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Panaderia Casa Pan — San Juan, Puerto Rico

Panaderia Casa Pan — San Juan, Puerto Rico


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Panaderia Casa Pan

500 Ave. Emiliano Pol, Urb. Las Cumbres
San Juan, PR



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Casa de la Panaderia | Tourism Madrid

This famous baroque building in the Plaza Mayor, built in 1590, owes its name to the Main Mill of the city, once located on its ground floor. Over the years, it housed the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of San Fernando, the Royal Academy of History, the Municipal City Archives and the Library, and on the second floor there were rooms that belonged to the Royal Family. Today, the building is occupied by the Tourist Information Center in Plaza Mayor and the Tourist Office of the Municipal Enterprise Madrid Destino .

At the end of the 16th century, Diego Sillero began erecting the building above the vaulted cellar according to the design of the architect Francisco de Mora. In 1617, Juan Gómez de Mora undertook to rebuild it, integrating it with the Plaza Mayor ensemble. The result is a symmetrical composition in the form of a four-story building with porticos on the ground floor and an attic on the last floor, side towers adorn the structure on both sides.

As a result of a fire in August 1672, the second in a row that occurred in the square, the Casa de la Panaderia was completely destroyed. Therefore, the architect Thomas Roman was commissioned to reconstruct the building, while the artists Claudio Coelho and José Jiménez Donoso were commissioned to complete the interior and decorate the façade with frescoes.

Another fire in the summer of 1790 destroyed three-quarters of the square, but the Casa de la Panaderia survived, while its height and architectural characteristics served as a model for the reconstruction of other buildings during the reconstruction work that began the following year Juan de Villanueva.

The most beautiful painting of the façade was made by Carlos Franco (Madrid, 1951). In 1988, this artist, who belonged to the «new school of Madrid», was commissioned to renovate the murals of Enrique Guiho 1914 years old, which were in a deplorable state due to weather conditions and touch-ups. This mural recreates the baroque origins of the square and building with mythological motifs reflecting the history, traditions and identity of Madrid as the capital of Spain. There are three rooms inside the building that deserve special attention:

  • Royal Salon , where until 1745 the apartments of the kings were located, decorated with decorative azulejos tiles and tapestries of the 17th century, with high ceilings, where the frescoes in the vault of the main hall are of particular beauty. It currently hosts wedding ceremonies and receptions organized by the City Council of Madrid.

  • Vaulted hall in the basement for up to 80 people, where various exhibitions take place. The four-meter vaults amaze with their beauty.

  • Hall of Columns : on the first floor where the Plaza Mayor Tourist Center is located.


On the ground floor, next to the Tourist Information Center in Plaza Mayor, there is a shop designed by Isascun Chinchilla. Here you can buy Madrid souvenirs, many of which are created by local artisans who carefully preserve the oldest traditions of the city.

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