How to get to culebra: How to Get to Vieques and Culebra

Culebra Travel Guide — Getting Around

Having transportation in Culebra is a must in order to enjoy all the treasures around the island.  Culebra may be small, but beach lovers and travelers who love to explore, ought to have adequate transportation in order to fully experience what makes Culebra so special.  One Day Visitors

If you’re visiting Culebra for a day, you’ll find plenty of taxi drivers at the ferry terminal and airport ready to take you for a day of bliss at Flamenco Beach. However, if you’re arriving in the morning, we highly recommend and encourage you to rent a jeep or golf cart to get the most out of your day.

Golf Car Rentals in Culebra, Puerto Rico

Golf carts are also popular but only recommend for visitors on the island mainly interested in seeing Flamenco Beach and the most accessible beaches.

  • Carlos Jeep Rental  (787) 742-3514 / (787) 742-1111 – Rates: 4 passenger $50 per day  / 6 passengers $71.20 per day
  • Culebra UTV Rental (787) 525-5456 / (939) 400-0753
  • Jerry’s Jeeps  (787) 742-0587 /(787) 742-0526
Jeep / Car Rentals in Culebra, Puerto Rico

Jeep rentals are the most popular and recommended form of transportation for visitors.  There are various beautiful places you don’t want to miss with dirt roads best handled with 4 wheel drive.  The average rates for jeeps are $66 per day.  Inquire about special weekly rates.

  • Avis Car Rental – (787) 742-3000
  • Carlos Jeep Rental (787) 742-3514 / (787) 742-1111
  • Jerry’s Jeeps (787) 742-0587
  • Willy’s Jeep Rental (787) 742-3537
Scooter Rentals in Culebra, Puerto Rico

Scooter Rentals is a fun way of getting around the island and less costly than jeeps.

  • Carlos Jeep Rental (787) 742-0195
  • JM Rentals, Scooters (787) 717-7583
Bicycle Rentals in Culebra, Puerto Rico

Bicycle Rentals are a wonderful way of getting around.  There’s little traffic in Culebra making it easy to get around the island.  Rates average about $20 per day.

  • Bicicletas de Culebra (787) 742-2209
  • Culebra Bike Shop (787) 742-0589
  • Dick & Cathie Bike Rental (787) 742-0062
  • Pedal Power Bicycle Rental   (603) 479-7098
Charters, Boat & Kayak Rentals in Culebra

Boat Rentals is a great way to see Culebra and the surrounding islands of the archipelago.  

  • Aquatic Adventures  (515) 290-2310
  • Culebra Fly Fishing, Chris Goldmark (787) 827-4536
  • Carousel Custom Charters  (787) 396-3650
  • Culebra Sailing  (787)435-9996
  • Culebra Water Taxi  (787) 360-9807
  • East Wind Cats  (787) 860-3434
  • Guilin’s Water Taxi  (787) 742-0575
  • Island Cruisers Power Boats  (787) 717-2000
  • Ocean Safari Kayaks  (787) 379-1973
  • Quarante 36′  (787) 237-6755
  • Reefview Tours (787) 221-7604
  • Tanamá Glass Bottom Boat(787) 501-0011
  • Water taxi Captain Brad  (787) 435-6546
  • Willy’s Water Taxi  (787) 742-3537
Taxi Services in Culebra, Puerto Rico
  • Charlie Taxi (787) 513-8329
  • Ernesto Taxi  (787) 374-1122
  • Kiko’s Taxi (787) 742-2678
  • Ruben’s Taxi (787) 405-1209
  • Xavier Taxi  (787) 463-0475
  • Willy’s Taxi (787) 742-3537

Things to do in Culebra — Puerto Rico’s laid back island

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Just 17 miles east of Puerto Rico is a small and laid back island of Culebra. This unspoiled piece of Caribbean, is an ideal place to get away from the noise and unwind. The tiny island of Culebra is where you won’t find any big resorts, fancy restaurants or raging night life. In fact, there isn’t much going on after dark. Even though there aren’t many things to do in Culebra, you can easily fill many days with visiting different beaches (there are 13 of them), snorkeling, sunbathing and boating.

Culebra is best know as being the home of Flamenco Beach, often voted as one of the world’s most beautiful beaches. For that reason alone, both locals and tourists take a day trip the main island of Puerto Rico, to enjoy the famous beach. And while Flamenco Beach is, in fact, unbelievably beautiful and worth the trip, there’s so much more to Culebra than that.

Flamenco Beach might be the star, but the island has 12 more stunning and unspoiled beaches and if you plan a longer trip, you can visit them all. After spending a week exploring this incredible island, I put together a list of my favorite things to do in Culebra, as well as other practical tips you might need to plan a similar trip.

Table of Contents

About Culebra

Dewey is the only town on the island. It has a couple of supermarkets, a post office, 2 gas stations and a few restaurants. Even though streets have names, vague directions like “by the ferry” or “past the bridge” are sufficient. The island is so small, that if you spend a few days in Culebra, you are guaranteed to see the same people all over the island.

Things to do in Culebra, Puerto Rico

Some might say Culebra is a sleepy island and it definitely has a very laid back vibe. But if you enjoy water, beach and nature, you will find, that there are plenty of things to do in Culebra to keep you busy. We spend a whole week on the island and never run out of things to do.

Spend a day on Flamenco beach

No visit to Culebra is complete without spending time on Flamenco Beach. It’s the star of the island, and the reason many even come to Culebra. It’s often named one of the top beaches in the world and I admit, I did wonder if it would live up to the hype. The answer is YES, it does. Flamenco beach is a beauty.

When you step on Flamenco beach, you can see the appeal of it right away. This 1 1/2 mile long beach has the picture perfect white sand and stunning turquoise water. It’s wide and never feels crowded, even on busiest days. If you head from the main path all the way to the left and all the way to the right, you will find some amazing snorkeling spots right off the beach.

There is an area off the beach with a few kiosks selling food, drinks and beach accessories. Like all beaches in Culebra, Flamenco is public and free, but there is a parking fee, if you arrive by golf cart or car ( $5 , plus $1 extra for every additional person ).

READ MORE: Is Flamenco beach in Culebra worth the hype?

Visit Carlos Rosario beach

Carlos Rosario is a beach, that you are very likely to have all to yourself. Even though it’s close to Flamenco Beach, it’s not very well known and visited. There are no signs to point you in its direction, what’s more, the “entrance” to it is a chained gate, which would turn most people away.

So how exactly can you get to this secluded piece of paradise? Head to the Flamenco Beach parking lot, look for a chained gate and walk through the opening. From there, follow the trail for about 20 minutes until you reach the beach.

Take a boat ride to Culebrita

One of my favorite things to do in Culebra was leaving Culebra. Not far though. If you have a few days on the island, be sure to take a day trip to Culebrita. This small, uninhibited island is a natural reserve and part of Culebra National Wildlife Refugee, that is open to visitors during the day.

If you love Flamenco Beach, just wait till you see Playa Tortuga. This horse shoe shaped beach is the main beach in Culebrita, it has the most beautiful white powder sand and the color of the water is unreal.

Make sure to take a walk to the end of Playa Tortuga, towards the rocky area until you reach the so called “Baths”. These are basically large tidal pools with bath warm water and some great snorkeling. The pools are surrounded by huge rocks and the water splashing against them creates this beautiful and remote spot. To get there, you do have to climb over some rocks, many of them slippery, so be sure to wear proper shoes. These Keens are perfect and they will come in handy on other rocky beaches in Culebra as well.

Playa Tortuga

Make sure to hike to the top of the hill to see the abandoned lighthouse, or I should say what remains of one of the oldest lighthouses in the Caribbean. The lack of upkeep and destruction by hurricanes, left the once beautiful lighthouse in ruins. The red brick of what remains is gorgeous, as are the views from the top of the hill. And you just might get the last chance to visit the lighthouse before it’s gone. There are plans to turn the historic structure into a visitor center.

How do you get from Culebra to Culebrita? Well, the only way to get to Culebrita is by boat and you have several options to do it. Generally it’s an all day excursion, either by sailing or a motor boat. Some trips include food and snorkeling, others are transportation only. It all depends how you want to spend your time on the island and what your budget is.

We opted to spend a day aboard a 30 ft catamaran with Captain Bill ( and his dog Gigi ), which included lunch, snorkeling and sightseeing. It was without a doubt one of the highlights of our week long stay in Culebra. Captain Bill has been sailing his whole life and having been in Culebra for 25 years, he knows the island and waters really well. He’s well known in Culebra, so most people will be able to send you right to him. I’d link you right to his website, but it seems to be inactive.

If Captain Bill is booked up, another great choice is taking a similar trip with Louis from Cayo Norte Water Taxi. You can also pre-book Culebrita Boat Day trip here.

If you are on a budget, but still want to take a day trip to Culebrita, you can get there by Water Taxi. This kind of trip includes transpiration only. For about $50, they take you there and come back at the end of the day to bring you back to Culebra. h3O Water Taxi comes highly recommended If that’s your preference, don’t forget to pack a cooler with food and drinks for the day, as there is absolutely nothing on Culebrita.

PRO TIP: Two must things to bring on a boat trip to Culebrita are a dry bag for your camera and water shoes.

one of the best things to do in Culebra is taking a day trip to Culebrita

Go snorkeling on Tamarindo beach

Playa Tamarindo is one of the best beaches on the island to do some snorkeling. This is where you are very likely to swim with sea turtles, as well as other wild life. That’s the great thing about Culebra, you don’t need to venture out very far to experience it. Most snorkeling can be done right off the beach, and that is true for Tamarindo as well. All you need is to grab your snorkeling gear and head out.

If you are hoping for some sea turtles encounters, go on the earlier side. There are a couple of kayak tours, that depart from Tamarindo Beach and sometimes that disturbs the turtles. Unfortunately, we were there in the afternoon and didn’t see any, but there were plenty of fish and we also had stingray sightings.

Tamarindo Beach is not far from Flamenco Beach and is easily accessible from the road. Once you get there, head as far to the left as you can. That’s where the best snorkeling is!

Visit Zoni Beach

In the northeast part of Culebra is another secluded and beautiful piece of paradise. Zoni, the locals’ favorite, is a wide and sandy beach, with water all different shades of blue. The waters do get a bit rough at times, so it’s good to keep that in mind, since the beach has no lifeguards. When you look out in the distance you can see St Thomas, Culebrita and other small islands.

Zoni beach is also the site for Leatherback and Hawksbill turtle nesting, so if you happen to be there in season, which is from April to June, you might see some areas of the beach marked off.

Getting to Zoni beach is a treat on its own, as the 20 or so minute hilly ride from town is very scenic. There are no facilities on the beach, so pack a cooler with lunch, drinks and anything you might need.

Watch the sunset at Melones Beach

Melones is the closest beach from Dewey, the main and only town on the island. This is one of the rocky beaches in Culebra, and while it might not be the best for sunbathing, it sure is the top spot to watch the sunset. Bring a chair or sit on the back of your golf cart and enjoy it.

How to get to Culebra

Getting to Culebra by Ferry

Getting to Culebra by ferry is the cheapest option ( one way ticket costs $2.25 ), but can be quite a hassle. Tickets need to be purchased in person, at the ferry terminal, and are sold on first come first serve basis. Since the ferry is a means of transportation for a lot of residents and they have priority, there is no guarantee you will get a seat. Also, the new ferries in use have smaller capacity than the older ones, which means there are fewer seats.

UPDATE: things just got easier in terms of getting ferry tickets to Culebra. As of April 2019 you can look up schedules and book tickets online. This is a limited ticket inventory set aside for online booking. If online tickets are sold out, you can still get them at the Terminal ( as long as those are not sold out yet ).

As of October 2018, all ferries are operating out of the new terminal in Ceiba ( no longer Fajardo ). Aside from the passenger ferry, there is also a cargo ferry, that passengers can use, but these have a limited capacity. The ferries between Ceiba and Culebra run 7 days a week: passenger ferry 3 times/day and cargo/passenger ferry 7 times/day. It’s about a 45 minute ferry ride to get to Culebra.

Here’s the current 2022 schedule Monday – Friday

Ceiba to Culebra ferry

  • 6 am , 9.30 am – passenger ferry
  • 3.30 am, 10 am, 12.30 pm , 3.30 pm, 5.30 pm, 7.30 pm – cargo/passenger ferry

Culebra to Ceiba ferry

  • 7:30 am, 12 pm, 4:45 – passenger ferry
  • 6 am, 9.30 am, 1.30 pm, 3 pm, 5.30pm, 7.30 pm, 9:30 pm – cargo/passenger ferry

Here’s the current 2022 schedule Saturday and Sunday

Ceiba to Culebra ferry

  • 6.30 am, 10 am, 2.30 pm, 5.30 pm – passenger ferry
  • 5 am, 6 am, 12.30 pm, 1.30 pm, 7 pm – cargo/passenger ferry

Culebra to Ceiba ferry

  • 8 am, 12 pm, 4 pm, 7 pm – passenger ferry
  • 7.30 am, 10.30 am, 3 pm, 4.30 pm, 8.30 pm – cargo/passenger ferry

Getting to Culebra by Air

For those not wanting to deal with the uncertainty of getting on the ferry, flying is a good alternative, although a bit more expensive. However, if you are going to Culebra for more than a day and you factor in the cost of taxi getting to the ferry terminal in Ceiba, I think it’s the best option. It’s quick, hassle free and the views are breathtaking. Looking back, the flight over gorgeous blue waters was actually one of my favorite things to do in Culebra.

Flying to Culebra is an attraction on its own

There are many options of airports and airlines to choose from, depending which part of Puerto Rico you are leaving from.

From San Juan International Airport

This is the airport to use if you are connecting through Luiz Munos Marin International Airport ( SJU ) from abroad. You can fly from SJU in San Juan with Seaborne Airlines. Book your Seaborne flights here

From Isla Grande Airport in San Juan

This airport is minutes away from Old San Juan, and a convenient one to use, if that’s where you are prior to flying to Culebra. At this airport you have a choice of Flamenco Air and Vieques Air Link.

From Ceiba Airport

Flights from this airport will be the cheapest and shortest. Two airlines offering flights from Ceiba airport are Vieques Air Link and Flamenco Air.

PRO TIP: Do not overpack. All the planes flying to Culebra are tiny planes have a weight limit, and understandably, they are serious about it.

Culebra snorkeling day trip

The main focus of this guide is to showcase the best of Culebra for those who choose to spend a few days on the island. However, if you are short on time, yet you’d like to experience it in a different way than just the typical day trip to Flamenco beach, taking a Culebra snorkeling day trip might be the way. The boat leaves from Fajardo and the full day trip includes stops at Carlos Rosario Nature Reserve and Cayo Luis Peña. These are some of the most beautiful spots and can be reached only by boat. You can book this trip here.

How to get around Culebra

Culebra is a small island, but you still need some means of transportation to get around. Especially if you plan on spending a few days there and want to explore, which you absolutely should. Most people rent either a golf cart or a Jeep. There are a couple of rental places right by the airport, one of them being Carlos Jeep Rental, which is the one we used.

Golf cart or Jeep? We had a golf cart for a week, and thought it was sufficient for what we needed it for. The island is so small, that even to get to the beach on the opposite end of it, it didn’t take more than 30 minutes. The speed didn’t matter, as we were never in a rush. Jeep will be easier on some of the dirt roads, and you won’t get rained on. It will hold more gear and you can safely leave your stuff in a locked car. Other than that, I found the golf cart to be good enough to meet our needs.

Where to stay in Culebra

The accommodations in Culebra are simple and choices are limited to small hotels, rented villas and Airbnb. Don’t look for big hotels or resorts, because you won’t find them on this island.

Club Seabourne – a boutique resort in the hillsides of Culebra, a perfect place if you want to be a bit removed. It’s a few minutes away from town, so having either a Jeep or a golf cart is a must.

Mamacitas Guest House – this is a simple guest house right in town with a restaurant and a bar downstairs, right on the canal. A short walk from the ferry terminal, restaurants and Milka supermarket.

Palmetto Guesthouse – a small 6 room guest house in a central location. Close to Costa del Sol supermarket and the airport, yet removed enough, so it’s quiet.

Villa Flamenco Beach – this 6 apartment villa gives you a very rare opportunity to stay right on Flamenco Beach. There really are only a couple of places right on it, so this is a very special place. Because of it and the amazing hospitality, Villa Flamenco Beach has a lot of repeat visitors, so make sure to inquire early!

Villa Flamenco Beach

Where to eat in Culebra

Although the list of restaurants on the island is not very extensive, there are a few good places to grab a meal. Much like the entire island, all places are very casual, so there’s definitely no need for fancy attire. Here are a couple of restaurants I would definitely recommend:

Zaco’s Tacos

This was my favorite place, and we ate there more than once. Great food and atmosphere. Ahi Tuna Taco was delicious, and it was possibly the best taco I’ve had in my life. My husband, on the other hand, raved about the Pork belly taco. Another bonus : they have dark beer on tap, which was a welcome change from the Medallas served in most places.

Krusty Crab

This small place is close to the ferry, and with just a handful of tables, it fills up fast. Be prepared to wait if you show up anytime after 6pm. It’s BYOB. If you don’t score the table, and don’t want to wait, you can always grab a take out.

Dinghy Dock

Dinghy Dock is definitely the place to go for a drink with the view. This waterfront restaurant has a great vibe and is the most hopping place of the island. The fresh fish is great, and they make killer drinks!

Food stands

If you drive around the island, you will sure encounter a few food stands. Whether it’s fish or lechon, it’s a filling cheap meal.

Things to know before you visit Culebra

  • Supermarkets – Culebra has 2 main supermarkets: Costa del Sol and Milka. The first one is close to the airport, while the latter is in town near the bridge. Milka has better selection of products, but is a bit pricier than Costa del Sol.
  • Currency used in Culebra is American dollar.
  • Bank – there is one bank on the island, Banco Popular and this is the only ATM to withdraw cash.
  • Credit cards – a lot of places take credit cards VISA, Mastercard and Discover. However, some small restaurants and food stands are cash only.
  • Sunscreen – bring and use lots of sunscreen, more than you think you should. The sun is really strong, and a lot of the beaches offer very little shade.
  • Bring water shoes – beaches like Tamarindo and Carlos Rosario have some rocky spots.
  • Language – even though the official language is Spanish, most people speak English as well, especially in hotels, restaurants or tour operators.

Costa del Sol Supermarket

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If you want to travel from Sochi to the airport in a private car, you can easily make a comfortable trip with a car that can be rented from many car rental companies in the city. In addition, public transport and taxis provide services to take you to the airport at any time of the day. nine0003


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