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Bacardi Rum Distillery and Old San Juan Tour — Castillo Tours 2023 info and deals | Save $84

Bacardi Rum Distillery and Old San Juan Tour — Castillo Tours

Free Entry with The Sightseeing Pass

Normal Entry Price: Adult $84.00

Bacardi Rum Distillery and Old San Juan Tour — Castillo Tours with The Sightseeing Pass

    • Tour of the Bacardi Distillery in Cataño, to see how the «rum of kings» gets made
    • You’ll get a special welcome cocktail, then travel to the visitor center to learn about the history of Bacardi and observe the distilling process
    • A guided tour of the 500-year-old San Cristóbal Fort and still have plenty of time to shop in the many artisan and souvenir stores

You’ll get a special welcome cocktail, then travel to the visitor center to learn about the history of Bacardi and observe the distilling process. Grab your complimentary spirit glass and check out the gift shop to purchase any additional souvenirs.

Next up, your tour heads to historical Old San Juan. The entire city is a National Historic Preservation site, with formidable fortresses and brightly colored buildings.

You’ll get a guided tour of the 500-year-old San Cristóbal Fort and still have plenty of time to shop in the many artisan and souvenir stores that line the streets. Must be 18 or older.»>

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  • Please note: Bacardi Rum Distillery and Old San Juan Tour — Castillo Tours is temporarily closed until further notice.

    Wednesday & Saturday: 1:20pm — 6:30pm
    Enjoy a complementary Hotel pick up at selected San Juan Hotels

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Bacardi Rum Distillery and Old San Juan Tour — Castillo Tours

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Bacardi Rum Distillery and Old San Juan Tour — Castillo Tours

Free Entry with The Sightseeing Pass

Normal Entry Price: Adult $84. 00

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Puerto Rico Bacardi Rum Factory & Old San Juan Tour

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  • Duration: 8 Hours (approx.)
  • Location: San Juan, Puerto Rico, San Juan, Puerto Rico
  • Product code: PQG7YC

This sightseeing combo tour of the Old San Juan and the Bacardi factory lets you experience and incredible journey into Puerto Rican architecture, history and the rum industry.


  • Hotel/port pickup & drop off
  • Scenic drive into the countryside
  • See the oldest city in the Americas and see how rum is made
  • Complimentary lunch stop (Meals not included)

Your Bacardi Rum Factory and Old San Juan adventure starts with your pickup at your hotel lobby you are then driven in comfort on a scenic roadway around the Bay towards the Bacardi Factory. Once we arrive at the Bacardi Factory we will take part in a guided tour where you will learn why Puerto Rico is called the Rum Capital of the World. You will see the Bacardi Plant which is considered the largest rum distillery processing over 10,000 gallons daily.

Afterwards, we will go to Old San Juan the oldest city in the Americas established 1521. Here you will learn more about famous sites including El Morro, Puerto De San Juan, Governors Mansion, Catedral De San Juan, Capilla Del Cristo and more. In between walking around Old San Juan, we will take a break for an authentic Puerto Rican lunch, Pina colada and other refreshing snacks.


  • Hotel/Port pick up and drop off
  • All Admission Fees
  • Well-appointed air-conditioned vehicles


  • Meals and Drinks
  • Gratuity (Optional)

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  • Confirmation will be received at the time of booking
  • Children must be accompanied by an adult
  • Not suitable for pregnant women or persons with back problems
  • Dress code is smart casual
  • Not Wheelchair accessible 
  • Group Specials available for groups of 15 or more persons

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Top addresses for rum lovers | GQ Russia


Spain — Cuba — Puerto Rico — Miami

On the first page of the Bacardi family’s rum diary, the town of Sitges near Dona is listed. And although at the age of 16 he crossed the ocean and began to settle in Cuba, the main European «embassy» of the brand — Casa Bacardi — is located in Sitges ( Pl. Ajuntament, 11, Sitges ). In order to find out where the famous rum came from, and after that to move from among theoreticians to the ranks of practitioners, it is enough to let the handsome Juan Bergaz Pessino (by the way, a direct descendant of Don Facundo) lead you through the «Heritage» and «Production» halls — in Lounge Bar…

The main addresses of rum lovers


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After that, with a high degree of probability, you will find yourself already in the lounge of the airport, or even on the Iberia flight Madrid — Havana, halfway to the birthplace of «white» rum and the bat logo. Upon arrival, be sure to check out Edificio Bacardi — one of the first skyscrapers in Havana (in the Art Deco style) and the Emilio Bacardi Museum in Santiago (the first exhibit of which was a mummy bought in Egypt by the eldest son of Don Facundo). nine0003

Edificio Bacardi in Havana

However, as beautiful as Cuba is, those of us who managed to stop at the third cocktail in Sitges, Spain, will take tickets to Puerto Rico. Both Iberia and American Airlines have direct flights to San Juan, the very point on the map from which light, dark and golden rivers of rum spill around the world. It is gratifying that the largest Bacardi plant in Cataño (it’s a 15-minute drive from the capital: Highway 888, Catano, San Juan ) is open to tourists, and in 45 minutes they are closely acquainted with the stages of distillation and aging of rum and a little bit with how to use it . We recommend continuing our acquaintance in San Juan bars like El Farolito ( 277 Calle Sol ) or Rumba ( 152 Calle San Sebastian ).

Inside Casa Bacardi in Puerto Rico

…waking up in an American Airlines seat is going to be nice: «Our plane has landed at Miami International Airport. Have a nice weekend!» We will choose one of the hotels on Biscayne Boulevard and walk along it to the bright buildings: in blue colors (built by a Cuban architect in 1963) and in mosaic (erected in 1973).

Bacardi Building in Miami

This is one of the attractions of Miami and in combination — the main American office of Bacardi. The World of Bacardi Museum is closed indefinitely, but we’ve already learned a lot and worked hard… Party time!

Photo: courtesy of Bacardi,, designwallah chaymation, [email protected], archived by CN Traveller.

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Do you check your email often? Let there be something interesting from us. nine0052


Bacardi celebrates in 2012 the 150th anniversary of the world’s festive celebrations and innovations

January 18, 2012, 10:15

  • accept participation in worldly exclusive festivals that combine the unparalleled and creating unprecedented and creating uncertainty and created unprecedented. with the BACARDI® brand in Berlin, Miami, London, Indianapolis, Madrid, Shanghai, Sao Paulo and other cities in between
  • Join the festivities or organize your own BACARDI Anniversary parties with this special offer and share the fun on Facebook
  • Enjoy $2,000 of a special edition rum made exclusively to celebrate the brand’s 150th anniversary2
  • Take part in advertising campaigns organized by social networks and win BACARDI brand wardrobe items

    To view the multimedia resources associated with this press release, please click here…

    «The passion and entrepreneurial spirit of my great-great-grandfather in Santiago de Cuba a century and a half ago gave birth to an exceptional rum, destined to change the craft of distilling spirits forever,” said Facundo L. Bacardi, Chairman of the Board of Bacardi Limited and a fifth-generation descendant of the Bacardi family. «These characteristics remain to this day the key qualities and sources of our phenomenal success and the company’s current position as the maker of the world’s most award-winning rum, having won over 400 different awards to date.» nine0003

    Bacardi was founded in Santiago de Cuba on February 4, 1862, when Don Facuno Bacardi Masso bought a small distillery. Years later, after numerous experiments, Bacardi managed to completely change the craft of making strong alcoholic beverages by creating technologies that had never been used in the production of rum. He selected high-quality sugarcane molasses, selected a special strain of yeast (still used today), filtered and softened his rum in American white oak barrels, and then blended it to create the perfect taste. The soft, light drink he ended up with, which was a stark contrast to the hard «fire water» became known as BACARDI rum, the world’s first premium rum and the first blendable rum, fueling the cocktail party culture that thrives to this day. . The skilled Maestro de Ron (Master of Blending) continues to follow the same high quality standards that were the basis for the production of rum by Don Facuno. nine0003

    «For 150 years, Bacardi—as a family, as a company, as a brand—has always brought people together for legendary celebrations and exceptional cocktail parties. Worth a visit to any bar, club or restaurant in any country in the world, it is immediately clear you feel the influence of the Bacardi brand on the craft of winemaking,” said Seamus Buckbride, president and CEO of Bacardi Limited. «It’s incredible how a 150-year-old single-brand company has grown into the world’s third largest spirits producer with an enviable range of iconic spirits including GRAY GOOSE vodka, BOMBAY SAPPHIRE gin, DEWAR’S Blended Scotch, vermouth MARTINI, ERISTOFF vodka and CAZADORES 100% blue agave tequila.» nine0003

    Parties, parties, parties!

    BACARDI’s 150th Anniversary Global Gala will feature title and award-winning musical talents, top celebrities and other influencers who, along with other drink drinkers, will wish BACARDI a happy birthday. The first of a series of such gala evenings in honor of the 150th anniversary of the brand is hosted by Germany on January 28, passing the baton to Canada, where celebrations begin on February 1, and then to the United States, Europe, Latin America, starting on February 4. On February 4, Rolling Stone® magazine will honor BACARDI in Indianapolis, the day before the «big game,» the most anticipated football game in the US, with a «super» anniversary party. In addition, Bacardi is thrilled to announce partnerships with celebrities and trendsetters who will host tailor-made events of their own in cities around the world to wish BACARDI rum a happy birthday. nine0003

    Guests will celebrate with legendary BACARDI rum cocktails, some over 100 years old but still the most popular, including the most beloved, the Original BACARDI Cuba Libre, savored daily in over six million servings; cocktail Original BACARDI Daiquiri; real cocktail BACARDI Mojito; and the famous BACARDI Pina Colada. Since the creation of BACARDI rum, more than 365 billion cocktails have been happily consumed. This means that more than 200 cocktails with BACARDI rum are prepared and drunk every second in the world every second! nine0003

    Consumer incentive events

    participation in the celebrations on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of BACARDI and in the drawing of gift sets from BACARDI, which include everything you need to arrange your own unforgettable party. In select market regions, consumers will also be able to win or purchase BACARDI glass anniversary commemorative items, special sets and wardrobe pieces featuring vintage advertising and/or created by designers and artisans with Cuban cultural heritage. nine0003

    Special limited edition drink

    release, vintage rum BACARDI Ron BACARDI de Maestros de Ron, Vintage, MMXII®. A blend of the finest rums aged in oak barrels for 20 years, with a final maturation in 60 year old cognac barrels. This vintage drink is bottled in 500mm decanters in leather cases. The decanter is made of handmade crystal. The retail price of the anniversary rum is $2,000. A truly limited edition, only 400 carafes will go on sale. The rum will be available at select international airports and high-end retail outlets around the world. nine0003

    Additional Bacardi 150th Anniversary Events include: meter display in three dimensions with the BACARDI logo symbol, the bat. Puerto Rico is home to the world’s largest rum distillery, BACARDI.

  • BACARDI 150th Anniversary Exhibitions will also be organized at Miami International Airport and several other international airports. nine0066
  • Anniversary Cruise: Celebrity Cruises will celebrate the event. On February 4th, the celebration will take place on board the Celebrity Summit at the same time as it departs from the port of San Juan, Puerto Rico.
  • World Cocktail Tournament: This year, BACARDI will reshape the Legacy Cocktail Competition and select top bartenders from over 25 countries to compete in the finals in Puerto Rico on February 20th.
  • Corporate Responsibility: Bacardi has a proud tradition of contributing to the community, with approximately 6,000 employees participating in corporate responsibility and philanthropy activities throughout the month. Bacardi is also looking to the future with sustainability initiatives that raise standards in the production and sale of premium spirits. nine0066
  • National Geographic Channel Journeys to Famous Wineries On February 11 at 8:00 pm ET, the Ultimate Factories tour to those famous wineries begins, taking US viewers to the birthplace of BACARDI rum in Puerto Rico, to demonstrate how family traditions are combined with cutting-edge technology. The program will be broadcast internationally on the «Megafactories» series airing in March, so check your local TV schedule for timings. nine0060
  • Canada — March 17
  • Italy — March 18
  • Australia and New Zealand — March 27
  • United Kingdom and Latin America — March 29
  • South East Asia — Spain April 5
  • and 90 Portugal — May 28

  • Hungary, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Benelux — May 31
  • Turkey — June 1
  • Russia, Baltic States, France, Romania and Greece — June 5
  • Germany — June 21

Visit the Bacardi 150th Anniversary website at www. to learn about the brand’s cultural heritage, including the story of why every bottle of BACARDI rum has a bat label and signature or how Bacardi became the first Cuban multinational company.

About Bacardi Limited

Bacardi Limited is the largest privately owned spirits company in the world, producing and marketing a range of world famous brands of spirits and wines. The brand’s assortment consists of more than 200 brands and names, including BACARDI rum, the world’s favorite drink, with the most awards; GRAY GOOSE vodka, the world leader among super premium vodkas; DEWAR’S® Blended Scotch, the best-selling blended whiskey in the US; BOMBAY SAPPHIRE gin, the world’s most appreciated and rapidly growing premium gin; vermouth MARTINI world leader among vermouths; ERISTOFF vodka, one of the rapidly growing vodkas worldwide; and CAZADORES Tequila made from 100% blue agave juice, the premium premium tequila in Mexico and the best-selling tequila in the United States, as well as one of the leading fast growing brands.

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