and religious names. Naming the firstborn after the father or mother is still a strong tradition in many Hispanic families. The son was named after his father, and then he was given his own middle name. Some families instead choose to give the child his own first name and then give him a middle name. In Latin America, many families choose names from the Bible or from the names of Roman Catholic saints as their first or middle name. nine0003

    Hispanic surname traditions

    In a number of Latin American countries, families give their child a first and middle name, followed by the father’s surname and the mother’s maiden name. For example, in the given name Jorge Carlos Ríos Martinez, Jorge Carlos is the first and middle name, followed by the father’s surname, Ríos, and the mother’s maiden name, Martinez.

    Choosing a Hispanic name for your baby

    Choosing a name is a special challenge because it will forever be a part of your baby. If you have a Spanish-language name, you might also want to think about how it’s pronounced and, if it’s important to you, whether the name is difficult to pronounce for non-Spanish speakers. Take time to think carefully about the name, its meaning, and how it sounds with the child’s last name. nine0003

    🎖▷ Why you don’t have to worry about weight gain with Lamictal


    7,192 2 min read

    If you’re worried that taking Lamictal (lamotrigine) might cause weight gain, there’s good news. It probably won’t affect your weight much. If anything, you’re more likely to lose weight due to Lamictal than gain weight, but either way, the changes are likely to be pretty small.
    The effect of Lamictal on weight has been little studied and various clinical trials have found minimal effect. In fact, some researchers even considered the drug as a possible remedy for obesity and as a remedy for overeating. This information should be reassuring for people with bipolar disorder, as many of the medications used to treat this condition can cause weight gain. nine0003

    Lamictal findings and weight gain or loss
    Lamictal is an anticonvulsant that can be used to treat seizures such as epilepsy. It is also used as a mood stabilizer for bipolar disorder.
    In the first clinical trials with the drug, 5 percent of adults with epilepsy lost weight while taking Lamictal, while 1 to 5 percent of patients with bipolar I disorder gained weight while taking the drug. The researchers do not disclose how much weight patients have gained or lost. nine0004 Meanwhile, a 2006 study comparing the effects on weight of Lamictal, lithium, and placebo found that some Lamictal-treated patients gained weight, some lost weight, and most remained about the same weight. Weight changes are usually not many pounds anyway. Obese patients taking Lamictal lost an average of four pounds, while the weight of non-obese patients remained virtually unchanged.
    Relationship between weight gain and other bipolar drugs
    Weight gain from medications used to treat bipolar disorder is unfortunately quite common. Some mood stabilizers commonly used for bipolar disorder, especially lithium and Depakote (valproate), carry a high risk of weight gain.
    In addition, the atypical antipsychotics Clozaril (clozapine) and Zyprexa (olanzapine) tend to cause significant weight gain in people who take them. Finally, some antidepressants, notably Paxil (paroxetine) and Remeron (mirtazapine), have been associated with weight gain. nine0004 Therefore, if you are already overweight, you and your psychiatrist may want to consider additional weight gain when determining your bipolar medication regimen. Based on this, Lamictal may be a good choice.
    Lamictal as a possible treatment for obesity
    Lamictal has also been studied as a possible treatment for obesity in people without epilepsy or bipolar disorder.
    In a small 40-person clinical trial conducted in 2006, researchers randomly assigned participants to receive either lamiktal or placebo for up to 26 weeks. Each participant in the study had a body mass index (BMI) between 30 and 40, placing them in the obese group to the level of severe obesity. Those who took Lamictal lost an average of just over 10 pounds. Those who took the placebo lost about 7 pounds in the meantime, so while those who took Lamictal lost more weight, they didn’t lose all that much more. nine0004 Another study in 2009 looked at Lamictal as a remedy for overeating. This study involved 51 people with the condition that 26 of them received Lamictal, and 25 — placebo.
    Those who took Lamictal lost more weight than those who took placebo (about 2.

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