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About us – Maderera Donestevez


This year our company celebrates its 60th anniversary in Puerto Rico. For us this is a great achievement that has been possible thanks to the titanic effort of our employees and management team who have given their maximum effort in both good times and challenging times.

In 1961, my father and I founded a small lumberyard in Carolina. Throughout the years we have grown steadily and have become the largest lumber and building materials distributor in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean.

Presently we have more than 120 employees, four locations throughout Puerto Rico, five treating plants, one lumber drying kiln, over 25 million feet of lumber and plywood, and one million square feet of offices and warehouses—large enough to face any supply shortage or natural disaster. When Hurricanes Irma and Maria hit Puerto Rico and the Caribbean Islands, we had enough inventory to supply the construction industry and our wholesale customers for months.

From our beginnings, honesty and respect for our employees and customers has been important to us. With these values, we have gained their support and loyalty throughout the years. After all, they are the backbone of our business. Our commercial goal has always been to offer our clients the best possible service and quality in our products. This is one of the reasons why we are the best in Puerto Rico.

Today, I look towards the future with optimism, with the assurance that all the progress we have obtained in the past sixty years will continue steadily through the same paths of perseverance, honesty and dynamism that have always characterized us.

Juan Donestevez, Sr.
Co-Founder, 2nd Generation

Our People

Our employees are our strength. All our staff is professional, trained, and detailed-oriented to assess your project and guide you through the entire process.

Throughout the years, we have succeeded in hiring and training the best qualified and experienced personnel in each field. At Maderera Donestevez you will always find personnel to assist you in the best way possible.

José Alejandro Donestevez

Carla Donestevez
Vice President



In 1961, Maderera Donestevez was founded by late José Donestevez, Senior.

The late José Donestevez began to work at a very young age in every facet of the lumber industry; from managing logging camps and owning sawmills to handling its stevedoring, transportation, and distribution.

José Donestevez’s son, Juan José Donestevez, second generation, learned all the aspects of the lumber business from his father. He studied in Villanova University, in Pennsylvania and earned a bachelor’s degree in Economics to solidify his understanding of the business management aspect. He acquired experience in the lumber business by managing and supervising sawmills, before establishing with his father the business in Puerto Rico.

Juan José Donestevez, Jr., known as Juan Pepe, wanted to be part of the family business as the 3rd generation. After graduating from Boston College with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, he spent almost a year in an intensive lumber grading training in Canada and in the United States. Upon his return to Puerto Rico to join the company, he started overseeing implementation of the state-of-the-art lumber treatment plant. From 2016 to 2022, Juan Pepe led the company holding the position of President, working toward generating new ideas and strategies solidifying the company’s position as the largest distributor in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean for lumber and construction materials.

In 2012, Carla Donestevez and José Alejandro Donestevez, representing the 4th generation, officially joined the management team. Carla Donestevez graduated from Villanova University (as her grandfather) with a bachelor’s degree in Economics, while José Alejandro Donestevez graduated from DePaul University with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration.

In summer of 2022, José Alejandro Donestevez was appointed as President and Carla Donestevez as Vice-President, becoming the 4th generation to lead the company, following their father’s footsteps and learnings.



With more than 15 salespeople throughout the island, five lumber treating plants and over 35 trucks ready to deliver anywhere in Puerto Rico, we are the undisputed leader in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean Islands.


This division has the purpose to sell lumber, plywood and building materials to construction projects throughout Puerto Rico. We have dedicated and trained personnel to specifically assist contractors.


For many years we have been supplying all the islands in the Caribbean with our products successfully. Our staff is trained to assist customers and arrange shipping to all islands in the Caribbean.


Maderera Donestevez has five lumber treating plants in Puerto Rico at three different locations. All five treating plants together have a capacity to treat more than 100 million feet of lumber and plywood per year using the Wolmanized treating process. This system extends the life of the wood and protects it against termites, rot, and decay. Also, our companies are certified to treat for ground contact and marine applications.

Today, we treat our lumber with the most advanced Copper Azole system. This new process produces a lighter, more natural color in the lumber, without losing its effectiveness and it makes it easier to paint or stain the lumber. It is important to note that this new process is certified “Green Approved” by the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), and, also, SCS Certified Environmentally Preferable Treating Process by the Scientific Certification Systems.

In addition to the five treating plants, Maderera has a lumber drying kiln to dry treated wood (KDAT), the only one in Puerto Rico. When you dry treated lumber, it becomes more stable for use in carpentry and fine woodworking.

Puerto Madera —

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  • How to use Madeira plugs in Puerto Rico

    How to use Madeira plugs in Puerto Rico

    Plugs, sockets, adapters and other information you need to go from Madeira to Puerto Rico on this page. If you want a report for other countries, please restart the wizard to find the electrical adapters for your trip here.

    Quick overview at a glance

    Madeira Puerto Rico
    voltage: 220V. 120V.
    Plug type: C, F. A, B.
    Hertz: 50Hz. 60Hz.

    If you understand electricity, you may need the previous table. If it doesn’t, you can continue reading and find out what the graph says!

    Plugs and sockets in each country

    The following plugs are used in Madeira: (includes Lisbon, Porto Santo, Funchal, Porto, Evora, Coimbra, Lagos, Braga.)

    Plug type C Plug type F
    Socket type C Socket type F

    . .. and in Puerto Rico you will use: (includes San Juan, Rincón, Ponce, La Parguera, Mayagüez, dolphin.)

    Plug type A Plug type B
    Socket type A Socket type B


    Be careful: Puerto Rico uses a lower voltage than Madeira

    Your electrical devices from Madeira will expect 220 volts, but the Puerto Rico grid has 120 volts, this is a significant difference that requires you to take some extra steps in preparation for your trip:

    The good news is that nowadays many devices will automatically switch to mains voltage and they will work just fine, i.e. mobile phone chargers tend to run on multiple voltages (but please really check your ). It is important, , that you pay attention to the voltage of your device. By connecting the electronics to the wrong voltage, in the most successful cases, the device will temporarily break down or stop working; but, please do not take it seriously , in the worst case there is a danger of electric shock and fire .

    The automatic power supply is suitable from 100 Volts to 240 Volts.

    High power devices usually do not handle the various voltages due to the high currents involved i.e. anything its main purpose is to generate heat (or cold) like hair dryers, baby bottle warmers, kettles, etc. On the contrary, modern low power devices can automatically detect and automatically adapt to different voltages, such as USB chargers, laptop chargers, etc.

    A hair dryer can draw up to 2000 watts, as shown in the picture above, due to the high power they usually run on a single voltage system; this one is suitable for 220-240 volt systems.

    You will need the Step Down Converter — a device that can be connected to 120 volts and it provides a 220 volt outlet for your madera’ device. You will need Pay attention to the maximum output power of the inverter and the maximum power consumption of the device.

    Plug type

    Various plug systems

    Sorry, none of the plugs used in both countries is common. You will definitely need plug adapters, please keep reading for more information.


    Lists of adapters you can use while traveling:

    Adapter: common

    Front back

    This adapter allows you to use plugs type: A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N in sockets type: B.

    Adapter: common

    Front back

    This adapter allows plugs type: C, D, E, F, G, M to be used in sockets type: A, B.

    This adapter is probably banned in some countries, we put it here for educational purposes; it does not have an earth connection, but allows earthed plugs to be connected to it. It has no touch protection. Try switching to a more expensive and safer alternative.

    Adapter: common

    Front back

    This adapter allows plugs type: C, E, F to sockets type: A, B.

    Simple, small and cheap. You can buy half a dozen of them for almost no money, and they won’t take up space in your travel bag. its disadvantage is that it does not have a ground connection, but this may not be required for some devices.

    Adapters you can buy

    You can buy the following multipurpose adapters from Amazon. Also take a look at the recommended gadgets for your trip.

    Travelrest — Ultimate Travel Pillow

    Orei M8+ OREI Safest World Adapter Grounded

    Bose QuietComfort 35 II Wireless Bluetooth Headphones, Noise-Cancelling, with Alexa Voice Control — Black

    BESTEK Universal Travel Adapter 220V to 110V Voltage Converter with 6A 4-Port USB


    No equal Hertz

    This is not a big problem. If you don’t use electric alarm or some motors when speed is a problem. Explanation: Some alarm clocks use the mains frequency to measure the time. Thus, time shifts can be experimented with. Almost every household electronic device works fine with different hertz.

    Finally, by the way…

    Would you like to ask a more specific question? something is missing? help? Visit our forum.

    ‎Soñando con Puerto Rico

    ‎Soñando con Puerto Rico — Single by Fernando Madera & Daniela Santos on Apple Music

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