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Athletic History and Cultural Identity

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For our project, we are going to create a website that discusses sports in Puerto Rico and its impact on the culture of the island. We are going to concentrate heavily on the three most popular sports in Puerto Rico: boxing, basketball, and baseball. We will also touch upon a few other major sports figures from Puerto Rico that are significant to their cultural identity. Puerto Rico has made significant contributions to each of these sports but outside of Puerto Rico, their athletes often remain disconnected from any association with the island when they are just seen as part of a bigger professional sports league in a foreign country. This is not true of all athletes; especially those who have attained notoriety for excelling in their respective sport, but the less well-known athletes commonly face this problem.

Puerto Rico has a rich legacy of sports in the United States. It is relatively unknown, however, the impact these sports heroes have on culture within their home country. The American sports media rarely focuses on influence these players have outside of our own country. Within Puerto Rico, for example, the outcome of a boxing match leads to a source of national pride and fighters are raised to the status of celebrities, representing Puerto Rico to the rest of the world.

We will discuss how such an impact changes and shifts the cultural identity of Puerto Rican citizens. We have chosen to focus on athletics because this is one area in which a small country can compete on the same level as the rest of the world and actually make a name for itself. Puerto Ricans cherish their athletes for this reason and for this project we are going to explore this concept in depth.

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What Sport Is Popular in Puerto Rico?

We will place a strong emphasis on the three most popular sports in Puerto Rico: boxing, basketball, and baseball. Puerto Ricans are known for their passion when it comes to these games; we will try to show the world this fact by putting on some exciting competitions.

Puerto Rican people have been known to be very aggressive athletes who enjoy fighting each other in order to prove which team is better. This means that many street fights have taken place in Puerto Rico between fans of different teams in various sports events. Although this is not considered a safe thing to do, people love their sports too much to stop them even if it does mean getting hurt badly.

Besides fighting among themselves, Puerto Ricans also like to fight against people from other countries. This phenomenon is common among young people who feel proud to represent their country while at the same time being a part of the American culture. Sports such as karate, fencing, wrestling, boxing, soccer, and tennis are all popular among Puerto Ricans who want to learn how to fight effectively without using their hands.

In conclusion, Puerto Ricans are an athletic people who love to fight both domestically and internationally. This has made them famous for having some of the most important sports tournaments in the United States.

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  1. What sport is popular in Puerto Rico?
  2. Is baseball popular in Puerto Rico?
  3. Is boxing popular in Puerto Rico?

Is baseball popular in Puerto Rico?

Baseball is Puerto Rico’s most popular sport. It is the most popular sport on the island in terms of both spectators and active participation. About 3 million people go to watch a game annually, making baseball by far the country’s most attended sport.

Puerto Rican players have excelled at the major league level. The Chicago Cubs’ Miguel Gonzalez is one example who was born in Puerto Rico. Other notable players include José «Pepe» Martínez, Roberto Clemente, Orlando Cepeda, Wilton Guerrero, Larry Bowa, and Manny Ramírez.

Puerto Rico’s national team has won the Baseball World Cup twice (1938, 1950). The island nation also finished second in the 2004 Olympics.

Besides the United States, only Cuba and Mexico have more licensed drivers than Puerto Rico. With an estimated population of 3.4 million people, it is the fifth-most-populous country in North America.

Puerto Rico has developed a reputation for its music scene, with many bands coming from the island group. Artists such as Calle 13, Chay Perez, and W/W/WS provide a mix of Latin music with influences from other cultures.

Is boxing popular in Puerto Rico?

Boxing is one of Puerto Rico’s most popular sports. Puerto Ricans are drawn to boxing for a variety of reasons. For starters, it is a sport in which they excel, and their boxers have garnered international praise. Also, as in many countries, boxing can be used as a tool for social change — in this case, to raise awareness about issues such as poverty, unemployment, and violence.

Puerto Rican boxer Felix «El Feroz» Bonilla was considered by many to be the greatest boxer of all time. He held world championships in three different weight classes during his career. After retiring from competition, he became a pastor at a church in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Today, he remains very active in religious affairs, and is often called upon by local churches for guidance and advice.

Another famous Puerto Rican boxer is Miguel Cotto. He too holds multiple world titles in several different weight classes. Cotto has had considerable success in his career, having won major tournaments including the World Boxing Council (WBC) Heavyweight Championship and the WBA Light-Heavyweight Championship. He currently resides in New York City with his family.

Puerto Rico has produced many other successful boxers over the years. However, none have achieved the fame or notoriety of El Feroz or Cotto.

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    5 non-female sports every girl should consider

    June 26, 2017

    Sports and fitness

    The common belief that girls should do running and fitness, yoga and dance prevents many women from finding their sport and truly loving it. Lifehacker offers to learn more about sports that are unfairly considered exclusively male.

    Iya Zorina

    Author of Lifehacker, athlete, Candidate Master of Sports


    Lidia Valentin, Spanish weightlifter /

    What the sport is

    Weightlifting is an Olympic sport that requires good coordination, strength and speed. In weightlifting, there are two competitive movements — snatch and clean and jerk. These complex exercises are performed with the maximum possible weight.

    Women’s weightlifting only became an Olympic sport in 2000. Every year more and more women and girls weightlifters appear in the world and in Russia. Russian athletes go to international championships and win prizes. nine0005

    Why you should take up weightlifting

    1. Increases physical capacity

    Successful clean and jerk and snatch requires not only sufficient strength, but also flexibility, joint mobility, explosive strength, good coordination of movements. Therefore, training includes many exercises that help develop all these skills and abilities.

    2. Helps to maintain a beautiful figure

    Professional heavyweight athletes may lose a lean, toned figure due to large amounts of fat. However, many athletes in a lighter weight, not to mention amateurs, have a beautiful athletic figure: strength sports burn more calories than moderate aerobic exercise and provide beautiful muscle relief. nine0005

    3. Healthy

    Many people have heard this myth about women’s strength training: that heavy lifting is bad for women’s health. Power sports can really ruin health, and not only women’s, if you do it stupidly — without a coach and with a sharp increase in loads. In the case of well-structured workouts, weightlifting helps to become stronger, correct posture problems and strengthen muscles, which is useful for the whole body in general and for women’s health in particular. nine0005


    Martha Elverum, Norwegian powerlifter / styrkeloft. no

    What the sport is

    Powerlifting is a strength sport in which there are three competitive movements: back squat, deadlift and bench press. Whoever lifts the most weight wins. Despite many championships and a strong community of athletes, powerlifting is not yet an Olympic sport.

    In the USA, women have competed in powerlifting since 1978 years old, and in Russia — together with men, since 1992.

    Why you should take up powerlifting

    Powerlifting has all the same benefits as weightlifting: increased strength, a beautiful figure, maintaining health (with moderate loads and a competent program).

    However, basic powerlifting exercises do not require a long time to master the correct technique. They require less flexibility and coordination. Therefore, if you just like to pull iron and do not want to spend time on long training, choose powerlifting. nine0005


    Camille Leblanc-Basinet, 2014 Grossfit Games Champion / alchetron. com

    What the sport is

    CrossFit is a fitness system and a sport that includes a variety of functional movements performed at high intensity. There are exercises from gymnastics, weightlifting, athletics, kettlebell lifting.

    CrossFit was originally designed for both men and women. However, the harsh workouts of the day, or WOD (workout of the day), as well as the impressive muscles of the Crossfit Games champions, give the impression that CrossFit is not a woman’s business. nine0005

    Why you should do CrossFit

    1. Provides impressive physical fitness

    Due to the huge variety of exercises, CrossFit develops not just one quality like strength or endurance, but everything at once: it pumps the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, muscle endurance, strength, flexibility and power, speed, coordination, agility and balance. As a result, your body becomes harmoniously developed and ready for any unexpected loads both in the gym and in life. nine0005

    When you do the first pull-up or power-up, it is a victory over yourself and there is no limit to joy. Over time, you get involved, you want to learn new skills. CrossFit gives not only strength, but also endurance, develops coordination, agility.

    Oksana Polovova

    crossfit trainer and athlete.

    2. CrossFit is suitable for any level of training

    Looking at the terrible complexes of seasoned CrossFitters, it becomes scary: an ordinary girl is definitely not capable of doing this. However, no one will make you die in training. CrossFit trainer and athlete Oksana Polovova says that in the classroom, the load is selected for a specific person, his capabilities. For example, if a person does not know how to pull up, the exercise is replaced with pull-ups with an elastic band or rings. nine0005

    3. Communication and competition in training

    CrossFit is practiced in groups to add a competitive element to training. This allows you to quickly improve your results and find like-minded people and friends.

    4. Beautiful figure and self-confidence

    If you are afraid of a pumped figure, then in vain. To do this, you will need really big loads, a review of nutrition and chemicals. Without this, you simply won’t be able to swing to the level of powerful crossfit athletes. So the maximum that you get is a more slender and toned figure with embossed arms and abs. nine0005


    Amanda Serrano, boxer from Puerto Rico, champion in five weight divisions /

    What kind of sport it is

    Boxing is a martial art in which punches are delivered exclusively with fists and special gloves. In professional boxing, the fight lasts 10-12 rounds, in amateur boxing — three. Victory is awarded after a knockout (the opponent does not get up for 10 seconds), a technical knockout (the opponent cannot continue the fight) or after the end of the fight according to the judges. nine0005

    Women’s boxing was included in the Olympic sports only in 2009, but women boxers existed before that. American Caroline Svendsen received her first boxing license in 1975, and more than twenty years later, women’s boxing competitions were allowed to be held in Sweden and England.

    Why should you choose boxing? weights and a barbell bar, on the horizontal bar, uneven bars. The training also includes sparring, practicing strikes and combinations. A versatile load harmoniously develops the body, pumps strength, agility, coordination of movements and all muscle groups. nine0005

    2. Self-confidence

    Boxing helps to gain self-confidence, overcome the «weak creature» complex and believe in one’s strength.

    3. Beautiful figure

    Boxing burns a lot of calories, provides relief abs and arms, strong legs.

    4. Relieve stress

    Like any sport, boxing allows you to relax mentally, as well as throw out the negative emotions accumulated during the day. After an intense hour and a half workout, you are guaranteed a surge of endorphins. nine0005

    5. Self-expression

    Boxing is not just a sport, but also a means of self-expression, an opportunity to assert yourself in this life, to feel your importance. Here is what Svetlana Soluyanova, multiple winner of the Russian Championships, winner of the 2012 European Championship, writes about this.

    I get tremendous pleasure in those moments when, after a hard fight, they raise their hand to me. In these victories, in the way I go to them, and in what they mean to me, I see the meaning of my life today. nine0005

    Svetlana Soluyanova

    member of the Russian national team and international master of sports in boxing.


    Alice Buchinger, Austrian karateka, winner of the 2016 World Karate Championship /

    This Japanese martial art has been around for over a century, is widespread, has many styles and schools, and will be included in the 2020 Olympic Games program.

    There are no throws or grabs in karate, the duel includes only powerful kicks and punches. Competitions are held in two programs: directly sparring (kumite) and kata — a chain of exercises in which strikes and blocks alternate. nine0005

    There are no gender restrictions or bans on karate now, but it is still considered unusual for a woman to practice martial arts. Moreover, adult women do not try karate, because they believe that it must be practiced from childhood.

    Why you should try karate

    1. Karate teaches you to control your body

    Karate classes will increase muscle strength, reaction speed, improve coordination and flexibility, and teach you to perfectly control your body. Of course, you should not rely on relief muscles, but the body will become more slender and toned due to increased calorie expenditure. nine0005

    2. Karate is beautiful

    Karate is like dancing without music. You learn to manage your body, use it as efficiently as possible, remove all unnecessary. The clear, polished kata movements resemble a dance, and sparring can be compared to contact improvisation, where there is not a single extra movement, everything is subordinated to a single goal.

    3. Karate builds confidence

    It is often said that karate will not protect you in a street fight and will not help you in extreme circumstances, such as against a man with a knife. But if your body is accustomed to the martial art, in times of danger it will work automatically and possibly save your life. In addition, karate classes will boost your self-confidence so that you stop feeling weak and helpless, and sometimes this is more important than the ability to knock someone out with a kick. nine0005

    4. Karate improves self-discipline

    Russian schools rarely pay attention to the spiritual component of karate, implying that the student must work in this direction on their own. However, even without specific prescriptions, the system of physical exercises itself sets a person in the right mood, develops discipline, makes him calmer and more confident.

    For me, karate is discipline, confidence, physical activity and eternal self-improvement. At competitions and training camps, I get a lot of positive emotions from communication, a close-knit team. And also karate is not just a martial art, it is high moral and ethical principles and incredible fortitude.

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