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Referee Appreciation Day — Nov 5/6 11/02/2022 Evelyn Somers
Spring 2023 Key Dates for Planning 10/31/2022 Evelyn Somers
Fall 2022 Key Dates for Planning 08/23/2022 Evelyn Somers
2022 Presidents’ Cup Results 06/18/2022 David Dalrymple
MTOC Draw and Schedule for 2022 06/14/2022 David Dalrymple
18 and older Adult Athlete Requirements (High School Teams) 04/14/2022 David Dalrymple


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Spring 2022 Sportsmanship Award 09/19/2022 Evelyn Somers

The Saturday and Sunday of this week, November 5 and 6, are BAYS Fall 2022 Referee Appreciation Days!

This is part of our RESPECT Campaign. We hope to do this every season going forward.

We need referees. We need to take care of them. What would we do without them?

The BAYS Sportsmanship Award is presented each season to a boys and a girls team selected by the Sportsmanship Award Committee from a pool of submissions received from members of the BAYS community. Winning teams receive special Sportsmanship Award Winner T shirts and have their team picture posted on the BAYS website in recognition of this honor. 


Congratulations to all the participants! 

Presidents’ Cup Finals Game Results
Division Home Team Results Away Team
B5 Purple Natick Phoenix 0-2 Arlington B5 Eagles
G5 Blue Acton-Boxboro Independence 5-0 Milton Spirit
G5 Green Acton-Boxboro Fury 3-1 Dedham Defenders
G6 Red Milford-Hopedale Hawks 3-0 Needham Raptors
B8 Blue Needham Bolts 2-3 ET Westwood Hotspur
G8 Red Arlington Chili Peppers 3-4 Bellingham Lightning
B6 Blue Framingham Dynamo 3-2 Attleboro Cobras
B5 Green Milford-Hopedale Hawks 3-6 Newton B Man United
B5 Red Bellingham Hammers 0-1 Norwood Renegades
G5 Red Attleboro Sirens 1-2 Norwood Lightning
B8 Red Attleboro Coyotes 2-0 Natick Cyclones
G8 Blue Arlington Ghost Peppers 0-4 Millis United G8G
G5 Purple Natick Breakaways 5-1 Newton G Gravity
B5 Blue West Roxbury United White 5-0 Milford-Hopedale Raiders
B6 Red Framingham Panthers 0-1 Milton Mavericks
G6 Blue Bellingham Hawks 2-5 Arlington G6 Supernova


I have received a few questions about the MTOC schedule.   MYSA publishes the schedule usually before the first weekend in June.  It may be viewed on the MYSA website.There are two designations for teams in the draw.

A new Federal requirement has been imposed on all amateur sports in the US where «Adult» athletes are playing alongside minor athletes. On the front page of your club  dashboard in Association connect is the following banner:  

 NEW — Players 18+ (Adult Athlete) SafeSport 90-minute CORE training  requirement:

While BAYS expects all of its members to practice good sportsmanship as a general rule, we believe examples of outstanding sportsmanship should be recognized and rewarded.

Accordingly, BAYS has established a Team Sportsmanship Award which is presented to a boys and a girls team that have been nominated and subsequently selected by the sportsmanship award committee to receive the award. Teams that earn the award receive special T shirts and team pictures are posted on the BAYS website in recognition of this honor.

Season Requirements, Modifications, Guidance

BAYS and each BAYS organization is responsible for following the regulations and guidance of the following entities in structuring and playing in the Spring 2022 season should any requirements be in place:

  • Massachusetts Youth Soccer 

  • Centers for Disease Control & Mass. Department of Health
  • Federal and state authorities

  • Local Town Board of Health

2021 BAYS Presidents’ Cup Results





 Girls Grade 5 D1 Medfield Warriors 5G 3-1  Wellesley Wolverines
 Girls Grade 5 D2  Mansfield Hornets I 2-1  Dedham Destroyers
 Girls Grade 5 D3 Parkway United 6-2  Milford-Hopedale Hawks
 GirlsGrade 6 D3 Lincoln Leopards   4-0  Milford-Hopedale Sharp Shooters
 Girls Grade 8 D3 Acton-Boxboro Lightning  2-0  Needham Chargers
 Boys Grade 5 D1 Newton B Crew  3-1  Lexington Raptors
 Boys Grade 5 D2 Holliston B  2-1  Acton-Boxboro Galaxy
 Boys Grade 5 D3 Weston Lions  3-0  Watertown Cobras
 Boys Grade 6 D3 Milford-Hopedale Jr. Hawks 4-3  Sudbury Academy Gunners
 Boys Grade 8 D3 Bellingham Knights  3-2 (PK)  Natick Cyclones

Pictures Below

As expected, Mass Youth Soccer released another version of updated COVID protocols, bringing them more into alignment with the CDC and Commonwealth of MA EEA guidance.

Important changes in the new protocols are summarized below. Click here for the detailed Mass Youth Soccer COVID protocols:

Last Revision as of 5/12/22


The BAYS BOD voted to bring back the modification of the make up window for those games where one or both teams cannot field a team due to players with COVID or isolating due to potential exposure etc.

   For teams in non-MTOC sections the make up window is extended 5 weeks for those games IMPACTED by COVID, for games not impacted by COVID the current window of three weeks (the extended window for week 1 and 2 expires 5/15)

Organizations | Boston Area Youth Soccer

Below you will find the logo, web site link, team colors and a short cut to home town teams for each BAYS member organization.

Acton-Boxboro Youth Soccer

Town Colors: Blue & White

Current Teams

Allston-Brighton Soccer (NOT ACTIVE in BAYS)


Current Teams

Arlington Soccer Club

Town Colors: Maroon

Current Teams

Ashland Youth Soccer

Town Colors: Blue and White

Current Teams

Attleboro Youth Soccer

Town Colors: Blue

Current Teams

Bedford Youth Soccer

Town Colors: Royal Blue

Current Teams

Bellingham Soccer Association

Town Colors: White

Current Teams

Belmont Soccer Association

Town Colors: Blue

Current Teams

Blackstone (NO LONGER in BAYS)

Town Colors: Archive

Current Teams

Brookline Soccer Club

Town Colors: Red

Current Teams

Cambridge Youth Soccer

Town Colors: Black

Current Teams

Canton Youth Soccer Association

Town Colors: Green

Current Teams

Concord-Carlisle Youth Soccer

Town Colors: White/Burgundy

Current Teams

D/S Soccer Club

Town Colors: Royal Blue

Current Teams

Dedham Youth Soccer Association

Town Colors: Maroon & White

Current Teams

Dorchester Youth Soccer

Town Colors: RED/BLACK — (U16 / U1819 all BLACK)

Current Teams

Foxboro Soccer Association

Town Colors: Navy Blue

Current Teams

Framingham United Soccer Club

Town Colors: Blue/White

Current Teams

Franklin Youth Soccer Association

Town Colors: Navy & Light Blue

Current Teams

Hill House Boston

Town Colors: Navy Blue & White

Current Teams

Holliston Youth Soccer Association

Town Colors: Red/Black

Current Teams


Town Colors: Red

Current Teams

Hopkinton Youth Soccer Association

Town Colors: Orange

Current Teams

Jamaica Plain Youth Soccer

Town Colors: Emerald Green and Black

Current Teams

King Philip Soccer Association

Town Colors: Green & White

Current Teams

Lexington United Soccer Club

Town Colors: Royal Blue/Gold

Current Teams

Lincoln Youth Soccer

Town Colors: Green

Current Teams

Mansfield Youth Soccer

Town Colors: Green

Current Teams

Marlboro Youth Soccer Association

Town Colors: Orange/Black

Current Teams

Medfield Youth Soccer

Town Colors: Carolina Blue

Current Teams

Medway Youth Soccer Association

Town Colors: Navy Blue

Current Teams

Milford-Hopedale Youth Soccer

Town Colors: Black & Red Stripe

Current Teams

Millis Soccer Club

Town Colors: Maroon and White

Current Teams

Milton Youth Soccer

Town Colors: White & Red

Current Teams

Natick Soccer Club Inc.

Town Colors: Red/White/Blue

Current Teams

Needham Soccer Club

Town Colors: Light Blue

Current Teams

Newton Girls Soccer

Town Colors: Orange & White

Current Teams

Newton Youth Soccer

Town Colors: Orange & Black

Current Teams

North Soccer Club

Town Colors: Red/Black

Current Teams

Northborough Youth Soccer Association

Town Colors: green & white

Current Teams

Norwood Youth Soccer

Town Colors: Gold & Blue

Current Teams

Plainville Youth Soccer League

Town Colors: Black

Current Teams

S.C. Norfolk

Town Colors: Yellow and Black

Current Teams

South End Soccer

Town Colors: White & Black

Current Teams

Southboro Youth Soccer

Town Colors: Maroon

Current Teams

Sudbury Youth Soccer

Town Colors: Navy Blue

Current Teams

Walpole Youth Soccer Association

Town Colors: Navy & White

Current Teams

Watertown Youth Soccer League

Town Colors: Red,white

Current Teams

Wayland Youth Soccer

Town Colors: Orange

Current Teams

Wellesley United Soccer Club

Town Colors: Red

Current Teams

West Roxbury Parkway Soccer

Town Colors: Royal Blue

Current Teams

Westborough Youth Soccer Association

Town Colors: Cardinal/Navy

Current Teams

Westford Youth Soccer Association

Town Colors: Maroon/Gray

Current Teams

Weston Soccer Club

Town Colors: Maroon/White

Current Teams

Westwood Youth Soccer

Town Colors: Green

Current Teams

Winchester Soccer Club Inc.

Town Colors: Red & Black

Current Teams

Wrentham Youth Soccer

Town Colors: Green

Current Teams

Experts told why the Gulf of Finland has become shallow — September 13, 2022

September 13, 2022, 16:35

7 commentsPhoto: Natalya Vyazovkina/


The Gulf of Finland showed its bottom. Petersburgers, who went to the bosom of Komarovsky beach last weekend, had a chance to observe shoals and spits dotted with boulders, stretching to the center of the reservoir for tens of meters. Some, who are braver, jumped “to the depth” from stone to stone, arranging photo shoots against the backdrop of a lunar landscape. Others got worried — what’s going on? Why did the water leave and will it return?

The trend for the shallowing of the Gulf of Finland was set back in August, which became the hottest in almost a century and a half. It became so shallow that an old marble tombstone appeared from the water of the harbor of the fort «Peter I» and it became possible to make out the inscription on the slab.

Until recently, St. Petersburg rarely encountered a drop in the water level in the Gulf of Finland. Much more familiar to the city is the reverse process — floods. For three hundred years, from 1703 to 2004, St. Petersburg was drowned 324 times. During two catastrophic floods — November 7, 1824 and September 23, 1924 years old — the water rose by 421 and 380 centimeters, respectively.

According to scientists, the floods in St. Petersburg are the largest in the Baltic Sea, there are no such floods in any other city on the coast. The reason for its attraction for water is the unique geographical position of St. Petersburg relative to the Gulf of Finland.

— The bay is elongated along the latitude. Since the western transfer prevails here, that is, the wind from the west, its direction coincides with the main direction of the Gulf of Finland. In addition, in the region of Tallinn and Helsinki, the bay gradually narrows and becomes shallower. Therefore, a wave that enters the bay from the open sea decreases in cross section, and the entire mass of water is forced to proportionally rise upwards, — explained the mechanics of the process Valery Malinin, Doctor of Geography, Professor of the Russian State Hydrometeorological University.

That is, if before the constriction there was a wave 2 meters high, after the constriction it can reach 4 meters. Where will the drain of the Neva go with such an onslaught? The only way out is to go up.

With the appearance of a protective dam from Lisiy Nos through Kronstadt to Oranienbaum, St. Petersburg forgot about floods. No, no one has canceled the western transfer and the big water is still raging in the bay, but everything remains outside the GLC.

In addition, with the warming of the climate, a seasonal change occurred, and the summer-autumn floods, Malinin says, shifted to December-January.

As Fontanka was told in the KZS, today the level near the complex of protective structures from the Gulf of Finland is -39 centimeters, from the Neva Bay -36 centimeters.

There are several explanations for the decrease in the level, scientists say, which, moreover, can overlap, complementing each other’s effect.

Photo: Natalia Vyazovkina/Fontanka. ru


— The level of Ladoga is lower, and the flow of the Neva is, respectively, below the norm. Accordingly, less water goes to the Gulf of Finland,” says Valery Malinin.

The Karelian Center for Hydrometeorology notes that the water level in Ladoga is now really below the average multi-year values: 457 centimeters, according to September 11, against 485 on average in September for several years.

— This year the [spring] flood was quite high, but there was no characteristic rain flood in the summer. And therefore, in most of the Karelian reservoirs, the levels are below the average long-term values ​​- somewhere it is 10 centimeters, somewhere 40, — Karelian meteorologists said.

— Late August — September — seasonally low level in the Gulf of Finland. This is due, among other things, to groundwater, at this time their lowest level is observed. It is clear why — the summer was dry, — explains Valery Malinin.

Hydrologists call this phase of the water regime low water.

— When east winds blow, they drive water away from the dam. The west wind is a typical constant phenomenon, but the east and southeast winds are an atypical phenomenon for our latitudes, this happens quite rarely, — says Valery Malinin .

In addition, various atmospheric formations came.

— A low-pressure cyclone on one side and a high-pressure anticyclone on the other end — this is the difference in atmospheric pressure. Water will react to this — flow from a zone with high pressure to a zone of low pressure, — explains Dmitry Isaev , Candidate of Hydrological Sciences.

Photo: Natalya Vyazovkina/


The dam saved the city from floods, but with its appearance, low water levels in the bay began to be observed more often. Tatyana Eremina, director of the Institute of Hydrology and Oceanology of the Russian State Humanitarian University, noted that a significant drop in the level was recorded in 2015. The GLC reported that a similar phenomenon was noted last summer.

The current level decrease is not yet a record.

— Over the past five years, the level has often been negative in September. In 2017, it reached -66 centimeters, in 2021 -68 centimeters, — Alexander Kolesov, head of the Hydrometeorological Center of the North-Western UGMS, told Fontanka.

As Alexander Kolesov emphasized, so far there is no cause for concern — the level of -30 … -50 centimeters is not dangerous for the Gulf of Finland. A dangerous phenomenon is recorded from a mark of -150 centimeters.

But this will definitely not happen this season — by the end of the week a cyclone will come to St. Petersburg.

— Atmospheric processes will unfold. The rains here will not play their role as much as the western winds, says Dmitry Isaev.

A more significant increase in the water level in the Gulf of Finland, according to the forecast of the Hydrometeorological Center, is expected in the third decade of September.

While the weather hasn’t changed, Petersburgers have a couple more days to take pictures against the backdrop of boulders from the seabed.

Natalya Vyazovkina,

Photo: Natalya Vyazovkina/Fontanka.ruPhoto: Natalya Vyazovkina/Fontanka.ruPhoto: Natalya Vyazovkina/


  • Today day after which the change of atmospheric processes will begin. The chief forecaster of St. Petersburg predicts floods

    October 05, 2022, 12:19

  • The rain front has already reached St. Petersburg. The map shows the wind that is preparing us for a flood took place

    07 October 2022, 09:36

  • Petersburgers lived for a month with one weather anomaly and might not even be aware of it

    07 December 2022, 15:02

Vyazovkina Natalya



Sadge .Zen

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Bank Saint-Petersburg will give you up to 100 metro trips for issuing a Unified Card of a Petersburger

Petersburg map. For those who order the ECP before December 31, 2022 (inclusive), the Bank will accrue 1000 welcome bonuses. Bonuses can compensate for fares in the St. Petersburg Metro and the full cost of purchases from partners of the YARKO loyalty program. When paying for the ECP fare, the price of the trip is significantly reduced, and when the bonuses are written off, the trip actually becomes free. And those customers who…

Residential complex Polis on Moskovskaya was recognized as the best comfort-class property Comfort». The project of the Polis Group of Companies was recognized as the best comfort-class facility in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region. According to the results of the popular vote, the Residential Complex «Policy on Moskovskaya» scored 40% and took first place. The award was organized by the Komsomolskaya Pravda in St. Petersburg media group, which this year, in honor of the 350th anniversary of Peter the Great, launched an annual project to identify the best urban and suburban. ..



SARS is on the attack. «Fontanka» shows a resolution that returns the mask mode in St. Petersburg

73 229


The mask mode is introduced in St. Petersburg. But not for everyone

69 485


A prank that got out of hand. What kind of mole thing that everyone is talking about, and is it possible to try it

58 353


Junior school in St. Petersburg will finish studying on December 21: how will it be

56 392


In St. Petersburg, in a school toilet, a senior student seduced a third grader



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description, content, interesting facts and much more about the film

Film Zaliv

    1 hr.






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      hours 20 min.




      Science Fiction


      Fantastic thriller with elements of the horror film «Rain Man the Lionson» directed by the Oscar-winning horror film Levinson’s Man of Rain. This time in the center of the plot is a monstrous biological disaster that unfolded off the coast of a small American town. The film was shot in a pseudo-documentary manner and consists of fragments of a video filmed by its characters and posted on the Internet.

      The action takes place in a coastal town called Claridge on Independence Day, a landmark for the United States. People come here to eat crabs, go fishing, swim and just be near the water. Among the guests at the annual celebration is a journalist who reports. Soon something strange is noticed in Claridge — the sea is full of dead fish. And this is only the first distress signal. The fisherman then fishes out a strange-looking specimen, from the inside of which crawls a monstrous parasite that looks like a wood lice. Everyone understands that the water is contaminated, panic begins. One by one, people begin to experience the monstrous effects of the epidemic — parasites literally eat them from the inside. Will someone be able to stop the infection, you can watch online in the movie «The Bay».

      Rating Evie




      2011, Russia, militants

      121 minutes

      Boy with a shadow of 3D: Last round

      2004, Russia, militants



      2007, militants

      9000 101 minute



      2010, Russia, fantasy

      105 minutes

      Dark World


      2007, Russia, militants

      130 minutes

      Boy with a shadow of 2: revenge


      2007-2009, Russia, militants

      Group Zeta


      2003, Russia, military

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      impossible task

      2019, Russia, Family

      103 minutes

      2022, Russia, fantasy

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      Legends eagle

      2018, Russia, Adventures

      81 minutes

      Three heroes and heiress of the throne

      2022, Russia

      110 minutes

      Young people

      , Russia, Sports

      6 128 minutes

      Evie’s choice

      Legend #17


      2021, Ukraine, Comedy

      Matchmakers 7

      2022, Russia9, Adventures


      0006 Film Ivi

      Libeans: Treasures Hunters


      2022, Kazakhstan, Comedies

      75 minutes




      2022, Rossiya

      City of daisies

      , Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia Crime

      series Evie



      2020, Russia, Detectives

      Code 2

      2022, Russia, Thrillers


      TV series Evie


      2022, Russia, thrillers

      IVI series


      2022, Russia, detectives



      2022, Russia, melodrama

      9000 6 minutes


      2016, US 107 minutes





















      Trailer (Russian)

      2 min.



      Popular films

      Survival films

      Strange events take place in early July 2009 on the coast of the Chesapea Bay, Maryland, USA. Two scientists record toxic seawater pollution that is increasing at a gigantic pace. The researchers try to warn the mayor of the local town of the danger, but he refuses to sound the alarm, fearing to sow mass panic. As a result, thousands of people are left defenseless against dangerous parasites that carry a deadly disease.

      The city is in chaos. What is happening is shown through the lenses of TV journalists who came to the coast to cover the annual festival, two police officers, two oceanographers (who first reported the threat). Also at the center of the action is a young married couple who are unaware of anything and swim in the sea for the last time in their lives, a teenage girl and a local hospital doctor.

      The government is trying to classify the videos they made. The truth becomes known to the public only thanks to an unknown hacker who posted these materials in the public domain.


      Tough kanesh! As people pollute the planet, this can happen

      July 1, 2017


      A fairy tale is a lie, but there is a hint …

      August 22, 2016


      Realistic enough documentary! I liked it as a whole, although sometimes the poor sharpness of the picture annoyed me. It would not be bad with the plot if they flavored it with something memorable at the end, some kind of event. And so the ending was a bit cheesy. Well, I liked it in general, 9out of 10. 🙂

      January 6, 2018


      I showed this film to my younger brother and didn’t go to the river all summer.

      November 6, 2018


      damn I was so scared I thought it was true everything was filmed by eyewitnesses on cameras not by professionals it seems that these are real shots. Pi****

      March 7, 2017


      Surprisingly good. The idiocy of people is everyday, not outrageous. Danger — let’s just say: very close to reality, no unfinished zombies and evil spirits.

      January 10, 2018


      FACT: In 2009, the waters of the Chesapeake Bay were polluted due to a liquid waste leak due to a power outage at a water treatment plant on the Patuxent River in Maryland. MORE: Isopods (woodlice) exist.!!! Several groups of aquatic isopods lead a parasitic lifestyle.!!! the threat exists in nature, for example, from insects or earthquakes.. and this picture raises awareness of what can happen in the WORST CASE if pollution is left unaddressed..

      December 10, 2018


      For an amateur, my personal opinion is one time

      May 4, 2016


      The film is very vile, but cool! I liked it! June 12, 2017 The fact that the film is shot in the pseudo-documentary genre makes it even more impressive. I don’t think I can go swimming after this..

      January 31, 2019


      kapets! what nasty creatures

      March 14, 2018

    • Directed by Barry Levinson, he watched a documentary about the Chesapeake Bay that talked about pollution and a lack of fish before filming the movie, which is rare for a movie like this.

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