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Mario’s Pizza Bairoa — Caguas 🇵🇷

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Marios Pizza Bairoa | Pizzeria en Caguas, Puerto Rico

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Marios Pizza Bairoa

— Pizzeria en Caguas, Puerto Rico


Bw10 Ave Las Americas Bairoa
Caguas, Puerto Rico 00725


[ver teléfonos]

Teléfono Alterno / Fax:


Categoría: Pizzeria

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Información de Marios Pizza Bairoa

Información General de Marios Pizza Bairoa:

La pizzeria Marios Pizza Bairoa tiene su local comercial en el pueblo de Caguas, Puerto Rico. Marios Pizza Bairoa esta localizada con sus facilidades en Caguas con la siguiente dirección postal y/o física: Bw10 Ave Las Americas Bairoa, Caguas, Puerto Rico 00725.

Información de contacto de Marios Pizza Bairoa:

Si deseas comunicarte con Marios Pizza Bairoa — Pizzeria lo puedes hacer a los siguientes números telefónicos en el pueblo de Caguas: (787) 258-3777.

Búsquedas Adicionales: ¿Deseas buscar más pizzerias en Caguas como Marios Pizza Bairoa: Haz clic aquí para buscar más pizzerias en el área, zona, región, pueblo o ciudad de Caguas, Puerto Rico.

Eres Marios Pizza Bairoa o empleado de Marios Pizza Bairoa, y deseas actualizar la información del perfil de Marios Pizza Bairoa?, haz clic aquí.

Horarios de Oficina para Marios Pizza Bairoa

El horario de la Pizzeria Marios Pizza Bairoa podrá ser modificado en Navidades, Semana Santa y dias feriados. Informese en este mismo portal del horario en estos periodos.

Lunes: 11:00 AM — 11:00 PM

Martes: 11:00 AM — 11:00 PM

Miércoles: 11:00 AM — 11:00 PM

Jueves: 11:00 AM — 11:00 PM

Viernes: 11:00 AM — 11:00 PM

Sábado: 11:00 AM — 11:00 PM

Domingo: 11:00 AM — 11:00 PM

* Los horarios son de referencia y estan sujetos a cambio sin previo aviso.

Comunícate con Marios Pizza Bairoa

Puedes utilizar el siguiente formulario de contacto para tratar de comunicarte con la pizzeria Marios Pizza Bairoa, haremos todo lo posible por enviarle
tu mensaje a Marios Pizza Bairoa. Actualmente la manera más directa de comunicarse con Marios Pizza Bairoa es al teléfono: (787) 258-3777 .

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Esta información es suministrada para el uso personal solamente y no se puede utilizar para cualquier propósito comercial sin el consentimiento escrito expreso de no hace ninguna garantía, expresa o implicada, incluyendo sin limitación ninguna garantía de comerciabilidad o adecuación para el propósito particular, con respecto a los datos presentados aquí. Todos los nombres, servicios, horarios, mapas, teléfonos, direcciones y datos están conforme a cambio sin previo aviso.

photos, reviews, address, menus and prices, book a table on the site Leclick.


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IL LETTERATO, a network of family trattorias, are united by the «bookish spirit», which can be read already in the history of establishments. The spouses Elena and Aleksey traveled around Italy — the very one «to live,» as Gogol wrote — and did not want to part with the local atmosphere and endless comfort. That’s how IL LE…9 came into being0004

Opening hours









Anna Shu

Reviewed by Google

Having bought tickets to the Diamond Fund, we decided to spend time before the tour enjoying cakes. The priority was tiramisu and we were taken to the Italian cafe El letterato. Very pleasant cafe atmosphere and delicious tiramisu and marquise cakes. And very unobtrusive and fast service .Above all praise.

Rose Aysina

Reviewed by Google

A cozy Italian restaurant near the Manege. Inside there is a pleasant lamp interior, beautiful lamps, many zones. A separate check-in for amazing sofas, it’s hard to get up from them 🙂 Everything was delicious for food too — they took pasta with mushrooms, beef cheeks, teas and desserts — honey cake and lemon tart. Tart is magical 🙂 In general, a cool place with a lamp atmosphere.

Tasha Si

Reviewed by Google

Being guests of your city, we went to eat in this cozy place. And they didn’t regret it. Pleased with delicious pasta and amazing mulled wine. The administrators were very polite, despite the full landing, they found us a place in the VIP room, for which special thanks to them.

Nursuluu Asankadyrova

Reviewed by Google

We went with my family for dinner (4 people) with a large number of free tables, a girl who did not introduce herself and did not have a badge, seated us near the entrance. This is the first!
After ordering, after 15 minutes, when she had already brought the first pasta, she began to clarify which one we ordered the second one? ‍♀️? Although we ordered 4!!! ? In the end, they ate what they brought and left!
She cleared the table when asked.
Service -10.
To my remark, why didn’t she bring the rest of the orders, she began to assure that we ordered only one soup! And to the request to be MORE ATTENTIVE, she answered: “that she is alone in the hall. ” In general?‍♀️ we won’t be back! I DO NOT RECOMMEND!!!

Vadim S.

Reviewed by Google

Everything is very good. The pizza is good both on a thick dough and on a thin one (I liked it more). Good service, convenient location. Minus one, but significant: extremely small portions, I would say just small. What is pizza, what is pasta. I ate gnocchi with porcini mushrooms — a handful-sized portion, not Italian at all. Delicious, but small. Don’t overeat, but enjoy the food. And stay slim)

Natalia Kuptsova

Reviewed by Google

A beautiful restaurant in the very center of Moscow. Cozy and stylish. The food is not very tasty and the price tag is too high, but you pay more for walking distance to the Kremlin.

Comrade Major

Reviewed by Google

This is definitely a pleasant place!
To get inside, you need to go down to the basement. After the meal, you can go upstairs and buy some literature, so to speak, supplementing the material food with the spiritual one.
? The price tag is adequate to the level and location of the institution.
? The food is delicious, but it’s a matter of taste, of course?
?Location near the walls of the Kremlin?
?‍? Service at the level.
I will visit again on my next visit. Recommended for those who love Italian cuisine.

Yulia Bespalova

Reviewed by Google

A very pleasant place in the very center of Moscow near the tourist entrance to the Kremlin. Polite friendly staff. We were there for a themed event, we liked the cuisine. But I can’t say anything about the standard menu. Keep in mind that at the moment, the cafe does not have a license for alcohol. Only cider and beer are on the menu.

Things to do in bad weather. My top 5 is

Kaliningrad is not always sun, sea and warm. The Baltics, at times, are harsh and storm warnings are not uncommon. If one of them fell on your vacation, then this time can be used to get new impressions! There are daredevils who will go to watch the storm, but for everyone else — my selection.

Option 1 — Fill in gaps in knowledge. There are many museums in Kaliningrad and the region, for most Russians the history of the Teutonic Order, the origin of amber and the marine theme are something distant, understandable in general terms. So, go deep and discover new knowledge, since there are plenty of museums. For example, in the Bunker Museum, the weather is not important at all 🙂

We have museums for every taste. from the classic «Museum of Amber», Historical and Artistic and other top 10) to small and cozy, but also free, such as the «Museum of the Postcard», the Museum of Marzipans or «50 million»

in the Museum of the Postcard

Option 2 — We realize the dream of tea, a book, a blanket.

We go to the nearest bookstore (there are several of them: Bukvoyed, Bookshop, Books and little books, etc., second-hand bookshop «House of People and Books»). Of course, I do not urge you to take a volume of Byron .. but on vacation a book is a luxury and joy for any worker.

So, there is a book — now we are going somewhere where there is a view of a rainy city or a stormy sea.

In the city, it seems to me that Zhelatiya Italia is perfect (especially a table by the window overlooking Victory Square), Bravo Italia in the Plaza shopping center overlooking the House of Soviets, the Elevator cafe overlooking the port — the same as part of the atmosphere.

On the sea — this is the first line in Zelenogradsk («AmBar», «Dacha», «Neptun», «Oblaka»), in Svetlogorsk — «Pizza Mario», «Nymph», «Rybak’s House».

sea in bad weather

We buy a cup of tea (ginger, sea buckthorn), or maybe cocoa, or vice versa, mulled wine.

And enjoy a rainy day and an exciting story. If you want to combine with point 1 — we take a book about Koenigsberg) By the way, there is coffee and comfort in the library. Chekhov (this is for those who do not plan to purchase).

Option 3 — Shopping and entertainment day. Kaliningrad shopping — it may seem meaningless only at first glance. Brands in shopping centers are almost the same as elsewhere. But if you search, you can stumble upon islands or boutiques with goods from other Baltic countries — Poland, Lithuania, Latvia.

And what is a shopping center without an entertainment area: a cinema (Plaza, Europe) or a children’s center. Here I will also include options for the Quest or Laser Tag or other options that can be found on the website with coupons.

Of course, as in any city there is a large shopping center where you can spend a whole tribute. Moreover, it is on the way to the Airport and is called «Baltic Mall».

Option 4 — We delight our creative nature. Master classes in our city is quite common. Especially needlework or other handiwork.

The Museum of Fine Arts regularly offers children’s workshops on weekends, as well as pottery schools, such as Kolokol.

Food workshops: «Karamelkovo» show the secrets of delicious sweets, restaurants and pizzerias also hold master classes for adults and children, such as Dodo pizza.

And, of course, tastings! For example, cheese tasting at the Schaakendorf cheese factory.

Option 5 — SPA and relaxation. Well, of course, how not to treat yourself to spa treatments on such a rainy day. Baths, saunas, as well as spa complexes will welcome you with pleasure. A Thai massage parlor is also a good option. And if you go, for example, to Nesselbek, then there is a spa and a museum of skulls and a restaurant — all in one and a beer bath advertised in Orel and Reshka.

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