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The 7 best beaches for surfing near NYC

Posted On Wed, July 14, 2021

By Dana Schulz

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Whether you’re a seasoned surfer or are looking to learn the sport, you don’t have to go far from New York City to ride some waves. Ahead, we’ve rounded up the seven best beaches in the area for surfing, from the Rockaways, NYC’s only legal surfing beach, to spots on Long Island and the Hamptons to the greatest of the Jersey Shore. We’ll also fill you in on other things to do in these towns and where to rent boards or take lessons.


Photo by Lars Ploughmann via

1. The Rockaways
The Rockaways is the only beach in NYC where you can legally surf. It’s accessible via the A train and the Rockaway S shuttle (it extends to connect with the A at Rockaway Boulevard in the summer), as well as the NYC Ferry. In recent years, it’s increased its cool factor with food trucks, drink spots (try Connolly’s for their famous frozen pink lemonades and pina Coladas), taco stands (try Tacoway Beach), as well as a bustling boardwalk and hip hotels. Beach 92nd Street, Beach 67th Street, and Beach 69th Street are considered the best surfing beaches. The waves are usually two to three feet and tend to break consistently, making this a really good spot for beginners. Beach 92nd Street can get some bigger waves, but also tends to get very crowded. If you’re looking to take a lesson, Locals Surf School offers packages for individuals, pairs, or groups, as well as surf camps and kids’ programs. Conatus Surf Club, Surfs Up NY, and Rockaway Surf School are other great options for lessons.

2. Long Beach
Sean Collins, the lead surfing weather forecaster for Surfline, explained to the Wall Street Journal that Long Beach’s overall surf appeal has to do with the underwater Hudson Canyon that’s located off the western end of Long Island. “There are swells that don’t hit the canyon right, so they just come in normally,” he explained, “But when Long Beach is at its best quality, that Hudson Canyon is definitely working to grab that swell, twist it around and multiply it. ” The best surfing spot is probably Lido Beach, where “south swells with north winds produce powerful, hollow, A-frame peaks,” according to Surfline. A close runner-up is Lincoln Boulevard, where jetties help produce consistent waves that are better for beginners. Wherever you go on Long Beach, do be prepared for a crowd in the summer. Unsound surf shop and Long Beach Surf Shop are the places to go for board rentals, while Skudin Surf has you covered for lessons.

Photo via PxHere

3. Montauk
Its location at the very tip of Long Island affords Montauk some of the very best and biggest waves in the region (as well as a lengthy drive or trip on the Jitney). And though it has the Hamptons’ most raucous party scene, the beaches and ocean still retain that laid-back fishing village feel. Ditch Plains is considered the top surfing spot in Montauk and is probably best for experienced surfers. Because of its rocky bottom, the consistent break is often compared to spots in Southern California.   The Montauk Lighthouse (the oldest in the state) is not just a historic attraction but also a marker for some of the best surf. To the south and west of the lighthouse is Turtle Cove, which can see waves of up to 20 feet on a good day. According to Surfline, Terrace is the beach where the locals go. They explain, “its sand-covered reef [produces] some of the only credible tubes in Montauk” and it is “one of the best south-facing breaks in all of Long Island.” Air + Speed Surf Shop offers rentals, lessons, and camps, and Sunset Surf Shack rents boards and wetsuits.

Photo by Pexels from Pixabay

4. Fire Island
Sure, it requires some effort to get here–you’ll have to take the Long Island Railroad to the Sayville station, followed by a shuttle and a ferry trip— but Fire Island is a magical, car-free place (most people walk, bike, or scuttle around in golf carts) full of protected beaches, resort communities, and outdoor activities (hiking and fishing are very popular). Technically a barrier island, Fire Island is good for surfing because of a series of sandbars and jetties, but this also means that the conditions are a bit unpredictable and can change quickly depending on where the sandbars are located and how the break is. “The best breaks Sandbar breaks can be found in Atlantique, Point O’ Woods, and Smith Point. For a steeper, faster wave, surfers head to the Ocean Beach jetties. There is an east and west jetty, both with quality waves,” explains For board rentals, hit up Bungers in Sayville (before boarding the ferry).


5. Sandy Hook
Sandy Hook is part of the Gateway National Recreation Area and therefore is maintained by the National Park Service. In addition to pristine, rolling beaches, there are dune and beach trails for running and hiking, bike paths, kayaking, and even a former military installation (there’s also a nude beach if that’s your thing). It’s accessible via the high-speed Seastreak Ferry, which adds another layer of ocean fun. The reason Sandy Hook is great for surfing is that its location at the northern tip of the Jersey Shore creates a classic point break. “The Cove at Sandy Hook is at the third jetty…It faces northeast and creates mainly right-hand waves is at its best with any on a bigger south swell,” says Deep Swell. In addition, they say, “good sandbars create hollow beach breaking waves.” Do note that concessions are very limited, so most visitors bring a cooler.

Surfing in Belmar. Photo by Catherine E. Bailey via Flickr cc

6. Belmar
This Jersey Shore town gets flooded with tourists in the summer since it’s got some of the most happening bars in the area (D Jai’s and Bar Anticipation, specifically) and plenty of Airbnbs. In recent years, it’s seen a bit of a restaurant renaissance and the addition of the cool new BeachHaus Brewery. To catch the waves, head to the 16th Avenue beach, which “breaks pretty well on all swells, and is a good spot to catch if it’s not summer,” according to Surfline. Eastern Lines Surf Shop is just across the street, and they also offer surfing lessons, as does the local Summertime Surf school. But do keep in mind, that Belmar can get packed in the height of the summer. It’s accessible via NJ Transit.

Waves breaking at the Manasquan Inlet. Photo by apardavila via Flickr cc

7. Manasquan Inlet
Full disclosure: 6sqft’s editor are both from Manasquan, BUT this surfing locale is known all across the country. The adorable shore town, just a square mile with a quintessential Main Street USA feel, has a full stretch of family-friendly beaches, but the Inlet is where you’ll catch the waves. Since there’s a very long jetty here, you’ll get “some of the longest rides on the coast because the waves peak further out,” according to Surfline explains that the inlet “can handle up to 20-foot faces, with two fast, bowl-shaped peaks and the occasional quality left.” The vibe is also desirable, as Mansaquan tends to be full of locals who all know one another. To pick up gear, head to the town’s long-time surf shop Inlet Outlet, or to Brave New World on the other side of the Inlet in Point Pleasant. For a bite, there’s Carlson’s Corner and the Riverside Cafe just off the inlet. Summertime Surf also gives lessons in Manasquan, but a really cool group is Pink Pineapple, an all-girls surf camp.


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11 Best Surf Spots in Massachusetts

When you travel to New England, surfing may not be the first outdoor activity that comes to mind. It’s not California or Hawaii, but New England doesn’t get the credit it deserves as an exciting surfing destination. From Maine’s untamed coastline to the white sands of New Hampshire and Rhode Island, New England has pockets of great surfing. I think it’s the most underrated place for surfing in the United States.  So pack your board and wetsuit and get ready for some New England surfing. 

For this post, I’m going to focus on the state of Massachusetts and 11 of its finest surfing beaches. With about 1,500 miles of coastline, Massachusetts has dozens of beaches to take your surfboard. One region I heavily featured is Cape Cod, where you’ll find some of America’s most beautiful beaches. Facing the Atlantic Ocean, the outer Cape features much of the best surf anywhere in Massachusetts.

If you’re planning a New England vacation, surfing in Massachusetts adds adventure to your itinerary. Whether you’re a beginner or veteran, riding the New England waves is an unforgettable experience. To help plan your trip, here are my top 11 surfing spots in Massachusetts.


Massachusetts Surfing Tips | Coast Guard Beach | Marconi Beach | White Crest Beach | Head of the Meadow Beach | Nauset Beach | Cahoon Hollow Beach | Nauset Light Beach | Ballston Beach | Cisco Beach | Good Harbor Beach | Nantasket Beach |


Massachusetts Surfing Tips

While surfing in Massachusetts, or anywhere else in New England, there are several pointers you should know. New England is not like Cali or Hawaii, and you have to be more meticulous searching for waves. Swells are out there, but I’d suggest checking the surf forecast and being patient at the beach. Another tip is to locate surf shops and instructors since that can indicate an area of consistent swells.

Before surfing in New England, you definitely want to invest in a wetsuit. The water here is often frigid, even during the summer months. Temperatures tend to hover in the 60s (F) (16 degrees Celsius) during summer, but long hours in the water without a wetsuit can be dangerous. Stay warm and always wear a proper wetsuit to withstand the chilly Atlantic Ocean water.

My last tip is to always be on guard for one of the ocean’s scariest predators. Great White Sharks. I’m not trying to discourage you, but you have to stay alert for sharks while surfing in Massachusetts. Great White Sharks tend to be most active around late summer-early fall. If you spot those adorable seals offshore, you know sharks are likely not far away. While on vacation, I’d suggest tuning into the local news to stay updated on shark reports.


1. Coast Guard Beach


Situated on Cape Cod National Seashore, Coast Guard Beach is among the Cape’s most reliable spots to catch waves. It’s rated as one of America’s best beaches for its pristine shoreline and beautiful dunes. The exposed beach break has surf throughout the year, but waves are most consistent during summer. August is the best month for its mixture of clean surfable waves and light surf for beginners. Suitable for longboards and shortboards, the summer swell here competes with other Atlantic beaches on the outer Cape.

While there’s always the chance of catching that monster wave at Coast Guard Beach, this section is also a hotbed for Great White Sharks. These powerful creatures are most active from August-October and sometimes are only 10 feet from the shore. Coast Guard Beach has lifeguards on duty in-season, and you must always heed their warnings. Parking is limited in-season, but this Cape Cod classic has public restrooms, outdoor showers, and fantastic views.


2. Marconi Beach


If you’re unable to find parking at the congested Coast Guard Beach, Marconi Beach provides a great alternative. It has one of the outer Cape’s largest parking lots, and the beach has consistent waves. Protected by steep dunes, Marconi has fast beach breaks from either direction to challenge surfers. At higher tides, the swells here compete with any other shoreline on the outer Cape. Since Marconi doesn’t generate the crowds of other shores, surfers have more room to catch clean swells.

Although the breaks are most consistent during summer, you’ll have to watch out for sharks like other Cape Cod beaches. If you look closely, you might find seals lounging in the water close to shore. Stick around Marconi until the evening, and you’ll witness one of Cape Cod’s magical sunset spots. There’s an observation deck overlooking the dunes that help find the best swells.


3. White Crest Beach


Staying in Wellfleet, White Crest Beach is an attractive surf location for longboard waves. Grassy dune cliffs tower above the white sands, and the exposed sandbar break offers consistent waves. The dunes are treacherously steep, and there are no stairs for beach access. You must climb down the dune to begin your surf session and trudge back up afterwards. Not an easy task after a full day catching waves at this popular sandbar. Local surfers call this area Four Mile, and the picturesque shoreline is one of Cape Cod’s beloved surf spots.

Before descending the infamous dune, you’ll find parking across the street from the shoreline. I’d advise starting your surf day early by watching the sunrise before heading into the water. The sunrises on White Crest Beach are surreal, and the clean shores offer an unmatched serenity. Like other outer Cape beaches, keep your eyes peeled for Great White Sharks.


4. Head of the Meadow Beach


Thanks to its unpredictable sandbars, Head of the Meadow Beach is a desirable spot for Cape Cod surfers. The tiny community doesn’t get crowded like other sections along the seashore, but local surfers come for the breaks. When the tide goes out, large swells generate some of the best surf on the outer Cape. Some waves are suitable for boogie boards, and deep tide pools host swimmers. Low tides also reveal the Frances wreckage, which sunk offshore Head of the Meadow Beach in 1872.

Although it’s quieter in Truro, the beach still has basic amenities such as restrooms and showers. For nature lovers, Head of the Meadow Beach is a goldmine to spot sharks, seals, seabirds, and sometimes whales.


5. Nauset Beach


Stretching for 10 miles, Nauset Beach has all the amenities for an exhilarating Cape Cod getaway. It’s farther south compared to other outer Cape beaches and more convenient when driving from Boston. Although the swells aren’t as consistent as other Cape Cod shores, you have more space navigating breaks. My advice is to arrive with a 4WD vehicle if you have access to one. You’ll have to secure a beach pass, but that allows you to explore 5 miles of shoreline toward Chatham. Breaks tend to be best around mid-tide, and July has the most consistent swells.

Nauset Beach is my choice for large groups since it has access to many fun-filled beach activities. In addition to surfing, Nauset Beach is a wonderful spot for swimming, fishing, picnics, and animal watching. The facilities are clean, and there are large parking lots for beachgoers. Even though it’s one of Cape Cod’s most popular shores, the 10 miles of soft sands give you plenty of space.


6. Cahoon Hollow Beach


Making our way back up to Wellfleet, Cahoon Hollow Beach is a worthy surf destination if you don’t mind noisy crowds. A top highlight of this area is the Beachcomber, a popular seafood restaurant perched atop the dunes. When the swell picks up, lower tides produce some exciting surf conditions besides the sandy shore. Just make sure to check the surf forecast to avoid the area during flat conditions. Parking is expensive, and the lot fills up quickly in-season.

It’s a steep descent down the 90 ft incline onto the shoreline, and the return climb can be a challenge. The beach also has volleyball courts for active breaks between surf sessions. Watching the sunset provides a magical ending to the day, and the Beachcomber keeps the party going at night.


7. Nauset Light Beach


Located near the historic Nauset Lighthouse, this one-mile beach is one of Cape Cod’s most beautiful surf spots. Its sandbar break provides consistent surf during the summer for clean rides. Nauset Light Beach does present some potential dangers due to urchins and undertow. Just like other outer Cape beaches, sharks are always a possible threat. The water gets crowded during good surf conditions, and you’ll share the beach with swimmers, para-surfers, and boogie boarders.

Parking fills up quickly at Nauset Light Beach, and I recommend arriving early in the morning. The beach’s amenities include restrooms, outdoor showers, picnic areas, and a bathhouse. Nauset Lighthouse is within walking distance of the beach and a fun activity to add to your day. The Atlantic Ocean views are incredible as you watch the waves crash into the shore.


8. Ballston Beach


Ballston Beach is more of a hidden gem on the outer Cape but doesn’t lack quality swells. Despite its unpredictability, the exposed beach has breaks that attract year-round local surfers. Low tides tend to present better conditions, but there are dangerous rip currents.

If you’re willing to surf in cooler water, a fall trip to Ballston Beach is a magical experience. You could walk for miles without running into a single soul and could spot wildlife offshore. The scenic beach has dunes in both directions and paints a gorgeous panorama at sunset. Be extra careful at this more secluded beach since there are no lifeguards on duty.


9. Cisco Beach


For a relaxing afternoon on tranquil Nantucket Island, Cisco Beach is the place to be. The quiet beach rests on the Atlantic side of the island and caters to surfers. A submerged sandbar helps the waves break away from the shore for exciting rides. Surf instructors work on Cisco Beach and teach beginners the basics. I wouldn’t advise first-time surfers to attempt their first waves here since the rip currents are strong. It’s better to be a good swimmer and have some experience on your board.

Cisco Beach’s sandy bluffs offer privacy for added seclusion on days with fewer visitors. The soft sand is difficult to walk through, but a ramp is usually there to help walk from the parking lot. On-duty lifeguards work during the summer, but facilities here are more rustic compared to the outer Cape.


10. Good Harbor Beach


Under one hour from Boston, Good Harbor Beach is a fun option for surf near Boston  when you’re unable to reach Cape Cod. The sheltered beach break is tough to predict but has some rideable swells around high tide. Waves here are primarily for beginning surfers but don’t be surprised to find pockets of huge swells. During low tide, boogie boarders join the fun riding the waves. The long, sandy beach doesn’t have rocks and gives you plenty of space to enjoy the surf.

Thanks to limited parking, Good Harbor Beach keeps crowd sizes down despite its proximity to Boston. Parking fees are expensive, so make sure you spare extra cash to take advantage of the spacious beach. During low tide, you can use the walkway to Salt Island just offshore for fabulous views.


11. Nantasket Beach


Nestled along the shores of Massachusetts Bay, Nantasket Beach might be the quickest surf escape from Boston. Just under 25 minutes from the city, it won’t even take you an hour unless traffic is ridiculous. The light-grey sand beach can get hectic during summer, so it’s not my top choice for a surfing day trip. But if you wake up early and don’t have time for Cape Cod, Nantasket Beach is a great alternative. Swells usually fall on the smaller side, but you’ll get pockets of larger waves around mid-tide. Watch out for high tide since it brings the water upon the rocks. For surfing newbies, this could be a fantastic spot to get some practice before attempting bigger swells.

Nantasket has lots of parking spaces, but the fees are expensive, and early arrival is essential to be closer to the beach. Hull is a popular location on the South Shore of Massachusetts, and many come here for seaside picnics. The peninsula has breathtaking sunsets if you get carried away and ride the waves all afternoon.


What’s your take on Surfing Massachusetts? Any secret spots that I’ve missed? Let me know in the comments below.

Beach in Hikkaduwa: an overview of 6 beaches with photos you will be able to conclude which is the best beach for you in Hikkaduwa.

Sri Lanka can pamper the guests of the island with ~1600 kilometers of beaches, and all beaches are different. When choosing a place to spend your vacation, you should first of all study Google maps.

In those regions of the island where more rivers flow into the ocean, or large cities are located, you should not look for clean water.

The beach in Hikkaduwa stretches for 5 kilometers , consists of 6 main beaches , and is suitable for a variety of pastimes.

This is snorkeling and swimming in calm waters, communication with turtles, surfing, freediving, hiking along the ocean, a beach without waves for children, as well as rocks covered with salt, from where you definitely need to see the sunrise and sunset at least once.


Seasonal specifics

The width of the beach strongly depends on the season .

From December to May, when there is not much rain, the beach of Hikkaduwa is active . The width in some places can reach 150 meters .

Since May, with the advent of the Southwest monsoon, the ocean begins to storm and the coastal current “” licks sand from the beach strip and drags it to the depth, covering the reef.

The beach in Hikkaduwa may decrease in width to 5-10 meters, and somewhere there will be a reef bottom at all, and only the walls of bars and hotels will prevent further coastal erosion.

In short, arriving in October or November, you will not see the wide beach of Hikkaduwa from the February and March photos.

In that particular place where you bathe and swim in December, in April you are only going to the water on the sand. The exception is the «beach without waves», where the strip of sand remains the same in any season.

From December to March ocean mostly calm .

In total, 6 main beaches and areas can be distinguished. I will list them from north to south.

Children’s beach in Hikkaduwa without waves (Hikkaduwa beach)

It is also “ children’s beach of Hikkaduwa ”, “ Rybkin beach ”, “ beach without waves ”. Good for photos.

Location : from the harbor pier and Commercial Bank to Dolphin Cafe.

Children’s beach in Hikkaduwa on the map.

Hikkaduwa Marine Sanctuary is located here. You must not catch or shoot fish, or cause any harm to marine life. You can’t even walk with a fishing rod , otherwise the police will pay attention to you.

Pros of : no waves — the beach is protected from waves by a reef and has a long, about 70 meters, shallow water, with an abundance of fish, some of which swim at the very edge of the water and it is very convenient for children to watch them standing on the beach.

Shade before noon creates palm trees . This is the best beach in Hikkaduwa for snorkeling.

Cons : on weekends there are a lot of locals, these days the purity of the water is debatable. If you normally swim in the river, you will like it here.

If you like clean water or keep small children safe from any viruses, then it is better not to go to this beach on weekends and swim only at Narigama Surf Beach.

Near the port, from there, too, sometimes some kind of dirt is nailed.

Photo of Hikkaduwa children’s beach

Turtle beach (Hikka Tranz beach)

Turtle beach in Hikkaduwa is located on the stretch from the bridge to the Citrus hotel. Turtle Beach on the map.

Main area — in front of the Hikka Tranz hotel opposite the rocks. Here ocean turtles lay eggs on the beach. There are small waves here, and on the reef you can communicate with several huge turtles , feed them with algae, shoot them on video, and collect shells . Hikka Tranz has the nearest volleyball net.

Pros : shade of palm trees at almost any time of the day, small wave , beautifully curved coastline, turtles, lifeguard tower .

From February to April this is the best beach in Hikkaduwa to watch turtles .

Cons : during heavy rains in September, November and early December, rainwater from the jungle pours into the ocean along the channel where the bridge is, the water becomes dirty, and it is better not to swim.

Photo of the turtle beach in Hikkaduwa

Wewala beach

From Citrus Hotel to Chill Space Cafe. Beach with bars , many sunbeds , overlooking the crashing ocean waves and surfing. Vevala beach on the map.

On this beach there are several restaurants with Russian hostesses.

In front of the Citrus Hotel, at low tide, there are coral baths without waves, ideal for small children.

This is the best beach in Hikkaduwa for sunset to smoothly flow into evening program .

Pros : traffic, restaurants and bars close to the water, discos .

Cons : mostly reef in the water, strong wave.

Photo of Wewala Beach in Hikkaduwa

Narigama beach

aka surf beach in Hikkaduwa.

Located on the stretch from Sunnys Beach to the Avenra Hotel. Narigama beach on the map.

Here you have surfing , and yoga, and clubs, and long shallow water, beach volleyball and all other active beach entertainment when a wide beach is required.

This is the best beach in Hikkaduwa for family holidays. Dad surfs, mom sunbathes and drinks fresh juices on shady sun loungers (and then vice versa), children are busy in the sand and can swim in the surf, grandparents rest in the shade of palm trees.

Narigama suitable for swimming with children any age .

Pros of : wide beach, clear water , waves for surfing, shallow water at low tide, dampening waves, and you can swim even with children. Not many people .

Cons : in the area of ​​this beach there are not as many housing as we would like.

Photo of Narigama beach in Hikkaduwa

Thiranagama & Pathuwata beach

From Avenra to the rocks and the fishing port. Tiranagama beach on the map.

This beach is perfect for walking and jogging. Nearly 90,003 three kilometers along 90,004 bursting white spray waves crashing against the sandy shore.

Swimming is possible extreme lovers , the rest is better to swim at Narigama beach.

Pros : almost no people, spacious, aesthetic beauty tropical coast, away from people bustle .

Cons : swimming when there are big waves is dangerous.

Hikkaduwa beach photo

Dodanduwa beach

And the last beach I want to talk about is the beach in Dodanduwa.

Dodanduwa beach on the map.

Geographically it is also Hikkaduwa . Rocks, here are very beautiful volcanic rocks , up to 7 meters above the water level, which makes it possible to panoramic view of the ocean.

This is the best beachfront location in the Hikkaduwa area to watch the sunset.

The fishing harbor is also located here , where you should definitely come for fresh seafood .

Photos of Dodanduwa Beach in Hikkaduwa


Hikkaduwa attracts with its versatility and spaciousness.

The beaches are perfect for any holiday format , and the conditions for swimming on the children’s beach are maintained even during the summer monsoon, when the ocean is stormy and the surf beach is only a few meters away.

All beaches are open to the public, there are no closed beaches. If you rent a bike, you can safely park it next to the beach, all parking lots are free.

Cuba, Australia, Brazil and other beautiful places to go for a beach holiday

Anya Gonchar

dreams of a Caribbean beach

Author profile

Each resort has its own bounty beach.

Entrepreneurial locals will show you idyllic pictures to sell you a tour, but in fact the beach will turn out to be no better than your hotel. This happened to me in the Dominican Republic and Cancun.

But true paradises do exist. TripAdvisor ranks the best beaches in the world every year based on traveler reviews. You can find out where the sand is really without algae, and renting a sunbed will not cost as much as dinner in a restaurant.

I have studied the rating and will tell you why tourists like these beaches so much, where you should take water with you, and where everything you need is in place. Bookmark this article in case you want to plan the perfect beach getaway. I marked all the places on the map:
Things to do: snorkel, fish
Nearby accommodation: from $⁣213 (R16,714) per night

Grace Bay has been at the top of the list of best beaches for 20 years. All the signs of an ideal beach converged here: incredibly soft white sand without algae, clear water, silence, stunning views without huge hotels. In the reviews, many write that they are returning here for the second or third time.

One and a half kilometers from the beach there is a barrier reef that protects the shore from waves. The descent into the water is gentle — those who like to feel the bottom under their feet will be comfortable. Visitors also note the incredible sand on the beach: it is compared to flour and powder, it is so soft.

There are plenty of restaurants, bars and free parking nearby. You can rent a sunbed and an umbrella for $30⁣ (2354 R).


How to organize an independent trip to Cuba

Those who are tired of a beach holiday can ride a catamaran or snorkel. Equipment is rented here. Although the water here is so clear that you can see the fish when just wandering along the coast. The beach stretches for three kilometers, and there are always few people there — ideal for long walks.

What they write in the reviews. “Sand is like powder. The water looks fake, it’s so blue. And incredibly transparent. I could see shells at a depth of two meters — and my eyesight is not so good. When we were on the pier, we saw sunken keys at a depth of about ten meters.”


Location: Varadero, Cuba
Who will love it: those who want to lie by the ocean in silence
Things to do: walk by the water, watch the sunset
Accommodation nearby: from $71⁣ (5571 R) per night

Varadero is also called Playa Azul — «blue beach». It also regularly enters the ratings of the best beaches in the world.

Varadero will appeal to those who want to lie quietly, read a book and immerse themselves. Tourists write that the beach is beautiful, but apart from the beautiful view, there is no entertainment.

But it is convenient to relax here with children: the entrance to the water is shallow. Many note that the water is very warm. Lifeguards are on duty on the beach.

So what? 06/02/21

Rules for entry to Cuba for Russians in 2022

Renting a sunbed for the whole day costs 2 $⁣ (156 R). There are bars with drinks, you can also order a massage. A couple of steps from the beach, a city with shops, pharmacies and cafes already begins.

What they write in the reviews. “I think the experience can be influenced by where you live, so indulge yourself and stay at a luxury hotel with beach access.

The water is very pleasant, clean, and the body quickly adapts to the temperature, and you can take a dip in the sea without problems.


Where is it: exmut, Western Australia
Those like: Those who love fish and turtles
than to carry out: dick with a pipe, swim in
Housing near: of 60 $⁣ (R4708) per night

There are no huge chain hotels on this beach. The nearest accommodation is a four-star glamping site overlooking the ocean.

Usually people come here in their car for the day. You can park your car nearby for $25⁣ (1961 P), but sometimes parking lots are full. The beach itself is not crowded — it is so big.

So what? 02/22/22

Australia opened its borders to vaccinated travelers from Russia

Turquoise Bay is a paradise for snorkelers. Not far from the coast there are a lot of reefs, corals, fish of all colors and sizes, and turtles. You can also try drift snorkeling here, when you go with the flow and look at underwater animals along the way. They say it’s very relaxing. Only fins are required to correct the course.

What they write in the reviews. «We came to Turkvoice Bay from Exmouth. It takes about 40 minutes by car, and on the way you pass through the national park. Without a subscription, entry to the park costs $15⁣ (1177 R). We easily found a parking lot, there were toilets right at the entrance.


How much does it cost to travel to Australia

The beach is excellent, although we arrived on a cloudy day and the water was a little muddy. It’s definitely worth coming here. Although you need to keep in mind that there are no establishments here, so I would advise you to take food and drinks with you and go on a sunny day.

Quarta Praia

Location: Morro de São Paulo, Brazil
Who will like it: those who are tired of noisy beaches
Things to do: Lay in natural pools nearby 904 904 904 2 904 from $27⁣ (R2118) per night

Quarta Praia means «fourth beach» in Portuguese. This is the largest beach on the island of Tinhare, it is located near the town of Morro de São Paulo.

To get to the beach, tourists first take a catamaran from El Salvador to Morro de São Paulo, then walk for about 20 minutes. But it’s worth it: the beach is not crowded and calm.

People come here to soak in the natural pools that appear at low tide. Fish swim with people there. Travelers are advised to walk around the pools in special aqua shoes so as not to get hurt on a stone or a sea urchin.


How to organize a trip to Brazil

The beach is usually not crowded. You can snorkel and see the coral reef and fish. There are bars with drinks and snacks. The reviews advise trying cocoa with coconut and brown sugar.

What they write in the reviews. “At low tide, the natural pools near the coral reef are clogged with tourists and the water becomes muddy with sand. At low tide at dawn, we were alone in the pools. We dived in clear water for more than an hour and looked at colorful fish.”

Eagle Beach

Location: Palm-Eagle Beach, Aruba
Who will love it: those who appreciate comfort
Things to do: ride a jet ski, have breakfast with champagne
Accommodation Nearby: from $99⁣ (R7768) per night

Perhaps this is how many imagine a beach on a Caribbean island: white sand, clear water, expensive hotels and wealthy tourists around. Many people come here during a cruise ship stop.

Tourists note that the beach is very comfortable: it is clean, there are toilets and bars, equipment rental points, free Wi-Fi. But there are no loud sellers of souvenirs. Beach workers will help to put a sunbed and an umbrella. Renting a sunbed costs from $10⁣ (784 R), an umbrella — from $25⁣ (1961 R), drinks — from 10 $⁣ (784 R). Renting a jet ski will cost $70⁣ (5492 R).

The main attraction of the beach is fofoti trees with unusual twisted trunks that grow only in Aruba. To take a photo without tourists, it is better to come early in the morning.


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What they say in the reviews. “The beach is huge, which is a big plus. We were able to rent a palapa — a straw umbrella — every day we needed it. But some came to the beach at dawn to book a palapa. The hotel staff will make a reservation and help bring the sunbeds. If you leave a bag or a towel, no one will take the sunbeds. But if you don’t plan to be on the beach all day, it’s better to give sunbeds, because not everyone gets them. The beach becomes freer at about 4 p.m. — when we arrived after this time, there were palapas.

The beach is cleaned every night — at least in hotels — so it’s always nice there. On the shore, you can buy drinks and something to eat, book an excursion or a parachute flight.

Very large waves rise periodically, but everything depends on the wind. The sea was calm most of the time.»


Location: Havelock Island, Andaman and Nicobar Islands
Who will like it: those who appreciate unity with nature
Things to do: watch the sunset, walk through the mangroves
Nearby accommodation: from $17⁣ (R1333) per night

The Indian Ocean’s only ranked beach is located on a small island surrounded by mangroves. Tourists write that it looks amazing from the water.

Radhanagara also has perfect sunsets because the beach is located on the western side of the island. Those who decide to enjoy this spectacle should remember that sunset here comes early — at 17-18 hours. To get the best seat, you should arrive at 16:30.

Many note that the beach is well equipped: there are changing cabins, showers, lifeguards and tourist police are on duty. The sand is clean, without stones and garbage — it is clear that the beach is being looked after. Amenities are paid: a toilet costs 10 INR⁣ (10 R), a shower — 50 INR⁣ (51 R). It is better to take food with you: there are no restaurants on the beach.


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What they say in the reviews. “The merchants are not allowed on the beach, there are no dogs either. The coastline is very long, you can find a secluded place. The beach is clean and tidy, without extra eyes.

Baia do Sancho

Location: Fernando de Noronha Island, Brazil
Who will like it: those who are not afraid of difficulties
Things to do: snorkeling nearby 9032
53 $⁣ (4158 R) per night

To get to Baia do Sancho, you have to go down a six-meter steep staircase. Then there will be a less steep staircase, then you need to walk 60 meters.

Tourists who have made this way write that it is worth it. The beach has clean white sand and clear blue water. The fish can be seen even without diving: there are many of them near the shore.

Snorkeling is also worth it if you like it. People write that they managed to see turtles, schools of sardines and even a large stingray and small sharks.

Due to the inaccessibility of the beach there are no amenities. The reviews advise taking water with you. But packing a big backpack is not worth it: it will be difficult to go down narrow stairs.


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To get to the beach, you need to buy a national park pass. For foreigners, it will cost 330 BRL⁣ (5603 R), for Brazilians — 165 BRL⁣ (2801 R).

What they write in the reviews. “Going down the stairs from the cliff was not easy, but it is definitely possible, even for those who are older. I was glad that I put on sneakers.

We arrived at about 09:30 on Sunday and were almost alone on the beach, so we managed to find a place in the shade. Within five minutes, people began to appear. When we left, at about 10:30, three or four boats with those who wanted to dive were already standing by the shore, and the beach was full of people.”

Trunk Bay

Location: Virgin Islands National Park, St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands
Who will love it: For those who don’t fancy a vacation
Things to do: Take a scuba tour Nearby accommodation 4 : from $139⁣ (R10907) per night

This beach has everything for a comfortable stay: crystal clear warm water, soft white sand, showers and toilets, restaurants and bars, storage lockers, souvenir shop, tables for picnic and grill.

The main attraction is snorkeling. Not far from the coast there is a large coral reef, around which an underwater route has been equipped: right under the water there are signs with information about local fish and corals. People write that they saw fleuthorel, lobsters, squids, sea urchins, turtles, octopuses and rays here.

The route is ideal for those who have never snorkeled before: it is short and easy. More experienced divers are advised to rent fins and explore the outlying areas. All diving equipment can be rented right there for $10⁣ (R784) per day.


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But it’s not always easy to relax on the beach: tourists come here from cruise liners who stop by the neighboring island of St. Thomas. The reviews say that if there are more than three ships in the parking lot, then the beach will not be overcrowded.

Admission is $5⁣ (392 R) because the beach is located in a national park. Prices in restaurants and bars are quite high: for example, nachos cost $20⁣ (1569R). At the same time, food and drinks, judging by the reviews, are rather mediocre.

What they write in the reviews. “If you are driving a rental car, arrive very early. There are not enough parking spaces. It’s better to just take a taxi. We arrived at 09:30 and could no longer park. You can’t stand on the sidelines.

We did some pretty good snorkelling. The view from the top at the entrance to Trunk Bay is amazing! Be sure to stop and take some photos.

The food kiosk sells the usual bar snacks — burgers, hot dogs. Everything is pretty expensive. If possible, take food and drinks with you.”

Baia dos Golfinhos

Location: Praia de Pipa, Brazil
Who will like it: those who dreamed of swimming with dolphins
Things to do: see the 9032de dolphins, swim nearby: from $42⁣ (R3295) per night And this is not just a beautiful name: a colony of 80 bottlenose dolphins lives in the bay. They swim close to the shore and swim calmly among people. Some tourists write that they noticed a dolphin just a meter away.

The easiest time to see dolphins is early in the morning: they fish in shallow water at low tide. But even during the day they swim in the bay and go about their business. To get a closer look at the dolphins, you can rent a kayak or SUP board. An hour of rent costs from 30 to 60 BRL (509-1018 R).

Also on the beach you can rent a sun lounger and an umbrella from the sun for 20-25 BRL (339-424 R). There is a bar with snacks and drinks.

You can only get to the beach on foot and at low tide — you need to walk about a kilometer along the coast from the neighboring beach. Tourists are advised to watch the time and water level: you need to leave before high tide, that is, around noon. When the water rises, you can get off the beach only if you climb the cliff.


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What they say in the reviews. “The tide chart can be found at the hotel, sometimes it is posted in public places and at tour kiosks.

It’s a quiet beach, no shade — take some sun protection with you. There are sapboard rentals. But even without them, dolphins can be seen up close — that’s how I found out that they have a pink belly.

This is a great experience for anyone who loves to watch animals in their natural environment. And since you need to leave the beach before noon, there is still a lot of time for other things. At the same time, you have already rested and swam with dolphins — I did this every morning.


Where is it: Lampeza, Sicily
Those who like it: Those who support the preservation of the original nature
than to do: to swim and sunbathe
Housing nearby: of $ 69 ⁣ ($ 69 ⁣ ( 5414 R) per night

The only European beach in the rating is located on the small island of Lampedusa between Italy and Tunisia. Here tourists will find soft white sand and crystal clear water.

The beach is small, but famous throughout Europe, so it gets crowded during the season. In order to preserve nature, in 2021 the authorities limited the maximum number of visitors to 450 people and introduced a mandatory online seat reservation system. The booking site is currently down, but may be reopened by the start of the season.

To get to the beach, you have to go down a rocky path. The journey takes 15 minutes, travelers are advised to wear closed shoes: there is a risk of injuring your feet in slippers. There are no amenities on the beach below — you need to take food, drinks and umbrellas with you. Parking at the descent to the beach will cost 0.7 €⁣ (61 R) per hour.


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Travelers write that the beach is worth all these difficulties: in terms of beauty, it is not inferior to the Maldives or the Caribbean. Since the beach is located in a bay, the water is very warm and without big waves.

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