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Surfer’s Beach Map For Rincon Puerto Rico

> Shore Island
> Salsi
> Middles
> Secret Spot
> Golondrinas
> Jobos

> Table Top
> Surfer’s Beach
> Ruins
> Wilderness
> Wishingwell
> Gaschamber
> Crashboat
> The Jetty
> Bridges
> School Yards

> Table Rock
> Lucal
> Mameyito
> Pico de Piedra

> Rivermouth
> Parcking Lot
> Sandy
> Pools Beach
> Trampa
> Domes
> Deathman’s
> Indicators
> The Pointe
> Marias
> Pistons

                                                                                                                                                                          > Tres Palmas
                                                                                                                                                                          > Steps
                                                                                                                                                                          > Malibu                      

Now that you know where the best surfing beaches are, CLICK HERE for complete information about them!

Rincon Lizard Map and Guide

Your Rincon Lizard Map and Guide will help you get the most of your time in this mecca for surfers and beach lovers worldwide.  

The Rincon Map and Guide is the most comprehensive and accurate guide to Rincon available.  It clearly identifies Rincon’s beaches, surf breaks, trails and roads and includes detailed descriptions of the surf breaks and beaches, detailed topography (land height) and bathymetry (water depths), and lots of useful information about exploring Rincon in both Spanish and English. This is a 2-foot by 3-foot detailed beachproof / waterproof map that is designed for adventure.

Lizard Maps help people find the best places for outdoor exploration, off the beaten path trails and beaches, and highlight some of our favorite restaurants, bars and shops. The surf break guide on the back of your Rincon Lizard Map offers detailed surf break descriptions written by longtime Rincon surfer and local Melissa Taylor of Puntas Surf School so you can better understand what you’re about to drop in to. 

If you want to find the best that Rincon has to offer, you’ll want the Rincon Lizard Map with you.  Get yours today and start planning your Rincon adventure.

When in Rincon, be sure to stop by our select group of map sponsors — these businesses get the Lizard Stamp of Approval!

BD Cafe — Casa Isleña Inn — Centro La Paz Wellness Center — Das Alpen Cafe — Dulcis Vita Bakery & Coffee Shop
The English Rose  — Island West Properties — Lucky 13 BBQ — Mi Familias Pizzeria — 8th and Ocean — Ode to the Elephants — Puntas Surf School — The Red Door Boutique and Gift Shop — Tourism Association of Rincon 
Surfrider Foundation — The/Uncharted/Studio — Villa Cofresi

Surfing Guide to Puerto Rico

Rincon, Puerto Rico by @rinconsurfreport

  • Summary

  • When to go

  • Surf spots

  • Where to stay

  • Getting there
  • Safety/things to know


Puerto Rico is the Caribbean surfing capital. Especially during Fall and Winter, the power here is undeniable and quite surprising and became a reason why many Americans decide to go to Puerto Rico instead of Hawaii for their surfing holidays.


Most waves here break on reef and on a decent swell will provide some barrel action. The north and west sides of the island are most exposed to the Atlantic storms making them the best place to focus on for a successful trip.


Beginners also have many beach break options to chose from which will help them improve their surfing without getting smashed on shallow reefs.


Rincon is the main attraction in Puerto Rico being a lovely surf towns with many surf spots surrounding it and would be a great place to base yourself on a surf trip to Puerto Rico.


Photo by @racheltannerphoto



Although surfing is possible all year, things really start to heat up during the hurricane season in the month of August and should last all the way into Spring. Another positive aspect of Puerto Rico is the Caribbean pristine weather allowing you to leave all wet suits as well as the possibility of doing other activities on lay days.




When to go

The best time to surf Puerto Rico is from August to April for more consistent conditions although surfing is possible any time of the year.

January-February March-April May-June July-August September-October November-December
Suitable for: All surfers All surfers All surfers All surfers All surfers All surfers
Air temperature 25°C
Water temperature 26°C
Crowd Very crowded Fairly crowded Fairly crowded Very crowded Fairly crowded Fairly crowded
Swell Consistency 80% 70% 60% 50% 60% 70%
Swell height 6 ft 5 ft 4 ft 4 ft 5 ft 6 ft


Where to stay in Puerto Rico

The best place to stay on a surf trip to Puerto Rico is Rincon, a little surf town on the island’s west coast. There are a lot of surf spots in the area as well as great accommodation.


Browse our interactive map to find your dream place to stay on a surf trip to Puerto Rico!

Best vacation rentals in Rincon

The Love Shack in Rincon (2 guests)

Oceanfront Resort Condo (4 guests)

Sandy Beach Villa (6 guests)

Amazing Oceanview Villa (up to 17 guests)


Best surf hotels in Rincon


Casa Islena Inn

Rincon of the seas

Coconut Palms inn



Surf spots in Puerto Rico

Playa Aviones

Not too far from San Juan is this beautiful and consistent surf spot offering waves for all skill levels over a forgiving reef. This place tends to get crowded so everyone must respect other surfers and locals.
Wave direction : Right and left
Bottom : Reef
Best tide : Any
Skill level : Beginner, intermediate and advanced
Optimal swell direction : N
Optimal wind direction : S


One of Puerto Rico’s best surf spot. A challenging, fast and barreling wave that breaks over a few rocks. Located on the north western part of the island, Middles is breaking pretty consistently on a NE swell.
Wave direction : Right
Bottom : Sand and rocks
Best tide : Low to mid
Skill level : Intermediate and advanced
Optimal swell direction : NE
Optimal wind direction : S

Tres Palmas

Rincon, Puerto Rico by @rinconsurfreport

Beautiful reef break offering both lefts and rights but isn’t so consistent.
Wave direction : Right and left
Bottom : Reef
Best tide : High
Skill level : Intermediate and advanced
Optimal swell direction : NW
Optimal wind direction : E

Gas Chambers

Inconsistent barreling wave that works on a large NW swell. When it is on, it is a shallow and dangerous spot to be kept for advanced surfers only
Wave direction : Right
Bottom : Reef and sand
Best tide : High
Skill level : Advanced
Optimal swell direction : NW
Optimal wind direction : E


A nice point break that tends to get crowded. Works well on a NW swell and produces fun rights.
Wave direction : Right
Bottom : Pebbles
Best tide : Mid to high
Skill level : Advanced
Optimal swell direction : NW
Optimal wind direction : SE



Getting there

The main international airport is in San Juan, which is where most flights will land. From there, you can either stick to the north side beaches or move to the west side of Puerto Rico where Rincon is located.



Safety/things to know

-Hurricane season is from August to November. Some of them might not just bring waves but also hit the island. Heads up.
-Mostly reef breaks

American Lineup — Surf Discovery


Comfortable hotels, swimming pools and luxurious beaches, decorated with colored umbrellas; all this does not fit well with the free surf environment when you want to be alone with the ocean and a smooth wave. As soon as you open your eyes, the reality of 30 people on the line-up holds you tightly to the leash and prevents you from sliding. It’s time to look beyond the horizon and go for free lineups. Central America is not a close place for everyone, but not for us.

Costa Rica


Costa Rica’s numerous waves featured in the legendary movie Endless Summer 2. The waves are plentiful and the surf can be broken down into three main areas. The north of the country, washed by the Pacific Ocean (Guanacaste-Nicoya), the south of the country (Punta Arenas) and the Caribbean. Such conditions make surfing in Costa Rica an annual event. From the Pacific Ocean, the best waves are during the rainy season («summer» in the northern hemisphere), and during the hot season («winter») in the Caribbean.

This country is one of the safest in Central America. This is a plus and this is a minus. Prices for hotels and other tourist commodities are far from modest. But the locals are positive and friendly, including on lineups.

The map shows the main spots of the country. In total, during a cursory examination, about a hundred spots were counted. And for sure there are also little-known places that you can discover and discover while traveling.

The waves from the north side of the country are mostly right. Basically it’s scourge breaks.

Sometimes the climate in this part of the country has a very serious effect on comfortable travel. During the rainy season, it is impossible to drive to remote spots. Given that the descriptions of the road look something like this. To get to a very good Camaronal spot, which is open from December to April, you need to go through Samara to Carillo. After Carillo turn towards Punta Islit and cross the river at low tide. Next, drive to the cow pasture along the ocean. You are almost there. Now you need to ask the shepherds to take you by boat to the spot, because the road is flooded further. In general, it is better to take a boat from Samara right away, because road forecasts are often disappointing. Here’s a trip like a trip and it’s worth it, because the waves here are first-class.


Nicaragua is another country rich in surf spots. There is always warm water and waves for every taste. Most often, travelers are attracted by a less touristy and comfortable environment. The country is clearly not chasing a tourist image, so there are no inflated prices and expensive hotels. Local friendly, crime is minimal. Wild and luxurious beaches, free lineups can only be overshadowed by the fact that it is not easy to get to them. You can not count on transport services from the local population. Therefore, most often arriving in Costa Rica, tourists take transport there.

On the other hand, if you do gain strength and make it all the way, you will be able to fully experience the wonderful feeling of loneliness on the lineup. This is what makes it worth going to such remote places.

There are about 30 spots on the 300 km wild coastline. Most of them are recommended for advanced surfers. True, nature took care of beginner surfers and organized such spots for them as San Juan Del Sur and Playa Remanso.

The waves in Nicaragua are both right and left. On average, for every 10 kilometers spot. It’s not that much. But you need to take into account the place is little studied. Therefore, other spots that are not marked on the map in any way will somehow come across along the way. There is a unique chance to become a pioneer. And even the worn-out “Vasya was here” as the name of the spot may be appropriate here.

El Salvador

El Salvador is the smallest country in Central America and one of the countries with the best waves in the region. The surf season is almost all year round. The best months are from March to October. In November and December the waves are from 3 to 5 feet, in January and February up to 3 feet. Although the waves are small in the rainy season, they are correct. Well suited for learning.

All known spots of the country are shown on the map. Punta Roca is considered the best (the locals call it De-Road Tepekua) with a right-handed fast wave, with a large swell — a good troubua. Conchallo beach with a lot of multi-peak right waves. Spot La Bocano is formed at the mouth of the river flowing into the ocean, the left wave. Sunzal and Mizato are also known to be good right wave spots.

Caribbean. Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico has long been known as the little brother of the northern coast of Hawaii. There are favorable conditions for surfing almost the whole year, and the wave height can reach 20 feet.

From October to February, the swell has a northerly direction to the east coast of America, which for Puerto Rico means ideal surfing conditions. Rincón is the most famous place with many spots around. True, there are quite a lot of people on the lineup. Here, as well as in Hawaii, the locals are quite jealous of strangers. But still not so aggressive, and if you also smile, there will be no problems with the wheelchair at all.

This map shows all the western spots of the island. As you can see, surfing is literally within walking distance from the airport (top of the map). So, if you decide to surf right after the flight, then the nearest spot is Table Top. Although brought here does not reach its full potential, but you should know that this place is not for beginners. This is a reef spot with a long right wave (from 50m to 150m).

If you choose from all the spots, then it cannot be called the best. Its only advantage is that it is located within the city. Just imagine, you are riding a tram with a board. So here this idea will naturally come true.

The best spots are on the north coast of Puerto Rico and nearby islands. In the table their names and characteristics.

Wait for the continuation and description of new spots!


The best surf spots around the world — PiWay

Coast cities

Professionals rate the best surf spots — whether you want to learn the sport, test your skills on six-foot waves, or just soak up the surf culture.

Pi Way

Sep 23, 2022 — 18:25
Updated: Sep 22, 2022 — 13:16


Surfing made its debut at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, showing the world how challenging the sport is. But even with a new global platform, surfing retains its laid-back and adventurous culture, which for many surfers is accompanied by a desire to race and conquer the best spots around the world.

Whether you’re an experienced surfer or a first-time surfer, there are many factors to consider — the best wave-chasing experience doesn’t just depend on the conditions. Olympic silver medalist Kanoa Igarashi says that when it comes to picking a surf spot, his priorities are in order: «food, culture, then waves.»

With nearly 400,000 miles of ocean coastline in the world, there is no shortage of great places to make this trip. Some destinations are known for their surf culture, while others offer decent breaks that few people know about (although don’t expect the pros to turn down the really good places). Whether you’re looking for challenging waves in close proximity to great restaurants, or just looking to develop your skills in a new scenic setting, these are some of the best places in the world for your next surf vacation.

Bribie Island, Queensland, Australia

Good for : City loving surfers

Exploring the world’s best surf spots should include Australia, home to many legends and pros, which makes sense given that the vast majority of the country’s population lives along a vast coastline. The waves are legendary here, as are the many surf towns that have sprung up around them. One such example is Bribie Island, halfway between the Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast, and a favorite haunt of Queenslanders. This is the closest surf beach north of Brisbane, making it easy to explore the city’s famous art galleries and craft breweries after you’re dry. The best breaks here can be found at Wurim Beach, where the waves average around three feet (although check the surf report before you hit the road: they can get a lot bigger sometimes). The best time to visit is from March to May.

Huntington Beach, CA

Suitable for : Immerse yourself in surf culture .

There’s a reason Huntington Beach is known as Surf City USA: it’s everything you’d expect from a city built by and for surfers. The US Open Surfing takes place in this sunny southern California town every September with waves that are some of the most consistent in the world and also challenging enough for the pros. After diving in, learn about the history of the sport at the International Surfing Museum and see the statues of prominent figures on the Surfing Walk of Fame. For friends and family who don’t surf and want to join them, we promise that sitting on the warm sand and watching the action in the water will be a lot of fun. After that look at Pasea Aarna Spa for a new surf treatment, a scrub and massage designed to ease the pain caused by a day on the water.

Watamu, Kenya

Suitable for : Surf and safari combination.

African surf destinations such as Senegal and South Africa have gained worldwide recognition, but along the continent’s 18,950 miles of coastline there are still many spots that still go unnoticed by travelers. Kenya is just one example. “If you want to get off the beaten track and head to a place that has an establishment that will support you in terms of accommodation and dining, then Kenya is the destination for you,” says Ben Kelliher, Kenyan owner of Tribe Watersports in Watamu. Considered the best place for experienced surfers, this place offers a rare opportunity to ride waves up to six feet high along the coral reef. Kelliher says that on a busy day, the 4.5-mile beach can see 20 surfers in the water, while a similar location elsewhere can see as many as 200. Plus, the location is only an hour and a half away from the safari adventure in Tsavo National Park.

Tairawiti (Gisborne), New Zealand

Fit for : Ride with the Pros

Tairawiti, also known as Gisborne, is a region on the North Island of New Zealand known for its steady waves, pleasant weather and friendliness to outsiders. It is also a lesser-known alternative to the country’s popular Raglan surf spot, making Gisborne popular with professional surfers. » The east coast of the North Island is a haven for offshore winds, calm seas and good vibes ,” says Gisburne regular Kiwi surfer Ricardo Christie. However, Christie, like many local pros, won’t tell you exactly which places are the best. he recommends checking out the variety of waves along the coast and keeping things in the shade: « Don’t tell all the places on the internet ,» he asks visitors.

Waikiki, Hawaii

Suitable for : Classic Surfing

Surfing’s origins date back to at least the 12th century in Polynesia, before the sport was modernized and popularized in Hawaii. For a touch of that history, look no further than Honolulu’s Waikiki Beach, with its gentle crescent shape and consistent conditions. Waikiki is also picturesque, with Diamond Head serving as a backdrop for surfers surfing the turquoise Pacific Ocean. It’s a popular spot for beginners — contact Faith Surf School to learn the basics — but even seasoned surfers flock to Oahu for a chance to surf the same waters as the original legends (if that’s you, know you’ll find higher waves at Ala Moana Bowls nearby). Visit Moana Surfrider to take advantage of its position on the beach and its impressive collection of surf memorabilia.

Playa Hermosa, Costa Rica

Suitable for : Beginners

Playa Hermosa is Central America’s first World Surfing Reserve with a pristine white sand beach, smooth waves and several surf schools that cater to beginner surfers such as Costa Rica Surf Camp . In fact, there are even more places to learn along Costa Rica’s 900-mile Pacific and Caribbean coastline, as well as challenging breaks for more experienced surfers such as Playa Tamarindo. Surfers agree that the sport has a lot to do with the connection to the land, which is a feature of Costa Rica in every way. » Surfing in Costa Rica is so special and unique that it fills you with the “surfer soul” inside you ,” says Briza Hennessy, a native of Costa Rica who tentatively qualified to represent Costa Rica at the Tokyo Olympics.

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