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Patria Ma

Patria Ma

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OH linda patria ma,
henchido de emocin
por ti, palpita, trmulo,
mi noble corazn!

Por ti, cuando en los aires
flamea el pabelln,
y escucho, emocionado,
de tu himno el grato son.

Por ti, oh linda patria,
que eres luz y cancin,
palpita, dulcemente,
mi tierno corazn.

Del Libro:
Antologa de poemas
para nios y adolescentes


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PATRIA MÍA — Ayote En Miel


Home A Ayote En Miel Patria Mía

Un pueblo despierta, deja de llorar
Los amigos crecen y después se van
Las calles y patios tienen soledad
Y el mar distante nos hace esperar

Las mujeres sueñan, aman de verdad
Los hombres trabajan y saben cantar
Luchan contra el monstruo de la realidad
Venciendo la muerte y la necesidad

Patria mía el sol te alumbra
Flores y frutas decoran tu ser
Patria mía tu amor me arrulla
Pájaros que cantan en cada amanecer

Los niños y viejos son sabios y más
El que no es poeta pues juega a pintar
Otros se divierten con solo soñar
Es un pueblo lleno de ternura y humildad

Es un Dios herido pero inmortal
Que jamás flaquea y sin vanidad
Con su voz de pájaro alienta a los demás
A seguir surcando el cielo sin final

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    Singer Mia (Mia) — biography, personal life and parameters of Mia

    Singer Mia (Eng. Mia) is the star for whom creativity speaks more than a name or stage image. Many people are unlikely to be able to name the color of her hair, but they will definitely remember at least one single. Now Mia symbolizes Indian imagery in international music. At the same time, the genres in which she works are completely non-folk — trip-hop, electronica, hip-hop, R’n’B. Mia is a singer, actress, director, producer.

    • Real name: Mathangi «Maya» Arulpragasam
    • Date of birth: 07/18/1975
    • Zodiac sign: Cancer
    • Height: 166 centimeters
    • Weight: 68 kilograms
    • Waist and hips: 66 and 93 centimeters
    • Shoe size: 37 (EUR)
    • Eyes and hair color: Brown, brunette.


    • 1 Journey from Britain to India and back
    • 2 First Steps to Art
    • 3 Music — Another Expression of Art
    • 4 Explode the charts
    • 5 Keep going

    Traveling from Britain to India and back

    Mia was born in the UK. When the girl was six months old, her family moved to India, to their historical homeland in the north of Sri Lanka. Her parents were Tamil activists, so the star’s childhood passed under the liberation revolutions and political motives.

    The girl’s full name is Mathangi Arulpragasam. They named her so in honor of the tantric goddess. nine0003

    Mia’s childhood was more like a political drama than happy memories. Their family was persecuted, they lived in poverty and moved frequently. But good things also happened — the girl studied at a Catholic school, where she was instilled with a love of art and drawing.

    Long wanderings around the country forced Mia’s parents to return with their three children to London as refugees. So in 1986, the girl again ended up in the UK.

    First steps towards art

    Mia’s biography is not the easiest. Relations in the family were broken due to the fact that the father remained in Sri Lanka. Mia missed his upbringing, but she understood that his work was very important for the country. As far as possible, they contacted, and in the future he influenced some moments in the work of the girl.

    Mia only started learning English at the age of eleven. At the same time, she actively studied art. This led to her earning a degree in fine arts, film and video in 2000. nine0003

    While still in college, she began making films and various videos filled with concept. And in 2001, Mia even organized her own art exhibition, where the main motive was the revolution in Sri Lanka.

    The exhibition of her work was so successful that the girl published a graphic book, which she briefly called MIA. One of the first buyers of this book was a famous British actor — Jude Law.

    Music is another way of expressing art

    Since moving to the UK, the girl has been surrounded by modern music. Various styles and directions have enveloped London at all times. Therefore, it is not surprising that such a creative person once decided to take up music. But our heroine became the singer Mia only in 2001.

    At first it was modest steps with performances as the opening act for local artists. But the girl was looking for herself and her style, so it is not surprising that at first she was so insecure on stage. nine0003

    At the same time, Maya’s stage name appeared — MIA, which stands for «Missing In Acton» (Missing in action). She was prompted to this name by her cousin, who disappeared in Sri Lanka during the liberation battles taking place there. The girl knew him well, they were the same age, studied together and now her cousin is considered missing.

    Mia’s real popularity came to the girl in 2004, when her hits «Sunshowers» and «Galang» literally blew up the Internet with their wild mixes of various styles, including beautiful Indian motifs. The incredible success of these songs made Mia a sensation in the world of music. nine0003

    She immediately signed with a major record label.

    Explode the charts

    Since 2004, singer Mia has been steadily releasing singles and albums. Each of her work immediately receives well-deserved attention and places of honor in various charts.

    The girl has several Grammys and other major music awards in her piggy bank.

    Her single «Paper planes» has appeared on the soundtrack of several films, including the Oscar-winning Slumdog Millionaire. And the video «Born Free» became banned on many popular resources due to scenes of violence. nine0003

    Mia has worked with various famous artists such as Madonna, Diplo, Björk, Timbaland and many others.

    She does not create her works under the concept of cute love songs. Her music is steeped in action, politics and harsh themes that affect many aspects of life. Mia fully proves with her creativity that she is the daughter of her parents. Only everyone has their own ways of fighting for freedom.

    Do not stop there

    Millions of people around the world are interested in the biography of the singer Mia. The girl’s personal life has developed quite successfully — she has a beloved man and son. nine0003

    Despite the fact that Mia has dyslexia, she actively performs on stage and does not hesitate to talk about her illness.

    Her energy, talent and wild mix of cultures turn her music into amazing tracks that sound in different places of the planet. Mia continues to create and is going to continue to delight her fans with great music.

    biography, how old, personal life, photo — Big-Stars

    Mia Boyka (real Maria Boyko) is a popular Russian singer, blogger on Tik Tok and YouTube, insta blogger, artist. Found fame through songs and videos. nine0003

    This girl with blue hair and an unusual pattern on her face easily conquered Plekhanov’s Moscow REU, recorded famous tracks with the rapper T-killah, who was the first to notice her talent, and sang «Snowflake» with Anya Pokrov at the end of 2020.

    Main career: singer, blogger
    Place of birth: Zakhonye-2 ​​village, Russia
    Date of birth: February 15, 1997:


    Childhood and family

    In a large rural Orthodox family of four children, Masha was the eldest. Her youngest sister Lisa was born on May 16, 2006, Esther was born on May 5, 2004, and Anya on August 20. 1998 The exact year of the birth of brother Mikhail is unknown, but he was born on March 17 after Anna.

    Masha has always been responsible for the upbringing and supervision of her younger sisters and brother. While my mother was in the maternity hospital, she took care of the household, looked after the younger ones, and cooked for the whole family. nine0003 Mia Boyko with parents, sisters and brother

    Father Nikolai Boyko strictly followed his upbringing. He was against Masha’s passion for music, so she had to sing in a shed for storing firewood. There, the girl practiced singing hits by foreign performers. Although she failed to enter a music school, she nevertheless realized that she wanted to become an artist.

    Studying in Moscow

    After graduating from the 11th grade at the age of 18, Maria went to conquer Moscow. She entered the Russian University of Economics named after G. V. Plekhanov, where in 2019mastered the master’s degree at the university, continued to study at the Faculty of Business in the direction of «Management in innovative entrepreneurship».

    According to Boyko, she liked it there, it was interesting to study. She could sleep for only three hours, come to study and immediately get involved in the educational process.

    Musical career

    In addition to her studies, Mia continued to enjoy music. She posted various videos on her social networks where she sang music. hits of various foreign performers. nine0003

    The beginning of a musical career — 2019.

    And her expectations were justified: Mia’s parody of the joint track of Timati and Yegor Creed «Goochi» suddenly quickly gained popularity on the social network, scattered across different groups and collecting about a million views at once.

    The girl began to take part in all kinds of castings, even tried to go to the «Star Factory».

    One day, subscribers wrote to Masha that the famous rap artist and hiphoper Alexander Tarasov, aka T-killah, is looking for a backing vocalist. Boyko sent him her video, where she performs her own song «We’re flying away.» nine0003

    Her performance was liked by the rapper, who flew in from the USA to meet Masha. He decided to make a star out of the girl.

    In 2019, Masha, who became Mia Boyka, recorded her hits. Her “Behind the Neon”, “Loot” and “Pink Stars” delighted subscribers, and “Adidas Pineapple” completely blew up TikTok. She sang a duet with T-killah on the songs «Mom Doesn’t Know», «Ice and Night» and others.

    Released her debut mini-album «Wild Lamba». The year 2020 was also productive for the young singer, then there were tracks that gained popularity among tiktokers — Hide and Seek, Amendams, Pikachu. Mia records singles in collaboration with other performers — Yegor Ship, David Manukyan. nine0003

    Her YouTube videos are gaining a huge number of views. The video for the song «Pikachu» was watched by 65 million viewers in two months, «Emendams» gained 26 million in four months, the track «Pineapple Adidas» — 14 million in a year.

    Personal life

    As soon as Mia Boyka recorded a joint song with a male performer, they were credited with an affair. So it was with T-killah, and with Yegor Ship. These were just rumors.

    Mia Boyka and Egor Ship / Photo: Instagram

    According to Maria herself, she had a young man, but he went to live in another country, and now they occasionally communicate. nine0003

    Mia Boyka today

    Now the girl in her free time devotes to sports, loves boxing, goes to the movies with friends and reads books. Fans are looking forward to her transformation and new more serious songs, which she announced on Instagram.

    Today, the singer’s Tiktok is followed by more than 8.6 million users. She posts funny videos there. For example, “how I fed my family” or “when my mother is a hostess. ” More than 1.2 million users have subscribed to the young star’s Instagram. Here you can find photos of her images, she is also not averse to posing in a swimsuit or underwear. Such hot and leaking photos are often searched for by male subscribers. nine0003

    News and facts

    • In August 2021, on the YouTube channel «Pushka», Mia Boyka told Evelina Tarkhanova that it was time for her to «tie up» with songs for a children’s audience and she wants to try a more serious image and completely change. In the same month, the singer’s “Farewell Album” was released, which includes 17 tracks.
    • In the summer of 2021, a serious conflict occurred between Yegor Ship and Mia Boyka, when Yegor stated that the girl used his popularity and simply hyped him. The answer to this statement was Mia’s song «Alen», the video for which instantly took off to the top of YouTube. nine0008
    • On February 3, 2021, Mia Boyka’s feature with the Bi-2 group «The Last Hero» was released.
    • The Wild Lamba mini-album was released on July 26, 2019.
    • The girl’s audience consists mainly of the younger generation, who actively use social networks.
    • Flatly refuses to advertise alcohol, regardless of the amount of the fee.
    • Member of the label “Klever Label”.
    • Writes songs from school.


    Mia Boyko’s songs are very popular with the younger generation. Especially these:

    • “Kapkan” feat. Confuz,
    • “Dancing in the rain” feat. Vanya Dmitrienko,
    • “Pikachu” feat. Egor Ship,
    • Sea Battle,
    • Petal,
    • Deer,
    • Butterflies,
    • Auf,
    • Hide and Seek.

    Many of them are included in the Farewell Album. You can download or listen to all Mia’s songs on Yandex.Music or other digital platforms.

    Mia’s best song of 2021 (no album)?

    • «Kapkan (Magic Ariel)» (Konfuz & Mia Boyka)
    • «Battleship»
    • «Ma Ma Ma» (Sevenn & Mia Boyka)

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